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The Real Housewives of Seoul

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mochii made a new group chat

mochii added jiknee, letmesleep, yourhobi, joonbloom, stabletaeble, and cookie

mochii named the group chat ‘the real housewives of seoul’


letmesleep: okay, what the fuck?


mochii: i personally think this is a good idea


letmesleep: okay, but what the fuck?


mochii: i wanted the most important people in my life to get together. to know each other


joonbloom: I think this is a wonderful idea.


letmesleep: okay but namjoon, you think that typing all correct is a wonderful idea as well.


joonbloom: Ouch. I really felt that in my heart.


mochii: /okay/ anyways, let’s introduce ourselves. i’ll start first!


cookie: i think we all know who you are


mochii: ㅠㅠ


letmesleep: okay, who did that? do i have to kick someone’s ass?


jiknee: you’d find out if we all shut up and let jimin introduce himself.


mochii: thanks hyung! ^.^

mochii: anyways, my name is park jimin. i’m 20. i’m a sophomore. i major in dance with a minor in general performance & art



mochii: anyways, introduce yourself. tell us your name, major, how we met, and send us a picture of yourself


jiknee: i’ll go first so you can be blessed with this pretty face.

jiknee: my name’s kim seokjin. i’m 22 years old. a senior. majoring in film and acting. i met jimin when he ran into me, spilling my food on me.


mochii: i’m still v sorry, hyung!


jiknee: i know baby. it’s okay. you already made it up to me

jiknee: here’s a picture of my face. save it. don’t. i don’t care but your life would be better if you saved the picture



mochii: who’s next?


joonbloom: Hello. My name is Kim Namjoon. I’m 21 years old. I’m a junior. I triple major in English, Philosophy, and Music Production. I met Jimin way back when because he’s best friends with my brother. I think that’s that.


mochii: a picture!


joonbloom: oh, yeah.


joonbloom: That’s me.


jiknee: cute


stabletaeble: okay, gross. that’s my brother.

stabletaeble: my name’s taehyung. namjoon’s my brother. jimin’s been my best friends since like the beginning of time. i’m also 20 years of age. a sophomore.  i major in photography with a focus in film and video production.


stabletaeble: ^ that’s me.


letmesleep: i figured that.


mochii: tae, you look so good! ≧◡≦


stabletaeble: thnx bby.


letmesleep: i’d have to agree with that sentence.


stabletaeble: okay, brown-noser.


mochii: ???


joonbloom: Nothing important, sweetie.


mochii: okay.


yourhobi: this group chat is weird

yourhobi: i’m all for this

yourhobi: my name is hoseok but please call me hobi


joonbloom: How about Hoseok?


yourhobi: i honest drc. i’m 21. also a junior. i major in dance, which is how i met jiminie.


mochii: he’s such a good dancer.


joonbloom: I saw you at a recital. Taehyung’s in the dance club. Jimin’s right. You are good.


yourhobi: thanks. that means a lot

yourhobi: here’s me



cookie: im jungkook. im a freshman. im 19 years old. im majoring in film productions with a minor in dancing. i met jimin after i twisted my ankle. he carried me to the nurse’s office.



letmesleep: so, you’re the ass that im going to kick?


cookie: no???


letmesleep: i think so


cookie: !!!


mochii: yoongi-hyung. it’s your turn.


letmesleep: i’m yoongi. i’m 21, turning 22 soon. i’m a senior majoring in music productions and minoring in law and humanities. i met jimin when he needed tutoring



mochii: i cannot wait.


letmesleep: i regret this already


mochii: ;_;


letmesleep: i cannot wait!


mochii: ヽ(^◇^*)/