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The Umbrella University was located up a nerve-jangling steep hill in the middle of nowhere. The school bus that brought fresh students was little more than a truck with metal restraints in the back and no windows, a dreary version of a prison transport machine.

Sallie Knight and Theresa Stripes, fondly known as Tish, shouldn’t even be there, but a clerical error meant their application were accepted and it was legally too late for them to be turned away.

It was a dark dreary day when the young women arrived, both swathed in their coats against the howling winds and splattering rain that assaulted the metal sides of the bus.

“Even for a university for abominations this is grim,” Tish commented, pulling her coat tighter around her shoulders.

Sallie was leaning against the window, her black beanie pulled over her eyes, her leather coat tightly clasped together, collar turned up with her arms folded. She had been awfully silent throughout the whole journey, no doubt mulling grumpily about her application being incorrect. At least she wasn’t on this alone.

When Tish heard no reply, she added thoughtfully: “You think they’ll actually let us study here?” She asked her stalwart companion as she faced her.

For a time, Sallie said nothing.

Then a snore.

Tish giggled softly, noticing her friend has drifted off. She considered the possible repercussions of awakening her, and so decided to wait until the bus stopped before attempting it.

The bus climbed ever higher and finally grumbled to a stop.

“Last stop!” Barked the driver, slamming his fist on the side of the bus. This didn’t appear to wake Sallie, and so Tish budged her.

“Hey, Sallie? We’re here!” Tish drew out the syllable in a sing-song manner, referencing a well-known horror film. Tish was a little more surprise that Sallie didn’t wake up, completely unconscious.  She must have really slept bad last night. And the night before that…and the night before that…

Sallie didn’t move for a time, and then her face began to slide down the window, her lips and cheek running against the pane of glass before almost falling and snorting loudly, waking herself up instantly.

“Shit, what?!” She cried out, looking around quickly, blinking a few times before turning to Tish. “Wait…” Then she realised. “What, we’re here?”

Tish laughed and nudged her again to get up, in which Sallie complied.

“Yes, we’re here, and I need to get off this so-called bus. My arse is numb!”

Tish began to head to the back of the vehicle where the driver, a man dressed all in black-army fatigues with a gasmask in place, had opened the doors for them to exit.

Tish Stripes hopped down, landing in the slick mud outside. Short, black hair, that was once cropped beautifully was now messed by the howling winds. She was adorned in her favourite pair of jeans and a black shirt, shielded from the winds with her thick red and black coat.

To their left, the Umbrella University loomed upon its hill, already soaked in the rain. “Oooh, looks like the perfect place to meet a serial killer, eh Sallie?” Tish quipped, glancing back towards the bus.

Sallie Knight’s dark blue eyes scanned the scenery before her, her brunette hair wildly swaying in the winds with the hem of her long trench-coat. Her army boots were already stained with the sodden mud, her jeans tucked inside by habit. A thick belt divided her firm black leotard beneath the trench-coat. Stripped from all her weaponry, she felt naked without the tight belts around her thighs and arms, the familiar weights of her weapons leaving her empty.

Sallie stood beside Tish silently, her eyes taking in everything. This was nothing compared to the brightly painted façade Sallie had imagined herself to be in at this point. Rain lashed down from the darken skies, and Tish’s comment didn’t help the situation much. Still, she knew Tish was only trying to make her laugh, and so she forced a small smirk.

“It looks lethal if you ask me,” Sallie replied, trying to imply it as a joke, but seemed too tired to make the effort. “You sure you wanna do this?”

“Too late to turn back now,” Tish shrugged, but it was clear she was nervous. She hefted up her bag over her shoulder. “You never know, the food might be amazing,”

Sallie rolled her eyes with a small smirk, taking her backpack and followed Tish.

“You think food is gonna save us this time?”

Tish grinned, but it didn’t last long as they approached the open gates.

As soon as they stepped through the gates, they became aware of large looming shapes moving through the misty rain. Tish gasped. “Those guys are huge!” She cried out, pointing through the murk towards a group of hulking shades in the distance. On instinct, Sallie stood close to Tish, protecting her from the overbearing threats around them. “I might be beginning to regret this,”

“Just keep your eyes ahead. Don’t give them direct eye-contact,” Sallie advised firmly, feeling Tish shivering against her. Despite her own warning, she was unable to remove her gaze from the looming figures, figuring out that- “They’re not human…”

“They’re huge!” She heard Tish squeaked, trying to match with Sallie’s firm march. Unmatched with Sallie’s march were the rhythmic sound of something dangerous; an intense thumping sound, and it was approaching them. Tish gritted her teeth in fear. “They’re coming this way!” She hissed. Sallie’s hand gripped onto Tish’s arm firmly, silently reminding her she was here.

Through the gloom emerged a group of enormous humanoid creatures. All of them were bald with pale ashen skin. Huge and muscular, they walked with great power and in only a few steps they had reached the girls. It was a rather overbearing sight. Thick, heavy trench-coats fell to their ankles, revealing monstrous boots made of steel and reinforced material. Each of them had a unique set of numbers printed on the upper arm of their coats. Batch-Numbers. Sallie winced. They were like soldiers… What was most disturbing was the number of metallic features on their bodies, the amount of steel loops that ran down the back of their bodies from their outfits. It was as if they were originally restrained

One of them moved with greater purpose than the others, and he stepped forward ahead of them.

“Oh shit, I thought they were kidding when they said they let humans in here!” Came his booming voice. His eyes settled on Sallie. “But at least they’re cute ones,” He practically purred these words at her, and it was those very words that made Sallie physically cringe. What a gross bastard!

Bravely, she turned and shot a hot glare at the chief beast before them. A Tyrant. There was a vast variety of Tyrants that existed, but these were monstrous compared to the others, showing familiar features from the Tyrant T-103 series. But these were almost far superior. Elite Tyrants, actually. Made for mass wars, not for mere fights.

“It’s a shame we have to look at you,” Sallie spat acidly, before realizing who she was talking to.

The immense Tyrant was surprised by her response, but it interested him greatly.

“Aww, am I too much for you, sweetheart?” he chuckled and his lackeys all laughed too, backing up their leader.

Tish chewed her lip nervously, unsure if she should even try to intervene. She knew Sallie could handle herself, but these guys were monsters. Bio-Organic Weapons!

“Nah,” Sallie replied sharply, already feeling her temper firing up. “You’re not enough for me,” She eyed him up and down, admiring the leathery outfit, chains, hooks and metallic features. It was an impressive outfit, stunning. But she didn’t like the bastard wearing it. “Your outfit seems to be compensating something,”

The Tyrant smirked.

“Oh, what?” He taunted. “This isn’t enough for you?” He grabbed at his sizeable crotch, waggling it lewdly around.

Tish spun around, horrified and furious at his behaviour. She couldn’t believe how horrible he was being!

Across the forecourt came another one of those lumbering beasts, but this one appeared to be smaller, different in appearance. A black overcoat only accented his size, his proportion bulk and strong. His complexion was of lifeless grey, a shadow masked his features from her, created by his matching fedora. Almost like the leather-clad dick-bags in their midst, but this one seemed…kinder perhaps?

When he spotted the other looming figures, however, he froze on the spot, as if terrified. This only worried Tish more; if another B.O.W was terrified of these Tyrants…

Sallie was too focused on the fourteen-feet towering monstrosities before her. As if her fury gave her confidence, she took a step towards them, pointing at his crotch.

“How adorable, you think you could please a woman like me with that?! Honey, you may be blessed with girth, but I know you’re certainly not an expert in making me orgasm. Such a waste of potential,”

The massive Tyrant looked shocked for a moment, and Tish genuinely thought he was about to lash out violently. But then he grinned cruelly.

“I like you, little Firecracker. You can call me ALPHA 069,” He said, his voice laced with sexual inuendo.

“Nice,” Sallie said sarcastically through gritted teeth. “Don’t call me. Ever.” She gave the other towering Tyrants a glare before dismissing them. “Dickweeds,” Yanking Tish’s arm, she hurried away from the towering monsters before anything could be done. Tish’s eyes were too intrigued with the other smaller B.O.Ws across the forecourt, surveying them.

“Ahh, fresh meat!” Boomed a voice beside the smaller Tyrant, and suddenly a hand slapped onto his back. Another B.O.W came into view, his lipless smirk forever there, a glint of a predator in his features. Unlike the other Tyrant, this one had more colour in his flesh. He only had one eye, for a horrible experiment had forced his other eye to be blinded, stitched flesh crudely lapsed over it.  His crooked teeth and gums were on constant show, unable to close what would have been his lips. He mirrored the other tyrant’s bulk and was dressed in what seemed like leather pants and an apron-like shirt, allowing his bulking purple veins to not be trapped by such attire. “Humans too!” Nemesis chuckled, shaking his head. “This Uni is going down the fucking drain, man,”

His older brother, Mr X, rolled his eyes at his statement.

Tish stared at the lipless grimacing beast that had approached the smaller tyrant. Something about him, was so grotesque and yet…he seemed so lively and fascinating. If a complete douche can…

Nemesis gave his older brother the look, one that consisted of his over-confidence in ‘scoring’. Ahh, there he goes again! With an air of eagerness, Nemesis walked towards the new humans. They were not as big as the Tyrants, but they still stood an impressive 7-9 feet tall, dwarfing the human women easily.

“Hey there, pretty lady,” Nemesis cooed, giving Tish the eye.

Assuming those words were for her, Sallie quickly turned around, fuming at Nemesis.

“Oh, not you too!” She snapped, and Nemesis shot a hot glare at her.

“Nah, not you!” He barked, pushing Sallie violently out of the way, and looked back at Tish with questionable desire. “How are you doing?” He asked Tish again, his tone changing quickly.

Disgusted with his attitude and treatment to her friend, Tish shot a hot glare at Nemesis. How disrespectful.

“I’m going to save your virgin arse a little trouble. Treating others around you like trash won’t make me feel anything for you. That shit only works in movies. And you better watch it if you touch my friend ever again,” She threatened, knowing she wasn’t intimidated in the slightest.

Sallie had to give her credit for trying though. It wasn’t like that to speak up so strongly against monsters like this.

Nemesis laughed, his already garish grin widening even further.

“Don’t you worry, I’ll win you over,” He assured her.

Mr X touched his arm, catching Nemesis’ attention, and shook his head firmly. Knowing what he meant, Nemesis sighed, and rolled his eye. “Ooookaaaay. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be such a knob-jockey, especially to new students,”

Tish was surprised he had apologised at all and flushed a little, not knowing why.

Sallie, on the other hand, found this a little too bizarre. As if Tish was going to fall for that! Though she realised that the other Tyrant seemed to have done something to encourage Nemesis. She eyed him carefully, looking at the leather black overcoat, his boots and fedora. He looked remarkably human, with a broad jawline and strangely handsome features. He looked much older than the tall tyrants.

The bell rang in the distance, alerting all students to return to their homeroom class, and Sallie nudged Tish.

“Let’s go,”

Tish stirred from her thoughts and nodded. Reluctantly, she tore her attention away from Nemesis and tried to focus on the job at hand.

“Yeah. Let’s go, we still have to see the Dean before we sign in,” She said, reminding herself more than anyone else.