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The Ghost of Shadowcreek

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The town of Shadowcreek is a simple old settlement covered in fog, pines, rumors, and mysteries. One such mystery is a curse that has plagued Shadowcreek High for over a millennia.

"It's a curse, I tell you," the old Janitor always says. "It preys on you wee lads."

"Rubbish. Utter rubbish," Ms. Henrietta said when she heard freshmen students discussing the mystery. "It's a sad excuse for your hormones and curiosity."

A group of four denies this rumor for they know the truth. Well, most of it.

"It's a demon," Allen said.

"Demon? Those aren't real Allen but ghosts are," Alfur butted it.

"Did you guys seriously wake me up just for this garbage?" Phillip said as he wiped off the morning stars in his eyes.

"Shut up and listen," Alfur said. "Just this week, they found another victim."

"Yikes," Allen said.

"Yikes indeed. They saw him passed out in the boy's lavatory in the southwest underground building. The one near the-"

"The unnamed noble statue?" Phil said in his monotonous voice.

"Yes! All reported cases seem to be centered around that statue. It has got to be connected to the cases somehow."

"They checked it for curses, magic spells and any sorts of interference." Allen picked up his phone and showed the news. "So far, they found none. So your theory of that statue attracting demons is bonkers."

"And your theory about ghosts is not? Please. How about you Ren? Your dorm overlooks that statue. Have you seen weird things?"

Ren, the quietest out of the four shifted awkwardly.

"Well I saw Ms. Henrietta at the opposite window once and she-"

"I'm gonna stop you right there. I don't want my mornings ruined thank you very much," Phil said. "If there aren't worthwhile things you're going to discuss, then I'll bid my farewell."

"Any other things to discuss? None. Then meeting adjourned. See you guys next Monday," Allen said.



The school is covered with mist most of the time. People tried many times to dispel the mist surrounding the school, but no matter how hard they tried, the mist won't leave.


Ren walked across the mist covered courtyard and sat in one of its many stone benches. The murmuring of the students are minute, especially since it's way too early in the morning.

As he sat down and nibbled on a small piece of bread, a breath of mist licked his ears.

"I'm here," the wispy voice said.

In the distance was a congregation of mist. A dense area that forms a thin body of a wispy ghost. It floated around Ren and played around his hair. His hands, however, are intangible and could only move a few twines of hair.

"You shouldn't be here," Ren said. People are already talking about what he did, no, what they did last week.

"But I'm sooooo booooored," The wisp said under a long thin voice.

"Go possess a bird or something."

"Been there, done that. Still booooored."

Ren sighed. "What do you want this time?"

"Let's do what we did last time."

Ren stopped and thought about it for a second. Even now, he couldn't believe how he made Jake Olivers do those things to him. Ren knew his magic and there's no record of the things he did. He wanted it to happen again but people are now watching. The teachers deny it but I know they are looking for him.

After giving it considerable thought, Ren finally gave in to his desires.

"You picked your guy last time. It's my turn to pick." The wisp flew deeper into the mist until only a grey patch of air was left.

Ren mentally cursed himself. He already had a guy in mind. But oh well, it's the wisp doing the possession anyway.


Ren swallowed the last bits of his ham sandwich and drowned it all with steaming tea from his thermos. It was a refreshing breakfast amidst dreadful weather. He looked at the clock and it was still 8 in the morning. Two hours till his next Technomancy class.

From the mist, a figure appeared with a smile plastered all over its face. As it drew closer, more and more Ren regretted talking to the ghost.

"What's the problem, big brother?" The werebeast kid who is barely the age of eight said. He tilted his head and made a fake cutesy faced that showed a fake concern. He even had the gal to curl his tail and scratch the back of his cat ears with his thumb.

"Of all people, why a kid?" Seriously. Shadowcreek is known for birthing out the best models in the country. Anything but a kid.

"I've been eyeing this kid for a while you know. He's so goddamn cute with this cat ears you know. They're so fucking fluffy." Seeing a kid curse is already weirding out Ren. "And look at these babies!"

The kid turned his back and cusped his ample Buttocks.

"For a kid, this one is blessed. I can't wait till you penetrate this ass."

Ren gulped. Ren is attracted to all kinds of people, but to children? It's a murky subject but for now, hard pass.

"Why big brother?" He's back in his cutesy teasing self again. "I'm cute, adorable and I'm a virgin."

"First off, this kid is a kid! I'm not a pedophile," Ren scream whispered. "And besides, intercourse between werebeast and humans are you know... forbidden ."

"You're really speaking to me about what is forbidden and what is not. Right after you broke me from that statue. The plaque clearly said 'Do not break under any circumstances'."

"Well, that's different... It's uh... Um..."

"Uh what? Cat got your tongue?"

*touché* Ren mentally noted.

"I don't know! Where even is this kid's parents?"

"Don't worry, he's an orphan. I made sure of that."

A mental ping came over the ghost's mind. It was only then that he realized the meaning of what he had said.

"Di-did you kill-"

"Of course not. What I meant was I followed hi-. Fuck it! Just fuck me already or I scream pedophile.."

Ren was taught about Hobbe's Choice in their class. You were given a choice where the answer is obvious. This is one of them.


For a kid, he had the strength to push Ren on his sorry excuse for a bed. As he fell, Ren grabbed the kid's arms and dragged him down on to the mattress.

"What's his name by the way?" Ren asked.

"Tony. People call him T. But enough of that. I want to see this monster again."

Tony descended down Ren's pants unbuckled his belt and pulled off his every undergarment. Ren is well endowed for human standards. If shown to an elf, they would be quite impressed as well. His dick is a 5-inch glory in its flaccid state. Not to mention that girth. Tony was salivating to get a taste of the meat.

With his small mouth, Tony nibbled the area where the shaft met the balls. He ran his small tongue, prodded and whipped every corner of it. Ren puffed pink and huffed at the sudden barrage of signals flaring all over his body.

Ren undressed his uniform and helped pull off Tony's clothes as the boy continued to scour every inch of his dick.

From the base, Tony licked upwards while leaving a trail of saliva across the shaft. He kissed the tip and sucked a bit. The once pale tip flushed red and dripped with the early signs of precum.

"Precum already?"

Ren couldn't answer. He was biting his lip just to contain his first moans. This intercourse is whole leagues apart from his sex with Jake Olivers. Unlike him, Tommy has a small tongue that could lick the critical pleasure points of his body. With just a few licks, his view of children shifted drastically.

"I'm going to eat it now."

Before Ren could retort, Tony swallowed the head and let his tongue play around it. The tongue moved erratically and circled his head without a pattern. It stroked deeper and squirmed underneath the crevasse of the head.

Ren could feel it. The Climax. It- it's coming. Ren wanted to warn Tony of what's to come but there's no time. All he could do was bite his lips deeper and brace for impact. Ren waited for a second or two but he could still feel it. He opened his eyes to see a swearing Tony with his fingers casting something in his dick. Upon further inspection, a magic circle is encircling around the shaft like a ring.

"You think I'm going to let you off the easy?"

Ren hasn't seen the magic circle yet but its effect has quite the effect all over his body. It locked his dick in time thereby preserving the sense of euphoria that'll never come.

"Gnggg G-e get it off," Ren barely said. The pleasure was too much.

"It's my turn remember? I can do whatever I want and what I want is that dick to go in here."

Tony flipped over and opened up his tight pinkish asshole.

Ren couldn't move. The amount of pleasure anchored him in his bed. His mouth is starting to give in to the pleasure he's experiencing throughout his body.

"Ah," The first moans seeped through.

Tony smiled before shifting his buttocks and aligning it to Ren's throbbing cock. The girth is too big for his hole, but that'll soon be fixed with a simple lubing spell. In one simple whisk, Tony's inside is covered in slimy and slippery gooish mass. The excess burst from the asshole and covered Ren's dick.

"Here... I... Go..." Tony said as he slowly engulfed Ren's dick with great difficulty, which was overcome with perseverance and a little pain-dulling spell.

If before was already hard enough for Ren to contain, this time was a lot worse. A tight warm feeling is slowly covering his dick. The insides squirmed as if they were more alive than the cat boy fucking him. Ren grabbed hold of Tony's hip and pulled them upwards. He can't take it anymore.

"What the fuck? No, you don't."

Tony shooed Ren's hands and returned to digging Ren's dick deeper into his body. This sent both of them into a pleasure stupor that made both of them moan and shiver in ecstasy.

"Ahhhh..." Ren moaned while Tony let out a hushed whimper.

"Please. Ah. I can't take it anymore," Ren managed to say.

"Okay. Then I'll do this." Tony flicked his finger and in an instant, darkness overcame both of them. Ren blinked a few times and he saw that the ghost and Tony were gone. For a few seconds, he was ignorant to the fact that he was naked, he had cat ears on his head and he has an additional appendage at his back. What broke his ignorance was this tight feeling penetrating him in the ass. Ren looked back and he saw his own face smiling back at him. It was contorted into a lewd pleasured smile.

"You weren't kidding Ren. Ah! Fuck. Your dick is on fucking fire."

"Wha-" Ren stopped. It wasn't his own voice that he heard. It was high and small, like a cat. "What did you do!?"

"I swapped our minds. Like it?"

Ren doesn't know. His butt hurts like wet sandpaper, but the good sensation he is feeling from it is more than enough.

"See? I know you like it."

The ghost grabbed Ren's hips and slid them upward before doing the reverse. Every thrust was met with equal moans and mewls between them. Ren felt like he was being torn from the inside, but the pleasure is piecing him back together.

Without warning, the ghost flicked his finger and a magic circle appeared around Ren's undeveloped dick.

"In-ah a few moments, I'll ah! release the spell on this dick. You'll feel what I feel."

Ren nodded before taking in another push. The ghost rotated Ren to face him and leaned in to make a kiss. Kissing one's own body is weird for Ren. It was his own face and mouth he's connecting with. He could even taste the stale bread and oily ham from breakfast as the tongue invaded every space of his mouth. Their tongues circled each other but the ghost's is dominating the two of them.

In an instant, ghost snapped his finger and a weird warm liquid shot out of the dick inside Ren and coated the walls of his guts. In the very same instance, Ren's dick turned hard and spewed forth a crude yellowish cum all over his old body's torso. Both of them moaned even with their mouths still locked together in the kiss.

The ghost moaned because the culmination of several minutes worth of withheld climax exploded in a singularity of undivided pleasure. Ren, however, moaned the loudest and longest with a surprised look. He knew what a climax felt like but the one he was experiencing right now felt like his first world-shattering ejaculation that is still sending waves of pleasure every single second.

They lay their bodies on the decrepit bed and took a nap for a few minutes.


Ren woke up later and expected that he would be back in his own body. One look in the mirror debunked that.

He was still in Tony's naked feline werebeast body complete with cat ears and a tail in an eternal curl. He poked the sleeping ghost who is still residing in his body.

"Hey! Get me back in my own body. I have a class in the next hour."

"Okay. Give me a sec." The ghost flicked his fingers but all that came out was sparks.

"Oh fuck me."