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Book Four: Destiny

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Up until now, I have only written canon compliant fanfic for my Linzin and Zutara ships. But I am a little tired of the Zutara angst in my stories haha! So I am going to break my own rule and write an original canon divergent Zutara story.

I want to make one thing clear from the beginning, I do not hate Kataang or Maiko. I have HUGE LOVE for the show, the world, all the characters, the canon, and everything that comes with it!

The show changed my life and inspired me and my own creativity in so many ways. I love Zutara like many others and this is my way of fulfilling my dreams and fantasies about these two amazing characters! And my fanfic is just that - fan fiction.

99 AG to 100 AG

I have written a series of ten canon compliant one shots - 'Zutara through the years' - I fill the gaps in the canon from A:TLA to LoK with my imagination to give Zutara a canon compliant sorta kinda happy ending! You can find the list and order of these one shots in my profile.

To set the tone for my AU story, I am sharing some of the relevant one shots as preludes. Here is a brief introduction of everything that has happened in my AU when this story begins.

- Prelude Part One: Set during the Southern Raiders.

- Prelude Part Two: Set during Sozin's Comet, when Zuko is reunited with Iroh.

- Prelude Part Three: Set during Sozin's Comet, when Zuko and Katara face Azula.

- Prelude Part Four: Set in the Jasmine Dragon tea shop in Ba Sing Se a few days after Zuko's coronation.

100 AG to 101 AG

Over the next one year after the end of ATLA Book Three, the following significant things have happened:

- Zuko finds his mother with the help of the gaang in the first few weeks after his coronation. How they do this is not relevant to my story at all. The only relevant thing from this incident is that at the start of my story, it has been a year since Katara met Ursa and Kiyi (who was around 4 or 5 years old at the time).

- Aang has been traveling to the air temples to restore them and going on diplomatic missions with Zuko.

- Katara and Sokka have been in the South Pole helping rebuild their tribe alongside Chief Hakoda.

- Toph accompanies Zuko and Aang on their missions as well.

- Iroh divides his time between Ba Sing Se and Fire Nation to help Zuko become Fire Lord.

If it is important to know the 'what, why, how' of any such past events, rest assured it will be included in the chapters. If not, any fleeting reference to the past can be taken at face value and is not to be compared to any similar incidents in the comics.

101 AG

Book Four begins one year after Zuko's coronation. The ages of everyone in the Gaang are:

Aang and Toph are 14, Katara is 16, Sokka is 17, Zuko is 18, Uncle Iroh is 61

Happy Reading!