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Sweater Weather

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“I need your opinion on something!” A voice boomed from the bathroom.

It grabbed Eve’s attention and she sat up on the bed. “On what?”

“So, she’s your typical daddy’s girl. Lives off his money, bit of an airhead. You know the type.”

“I do.” Eve’s interest piqued.

“I was told to dress cute. Like, enough to grab someone’s interest, but not enough for them to know you’re actively trying to get their attention.” The voice grew louder with the sound of approaching footsteps.

“I don’t really do cute as often, so I’m stuck.” Villanelle appeared in the doorway. Surprise washed over Eve.

She was stood in an oversized white sweater which exposed her right shoulder. It fell just below her ass with the arms being long enough to cover her hands, so only her fingers peeked out, curling around the soft material instinctively.

On her legs, she bore a simple pair of black thigh-high socks with a small pair of black cycle shorts, for decency’s sake, the edges of which would occasionally peer out from the blanket of white wool.

“They’ll put me a wig on, obviously.” Villanelle told the woman as her eyes scanned over the outfit, gesturing to the messy bun she had haphazardly thrown her hair into, leaving frail strands of hair delicately framing her face.

“Do you like it?” She didn’t need to ask. Eve didn’t hide it.

“I… Yeah.” Eve choked out, eyes still stuck on the sweater. “God, you look so cute.”

Eve watched Villanelle move to the bed and sit down beside her. Somehow, it made her softer. Everything she did seemed more rounded and gentle.

Her approaching footsteps changed from booming claps of thunder to delicate, precise treads.

The sharp, chiselled features on her face were eased and alleviated of tension.

The precise movements of her body became somewhat forgiving, floating through the space around her.

“You think so?” Again, she didn’t need to ask. “I feel like that frappe lady. You know, the one with the dog whistle voice.”

Eve laughed. A genuine laugh. “Ariana Grande.”

“Yeah, that one. You know I don’t really keep up with pop culture. It’s all boring.”

Eve rolled her eyes at the remark as she laid back against the headboard. Of course, Villanelle was ‘too cool’ for mindless stuff like that. “Don’t act like I don’t hear you in the shower singing along to her on the radio. You always know the lyrics, no matter which song it is.”

Villanelle gave Eve a disgruntled leer. Only now, instead of looking vaguely threatening, her scrunched up features just came off as overtly endearing. Villanelle stirred a second later, finding herself straddling Eve’s lap.

“Don’t get brave, Eve. Looks can be deceiving, you know I could still snap you like a twig if I wanted to.”

Eve considered. “Mmm, but you don’t want to,” She said it so matter-of-factly it almost upset Villanelle. “You like being a bit of a softie.”

“You’re bullshitting.” A small grumble, the best protest she could muster until Eve brought a hand up to cradle Villanelle’s cheek, emulating the same energy from their first meeting after the incident in Paris.

Only this time, Villanelle gave in. She melted into the touch and allowed her eyes to slip shut while she nudged her cheek against Eve’s palm.

“See?” Eve broke the comfortable silence, causing Villanelle’s eyes to flick up. Her hand dropped from the woman’s cheek.

There was a pause as Villanelle tried to figure out how to get around this.

“I could still do some damage.” A weak rebuttal, but Villanelle was still stubborn as ever.

“I know you could, baby. But you won’t” Her reply was almost patronisingly at ease. Villanelle wasn’t used to people not being on their guard around her.

“Only because I’m feeling generous.” Villanelle’s lips were on Eve’s a second later. It started sweet and tender, but didn’t last that way for long.

Eve’s hands dragged over the supple skin of the girl on top of her and came to rest on her ass, simultaneously feeling idle fingers begin to trace up Eve’s stomach towards her chest.

Eve felt pressure, realising the hips resting on top had begun to rock down against her own. She pulled back.

“Will you leave this on?” Her voice was heavy and her words had a breathy afterthought. She nodded to the sweater before her hand swept down to the material covering her thigh. “These too.”

Eve received a nod before Villanelle stood. She grabbed one of their toys and a harness from their drawer and slipped them to Eve. She reached down to slide off her shorts and underwear while Eve got ready, climbing back onto the bed a moment later.

“You look so good.” Eve breathed, almost in disbelief, watching Villanelle return to her previous position on her hips. Her eyes remained trained on Villanelle’s expressions as she pressed the toy into herself, witnessing any rigidity in her face reducing to naught as her hips began to move.

Villanelle’s usual low, guttural moans were replaced with a succession of breathy sighs and high pitched whines. Her eyes were wide and innocent. The grinding of her hips was more muted than normal, not as vicious. Eve couldn’t tell if she was making up this change in character or not.

“Evie,” Villanelle sighed, eyes dropping shut as she felt that familiar pressure begin to build between her legs as she started moving, arousal bubbling in the pit of her stomach.

“Fuck.” Eve breathed, eyes fixed on the woman before her. She followed how her hips ground down against the toy, how her face contorted with pleasure, how the material stirred against her pale skin.

Eve could hear the whines and whimpers becoming more frequent, keeping pace with the steadily increasing speed of Villanelle’s hips. “Is it good, baby?”

Villanelle just nodded, nipping at her lower lip. She brought a hand, still clasped around the edge of the sleeve, up to her face, almost like she was trying to hide herself, while the other hand steadied on Eve’s stomach in order to balance her.

Her eyes opened and locked on Eve’s, feeling the subtle material brushing against the skin of her cheeks and her lips.

“Jesus, you look so good.” Eve sighed, taking in the image, trying to hold it for as long as she could. Just in case she couldn’t convince Villanelle this was a good look on her.

The eye contact broke as Villanelle’s head fell back, accompanied by a breathy sigh. Eve realised her hips were unsteadily jutting against the toy. She was close.

Eve reached a hand up to cup Villanelle’s cheek again, causing Villanelle’s to drop from her face. She tugged the woman forward to seal them together in a kiss, feeling a whine quiver against Eve’s lips as her hand dropped also.

When Eve pulled away, she pressed their foreheads together affectionately. She took a moment to just appreciate Villanelle. The way her mouth was slightly ajar to allow through the tight whines and husky sighs. How her face twisted with the steadily increasing pleasure. How pure and blameless her wide eyes were.

“Are you gonna cum for me baby?” Eve sighed quietly as she brought her hand back up to cradle Villanelle’s face, her thumb stroking lovingly over the smooth skin of her cheek.

Villanelle pulled back and nodded as she rocked her hips down harder, teetering right on the edge of her climax. Her head fell back again as she moaned, hopelessly grabbing at Eve’s shirt in order to give her some kind of leverage to ground herself.

“M’so close.” Villanelle whimpered, her grip on the material below tensing. She felt the familiar tightness between her legs as she sped up fractionally, but it was all she needed.

Villanelle let out a strangled moan as her muscles tensed and she felt herself come undone. The pleasure hit her in waves, each one stronger than the last, hitting every fibre of her being.

She arched forward in the throes of her pleasure to bury her face in Eve’s shoulder, feeling the other woman’s arms come up to wrap around her middle while she rocked out the last of her orgasm.

It took Villanelle a moment to gather her thoughts and catch her breath. She stilled her hips and moved off of Eve’s lap, collapsing down on the bed as Eve removed the harness.

Eve, now with a satisfied grin across her face, laid besides the woman and brought her into her arms. She felt a great fullness when she saw Villanelle curl up beside her instinctively and bury her face back into her chest.

“You alright there?” Eve hummed. It seemed pretty intense on Villanelle’s part.

A soft ‘mhmm’ was all she received back. A hand came up to stroke at Villanelle’s hair.

The room remained still for a few moment as the pair tried to collect their thoughts. Villanelle was the one to break the silence.

“I think I’m a bit keener on this outfit now.” Her voice was soft, a little drained. She was tired.

“Yeah?” Eve replied, the grin widening. “Well, I’m looking forward to sweater weather.”