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Not your baby... but call me your baby bunny

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Third person p.o.v

Jungkook doesn't like to lie when he says he doesn't like to be babied by the older because he really does. But these few months it seems as if they're treating him like he's an actual toddler. Yoongi always holds jungkooks hand when they're out so the youngest doesn't get lost. Jimin and taehyung always play with him but not video games no, they bring out coloring books and use namjoons and hobis figurines to play with. Seokjin always cuts his food whenever it seemed like it was too big for jungkook to put in his mouth and helping jungkook dress up for the day or dress up in his pj's for "sleepy time" which is what seokjin calls it. Hoseok always has the youngest sit in his lap and bathe with him at night. And of all people namjoon always accompanied the youngest to the restroom even when they're home.

Jungkook was getting really sick of it now. He doesn't when the babying started to grow but he wanted it to stop before his hyungs embarrass him in public for everyone to witness.

Right now the group had just finished a recording session and jungkook has never felt so tied before in his life. Plopping down on the couch once they got to their backstage room jungkook felt a pair of hands massage his scalp. "Aww jungkookie you look so tired~! You did such a good job today~!" Jin cooed messing up the boys hair causing him to scowl and slap his hyungs hand away. "Maybe you shouldn't practice so hard next time. You didn't even get a chance to sleep because you stayed all night at the dance studio." Namjoon spoke as one of the staff members were fanning him and blotting away the sweat. Jungkook shook his head. "If I hadn't stayed up I would have failed today-" "nuh-uh jungkookie, your health is more important and you missed sleepy time too so you should take some time to rest right now." Jimin cut jungkook off and waggle his finger. "B-but I-" "Yah jungkook-ah just go to sleep. One of us will carry you to the car okay?" Taehyung hummed plopping down right next to jungkook pulling the younger boy down so that his head was resting in his lap. Jungkook really wasn't tired but he felt his eyes growing heavy and before he knew it he was already fast asleep.

"Aww look he actually fell alseep~"

"Hey taehyung put his thumb in his mouth I wanna take picture~!"

That was all jungkook heard before drifting off to sleep.


Jungkook groggily woke up struggling to open his eyes. He was laying on the couch in the living room with his thumb shockingly still in his mouth which he didn't pull out. The others were sitting around him watching t.v. it seemed like some type of movie was playing that jungkook had never seen before. "Aww look who's awake~ did you have a good nap baby~?" Hoseok cooed as he softly patted the makanes head. Jungkook slowly nodded as he let out a yawn pulling his thumb out. The others Aw'ed at how adorablely innocent he looked still sleepy. "Jin-hyung just finished dinner. Let's go kookie upsy daisy~" jimin sung as he grabbed the youngests hands walking him to the kitchen sitting him down on a chair. Jungkook looked down at his plate almost scoffing at the sight of his steak already cut up into bite size pieces and he had.....a sippy cup?!?! Jungkook rolled his eyes grabbing the cup holding it into the air.

"What the hell is this?!?" "Well you tend to spill your drink alot so this is much more helpful to keep you from making a mess" Jin spoke staring nonchalantly at the makane who was glaring at them. "Why can't I have a normal cup or at least one with a lid and a straw?!?" "Yah it's not that big of a deal hush up and open wide" yoongi scolded as he held up a fork with a piece of steak on it. Jungkook huffed and frowned before he slowly opened his mouth blushing as yoongi fed him. "Awww~" jungkook growled "oh shut up!" "Hey! Jungkook you know better than to talk back like that!" "But hyung all of this is getting out of hand-" "ah not another word. Once yoongi helps you finish your dinner you're going straight to bed after you bathe with hobi and that's final!" Jin scolded holding up his finger wiggling it in the air.

Jungkook couldn't believe it. They were acting like his parents when he was 6 years old. But he wasn't 6 anymore, the man is 21 for Pete's sake and he's here actually taking being babied like this.

Once jungkook allowed yoongi to feed him his entire plate hoseok did the unthinkable and carried the boy bridal style in his arms as he walked to the wash room. Jungkook started fussing but hoseok shushed him with a kiss on the tip of his nose. Setting jungkook down hoseok ran the bath water grabbing a little bucket and pulled out some bath toys like rubber duckies and a cute little toy boat with a sailor along with it. Jungkook noticed his pj's were already set out seeing them sitting on top of the marble counter by the sink. 

As the tub was filling hoseok helped jungkook strip off his clothes placing soft kisses all over the boys chest causing jungkook to become all flustered. "Heheh you're such a cute boy jungkookie! Such a good cute boy for hyung~!" Hoseok cooed patting the boys head before he turned off the bath water picking up the makane and slowly setting him inside before he stripped off his clothes and climbed in behind the youngest.

The bath was a bit more...weirder than usual. Normally hoseok would let jungkook wash his hair but this time hoseok was doing all the work by washing and rinsing his hair. Jungkook was hoping that hobi would at least let him wash his own body but once he lathered up the lofa in body wash and began washing the boys torso jungkook knew the worst was about to come. Hoseok was rubbing the lofa in circular motions around the boys chest slowly washing down to the worst part jungkook never thought his hyung would wash. He could feel the lofa brushing up against his soft member causing him to squirm in embarrassment. "Aww jungkookie your little willy is so cute~" jungkooks eyes widened as his face turned a hot flushed bright red. "H-HYUNG! Jungkook flinched as he struggled to get out of the tub but hoseok pulled him back. "Hey stop you're splashing water everywhere!" Hoseoks hand pressed down roughly against jungkooks little member causing the younger to let out a small shakey moan. Hoseok noticed and wiggled his eyesbrows. "Oh did that feel good kookie~?" He hummed as he slowly stroked his free hand up and down jungkooks hardening member. Jungkook let out a small groan as he squirmed in hoseoks grasp. Hoseok pumped his hand faster every second feeling the makane buck his hips against his hand.

Right before jungkook was about to reach his orgasm hoseok pulled his hand away and pulled the plug to drain out the water. Jungkook let out a loud whine as hoseok pulled the youngest out of the tub and began crying him clean ignoring the fact that he stil has a boner. After getting all dressed up in his pj's and sent off to his bedroom he heard his hyungs talking outside.

"Oh my god you guys would not believe what happened while in the tub~!"

"What happened?"

"Okay so I was washing jungkooks body and he was trying to get out but while I was holding him back my hand slipped against his cute little willy and he let out the most adorable moan ever~!"

"Okay from now on jungkook is bathing with namjoon"

"Jin-hyung no!"

Jungkook let out a sigh as he layed down on his bed closing his eyes. Until all of a sudden a pounding headache appeared out of no where. He clutched the sides of his head letting out small tiny whimpers. He got up and walked to the restroom taking some pain killers and going back to bed. 2 hours later and the pain hasn't gone away at all. The pain started spreading down throughout his entire body now and he could find it so hard and painful to move.

So jungkook ended up falling asleep due to crying so much from the pain.


Jungkook woke up whining from small sharp stinging sensation in his head but the pain died down. Sitting up jungkook let out a yelp feeling a sharp pain on his bum. He reached behind grabbing ahold of something really soft and fluffy. He yanked it and gasped at the sudden pain and strange arousal that shot through his body.

His eyes widened as he yanked a agian and the same feeling happened. He shot up and ran to the bathroom and almost passed out from the sight.

A pair of white fluffy bunny ears stood tall on his head while the right side was a little bit floppy not sitting up right like the left ear. He turned around seeing a fluffy bunny tail sitting atop of his butt cheeks.

Jungkook started breathing a bit to quickly as he tried to calm down. How could this happen? Is he dreaming? He tugged the bunny ears feeling a sharp pain and confirmed it was indeed real. How could he just have bunny ears and a tail all of a sudden? This shouldn't be possible but here he is.

A fucking bunny.

Jungkook blinked feeling a strange wetness between his legs. Reaching down and swiping his fingers between his thighs he cringed at the sticky wetness. This wasn't pee so what was it? Too distracted with the sticky wetness between his legs jungkook flinched heaving the bathroom door open seeing taehyung standing in the doorway with wide eyes.




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Third person p.o.v

Jungkook stood in the bathroom startled by taehyungs sudden yell. "Tae-hyung no!" Jungkook whined but the others came running down the hallway. Jin peeked in shocked at the bunny ears that stood straight up. "Ah jungkookie where did you get those? You look so adorable~" jin hummed as he reached up and stroked the ears causing jungkook to let out a soft moan. Jins eyes widened as he pulled his hand away "uh....okay that's....odd...." he muttered as jimin pushed passed him grabbing jungkook by the shoulders and turning him around. "Oh my god! Jungkookie are you a hybrid~!?!" jimin asked as he squeezed the makanes fluffy tail watching as he squirmed in strange arousal before jimin yanked his pajama pants down staring in awe at jungkooks slick covered thighs. "Oh my god I think I'm hard" "okay that's enough" namjoon spoke up grabbing jimin before he could continue to molest the new bunny "hybrid".

Jungkook stared at the others confused. "What? I-I'm a what? I don't wanna be a bunny! Hyung make it go away!" Jungkook whined grabbing hold of jins broad shoulders as tears began to fall from his big doe eyes. "Aww jungkookie I don't think we can. Come here, we'll go to the kitchen and tell you all about it" jin cooed leading the youngest to the kitchen and carefuly sitting him down with a chair that was covered with a towel.

As jin started preparing breakfast with yoongi namjoon pulled out a laptop and started speaking. "Okay jungkook there are several types of hybrids but the most common ones are from the mammal house, for example you have the felines that consist of lions, tigers and Jaguars. The most common mammal hybrid is usually a house breed cat. The most rare hybrid happens to be a rabbit." Namjoon turns the laptop showing jungkook yhe website he was reading off from. "Now there are some important things you should know. Now bunnies are known to get extremely uh..."busy" most of the time which is why they have so many little baby bunnies. Your stamina and testosterone are gonna sky rocket meaning-" jimin butted in "you're gonna be really horny and humping everything in the house until you get fucked-" "THANK YOU FOR THAT JIMIN." Namjoon coughed. "Basically what jimin said. You're also gonna be producing self lubricant called "slick"  you can't stop it because you're going to be in a constant state of arousal so we're gonna have to find something to hell with that. I don't think we should use meds I've heard from past friends it ruins the hybrids cycles." Jungkooks ears twitched as he cocked his head to the side. "Cycles?" Namjoon nodded. "Yes cycles. Once a month for 5-7 days you're going to experience a thing called a cycle, also called a heat. Usually in the animal world it's the female that experiences this but hybrids, specifically bunny hybrids, experience heats no matter the gender." Hoseok plopped down with his plate with waffels covered in berries and syrup. "But doesn't that mean his body would be getting ready to have babies?" Namjoon nodded as everyone stared at him. "Whoa hold up. So you're tell me. That this-" yoongi pointed at jungkook "this boy who just became a hybrid bunny....will have a heat every he can give birth to babies?" Namjoon nodded again. "We could get him fixed but I don't think he would like that very much." Jungkook quickly shook his head.

"So once we have the chance we need to get him some supplies." Taehyung cocked his head to the side. "What type of sup-" jimin chuckled "He means the sex toys tae-tae. Dildos, cock rings, butt plugs, vibrators. All that good stuff that jungkookie will be using soon~" jimin teased watching jungkooks face twist in horror while licking his lips. "Okay that's enough. We can talk about this later but for now time to eat~!" Jin sung placing down everyones plates. Jungkook had to ask him to help feed him because he couldn't keep his hands away from his legs.

Once breakfast was over namjoon got an email from Pd-nim saying their schedual has been cleared for the week due to uncertain problems so namjoon gathered the hyungs to go on a shopping trip to get all the things jungkooks needs leaving the poor makane alone with perverted jimin and handsie taehyung.

The bunny was sitting on the couch between his two hyungs feeling their stares burning into his soul. Jimin ran his hand up and down jungkooks thigh watching the boy tense up at the sudden touch. Taehyung was softly stroking the bunny's ear's while humming a certian tune from their recent album. "You know kookie this might not be all that bad. You look so cute like this you know~?" Jimin purred reaching down and gripping the makanes floofy tail causing him to let out a small moan. "Oh hoseokie-hyung was right~! Your moans are so cute~" taehyung cooed leaning down pressing kisses against the crook of jungkooks neck. His ears twitched imitating his small cock standing erect between his legs.

"M-mmm~ hyungs- st-stop-Ah!" Jungkook let out a loud whine as jimin lifted the boy up so that he was standing high on his knees. He swiped two fingers between the two round butt cheeks collecting a glob of slick. Bringing it to his lips jimin licked across the tips of his fingers. "Oh wow kookie your slick tastes good!" Taehyung beamed up "oh it does? Lemme have a taste~!"taehyung grabbed jungkooks ass spreading his cheeks apart and leaned in pressing his tounge flat against the boys pink fluttering hole licking stripes up and down tasting the slick. "Ah! Hyung! St-stop!" Jungkook threw his head back feeling himself clench around nothing as tae was sitting behind him eating his ass out. Jimin chuckled stroking the bunny's erect cock causing the makane to shiver in pleasure. "You like that don't you~? You're gonna love it once hyung puts his finger in your tight greedy bunny hole-" "YOU GET YOUR HANDS OFF HIM RIGHT NOW OR YOU'RE GOING TO GET A SPANKING OF A LIFE TIME" jin bursted in as he quickly pulled jungkook away from the 2 other makanes who frowned and let out whines. "We trusted you to watch jungkook not fucking molest the poor boy!" Yoongi scolded as namjoon walked in placing the bags down and pulled out a couple of items before walking to the living room where jin was holding jungkook away from the two sly sneaky makanes sitting across from them "okay here are the most important items you need 24/7" namjoon held up a butt plug that didn't look like a butt plug at all when jimin pointed it out. "It may not look like one but this plug was specifically made for hybrids that produce slick." The end of the plug had a glass pink heart for grasp and the other side was almost shaped like a cup. "It helps from making a mess and I think this is better than a normal butt plug. You will however have to pull it out and clean it every now and then. If you want you can also just use a normal plug" namjoon held up a glass butt plug with a pink rose at the end. Namjoon held up a vibrating cock ring. "This cock ring is to keep you from certian uh...'accidents'. It'll bother you for a while but you'll get used to it certian." Jungkook stared at the items holding back his complaints. 

".....I don't wanna...." jin huffed tapping the boys head "jungkookie if you don't you're going to be a horny mess and that will be a complete mess. Now do as hyung says and stay still!" Jin scolded as he held jungkook still pushing him on his back lifting his legs and ass high up in the air. Jungkooks eyes widened as he face flushed a bright red. "H-HYUNG D-AHHH!!!" Jungkook let out a loud moan this time as jin pushed in the cup like butt plug. Jungkook could hear groaning as he peeked over seeing the others gather around watching as his greedy hole swallowed up the plug with no problem. "Holy shit hyung we can fuck him right?" Jimin asked biting his bottom lips. Namjoon shook his head. "No we cannot. If we do it's going to mess up his cycle. If he needs us to we can use a couple of the dildos and vibrators we got later but not until jungkook adapts to this it must be so much for him to take in" namjoon spoke as jin slipped on the cock rin watching jungkook let out a whine of arousal.

After sitting jungkook back up hoseok suddenly spoke up. " can still give him handjobs right?"

"Hobi shut up" 

"But hyung you have to see the way he squirms when I jerk him off-"



Jungkook was finding it extremely hard to keep himself from not touching his cock. He would jerk off whenever he was alone but the cock ring wouldn't allow him to cum. Until jimin found the bunny masturbating in his room and happily offered to help in the most lewd way possible.

Jimim locked the door to the room and sat on the bed pushing jungkooks legs back to his head with his ass high up in the air. Grabbing the end of the plug a pulled out the plug watching the slick spill out dripping down the bunny's ass. Jimin immediately dug in pushing his tounge in the boys asshole swirling his tounge around while using his free hand playing with the youngers balls. Jungkook squirmed around letting out mewls and moans of pleasure. Jimin smirked pulling his mouth away with a loud pop before he moved up sucking on one of the makanes balls while he pushed in 2 fingers fucking the boys ass. "AH! H-HYUNG DON-T!!  OH GOD~!" jungkook let out a loud whine startling the others outside. Jimins cursed as he added in another finger sucking the boys balls faster before he pulled away. "Awww you're so loud jungkookie you bad boy. Hurry and cum quickly before jin-hyung comes in~!" Jungkook groaned feeling a tingly sensation at the tip of his dick. He was about to have a dry orgasm and it was gonna hit him hard.

"Yes that's it. Cum for me baby~ cum for hyung~ you like it when I fuck you with my fingers? Bet you would look so pretty wrapped around my cock dripping slick all over~" and jungkook came as his body started to spaz out of control as slick gushed oiy soaking his little bunny tail.





Chapter Text

Third person p.o.v

Its already been 2 weeks and jungkook wasn't having any fun at all. His hyungs have been clinging to him like crazy insisting crazy ideas like jungkook dress up in a cute pink frilly dress that hoseok had bought him so they can take pictures or trying to feed jungkook some milk from a baby bottle but they have managed to successfully give jungkook a pacifier that he unconsciously sucks on without even knowing he had it in his mouth to begin with.

Right now jungkook was feeling much more flustered and horny than usual. He was sitting outside on the couch alone since hoseok, yoongi and namjoon were at the studio producing a new song and jin was out having lunch eith Bang-pd nim leaving the poor bunny alone with jimin and taehyung who were no where to be found yet which made jungkook worry a bit. But he could only focus on finger his hole and jerking off his tiny cock. He was letting out breathy moans knowing his fingers weren't hitting the spot he needed.

Quickly jumping off the couch jungkook ran his way over to namjoons room and rummaged through his dresser finding one of namjoons favorite comb and sweater laying on the ground. Jungkook threw off his large T-shirt and put on namjoons oversized sweater and crawled on his bed immediately pushed the end of the comb in his gaping hole. The sweater smelled like namjoons sweat and forest scented cologne and jungkooks was getting more turned on by the second. He found himself thrusting up against the comb as slick began to drip down between his thighs while his cock flopped around. 

"Mm~! Namjoonie-hyung~ oh god yes~ urg f-feels so good~ yeah~ YEAH RIGHT THERE! RIGHT THERE--I'M GONNA CUM~!!YES- YES- AHHHH I'M CUMMING~!!!"

Jungkook let out a loud high pitched moan as he came all over the bed sheets as slick squirted out of his asshole as he pulled the comb out. Jungkook fumbled as he stood up and yanked the bedsheets off quickly running rushing to put them in the washing machine before namjoon came back.

And so jungkook continue doing this for the next 3 days completely unaware that 2 sneaky little devils had been recording jungkooks masturbation session for a little bit of blackmail later on the next day~


Right when jungkook had found himself alone in the afternoon he went to namjoons room to do the usual but was shocked to see jimin and taehyung sitting on the bed with smug looks on their faces. "Hi there jungkookie~ is there a reason you came to namjoons room?" Jimin asked in a low voice eyeing the bunny up and down seeing that he wasn't wearing any shorts and just a large black T-shirt. "U-uh....I could say the same for you two." Taehyung chuckled at jungkooks snarky remark. "We're in here because we know about your little jerk off sessions~" jungkooks eyes widened as his face flushed a bright red as his bunny ears drooped down. "I...I...please don't tell namjoon-!" Jimin held up his phone showing jungkook the recording of himself fucking namjoons comb into his filthy hole. "Why tell him when we can just show him~ If he sees this he might give you a punishment~" jimin teased as he stood up walking over to the makane who was staring down at the floor.

Jungkook felt himself growing smaller not knowing what to do now. "But we won't show him if you agree to one thing we ask of you" taehyung hummed standing up walking over behind the poor bunny wrapping his arms around the youngers waist. "W-what is it?" Taehyung and jimkn smirked as the looked at each other before looking back at the makane. 

"We want you to fuck us"

Jungkook felt his dick and ears twitch at the sentence and he was sure the 2 noticed as well when the chuckled at his reaction. "W-why do you want me to-" "because kookie! Bunnies are known to be the fastest fuckers in the world! And since you're a bunny hybrid I bet you can fuck more faster than that one time we heard hoseokie-hyung banging jin-hyung in his bedroom when we came back from bowling that night!" Jungkook cringed remembering how fast and loud the creaks of the bed sounded while jin begged for hoseok to fuck him as fast as he can. Jungkook always wanted to fuck jimin and taehyung before and jimim did have a point about jungkook probably being able to fuck them at an impossibly fast pace.

Jungkook swallowed and nodded his head. "O-okay I'll do it" jimin smiled and pulled the younger to the bed smashing their lips together while taehyung was stripping his clothes off grinding up against jungkooks bare thigh. "Fuck jungkookie you're so fucking wet~" taehyung purred thrusting in 3 fingers in the bunny's hole watching him throw his head back letting out loud mewls of pleasure. Jimin purred licking and sucking on the boys nipples as he reached down jerking jungkooks cock as he struggled to take his own clothes off. Taehyung pulled his dripping wet slick covered fingers out bringing them to jimins lips watching him suck his fingers clean. "Fuck baby bunny you taste so sweet. Can't wait to have you fuck my ass like the wild animal you are~" jimin purred grinding up rubbing his dick up against jungkooks. Taehyung leaned forward rubbing his erect cock between jungkooks two ass cheeks. "Why don't you get jiminie all nice and ready for you with your mouth yeah baby~?" Jungkook nodded as he shuffled down licking a long stripe down jimins chest, stomach, pelvis sucking roughly on his hyungs cock letting out lewd sounds before moving down to jimins hole placing his tounge flat against the rim licking up and down before pushing his tounge deep inside. Jimin let out a loud moan reaching down pulling on jungkooks bunny ear casing the younger to let out a loud yelp of pain and pleasure as he ate out the elders plush ripe ass. 

Taehyung was furiously jerking off grabbing jungkooks bunny tail watching as he flinched and let out a pleased moan. Running his hand over the boys ass he placed a well firm smack watching the boys ass jiggle as slick dripped down his ass like a waterfall.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck oH my GOD! AH FUCK~~! JUNGKOOKIE YOUR TOUNGE FEELS SO GOOD! FUCK YES~~~! YOU DIRTY BOY~! you like eating out your hyungs ass uh~? Fuck you fucking slut~" jimin moaned pushing jungkooks face deeper between his ass before yanking his face away sitting up pressing his lips against the makanes. "Spit in my mouth" jimin demanded grabbing the back of jungkooks neck. The bunny let out a moan gathering up saliva before spitting into jimins mouth who moaned at the action as the 2 sloppily made out before jimin laid back down spreading his legs open reaching up grabbing his thighs pushing his legs back further. "Fuck me already jungkookie~ put your cock inside me and fuck me as fast as you can~".

Jungkook wasted no time grabbing the base of his cock and slammed his way in causing jimin to let out a loud yell of pleasure as jungkook quickly snapped his hips back and forth. The bed creaking and moving against the floor that one could swear the bed would break and fall beneath the floor. 

Taehyung watched the jungkook fuck jimin while fingering his hole thinking about how much jungkook looked like a real bunny with how quickly he was moving his hips. "O-oh my god! Tae! He's fucking me so quickly! C-cum! Oh my god! I'M ALREADY GONNA CUM DON'T YOU DARE FUCKING STOP! YES! OH MY GOD YES RIGHT THERE! C-CUMMING- I'M CUMMING!!!" jimin moaned out loud as he shot out strings of thick globy cum onto his stomach as jungkook roughly gripped his hips filling his hyungs hole up with a ridiculous amount of his bunny semen. Jimins body spazzed as jungkook pulled out watching his own cum spurt out of jimins ass. "Oh. My. God. That felt amazing" jimin spoke in a breathy tone. "Me next jk! Me next WHOA--- HEY WAIT I'M NOT FULLY PREPPED- AHHHHHH~!!!" Taehyung howled out as jungkook pounced onto him already fucking his way inside taes tight hole.

Jungkook let out whimpers and moans feeling taehyung clenching around him. Jungkook grabbed taehyungs legs pushing them all the way back where his knees where by both sides of his head as jungkook slammed his cock in and out, his balls slapping against taehyungs ass cheeks causing them to slightly jiggle while slick continued to drip down his hole. Jimin managed to catch his breath and rubbed his cock to were it was fully erect again. He stood up on his knees crawling over behind jungkook and slammed his cock inside the bunny causing the makane to let out a shocked Yelp.

All 3 of them were now in a messy wet fuck fest. Jungkook groaned as he leaned more forward slamming into taehyungs prostate while they exchanged kisses and spit. "Oh my god! Too fast! TOO FAST JUNGKOOK! YES! YES RIGHT THERE! CUMMING, I'M CUMMING YEEEEEEES!" Taehyung moaned out loudly shooting out thick ribbons of hot white cum onto his chest as jungkook thrusted his hips a couple more times before filling taehyung up to the point where a small bump was forming making taehyung look like he was 1 month pregnant. Jimin hissed as he filled the bunny up with his own cum snapping his hips forward.

The 3 Let out loud is panting noises before it came to their realization. They just had sex on namjoons bed getting it all wet with cum, sweat and slick. 






Down the hallway was hoseok who was laying one his bed with his dick hanging out of his shorts dripping with cum that was pooling on his stomach.


The others have came home seeing the jimin,taehyung and jungkook cuddling on the sofa fast asleep while a movie was playing on the t.v. the others cooed at the view but hoseok cursed.


He was really gonna make jungkook suffer the next time he finds the two alone~

Chapter Text

Third person p.o.v

Jungkook really thought that being able to hide his bunny ears and tail from the public and his fans would be easy but he thought oh so very wrong. Having to pin down his ears and place a hat on top and tucking in his tail in his pants were causing him great amount of discomfort that jungkook had to hold back tears. And of all days it just turns out today was their fansign.

Right now jungkook was sitting on his chair bouncing his leg up and down to try to make the pain go away as he greeted every fan. One fan had asked him why he was wearing a hat all of a sudden and jungkook told them that it was a surprise, which wasn't really a lie since his bunny ears were quite a surprise anyways. Trying to find another way to distract himself jungkook had chugged down 2 bottles of water not really paying attention to how much he had already been drinking. 

Right after the boys were done signing all albums and interacting with each and every of their fans they got up to do their thing which was mess sround and talk with the group and such. But jungkook wasn't having any fun at all. He finally started to regret drinking 2 bottles of water when he started to feel the pressure in his bladder grow. He could practically tell he was clenching around the special butt plug his hyungs had gotten him. He started bouncing around the small stage to keep him from making a accident which the fans feel for and called him cute saying how much he looked liked a bunny.

Oh if only they knew.

Jungkook was letting out small and tiny whimpers biting down on his bottom lip to keep himself from whining out loudly. Walking over to hoseok jungkook stood behind him resting his chin on top of his shoulder. What the bunny wasn't expecting was for hoseok to reach around behind and grab jungkooks tail through his pants causing the makane to let out a small choked moan. Hoseok reacted with a chuckle and pulled his hand away keeping an eye on the younger through out the rest of the fansign.

Once the event was over jungkook rushed over to the bathrooms only to find that they were closed for painting and redesigning purposes. Which mean jungkook had to hold it in to the car ride back to the dorm. However once in the car he threw the hat off and unpinned his bunny ears letting them spring up and twitch from being restrained for so long. "Awww poor baby~ it must have been hard to hide your ears like that~" hoseok cooed reaching over stroking the bunny's ears causing him to shiver in delight. The others nodded. "Yeah I'm surprised you weren't complaining about it either. You did such a good job today jungkookie" namjoon spoke softly patting the boys head causing the younger to blush. Jungkook just let out soft noises finding it hard to speak since he was focusing on trying not to piss his pants. 

Once the car made it to the dorm the boys shuffled out with jungkook running past them almost at the front doors before he forgot to get his phone. He cursed and ran back to the car, grab his phone and finally run his way back to the front doors and inside to the first restroom inside their dorm outside the hallway. Jungkook almost slipped when he saw hoseok standing outside the door to the bathroom staring at the makane smirking. "You need to use the bathroom gguk?" Jungkook quickly nodded his head causing his bunny ears to flop up and down. His legs were beginning to wobble from anticipation. The fact that he was right near the bathroom almost made his bladder burst right then and there. "Poor baby~ you look like you can't move~ you want hyungs help? Hmm?" Hoseok purred leaning down as the makane let out a loud whine falling to his knees. Jungkook was going to feel embarrassed if his hyung is going to help him pee but he would feel even more embarrassed if he peed himself in the middle of the hall so the makane nodded his head. Hoseok smiled grabbing the younger under his armpits and opened the door to the bathroom.

Hoseok helped the bunny unzip his pants and yank them down to his ankles along with his underwear. Holding the base of the shaft hoseok leaned forward resting his chin on the boys shoulder. "Go on bun-bun~ nothing to be ashamed of~ let it go baby~" feeling his hyungs hot breath against the nair of his neck made jungkook twitch in arousal. Finally after having to wait for so long jungkook got to release a long hot golden stream. His face was flushed a bright hot red as tears began to build in the corners of his eyes. "Look at you baby~ you're so pretty for hyung aren't you~" hoseok cooed sliding his free hand down behind jungkooks back to his tail roughly grabbing it while his other hand slowly jerked off the boys cock messing with him having to pee. "A-aah! Hy-hyung stop" jungkook whined feeling a sharp stinging sensation build in his abdomen as the flow was blocked off from hoseoks hand. Hoseok licked up and down the boys neck moaning at the sweet taste of his smooth supple skin. "Mmm baby you look so good~ I bet you'll feel even better when your nice tight bunny hole is being fucked by my cock. Would you like that baby~? You would wouldn't you? Wanna be stuffed full with my cock~?" Jungkook could feel himself growing hazy and hot that he couldn't even concentrate on wanting to pee or anything else anymore. He slowly nodded his head and the sound of a zipper opening and hoseoks hard cock slapping against his ass cheeks caught his attention. "Alrighty~! Upsy daisy~!" Hoseok sung grabbing jungkook by his thighs lifting up from the ground as he pulled the butt plug out letting the slick spill out onto the floor and jungkooks thighs.

Jungkook let out a choked moan feeling hoseok slowly push his dick inside the bunny's dripping hole. Loud squelching sounds flooded the room as hoseok thrusted his hips back and forth. Drool was dripping from the bunny's mouth as he looked down at his dick flopping between his legs and throbbing a painful bright red. "Ah~ hy-hyung~ feels weird! Feels really weird~" hoseok looked at the younger with half kidded eyes and moaned resting the boys left leg on the sink as he reached over in front running his fingers over the boys slit causing jungkook to buck his hips forward and twitch uncontrollably in pleasure. "It feels good doesn't it baby~ you like when hyung fucks you like this uh~" hoseok hummed as he snapped his hips with more force as more slick began to drip down his pelvis staining his jeans. "Fuck you're so tight around my cock~ you're practically swallowing me in~" hoseok moaned as he started fucking the bunny at a faster pace. Jungkook arched his back feeling small dribbles of pee drip down the slit of his member. His eyes widened, "AH! H-hyung it's gonna come out! M-my pee it-it's gonna come out-" jungkook sobbed feeling his eyes roll to the back of his head his he spurted out a stream of piss. His cock twitched painfully as the piss stream calmed down while hoseok was continuing to fuck the poor bunny into overstimulation. Jungkooks eyes widened as his orgasm crashed down on him. His whole body twitch as strings of white goopy cum shot out landing on his legs and bathroom floor. He let out a long moan as hoseok snapped his hips a few more times before filling the younger with his hot thick semen.

Carefully placing the makane dowm hoseok let out a loud sigh and whipped the sweat off from his forehead. "Whew that was the best fuck I've ever had in my life! You're such a good boy jungkookie, such a good good boy~!" Hoseok sung squishing the boys cheeks. Jungkook responded with a drunken smile and let out a soft whine. " 'm sticky" hoseok looked at the mess the two had made and nodded. "Oh we're both sticky! We should take a shower, I'll clean up the mess while you shower okay bun-bun?" Hoseok spoke as jungkook nodded again.

While jungkook was taking a shower and hoseok was cleaning up the piss and cum mess on the floor the others were sitting outside in the living room having listened to the two's fuck fest inside the bathroom.

".....well at least hobi hyung won't complain about not giving jungkook a handjob anymore-"

"Jimin I swear to god-JUST SHUT UP!"


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Chapter Text

Third person p.o.v

A full 2 months has passed and jungkook felt like he was going on the brink of insanity. Being treated like he was a toddler and a pet at the same time was the worst thing anyone, even his worst enemy, should never experience. Having to be watched at all times, being bathed, getting his teeth brushed and hair done by his hyungs, getting dressed and being called so many feeble childish names was making jungkook starting to feel like he thought he was a literal child. He still hasn't gotten his heat yet which he is thankful for because he could only imagine the torture he would go through for a whole week with the sex demons.

Right now jungkook was extremely sore during dance practice but not from the dancing no. It was from being fucked 9 times in one day. He kept count about how many times he had sex with either of his hyungs and right now he was up to 25 and it was only Thursday. It hurt whenever jungkook lifted his leg and the slick collecting between his ass cheeks wasn't making it any better. Jungkook crouched down placing his hands on his knees to catch his breath right before a hand went to roughly grip his fluffy tail causing the poor bunny to flinch from a shock of uncomfortable pleasure. "Wha ggukie you did such a good job baby~ what a big boy you are such a good good boy yes you are~!" Jin sung while scratching the boys ears. Normally jungkook would smile and lean into the touch while thanking him but he was so tired that he didn't really care at this point. "Hmm..." jungkook hummed and plopped down to the floor cringing at a hard clanking sound. "HYUNG! can I please take this stupid thing off??? Its so annoying and it hurts!" Namjoon shook his head."its the doctors orders that you have to wear it."

(Flash back to last week)

"Hey jungkook come over here baby we have something to talk about~!"jungkook got up from his spot after trying to jerk off and cun for the 4th time that day. He didn't bother hiding his erection since he wore a large shirt that draped over it outlining the bunny cock. He plopped down on the couch looking up at 12 eyes staring down at him in disappointment. " many times have you touched your little bunny cock this week?" Yoongk asked with his arms crossed. "Only twice" jungkook spoke innocently cocking his head to the side. "Jungkook. Tell the truth" nmajoon spoke up with a serious look on his face. Jungkook frowned and looked down as his bunny ears drooped down. "About 13 so far" he heard a little 'tsk, tsk'. "Okay jungkook we went to the doctor and he said that the more you jerk that tiny bunny cock of yours that you're gonna ruin your health since you're still part human. He recommended that we get you this to help" jimin spoke up and held out a box that showed a rather odd looking picture at the front. It looked like some type of pink metallic colored was a cock cage. Jungkooks eyss widened and he shook his head. "Oh no way! No hyung I'm not gonna do that!" The makanes face flushed bright red. "Aw come on gguk it's to help you!" Tae spoke up as he sat down next to the bunny wrapping his arm around jungkooks shoulder with his boxy smile. "It might not feel comfortable for a couple of days or weeks but we promise it will help" hoseok spoke up next as he grabbed the box and pulled out the cage. "Okay ggukie pull up your shirt and- HEY GET BACK HERE!" 

Jungkook hopped off the couch and immediately dashed to his room and locked the door. He went to hide under his bed watching as his hyung ran over to his door and started banging begging for jungkook to open the door. "COME ON KOOKIE DON'T MAKE THIS HARDER FOR YOURSELF!" "YEAH GGUK IT WILL HELP WE PROMISE!" But jungkook knew it won't help one bit. The cage would make him even more spastic and more sexual active and horny. If he has to keep it on while he's on his heat he knows it will be a complete hell soon. "NO! YOU'RE LYING!" Jungkook yelled back. Soon the sound of keys jingling caught jungkooks attention and soon the door was pushed open and pairs of hands were reaching under the bed trying to pull jungkook out.

Jungkook let out loud whines and quickly crawled out the bed and ran out to the living room before he was grabbed by a pair of hands that carried him to the couch. Jimin had managed to grab the makane and keep him in a strong hold. Jungkook let out loud whines while kicking his legs around. "Come on kookie it won't be that bad I promise" Jin hummed as he crouched down holding the cock cage. "NO! NO I DON'T WANT TO!" jungkook yelled out as fat tears spilt down his cheeks as he hiccuped. "Aww don't cry baby it won't be for too long we swear. Just for a little while" Jin hummed cupping jungkooks cheek. "F-for how long then?" Jin looked at namjoon and then back to the poor bunny. "The doctor said about 3 months prior to your heat which will come up 2 months from now." Jungkooks eyss widened "y-you mean th-th-that I have to wear it wh-when my heat comes?!?" He yelled as more fears fell from his eyes and snot dripped from his nose. The others cooed at the sight and went to sit and calm their makane down. "I know baby it'll be hard for you but your hyungs will be here for you okay? We promise?" Jungkook sniffed as tae, hoseok and jimin were covering him in kisses. "P-promise?" Jin smiled and nodded pressing a kiss against the bunny's nose. "I promise baby" jungkook sniffled and nodded slowly. "O-okay...I'll wear it."


Jungkook regrets agreeing to wearing this stupid thing. It was heavy, cold, uncomfortable and he could hear the sounds it made whenever he moved. he felt like crying everytime he remembered that the cage was there. Not only was the cage bothering him but since the butt plug cup wasn't working jin decided to just put two plugs inside the bunny's gaping hole. Namjoon shook his head and crouched down patting the makanes head. "Sorry gguk but you remember what we said. You have to wear it for 3 months and during your heat. Don't worry I'm sure it will go by quickly."

'I highly fucking doubt that' jungkook thought as he huffed and crossed his arms across his chest puffing his cheeks up. "Aww such a cutie baby~!" Jimin sung reaching down to pinch jungkooks chubby cheeks. Jungkook let out a whine and swatted jimins hand away. "Don't start acting all bratty now kookie or you'll get a spanking once we get back to the dorm" Jin scolded and jungkook was quick to apologize. His ass was so sore that he wouldn't be able to handle a spanking.


Once the boys reached the dorm jungkook slowly waddled his way to his room. He opened the door and closed it before walking over to his bed and stripping his clothes off. He carefully laid down on his bed trying to get as comfortable as he can with the cage and his sore ass and thighs. Tears began to pool in the corner of his eyes. He was so uncomfortable that he couldn't even nap anymore. 

He reached behind and grabbed one of the plugs and slowly pulled it out sobbing at the painful yet pleasurable sensation. He cringed at the wetness that began to seep out from his hole dripping down his inner thighs. He grabbed the other plug and slowly pulled out before there was a sudden loud kick at the door causing the poor exhausted bunny to thrust the plug forward hitting his prostate. Jungkook squeezed his eyes shut as a suddenly strong orgasm crashed down onto him. His whole body spazzed and whines fell from his mouth. "W-who is it?" The bunny called out. "I know you're tired but I need to bathe you before dinner!" Namjoon called out from behind the door. Jungkook let out a groan and roughly pulled out the plug from his fluttering hole bringing the toy to his lips and licking the slick clean off.

After a nice bath and painful drying of the bunny ears and tail, and a nice dinner jungkook got dressed in a pair of light pink colored cooky pj's. Of course taehyung would dress him up in his own bt21 characters clothes. Jungkook couldn't bring himself to care anymore but he still found himself being completely horny. He laid down on his bed pulling his pants down sticking his ass up in the air. He reached behind immediately thrusting in 3 of his fingers inside his leaking bunny hole. He found himself thrusting up against his fingers knowing that he won't be able to cum when namjoon secretly slipped a cock ring on the makanes cock while he wasn't paying attention.

Jungkook let out small whines feeling the tip of his fingers brush up against his prostate. He knows that he won't be able to cum so he gave up at this point pulling his slick covered fingers out and bringing them to his lips. He licked and sucked his fingers clean of his wet mess. Jungkook sighed laying his head down on the bed.

He wanted all of this to go away. He was tired of being a bunny he wanted to go back to being normal. He missed his abs and muscles. He looked small...much more smaller than jimin which bothered him alot.

Jungkook sobbed as he held back the tears.

"I don't wanna be a bunny forever~ I just wanna be normal again. I want everything to go back to the way things were~"

And the with that the bunny went to sleep as tears fell down his cheeks staining the pillows.

Another stressful day.

Another day as a bunny boy.

And jungkook was bound to snap.




Chapter Text

Third person p.o.v.

Today was Monday. It has been exactly 3 months ever since jungkook lived his life as a bunny hybrid. And today marked his very first heat after a whole week of having signs of hormonal problems and pre-heats. His hyungs were very excited about that but jungkook wasn't looking forward to it after they came back from their visit to the doctor who explained to them how to deal with heats. Jungkook has started producing an obscene amount of slick and his poor trapped cock was throbbing every hour on the dot. He could see pre-cum dribble from the slit. Jungkook wanted to jerk off so badly but the stupid cock cage was preventing him from doing so.

Right now jungkook locked himself in his room trapping himself from his hyungs trying to touch him. He knew that they just wanted to help him through his first process of his heat but jungkook didn't their help. He just wanted to be left alone for the whole week. Alone by himself where he could cry from utter frustration of not being able to cum and being much to hot even with the fan on. He was laying on his bed rutting up against one of his pillows as slick gushed out of his little pink hole. Jungkook let's out needy small moans to keep from his hyungs from hearing how desperate he is. 

Running his hands up and down his body jungkook played with his soft pink nipples letting out a soft mewl at how sensitive they are. That was when jungkook noticed a strange white liquid leaking from one of his perk tits. Was he....producing milk? Jungkooks face flushed a bright red as tears began pooling in the corner of his eyes. The doctor never mentioned anything about producing milk. What was jungkook supposed to do? He was literally producing milk from his tits. What are the others gonna say if they find out? God jungkook would be humiliated.

Pulling his hands away from his nipples jungkook balanced himself on the mattress bouncing up against the edge of the pillow that barely pressed up inside his rim. Jungkook let out whine of frustration as he plopped down on the bed panting. No matter what he does he can't reach his climax and jungkook was on the verge of crying his poor eyes out until he heard a soft jingling sound. One of his bunny ears perked as the door to his room slowly opened and closed as the sound of the lock clicked. Jungkook looked up to see jimin and hoseok standing in front of the door with their arms crossed.

Jungkook grabbed his blanket and threw it over his body. "What are you doing in here? I told you I don't want your help!" He yelled as his lips quivered. "Aww don't be such a sour puss jungkookie~ we could hear you outside the door whining so loudly~" jimin teased as he walked over to the bed sitting down on the corner of the mattress. Jungkook noticed the two had enormous erections and he could feel his mouth water at the sight. "It took us a while to find the keys jin-hyung hid but once we found them and the others left we finally thought we could have some fun with each other~!" Hoseok sung as he plopped down on the bed grabbing hold of the blanket yanking it off the bunny's body causing jungkook to flinch and shiver. "Look at you baby~ your tiny little cock is just asking to be touched. I bet you're so frustrated uh~?" Jimin hummed as he scooted closer placing his hands on both sides of jungkooks shoulder rubbing his cheek up against the makanes.

Jungkook shook his head and tried to shove the two away but once their hands touched his body jungkook could feel himself melting right away. His mind was telling him no but his body was begging to be fucked silly. Jungkook let out a tiny whine as hoseok pressed kisses against the crook of his neck licking and sucking the youngers skin. Jimin licked the side of jungkooks lips moving all the way down to his nipples.

'Oh no. They're gonna find out about-'

"Oh jungkookie are you producing milk?"

Jungkook felt himself shrink when jimin spoke up. "Fuck that's so hot. Look at these nice dripping wet nipples. Fuck you're so pretty for hyung~" jimin moaned as he flicked his tounge back and forth over the sensitive nipple catching the small droplets of milk that fell from the duct. Jungkook let out a yelp of pleasure as jimin sucked and bit down on the perk rose buds. It didn't take long before hoseok began to suck on the other nipple sending strong waves of pleasure running through jungkooks core. "H-HYUNGS~!" Jungkook threw his head back, drool dripping down his chin. The others sucked taking in the shockingly sweet milk, drinking it all up savoring the taste. Jungkook reached up placing his hands behind his hyungs head softly stroking their hair. 

He couldn't believe it.

Jeon jungkook. The makane of BTS.

A bunny hybrid.

Was breastfeeding his two hyungs and is actually enjoying it. It was actually kind of calming as the two suckled sweetly on his sensitive nips.

Oh and now it was not so calming anymore once jimin pulled away pushing jungkook onto his back. Hoseok grabbed both his legs and pushed them back spreading them apart. Jimin let out a soft seductive chuckle as he ran his hands over jungkooks ass, squeezing his bunny tail before running the tips of his fingers over jungkooks balls feeling him tense up. "Hehe kookie you're so fuxking cute. God I wanna fuck you till all you can say is my name~" jimin purred leaning down licking a long stripe over one of jungkooks balls. Hoseok pulled away from jungkooks other nipple and joined jimin licking down from jungkooks inner thigh towards his balls. Hoseok stuck his tounge out flicking it over the one of the bunny's balls before taking one fully into mouth sucking harshly. Jungkook let out a loud moan as jimim and hoseok were sucking his balls ignoring his pleas. "H-HYUNGS DON'T! PL-PLEASE STOP~!" Tears were falling from jungkooks eyes. The amount of pleasure he was receiving was starting to become too much for him to handle. 

Jimin let out small moans as he sucked roughly while smacking the bunny's ass listening to his desperate moans and whines. Hoseok leaned more towards jimins lips, the two shared a sloppy kiss, saliva dripping from the corner of their mouths before jimin pulled away and smiled while licking his lips. "Do you think he's really ready for it hyung?" Hoseok hummed and looked down at jungkook who was looking up at him confused by the questions that jimin had asked. "Hmm...well he is leaking alot of slick but I'll stretch him first and you can join in when I deam him stretched enough okay?" Jimin nodded as he helped hoseok strip off his shirt, pants and boxers as hoseok helped him after.

Jungkook was a bit scared as hoseok grabbed him by under his pits lifting him up from his spot. Hoseok laid down on his back ignoring the cold wet spots jungkook left. He sat the makane on top of him grabbing the base of his cock aligning jungkooks hole. "Get ready to ride hyung baby~" hoseok hummed. Before jungkook could ask a question hoseok grabbed him roughly by his hips and slammed him down onto his raging hard cock. Jungkook let out a loud howl as he was fucked by hoseoks cock. He found himself unconsciously bouncing up and down while holding himself up with both his hand on hoseoks firm chest. Jungkook let out breathy moans and pants feeling his caged dick flop up against his stomach reminding him that no matter how hard he fucked himself against hobi-hyungs dick that he can't cum with the cage on. Hoseok started to thrust up in time with jungkooks movements cursing at the seeping wetness of the bunny's tight hole that clenched around his member. "Fuck, fuck, fuck gguk you're clenching around me feels so fucking amazing~ god you're so cute~" hoseok moaned sticking two fingers in the makanes mouth watching as he sucked and swirled his tounge around the digits. Jimim sat behind them furiously jerking off watching jungkooks ass bounce against hoseoks pelvis. He watched as hobis balls smacked against jungkooks perk ass which was such a turn on fo red him.

"Hyung please tell me he's ready"

"fuck- I think so. Hurry up and join the fun~"

"hehe gladly~"

"w-wait what are you gonna do-ah- ahhhhHHHHHHH JIMIN HYUNG NOOOOOO!"

Jungkooks eyes widened as jimin pushed the head of his cock inside his already stuffed hole groaning at the sudden warmth and tightness as his cocked rubbed up roughly against hobis. The two began thrusting at a fast pace giving jungkook no time to adjust to the feeling of having two dicks inside his hole at once. Jungkook could feel his eyes rolling to the back of his head from the sudden amount of pleasure his poor little abused hole was receiving. Jungkook found himself bouncing up against both of his hyungs cocks feeling the tips brush up against the bundle of nerves. Jungkook felt like he could explode and shoot out thick hot white loads of cum but alas his cock can only throb and dribble small amounts of pre-cum. 


Hoseok shook his head as he continues his thrusting. Squelching sounds echoing through out the room as jungkook kept pushing out large amounts of slick that leaked down his inner thighs like two waterfalls. "You have to keep it on until the doc says you can take it off okay baby~?" Jungkook whined as he pressed up against hoseoks chest feeling his stomach being stuffed full of delicious cock. "A-ah~ oh shit hyung I cant hold it anymore. I need him to take my load. And I think you know what I mean~" jimin purred as he pulled out of jungkooks hole causing hoseoks cock to slip out. Jimin bit down on his lips as he watched jungkooks hole flutter open, clenching around nothing. Jimin stood up and yanked jungkook by his arms sitting him down on his knees. Jimin grabbed the base of his shaft and began to furiously jerk off rubbing the tip of his cock against the bunny's lips. "Open your pretty mouth kookie~" jungkook hesitated before he opened his mouth sticking his tounge out. Hoseok got up and kneeled down holding jungkooks head in place as jimin slowly thrusted his cock in his mouth while he jerked the rest of the base. "Gonna cum in your mouth okay baby~? When I do don't swallow okay?" Jungkook nodded as jimin slapped the tip of his cock against his tounge.

After a few more jerks jimin spurted out nice salt thick loads of cum into jungkooks mouth thrusting his cock deep inside as he let out a low groan. "Fuuuuuck yes~ what a good little obedient baby~ now why don't you suck off hoseokie-hyung now hmm~?" Jimin purred as he immediately kneeled down turning the makane around facing hoseoks cock that was standing proudly erect glistening from jungkooks slick. "Go on baby~ take it fully in your mouth~". Hoseok grabbed jungkooks hair forcing his lips open thrusting his cock in and out of his wet cavern. Jungkook reached down pawing at the cock cage so fucking desperate to cum. Jungkook sucked his cock swirling his tounge around as jimins cum began to dribble from the corners of his mouth. "Fuck imma cum~ gonna blow my load kookie~ f-fuck jimin hold him still" hoseok hissed as he pulled himself out of jungkooks mouth and jerked his cock off. Jimin did as told holding jungkooks head still as hoseok spurt his surprisingly large amount of cum into the youngers mouth and all over his face. The thick semen splatter all over jungkooks cheeks and lips.

Jimin let out a moan as he leaned forward licking jungkooks cheek. "My god hyung you came a fuck ton~ lemme have a taste gguk~" jimin purred smashing his lips together against the makanes. Slipping his tounge inside the two exchanged pools of spit, slick and cum while letting out slutty moans. Jimin moaned a bit louder tasting his own chem mixed with hoseoks was probably the best thing he ever tasted from jungkooks mouth. Their tounges pressed roughly against each other as saliva and semem dripped down their chins. Jimin pulled away and swallowed as jungkook did the same.

"Well that was amazing! So how bout a bath~?"



(6 hours later)

Jungkook was now crying into his freshly cleaned pillows clutching them tightly after being fucked by the other for 5 hours straight. His entire body hurt and his cock was starting to feel so painful. He was still hot and horny but it just hurt so much and it seemed like his hyungs don't care about how jungkook feels. They just only wanna fuck him until they cum. Dress him up in ridiculous outfits. Baby him day and night. 

He was nothing but a sex toy to them now.

Jungkook bit back a sob. He was just so tired. He wanted all of it to go away. He just wants to be able to hang out with his hyungs again without then telling him how utterly adorable he looks today or how he should always ask for one of them to come with him if he had to use the bathroom.

He just wants it all to end already.

Jungkook passed out from crying to himself so much last night from the ridiculous amounts of pain and headaches he had.

The pains stayed.

Until the very next day.


Jungkook let out a soft whine groaning at the soreness that ran all over his body. He reached up and scratched his head feeling a certian something missing.


"That's strange...where are they?"

Chapter Text

Third person p.o.v.

Jungkook felt his heart start to beat quickly in his chest. Where were his ears? He reached behind to feel around his butt for a fluffy bunny tail. No tail either. A smile appeared on his face. He still felt a bit of wetness between his legs so maybe...just maybe...his hybrid self was starting to degenerate? Jungkook hopped off his bed and out the room to the kitchen where jin was washing leftover dishes from last night along with some help from hoseok.

"HYUNGS~! My ears and tail are gone!"

Jin snaked down a pan in the sink and snapped his head around, eyes filled with shock. "WHAT?!? H-HOW?!?" Jungkook shrugged his shoulders and chuckled. "I don't really know." Jin hummed looking down at the youngers legs seeing a bit of slick drip down his thighs. "NAMJOON GET OVER HERE!" Jin yelled as he lead jungkook over to the couch in the living room. Namjoon ran out almost slipping as he stumbled his way into the living room breathing heavily. "What happened?!?is jungkook hurt? Did he stick the remote up his ass again-" "NO NAMJOON LOOK!" Hoseok yelled pointing over at the makane who stared at namjoon with his big doe eyes. Namjoon stared placing a finger to his chin. "Well that is rather questionable...should we take him to the specialist?" Jin shook his head. "We have no time today we should try to call him instead."

Jungkook cocked his head as he was pushed back to his room as the others were called outside. He was a bit confused as to why so he quietly opened the door and tip toed down the hall stopping at the corner listening in on their conversation.

"So the specialist said that this is a rare type of common effect. It usually happens to people who undergo a great amount of stress to the point where they convert to a hybrid. In jungkooks case it's called a 'reverse-hybrid conversion' he was under an even greater amount of stress that when he was in heat his body couldn't handle it and it went away. Now he's still in pre-heat because the effect takes a couple of days to go away." Namjoon explained. The others stared down at the floor trying to understand what he explained. "So....jungkookie turned into a bunny because of stress?" Taehyung asked fiddling with his fingers. Namjoon nodded and crossed his arms. Jungkook let out a soft sigh and walked back to his room thankful that it was all over.

However he didn't stay long enough to hear the rest of the conversation.

There was a short amount of silence before jimin spoke up. "But...I really liked bunny kookie...he was so cute and adorable and needy" the others nodded in agreement. "I prefer bunny jungkook then normal to be a bit honest too" yoongi muttered biting his nails. Namjoon let out a soft hum before jin spoke up. "You said he's still in pre-heat right? So...why don't we just...I don't know...but and bother him to the point where he reverts back to being a bunny?" The others stared at jin with wide eyes. "He was annoyed by us anyways before this happened so if we just do whatever we do that annoys him there's a really good chance he'll revert back~!" Jin sung and clapped his hands together. Namjoon shrugged and leaned back against the couch. "It's worth a shot I guess" "yay! We're getting bunny gguk back~!" Hoseok sung as he pulled jimin and taehyung in for a hug.

Blinded by their own selfish desires the hyungs set their plans in action for their poor poor makane.

(DAY 1)

Jungkook woke up hearing a shuffle sound along with loud clanks and thuds. Jungkook shot up seeing jin and yoongi standing at the door to jungkooks bathroom. "W-what are you-" "oh good morning jungkook. Or should I say afternoon" jin spoke pointing to the clock on the nightstand by the bed. "It's 1 in the afternoon what were you doing that you slept for so long?" Jungkook shrugged and scratched the back of his head. "Well it's been a long time ever since I was bunny that I had a decent-" "yeah, yeah that's good or whatever but we're changing the lock on your door" jungkooks eyes widened. "WHY?!?" "hey no yelling mister! And it's because you take really longe showers so this way we can walk in incase we need to. Yoongi, namjoon and I know where the key is so you can lock it but we can unlock it at anytime needed."

Jungkook let out a huff as he slowly got up out of bed. He walked out to the kitchen and opened the fridge to grab some banana milk but...there wasn't any left. He was sure there were 6 left yesterday before he had one during before he went to bed. A sudden slurpping sound caught his attention. Whipping his head around he sees taehyung and jin slurpping on now empty boxes of banana milk with the other cartons crushed and empty covering the floor. "What do you think you're doing?!?" Jimin huffed pulling the straw out his mouth. "Ya! Jungkook you always have so much milk and never share it with us. These were sitting in the fridge for days taking up space so we drank them" jimin spoke in a nonchalant matter. Jungkook glared as taehyung nodded his head. "Yeah you can always get more later." "Don't you mean that YOU should be getting me more later?" The two hyungs laughed. "You're a big boy you can buy your own. Come on tae-tae let's go play some games in your room" jimin hummed and hopped of his seat walking away. Taehyung nodded and followed behind "oh and could you clean up our mess? Haha thanks!"

Jungkook felt his breathing start to become intense. This wasn't his mess so why should he even clean it up? "Ya! Jungkook clean up your mess. You're not the only one who lives here you know" hoseok spoke up as he walked by.

Jungkook was seriously annoyed.

(DAY 4)

Jungkook was currently sitting on the couch watching some oldie movie he never heard of before. He checked his phone seeing that it was almost 11 p.m. He got up from his spot and stretched before walking over to his room to take a shower and get in early for bed. He grabbed a large t-shirt, a pair of shorts and clean boxers and paused. Was there....someone in his restroom? Taking a shower? Jungkook placed his clothes down and started banging on the door. "HEY! who's in there?!?" "WHAT??? Oh sorry kookie the water in my room isn't working so I decided to use your shower instead." "Hoseok-hyung Why didn't you just use one of the others?!?" "Because theirs are too small and dirty. I'm almost done."

Jungkook let out a soft growl and plopped down on his bed waiting for hoseok to finish. 'Almost done my ass. It's already 35 minutes already when is he gonna finish?!.....I'm getting tired' jungkook thought staring up at the ceiling. His vision was getting blurry and before he knew it he fell fast asleep with out showering.

(DAY 9)

Jungkook felt like he was about to go insane. First the lock to his bathroom, jimin and tae drinking all his milk, hoseok hogging his shower and now all of them were getting on his nerves to the point like he felt he was on the brink of insanity. He was forced go go back to drinking from sippy cups and getting his own food cut for him again. This was completely embarrassing he thought his hyungs would understand that. But it was obvious that they didn't.

Right now they had just gotten back from dance practice about 2 hours ago and jungkook was beginning to regret chugging his entire water bottle because oh boy he really had to pee. Walking over to his room from the living room where the others were other than jimin who was taking a shower, jungkook opened the door to his room and waddles over to his bathroom and jiggled the door only to find it...locked? Jungkook cocked an eyebrow and jiggled the doorknob again finding that the door won't budge. He cursed and walked outside back to the living room. "Why is the door to my bathroom locked!" He yelled stomping his foot. The others turned. "Oh I forgot to tell you namjoon lost the key yesterday after you went to sleep." Jungkook let out a snarl. "WHAT?!?" "Yeah we're gonna have to go next week to get a new key." "Why can't you go tomorrow?!" "We have another dance practice and a meeting tomorrow afternoon. We can't" jin spoke in a calm matter. "...then let me use your bathroom then." "Haha sorry but no. I won't let anyone else other then myself to use my bathroom. Just wait for jimin to get out I'm sure he's almost done anyways." Jungkook glared at jin. "Why can't I use any of the others then?" "Look your bathroom may be clean but the inside of your shower isn't." "I don't even have to shower right now I just need to use the to-" "Ah! Even so you leave a mess. Just wait I'm sure you will last".

Jungkook couldn't believe what he was hearing. He stomped his foot and waddled back to his room as the others ignored him. Jungkook grabbed a screwdriver to try and force the door handle open but it didn't seem to work. He let out a frustrated whine as he walked to jimin and hoseoks room and knocked on the door. "Hyung are you almost done?" "Uh? Whhhhhy?" "Because the door to my bathroom is locked" "OH! Uh...yeah I'm almost done just gimme 5 minutes." Jungkook nodded and walked back to his room. He could wait 5 minutes.

But those 5 minutes turned to 25. And 25 turned into 40. And 40 turned into an hour and 30 minutes.

What was jimin doing that he was taking so long? Jungkook was stuck on his bed sitting with his legs crossed. He had to pee so badly it was to the point where he couldn't move and the painful stinging sensation I'm his abdomen grew more intense as every minute passed by. He doesn't know how much longer he can last like this. 'Why are hyungs being so mean to me? Was it something I did? Did I say something that I never meant to say? Do they hate me now? I just want to know why...' jungkook thought to himself as tears started forming at the corner of his eyes before the tears turned into two salty streams like waterfalls flowing down his cheeks. Jungkook was so sad and frustrated. He doesn't know how long he can last with his hyungs treating him like this. He then started to sob. He couldn't bare this treatment anymore. How can he'

Jungkook froze. His eyes widened as his breathing stopped. Why did he feel a warm wetness growing in between his legs. Jungkook started down in utter disbelief. He couldn't have held it in any longer. The pain in his abdomen was unbearable anymore. The tears started to flow drastically down his cheeks as he bit down on his bottom lip to fight back the hiccups he swallowed behind his throat. Whimpers and sniffles filled the room. The smell of urine was starting to sting jungkooks nose. He was so grossed out by himself, but it wasn't his fault the key to his bathroom was missing and jimin was taking longer than expected...right?

Jungkook ended up waiting another 15 minutes before jimin came to his door and told him that the bathroom was free but to stay quite because the others have went to bed. Jungkook thanked him and waited for jimin to walk back to his room. Jungkook slowly got up from his spot and gathered his bed sheets and blankets and pulled them off. He waddled his way quietly outside to the laundry room and dumped the sheets in the washer along with his now pee stained clothes. He waddled back to his room, grabbed his towel and wrapped it around his waist, grabbed his clothes and quickly ran over to jimin and hoseoks room to the bathroom. He hopped in the shower holding back his tears.

"Jimin, hobi is jungkook in the shower?"

"Yeah he shouldn't be able to hear us"

"Okay namjoon says just a few more days until jungkooks stress level kicks in and he should go back to being a hybrid again."

"Oh I'm so excited to see jungkook as a bunny again he was so adorable and cute!"

"Be quiet he might hear you! Anyways just keep doing things that annoy him. I'm going to bed."

"Okay. Night jin-hyung"

Jungkook stood still letting the warm water hit his skin. So they were doing all of this...just to get jungkook as a bunny again? They really didn't care about how he felt. His opinion didn't matter. All they wanted was the 'cute, and adorable bunny jungkook that they could fuck whenever they please'. If that's how they feel then jungkook doesn't want to deal with it anymore.

After his shower and drying off completely jungkook quickly walked back to his room and slipped on a plain white tee, a pair of baggy jeans, and his favorite converse. He opened his closet and pulled out a black bag that taehyung gave to him incase his military bag ever ripped. Shoving in some clothes, socks, a couple of snacks and 2 bottles of water jungkook quietly walked out of his room. He quietly sneaks down the stairs leaving a couple of papers on the kitchen table. He slowly opens the front door and closes it shut.

And he starts walking away.

He takes a look back with tears streaming down his face. "I'm sorry that I'm not good enough as myself for you hyungs."


"...goodbye forever."

Chapter Text

Third person p.o.v.

Jungkook sniffled as he walked down the side walk in the dark of night. His body felt all stiff and gross. The effects of the pre-heat hadn't gone fully down yet. He was still in pain but he continued walking anyways. The sun was rising up now which means the others will be waking up soon. He didn't know the exact time since he left his phone on his bed but judging by the sun rise he guessed it was near 6 or 7 in the morning.

He wonders what the others will do when they see he's not there. They probably won't even care and jist go on with their day complaining about how they missed bunny kookie.

Jungkook feels tears well up in his eyes as his vision started to get blurry. 

"I'm not good enough for them anyways."


Namjoon had just woken up from the sounds of jimin and hoseok complaining about hearing creepy noises again. They never seem to shut up about paranormal activity. Namjoon slowly got out of bed thinking about how jin was probably already up telling the two to knock it off and begging for yoongi to help him make the breakfast this time since namjoon burnt the cereal last time? How? Don't ask because nobody knows. Namjoon put on his slippers and walked out his room down to the kitchen. Bowls and plates where already set up as yoongi was seen flipping some pancakes and jin was working on the bacon and eggs while jimin, hoseok and taehyung where sitting at the table bickering about some new topic. Namjoon cocked his head to the side.

"Wheres jungkook?" Jimin shot up from his spot. "I heard him whining last night and he sounded like he was in pain so I think he might have turned back!" The others turned their attention to jimin and big smiles appeared on their faces as they dropped their things and ran on over to jungkooks room. Jin knocked on the door "Jungkookie? Baby are you feeling okay-" Jin opened the door eyes staring at jungkooks bed that was left empty. His phone sitting a too of his blankets. The others walked in looking around. "Jungkook?....kookie?......Yah Jeon jungkook where are you?" The others started to search in a small state of panic. "He's not in any of our bathrooms since his door is still locked." Hoseok spoke up, eyes filled with worry. "HYUNGS I FOUND SOMETHING!" Taehyung yelled from the kitchen. The others rushed out to tae who was holding papers with an extremely sad look on his face. "What is it?" Yoongi asked grabbing the papers looking through them. ".....well?.....what are they?" Yoongi let out a shakey breath. ".... it's....he....wants to terminate his contract." "WHAT?!? W-WHY DOES HE WANT TO DO THAT?!?" Yoongi flipped between the papers seeing a written note. "Well...he left a note so we'll find out why." "Okay. Read it out loud."

"Dear hyungs,

These past 6 years have been the best years of my life. Seokjin-hyung and yoongi-hyung... you practically raised me since I was just a kid. Jimin-ssi, and taehyung-ssi you always taught me how to be happy and always made me laugh at worst times possible. Hoseokie-hyung, you helped me with my dance and stayed after hours just to help me instead of resting. inspired me since the very first day I saw you. Whenever I felt like giving up I always remember what you went through for us to become a group. Everything was going so fine. When I was a hybrid....all of you spent more time with me but it was only for sex and nothing else. You always called me cute, pretty and adorable. You never called me that before and it made me feel happy for a bit. But then you were getting more kept touching me...treating me like a baby...pinning me down just to fuck me. I was never able to feel real pleasure because of the ridiculous cage and ring. And it hurt so much. I told you that it hurt but you never listened. When my heat came you all took your turns having me while I was going through an immense amount of an uncomfortable sensation of a painful pleasure I couldn't enjoy. When my ears and tail went away I was so happy that I could finally live a normal life again with out being treated like....your property. But then you all started acting weird. You were annoying me, making me extremely angry and upset to the point where I had to cry to myself alone in my room. Then when namjoon-hyung foolishly locked my bathroom door I had to wait for jimin hyung to finish taking a shower so I could use the restroom but it was already too late. I had to take a shower and wash my bedsheets. In the shower last night...I heard why you were doing those things that annoyed me so much. I figured that I wasn't good enough....perfect enough for you. So I decided to leave. I left my request of my contract termination. You won't have to deal with normal jungkook ever again.

Goodbye forever.

-Jeon Jungkook (was the golden makane of BTS)"


Everyone stayed silent. Completely in shock. They were so fully blinded by their lust and desire of jungkooks cute bunny tail and ears, how fuckable he looked...they never realized that he was in so much pain.

"Oh god....we...we almost practically raped him...." namjoon softly spoke up feeling the guilt consume his entire soul. "We didn't even ask him how he felt...and when he tried telling us we ignored him..." Jin spoke up next. Everybody nodded in agreement. "But...where is he?" "I saw the bag I gave him was missing...and some of his clothes where missing too-" "he ran away?! Hyung its dangerous out there especially for him! What if a fan sees him or someone chases him down?" Namjoon held up a hand. "We need to tell manager sejin-nim and pd-nim. If we go out looking for him it would make a huge scene." The others nodded.

"Okay. Everyone get your things ready. We're going out to look for our makane"


It felt like 12 hours had passed already but after looking inside a cafe he looked at a clock hanging on the wall. It was now barely 8 in the morning and jungkook felt himself growing tired after just walking for so long. He let out a soft yawn wiping away the tears in his eyes. He then paused hearing a soft gasp. He looked up at his reflection in the window seeing a random girl wearing a soft pink shirt, matching shirt and heels with long black hair. "Jeon jungkook?"

And jungkook bolted. It was a fan no doubt but he couldn't risk coming into contact with an ARMY. He heard the sound of footsteps following him and the girls voice coming up closer behind him and his heart started to race. Was she really following him now? Tears started filling his eyes once more as he started panting out loud running as fast as he could until he managed to lose the girl. Jungkook rested his back against a brick wall breathing heavily. He didn't like this. He wanted to go back to the dorms. But he can't. Because he's not wanted. His hyungs don't want him anymore. They don't want a boring jungkook anymore- they want cute adorable needy jungkook begging to be touched.

Jungkook continued walking...walking as far as his feet could take him until he ended up at a unfamiliar park that shockingly had no people. Jungkook took this as an advantage and walked over to the small playground. He climbed up the tiny ladder and plopped down curling up in a small ball. Jungkook sniffled wondering what his hyungs where doing now. They were probably wondering if jungkook would come back as an adorable bunny again like they loved. The original was boring.

Jungkook felt a small sharp pang shoot through out his entire body. He let out a soft yelp clutching his stomach. The familiar sensation of heat and tingling pain was starting to become unbearably painful. A soft sob escapes his lips that quiver from the intense amount of pain. Sweat started to dribble down his forehead, armpits and chest. Jungkook laid sprawled out not caring anymore if anyone saw him in the middle of morning. " hurts so much....make it stop...hyungs" jungkook cried out as the headache started to build its way up.

Soon jungkook passed out from exhaustion.


Jungkook shuffled around the bed with the pain being minimum now-wait--.... bed? Jungkook shot up seeing that he was indeed in an unfamiliar bed in an unfamiliar room. The door suddenly opened and in walked a man with silver hair tied in a low ponytail. "So I see you're finally awake. I saw you passed out with some girl hovering over you. It looked like she was reaching to lift your shirt up after taking a picture she ran away before I could grab her phone. I brought you to my place since it's near by the park. New hybrids shouldn't be out in the open like that. Especially in your case since you're a well known idol."

Hybrid? WHAT?

Jungkook reaches up feeling the familiar soft fluffy fur of his bunny ears. A pout painted his face and a whimper escaped his lips. "H-hey what's wrong? Are you okay? Do you need some water? Medicine?" The man asked as he kneeled down the side of the bed. Jungkook shook his head and whipped his eyes as he sniffled. "T-this isn't my first time being a b-bunny...." the man cocked an eyebrow and so jungkook told him the whole story.

After 15 minutes of explaining the whole situation to the part where the man who had found jungkook he finally nodded understanding. "Hmm I've gotta say that's not much of a mature thing of your hyungs to do...have you tried talking to them about it?" Jungkook nodded. "Y-yes I tried b-but they never listened to me" jungkook sniffled as he lips quivered. The man hummed nodding his head. "Hmm...well for now just tak it easy. Relax and rest. My friend will be over in a bit and I'll have him make you something to eat." The man stood up about to walk out the room before jungkook stopped him. "W-wait never told me your name..." the man smiled and turned around. "Hehe how rude of me. My name is ryu hyun. But you can just call me zen-hyung" the man named as zen spoke with a wink before he walked out the room leaving jungkook alone to rest.

(2 Hours later)

Jungkook woke up again feeling a bit more better than he did earlier. The door to the room opened and in walked zen with what jungkook was guessing is his friend. "Jungkook this is yoosung. Yoosung this is-" "yeah I know who he is zen I'm not old like you are" "hey I'm only 23 if anyones old it's that stupid rich jerk hat." Yoosung huffed and walked over to the bed carrying a tray that had a bowl of soup, 2 slices of bread and a adorable slice of cake. Jungkook smiled taking the tray and bowing. "T-thank you" "u-ou it's nothing I call you hyung? You are older than me." Jungkook shrugged and chuckled. "You can just call me jungkook I don't mind it" yoosung smiled and shot straight up and bowed. "Okay jungkook! Zen told me about your problem. I hope you get everything solved out soon. I was once a hybrid too but a certian someone we know helped me through it even the he was the reason why it happened-" "what yoosung is saying our friend helped yoosung calm down and then cat ears anymore." Jungkook nodded. "How was it? Being a cat hybrid." Yoosung hummed putting a finger to his chin. "Well I remember I was more lazy then usual, I slept more than I usually do, and I had an unusual taste for disgusting meats. wasn't that bad as being a bun- uh....I mean-" zen slapped the back of yoosungs head as jungkook sheepishly smiled in embarrassment.

Zen coughed "Well there's no doubt 'bout it that they're going to be looking for you's your choice if you wanna go back but you can't stay in hiding forever...BUT no more sadness how about we cheer you up a bit uh? We ironically have some banana milk...maybe you want some while we out on a movie for you?" Jungkook smiled and nodded. "Yeah that sounds like a good idea". The milk and movie would distract him from the pain of unwanted pleasure knowing that his hormones are bound to shoot up real soon.

And so zen put in a movie, the avengers while yoosung handed jungkook a tall glass of banana milk. While watching the movie jungkook couldn't help but imagine if his hyungs were really looking for him. Since he was a bunny again they would probably drag him back and fuck him like the used to. And jungkook was afraid of that. He just wanted some hugs and tender love and care.

He wanted to be taken care of the way he wants to be taken care of.

But he knows he won't.


He never will.

Chapter Text

Third person p.o.v.

It had already been 3 days when jungkook had been staying with zen and yoosung. The two were extremely nice and jungkook could only wonder if they were in a relationship. But every time he asked zen would reply with "hahah no don't be silly the cutie and I are just friends" or "heheh I'm not into guys although yoosung is adorable" jungkook cane to a conclusion that zen is a bi-curious type of guy.

Jungkook is currently sitting on the couch in the small living room while yoosung was in the kitchen cooking lunch. Zen had left for a press meeting 2 hours ago and jungkook was wondering when he was going to come back. He has only been staying for 3 or 4 days already and jungkook found himself completely attached to the elder. His apperance qad extremely eye catching and his voice could just make you melt like butter sliding down a hill. In a way zen kinda reminded jungkook about jin...and he hated that. But zen was different. He actually took care of the poor bunny whenever jungkook would whine to be pet or would want to cuddle.

At this point jungkook could only assume he probably scented or marked zen. He would always complain and beg for zen to stay whenever the elder would take his leave. He would always come home in the late afternoon and jungkook will always be waiting for him at the couch.

Jungkook really likes zen-hyung~


Everyone had been completly distressed having not yet find their precious makane in 3 days. They were completely worried that jungkook maybe have gotten kidnapped and maybe even....something worse.

They had been keeping low profile whenever they'd go out from the afternoon to late at night searching for the makane in hopes that they would find jungkook. But these 3 days have been nothing but complete failure. They were slowly starting to lose hope...until....a certian girl had came forward with some shocking evidence.

It was around 6:45 p.m and they boys were called to the police station where sejin-nim said a fan had found jungkook 3 days ago. This could probably give the hyungs a better lead as to where they can find jungkook. After a quick car ride to the station the girl sitting in her chair stood up and quickly bowed. The boys took no time in asking her where it was she saw jungkook last. She pulled out her phone and showed them a picture of a selfie where you could make out a familiar figure standing in the background. It was near the cafe where the girl ran into jungkook and chased him down to the park where she later confused she found him sleeping in the playground as she showed a photo of his sleeping figure. 

Jimin and namjoon noticed that park from their nightly bike rides. "Where was he the last time you saw him that day" the girl hummed thinking for a moment. "When I saw him sleeping and was about to take another picture some man with silver hair and red eyes shooed me away. I watches him pick up jungkook carrying him and walking away down the block." The boys blinked in unison. "Silver hair?" Yoongi spoke up. "Red eyes?" Hoseok added. The girl nodded. "He was extremely handsome too. His face looked kinda familiar too."

"Zen...a.k.a Ryu Hyun. A well known albino korean theater actor. He's been in many plays and movies before." Namjoon states as he pulled out his phone and started typing away. Jimin and taehyung let out loud "oh's". "I remember him. We went to one of his shows back in late March." "Yeah the showing of the one where he was shirtless and tied up in chains or something like that-" "Got it!" Namjoom yelled rushing out the building as the others followed.

"What is it that you found?" Jin asked walking the same pace namjoon was. "I did a little bit of research and found out where he lives. He lives with a friend who's a college student." The others let out cheers. "Way to go joonie-hyung! You're a genius!" "I don't have an IQ of 148 just for rapping and writing you know. Come on let's go!"


Right when zen got home jungkook practically pulled the older onto the couch and immediately sat himself on his lap. His ears twitching and his tail fluttering from sheer excitement. Jungkook let out small purrs as zen reached up the scratch behind the soft spot of his ear knowing how much jungkook likes it. "Mmm hyung that feels nice~ I missed you~" jungkook whined as he buried his face in the crook of zena neck fully inhaling his scent. Zen let out a low hearty chuckle patting the boys head. "You missed me alot uh? You seem to be getting more clingy as everyday passes by" yoosung walked in with his pink apron on. "Well isn't it obvious?" Zen looked at the younger in confusion. "What is?" Yoosung laughed. "You're the one who saved him while he was in desperate need of help. He trusts you the most since you saved him. He marked you as his yesterday when he scented you" zen nodded understanding what yoosung was explaining. "So that explains all the rubbing up against me business yesterday" zen chuckled softly patting the bunny's back.

Yoosung nodded and smiled watching as jungkook nuzzled himself against zens chest. "I like it here....I don't wanna leave. Please don't make me leave hyung" jungkook whined in a soft voice. Zen looked over at yoosung who pouted. "Aww jungkook...Hyung doesn't know I-" zen was interrupted by loud frantic knocking at the door. Yoosung cocked a brow as he walked over and opened the door seeing 6 men standing outside panting heavily. 

They were here for jungkook.

"U-uh hello. I wasn't expecting any...k-pop idols to just...appear at my doorstep...hehe..." yoosung muttered glancing to jungkook and then back to the door. "Sorry for the sudden intrusion but we have a strong feeling that our youngest member jungkook has been staying here for the past few days" yoosung almost chocked on his spit as he heard zen let out a curse. Yoosung glanced over at jungkook who was clinging to zen for dear life. His big doe eyes were already glossy with tears that threatened to spill. Yoosung looked back to the door and nervously smiled. "You seem to be glancing at something over there." Yoosung flinched, going the door handel tightly. "Hehe it's just my friend sitting on the couch. Oh look at the time it's getting late you should really head back home it was nice seeing you all bye" yoosung spoke as he closed the door only to have it stopped by a single hand and pushed open.

In walked namjoon and yoongi with stern looks on their faces as the others walked in. "Just let us take a look and then we'll be on our way-" namjoon froze staring at the sight in front of him.

Jungkook sitting on zens lap. Face buried in the crook of his neck while his ears drooped hanging over his shoulders and his whole body shook in fear while zen was holding the bunny hybrid close to his chest staring at the 6 men that stared back.


Jungkook flinched as his name was called out. He clung to zen tightly letting out small sniffles. "Jungkook....we-" zen stood up holding the bunny tightly in his grasp as jungkook wrapped his legs around his waist holding zen close to his body. "He's...a bunny again" jimin spoke in a soft tone. Zen nodded keeping a serious look on his face. "Yes he is...he has been for the past 3 to 4 days now...". The boys looked at jungkook who refused to make any eye contact. "He told us about how you all treated him. I respect you as my hyungs but I must say they way you treated him as an object was completely fucking disgusting. Poor thing forced to get fucked whenever he actually wanted the comfort he deserves. Such a pity." Zen spoke standing straight looking namjoon dead in the eyes who was staring but knowing every word that zen had said was 100% true.

Yoosung watched the scene unfold in front of him clutching the hems of his long sleeves. He was just hoping that neither of them start yelling and cause trouble. 

"Look what you said was very true. We treated jungkook poorly and we're extremely guilty for it. We just want to bring him back home and talk about it." Yoongi spoke up as he stepped forward trying to grab jungkook. Zen scoffed and stepped back thinking for a moment. "We'll-" he motioned to yoosung, "let him go back home with you." "Thank y-" "ONLY if he wants to go back." Zen huffed as he sat back down on the couch. The others couldn't argue against that. They were the ones who made jungkook run away so jungkook should be the one to decide if he wants to go back or stay. "What do you say jungkook? Do you want to go back with your hyungs or stay with me and yoosung?" Zen asked as jungkook pulled his head away glancing over at his hyungs staring at him with looks of anticipation.

"Wanna stay with yoosungie and zen-hyungie"

Jungkook didn't hesitate to speak. Zen looked over at the others and shrugged his shoulders. "He's chosen" the others let out sighs of defeat. "So he has. Jungkook...whenever you feeling up to talk about this..just call sejin or pd-nim." Jin spoke up placing jungkooks phone and charger on a near by nightstand. Jungkook said nothing but nod.

"Okay...we'll be on our way then."

And so they were gone. The tension in the room hurt jungkooks nose. Yoosung let out a loud sigh. "Oh thank god! I'm glad you didn't start yelling or anything." Zen shrugged patting jungkooks head. "It would have scared him if I did and hurt his ears too. I was holding back." Yoosung chuckled. "Yeah I could see from your eyes. Anyways I have to go the super market real quick." "Run out of chocolate milk?" Yoosung nodded as he grabbed his wallet and phone and shoved them in his bag. "Hehe yeah. I'll grab some banana milk too. I'll be back in 30 minutes!" And yoosung had left as well leaving the 2 alone.

Jungkook nuzzled zens neck softly nibbling his pure supple skin. "Hey there bunny you must be pretty stressed when your hyungs dropped by uh?" Jungkook nodded. "I could feel you digging your nails in my skin. You were so scares uh? Well at least I know you're gonna be with us much longer now" zen hummed as he started to play with jungkooks fluffy tail. Jungkook let out a soft moan feeling his body shiver. "Can hyung help you relax? Will you let hyung touch you bun-bun?" Zen asked softly kissing the boys cheek. Jungkook nodded his head.

"Yes hyung. Touch me please~". 

Zen softly smiled and stood up carrying jungkook to his room laying him down on his bed. Zen stroked the bunny's soft chocolate brown hair while his other hand stroked his long white bunny ear. He watched the younger melt underneath his touch. His lips quivered letting out small moans. Zen leaned down kissing the crook of the hybrids neck sliding his hands down to his chest reaching the hem of his shorts lightly tugging at them. Jungkook let out a whine as zen painfully teased him. Zen let out a low chuckle. "Hehe okay bun I'm sorry~ hyung will make you feel better. Can you suck on my fingers for hyung?" Zen asked placing the tips of his fingers against jungkooks mouth who willingly wrapped his mouth around the digits swirling his tounge around. Spit was dripping down the palm of zens hand to his wrist so jungkook sucked his fingers in a hungry like manner. Zen pulled his fingers away while he used his free hand to pull the hybrids shorts down seeing he wasn't wearing anything else underneath.

Jungkook spread his legs gripping them by his thighs as zen prodded his entrance against jungkooks entrance which was ready leaking of slick. And with hardly any trouble zen easily shoved in 3 fingers. Jungkook let out a loud mewl as he spread his legs out wider. Zen thrusted his fingers in and out rubbing his fingers against jungkooks wet slick coated walls. Loud squelching sounds filled the room along with the bunny's breathy moans. "A-ahhh~ hyung~" zen smiled as he used his other hand and wrapped it around the younger throbbing member and began to pump his hand up and down in time with his thrusting fingers. "Are you feeling okay gguk? You want hyung to stop?" Jungkook quickly shook his head. "F-faste~ pl-please go fa-faster~".

Zen cooed at jungkooks plea before he started thrusting his fingers faster after he added another finger making the bunny's hole nice and loose. Jungkook bounced up against zens fingers feeling them brush up against the sweet bundle of nerves. Zen started stroking the hybrids cock faster feeling his walls clench around him. "C-close~ hyung I'm gonna-" "go ahead bunny. Let it all out~."

Jungkook let out a loud desperate moan as he shot out thick goopy hot white ribbons of cum that painted his stomach and chest. Zen milked the boy as he kept stroking his cock dry and thrusting his fingers in as slick squirted out when jungkook clenched around his fingers.

Zen slowly and carefully pulled his fingers out and placed butterfly kisses across jungkooks face. "You did so good bun~" jungkook let out a soft giggle. "Let's get you all cleaned up" zenner coord as he wiped his fingers clean and picked up jungkook taking him to the bathroom. 

After yoosung had came back with chocolate and banana milk the three snuggled up on the couch watching a movie and eventually ended up falling asleep.


That was the first time jungkook ever slept with someone else beside him and felt safe.




"I'm sorry."

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Chapter Text

Third person p.o.v

Jungkook sat bored on the couch. His ears slumped as he watched some Boring show on the t.v. Zen and yoosung where away at a party that their new friend was hosting. The party hall was about 5 hours away from zens apartment and wouldn't end until midnight meaning zen and yoosung wont return until 4 or 5 in the morning.

The pair had left in the morning making sure jungkook was left with enough food, snacks and a spare key to the apartment just in case. He had been stuck in the apartment for almost a full 2 weeks already. And he was really craving something sweet. He rememberes the cafe he passed by a while ago when he ran away. It doesn't seem like a bad idea too. Hopping off the couch jungkook bounced his way over to his shared room with zen and threw on a pair of clothes he never usually would wear. A long sleeved blue, white and black striped T-shirt, a pair of black cargo pants and black and white converse. And to hide his bunny ears he tied them back and covered his head with a tan colored hat.

Grabbing his phone, wallet and the extra key jungkook walked his way out breathing in the nice fresh air as he skipped his way to the cafe. The sound of people chatting and laughing was precious music to his ears after being locked in an apartment for 2 weeks. Opening the door to the cafe jungkook walked up to the counter and ordered a simple hot chocolate with a vanilla chocolate chip muffin. He walked over to a single table and plopped down on his seat and scrolled through a couple of things on his phone. That was when he heard a familiar voice he hasn't heard in 2 weeks.




Jungkook flinched and looked up seeing jimin sitting a table across from him staring with wide eyes. Jungkook swallowed a lump that formed in his throat as jimin got up and slowly made his way to the table. " it okay if I join you?" Jungkook hesitated before he nodded his head. Jimin smiled softly and sat down. The two stayed silent for a couple of minutes and jungkooks order was served. It wasn't until then that jimin broke the ice. " is it living with Ryu and his college friend?" Jungkook shrugged his shoulders as he sipped his war chocolatey beverage. "It's really cool. It's smaller than the dorm for sure but I got used to it." Jimin nodded while holding his cup of coffee in hand. "Do they....spend time with you?" "U-uh...yeah they do. They always watch movies with me and make me snacks even if I don't ask them to. It's really nice." Jungkook spoke as he blushed looking down at his lap. Jimin frowned and nodded as he watched the hybrid chew down on his muffin rather quickly.

"You know if you eat to fast you're gonna get the hi-" "HiC-hIc" jungkook blinked as he hiccups rather hard. He looked at jimin and sheepishly chuckled. "I uh...I've been stuck in that apartment for 2 weeks. This is the most exciting thing I was looking forward to-"

"Jungkook I want to apologize"

The makane blinked as the older interrupted his sentence. "We want to apologize jungkook. We know we're guilty of what we did. We know it was really fucking wrong of us to do. We regret it every single minute of every hour...every day and night..." jungkook huffed and looked down at his half empty mug, his brow furrowed and lips pursed into a thin line. "Jungkook we want to gain your trust back....if there's anything we can do...ANYTHING at all...please just tell us...whatever it is all 6 of us will do it with no hesitation-"

"Just....shut up...please."

Jungkook whined as he stared at the elder before he got up placing a tip. "Leave your tip so we can hurry up and leave...I know how all 6 of you can be punished and maybe gain my trust back." Jimin did as told and followed the bunny outside the cafe back to the apartment.

As the two finally made it to the building and walked inside jungkook ran straight to zens room where the bathroom was. He opened the cabinets, grabbed a pill bottle and poured one into his hand. He closed the bottle and put it back before running back outside to the kitchen where he got a cup of water. He forced jimin into the living room and shoved the pill into his mouth and handed him the cup.

"Swallow" the younger demanded. Jimins eyes widened as he felt the pill sit on his tounge. He had no idea what jungkook had given him but if he wants to gain his trust back he needs to follow the makanes rules. So he grabbed the cup and took a sip swallowing the pill. He handed the cup back to jungkook who just put it on the coffee table in front of the couch. Jungkook plopped down besides the older and grabbed the t.v remote and turned it on. Jimin blinked. He had no idea what jungkook was planning but he had no choice but to wait.




Jimin finally knew what it was that jungkook had given him once he felt a burning painful tightness in his pants. Jungkook must have noticed and smiled. "J-jungkookie...d-did you give me some type of viagra pill?" Jungkook stood up and nodded as he grabbed jimin by his hand forcing him to stand up. The bunny lead his hyung over to his room. "Lay down on the bed with your eyes closed. If I see them open I'm gonna kick you out." The younger threatened as he watched jimin crawl onto the bed and lay flat on his back and quickly closed his eyes. Jungkook smiled and skipped out of the room to gather some supplies until he came back. Jimin heard some jingling and shuffling. The bed shifted and the older felt his feet and hand being bound to the bed. Jimin wanted to look but he knew he had to keep his eyes closed or else he'd be kicked out and jungkook would stay made him and the others forever.

Jungkook climbed on top of the older sitting down on his bulging erection causing him to hiss in pain and some what pleasure. "You can open your eyes now" and so jimin did. He saw his legs chained to the bed and hands bounded and taped to the head of the bed. He stared at the hybrids hand which held a stripe of tape and a single shoelace. He looked up at jungkook who stared down at him with a simple smile and half lidded eyes.

"The 6 of you used me as your fuck toy. You ravaged me, pounded into me senselessly even when I begged for you to stop when I had came so many times and passed out from over sensitivity. I gave you that pill for a reason HYUNG. I'm gonna fuck you. But not to make you feel good. No. But ti make myself feel good and make you suffer. The pill lasts for 2 days people say. And I know you have alot of stamina. So I hope you're ready for this because I'm not gonna stop until I'm fully satisfied even if zen-hyung and yoosung do come home."

The younger spoke in a deep voice as he tugged jimins pants down along with his underwear. Out sprang his painfully red throbbing erection that was already leaking pre-cum. Jungkook chuckled and flicked the tip watching the older buck his hips from the sudden shock of pleasure. Jungkook helped up the shoelace wiggling it in front of the elders face before he reached down and roughly tied it around the base of his cock. His balls already swelling up from lack of touch. Jungkook stood up on the bed and stripped off his clothes. Jimin could already seeing slick dripping from the bunny's entrance. He moaned feeling his dick twitch at the sight.

Jungkook sat back down on his knees and leaned up placing his hands on both sides of jimins head. He pressed his forehead up against the others nuzzling their noses together and slapped the piece of duct tape over jimins mouth. Jungkook reached behind grabbing the bases of jimins cock. "I've been waiting to have something big inside me. Even though zen-hyung helped me I never wanted him to fuck me. Even before this whole situation occured...before I was a bunny...I always dreamed of dominating all of you. And now..."  Jungkook positioned the tip against his entrance as he leaned back. 

"I'll finally have my turn to ruin you"

He slammed himself down on the cock and began to roughly bounce up and down. He could already feel the tip penetrate those sweet bundle of nerves. Jimins eyes widened while he threw his head back in pleasure. His moaning was muffled and breathing intensified. Jungkook let out his sweet high pitched moans as he rode his hyung with out a care in the world. His cock slapped against his stomach as beads of pre-cum splattered against his bare skin. "Ohhh fuck hyung~ I missed your cock so much I'm not gonna lie. But seeing you so powerless under me just makes even more hornier. I bet you wanna cum badly uh? Hehe too bad you can't since this is your punishment. You're not allowed to cum in my ass after what the 6 of you did." Jungkook breathed heavily feeling his first orgasm starting to build as his abdomen started to clench. "'M gonna cum for the first time. Gonna blow my load all over you. Oh fuck oh God I'-I'm cumming!!" Jungkook howled as he threw his head back shooting strings of hot goopy white cum coating jimins clothes and the bunny's stomach.

Jungkook hummed as he lifted himself up feeling jimins cock slip out and bounce up against his stomach. Jungkook turned around, his back facing jimin. He reached behind grabbing the olders cock and slowly slid back down on the hard member. Jungkook moaned as he teasingly fucked himself slowly on the hard cock. He turned looking at jimin whose face was flushed red, sweating and whole body jerking in great amount of pleasure. Jungkook let out an evil giggle as he snapped his hips,, the sound of skin slapping against each other filled the empty spaces on the room. Jungkook leaned forward resting on the palms of his hands as he continued bouncing his ass up and down slapping up against jimins pelvis. He even purposely clenched around the older causing him to groan in pleasure as he tried snapping his hips up.

"Nuh-uh! If you even try to fuck me I'll get off and throw you right out!" Jungkool scolded as he waggeled his fingers before he went hack to fucking himself on the olders hard cock. 

Jimin felt like he was dying. His entire body felt hot as he watches jungkooks ass jiggle everytime it came into contact with his pelvis. It was so hot to watch and jimin wanted nothing more to reach out to grab and slap it. But with his hands tapped to the bed all he could do was watch. Watch as the bunny pleased himself with his dick deep inside of his ass. Jimin let out a long whine as jungkook rolled his hips in a circular motion.

Oh god.

He was spelling coconut.

And fuck it felt so fucking good too.

Jungkook chuckled as he went back to bouncing himself while arching his back feeling his second orgasm about to take place. "Fuck hyung I love fucking myself on your cock. Feels so good inside me. I feel it twitching against my walls. Gonna cum again. Yes, yes right there. Ohhhhhh fuck yeah!" Jingkook howled out as he came again soiling the bed with his hot semen. Jungkook pulled off as jimins cock slipped out. He slowly got up from the bed and walked put of the room for 5 minutes before he walked back in with a phallic looking object.

It was a ball gag with a 6 inch cock sitting on the top. Jungkook crawled onto the bed and quickly tied the object around jimins head after ripping the duct off his mouth. He forced his head back watching the silicon cock bounce and wave around. "I'm gonna fuck myself on your face now. But you won't get to eat me out and taste me. You don't deserve to snack on my slick. Not for a long time too~" jimin watched with wide eyes as he watched jungkook wrapped his mouth around the tip of the fake cock and deep throat it. Their noises came together as jungkook felt the tip of the fack dick hit the back of his throat. Jimin couldn't believe his eyes.

Jungkook was deep throating a dildo on a ball gag that was in his mouth. Jimin could feel his cock twitch from the amounts of times he was denied to cum. And he wanted to cum so badly.

Once the cock was wet and covered in saliva jungkook stood up and positioned himself on top of jimins face. The older couldn't believe the lewd sight that was on top of him. He could see jungkooks asshole that was fluttering open and dripping obscene amounts of slick and cum that dripped down his thighs. Jungkook bent his knees and grabbed the fake cock placing the tip against his dirty hole and quickly sank down. He quivered in delight as he rolled his hips in a circular motion. ",Arg fuck I wish I had brought my vibrator with me. It would feel so good too. I could have used it on your useless thing you call a dick." Jungkook teased as he began to ride himself on the cock while jimin watched in helplessness. Drill dribbled down his chin as jungkook continued to fuck himself while he played with his nipples. Jimins cock started to feel neglected. Tears started forming in the corner of his eyes while he started to whine. Jungkook looked dkem and smiled. "Awww if only you could look at yourself right down. Who's the whiny little slut now hyung~? You want me to suck your cock? Uh? Want my to lick up and down your shaft and play with your balls?" Jimin nodded as best as he could with the weight that sat on top of him.

Jungkook grinned as he flipped his position still riding the cock while he leaned down and wasted no time in getting the olders cock in his mouth. Jimin let out a high pitched howl as the bunny deep throated him while he reached behind and pulled on his tail for more pleasure. He purred feelings the tip of his cock hitting the back of his throat. Pre-cum painted his tounge while he used his other free hand to play with the olders balls. Jungkook moaned and hummed. The vibrations sensing waves of pleasure up jimins spine. Jungkook pulled off leaving trails of saliva dripping from the cock and his mouth while he licked his lips jerking the older off. Moving more forward the hybrid leaned his head down and took one ball into his mouth and began to suckle. Jimin let out a yelp as he tried his best to not buck his hips up. Jungkook nibbled and bite down as he continued to fuck himself on the ball gags cock.

Jungkook pulled away breathing heavily. "Wanna cum hyung~? He asked as he lifted himself off the cock watching it spring out his ass and wobble around. Jimin quickly nodded his head. Jungkook turned around to take off the ball gag and roughly grabbed him by the chin. " I want you to beg for it then. Beg for me to make you cum. Tell my why I should even let this useless cock of your reach a full orgasm-"

"Please jungkookie. I'll behave from now on. I'm sorry I was so bad to you- I'm so so so so so sorry I treated you like a fucking blow up doll you're more special than that and I regret it! I wish I could have satisfied you when you need us to but we didn't! I'll make sure to give you what you want no matter what it is. Please jungkook I wanna make this right again for you, for all of us again. We miss you so much kookie please we love you so so much we're so sorry-"

"OKAY! okay, okay that's enough. Jeez I just wanted you to cry a little not sob like a loser. Though it was cute tho" jungkook teased as he say himself back against jimins face as he pulled the shoelace off his dick. Jungkook sucked harsh hallowing his cheeks as he bobbed his head up and down. Jimin stuck his tounge out licking up the slick that drowned him. Jungkook pressed up against his tounge wiggling his ass motioning for jimin to tounge fuck him. Jimin happily did so a pushed his tounge inside and wiggled it around feeling jungkooks walls clench around the wet muscle.

It didn't take long for jimin to finally cum.

But what shocked the makane was how much cum filled his mouth so much that he had to pull away as more cum spurted on to his face. He moaned rutting up against the olders tounge reaching his third orgasm. Jungkook let out s long sigh as he sat up sitting on jimins chest. He chuckled as the older followed.


"What are you laughing at?"



"We still have this apartment to ourselves for 10 whole hours. We're not done yet with your punishment~"