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Help with Prompts

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Hey peoples,

So I'm having major issues with thinking of something to read and also something people might want to read so I had a great idea to ask you beautiful people for prompts. So these prompts don't have to be ship-based and I have a slight sweet spot for writing Alec-Centric stuff but I'm open to other characters. Most of these fics will be on the TV show, although I have read the TMI series.

I'm mostly taking one-shots but if I love a prompt then it could grow into something else?

Thanks, guys
N x

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Okay, so I’d like to state as I’ve had actually a few doubts about this whole thing but if you prompt a character who isn’t Alec then I’m fine with that. I’ll do the character you want.

If you prompt MAGNUS I’ll do MAGNUS, if you prompt JACE I’ll do JACE etc. I don’t want anyone at all to mistake when I stated ‘I have a slight sweet spot for Alec-centric fics’ because that’s all it is, I’m not incapable of doing other characters and don’t appreciate being generalised as an author who does that just because my favourite character happens to be Alec.

Mind the bad grammar if there is any, I’m quickly typing this up before I leave the house. Any more question? Just ask, don’t assume.

N x