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    We are a group of Game of Thrones fans who refuse to accept that a story we have loved for years ends in this cheap and mediocre. We refuse to ignore the strong development and struggles that our favorite characters experienced in seasons 1 - 7, just for the sake of shock value. We believe that the characters of color weren't meant to be used as props. We know that a woman's emotions should never equate to madness. We stand by our belief that Season 8 and it's 'endgame' are not our Game of Thrones!

    With the show ended the fandom is now left in a state of starvation for 'Fix-It Fics'. We welcome anyone who would like to add their own Game of Thrones 'Fix-It Fics' to this collection. No matter who you ship, whether you are writing within the timeline of the current season or a postseason 8 fic, you are welcome to add it here. Our goal is to collect as many Fix-It fics as we can!

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