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Change of Plans

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Best Shitty Option

Bakugou Katsuki is fucking furious. He is this close to blowing this whole fucking building to smithereens, then going to the government building, blowing that shit up too and letting the assholes inside be smashed like the fucking cockroaches they are.

“We understand your frustrations, Ground Zero. But your personal circumstances are not more important than the development and well being of our whole society. Think about this as just one of the many sacrifices you make every day as a Pro Hero to keep our communities safe.”

That is what they’d told him when those shitty government goons gave Katsuki the ultimatum: find a mate in three months or else his hero license would be revoked.

He knew this was coming. Hell, everybody knew this was coming. Once you sign up for your Pro Hero license there is a clause, in bold and underlined, stating that every Pro Hero needs to mate by the age of thirty and that failure to comply means they will be released from their duties.

When Bakugou was eighteen, fresh out of UA, a cocky and self-centered alpha who thought the whole world should bow before him, that shitty clause didn’t seem such a big deal. He had twelve years to find a mate, surely he would find a nice beta before his deadline. All of his friends were already in relationships or at least had someone in mind; why would Katsuki struggle with finding someone?

And even if he didn't find a beta he could stand for long, all he would have to do was go to a matchmaking house, pick a pretty omega that didn’t talk too much, and be done with it. He’d still focus on fighting villains and having an omega home to cook and clean would be quite handy, he thought all those years ago.

Now he is thirty years old and doesn’t see shit like that anymore. Working as a Pro Hero for over ten years changes the way you understand the world. He works grueling hours, deals with the kind of shit most people wouldn’t believe even exists, and has no patience for anybody else's shit. He knows he will be a fucking awful mate.

He likes his space, he likes his time, he likes to do shit his way, and he doesn’t like accommodating people around his routine. Plus, he is too particular about how he likes his life and doesn’t enjoy the company of most people. A mate will only get on his way; he can’t see himself living with any random beta or a clingy omega that knows nothing about hero work and thinks that when Bakugou gets home they can go out shopping or some useless shit like that. This will only impair his ability to snatch the number one spot out from Endeavor. Actually, scratch that; the fucking fire fucker probably only reached so high on the ranking because he sired a whole fucking litter of dipshits.

However, hell will freeze over before Bakugou does the same shit. He will marry some random omega, but he will not stuff them with his pups. He will certainly not go home every day to an annoying housemate and a couple of snotty brats. The goons can force him to get married, but they can’t force him to procreate. Choke on that, motherfuckers. Katsuki won’t give them what they really want no matter how much they torture him.

This whole shit is just a desperate attempt of the government to increase the birth rate. When quirks first came up, slowly but surely the number of babies being born began decreasing. Nobody really understood why, it was probably a confluence of reasons: some quirks making it more difficult for people to find mates and/or have children, a more complex economy makes having multiple children very expensive, and unhealthy modern lifestyles diminishing people’s fertility were just the main explanations out there but there were several others.

Then there was All Might, the strongest and most powerful alpha Pro Hero in history. Every little kid wanted to grow up to be just like him: strong, courageous, beloved by the masses, and... unmated. All Might never mated, never sired children, and somehow the public started to believe that unmated alphas become more powerful and the wedding rates plummeted together with the birth rates.

Bakugou knows that this is a big pile of bullshit. All Might wasn’t as powerful as he was because he was unmated, but the other way around. The legendary Pro Hero was Katsuki’s teacher in high school, and the gentle giant was very open when talking about his life and why he did some of the things he did the way he did. All Might believed that his quirk was a powerful tool that should be used to help those around him, but that meant he didn’t have much in the way of a personal life (his work was his life), and the old man just didn’t want to put a mate through something like that.

However, no matter how pure and holy All Might’s intentions were, the result was the same and now no Pro Hero is allowed to be without a mate. For the public, the government says that mates are important to help keep heroes mentally healthy and connected with society. But truth is it’s a form of propaganda to encourage people to get married and have babies.

And that brings Bakugou to this fucking moment where he is inside a stuck up traditional office, all mahogany and too many books, with Kirishima by his side listening to an obnoxious beta woman explain at length about the shitty curriculum of the finishing school that the omegas here go through. This is one of the most expensive ones in the country, so Bakugou really hopes that the fucking omegas are being taught decent shit, but he doesn’t need this woman to explain to him about the intricacies of their ‘event hosting’ classes.

Lucky for him Kirishima is eating this shit up. The redheaded beta really is a fucking good friend; he has been Bakugou’s emotional support and punching bag since the bosses started coming down hard at him for this shit. After the ultimatum, Kirishima was the one who researched about matchmaking houses and set appointments for Bakugou to know the omegas.

The one they are at right now is a private, elite one. Kirishima was who suggested to go the high-class route. His reasoning is that omegas here are not only very well educated but are actually trained to be more than bed warmers. Omegas from rich families can have very powerful quirks, and nowadays some of them even work as support heroes together with their mates.

That is the case for Todoroki Shouto, an alpha that went to school with Bakugou and Kirishima and got married to an omega woman with a quirk powerful enough that she would have been top of the class at UA if she had been allowed to attend there. Nowadays, Todoroki and his mate, Momo, are a ridiculously strong hero duo. Same goes for another top hero, Mirio Togata. Togata married an omega who also had a perfect quirk for hero work, Amajiki Tamaki. Kirishima has even worked a few operations with Tamaki in some of their agencies cooperation cases and says the omega is a very good hero.

Bakugou doesn’t intend to find an omega to be a hero duo with; he is very happy working alone. But finding an omega that has a life besides their wedding lock is a good idea since Katsuki doesn’t intend on being a very active participant of their marriage. He hopes to find an omega who focuses on his own work so that they can live like roommates or some shit like that.

However, the first matchmaking house they went to was a complete failure. The fucking administrator decided to bring three of ‘their best omegas’ to show Katsuki as if they were showcasing a few bottles of wine. Then they brought three fucking teenagers, none of them older than sixteen! Bakugou could wrap one hand around their necks and his fingers would still touch from how skinny and tiny the omegas were. Bakugou felt disgusting just from looking at their terrified faces. Ground Zero had raged at the administrator and stormed out.

The second house was slightly less terrible. This time Bakugou was taken to a big living room where the omegas were scattered around like decoration, both male and female omegas wearing stuffy white dresses that fell to their knees and showcased their skinny legs clad in white stockings. Bakugou felt completely out of place in his usual get up of dark jeans and a black skull t-shirt. The omegas were still too young, but at least a few of them looked over eighteen. Still, Bakugou couldn’t keep a conversation with any omega there and left as soon as he could.

For their third try, Kirishima purposefully asked for the oldest omegas they had to be available for Katsuki to meet when they went. Now, here they are. Finally, the annoying administrator seems to  finish up her speech about the omega’s academic abilities.

“So, gentleman, I think they are already in the garden waiting to meet you, Mister Bakugou. Just to be sure, you said that there was no preference in female or male omegas, is that right?” The middle-aged woman wears a perfectly pressed suit and has her hair up in a tight bun, she looks like she had a fifteen-inch ice pole up her butt.

“Yeah! Can’t let silly things like that get in the way of finding love, right?” Kirishima answers with a huge sharky smile. “But he did ask to be introduced to your oldest residents since Baku here is no spring chicken himself,” the beta jokes.

“Certainly. It’s very rare for omegas to be here for long, however. I’m afraid our oldest residents are not that close to Mister Bakugou’s age. Nonetheless, I did request that only omegas over eighteen be present today.” The woman gets up from her desk and motions for Bakugou and Kirishima to follow her out of the office.

Shit, another afternoon of talking to children. Is it really that hard to find an unmated omega near his age? What the fuck is up with that? They walk through the large hallways; the building looks more like an English aristocracy high school than a Japanese matchmaking house. It shows how proud they are of their curriculum and academic excellence as if  their omegas knowing calculus and Latin changes the fact that they were basically raised to be breeders and housemates. Besides, the scent of fertile omegas and heats are forever imprinted on the walls leaving no doubt as to where they truly are.

They leave the building and enter a beautiful garden. The day is warm and sunny, and several tiny tea tables are scattered around in the shadows of big cherry trees. Each table has two chairs, one occupied by an omega  and the other empty, probably for Bakugou. So that is how they expect Ground Zero to find his mate, a little English tea served with French pastries with omegas that can philosophize and recite German poets. This shit is making him gag.

There are around eight female omegas and one male, that ratio is to be expected. Omegan females are already rare, about 8% of the population, but the men are even rarer, barely reaching 2%. This time, however, the male omegas don't wear dresses but navy trousers and a white button-up shirt. The girls wear the same white shirts but with knee-length navy skirts. There are also a few handlers around the garden, betas who are responsible for protecting the omegas against visiting alphas.

Their combined scent is sweet and floral, making the garden set up even more appropriate. Some of them look at him curiously, some of them ignore him completely, some look scared (and Bakugou decides he isn’t even going to try to talk to those), none of them looks older than twenty-one.

“This looks fun! Lots of food too!” Eijirou is eternally optimistic and tries to improve Bakugou’s mood. “The lady said you can take your time and talk to them for as long as you want. So, does anyone look interesting to you?”

Bakugou takes a big whiff of their smell, hoping his instincts can help him pick someone to start a conversation with. But all he gets is that generic overly sweet floral scent, nothing that really appeals to him. So he just sits down at the closest table, the stuck up administrator follows and stands just two feet behind him. Is she really going to listen in on every conversation he has with the omegas? Bakugou has to force himself to not roll his eyes.

“I’m Bakugou Katsuki, Pro Hero Ground Zero," he tries ignoring the beta woman to focus on the petite blond girl in front of him, but it is very hard to keep the annoyance out of his voice. The girl lowers her head in what probably should be a position of submission but comes off as cowering in fear, then murmurs something unintelligible.

“What? Speak the fuck up!" Bakugou barks at her, the girl trembles. She quickly went from ‘slightly afraid’ to ‘completely terrified’. Yeah, this is not the one.

“I’m Amano Yuri. Pleasure to meet you, sir," she manages to speak with a weak quivering voice. Bakugou clicks his tongue and gets up without another word.

He sits down at the next table to try again, but the conversation follows the same pattern. The omegan girls cower in fear from his approach alone, some of them physically wince when Katsuki sits at their table. Bakugou managed to get more than fearful murmurs just out of one, but the conversation went just far enough for him to ask her age and promptly get up once she answered eighteen. During all these awful attempts, the administrator was standing sternly behind Katsuki (and maybe some of the omegas watch her more than Bakugou, but it could have been just an impression).

The next one is the male omega. Bakugou is already fucking tired of this shitshow, but he needs to keep trying, his time is running out. He plops down on the chair and reaches for one of the pastries. Then he looks up and does a double take. The omega is not cowering in fear, looking down, nor showcasing any form of submission.

On the contrary, the omega’s chin is pointed up, he is looking away from Bakugou and his arms are crossed in a dramatic display of annoyance and displeasure. His body language should paint a picture of infuriation, but combined with the omega’s cute round face, freckles, and bright green eyes, it just looked like childish petulance.

“Did they serve you the wrong kind of tea?” Katsuki teases.

“Did you run out of girls to terrify?” The omega’s voice is cold and angry and he still refuses to look at Bakugou.

“Not my fault the bitches can’t fucking speak up,” Bakugou says shrugging.

“Maybe you are just not good enough for them to put in the effort.”

Huh, the little one has claws. Katsuki is actually taken aback a little by the omega’s remark, and, before he has time to compose himself and put the little shit in his place, the administrator intervenes.

“That is enough, Izuku. Behave,” she says coldly.

“I will if he does,” the young man snaps back, finally looking away from some fixed point on the horizon to glare at the beta woman.

“That is totally unbecoming, you will show proper conduct or you will suffer the consequences," she threatens but that only seems to enrage the omega even more.

“I don’t have to submit myself to this," and gets up from his chair to the complete astonishment of Bakugou and Kirishima, who was watching the scene unravel from several feet away but got closer once things started going south.

“Sit down at this instant!" she demands but the omega ignores her and keeps walking away. “Bring him back!," the administrator screams at the handlers.

One of the male beta handlers jogs after the omega and grabs him by the biceps to pull the young man back. But in one swift move, the omega’s body lights up in green in what must be his quirk and he lands a powerful punch in the beta’s stomach making the handler fly several feet away. The other beta handlers approach the runaway omega, but the young man keeps his weird fighting stance making it clear that whoever tries catching him will suffer the same fate as their knockout colleague.

“What is happening? Should we help?” Kirishima asks worriedly, and Katsuki can't help but wonder if his friend wants to help the omega or the betas.

“I’m so sorry you have to witness this. Izuku is…a  difficult case. He doesn’t wish to be mated, so he puts on this kind of riot every time he is requested to meet an alpha.” The woman explains apologetically. “But please, let’s go back to the tea party. I’ll let the handlers know that you are done talking to Izuku and this will quickly be resolved.”

“He was requested to meet Bakugou against his will? Why?” Kirishima sounds confused. Bakugou is only half listening to their exchange, way too focused on the show the little omega is putting.

“Izuku is…the oldest resident we have. It’s been a while since someone requested to meet anyone like him, so we thought it would be a good opportunity. Clearly it was a mistake, we are so sorry. That will not happen again, Mister Bakugou.”

“How old is he?” Katsuki asks without taking his eyes off the feisty omega that had already taken two of his four handlers out of commission.

“Izuku is twenty-four.” The woman answers, “shall we go back to the tea party? So many other residents are eager to meet you and—”

“I will take him.” Bakugou says seriously and the woman and Kirishima look at him like he just grew another head.


“Mister Bakugou, that would be very unadvisable.”

“Don’t care. That is the one.” Katsuki turns to the stupefied woman and asks matter-of-factly, “where can we fill the paperwork?”


“Bakubro, that is an awful idea. Really, never before have I heard of an idea with lower chances of working out. And I'm friends with Denki.” Kirishima expresses his worry about what happened today in the matchmaking house.

“That is because you are an idiot and can’t see the genius of my plan," Bakugou says while taking a swig of his beer bottle.

“I agree with Eiji that there is no way this plan will work, but I’m all up for seeing you get screwed over by your own social ineptitude. So I say go for it.” Mina says shrugging.

The three of them are in a ramen place getting dinner. Kirishima insisted since he believes Katsuki is having a mental breakdown over the weight of being forced to marry and doesn’t think Bakugou should stay by himself for too long. Mina came because she likes gossip and prefers having dinner with her mate and his friend rather than being home alone.

“Fuck you both. It’s not a plan, it’s a fact. There is no sketchy objectives, no funny business. Shit is as straight as it gets. I don’t want a mate, he doesn’t want a mate, both of us need to be married, so we can have a marriage of convenience. We will live in the same place but we will not get in each others’ business. Easy as fucking pie.” Katsuki says between mouthfuls of his extra spicy ramen.

“Baku, you didn’t ask if he wants that! All we know is what that administrator told us, but we don’t know if that is true!” Kirishima says exasperated, Bakugou just clicks his tongue at him.

“Why would that stuck up bitch lie? And besides, it’s not like I have many other options. I’m not gonna marry children! He is the oldest we’ve found and he is still six years younger than me. So tough luck, that is just how the world is.”

“You really didn’t ask him?" Mina says frowning. “He needs to agree to this arrangement.”

“No, he doesn’t. His sponsor needs to agree and I’m meeting the guy tomorrow.”

“By God, Baku. No! You can’t do that! You need to talk to him!” Mina looks at him horrified.

“This is totally not cool, bro.” Kirishima agrees with her.

“Chill both of you! I’m gonna talk to the brat. Today he was furious, throwing punches around. Tomorrow if his sponsor approves of me, then I can talk to him and explain my idea. It’s gonna be fucking alright, idiots.”

“Famous last words, Explodey. But as an alpha, I can understand where you are coming from. I would be flipping my shit if I was forced to mate some teenaged omega I barely knew.” Mina says seriously then turns lovingly to Kirishima, “I'm so lucky we met each other, Eiji.”

Kirishima gives the sappiest smile and nuzzles his alpha’s nose, “I'm the lucky one, babe.”

“And I’m completely disgusted by the two of you," Bakugou says with a grimace. “Shit is what it is. It's better to be him than to let me ruin the chances of one of those other kids actually having a happy marriage.”

“So it's just gonna be you and him unhappy?” Eijirou asks sadly and Bakugou shrugs.


Okay, let it be said that Bakugou knows this is a shitty idea. But at this point in his life, all he has are shitty options and this is the best shitty option he has found given the time constraints. The omega… what was his name anyway? Izuku? Whatever, the omega also doesn't have many other options.

It must be expensive to keep an unmated omega in an elite institution like the one they went to yesterday. And since that omega is considerably older than his peers, he must have been in that place for quite some time. What that meant was that whoever is sponsoring the omega has really deep pockets and cares enough for the young man to let him spend so many years unmated.

Therefore, Katsuki is actually putting an effort to dress nicely to meet his potential mate’s sponsor. He’s dressed in a light blue dress shirt his mother gave him and some black slacks. Now it is just a matter of how he should present his case to the sponsor without sounding like a complete asshole. After all, ‘Hey, I chose your son because it seemed like no one else would want him’ would not showcase Bakugou’s best side. Nor would ‘He doesn’t want me as much as I don’t want him, so at least that’s fair.’

Katsuki hates the idea of explaining himself to people that have no business meddling in his life, and he also hates lying and coming up with excuses. So this meeting will be a fucking nightmare for him, but he honestly thinks the omega and his sponsor will like his proposition. All he has to do is be polite and present the following points: the omega will have complete freedom to pursue whatever career or hobby he wants; the omega will have all his financial needs taken care of (within reason, Bakugou will not pay for the little prince to spend his summers in Verona or some shit like that); the omega will not be expected to physically mate with Bakugou and have his children; the omega will have his own room and will not be required to give Bakugou any explanation about his whereabouts.

Really, what more could they want? It will be a good deal for the both of them. Bakugou doubts the omega could hope to receive any more freedom from another alpha. And with that thought in mind, Bakugou leaves his apartment to pick up Kirishima. The beta would go with him to the matchmaking house again to help Bakugou not put his foot in his mouth in front of the sponsor or the administrator.

The drive to Kirishima’s place was quick and uneventful, both of them live near Tokyo’s center since it's close to their agency. The heroes have worked under the Number 2 Hero, Miruko ever since they became sidekicks fresh out of High School.

As Katsuki pulls in front of Kirishima’s building, the redhead is already waiting for him. He quickly jumps in the car with a huge smile that Katsuki has no idea where it is coming from.

“Hi, Bro! You dressed nicely! That’s good, it’s important to impress the in-laws, and first impressions are important! Today is a big day!” Kirishima is a pure ball of joy, and that makes Katsuki a little puzzled. Yesterday he was completely against this plan, why the sudden change of heart?

“The fuck you are so happy about, Shitty Hair? Weren’t you the one saying this is a shitty idea?”

“Well, it still is. But I thought about it and, yeah, it is really awful how you are being forced to marry someone you don’t know. And there is no way of knowing if Izuku will be better or worse for you than any other omega, but a part of me understands what you see in him," his friend answers with a smile.

“I see nothing in him besides the fact that he is as unwilling as I am in this shit,” Bakugou grumbles.

“Oh, don’t lie to me, bro! I saw you looking at him, and I get it! He is very strong, it is refreshing to see an omega fight back! And it is so manly how he has stuck it out this long even with the amount of societal pressure on him! He sounds like a cool guy.”

Eijirou’s optimism should be fucking illegal. Only he could see this fucked up situation and think Katsuki was actually going to meet the love of his life. Whatever, Bakugou will not even dignify that line of thinking with a response, so they drive quietly for a while before reach the matchmaking house again.

They arrive back at the big European style house that stills creeps Katsuki out way more than any building had the right to and are quickly escorted back to the administrator’s office.

“Mister Bakugou, I’m glad you are back. The sponsor is already waiting for you in one of our private rooms. Both of you will talk alone to protect your privacy.” The woman says quickly while shaking their hands. “Please follow me.”

They walk again through the big hallways that smell so strongly of unmated omegas and old heats that Katsuki’s brain gets a little buzzed. Maybe that is why he thought of this idea as soon as he laid eyes on the omega fighting yesterday, he was drunk on pheromones. Soon enough, they stand in front of a dark mahogany door.

“The sponsor is waiting for you inside. Mr. Bakugou, I must warn you that if this meeting doesn’t go as you hope it does, you are contractually obliged to not disclose the names of the people you met inside our institution by the nondisclosure agreement you signed yesterday. Mr. Kirishima, if you would like I can accompany you to the common rooms where you can have tea and talk to our residents.”

“Great, that sounds fun," Kirishima says to the woman, then turns to Katsuki. “Good luck in there, bro! Don’t swear too much, try to make a good impression.”

Katsuki rolls his eyes and opens the door. However, the moment his eyes land on the only person inside the little room, his brain stops working. It can’t be, it just can’t, there is no way this is true.

“All Might?!”

“Oh, young Bakugou!” The skeletal figure of Yagi Toshinori in his oversized yellow suit was the last thing Katsuki expected to see today. “My, my… that is quite a situation…," the old man scratches his head clearly uncomfortable.

“The fuck you are doing here?!” Bakugou asks in disbelief.

“I’m Izuku’s sponsor," All Might answers with a sad smile. “Please, let’s take a seat. I believe we have much to discuss.”

The office is small but expensively decorated; there is a small desk in the corner with tea and cookies, a bookshelf full of old leatherback books that Bakugou never heard of before, a two-seat couch, and an armchair. Yagi sits on the couch and Katsuki takes the armchair.

“Since when do you have a son?," Bakugou can’t help himself from asking as soon as his ass hits the cushion.

“I don’t," Yagi’s face is sad and Katsuki hates himself for bringing this up. “Officially, Izuku and I have no relation. But I like to see myself as his godfather. I met him when I began teaching at UA and moved to his neighborhood. He was a small little thing, just nine years old.”

That year was also the year All Might met Bakugou since his class was the first one the retired hero taught at UA.

“I’ve talked to Izuku before you arrived. He said you barely spoke with each other yesterday when you came. I must say I’m very surprised that you have asked to meet his sponsor under these circumstances.”

Shit, now was the time Bakugou should present all those very rational points he’d come up with, but that was before he’d found out the sponsor was All Might! How could Katsuki just say ‘I’ll let him have his own room’ to All Might?! Yagi Toshinori is such an important person for Katsuki; they have so much history together, he can’t lie to him. Scratch that, he can’t even embellish the truth to him.

“I… I’m being forced to get married under my Pro Hero contract, and your godson, well, he looked as unwilling as I am, so I thought I wouldn’t be destroying some young omega’s dream of a happy marriage. I thought he would be alright with living as my roommate of sorts.”

“Oh, that is… quite something," Yagi says getting deep in thought. “Izuku said you saw him fighting against his handlers. I trust that you saw his quirk?”

“The green lightning? I saw it. It seemed to make him stronger, I have never seen an omega take down four male betas on his own.”

All Might falls deep in thought again for several moments before speaking. “Young Bakugou, had it been anyone else that walked through that door today I would have said that Izuku would not marry them as soon as we got past the greetings and pleasantries. But you… You already know a big part of the story about why Izuku is doing what he is, and I think that you deserved to know the whole situation before we can seriously talk about marriage.”

Yagi gets up from the couch and serves them tea, “Do you remember our conversation after your kidnapping?”

Bakugou would never forget that day. It was the result of months of pain and blaming himself for All Might losing his powers while trying to rescue Katsuki from the League of Villains.

“Yeah… You caught me working myself halfway to death in a training ground and had to put my ass back in line.” Bakugou says chuckling as if the memories of overworking himself past the point of exhaustion every night for months out of guilt while crying pitifully was some kind of joke. “Then you said to me that your powers were already slowly extinguishing since you passed on your quirk to somebody else and you explained the whole deal with All for One and your quirk, One for All.”

“What I didn’t tell you at the time was who I passed my quirk to.” All Might offers Katsuki a cup of tea and sits down to drink his own. “Izuku was a quirkless boy whose dream was to be a hero. He was small, fragile, and much weaker than any other kid in the area, but time and time again I saw him standing up against bullies and protecting others. He has the heart of a hero if I ever saw one.”

All Might explains with a small smile that betrays how fond he is of the omega he is talking about.

“At that time, my injuries had already limited the time I could use my quirk to a maximum of three hours a day. I went to work at UA to find a successor, but after one year there, I accepted that the only one I could see wielding One for All, my quirk, was the tiny beta boy running around my house. He didn’t know I was All Might at the time, he saw me as an injured old man that needed help so he took it upon himself to take care of me. He used to bring me food his mother helped him prepare and help me around the house.” Toshinori explained this with a smile on his lips and a twinkle in his eyes.

Godfather my ass, Yagi clearly sees the omega as his son’ , Katsuki thinks.

“I passed my quirk to him when he was just ten years old, I thought that if he received it young he would learn to use it with more proficiency. Just like I saw you using your quirk, young Bakugou as if it was as natural as breathing. My plan was to train him slowly, I had four years to make sure he was ready for UA's entrance exam. However, two years later Izuku presented as an omega and things changed.”

“He offered to return One for All to me, or to pass it to someone else I deemed worthy. But I refused, he is the one I chose, and I do believe I made the right choice. Besides, life can be very difficult for omegas. However, Izuku, for his part, never gave up on his dream of being a hero even if I couldn’t train him anymore.”

“How do you expect him to become a Pro Hero? He is an omega. Even if he marries an alpha Pro Hero, he can, at most, hope to be a Support Hero.” Bakugou asks.

“I did try lobbying for years for omegas’ right to remain unmated and to have a shot at earning a hero license. But I was shot down every step out the way. At this point, I don’t really care if Izuku is a Pro Hero or not, I just care that he is happy. I know he has his plans, and that is why I would never approve of a mate he doesn’t want me to approve. We both have been resisting the government’s pressure for him to marry. However, the government knows I’m his sponsor, and they haven’t been taking his refusal to mate lightly. Some people think this is just a huge plot I created to induce people to not mate, first by not mating myself and now by forbidding my omegan godson to mate. Truth is I’m just an old man who wants his godson to be free to do what he wishes.”

They both drink their tea quietly for a while, ruminating about all they have talked about. It was a lot to process. Bakugou had spent a lot of time wondering who All Might had picked to pass his quirk on to. The thought had remained at the back of his mind every time he climbed the ranks as he wondered if someday someone would show up wielding One for All and take the number one spot Bakugou desired so much. But the years passed, no one showed up, and Katsuki forgot about it.

Now he finds out that All Might passed his legendary quirk to an omega child. That is completely absurd but, at the same time, something so ‘All Might’ that Bakugou can’t find it in him to doubt the man. Yagi sensei was always too kind, too gentle, too caring, nothing like a stereotypical alpha. Katsuki can totally see him falling in parental love with a young boy who wanted to be a hero and giving up his powers to help the boy follow his dreams.

But did that change anything? Not really. It actually strengthens Bakugou’s resolve. He may not know the omega, but he cares enough about All Might to promise to take care of his son. Besides, from what Yagi said the omega wants to be independent and follow his passion, Bakugou can totally get behind that. Hell, he will even allow the omega to go for a Support Hero position, as long as he doesn’t have to be Ground Zero’s partner. Maybe Kirishima could work with the omega, his beta friend is very forward thinking about that kind of shit.

“Sir, I hear you, I see that your godson is very important to you and, for me, that is all the more reason to marry him. It will be an honor to help you take care of him. When I decided to ask to mate with him, I always envisioned it to be a purely platonic marriage. He will have his own room, he will keep his own money and he may work in whatever field he wants.” Bakugou says looking straight into All Might’s eyes.

“That sounds very reasonable. But are you sure you don’t want to try finding someone to have a proper relationship with, young Bakugou? I know I would like for Izuku to be in a loving marriage, but he is so adamantly against it...”

“I have a very fulfilled life, sensei. I’m happy as I am, and I do not wish to put any omega through the difficult life that is to be mated to a Pro Hero. But since I have to, I hope you consider me worthy of your godson.”

“You are more than worthy, my boy. A teacher shouldn’t say this, but you were always one of my favorite pupils… But Izuku will not see this as I do, he will not approve, no matter how many liberties you give him.”

“He is twenty-four years old, sensei. He won’t be allowed to be here forever, and then what? Do you think the government will allow All Might’s godson to be an unmated omega? Let me talk to him and explain my reasoning, then both of you can take a couple of days to think this through.”

“Yes, that sounds like a good option, we have been here long enough already. The tea has gone cold! Let’s go take you to meet Izuku.”

They leave the small study and All Might takes them to the common room where they find the administrator and Kirishima. Yagi walks around the house as if he knows the place like the back of his hand, probably from coming here for years to see his godson.

Kirishima’s face is priceless when he sees Bakugou entering the big common room with All Might. But right now is not the time to explain things. They ask the administrator if Bakugou can talk with Izuku alone and are severely reminded that it is against the rules for unmated alphas to be with unmated omegas in a room without a chaperone. However, the solution comes quickly since one of the staff says that Izuku is in the library and the administrator agrees to allow them to talk there while the librarian serves as a watcher.

All Might and Kirishima stay behind in the common room as Bakugou is taken to the library to meet the omega. His (possible) future husband. All Might’s godson. Wielder of the One for All. Katsuki isn’t nervous, no, not at all.


The library is huge, there are around ten big round tables in the middle and several rows of shelves, finely decorated in the same traditional European style as the rest of the house. Bakugou thinks it might be bigger than UA’s library and that is saying something.

The beta librarian looks at him from over the top of her glasses as if she is sizing him up, Bakugou holds back the instinct to glare at her. Besides her, the room is almost empty, there is a couple of very young omegas studying one book together near the entrance and his target is all the way in the back by the windows, hidden behind a huge book. The omega looks entranced by whatever he is reading, he doesn’t even look up as Bakugou makes way towards him.

So, the omega is a nerd. It makes sense he chose to enter this particular matchmaking house then. And if he is a nerd, he probably is a reasonable person who will understand that Bakugou's proposition is solid. All Katsuki has to do is present his case clearly and everything will turn out fine.

Unfortunately, as Bakugou gets closer to the omega's table a small gust of wind enters through one of the open windows, passes through the omega before reaching Katsuki's nose. And at that precise moment, Katsuki's brain leaves the premises.

Never before has Katsuki smelled such a unique scent. It's a complex and layered smell, nothing like the sugary sweet scent of other omegas. It's a mixture of wet forest, pine trees, some kind of sweet citrus, and a bunch of pheromones all rolled into one very weird (but entincing) result.

“I don't know what you said to Yagi to convince him to allow you to talk to me, but my answer is still the same. I'm not mating with you.” The omega says with a clear and steady voice without taking his eyes off his book.

What? He isn't even going to look at Katsuki? Who does the little dipshit think he is?! Just because he is All Might's godson, he thinks he has the right to ignore Ground Zero?! Not in a million years!

“Well, tough luck asshole. You still have to fucking hear me out.”

The omega lowers the book slightly and raises his eyes to Bakugou for the first time. The green gems burn with anger.

“Excuse me? I don't have to do anything.” The omega snarls at him furiously. What is the deal with that?! The idiot is not even giving Katsuki a chance to present his idea!

“Hell yeah, you do. I came all the way here just to help you out and you give me this bullshit, fucking moron?!” Bakugou barks back.

The omega gets up from the table enraged. “I don't have to listen to any alpha just because he made the huge sacrifice of trying to talk to me," his voice drips with sarcasm. “My answer is clear, Ground Zero, I don't want to marry you," and with that, the omega begins walking away as if the conversation is over.

Bakugou's brain still hasn't come back from his impromptu vacation, so Katsuki grabs the omega's arm when the young man passes close to him on his way towards the exit. “I'm not done talking to you!"

The omega bares his teeth at Bakugou and pushes his hand free using his quirk with such strength that it shoves Bakugou back. Katsuki stumbles and crashes against one of the library's shelves hitting his head.

“Touch me again and I will break your hands,"  the omega says with restrained rage, turns around and leaves the room without looking back.

Bakugou stays still, completely dumbfounded for a while. It's only when his head starts throbbing from the hit that he shakes off his surprise and leaves the room. Yeah, that went as badly as it could have. But now every future interaction they have can only be an improvement, right?