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Not your baby... but call me your baby bunny

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Third person p.o.v.

Jungkook felt his heart start to beat quickly in his chest. Where were his ears? He reached behind to feel around his butt for a fluffy bunny tail. No tail either. A smile appeared on his face. He still felt a bit of wetness between his legs so maybe...just maybe...his hybrid self was starting to degenerate? Jungkook hopped off his bed and out the room to the kitchen where jin was washing leftover dishes from last night along with some help from hoseok.

"HYUNGS~! My ears and tail are gone!"

Jin snaked down a pan in the sink and snapped his head around, eyes filled with shock. "WHAT?!? H-HOW?!?" Jungkook shrugged his shoulders and chuckled. "I don't really know." Jin hummed looking down at the youngers legs seeing a bit of slick drip down his thighs. "NAMJOON GET OVER HERE!" Jin yelled as he lead jungkook over to the couch in the living room. Namjoon ran out almost slipping as he stumbled his way into the living room breathing heavily. "What happened?!?is jungkook hurt? Did he stick the remote up his ass again-" "NO NAMJOON LOOK!" Hoseok yelled pointing over at the makane who stared at namjoon with his big doe eyes. Namjoon stared placing a finger to his chin. "Well that is rather questionable...should we take him to the specialist?" Jin shook his head. "We have no time today we should try to call him instead."

Jungkook cocked his head as he was pushed back to his room as the others were called outside. He was a bit confused as to why so he quietly opened the door and tip toed down the hall stopping at the corner listening in on their conversation.

"So the specialist said that this is a rare type of common effect. It usually happens to people who undergo a great amount of stress to the point where they convert to a hybrid. In jungkooks case it's called a 'reverse-hybrid conversion' he was under an even greater amount of stress that when he was in heat his body couldn't handle it and it went away. Now he's still in pre-heat because the effect takes a couple of days to go away." Namjoon explained. The others stared down at the floor trying to understand what he explained. "So....jungkookie turned into a bunny because of stress?" Taehyung asked fiddling with his fingers. Namjoon nodded and crossed his arms. Jungkook let out a soft sigh and walked back to his room thankful that it was all over.

However he didn't stay long enough to hear the rest of the conversation.

There was a short amount of silence before jimin spoke up. "But...I really liked bunny kookie...he was so cute and adorable and needy" the others nodded in agreement. "I prefer bunny jungkook then normal to be a bit honest too" yoongi muttered biting his nails. Namjoon let out a soft hum before jin spoke up. "You said he's still in pre-heat right? So...why don't we just...I don't know...but and bother him to the point where he reverts back to being a bunny?" The others stared at jin with wide eyes. "He was annoyed by us anyways before this happened so if we just do whatever we do that annoys him there's a really good chance he'll revert back~!" Jin sung and clapped his hands together. Namjoon shrugged and leaned back against the couch. "It's worth a shot I guess" "yay! We're getting bunny gguk back~!" Hoseok sung as he pulled jimin and taehyung in for a hug.

Blinded by their own selfish desires the hyungs set their plans in action for their poor poor makane.

(DAY 1)

Jungkook woke up hearing a shuffle sound along with loud clanks and thuds. Jungkook shot up seeing jin and yoongi standing at the door to jungkooks bathroom. "W-what are you-" "oh good morning jungkook. Or should I say afternoon" jin spoke pointing to the clock on the nightstand by the bed. "It's 1 in the afternoon what were you doing that you slept for so long?" Jungkook shrugged and scratched the back of his head. "Well it's been a long time ever since I was bunny that I had a decent-" "yeah, yeah that's good or whatever but we're changing the lock on your door" jungkooks eyes widened. "WHY?!?" "hey no yelling mister! And it's because you take really longe showers so this way we can walk in incase we need to. Yoongi, namjoon and I know where the key is so you can lock it but we can unlock it at anytime needed."

Jungkook let out a huff as he slowly got up out of bed. He walked out to the kitchen and opened the fridge to grab some banana milk but...there wasn't any left. He was sure there were 6 left yesterday before he had one during before he went to bed. A sudden slurpping sound caught his attention. Whipping his head around he sees taehyung and jin slurpping on now empty boxes of banana milk with the other cartons crushed and empty covering the floor. "What do you think you're doing?!?" Jimin huffed pulling the straw out his mouth. "Ya! Jungkook you always have so much milk and never share it with us. These were sitting in the fridge for days taking up space so we drank them" jimin spoke in a nonchalant matter. Jungkook glared as taehyung nodded his head. "Yeah you can always get more later." "Don't you mean that YOU should be getting me more later?" The two hyungs laughed. "You're a big boy you can buy your own. Come on tae-tae let's go play some games in your room" jimin hummed and hopped of his seat walking away. Taehyung nodded and followed behind "oh and could you clean up our mess? Haha thanks!"

Jungkook felt his breathing start to become intense. This wasn't his mess so why should he even clean it up? "Ya! Jungkook clean up your mess. You're not the only one who lives here you know" hoseok spoke up as he walked by.

Jungkook was seriously annoyed.

(DAY 4)

Jungkook was currently sitting on the couch watching some oldie movie he never heard of before. He checked his phone seeing that it was almost 11 p.m. He got up from his spot and stretched before walking over to his room to take a shower and get in early for bed. He grabbed a large t-shirt, a pair of shorts and clean boxers and paused. Was there....someone in his restroom? Taking a shower? Jungkook placed his clothes down and started banging on the door. "HEY! who's in there?!?" "WHAT??? Oh sorry kookie the water in my room isn't working so I decided to use your shower instead." "Hoseok-hyung Why didn't you just use one of the others?!?" "Because theirs are too small and dirty. I'm almost done."

Jungkook let out a soft growl and plopped down on his bed waiting for hoseok to finish. 'Almost done my ass. It's already 35 minutes already when is he gonna finish?!.....I'm getting tired' jungkook thought staring up at the ceiling. His vision was getting blurry and before he knew it he fell fast asleep with out showering.

(DAY 9)

Jungkook felt like he was about to go insane. First the lock to his bathroom, jimin and tae drinking all his milk, hoseok hogging his shower and now all of them were getting on his nerves to the point like he felt he was on the brink of insanity. He was forced go go back to drinking from sippy cups and getting his own food cut for him again. This was completely embarrassing he thought his hyungs would understand that. But it was obvious that they didn't.

Right now they had just gotten back from dance practice about 2 hours ago and jungkook was beginning to regret chugging his entire water bottle because oh boy he really had to pee. Walking over to his room from the living room where the others were other than jimin who was taking a shower, jungkook opened the door to his room and waddles over to his bathroom and jiggled the door only to find it...locked? Jungkook cocked an eyebrow and jiggled the doorknob again finding that the door won't budge. He cursed and walked outside back to the living room. "Why is the door to my bathroom locked!" He yelled stomping his foot. The others turned. "Oh I forgot to tell you namjoon lost the key yesterday after you went to sleep." Jungkook let out a snarl. "WHAT?!?" "Yeah we're gonna have to go next week to get a new key." "Why can't you go tomorrow?!" "We have another dance practice and a meeting tomorrow afternoon. We can't" jin spoke in a calm matter. "...then let me use your bathroom then." "Haha sorry but no. I won't let anyone else other then myself to use my bathroom. Just wait for jimin to get out I'm sure he's almost done anyways." Jungkook glared at jin. "Why can't I use any of the others then?" "Look your bathroom may be clean but the inside of your shower isn't." "I don't even have to shower right now I just need to use the to-" "Ah! Even so you leave a mess. Just wait I'm sure you will last".

Jungkook couldn't believe what he was hearing. He stomped his foot and waddled back to his room as the others ignored him. Jungkook grabbed a screwdriver to try and force the door handle open but it didn't seem to work. He let out a frustrated whine as he walked to jimin and hoseoks room and knocked on the door. "Hyung are you almost done?" "Uh? Whhhhhy?" "Because the door to my bathroom is locked" "OH! Uh...yeah I'm almost done just gimme 5 minutes." Jungkook nodded and walked back to his room. He could wait 5 minutes.

But those 5 minutes turned to 25. And 25 turned into 40. And 40 turned into an hour and 30 minutes.

What was jimin doing that he was taking so long? Jungkook was stuck on his bed sitting with his legs crossed. He had to pee so badly it was to the point where he couldn't move and the painful stinging sensation I'm his abdomen grew more intense as every minute passed by. He doesn't know how much longer he can last like this. 'Why are hyungs being so mean to me? Was it something I did? Did I say something that I never meant to say? Do they hate me now? I just want to know why...' jungkook thought to himself as tears started forming at the corner of his eyes before the tears turned into two salty streams like waterfalls flowing down his cheeks. Jungkook was so sad and frustrated. He doesn't know how long he can last with his hyungs treating him like this. He then started to sob. He couldn't bare this treatment anymore. How can he'

Jungkook froze. His eyes widened as his breathing stopped. Why did he feel a warm wetness growing in between his legs. Jungkook started down in utter disbelief. He couldn't have held it in any longer. The pain in his abdomen was unbearable anymore. The tears started to flow drastically down his cheeks as he bit down on his bottom lip to fight back the hiccups he swallowed behind his throat. Whimpers and sniffles filled the room. The smell of urine was starting to sting jungkooks nose. He was so grossed out by himself, but it wasn't his fault the key to his bathroom was missing and jimin was taking longer than expected...right?

Jungkook ended up waiting another 15 minutes before jimin came to his door and told him that the bathroom was free but to stay quite because the others have went to bed. Jungkook thanked him and waited for jimin to walk back to his room. Jungkook slowly got up from his spot and gathered his bed sheets and blankets and pulled them off. He waddled his way quietly outside to the laundry room and dumped the sheets in the washer along with his now pee stained clothes. He waddled back to his room, grabbed his towel and wrapped it around his waist, grabbed his clothes and quickly ran over to jimin and hoseoks room to the bathroom. He hopped in the shower holding back his tears.

"Jimin, hobi is jungkook in the shower?"

"Yeah he shouldn't be able to hear us"

"Okay namjoon says just a few more days until jungkooks stress level kicks in and he should go back to being a hybrid again."

"Oh I'm so excited to see jungkook as a bunny again he was so adorable and cute!"

"Be quiet he might hear you! Anyways just keep doing things that annoy him. I'm going to bed."

"Okay. Night jin-hyung"

Jungkook stood still letting the warm water hit his skin. So they were doing all of this...just to get jungkook as a bunny again? They really didn't care about how he felt. His opinion didn't matter. All they wanted was the 'cute, and adorable bunny jungkook that they could fuck whenever they please'. If that's how they feel then jungkook doesn't want to deal with it anymore.

After his shower and drying off completely jungkook quickly walked back to his room and slipped on a plain white tee, a pair of baggy jeans, and his favorite converse. He opened his closet and pulled out a black bag that taehyung gave to him incase his military bag ever ripped. Shoving in some clothes, socks, a couple of snacks and 2 bottles of water jungkook quietly walked out of his room. He quietly sneaks down the stairs leaving a couple of papers on the kitchen table. He slowly opens the front door and closes it shut.

And he starts walking away.

He takes a look back with tears streaming down his face. "I'm sorry that I'm not good enough as myself for you hyungs."


"...goodbye forever."