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Yoon Yura was not the kind of woman who processed emotion like every person did. Like normal people did. Her upbringing made sure of that.

It was tradition for members of her family to go into the 'family business' and join branches of government agencies. She was expected to join as well. Was even trained for it from a young age. Joining the family business was an honor. A right of passage.

Until that day happen. And the family business was tainted with red, anger and resentment. So she left and never looked back. Cut everyone from her old life off and rejected them all whenever they reached out.


Well, almost everyone.


Yoon Mirae was the other black sheep of the family. The only one left who was untainted. The only other one who chose to say no to the family business from the start and stay clean of it. They had an understanding. Don't bring up that side of the family.

So when Mirae contacted her one day about a job Yura was understandably confused and apprehensive. Until she got to Korea, got on that set and saw for herself.


The kid had the cloud of hardship and the glint of innocence in his eyes. Kim Namjoon was his name. Talented, polite, kind, witty, sharp and ridiculously sweet and lovable.

Kim Namjoon reminded her of him and that made the strings of her cold and hollowed heart tug painfully at the memory

And she felt the urge to protect Kim Namjoon the way she couldn't protect him. So she did what Mirae asked.


And she didn't stop there.


It started with Namjoon but continued with Yoongi, Seokjin, Hoseok, Jimin, Taehyung, Jungkook and even Sejin. And she watched over the kids for years, grew attached and viciously protective of them.

And without even knowing, they slowly mended broken pieces of her soul. Made her heart beat again and made her feel positive emotion after what felt like an eternity of going back and forth between anger and numbness. Gave her friendship and a family.


She was for once truly happy.




Which was why she didn't appreciate being contacted on an emergency line and being pulled away from Bangtan's side. And honestly, at this point in her life she could care less about her old work or the rest of the Yoon household for that matter.


The only reason she went was her old files. Ones that could be held over her head like axe.




"Agent Y-"

"Not an agent." Yura cut off stiffly as she marched into the director's office, a cap over the wig in place on her head, mask covering the lower half of her face and sunglasses obscuring her eyes.


The man sighed and got up, waiting secretary closed the door and gave them privacy before opening his arms in an invitation for a hug. Yura didn't move from her spot and the man awkwardly put his arms back down.


"Yura... No hug for your favorite uncle?" He asked with a resigned frown.

"You called for an emergency, director."


Director Yoon sighed as he went back behind his desk, sitting heavily as he pulled open a fingerprint activated hidden drawer, taking a small, familiar looking flash drive out. Yura made sure she didn't react as she stood still in front of the desk.


"The security breach we had last month was definitely an eye opener," He placed the flash drive on the desk and pushed it towards her. "I've come to realize that, by holding onto this, I could've endangered your life and the lives of those you protect."


At that Yura viciously snatched the flash drive off the desk as she glared daggers into the man "I hope you realize that if anything had happened to Bangtan because of your incompetence and pettiness I would've hunted you all down and made you suffer."


"I am aware." He nodded, head down, "It was petty of me to hold onto it-'"

"You mean hold it over my head like a bargaining chip?" She cut off scathingly.


Director Yoon had the decency to look ashamed. "l'd hoped that maybe if I did, then one day you would return home."


"My home is wherever they are." She stressed viciously, thinking of the seven boys waiting for news of her. But she couldn't go back to them not before she made sure the last string holding her to the past was cut off and burned to dust and scattered into the wind. Her fist tightened around the flash drive. "Anything else, director?"


Director Yoon closed his eyes, suddenly looking twice his age. Yura couldn't find it in her to care. She couldn't wait to leave and never come back.

"Just one more" The man finally said, "Unfortunately your father was injured during the security breach," Yura's breath hitched, "It's bad."

"How long does he have?" She finally asked.

"Not long. He's asking that we pull the plug." That bad then huh... "He's down in one of our special ICUs. Would you see him? Before he.."


Yura looked away, walking over to the wall where a photo of director Yoon and the president shaking hands was hung on display. She grimaced as she studied the photo, disgusted by the thought of the uncle she once thought of as proud and honorable shaking hands with corrupt men in power. "l'm not sure that's a good idea."


Director Yoon got up, slowly approach until he stood next to her "Yujin wou-"

"Do not dare!" She spun at him, venom in her voice, barely restraining herself from punching the man in the face. "Do not dare... ever speak of him as if you knew anything about him." The man took a step back, raising his hands in surrender, knowing he'd crossed a line.


"If there's nothing else l'll be taking my leave then. It'Il take me at least a week as it is to make sure all those files are properly destroyed." Yura pulled herself together as she headed to the door, "Goodbye, director." She left, and the man didn't call her back.




She knew it was the director's fault. She knew bringing him up was a low blow at emotional blackmail that was bound to work. Manipulative bastard.

Which was why she was standing in front of the special ICU, looking through the glass at the prone form of her father. The door was fingerprint locked, and Yura knew that the nurse heading her way was sent by the director to let her in. The prick was probably watching her through the security cameras.


As expected, the nurse opened the door and stepped away, waiting dutifully outside for when to let her out again.


Special agent Yuhan Yoon looked nothing special as he lay thin and pale, looking disturbingly breakable in a hospital gown. He had opened his eyes whern the door opened, looking weary as someone completely obscured from head to toe stepped in.

"You look awful, old man." Yura said, and she knew he recognized her voice when the monitor indicated his heart beating faster. "

Yura?... Is that really you?" He asked hoarsly.

"l'd take the mask and glasses off but I don't want to be anywhere near ISA security camera footage."

Her father gave a tired chuckle, extending a trembling hand towards her. She stepped closer and let him hold her glove covered hand. "No finger prints either."

"Can't be too careful right?"

"No, I suppose you can't." He smiled slightly.  "Probably should've been just as careful, severe spinal injuries are no fun."


Yura narrowed her eyes at him as he tried to look past the mask and glasses, "I hear you want them to pull your plug."

"Your mother is trying to talk me out of it." He groaned. "But there's really no recovery for me. My injuries are too severe for that." He smiled wryly. "'I'll only get worse. And a man like me can't live like this, can he?"

"No. I suppose you would rather not live if your choices were taken from you."

His face instantly twisted into one of guilt and Yura felt slightly bad about it but mostly vindictive, "Yura, l–"


"Took an idea out of a comic book and groomed me to be a Black Widow? You did. Tried to do the same to Yujin? You did."

"l'll never forgive myself for what happened with Yujin, and I don't expect you to f-"

"I don't forgive you." She said matter of factly. That shut the man up instantly, his eyes misting as his breath hitched. "Yujin was cut from a different cloth than the rest of us. It was obvious to everyone that he wasn't cut off for the family business. I did everything I could to be enough, just so you would leave him alone. I even begged you." She shook her head at the memory, "And yet you tried to force him into it anyway. Hoped that threatening to disown him would 'bring him back to his senses'. Because you'd rather your son hold a gun in his hand than a guitar." Yura watched the tears run down the man's face, allowing herself just a little bit of what felt like a righteous crulity "Well it didn't, and I'm a twin down."


The heart monitor must've alerted the nurse watching behind the glass outside because the door opened and she rushed in, checking for pain and vitals and painkiller dosages then giving him a sedative.


"I can forgive you for everything else, just never for his death." Yura repeated. "But Yujin would've." Her father's breath hitched again on a sob as his eyes snapped back to her face. "He's always been more emotional and more capable of kindness than I'll ever be." Yura cracked a humorless smile behind the face mask. "I knew Yujin best. I know that if he were standing here, he'd forgive you."


Yura felt the man's hand squeeze hers one last time as the sedatives finally kicked in and his breathing started to calm, eyes fluttering, nearly asleep "I hope you go in peace. Goodbye."


Yura let his hand go once it went lax in her hand, turned around and left without looking back.




It took her more than a week's work, longer than expected to get the job done. Necessity and paranoia demanded that she travel to at least five random locations in countries with the least sufficient government security using a fake identity and a heavily contoured face, buying a new laptop, securing it's systems properly before she used it to decode every file on the flash drive and finally have the private urls and pass codes she needed to burn down all of her old files for good.

No more connections to any of her old work. Nothing that indicates her relation to the same American Yoons of the ISA. It's a great time to feel grateful that Koreans have a short list of family name varieties and that hers were too paranoid for family photos.

Her identity is finally and officially secure. Just another Korean 'Yoon' out of a million others.

It took her longer than expected to burn down the last of the strings, nearly a month. She'd missed being there for the boys' comeback, but she made sure to send them a message before the music video dropped. A childishly coded message because Jungkook loved playing detective so she indulged him when she could. Yoongi would know about the flowers and she was there when they recorded Home. They'd know it was from her.


All she had to do was shop for gifts now. Hopefully the kids won't be too mad about her sudden disappearance. The snapchat code she sent them is secure enough for occasional messages and reassurances until she's finally with them. She couldn't wait to be home again. Just one more week to go.