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Brilliant Lies

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" She's mad but she's magic. There is no lie in her fire."
—Charles Bukowski

We are Wheelers

We are the conservatives from the end of the cul-de-sac.

We are willow-limed and white-smiled. We are strong-jawed, dimple-chined, and straight-shouldered. We wear our white collars pressed, our pearl earrings heirloom.

We are scholars, entrepreneurs, and athletes.

We do not mind if divorce tears this family into five. We do not mind if empty wine bottles feed the recycling, if child support checks feed the empty bank. We do not mind if infrequent visits replace a father, phone calls a brother, holiday cards a sister, apathy a mother.

We do not mind if all the children vanish.

We are Wheelers.

We are not accidents. We are not arsonists. We are not broken.

We are not a family burning to the ground.

We are Wheelers. And we are brilliant liars.