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When Mother Walks In

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Hello. Yep this is one I have been planning for a while. Korra x Asami x Senna. Not right away though, we've got to build up some sexual tension. Korra and Asami are in a relationship already. This story is also G!P Korra, pure smut without plot, and will of course feature eventual daughter x mother incest. If that stuff aint for you, you can turn away now. For those who are also curious, this does take place in the same universe as my other story Anna's Adventures which Korra and Asami featured in. You don't have to read that story to understand this one (though I won't stop you if you want to read it). Enjoy.


''Korra, you can relax.'' Asami chuckled, wrapping her arms around her nervous girlfriend and giving her a quick kiss on the cheek. ''I think you were more worried about me meeting your mother tonight than I was.''

Korra didn't know whether to nod in agreement or deny that she was still suffering from nerves. ''I just really want my mom to like you.''

''Well, considering she's letting me stay for dessert, I consider that a good sign.''

Korra wished that she could be as poised and elegant as Asami. All day, Korra couldn't shake away the dread of something going wrong. Asami had been her girlfriend for quite a while now, and she felt that it was important for her and her mother to get acquainted with each other. A nice, small dinner together seemed simple enough, yet Korra feared of something going wrong. It's not that she thought that her mother, Senna, wouldn't like Asami. How could anyone not love Asami? That's what Korra always thought. But, she couldn't stop being worried. Even when she was getting prepared before they arrived at her house, during the greeting at the front door where Senna welcomed them in with open arms, and even throughout their casual conversations at the dinner table.

Senna had prepared them a lovely meal, and everything seemed to go smoothly. In fact, it went too smoothly for Korra's liking. She expected some kind of slip up to ruin things. But, Asami never had a hair out of place. She was the picture of sophisticated grace in a loving dress, while Korra could feel herself sweating underneath her suit and jacket. She didn't need to dress up so fancy she had been told. They were just having dinner with her mom, not going to a 5 star restaurant. But Korra wanted to show her mother how serious things between them were. It seemed to work. Senna and Asami got on like a house on fire and Korra felt so relieved.

Now, the two of them were together upstairs in Korra's bedroom while Senna got dessert prepared. Korra's mother innocently believed that Asami had never been to her home before or seen her bedroom, so she wanted her daughter to give their guest a tour.

Little did Senna know, Asami has snuck into Korra's bedroom...quite a few times, and they've done quite a lot of things together.

Korra sighed. ''I'm sorry if I've embarrassed you.''

''Korra, you haven't embarrassed anyone. I've had a wonderful time, and your mother is lovely.''

''Yeah, mom is the best,'' Korra admitted. ''I'm really happy she likes you.''

''I wanted to make a good first impression.'' Asami said, her hand trailing over Korra's arm, feeling her girlfriend's muscular build under her attire. ''Maybe for the next time I'm invited over, I can be the one wearing the suit.''

''Hey, don't knock my style.'' Korra jabbed. ''I think I rock a suit.''

Asami stared back at her with eyes filled with love. She leaned in and kissed Korra. ''You do...although, I quite like it when it's on your floor.''

Their kissed started slowly and gently before it lasted a few seconds too long and became more heated. Korra held Asami's face in her hands, stroking her cheek with her thumb as Asami pulled her closer so that their bodies were touching. Korra groaned into the kiss. ''Asami, my mom is literally downstairs.''

''So?'' Asami said, pulling away so that she could press little kisses along Korra's neck.

Korra threaded her fingers through Asami's locks. ''So, what we're doing now usually leads to something more. And I need to say're a bit of a screamer.''

Asami laughed against Korra's skin. ''Then maybe I need something to keep my mouth busy so I don't scream. Something thick, hard and 12 inches long.''

Another throaty moan escaped Korra. She could feel her cock hardening between her legs, rubbing against Asami's lower stomach with their bodies pressed against each other. Their desire was growing like a burning fire. She couldn't bring herself to stop Asami from opening the buttons of her jacket. Their eyes were locked and Korra's breath was coming out in short pants as Asami dropped to her knees.

Even when hidden by Korra's trousers, Asami could tell that her girlfriend was rock hard. It didn't matter what Korra wore. If she got excited, Asami would notice, and she wouldn't be able to think about any else except having Korra's cock inside of her. It didn't matter where, as long as she could feel them connected. Asami palmed the big bulge, making Korra groan. She rubbed her girlfriend's cock through her pants for a while before kissing the bulge, earning sharper gasps from the muscular young woman. Asami wasn't sure what she liked more. The build-up, or the act in action itself.

Korra wanted to keep one eye on the door, but she couldn't bring herself to look away from what her girlfriend was doing to her. Asami continued kissing Korra's bulge, looking up at her as she did so and Korra reached down to hold her head in place. Asami nuzzled Korra's cock, feeling her own pussy starting to ache. A part of her knew that she shouldn't be doing this. She knew that if Korra's mother walked in on them now, this could be the last night she would be allowed in this house without the police and a restraining order being involved. But she couldn't put out the burning desire. She needed to taste Korra again. She was addicted, and she was willing to take the risk to indulge.

Pulling Korra's pants down, Asami smiled as she was greeted by Korra's very hard cock standing proudly in front of her face. She looked up at Korra and licked her lips. ''Let's keep our clothes on.''

''In case my mom comes by?''

''That's one reason.'' Asami said before she reached out and grasped Korra's cock, grinning as she watched Korra's delighted reaction. ''I just think you look so hot in that suit. I want to see my stud of a girlfriend look dapper while I suck her cock and make her cum. Is that so bad?''

''Asami, what are you doing to me?'' Korra panted.

Instead of answering her, Asami opted to begin slowly and gently stroke her cock. Korra sighed and closed her eyes, enjoying the soft embrace. All her worries about the day were fading away as she enjoyed her girlfriend's touch. Her cock throbbed in Asami's hand. Korra then gasped louder when Asami leaned in and kissed the tip. Asami gripped the thick shaft at the base as she started to kiss all over Korra's huge length. Asami stared up with lustful eyes before she pulled back and then took Korra in her mouth, bobbing her head up and down to try and take in as much of her girlfriend as she could. She eased into it, enjoying the feeling of the thick pulsing member reach further down her throat until her mouth was completely full. She loved sucking Korra as much as Korra loved to be sucked by her. A while ago, the idea of giving anyone a blowjob didn't appeal to her. But with Korra? Asami couldn't get enough. She was perfect. The size, the girth, the taste, Korra's firmness and movements were all to her pleasure.

For Korra, this was utter bliss. She bucked her hips back and forth, thrusting in and out of Asami's mouth until her girlfriend was gagging on her big cock. She'd always been concerned that her size would be a turnoff for girls. Having a cock thicker and larger than many wasn't all it was cracked up to be. She'd intimidated past girlfriends who were unsure if they could handle it, and Korra never wanted to push anyone, fearing she would hurt them. But with Asami, it worked completely. They enjoyed the more tender moments as much as the wild nights where they fucked like animals and Asami wanted Korra to use the strength she had accumulated from years of soccer practice and training.

A few minutes passed with Asami enjoying herself sucking Korra before she turned her head underneath and licked Korra's balls.

''Oh fuck yes!'' Korra moaned, feeling Asami's wet tongue coat her balls with saliva. Then Asami sucked on them, giving each of them a special kind of treatment that only she could provide. Korra roughly gripped Asami's black hair, keeping her girlfriend close and encouraging her to continue worshipping her balls, as if Asami needed any encouragement.

''Hmm, I want to see if I can fit both in my mouth.'' Asami grinned. She flicked her tongue across the soft skin, playing with Korra's balls until she felt it getting tighter. She opened her mouth wider and took both balls in, massaging them with her tongue.

Korra groaned loudly, tugging at Asami's hair. ''Asami, I think I'm getting close.''

Asami kept kissing Korra's balls while stroking her cock. ''Do you want to cum on my face or in my mouth?''

''Mouth.'' Korra panted. ''Less suspicious with mom around.''

''Fair enough.'' Asami said. She replaced her hand with her mouth and sucked Korra's cock while massaging her girlfriend's balls with her hand. Korra groaned and moaned as Asami took almost the full length of her cock in her mouth. Korra could feel it going into Asami's throat and it made her dick throb. She shut her eyes tightly as she waited for her reward.

''I'm about to...'' Korra moaned, fucking Asami's mouth as she could feel her release upon her...

That's when the bedroom door opened, and Senna came into view.

Senna had her mouth open, like she was ready to say something, but fell silent when she saw what was happening in front of her. Her face said it all as mother and daughter looked at each other. Korra was paralyzed, unable to door anything. She couldn't even explain herself because her orgasm overwhelmed her. Asami was completely oblivious to their visitor at the door as she sealed her lips tighter around Korra's cock.

Korra didn't know whether to look down at Asami or throw her shocked mom an apologetic glance as she spurted her cum into Asami's mouth and down her girlfriend's throat. Her body jerked, feeling Asami's tongue licked under the shaft. Her mouth was filling with her girlfriend's seed, and Asami hadn't a clue that there was another pair of eyes watching her swallow every last drop, savouring the taste like the dinner the three had shared a moment ago downstairs.

Finally coming down from her high, Korra found the strength to speak. ''''

Asami let go, still pumping Korra and never taking her eyes away from her girlfriend. ''Oh, do you want me to be your mommy tonight?'' She licked the slit of Korra's cock, tasting any drops of cum still leaking from her.

Korra's body was shaking as Asami's tongue flicked across the slit, even probing inside a little. Her face was bright red, though not for the reason Asami thought. Korra pointed to the side and Asami followed her direction. Her face paled and her heart plummeted to her stomach when she saw Senna gawking at her.

''Oh!'' Asami sprang to her feet and moved in front of her girlfriend to shield her modesty. ''Senna. I'm so sorry...Korra wasn't...I didn't mean...''

What could she possibly say that would get them out of this situation?

Asami waited for Senna to grab her and throw her out of the window. It had to happen. Any goodwill she had built up had been dashed all because she couldn't keep her urges in check.

Senna gulped and pointed over her shoulder. ''I...I just came to tell you dessert is downstairs. I...I...should have knocked. I'm sorry.''

The girls were shocked at Senna's reaction. Sure, the older woman looked stunned beyond belief, but she wasn't going ballistic like they feared she would. It would have been understandable considering what she just saw her daughter get up to with her girlfriend in her own home. But things were quiet for now. Too quiet for Korra's liking. She stepped forward, not even caring that she was now fully exposed and hard right in front of her mother. ''We're sorry, mom. We'll come down in a minute.''

''Get yourselves cleaned up first.'' Senna said. ''Take your time if you need it. I'll leave you two alone for now.'' She rushed out of the room and closed the door behind her, seemingly not being able to leave quick enough.

Korra buried her face in her hands. ''I can't believe that just happened.''

Asami gave her girlfriend a half hearted smile. ''When we think about it, it could have been worse.''

''Could have been worse?'' Korra shrieked. ''My mom just saw my girlfriend deepthroat me. She's never going to look at us the same way again.''

Asami leaned in and held her girlfriend. ''Korra, we're adults. I think your mom knows that we're going to be...doing things together. This was just a one off occasion where she saw us. I think she'll want to talk about it. But it should be fine.''

Korra sighed and nodded. She couldn't find the energy to argue. It's a problem that they can deal with later. For now, Korra had another problem. Her cock was still out and about, very hard and very close to Asami's body. Even after cumming, she still needed more, and having her mom spoil her happy ending left her feel dissatisfied. Her next thought was fuck it. Her mom knew that they were doing now, and she had been told to take her time, so she might as well enjoy it while it lasts. Who knows? Her mom might put up fences around the house tomorrow, so she needed to enjoy this freedom while she could.

She gripped Asami's waist and her hands moved downwards towards the bottom of the skirt of Asami's dress, lifting it slightly. Asami looked at her with surprise. ''Your mom just caught us and you want to...''

''Asami!'' Korra interrupted. ''I'm horny. I'm stressed. Let me just have this please.''

Asami didn't argue. She merely smiled and kissed Korra on the lips quickly before her girlfriend spun her around until her back was pressed against Korra. She moaned with delight before she was bent over, causing her ass to grind against Korra's cock, nestled between her cheeks. She reared her ass upwards and allowed Korra to lift the skirt until she was nude from the waist down.

Korra looked down wide eyed. ''You didn't wear panties?''

''Whatever happened with dinner, you were going to rip them off me afterwards anyway.''

They couldn't wait any longer. Korra grabbed Asami's hips, holding on tightly before she pushed forward and entered her wet and waiting girlfriend. Asami moaned before Korra started pounding her from behind with renewed vigor and strength.


I hope that you all liked this chapter. What did you think? What was your favorite part? Don't be afraid to let me know. Part 2 is coming soon. The chapters for this story will be shorter than my other stories, so I'm going to be updating this one regularly. Tell me what kind of sexy shenanigans you'd like to see Korra and Asami get up to, and have Senna involved too. I doubt this will be the last time she catches them in the act. Wink wink.

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