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No Dreams and No Nightmares

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-Beep- 'It hurts so much to breath.

-Beep- 'Am I going to die?'

A small pale figure laid propped up in a hospital bed. His tiny frame now so gaunt his gown could barely hang on to his shoulders. An EKG kept a slow, steady beat by his side.

'My chest hurts so bad. My face hurts so bad. It hurts inside my head.'

The figure let out a pitiful moan as pain flared around his nose; his painkillers were wearing off again.

'I don't want to die, but then maybe it wouldn't hurt so bad.'

'My face itches, but if I touch it, it will hurt again. The cream feels so weird.'

Even if he wanted to, it would have been impossible for him to actually touch anything below his eyes. A thick mask of ointment-soaked bandages swathed the boy's face from his nose to just above his underdeveloped Adam's apple.

'That girl from school said that when we die, we go to Heaven or Hell. I hope I go to go to Heaven if I die. It sounds so fun and maybe I won't hurt anymore. I bet it has katsudon and candy and soda and everyone has a super cool quirk. Even quirkless people like me.'

"Ooowwww," He groaned out pitifully as the pain in his face throbbed particularly badly. His voice was unusually raspy despite his young age, another symptom of his injuries. His head lolled to the side and his blurry vision rested on something translucent, his IV bag. The doctors gave it to him because his burns made it too difficult to eat.

'I really want to eat again. The doctor said that it would be weeks before I can eat again, but that was before I got an infection.'

The injured youth stared at the bag with bloodshot eyes that could not focus properly.

'… If I died here, would I go to Hell? I don't want to go to Hell. The girl made it sound so scary and it might hurt even worse there. I bet its full of more bullies too. I really don't want to go there and I really don't want to die, but I heard the doctor say I might because of my infection. What is an infection anyway?'

He was broken out of his thoughts by the sound of footsteps. 'That must be the nurse. She's going to put more of that stuff in the bag.'

He watched dispassionately as the nurse, a woman with short pink hair and green eyes, about as much as he could make out, injected a number of clear fluids into a port on the IV and gave relief to his growing pain. "Don't worry Izuku-kun," she assured him in a kind, motherly voice. "You're going to be alright."

He didn't respond. He simply turned his head away from her and stared out the window at the rain that had just begun falling. Seeing that the boy was in no mood, the nurse quietly left the boy to his musings.

'… She also said that God has a plan for everyone, but why would he plan this? Why am I in the hospital and dying? I'm only eight! What's the point of this? I don't think it was God who hurt me, it was just Kacch- Katsuki.' His eyes hardened at the thought of the explosively arrogant boy.

'He did this to me! And what about all the villains running around? They hurt people because they want to. Not because they're compelled by some supernatural force!'

His inter turmoil was silenced by a sudden drowsiness. Now the drugs were really kicking in, and sleep was coming to him quickly.

'Am I going to wake up, or am I going to die in my sleep…' His thoughts became evermore clouded as unconsciousness took a hold of him.

'I know I can't help it, but I'm so scared that when I fall asleep…'

'That I won't ever wake up…'

His vision darkened until all he saw was a black void, bereft of light or dreams. A long beep sounded off by his side.

'And I can't help but fear...'

'What's on the other side.'

"Where Am I? Why is everything so dark? I can see myself but nothing else," Izuku mused as he stared at his hand and then back to the black void around him. There was no light or sound and the the landscape was completely barren. In every direction he looked he just saw more black. "Heeeey… Nothing hurts anymAMIDEAD!" Izuku's mind finally caught up with what was happening. He patted himself down all over, hoping he could still feel. When his hands landed on his face he found his injuries were still present, but devoid of their characteristic aches and pains.

"WHERE IS MY NOSE?! WHERE ARE MY LIPS?! WHAT'S WRONG WITH MY TONGUE?!" Izuku panicked as he surveyed the damage he could not see first hand. His shouts echoed through the void in an unsettling chorus, like many children all bewailing their deformity.

"IS THIS DEATH?! JUST DARKNESS AND NO LIGHT?! NO FEELING?! NO FAMILY OR FRIENDS OR ANYONE ELSE?!" His panicked screams continued to tear through the otherwise silent darkness. Izuku collapsed to his knees and buried his face in his hands.

*sob*"I don't- I don't want to be here. I want *sob* I want to go home. I want- I want my mom. I... I-I... *hic* I-I-I! *UUURRRGGH!" Izuku's tiny voice cracked as tears streamed from his emerald eyes. "I'm so scared, I don't want to die I am so scarediamsoscarediamsoscaredi-" He continued in a mantra that surrounded him.

"-scared! *hic hic* Mom... I'm more scared than I've ever been before... I just want to go home." Izuku finally looked up from his hands and noticed something off into the distance.

A light.

It wasn't too bright, only giving of as much light as a lantern, but compared to the inky darkness around it the light shone like the sun. The white light did no shimmer or flicker, it was low and constant like a lightbulb.

Shakily, like a newborn lamb, Izuku rose to his feet. With much trepidation the still sobbing boy took a small step towards the only exception in the oppressive darkness. He had heard about the light before. The end of the tunnel, beyond which one's final fate lied. Hesitantly, he took another step forward.

"I-I don't want to die, but... but I don't want to stay here."

Step by step, Izuku slowly made his way to the light. His footsteps echoed through the dark, only interrupted by his faint, frightened sobs. As the child approached the light, he realized something odd. The light didn't look like a portal of any sort, but rather, a ball? "What is it?"

Izuku slowed to a stop as he finally reached the ball, his sobs having tapered off as he reached his destination.

The most amazing feature of the ball was its levitation. It floated motionless at Izuku's chest level, unnatural in its absolute stillness. Now that he stood right next to the orb, Izuku realized that the light was actually a very pale blue. The ball itself was entrancing and alien in appearance. It looked more ornamental than anything else: it was about as large as Izuku's head and covered in weird adornments. The pale blue surface bore many vein like markings on its surface, with a large spot on the top that reminded Izuku of an eye sans iris. Wrapped around the equator of the orb was a black, crown-like ring. The ring itself was shiny and black and flattened, like someone had wrapped an inch thick iron rectangle around the eye. The bar was much taller than it was thick. Equidistant from each other were four thorn-like spikes sticking vertically from the ring, each sticking out six inches through the top and bottom. Centered between each spike was a pair of two inch spikes, sticking out the sides of the ring like half an x. The rest of the surface was rough and covered in many more tiny barbs, like barbed wire had been haphazardly welded into the ring.

"What... what is this?" Izuku asked, his fear and sorrow now forgotten as he stared transfixed at the orb. There was just something indescribable about the orb, something that drew Izuku's hand to the pupil like spot. As he placed his hand on the orb, Izuku noticed that the surface was not as solid as it appeared and his hand gently sunk in. Pressing slightly, he noted that the orb felt like it was made of small particles adhering to each other, like a sandcastle. Removing his hand from the top, he followed his instincts and grabbed the orb by the sides.

His hands were pierced by the metal x's.

A scream tore itself from Izuku's throat in shock rather than pain. A strange warmth shot through his arms as spikes similar to the ones on the orb sprouted from his skin. The ball's light intensified to blinding levels as the pupil began to morph. "What's Happening?!" Izuku exclaimed as energy erupted from the orb and strange wind began to whip Izuku's hair. The energy whipped his chest and arms; tearing through and reforming him, leaving more energy in the wounds. As the storm reached its peak, the pupil finally finished its transformation. Izuku struggled to make it out, but he could tell it was now some form of inscription.

It read-

"He's waking up!"

"Someone get his mother!"

"Amazing, I was certain he wouldn't make it."

Izuku's blinked heavily to clear the spots from his vision. Shaking the cobwebs from his head, Izuku shot up with a vigor he hadn't known for far too long. Ignoring the medical staff's warnings and commands, he patted himself down for the injuries he sustained in the void world. To his surprise he found no wounds or scars, but found that his flesh had no give, like it was made of armor. "Hggrhh," Came gargled out of Izuku's mouth and brought his attention to the fact he had been intubated.

With no hesitation Izuku grabbed the tube and pulled it from his throat, to even further protests from his doctors, who tried to restrain him. The boy fought them off with a nonchalance and strength more fitting for a pro-hero rather than a hospitalized eight-year old. With spryness that should have long left the boy, Izuku Midoriya jumped from the hospital bed and forced his way through the door. With a strange indifference Izuku brushed off a very large and burly guard who tried to cease the boy's escape. To the shock of the watching doctors, as Izuku's bare arm batted away the guards hand, an inky black substance suddenly jumped from the boy's skin and onto the guard. The black substance soaked into the man's hand in a millisecond and he promptly fell over with a terrified scream.

The doctors rushed to the man's side, but he just continued to panic and squirm like a frightened child.

"Sir, just calm down!"

"Are you alright? Are you pain? Sir? Sir Please?!"

But the guard simply crawled along the floor: Trying to put as much distance as possible between himself and the boy without breaking eye-contact.

"I'm sorry sir," A high, but gravelly voice interrupted the man's yells, or rather turned them into whimpers. Every head turned to look at the source, stupefied to hear it come from the boy. "But I want to go home."

And with that, Midoriya charged through the hall, barreling towards a window at speeds that would impress a high schooler. The same nurse who had earlier medicated the boy gave a surprised scream as he crashed through the window, only bracing an arm in front of his eyes to avoid getting glass in them. The medical staff rushed to the window just in time to hear a loud thump as the boy hit the asphalt. To their immense shock, they saw no body on the ground, only a small crater where it looked like All Might himself had kicked off.

"Someone, call his mother if she hasn't already been contacted," A particularly seasoned doctor commanded, taking control of the situation. She brushed her light blond hair away from her forehead and off of the diamond tattoo there.

"And contact the pro's just in case."


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