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You Idiot

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The door slammed open, Yagi gulped; he found out, and it looks like this tea would just about have to wait. He turned around to indeed see an angry Aizawa storming his way, the cloth-like capture weapon floating around him singling his that he wouldn't hesitate to use them if he felt like it. "Shit..." That was his final input until a hand roughly grabbed the collar of his shirt. "Do you know what you just did you, IDIOT!" His hair flying up from blocking his face, eye turning red and preventing Yagi from transforming into All Might and tower over him. "I do but-" Aizawa interrupted him.

"YOU GAVE ALL THAT POWER TO A KID WHO HAS NO IDEA HOW TO USE IT?! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!" Aizawa shouted Yagi tried to say something. "I was going to tell you but I didn't get the time to-"

"YO! What with all the screaming over here?" Hizashi asked as he kicked open the door. "It's nothing Hizashi, now stay out of it. This is between me and Toshinori right now!" Hizashi took a step back a shocked look sweeping across his face. "Whoa whoa whoa whoa WHOA. You two need to break it up. No fighting in the Teacher Lounge's..."


There he sat again, on the couch his body ached he almost went over his time limit again trying to save the city, he had just gotten scolded by the Recovery Girl and he didn't feel like dealing with Nezu either. He had a class to do which made it slightly worse, he only had a few minutes left since his time limit had been shortened to an hour. How was he gonna coach a class now, with only a few minutes left on his time, the only way he could do that was by pushing his limit again; but was that really the best option right now? Maybe if he closed his eyes and concentrated on that he could think of something, he wasn't going to nap or anything, just think about what he was going to do now...

Or maybe it was just him or did the thought of what to do just started drifting away along with his mind... Maybe a nap wouldn't be so bad...


He woke and was startled when he saw Aizawa so close to his face, Aizwa jerked back once Yagi turned his head to start coughing in his arm. He gently rubbed circles on his back as he couched signaling that he was there to help him right now. He finished coughing and took a deep breath, god the coughing fits were getting worse by the day. "Want some water?" Aizawa asked, he quickly nodded as he tried to catch his breath again. Aizawa nodded and got up to get water, he quickly came back with a glass of water which he gave to Yagi and then sat next to him.

Yagi took a sip of the water and put it down and looked at Aizawa. "I thought you were mad at me?... Why are you just... Being suddenly so nice?" Yagi asked leaning back on the couch again. "Ah, I came to apologize. And it was my fault for scaring you into a coughing fit. So-" Yagi interrupted him. "No, no no no. It was my fault, I didn't ask how you felt about me giving Midoriya the One For All quirk. I was my fault entirely, you shouldn't be apologizing." Yagi apologized, Aizawa sighed and squeezed the bridge between his temples, eyebrows furrowing. "You complete idiot..." He sighed.

"What?" Yagi said. "I said you're a complete idiot, apologizing for something you shouldn't apologize for... I overreacted and that was my fault, and then I tried to avoid you as much as I could which was completely immature on my part. But you didn't tell me that you were going to do that which was stupid of you to do. There, were both at fault, you stupid generous idiot." Aizawa solved, Yagi looked at him with a smile. "A 'stupid generous idiot'? That's a new one Aizawa,"

"Well, what can I say? I'm feeling rather generous with my insults today." Yagi chuckled and leaned into his shoulder. "If you were generous you'd kiss me right now..." Aizawa eyed him. "Did you say something?" Aizawa asked. "Ah, nothing to worry about, just a thought. Nothing to worry about." Yagi reassured. "Hm," Yagi sighed in relief, he didn't mean to say that but at least it wasn't heard.

"Maybe later Yagi, maybe I'll do that later... Maybe if you stay after school we can..." Aizawa said. Yagi straighten up and said "What?"

"You heard me," He stood up, "Well I think it's about time I get ready to teach class, you should probably figure how you're going to do that." And with that, he left the room.

Yagi blinked. "Did he just invite me to stay after school to make out?"