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Not your baby... but call me your baby bunny

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Third person p.o.v

Jungkook sat bored on the couch. His ears slumped as he watched some Boring show on the t.v. Zen and yoosung where away at a party that their new friend was hosting. The party hall was about 5 hours away from zens apartment and wouldn't end until midnight meaning zen and yoosung wont return until 4 or 5 in the morning.

The pair had left in the morning making sure jungkook was left with enough food, snacks and a spare key to the apartment just in case. He had been stuck in the apartment for almost a full 2 weeks already. And he was really craving something sweet. He rememberes the cafe he passed by a while ago when he ran away. It doesn't seem like a bad idea too. Hopping off the couch jungkook bounced his way over to his shared room with zen and threw on a pair of clothes he never usually would wear. A long sleeved blue, white and black striped T-shirt, a pair of black cargo pants and black and white converse. And to hide his bunny ears he tied them back and covered his head with a tan colored hat.

Grabbing his phone, wallet and the extra key jungkook walked his way out breathing in the nice fresh air as he skipped his way to the cafe. The sound of people chatting and laughing was precious music to his ears after being locked in an apartment for 2 weeks. Opening the door to the cafe jungkook walked up to the counter and ordered a simple hot chocolate with a vanilla chocolate chip muffin. He walked over to a single table and plopped down on his seat and scrolled through a couple of things on his phone. That was when he heard a familiar voice he hasn't heard in 2 weeks.




Jungkook flinched and looked up seeing jimin sitting a table across from him staring with wide eyes. Jungkook swallowed a lump that formed in his throat as jimin got up and slowly made his way to the table. " it okay if I join you?" Jungkook hesitated before he nodded his head. Jimin smiled softly and sat down. The two stayed silent for a couple of minutes and jungkooks order was served. It wasn't until then that jimin broke the ice. " is it living with Ryu and his college friend?" Jungkook shrugged his shoulders as he sipped his war chocolatey beverage. "It's really cool. It's smaller than the dorm for sure but I got used to it." Jimin nodded while holding his cup of coffee in hand. "Do they....spend time with you?" "U-uh...yeah they do. They always watch movies with me and make me snacks even if I don't ask them to. It's really nice." Jungkook spoke as he blushed looking down at his lap. Jimin frowned and nodded as he watched the hybrid chew down on his muffin rather quickly.

"You know if you eat to fast you're gonna get the hi-" "HiC-hIc" jungkook blinked as he hiccups rather hard. He looked at jimin and sheepishly chuckled. "I uh...I've been stuck in that apartment for 2 weeks. This is the most exciting thing I was looking forward to-"

"Jungkook I want to apologize"

The makane blinked as the older interrupted his sentence. "We want to apologize jungkook. We know we're guilty of what we did. We know it was really fucking wrong of us to do. We regret it every single minute of every hour...every day and night..." jungkook huffed and looked down at his half empty mug, his brow furrowed and lips pursed into a thin line. "Jungkook we want to gain your trust back....if there's anything we can do...ANYTHING at all...please just tell us...whatever it is all 6 of us will do it with no hesitation-"

"Just....shut up...please."

Jungkook whined as he stared at the elder before he got up placing a tip. "Leave your tip so we can hurry up and leave...I know how all 6 of you can be punished and maybe gain my trust back." Jimin did as told and followed the bunny outside the cafe back to the apartment.

As the two finally made it to the building and walked inside jungkook ran straight to zens room where the bathroom was. He opened the cabinets, grabbed a pill bottle and poured one into his hand. He closed the bottle and put it back before running back outside to the kitchen where he got a cup of water. He forced jimin into the living room and shoved the pill into his mouth and handed him the cup.

"Swallow" the younger demanded. Jimins eyes widened as he felt the pill sit on his tounge. He had no idea what jungkook had given him but if he wants to gain his trust back he needs to follow the makanes rules. So he grabbed the cup and took a sip swallowing the pill. He handed the cup back to jungkook who just put it on the coffee table in front of the couch. Jungkook plopped down besides the older and grabbed the t.v remote and turned it on. Jimin blinked. He had no idea what jungkook was planning but he had no choice but to wait.




Jimin finally knew what it was that jungkook had given him once he felt a burning painful tightness in his pants. Jungkook must have noticed and smiled. "J-jungkookie...d-did you give me some type of viagra pill?" Jungkook stood up and nodded as he grabbed jimin by his hand forcing him to stand up. The bunny lead his hyung over to his room. "Lay down on the bed with your eyes closed. If I see them open I'm gonna kick you out." The younger threatened as he watched jimin crawl onto the bed and lay flat on his back and quickly closed his eyes. Jungkook smiled and skipped out of the room to gather some supplies until he came back. Jimin heard some jingling and shuffling. The bed shifted and the older felt his feet and hand being bound to the bed. Jimin wanted to look but he knew he had to keep his eyes closed or else he'd be kicked out and jungkook would stay made him and the others forever.

Jungkook climbed on top of the older sitting down on his bulging erection causing him to hiss in pain and some what pleasure. "You can open your eyes now" and so jimin did. He saw his legs chained to the bed and hands bounded and taped to the head of the bed. He stared at the hybrids hand which held a stripe of tape and a single shoelace. He looked up at jungkook who stared down at him with a simple smile and half lidded eyes.

"The 6 of you used me as your fuck toy. You ravaged me, pounded into me senselessly even when I begged for you to stop when I had came so many times and passed out from over sensitivity. I gave you that pill for a reason HYUNG. I'm gonna fuck you. But not to make you feel good. No. But ti make myself feel good and make you suffer. The pill lasts for 2 days people say. And I know you have alot of stamina. So I hope you're ready for this because I'm not gonna stop until I'm fully satisfied even if zen-hyung and yoosung do come home."

The younger spoke in a deep voice as he tugged jimins pants down along with his underwear. Out sprang his painfully red throbbing erection that was already leaking pre-cum. Jungkook chuckled and flicked the tip watching the older buck his hips from the sudden shock of pleasure. Jungkook helped up the shoelace wiggling it in front of the elders face before he reached down and roughly tied it around the base of his cock. His balls already swelling up from lack of touch. Jungkook stood up on the bed and stripped off his clothes. Jimin could already seeing slick dripping from the bunny's entrance. He moaned feeling his dick twitch at the sight.

Jungkook sat back down on his knees and leaned up placing his hands on both sides of jimins head. He pressed his forehead up against the others nuzzling their noses together and slapped the piece of duct tape over jimins mouth. Jungkook reached behind grabbing the bases of jimins cock. "I've been waiting to have something big inside me. Even though zen-hyung helped me I never wanted him to fuck me. Even before this whole situation occured...before I was a bunny...I always dreamed of dominating all of you. And now..."  Jungkook positioned the tip against his entrance as he leaned back. 

"I'll finally have my turn to ruin you"

He slammed himself down on the cock and began to roughly bounce up and down. He could already feel the tip penetrate those sweet bundle of nerves. Jimins eyes widened while he threw his head back in pleasure. His moaning was muffled and breathing intensified. Jungkook let out his sweet high pitched moans as he rode his hyung with out a care in the world. His cock slapped against his stomach as beads of pre-cum splattered against his bare skin. "Ohhh fuck hyung~ I missed your cock so much I'm not gonna lie. But seeing you so powerless under me just makes even more hornier. I bet you wanna cum badly uh? Hehe too bad you can't since this is your punishment. You're not allowed to cum in my ass after what the 6 of you did." Jungkook breathed heavily feeling his first orgasm starting to build as his abdomen started to clench. "'M gonna cum for the first time. Gonna blow my load all over you. Oh fuck oh God I'-I'm cumming!!" Jungkook howled as he threw his head back shooting strings of hot goopy white cum coating jimins clothes and the bunny's stomach.

Jungkook hummed as he lifted himself up feeling jimins cock slip out and bounce up against his stomach. Jungkook turned around, his back facing jimin. He reached behind grabbing the olders cock and slowly slid back down on the hard member. Jungkook moaned as he teasingly fucked himself slowly on the hard cock. He turned looking at jimin whose face was flushed red, sweating and whole body jerking in great amount of pleasure. Jungkook let out an evil giggle as he snapped his hips,, the sound of skin slapping against each other filled the empty spaces on the room. Jungkook leaned forward resting on the palms of his hands as he continued bouncing his ass up and down slapping up against jimins pelvis. He even purposely clenched around the older causing him to groan in pleasure as he tried snapping his hips up.

"Nuh-uh! If you even try to fuck me I'll get off and throw you right out!" Jungkool scolded as he waggeled his fingers before he went hack to fucking himself on the olders hard cock. 

Jimin felt like he was dying. His entire body felt hot as he watches jungkooks ass jiggle everytime it came into contact with his pelvis. It was so hot to watch and jimin wanted nothing more to reach out to grab and slap it. But with his hands tapped to the bed all he could do was watch. Watch as the bunny pleased himself with his dick deep inside of his ass. Jimin let out a long whine as jungkook rolled his hips in a circular motion.

Oh god.

He was spelling coconut.

And fuck it felt so fucking good too.

Jungkook chuckled as he went back to bouncing himself while arching his back feeling his second orgasm about to take place. "Fuck hyung I love fucking myself on your cock. Feels so good inside me. I feel it twitching against my walls. Gonna cum again. Yes, yes right there. Ohhhhhh fuck yeah!" Jingkook howled out as he came again soiling the bed with his hot semen. Jungkook pulled off as jimins cock slipped out. He slowly got up from the bed and walked put of the room for 5 minutes before he walked back in with a phallic looking object.

It was a ball gag with a 6 inch cock sitting on the top. Jungkook crawled onto the bed and quickly tied the object around jimins head after ripping the duct off his mouth. He forced his head back watching the silicon cock bounce and wave around. "I'm gonna fuck myself on your face now. But you won't get to eat me out and taste me. You don't deserve to snack on my slick. Not for a long time too~" jimin watched with wide eyes as he watched jungkook wrapped his mouth around the tip of the fake cock and deep throat it. Their noises came together as jungkook felt the tip of the fack dick hit the back of his throat. Jimin couldn't believe his eyes.

Jungkook was deep throating a dildo on a ball gag that was in his mouth. Jimin could feel his cock twitch from the amounts of times he was denied to cum. And he wanted to cum so badly.

Once the cock was wet and covered in saliva jungkook stood up and positioned himself on top of jimins face. The older couldn't believe the lewd sight that was on top of him. He could see jungkooks asshole that was fluttering open and dripping obscene amounts of slick and cum that dripped down his thighs. Jungkook bent his knees and grabbed the fake cock placing the tip against his dirty hole and quickly sank down. He quivered in delight as he rolled his hips in a circular motion. ",Arg fuck I wish I had brought my vibrator with me. It would feel so good too. I could have used it on your useless thing you call a dick." Jungkook teased as he began to ride himself on the cock while jimin watched in helplessness. Drill dribbled down his chin as jungkook continued to fuck himself while he played with his nipples. Jimins cock started to feel neglected. Tears started forming in the corner of his eyes while he started to whine. Jungkook looked dkem and smiled. "Awww if only you could look at yourself right down. Who's the whiny little slut now hyung~? You want me to suck your cock? Uh? Want my to lick up and down your shaft and play with your balls?" Jimin nodded as best as he could with the weight that sat on top of him.

Jungkook grinned as he flipped his position still riding the cock while he leaned down and wasted no time in getting the olders cock in his mouth. Jimin let out a high pitched howl as the bunny deep throated him while he reached behind and pulled on his tail for more pleasure. He purred feelings the tip of his cock hitting the back of his throat. Pre-cum painted his tounge while he used his other free hand to play with the olders balls. Jungkook moaned and hummed. The vibrations sensing waves of pleasure up jimins spine. Jungkook pulled off leaving trails of saliva dripping from the cock and his mouth while he licked his lips jerking the older off. Moving more forward the hybrid leaned his head down and took one ball into his mouth and began to suckle. Jimin let out a yelp as he tried his best to not buck his hips up. Jungkook nibbled and bite down as he continued to fuck himself on the ball gags cock.

Jungkook pulled away breathing heavily. "Wanna cum hyung~? He asked as he lifted himself off the cock watching it spring out his ass and wobble around. Jimin quickly nodded his head. Jungkook turned around to take off the ball gag and roughly grabbed him by the chin. " I want you to beg for it then. Beg for me to make you cum. Tell my why I should even let this useless cock of your reach a full orgasm-"

"Please jungkookie. I'll behave from now on. I'm sorry I was so bad to you- I'm so so so so so sorry I treated you like a fucking blow up doll you're more special than that and I regret it! I wish I could have satisfied you when you need us to but we didn't! I'll make sure to give you what you want no matter what it is. Please jungkook I wanna make this right again for you, for all of us again. We miss you so much kookie please we love you so so much we're so sorry-"

"OKAY! okay, okay that's enough. Jeez I just wanted you to cry a little not sob like a loser. Though it was cute tho" jungkook teased as he say himself back against jimins face as he pulled the shoelace off his dick. Jungkook sucked harsh hallowing his cheeks as he bobbed his head up and down. Jimin stuck his tounge out licking up the slick that drowned him. Jungkook pressed up against his tounge wiggling his ass motioning for jimin to tounge fuck him. Jimin happily did so a pushed his tounge inside and wiggled it around feeling jungkooks walls clench around the wet muscle.

It didn't take long for jimin to finally cum.

But what shocked the makane was how much cum filled his mouth so much that he had to pull away as more cum spurted on to his face. He moaned rutting up against the olders tounge reaching his third orgasm. Jungkook let out s long sigh as he sat up sitting on jimins chest. He chuckled as the older followed.


"What are you laughing at?"



"We still have this apartment to ourselves for 10 whole hours. We're not done yet with your punishment~"