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Emmett Cullen

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Emmett’s human life was an interesting one. He was known for being a bit “wild,” spending most of his time goofing off with his friends and causing different kinds of trouble in the small down he called home. Despite this nature, he had a soft spot for his family; doing anything in his power to keep his younger sisters, brothers, and parents fed and happy. As the oldest son, he viewed it as his duty. His sweet side was most obvious when he was with his family.

He loved spending time with his younger sisters. They would ask for help with their homework or cleaning their room, or other chores they had around the house. Emmett never did too well in school, but he made sure he knew everything he needed to help them. This required often staying up long after they did to make sure he remembered the right information for their various assignments. He turned cleaning their room into a game; who could be the fastest to pick up all the toys or make their bed? It was never Emmett.

His younger brothers he had a harder time connecting with, but that didn’t stop him from trying. He didn’t want them to have to work as hard as he did, so he tried to spend time with them in other ways. They would run around the nearby park, playing catch with an old baseball or wrestling with each other. When they got older, and there was enough of them for a game, Emmett started teaching his brothers how to play baseball. Sometimes their sisters would join, teasing their brothers as they all played the game.

Emmett was closest with his youngest sister. She was about ten years younger than him, and looked up to him more than anyone in the world. He would tell her story after story of his adventures hunting or spending time with his friends, playing with the details to turn them into fairy tales for her. He would tell her the stories until she fell asleep, tucking her in and kissing her on the forehead before quietly tiptoeing out of the small room she shared with some of their other siblings.

His younger brothers loved to hear his stories too, each begging to hear their favorite ones. Emmett loved playfully sharing the details of his days, finding new ways to entertain his siblings.

He often made or found them different toys to play with, using different things he found in the woods, or small things he could purchase from shops. They made up different games with the toys, playing together as much as they could before other responsibilities would tear him away.

His oldest brother was only a year younger than Emmett. Emmett often gave his youngest brother advice about everything, from girls to clothes to school, and anything else he needed help with. They would fight a lot, but at the end of the day they loved each other more than anything.

Emmett loved doing things to make his mother smile. She worked hard, with such a large family to take care of and not much money or time. He would do his best to bring back as much food as he could, helping her prepare or save it for the family’s meals. He sold anything extra, using the money to help buy food he couldn’t hunt or fabric for their clothes. Some days he would try to get something just for her, whether it was a special treat from the bakery, a new piece of jewelry, or flowers he saw while he was out. She loved anything he got her; he would do anything to make her happy.

He tried to help her around the house too; helping to sort fabric or wash clothes. Living with such a large family, the work seemed to pile up and there was always something to do. If his siblings that were old enough to help out were around, he liked to entice them to help out by turning the different tasks into a game.

Emmett learned how to hunt from his father; it was their way to bond. After Emmett learned, he often had to go out on his own as his father had other work to do, but they would still try to spend the weekends together in the woods. He loved the time with his father; using it to talk about things going on in his life or ask advice on things that were worrying him. Their hunts would turn into a contest, causing banter and playful fighting between the two.

They didn’t have much ability to spend time as a family, with so many people, it was hard to find a time when they were all together with nothing else to work on. However, they were sure to spend each night together as a family, first eating dinner together and then working together to clean up and talk afterwards. Often, they would work on different small tasks like sewing or repair work while talking. This was Emmett’s favorite part of the day; he loved hearing from each of his siblings how they spent their day, and watching his parents have the chance to relax.