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Not your baby... but call me your baby bunny

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Third person p.o.v

Jungkook doesn't like to lie when he says he doesn't like to be babied by the older because he really does. But these few months it seems as if they're treating him like he's an actual toddler. Yoongi always holds jungkooks hand when they're out so the youngest doesn't get lost. Jimin and taehyung always play with him but not video games no, they bring out coloring books and use namjoons and hobis figurines to play with. Seokjin always cuts his food whenever it seemed like it was too big for jungkook to put in his mouth and helping jungkook dress up for the day or dress up in his pj's for "sleepy time" which is what seokjin calls it. Hoseok always has the youngest sit in his lap and bathe with him at night. And of all people namjoon always accompanied the youngest to the restroom even when they're home.

Jungkook was getting really sick of it now. He doesn't when the babying started to grow but he wanted it to stop before his hyungs embarrass him in public for everyone to witness.

Right now the group had just finished a recording session and jungkook has never felt so tied before in his life. Plopping down on the couch once they got to their backstage room jungkook felt a pair of hands massage his scalp. "Aww jungkookie you look so tired~! You did such a good job today~!" Jin cooed messing up the boys hair causing him to scowl and slap his hyungs hand away. "Maybe you shouldn't practice so hard next time. You didn't even get a chance to sleep because you stayed all night at the dance studio." Namjoon spoke as one of the staff members were fanning him and blotting away the sweat. Jungkook shook his head. "If I hadn't stayed up I would have failed today-" "nuh-uh jungkookie, your health is more important and you missed sleepy time too so you should take some time to rest right now." Jimin cut jungkook off and waggle his finger. "B-but I-" "Yah jungkook-ah just go to sleep. One of us will carry you to the car okay?" Taehyung hummed plopping down right next to jungkook pulling the younger boy down so that his head was resting in his lap. Jungkook really wasn't tired but he felt his eyes growing heavy and before he knew it he was already fast asleep.

"Aww look he actually fell alseep~"

"Hey taehyung put his thumb in his mouth I wanna take picture~!"

That was all jungkook heard before drifting off to sleep.


Jungkook groggily woke up struggling to open his eyes. He was laying on the couch in the living room with his thumb shockingly still in his mouth which he didn't pull out. The others were sitting around him watching t.v. it seemed like some type of movie was playing that jungkook had never seen before. "Aww look who's awake~ did you have a good nap baby~?" Hoseok cooed as he softly patted the makanes head. Jungkook slowly nodded as he let out a yawn pulling his thumb out. The others Aw'ed at how adorablely innocent he looked still sleepy. "Jin-hyung just finished dinner. Let's go kookie upsy daisy~" jimin sung as he grabbed the youngests hands walking him to the kitchen sitting him down on a chair. Jungkook looked down at his plate almost scoffing at the sight of his steak already cut up into bite size pieces and he had.....a sippy cup?!?! Jungkook rolled his eyes grabbing the cup holding it into the air.

"What the hell is this?!?" "Well you tend to spill your drink alot so this is much more helpful to keep you from making a mess" Jin spoke staring nonchalantly at the makane who was glaring at them. "Why can't I have a normal cup or at least one with a lid and a straw?!?" "Yah it's not that big of a deal hush up and open wide" yoongi scolded as he held up a fork with a piece of steak on it. Jungkook huffed and frowned before he slowly opened his mouth blushing as yoongi fed him. "Awww~" jungkook growled "oh shut up!" "Hey! Jungkook you know better than to talk back like that!" "But hyung all of this is getting out of hand-" "ah not another word. Once yoongi helps you finish your dinner you're going straight to bed after you bathe with hobi and that's final!" Jin scolded holding up his finger wiggling it in the air.

Jungkook couldn't believe it. They were acting like his parents when he was 6 years old. But he wasn't 6 anymore, the man is 21 for Pete's sake and he's here actually taking being babied like this.

Once jungkook allowed yoongi to feed him his entire plate hoseok did the unthinkable and carried the boy bridal style in his arms as he walked to the wash room. Jungkook started fussing but hoseok shushed him with a kiss on the tip of his nose. Setting jungkook down hoseok ran the bath water grabbing a little bucket and pulled out some bath toys like rubber duckies and a cute little toy boat with a sailor along with it. Jungkook noticed his pj's were already set out seeing them sitting on top of the marble counter by the sink. 

As the tub was filling hoseok helped jungkook strip off his clothes placing soft kisses all over the boys chest causing jungkook to become all flustered. "Heheh you're such a cute boy jungkookie! Such a good cute boy for hyung~!" Hoseok cooed patting the boys head before he turned off the bath water picking up the makane and slowly setting him inside before he stripped off his clothes and climbed in behind the youngest.

The bath was a bit more...weirder than usual. Normally hoseok would let jungkook wash his hair but this time hoseok was doing all the work by washing and rinsing his hair. Jungkook was hoping that hobi would at least let him wash his own body but once he lathered up the lofa in body wash and began washing the boys torso jungkook knew the worst was about to come. Hoseok was rubbing the lofa in circular motions around the boys chest slowly washing down to the worst part jungkook never thought his hyung would wash. He could feel the lofa brushing up against his soft member causing him to squirm in embarrassment. "Aww jungkookie your little willy is so cute~" jungkooks eyes widened as his face turned a hot flushed bright red. "H-HYUNG! Jungkook flinched as he struggled to get out of the tub but hoseok pulled him back. "Hey stop you're splashing water everywhere!" Hoseoks hand pressed down roughly against jungkooks little member causing the younger to let out a small shakey moan. Hoseok noticed and wiggled his eyesbrows. "Oh did that feel good kookie~?" He hummed as he slowly stroked his free hand up and down jungkooks hardening member. Jungkook let out a small groan as he squirmed in hoseoks grasp. Hoseok pumped his hand faster every second feeling the makane buck his hips against his hand.

Right before jungkook was about to reach his orgasm hoseok pulled his hand away and pulled the plug to drain out the water. Jungkook let out a loud whine as hoseok pulled the youngest out of the tub and began crying him clean ignoring the fact that he stil has a boner. After getting all dressed up in his pj's and sent off to his bedroom he heard his hyungs talking outside.

"Oh my god you guys would not believe what happened while in the tub~!"

"What happened?"

"Okay so I was washing jungkooks body and he was trying to get out but while I was holding him back my hand slipped against his cute little willy and he let out the most adorable moan ever~!"

"Okay from now on jungkook is bathing with namjoon"

"Jin-hyung no!"

Jungkook let out a sigh as he layed down on his bed closing his eyes. Until all of a sudden a pounding headache appeared out of no where. He clutched the sides of his head letting out small tiny whimpers. He got up and walked to the restroom taking some pain killers and going back to bed. 2 hours later and the pain hasn't gone away at all. The pain started spreading down throughout his entire body now and he could find it so hard and painful to move.

So jungkook ended up falling asleep due to crying so much from the pain.


Jungkook woke up whining from small sharp stinging sensation in his head but the pain died down. Sitting up jungkook let out a yelp feeling a sharp pain on his bum. He reached behind grabbing ahold of something really soft and fluffy. He yanked it and gasped at the sudden pain and strange arousal that shot through his body.

His eyes widened as he yanked a agian and the same feeling happened. He shot up and ran to the bathroom and almost passed out from the sight.

A pair of white fluffy bunny ears stood tall on his head while the right side was a little bit floppy not sitting up right like the left ear. He turned around seeing a fluffy bunny tail sitting atop of his butt cheeks.

Jungkook started breathing a bit to quickly as he tried to calm down. How could this happen? Is he dreaming? He tugged the bunny ears feeling a sharp pain and confirmed it was indeed real. How could he just have bunny ears and a tail all of a sudden? This shouldn't be possible but here he is.

A fucking bunny.

Jungkook blinked feeling a strange wetness between his legs. Reaching down and swiping his fingers between his thighs he cringed at the sticky wetness. This wasn't pee so what was it? Too distracted with the sticky wetness between his legs jungkook flinched heaving the bathroom door open seeing taehyung standing in the doorway with wide eyes.