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My Soul-Mate's a High Schooler?!

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It's the start of a new day, the morning has risen in the town of Vale. And this is the first day of the new school year at Beacon High School, students catching up with old friends from over summer break. Teachers dreading their break is over and have to deal with the animals who enter their classroom. There is much more excitement and buzz this year however as this year there is a new teacher, which usually doesn't generate any attention. This teacher however is completely different from any other teacher Beacon High has ever had, and that's because she is neither human, nor faunus, but a vampire teaching 'Vampires 101.'

The reason for this is ten years prior vampires had revealed themselves to the world, when the ancient leader of the undead who is known only as Salem, revealed herself and the existence of vampires publicly. There of course were mixed reactions to this around the globe, some people accepted them, however others didn't. Fortunately though no conflicts had arisen since the vampires wished only for donated blood and to live peacefully with humans and faunus. Laws were passed for how vampires, humans, and faunus should interact with each other and rights given to vampires as well so they wouldn't be mistreated.

Outside of having the laws for protection of both humans and vampires, the undead people also didn't want to have the world living in fear of them and had decided on educating the world about themselves. So during this time educators and vampires came together to compile everything known about vampires, including history, anatomy and biology, defense against any who broke the law, and the importance of a vampire and their soul-mate. And after years of compiling the information and deciding what will be taught to the next generation, this was the year to finally begin teaching about the undead beings sharing the world with humans and faunus. It was also agreed upon between the leaders of nations and Salem that vampires will be teaching these classes, however they will be accompanied by a special officer known as 'Hunters' who are to make sure the students are safe as well as being sure the vampire teachers are safe as well.

And this morning, around forty students began to file into the classroom to begin their new class. It was a room blocking out any sunlight with the windows recently taken out and the holes bricked up. Once inside the students students were chatting with one another all of them curious of their newest teacher. Soon the door opened and in stepped a woman wearing a business suit and what looked to be a mixture of high heels and a combat boot. She seemed to be armed with a pistol holstered on one hip and some sort of rod strapped to the other. All of the students immediately took interest in the woman before who had long curly almost messy looking raven hair, red eyes, and a stern look on her face.

"Good morning class, and before you ask, no I am not the vampire who will be teaching you, and yes I do know I have red eyes" this earned a chuckle or two from the students. "I am an assistant to the teacher and I am also the Hunter assigned to this class. I am to be sure no harm comes to you and no harm comes to the teacher herself. You all may call me Mrs. Raven, Mrs. Branwen-Rose, or Mrs. Branwen" the woman introduced herself.

"Now please I will ask all of you to please keep calm and do not worry. Ms. Fall is not going to do any harm to you all and she is not a monster. She is an almost living being" she told the class earning a few more chuckles. "Now class do not bring any silver into this classroom and it may not be fatal to Ms. Fall or vampires in general, garlic actually does cause an allergic reaction to vampires so please refrain from eating any at school. Also any religious iconography is just fine if any of you keep crosses around your neck or wear any religious garments. Vampires are not affected by them whatsoever" the red eyed woman finished looking around the class.

"Now I'll finish there and please keep questions to a minimum for now since most of them are more than likely to be answered. Let me bring in your teacher now" with that Raven stepped out of the room and the class began to murmur and talk to one another wondering what their new teacher would be like.

All eyes however came to the door as it opened once more with Raven holding it open, and in stepped a woman who wore what seemed to be a black helmet with a black visor on her head and a black suit top and a long black skirt underneath. She also wore some gloves as well showing none of her skin. She moved to her desk and pulled her jacket off revealing a red button up top, and pulled the gloves off of her hands to reveal she had pale almost white colored skin. The boys began to almost drool as they saw her shapely form even in the button up top and long skirt that showed no skin. Then finally the helmet was pulled off of her head as the woman shook her head to let her long ashen colored hair shake free down just past her shoulders and opened her crimson colored eyes looking to the class. The class of young teenagers was mesmerized and some of them even gasped as the woman grinned smiling warmly showing she indeed have fangs as vampires usually do.

"Good morning class, I am your teacher Ms. Cinder Fall. And I will be your gateway to the world of the undead" she chuckled getting nervous looks from the students. "Welcome to Vampires 101."

After school has let out...

For the vampire teacher this was a successful first day. This day wasn't about teaching really but mostly about introductions, and helping students to see not all vampires are evil. Luckily most students were mostly shocked, awed, or a little afraid but no incidents occurred. Most classes students mostly asked questions about Cinder, such as how old she was, did she actually drink blood, and general questions about vampires. Most of it was myth-busting from what the students had seen in some form of entertainment about vampires. It also helped that Raven was there to help keep things under control acting as a second authoritative figure in the class room other than Cinder herself. Cinder also had years of practice, literally hundreds, to make sure she can talk in a calming, caring, and almost sweet manner to keep humans, and faunus, calm even if they do know what she is.

"Well I gotta say I think this first day went pretty well Cinder" Raven said as she stood to gather her own belongings.

"I'm glad you think so as well Raven. Most of the students once they get over their shock should come around to see I am not a threat to them. Maybe a monster yes, but not a threat" the red eyed woman chuckled at the vampire.

"And I'm still gonna make sure nothing happens to these kids either. You as well of course" Raven smirked teasing the woman. Cinder just chuckled rolling her eyes as she packed her bag.

"Come now Raven, you've known me over the past year and you know I mean those students no harm" the undead woman assured the Hunter.

It was true though, the two of them had known each other for a year now. During the time when vampires came together with educators of the world they made sure that whoever was designated as a teacher would work with and get to know whoever the assigned Hunter was to be with them. It was mostly a professional relationship but at least it got them used to one another. The occasional meal with other educators, Hunters, or vampires in general but nothing beyond that.

"Yeah we have, but you know I gotta be extra careful since my daughters will be joining the class tomorrow. You know gotta be that protective momma bear" Raven chuckled, but crimson eyes just blinked looking somewhat surprised at Raven.

"Is that so? I'll finally get to meet your daughters, the 'little trouble makers with hearts of gold' as you called them" the vampire crossed her arms with a smirk. Raven chuckled for a moment before looking slightly sullen, something Cinder caught.

"Well, one of them is still a troublemaker" Cinder raised an eyebrow hearing this wondering what Raven meant. "Anyways you'll meet them both tomorrow I believe" Cinder just nodded at Raven as the other woman gathered her things. "Anyways I'll see you tomorrow all right Cinder?"

"All right Raven, take care and tell your family I said hello" Cinder smiled and waved as the black haired woman left the room waving back to Cinder. The undead teacher sighed out as she knew during this time of year the sun would be up still so she redressed in the gloves, helmet and coat so she could step outside into the evening and head on home. She would report in the morning to the school of how the students reacted to her and the class in general and even have said students fill out a survey of how everything went for their previous class. Things were honestly smooth with little to no hiccups. So Cinder hopped into her car, a red Honda Civic, and drives off towards her home.

After about a fifteen minute drive Cinder arrived home to unpack and relax for the evening. Her house was an unassuming rancher style home. Small, quaint and meant for one maybe two people. The vampire's windows were of course blocked by blinds that let no sunlight in. And the inside was clean and well kept. Not to the extent an OCD person might go to, but clean enough for the vampire. She owned the necessities most humans had, and even kept up with what humans used to connect with the world and entertain themselves such as her laptop, android smartphone, and smart TV. She even had a Playstation 4 finding enjoyment in some of the video games humans played so much, and of course had Wifi with high speed internet. Yes she was over three hundred years old, but she could learn to adapt with the times and enjoy what humans create. After all her kind were looking to live peacefully with humans and how else to relate than to have fun with what entertained them?

Cinder however decided to relax with some music and writing in a personal journal for how her day went. She had pulled out a bottle from the fridge, one of several that had blood filling them. She sat back opening her laptop and took a sip of the literal life nectar from the bottle as she began to write about her day. Her writings didn't last long however as she received a video call as she wrote. So she paused and answered seeing a pale white face with black veins and bright red eyes with black sclera, and long flowing white hair and a smile on her face.

"Hello Madam Salem and how are you this fine evening?" Cinder smiled to the leader of vampire kind.

"I am doing all right, and my daughter you are allowed to call me mother if you so wish. After all I did turn you and this isn't some formal environment" the red eyed woman smiled.

Cinder rolled her crimson eyes as she heard Salem. "Yes mother" Cinder then smirked herself. "I see you've begun to get adjusted to the newer technology quite well. Even video called me and everything I'm impressed."

"Of course I've picked it right up, I'm over a thousand years old and I can learn more about this internet and the wayfee humans use so much to stay connected" Salem smiled triumphantly. However Cinder had known the woman for hundreds of years, and she knew Salem wasn't the best with new technology.

"You had someone set up this call for you didn't you?" Cinder asked. Salem's triumphant expression quickly deflated and she sighed out.

"I...might have had a lot of help..." she admitted looking sheepishly. Cinder couldn't help but giggle at the ancient vampire that even seemed to pout. For most people it seemed like a glare but Cinder knew how to read the vampire. "instead of me amusing you with my...short comings, tell me how did your first day with the mortal students go?"

"Careful, that term might become offensive" Cinder joked. "For the most part things went well. Most students were either shocked, scared, in awe, or a mixture of the three. Having Raven there helped ease the students to my presence and kept them calm" Cinder informed the leader. "There was one group of boys that I recall though who gave me the evil eye the whole time they were in class. However they also seemed to glare at any faunus as well in the room."

"So a group of racists then, should I be worried for your safety daughter?" she questioned raising an eyebrow.

"Don't worry, you know I can protect myself and I have help from Raven" Cinder assured the other immortal.

"Of course daughter. I shan't bother you longer Cinder, I just wished to check in with you and I hope you will continue to represent us in a positive light" Cinder nodded to her surrogate mother.

"I'll do my best, have a good night...mother" the teacher waved to the elder immortal.

"Goodnight my daughter" Salem waved before Cinder ended the call, figuring it would have been easier on her end. "Now, back to writing about the day" Cinder then went back to her journal as she continued writing once more.

Raven had arrived home to the Branwen-Rose household. She walked inside the brightly lit home and smiled as she smelled food being cooked in the kitchen. She walked through the living room and saw sitting on the couch her blonde-haired 17 year-old daughter Yang wearing a tank-top and short-shorts and was on her laptop typing away, knowing she was either chatting to some of her friends, or was looking up parts for her motorcycle. Sitting in front of her was her younger 15 year-old daughter Ruby, a book in hand as she quietly read wearing her read hoodie with her hood over her head and a pair of black jeans.

"Hey mom" Yang looked up and waved with a smile.

"H-Hi mom..." Ruby quietly said looking up from her book.

"Hey girls" she said before walking over kissing both of their heads. "Momma in the kitchen? And did you two already set the table?" she asked raising an eyebrow.

"Yup, you can say we're way a-hand of you" Yang smirked holding up her hands. Ruby did the same with a smile. Raven couldn't help but chuckle and roll her eyes.

"Well I'm gonna check on your momma" Raven then turned to the kitchen, walking past the table seeing they already had set the table as they said. She nodded in approval before looking to the kitchen seeing Summer finishing up making the meal. She wore a blue t-shirt and blue jeans with white apron. Since she was facing away from herself Raven snuck behind her wrapping her arms around her. "Hello my wonderful Rose" Raven whispered into her ear.

Summer squeaked out in surprise then turned to her wife with a pouting face. "You startled me..." the black haired woman couldn't help but chuckle as she kissed her on the lips, the pout fading just a little.

"I can honestly say I wasn't trying to be sneaky. I even said hi to the kids already, I'm surprised you didn't hear me" the taller woman smirked.

"Hey I can't help that I was focused on making you and our family a delicious meal with all my love an care" the dark red haired woman crossed her arms puffing her cheeks. "You just decided to be mean and sneak up on your poor defenseless wifey" Summer puffed out her cheeks as she opened one eye looking to Raven then closed it again.

Raven just chuckled and kissed her puffed out cheek making it deflate. "Sorry, I'll make sure to announce my grand entrance for you next time" Summer then turned to her and opened her eyes. Looking into Raven's and wishing she could stay mad but sighed out in defeat.

"Oh fine...just because you're so cute..." she leaned up kissing Raven who gladly kissed back before turning back to the food.

"YOU TWO ARE SO GAY!" Yang called out from the living room.

"Damn right we are firecracker!" Raven called back with a smirk. Then she looked back to Summer with a concerned look. "How's Ruby doing?"

Summer sighed out as she finished making the meal of baked ziti, salad, and garlic bread. "Ruby seems all right. I talked to her and she seemed a little hesitant but thinks she's ready to go back to school" she smiled to Raven, though there was look of sadness and concern in her own eyes. "And at least it helps she is in a new school and both you and Yang will be there, so she seems more comforted knowing that" Raven nodded as she grabbed the ziti dish taking it to the table as Summer brought the bread and salad.

"Girls dinner!" Summer called out as Ruby and Yang came to join them. The four of them blessed the food before they began to serve their plates and began to eat. Ruby looked to Yang, and Yang nodded as the youngest daughter looked to Raven.

"M-Mom um...I um...was just wondering... if the... vampire was... nice...?" Ruby asked looking up with a little concern and she could even see signs of fear in her eyes. Raven felt pangs of guilt in her heart and fully understood why Ruby looked scared and ave her the best reassuring smile.

"Yes Ruby. Ms. Fall, who I've been working with the past year, seems very nice. She only wishes to teach you all that vampires aren't all evil like media depicts them as and wants nothing more than to teach you all about her people" Raven smiled as she gently touched her daughters hand who nodded to her.

"Kinda like the faunus wanting to be treated equal and us learning about them when we were younger, right Ruby?" Yang jumped in helping her mom out, earning a nod from Ruby.

"Hey, I'm gonna be at the school as well as Yang. No one is gonna hurt you while we are there, all right silver-bug?" Ruby nodded to her mother earning a smile from the older woman. Then they went back to their food as the family ate their dinner together. Mostly in silence with the occasional small talk about their days.

Afterwards they cleaned their plates and the dishes before they all went back to the living to relax and watch a couple episodes of a show on Netflix. Yang was right back on her laptop and Ruby had marked off her chapter in her book before grabbing one of her Caverns and Monsters game books reading through it. Raven and Summer sat together on the couch leaning against one another as they watched the television. Once the evening was getting to a close, the parents made sure the two of them had all their things for school ready.

"And you both have your pencils, pens, markers, highlighters, calculators, and all the other stuff ready from the list?" Raven asked as Yang and Ruby brought out their backpacks showing they indeed had the listed materials.

"Yup! We're ready to start this year with a Yang!" her eldest daughter grinned making Raven roll her eyes.

"Well I think the two of them are ready my sweet bird, don't you think?" Summer looked to her wife who gave a nod of approval. "All right you two get yourselves ready for bed, you both have big days tomorrow" Summer opened her arms and Both Yang and Ruby moved in hugging their mom. Yang standing a little taller than Summer, and Ruby just slightly shorter. She kissed both of their heads as the two of them went off to get ready for bed. The two daughters finished getting ready for bed and said their goodnights to their mothers before retiring to their rooms.

Raven and Summer had finished preparing for bed as well and lay together in bed leaning towards Raven. Raven was going to pull out a book to read, but noticed a concerned look on Summer's face.

"Hey, what is it my Rose?" Raven leaned over wrapping an arm around her pulling her close.

"I'm just...are we moving Ruby back into school too fast?" Summer asked looking up to her wife. "I know we've had her out for over half a year it too soon? Even with the school transfer?" she looked up worriedly to her wife.

"Hey's all right. Ruby was the one who said she wanted to go back... she's strong" Raven kissed her head pulling her wife closer. She could hear her wife sniffling though and even felt the tears rolling down onto her chest.

"I know she's strong but...what if there's another monster in that school? What if there's someone who wants to hurt Yang too? What if-" Summer was cut off by a kiss and looked right into Raven's assuring eyes.

"Summer...I will never let Ruby be hurt again. And I won't let Yang be hurt either" she assured her wife as tears rolled down her cheeks. Summer just nodded as she leaned into her wife's chest. Silently crying and sniffling as Raven whispered sweet nothings into her ear, easing her wife to sleep before falling asleep herself.

It was early morning, probably around 5 a.m, as Cinder arrived to the school. Since Cinder doesn't really need sleep she doesn't mind coming in early to avoid the sunlight. She still carries her helmet, gloves, and jacket in of course to be sure if she does need to go out into the sun she can be ready. The doors are already open as well since most teachers arrive early to prepare for the day with their lessons and lectures. The vampire needing to do so as well as she heads to her classroom making sure the projector and slideshow she made for the first day of actual learning is prepared. She also took a few sips of blood from her bottle and made sure to hide it in a drawer not wanting to drink it in front of students alarming them. She also had the survery's ready on the students desks so they could voice who she did and if they felt safe in the classroom.

Once she was prepared she took a moment to relax at her desk and once she did her colleague Raven Branwen-Rose stepped into the door as well.

"Good morning Cinder" she said to her with a tired smile.

"Good morning Raven, everything all right?" she asked raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah, just was up with the wife talking and making sure the girls were ready for today. I hear their in your class first so you'll get to meet them pretty soon" Cinder smiled at the news and nodded.

"I see, up early making sure they were ready then? And I'm glad to hear that" she smiled. Sure they mostly had a professional relationship but Cinder would love to meet her friend's daughters. After all she was quite curious to see what the children are like of the mostly stoic woman.

The two of them sat and made idle conversation as Raven armed herself and had her own materials for the class ready. Once 6 a.m hit the bell rang and the students slowly began to filter into the class room. They had about ten minutes before the bells rang again to signify if they were late.

Cinder sat at her desk saying good morning and being pleasant to students who entered the room. Some saying good morning, others just waving still unsure how to feel. The vampire teacher noticed two empty seats and that the ten minutes were almost up, she looked to the class noticing that all of the students she met before were there. She looked over to Raven raising an eyebrow.

"Raven are your daughters coming?" The vampire questioned.

"They better be..." the black haired woman glared to the door.

Just before the bell rang two young women ran in, a blonde in a brown top and jeans and a young girl with short dark red hair wearing a red hoodie and black jeans. Cinder froze as she saw the younger looking girl, eyes slightly widening.

"Made it before the bell! Score one for the sisters!" Yang turned to fist bump her sister who did so lightly with a smile. Yang and Ruby's cheer however was short loved as the two of them looked to their mother who had a stern look.

"Great, now that you two aren't late take your seats" Raven smirked as the two of them quickly made it to their seats.

The vampiric teacher however stood frozen. Watching Ruby as she took her seat next to her sister in the front row, eyes still slightly widened. She felt it. That undeniable pull to the girl in front of her. The one that told her that the girl before her is the most precious and most coveted treasure Cinder would ever come across and would do anything to protect and keep her safe. The youngest daughter of Raven Branwen-Rose the Hunter, who Cinder remembered being named Ruby Rose, was her soul-mate. During this time as Cinder looked to Ruby two things went through her mind.

"My a high schooler..."

Cinder then gulped as she turned to look at Raven, her mouth throat becoming dry as she watched Raven raised an eyebrow.

"And my colleague is gonna kill me..."