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Not your baby... but call me your baby bunny

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Third person p.o.v.

Today was Monday. It has been exactly 3 months ever since jungkook lived his life as a bunny hybrid. And today marked his very first heat after a whole week of having signs of hormonal problems and pre-heats. His hyungs were very excited about that but jungkook wasn't looking forward to it after they came back from their visit to the doctor who explained to them how to deal with heats. Jungkook has started producing an obscene amount of slick and his poor trapped cock was throbbing every hour on the dot. He could see pre-cum dribble from the slit. Jungkook wanted to jerk off so badly but the stupid cock cage was preventing him from doing so.

Right now jungkook locked himself in his room trapping himself from his hyungs trying to touch him. He knew that they just wanted to help him through his first process of his heat but jungkook didn't their help. He just wanted to be left alone for the whole week. Alone by himself where he could cry from utter frustration of not being able to cum and being much to hot even with the fan on. He was laying on his bed rutting up against one of his pillows as slick gushed out of his little pink hole. Jungkook let's out needy small moans to keep from his hyungs from hearing how desperate he is. 

Running his hands up and down his body jungkook played with his soft pink nipples letting out a soft mewl at how sensitive they are. That was when jungkook noticed a strange white liquid leaking from one of his perk tits. Was he....producing milk? Jungkooks face flushed a bright red as tears began pooling in the corner of his eyes. The doctor never mentioned anything about producing milk. What was jungkook supposed to do? He was literally producing milk from his tits. What are the others gonna say if they find out? God jungkook would be humiliated.

Pulling his hands away from his nipples jungkook balanced himself on the mattress bouncing up against the edge of the pillow that barely pressed up inside his rim. Jungkook let out whine of frustration as he plopped down on the bed panting. No matter what he does he can't reach his climax and jungkook was on the verge of crying his poor eyes out until he heard a soft jingling sound. One of his bunny ears perked as the door to his room slowly opened and closed as the sound of the lock clicked. Jungkook looked up to see jimin and hoseok standing in front of the door with their arms crossed.

Jungkook grabbed his blanket and threw it over his body. "What are you doing in here? I told you I don't want your help!" He yelled as his lips quivered. "Aww don't be such a sour puss jungkookie~ we could hear you outside the door whining so loudly~" jimin teased as he walked over to the bed sitting down on the corner of the mattress. Jungkook noticed the two had enormous erections and he could feel his mouth water at the sight. "It took us a while to find the keys jin-hyung hid but once we found them and the others left we finally thought we could have some fun with each other~!" Hoseok sung as he plopped down on the bed grabbing hold of the blanket yanking it off the bunny's body causing jungkook to flinch and shiver. "Look at you baby~ your tiny little cock is just asking to be touched. I bet you're so frustrated uh~?" Jimin hummed as he scooted closer placing his hands on both sides of jungkooks shoulder rubbing his cheek up against the makanes.

Jungkook shook his head and tried to shove the two away but once their hands touched his body jungkook could feel himself melting right away. His mind was telling him no but his body was begging to be fucked silly. Jungkook let out a tiny whine as hoseok pressed kisses against the crook of his neck licking and sucking the youngers skin. Jimin licked the side of jungkooks lips moving all the way down to his nipples.

'Oh no. They're gonna find out about-'

"Oh jungkookie are you producing milk?"

Jungkook felt himself shrink when jimin spoke up. "Fuck that's so hot. Look at these nice dripping wet nipples. Fuck you're so pretty for hyung~" jimin moaned as he flicked his tounge back and forth over the sensitive nipple catching the small droplets of milk that fell from the duct. Jungkook let out a yelp of pleasure as jimin sucked and bit down on the perk rose buds. It didn't take long before hoseok began to suck on the other nipple sending strong waves of pleasure running through jungkooks core. "H-HYUNGS~!" Jungkook threw his head back, drool dripping down his chin. The others sucked taking in the shockingly sweet milk, drinking it all up savoring the taste. Jungkook reached up placing his hands behind his hyungs head softly stroking their hair. 

He couldn't believe it.

Jeon jungkook. The makane of BTS.

A bunny hybrid.

Was breastfeeding his two hyungs and is actually enjoying it. It was actually kind of calming as the two suckled sweetly on his sensitive nips.

Oh and now it was not so calming anymore once jimin pulled away pushing jungkook onto his back. Hoseok grabbed both his legs and pushed them back spreading them apart. Jimin let out a soft seductive chuckle as he ran his hands over jungkooks ass, squeezing his bunny tail before running the tips of his fingers over jungkooks balls feeling him tense up. "Hehe kookie you're so fuxking cute. God I wanna fuck you till all you can say is my name~" jimin purred leaning down licking a long stripe over one of jungkooks balls. Hoseok pulled away from jungkooks other nipple and joined jimin licking down from jungkooks inner thigh towards his balls. Hoseok stuck his tounge out flicking it over the one of the bunny's balls before taking one fully into mouth sucking harshly. Jungkook let out a loud moan as jimim and hoseok were sucking his balls ignoring his pleas. "H-HYUNGS DON'T! PL-PLEASE STOP~!" Tears were falling from jungkooks eyes. The amount of pleasure he was receiving was starting to become too much for him to handle. 

Jimin let out small moans as he sucked roughly while smacking the bunny's ass listening to his desperate moans and whines. Hoseok leaned more towards jimins lips, the two shared a sloppy kiss, saliva dripping from the corner of their mouths before jimin pulled away and smiled while licking his lips. "Do you think he's really ready for it hyung?" Hoseok hummed and looked down at jungkook who was looking up at him confused by the questions that jimin had asked. "Hmm...well he is leaking alot of slick but I'll stretch him first and you can join in when I deam him stretched enough okay?" Jimin nodded as he helped hoseok strip off his shirt, pants and boxers as hoseok helped him after.

Jungkook was a bit scared as hoseok grabbed him by under his pits lifting him up from his spot. Hoseok laid down on his back ignoring the cold wet spots jungkook left. He sat the makane on top of him grabbing the base of his cock aligning jungkooks hole. "Get ready to ride hyung baby~" hoseok hummed. Before jungkook could ask a question hoseok grabbed him roughly by his hips and slammed him down onto his raging hard cock. Jungkook let out a loud howl as he was fucked by hoseoks cock. He found himself unconsciously bouncing up and down while holding himself up with both his hand on hoseoks firm chest. Jungkook let out breathy moans and pants feeling his caged dick flop up against his stomach reminding him that no matter how hard he fucked himself against hobi-hyungs dick that he can't cum with the cage on. Hoseok started to thrust up in time with jungkooks movements cursing at the seeping wetness of the bunny's tight hole that clenched around his member. "Fuck, fuck, fuck gguk you're clenching around me feels so fucking amazing~ god you're so cute~" hoseok moaned sticking two fingers in the makanes mouth watching as he sucked and swirled his tounge around the digits. Jimim sat behind them furiously jerking off watching jungkooks ass bounce against hoseoks pelvis. He watched as hobis balls smacked against jungkooks perk ass which was such a turn on fo red him.

"Hyung please tell me he's ready"

"fuck- I think so. Hurry up and join the fun~"

"hehe gladly~"

"w-wait what are you gonna do-ah- ahhhhHHHHHHH JIMIN HYUNG NOOOOOO!"

Jungkooks eyes widened as jimin pushed the head of his cock inside his already stuffed hole groaning at the sudden warmth and tightness as his cocked rubbed up roughly against hobis. The two began thrusting at a fast pace giving jungkook no time to adjust to the feeling of having two dicks inside his hole at once. Jungkook could feel his eyes rolling to the back of his head from the sudden amount of pleasure his poor little abused hole was receiving. Jungkook found himself bouncing up against both of his hyungs cocks feeling the tips brush up against the bundle of nerves. Jungkook felt like he could explode and shoot out thick hot white loads of cum but alas his cock can only throb and dribble small amounts of pre-cum. 


Hoseok shook his head as he continues his thrusting. Squelching sounds echoing through out the room as jungkook kept pushing out large amounts of slick that leaked down his inner thighs like two waterfalls. "You have to keep it on until the doc says you can take it off okay baby~?" Jungkook whined as he pressed up against hoseoks chest feeling his stomach being stuffed full of delicious cock. "A-ah~ oh shit hyung I cant hold it anymore. I need him to take my load. And I think you know what I mean~" jimin purred as he pulled out of jungkooks hole causing hoseoks cock to slip out. Jimin bit down on his lips as he watched jungkooks hole flutter open, clenching around nothing. Jimin stood up and yanked jungkook by his arms sitting him down on his knees. Jimin grabbed the base of his shaft and began to furiously jerk off rubbing the tip of his cock against the bunny's lips. "Open your pretty mouth kookie~" jungkook hesitated before he opened his mouth sticking his tounge out. Hoseok got up and kneeled down holding jungkooks head in place as jimin slowly thrusted his cock in his mouth while he jerked the rest of the base. "Gonna cum in your mouth okay baby~? When I do don't swallow okay?" Jungkook nodded as jimin slapped the tip of his cock against his tounge.

After a few more jerks jimin spurted out nice salt thick loads of cum into jungkooks mouth thrusting his cock deep inside as he let out a low groan. "Fuuuuuck yes~ what a good little obedient baby~ now why don't you suck off hoseokie-hyung now hmm~?" Jimin purred as he immediately kneeled down turning the makane around facing hoseoks cock that was standing proudly erect glistening from jungkooks slick. "Go on baby~ take it fully in your mouth~". Hoseok grabbed jungkooks hair forcing his lips open thrusting his cock in and out of his wet cavern. Jungkook reached down pawing at the cock cage so fucking desperate to cum. Jungkook sucked his cock swirling his tounge around as jimins cum began to dribble from the corners of his mouth. "Fuck imma cum~ gonna blow my load kookie~ f-fuck jimin hold him still" hoseok hissed as he pulled himself out of jungkooks mouth and jerked his cock off. Jimin did as told holding jungkooks head still as hoseok spurt his surprisingly large amount of cum into the youngers mouth and all over his face. The thick semen splatter all over jungkooks cheeks and lips.

Jimin let out a moan as he leaned forward licking jungkooks cheek. "My god hyung you came a fuck ton~ lemme have a taste gguk~" jimin purred smashing his lips together against the makanes. Slipping his tounge inside the two exchanged pools of spit, slick and cum while letting out slutty moans. Jimin moaned a bit louder tasting his own chem mixed with hoseoks was probably the best thing he ever tasted from jungkooks mouth. Their tounges pressed roughly against each other as saliva and semem dripped down their chins. Jimin pulled away and swallowed as jungkook did the same.

"Well that was amazing! So how bout a bath~?"



(6 hours later)

Jungkook was now crying into his freshly cleaned pillows clutching them tightly after being fucked by the other for 5 hours straight. His entire body hurt and his cock was starting to feel so painful. He was still hot and horny but it just hurt so much and it seemed like his hyungs don't care about how jungkook feels. They just only wanna fuck him until they cum. Dress him up in ridiculous outfits. Baby him day and night. 

He was nothing but a sex toy to them now.

Jungkook bit back a sob. He was just so tired. He wanted all of it to go away. He just wants to be able to hang out with his hyungs again without then telling him how utterly adorable he looks today or how he should always ask for one of them to come with him if he had to use the bathroom.

He just wants it all to end already.

Jungkook passed out from crying to himself so much last night from the ridiculous amounts of pain and headaches he had.

The pains stayed.

Until the very next day.


Jungkook let out a soft whine groaning at the soreness that ran all over his body. He reached up and scratched his head feeling a certian something missing.


"That's strange...where are they?"