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Not your baby... but call me your baby bunny

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Third person p.o.v

Jungkook really thought that being able to hide his bunny ears and tail from the public and his fans would be easy but he thought oh so very wrong. Having to pin down his ears and place a hat on top and tucking in his tail in his pants were causing him great amount of discomfort that jungkook had to hold back tears. And of all days it just turns out today was their fansign.

Right now jungkook was sitting on his chair bouncing his leg up and down to try to make the pain go away as he greeted every fan. One fan had asked him why he was wearing a hat all of a sudden and jungkook told them that it was a surprise, which wasn't really a lie since his bunny ears were quite a surprise anyways. Trying to find another way to distract himself jungkook had chugged down 2 bottles of water not really paying attention to how much he had already been drinking. 

Right after the boys were done signing all albums and interacting with each and every of their fans they got up to do their thing which was mess sround and talk with the group and such. But jungkook wasn't having any fun at all. He finally started to regret drinking 2 bottles of water when he started to feel the pressure in his bladder grow. He could practically tell he was clenching around the special butt plug his hyungs had gotten him. He started bouncing around the small stage to keep him from making a accident which the fans feel for and called him cute saying how much he looked liked a bunny.

Oh if only they knew.

Jungkook was letting out small and tiny whimpers biting down on his bottom lip to keep himself from whining out loudly. Walking over to hoseok jungkook stood behind him resting his chin on top of his shoulder. What the bunny wasn't expecting was for hoseok to reach around behind and grab jungkooks tail through his pants causing the makane to let out a small choked moan. Hoseok reacted with a chuckle and pulled his hand away keeping an eye on the younger through out the rest of the fansign.

Once the event was over jungkook rushed over to the bathrooms only to find that they were closed for painting and redesigning purposes. Which mean jungkook had to hold it in to the car ride back to the dorm. However once in the car he threw the hat off and unpinned his bunny ears letting them spring up and twitch from being restrained for so long. "Awww poor baby~ it must have been hard to hide your ears like that~" hoseok cooed reaching over stroking the bunny's ears causing him to shiver in delight. The others nodded. "Yeah I'm surprised you weren't complaining about it either. You did such a good job today jungkookie" namjoon spoke softly patting the boys head causing the younger to blush. Jungkook just let out soft noises finding it hard to speak since he was focusing on trying not to piss his pants. 

Once the car made it to the dorm the boys shuffled out with jungkook running past them almost at the front doors before he forgot to get his phone. He cursed and ran back to the car, grab his phone and finally run his way back to the front doors and inside to the first restroom inside their dorm outside the hallway. Jungkook almost slipped when he saw hoseok standing outside the door to the bathroom staring at the makane smirking. "You need to use the bathroom gguk?" Jungkook quickly nodded his head causing his bunny ears to flop up and down. His legs were beginning to wobble from anticipation. The fact that he was right near the bathroom almost made his bladder burst right then and there. "Poor baby~ you look like you can't move~ you want hyungs help? Hmm?" Hoseok purred leaning down as the makane let out a loud whine falling to his knees. Jungkook was going to feel embarrassed if his hyung is going to help him pee but he would feel even more embarrassed if he peed himself in the middle of the hall so the makane nodded his head. Hoseok smiled grabbing the younger under his armpits and opened the door to the bathroom.

Hoseok helped the bunny unzip his pants and yank them down to his ankles along with his underwear. Holding the base of the shaft hoseok leaned forward resting his chin on the boys shoulder. "Go on bun-bun~ nothing to be ashamed of~ let it go baby~" feeling his hyungs hot breath against the nair of his neck made jungkook twitch in arousal. Finally after having to wait for so long jungkook got to release a long hot golden stream. His face was flushed a bright hot red as tears began to build in the corners of his eyes. "Look at you baby~ you're so pretty for hyung aren't you~" hoseok cooed sliding his free hand down behind jungkooks back to his tail roughly grabbing it while his other hand slowly jerked off the boys cock messing with him having to pee. "A-aah! Hy-hyung stop" jungkook whined feeling a sharp stinging sensation build in his abdomen as the flow was blocked off from hoseoks hand. Hoseok licked up and down the boys neck moaning at the sweet taste of his smooth supple skin. "Mmm baby you look so good~ I bet you'll feel even better when your nice tight bunny hole is being fucked by my cock. Would you like that baby~? You would wouldn't you? Wanna be stuffed full with my cock~?" Jungkook could feel himself growing hazy and hot that he couldn't even concentrate on wanting to pee or anything else anymore. He slowly nodded his head and the sound of a zipper opening and hoseoks hard cock slapping against his ass cheeks caught his attention. "Alrighty~! Upsy daisy~!" Hoseok sung grabbing jungkook by his thighs lifting up from the ground as he pulled the butt plug out letting the slick spill out onto the floor and jungkooks thighs.

Jungkook let out a choked moan feeling hoseok slowly push his dick inside the bunny's dripping hole. Loud squelching sounds flooded the room as hoseok thrusted his hips back and forth. Drool was dripping from the bunny's mouth as he looked down at his dick flopping between his legs and throbbing a painful bright red. "Ah~ hy-hyung~ feels weird! Feels really weird~" hoseok looked at the younger with half kidded eyes and moaned resting the boys left leg on the sink as he reached over in front running his fingers over the boys slit causing jungkook to buck his hips forward and twitch uncontrollably in pleasure. "It feels good doesn't it baby~ you like when hyung fucks you like this uh~" hoseok hummed as he snapped his hips with more force as more slick began to drip down his pelvis staining his jeans. "Fuck you're so tight around my cock~ you're practically swallowing me in~" hoseok moaned as he started fucking the bunny at a faster pace. Jungkook arched his back feeling small dribbles of pee drip down the slit of his member. His eyes widened, "AH! H-hyung it's gonna come out! M-my pee it-it's gonna come out-" jungkook sobbed feeling his eyes roll to the back of his head his he spurted out a stream of piss. His cock twitched painfully as the piss stream calmed down while hoseok was continuing to fuck the poor bunny into overstimulation. Jungkooks eyes widened as his orgasm crashed down on him. His whole body twitch as strings of white goopy cum shot out landing on his legs and bathroom floor. He let out a long moan as hoseok snapped his hips a few more times before filling the younger with his hot thick semen.

Carefully placing the makane dowm hoseok let out a loud sigh and whipped the sweat off from his forehead. "Whew that was the best fuck I've ever had in my life! You're such a good boy jungkookie, such a good good boy~!" Hoseok sung squishing the boys cheeks. Jungkook responded with a drunken smile and let out a soft whine. " 'm sticky" hoseok looked at the mess the two had made and nodded. "Oh we're both sticky! We should take a shower, I'll clean up the mess while you shower okay bun-bun?" Hoseok spoke as jungkook nodded again.

While jungkook was taking a shower and hoseok was cleaning up the piss and cum mess on the floor the others were sitting outside in the living room having listened to the two's fuck fest inside the bathroom.

".....well at least hobi hyung won't complain about not giving jungkook a handjob anymore-"

"Jimin I swear to god-JUST SHUT UP!"