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Parallel Universes

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Grizz has always known that he was different. He realized he liked boys when he was young, but he never acted on it, since it seemed like he wouldn’t be accepted for it. He had taken tap dancing classes and could remember his mom having a picture of him wearing a feather boa from that time somewhere. Then the next thing he knew, he wasn’t going to dance classes anymore, but rather going to pee-wee football practice which his mom chose to sign him up for. When he started football, he didn’t know anyone but was so grateful when a boy named Luke brought his friends, Clark and Jason, over to talk to him. From that day on they were inseparable and if one was around, the other three wouldn’t be far behind.


A few years later at football practice he noticed a boy with red hair walking with a girl around the track of the field. What were they doing with their hands? he wondered, so he decided to ask his friends.

“Hey guys, any idea what those two are doing?" He asked.

“Becca’s signing with Sam. Did you not know that Sam is deaf?” Luke responded.

Wait, Luke knows them? How do I not know who they are? “Dude, I don’t even know Sam or Becca, or at least I don’t think I do.” he told Luke. Pretty sure if knew Sam, I would remember meeting him, he thought.

“Well I can introduce you to them, if you want” Luke offered, and right away Grizz said “Okay!” Luke looked at him with an eyebrow raised and Grizz quickly added, “I mean, yeah, that’d be cool.”

On the way to meet Sam, Grizz tries to fix his hair but finally gives up and puts it up in the little ponytail/bun that he can with the length that his hair is at right now. When they finally catch up to Sam and Becca, Grizz has the most extreme case of butterflies that he can ever remember having. He smiles at Sam when he catches his eyes, the most breathtaking blue eyes, like the brightest blue sky and the clearest ocean rolled into one.

“Hey Sam, Hey Becca” Luke waves while making sure to look at Sam so that he can read his lips. “I wanted to introduce you guys to my friend, Grizz.”

Grizz waves shyly, “Hi, nice to meet you both.” He sees Sam look at Becca like he’s confused and wonders what he did wrong, until he saw Becca signing to him. When she notices Grizz’s expression she tells him “you just spoke a little too fast for Sam to be able to read your lips.”

Grizz let out a breath that he didn’t even realize he was holding when she told him that, he surely thought he had done something wrong, but knowing that he didn’t put him at ease.

“We were just about to grab some pizza for dinner, if you guys wanted to join.” Grizz said, smiling brightly while looking at Sam.

Sam nodded and smiled, signing while he said, “Okay, that sounds nice Grizz.”

Holy shit, I want to hear him say my name all the time. Grizz thought when he heard Sam say his name.

After they all agreed to go get pizza, they walked together, Luke on one side then Becca next to him, followed by Sam and Grizz on the other side of Sam.