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Lovesick |Yandere Fanfic Collection|

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A bright cloudless afternoon in early spring. The sun washed the earth below in golden rays. A perfect day to let hyper active children tucker themselves out in the park before lunch and an afternoon nap.

A mother pushed a stroller with a sleeping baby while her young daughter skipped next to her to avoid stepping on any cracks in the sidewalk. Her ponytail, held up with a blue ribbon swung back and forth with each step and her red cape, which she insisted on wearing everywhere, fluttered in the gentle breeze.

The little family reached the park, and before the girl could spirit to the June gym, her mother knelt in front of her in that way adults do when they want to make eye contact with small children.

“Don’t play, rough [Rae], and make sure you play where I can see you, okay?”

[Rae] smiled nodded. Moments later she was making the jungle her headquarters and scanned the playground for evil activity. When she confirmed the only activity going on was of the play-ground variety, hopped off the jungle gym and decked to play on the swings.

In that moment, she heard a cry from the other of the play ground. [Rea] looked over at her mother. She was busy talking with another mother, surely she would notice if [Rea] quickly helped whoever was in trouble and came right back.

[Rea] darted off in the direction of the cry and found three boys picking another boy.

There was a mean looking blonde boy amongst the bullies, who seemed to be the ringleader. Their victim was a freckled-faced boy with messy green hoar. He tried his best to hold his own, but numbers weren’t on his side.

[Rea]’s eyes filled with tears of empathy and frustration If no one was around to help the boy then she would. She backed up took a deep breath and, then running a full speed she yelled, “I am here!” Before tackling the blond boy to the ground.

“Ow! What’s your problem?” The blond bully barked.

[Rea], slightly disoriented from the fall, shot up quickly and stood in front of the boy who stared at her wind eyed.

“Ganging up on someone weaker than you is the worst! I’ll bite you if you don’t leave him alone!”

Two of the boys backed down.

“Let’s go,” one said.

“Yeah, she’s crazy,” said the other.

The blond boy clicked his tongue and turned away.

“Dumb Deku’s so weak he needs a girl to protect him. So lame.” He said before walking away.

[Rea] sighed in relief as the trio walked away. She turned to the green-haired boy.

“Are you okay?” She asked offering a hand to help him up.

The boy, mesmerized by her smile nodded and took her hand.

[Rea] noticed a small cut on the boy’s face. And reached into her pocket for a bandaid; a hero’s always prepared.

“Hold still,” she ordered as she gently placed the bandaid over the boy’s cut.

“Almost forgot.”

[Rea] leaned in and kissed where the bandaid was. The boy’s face lit up like a fire.

She smiled. “My, mommy always kisses my cuts and bruises to make them better, so I thought I’d do the same for you... um what’s your name?”

“... Izuku,” the boy said looking down, his face still flushed.

“Izuku,” [Rea] repeated.

“Is it okay if I call you Izu-chan?”

Izuku nodded and [Rea]’s smile widened. She grabbed his hand and led him to the jungle gym.

“Come with me. I’ll show my hero headquarters... oh and you can call me [Rea].”

This time, Izuku smiled as he followed suit.

From that day on Izuku were best friends. Attached at the hip, inseparable; they could leave each other alone if they wanted to. As the year’s pasted [Rea] took it upon herself to protect Izuku from his explosive childhood friend.

And though he didn’t have the power to do it. Izuku longed to protect [Rea]. Sheild her from anyone who wanted to hurt or upset her. And protect her smile. God did her adore that smile. It was cleansing, seeing it washed away all his negative feelings and renewed his drive to be a hero.

In Izuku eyes, [Rea] was an angel.

However he knew full well and angel had no business in this world. Having other people around would taint her, taint her beauty, taint her smile.

Just seeing her talk to and laugh people other than him drove him crazy. The only solace he found was that [Rea] smiled around him the most. He made it his purpose in live to make [Rea] happy. He researched things she liked and bought her gifts and made her laugh.

Izuku convinced himself [Rea]’s smile was closest to him, and him alone.

Until, they reached high school where the two went their spectre ways. Izuku got into U. A High while [Rea] enrolled in a smaller hero school.

Izuku tried his best to keep it together. But not being able to see her everyday felt like a curse. His focus split between his studies and [Rea]’s wellbeing. Who was she with? What was she doing? Was she smiling? God, he hoped not. The thought of missing his sweet [Rea]’s angelic smile cut through his heart like a hot knife though glass.

Again the only thing at eased Izuku’s mind was meeting up her at the train station after school. [Rea] would run up to him, with a huge grin on her face. Happy to see, him and only him. He nearly exploded with euphoria every day.

However, Izuku found himself cursed again when he looked at his phone to find a disturbing message:

“Hanging out with a friend today, so don’t wait for me at the station.”

“Friend?” He muttered to himself.

“What friend? I’m her best friend. No... at this point we’re more than friends right? Lovers? Yeah, we’re lovers. So why is doing this? Who is she with? Is it another guy? No, no no. Even if it’s not I don’t want her alone with anyone other than me. Whoever she’s with will try to taint her. No doubt. I can’t have that... my sweet [Rea]...”

Izuku pulled out a notebook from his backpack. If differed from his other notebooks. Hearts and candid pictures of [Rea] littered the front cover.

“Let’s see... if she’s hanging out after school she can only be one of two places... I’ll check here first.”


Izuku watched from the bushes as [Rea] talked with a boy while sitting on the park bench. The park was empty, which made Izuku more nervous. With no one around who knows what kinds of things that guy thought her could away with.

The blood in Izuku’s body reached boiling point when the boy put his arm around [Rea] who looked up at him and smiled.



Izuku whispered. His voice hoarse and full of pain.

“No... that spot at her side is mine.... and that smile... is mine...[Rea] is mine!”

“SMASH!” Izuku jumped from the bushes and leaned a right on the boy’s face. He flew across the park and crashed into the jungle gym.

“Izumi-chan! Why would you do that!?” [Rea] both bewildered and profoundly frightened by Izuku’s actions. Her eyes darted to the boy. He wasn’t dead, but badly injured.

“I have to call an ambulance.” As she reached into her backpack, a hand stopped her. She looked up to find a crying Izuku starting at her.

“Why?” He asked. His voice breaking with every breath.

“Why do you care about him? Am I not enough? All I want is to protect you smile from being tainted my this world. And... I’m finally sting enough to do it look.”

He pointed to the injured boy a few meters away.

He held up his right arm, broken and bruised from using his quirk.

“I’ll break myself over and over for you sake. [Rea].... I love you. I love you so much it hurts. Even now, my heart feels like it’ll split in two.”

Izuku cupped [Rea]’s face with his left arm.

“So please... smile only for me.”

He pulled her into a kiss, on [Rea]’s end it felt forced, and rough. On Izuku’s end it embodied sweetness. Kissing [Rea] meant kissing an angel. As their lips touched, the darkest parts of his soul turned white like he was being reborn. The pain in his right arm dissipated, the broken bones realized and fused together.

Izuku broke the kiss.

“My arm... right your quirk.. Your bodily fluids can heal. Tears, sweat, blood...”

He ran his thumb across her lips.


“The perfect quirk for an angel like you.”

“Izu-chan... we.. need to call and ambulance... he could die.”

“Oh yeah, your quirk makes you sleepy.”

Izuku’s face lit up.

“And you didn’t even think to use it on that guy. That makes me so happy.”

[Rea] leaned on his rest, ready to pass out. She didn’t have the strength to tell Izuku she the boy’s injuries were too severe and her quirk wouldn’t do him much good.

“I’ll call an ambulance, but only if you promise to come home with me, [Rea]”

[Rea] nodded, struggling to keep her eyes open.

A large, twisted grin spread across Izuku’s face. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his cellphone. As he dialed for an ambulance he whispered in [Rea]’s ear just as she fell asleep.

“I’m sorry... [Rea]. But now that I’ve confessed my feelings. I have no intention of letting you go.”

A/n this is the first time I’ve written a yandere story so feedback is much appreciated. Having said that I had a lot of fun writing this and I look forward to writing more.