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You Only Have So Much Time

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  Alright, Katsuki was gonna do it.

  He was gonna tell that damn Deku how he feels. It was perfect. It's night time and everyone is asleep, so there's no one to bother them. Plus, if Deku says no it'll give him enough time to buy an airplane ticket to somewhere far away.

  He did hear that France was nice this time of year.

  He knocked on the door. His hands were sweaty and he didn't think he could just excuse it as just his quirk this time. He wiped his hands off. When he went to knock again the door opened. "Kacchan?" Izuku said through a yawn.

  Oh yeah. It is pretty late. Even night owls like Deku sleep eventually. Maybe he should just wait till tomorrow?

  He dug his nails into his palms. No, he couldn't. Kirishima was right. They're heroes now. Every day is a gamble. You never know what fight will be your last. Which villain will be just too much for you. He bit his lip.

  "Deku I. . ." He looked at Deku. His head and arm were bandaged from a recent fight he had. Nothing was broken but it looked pretty bad. Knowing Deku he'd be the first one to get hurt in battle. Too self-sacrificing to worry about himself. He'd be the first to put himself in harm's way to save anyone. Wouldn't even think twice about how Katsuki or anyone else would feel. He'd leave the world just like that without knowing how Katsuki feels about him. . .




  "Kacchan are you okay? What's wrong?" Izuku's voice was panicked, Katsuki wouldn't have realized he was crying otherwise. He covered his eyes. The tears just wouldn't stop. Deku dying. Not being able to ever see this dumb, wonderful nerd again. It was too much for him. He couldn't help himself.

  He walked into him and let Deku wrap his arms around him. "Kacchan?" It was soft but Katsuki could hear the confusion in his voice. "Stop being so reckless, you damn nerd," His voice cracked.

  If he was any less distressed he'd scold himself for sounding so weak but he couldn't help it. The thought of never feeling this warmth again, never feeling Izuku's arms around him, was too much to bear. He could feel Izuku stiffen slightly surprised before he tightened his hold on Katsuki. "You're right, I'm sorry Kacchan," His voice was gentle and calming. It didn't calm Katsuki down completely but it gave him some ground to start doing it himself as he took deep broken breaths. Katsuki felt secure in his arms. This wasn't what Katsuki had come here for but maybe this was important too, in its own way.


  Hopefully, he’d have tomorrow to try again.