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I Choose You

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-November 26, 2018….

-Westchester County, NY….


Dean Winchester was a failure.

That was evident. Even his father thought so which is why he was 21-years-old and currently shoveling the walks of Abaddon’s School for Omegas. When he was 15 years old and presented as an omega, his father was so disgusted with him that he dropped him off at the school.

His first few weeks were adjusting to his new world and then the training started. The torture of being told to be submissive and all that. They had quickly discovered that he wasn’t a submissive, which didn’t stop the teachers and the rest of the omegas to point out that he’d never find an Alpha if he wasn’t a submissive. At first, he didn’t believe them, but now, after being returned twice for being a ‘disappointment’ he realized he deserved the label that Abaddon gave him after the second time: Unfavorable. Which basically meant he was untrainable and difficult.

They did discover one thing that he was good at...manual labor. They had discovered he was good with his hands and good with labor, so he had become the handyman to the school. At least for now. He pulled up his sleeve and looked at his watch. He had to hurry up and get to the great hall for breakfast. He walked into the backdoor and stomped his feet. He laid the shovel against the stone of the mansion.

He pulled his jacket off and jogged up the back stairway toward his room. He tossed his jacket on his bed and smiled at his friend, Garth. “Hey, man, good morning.”

“Morning,” he muttered sleepily. “What’s for breakfast today, do you know?”

“Um...pancakes I think,” he said. “Not that we can actually enjoy them.” He tapped his scary flat stomach. “Gotta keep our girlish figures.”

Garth snickered at his joke. “I’d like to meet an Alpha who doesn’t give a flying fuck that I gained ten pounds from good food, man.”

He scoffed. “Right. The two that I’ve known cared about it as much as Abaddon said they would. Trust me. My first forced me to throw up because according to him I “indulged” too much.” He looked at his friend. “In my defense, he hadn’t fed me in two days.”

“Oh, God…”

“Speaking of your Alphas, Winchester…”

Dean almost groaned when he turned to see Ruby, another Omega standing behind him in the doorway. “Good morning, Ruby.”

“Morning, Winchester. So, guess what happened with Spencer over the weekend.”

“What’s that?” he asked.

“He got mated,” she taunted and showed him the New York Times engagement/Mated Section.

He looked down and something in his heart twisted a little. Recovering from envy, he shrugged. “Well good for him. He found someone who didn’t mind being degraded.” He sighed. “I’m going downstairs for food. See you down there.”

He turned on his heel and walked out of the room.



Castiel Novak scanned the prospectus’ that he was supposed to go over later with his father. He sipped his coffee and placed it on the delicate porcelain. He shook his head at the dark-haired woman who’d been cooking for his family for as long as he could remember and thanked her. He looked up when he heard footsteps and gave his mother a polite smile. “Good morning, Mother.”

“Oh, Castiel, good,” Naomi Novak told him. “I was hoping to catch you before you headed to the office.”

He put the printouts down. “What’s up, mother?”

“Your father and I have talked and agreed. It’s time, Castiel.”

“Time for what?”

“Time for you to get an omega, Son.”

Castiel could have sworn his jaw hit the table in surprise. “What…?”

“I made you an appointment at Abaddon’s School for Omegas.”


“Because you’re almost thirty, Castiel. It’s time you got mated and became a father. And since we did so well with finding your brothers’ mates---”

“Oh, yeah, mom. Very good,” he muttered sarcastically.

“Castiel, this is a school with very sophisticated Omegas that come from there.”

“I know. I’ve met Hannah, mother.”

Hannah was his brother Michael’s mate. She was extremely submissive and let Michael make all the decisions for her. If he decided that the living room needed to be cleaned then she did it. If Michael wanted to have sex, she assumed the position. He had gotten her from Abaddon’s also. Along with his brothers Lucifer, Raphael, and Gabriel. Gabriel’s mate and himself recently severed their bond in a very messy divorce.

He could swear he was the only one in his family who wanted to believe in love still and that it was out there for himself. However, judging by the ice cold stare his mother was giving to him right now. Which told him he’d do it whether he actually wanted to or not. He sighed. “Fine. When?”

“Tomorrow. 4 PM. And please pick an Omega that would fit into our family. Don’t go on the whimsy of your heart or whatever. We don’t have time for that.”

He nodded. “Whatever, mother.” He looked at his watch. “I gotta go.” He stood, gathered his stuff and kissed his mother goodbye.

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That night Castiel went to his childhood bedroom with work like he always did. He walked to the bedside lamp and turned it on. He picked up his journal off of the nightstand and walked to the writing desk. He sat down and pulled out a blue pen from the writing cup that sat on the desk. He opened it to the next available page and began writing:

So, mother and father have come to a decision that at 28, I’m too old to be single anymore. So, mom made me an appointment with Abaddon’s School for Omega for one that would ‘fit-in’ to our family. There’s about 20% of me that is pretty apprehensive about that. If Hannah is the usual the type of Omegas that are there then I’m not entirely sure that this will be a love match for me.

I’m the unusual one in my family that I want to be in love with my Omega. Mother and Father aren’t in love that’s been evident since I was old enough to know the difference between romantic love and friendship love. My brothers don’t even love their mates, except maybe Gabriel, but that’s an entirely different story. Kali, his ex, cheated on him with our brother, Michael.

I think Gabe will forever be damaged by that betrayal. If it was a random Alpha I know it would hurt, but he’d get over it. With it having been Michael...for Gabriel that was the biggest betrayal. I know from long conversations with Gabriel that it hurts even more for him because of Kali’s pregnancy. Gabriel knew he wasn’t the father of the baby because he was in London at the time of the conception. So, that left only Michael.

I have decided that if I’m going to do this then it’s going to be me deciding not mom and dad in my ear with their opinions. For me, there has to be some kind of connection for this to work and despite my reservations, I have a feeling that I will meet my mate tomorrow and they will become more to me than what my brothers’ omegas are to them.


He had to believe it. He sighed and closed the leather bound book. He pushed it aside and began working on the papers that needed to be done by tomorrow.

The next morning Dean awoke at six-thirty like every morning. He got dressed and headed downstairs for breakfast. He rounded the corner to walk into the Great Room when he saw a group of girls in a circle excitedly gushing to Felicity, a sweet woman with blond hair and blue-green eyes in the middle. He grabbed Garth as he walked by and Dean asked, “What the hell is going on?”

“Felicity got an Alpha this morning,” Garth said looking at him.

His face sagged and his heart twisted at the thought. He had a feeling he’d forever watch omega after omega find their mates while he continued to fix a wobbly chair or a leaky faucet. Who’d want a twice rejected omega anyway? Every Alpha in the world knew what it meant when an omega was rejected. They weren’t submissive and every Alpha wanted a submissive Omega. “Who was it?”

“Um, Matthew Ishim,” Garth answered looking at his friend. “Are you okay?”

He nodded. “I am.” He put a fake smile on. “I’m good.”

Garth threw him a smile and waved him to follow. “Come on. Let’s go eat.”

He heard someone call for him. He turned and gave the pretty red-head a polite smile. “Miss Abaddon.”

“Dean, we need to talk.”

“Can we do it after breakfast?”

She shook her head primly. He deflated. “Yes, ma’am.”

He walked into the well-decorated functional large headmistress’ office and waited for the woman to gesture for him to have a seat. After she did so he sat and waited for her to tell him what he did wrong. He was always doing something wrong. He couldn’t do anything right with Miss Abaddon, just like he couldn’t do anything right with his Alphas either.

“Dean, I wanted you to know that a very wealthy client will be here today at four and I want you completely out of sight.”

He nodded slowly. “Of course, Miss Abaddon.” That always happened since a year ago when he was returned by Dick. Dagon had informed him about 2 weeks after he had returned that Abaddon refused to put him in the selection process again and true to her word, she hadn’t.

“This man is a very important client. We’ve paired his older brothers to Omegas and now his parents have decided that it’s his turn. I don’t want you to be seen while he’s here. I will continue to be successful with these pairings, their recommendations thus far have brought great monetary value to this school.”

He went stone-faced as a weight crushed down on his chest. He exhaled softly. Not that it matters, but Dean’s curious. “Ma’am, if I may, who’s the Alpha coming to visit?”

“His name is Castiel Novak. He’s the youngest son of Dimitri and Naomi Novak.”

He suddenly felt numb…. his dream Alpha .

Not that someone like Dean Winchester would ever have a chance. People like him went for supermodels and socialites or they bought their mates through a service like Abaddon’s. Castiel Novak was all over the tabloids for one thing or another. He was the most eligible Alpha in the World right now and soon he’d be off the market. Rumors of being with this beautiful omega or that one, or having a secret affair with his Beta best friend, Meg Masters. Everyone thought that Castiel and Meg---of the Connecticut Masters Family--would end up marrying.

That's not what drew Dean to the handsome Alpha, it was his eyes. The man had such kind eyes and a beautiful smile. It wasn’t often that the man smiled, but when he did it made Dean’s heart race and slick immediately pool. It made him fantasize about what kind of Alpha he actually was. He pictured him as sweet, kind and romantic. Maybe that’s because he’s seen so much ugly in the world so far--his father, Azazel and now Dick Roman. He had both masturbated to the Alpha and survived heat after heat with him.

Abaddon looked at the beautiful green-eyed man and her heart almost went out to him when she saw all the life drain from those eyes. Was it because he had a fanboy crush on the Alpha or was it the fact that he wouldn’t be involved in the selection process?

Sitting in this room now he realized just how much he had screwed up his life. If he had just submitted he wouldn’t be ‘unfavorable’ to everyone and maybe, just maybe he himself would have a chance. He almost laughed in disbelief. Who was he kidding? He wouldn’t have a chance. Not now, or ever. He raised his eyes to his headmistress. “May I be dismissed?” he asked, his voice emotionless.

Dulled honey permeated the room. Abaddon nodded. “You may go, Dean,” she said softly.

“Thank you, ma’am,” he said quietly and his voice broke. He quickly stood and rushed out of the room.

Garth saw the omega leave the office and joined him at the stairs. He looked ashen, his scent was dulled and his eyes were beginning to fill with tears. “Dean, are you all right?”

He nodded. “Fine, Garth,” he said sadly. “Um...go ahead and go to breakfast. I’m suddenly not very hungry.” He looked down at the floor and then at his friend. “Excuse me.”

Garth watched the usually jovial and lively omega slowly walk the staircase to the rooms. He turned to Abaddon and she shook her head as she walked to him. “I had to inform him he wouldn’t be involved in the selection process of an Alpha that’s coming in. I think Dean may have had a crush on him.”

He shook his head. “No, that’s not right, ma’am. After his experiences he hates Alphas.”

She looked at the man. “There isn’t one that’s the exception?” she asked him.

“No…” his voice trailed off as realization hit. “Oh.”

Dean stumbled to his room as his limbs felt heavy. He felt weak as he pulled himself to the bed and plopped down. It felt like the world was crashing down on his chest. Life sucked sometimes. He pulled himself up and dragged himself to the closet that was next to Garth’s closet. He opened it and closed the door immediately behind him, flipping the locks. He flipped the small lamp on beside the nesting of clothes and other comforting things.

It was also where he kept his secret stash of tabloid magazines that featured his Alpha.

Wait! That wasn’t right. Not now, or ever.

He laid down across the clothes and stuffed animals and things. He picked up one of the magazines and began staring into the handsome face of the man on the cover. This one was a business magazine and it talked about how innovative the Alpha was and the life that he breathed into the company when he joined Novak International fresh out of business school.

He hugged the magazine to his chest and began sobbing, soon it became close to a wail and he curled into the fetal position. He laid the magazine beside him and placed a hand over the pictured man’s chest and continued to cry. He had no one else to blame but himself for his predicament. If he had just been submissive and acted the way either Alpha wanted him to then he wouldn’t be feeling lonely now and he’d be…

Miserable. There was no way around that. Azazel had a whole harem of omegas that he went to for his sexual needs. He was one of about twelve omegas the man had. Having more than one wasn’t uncommon, Alphas had a lot of sexual needs. In fact, that was one of the things that Abaddon had enforced for us to remember so that, even when they’d get emotionally attached--which happened--that they wouldn’t be heartbroken by the mere thought of sharing their Alpha.

Dick was the same way. However, what was different about him was that he used male omegas as fuck toys, playthings. While the females--he had two--he seemed to get both sexual gratification and enjoyment of them. They were the only ones that the Alpha ever knotted.

In the 3 months, he’d been with the Alphas he had never experienced an Alpha’s knot. Of course, Azazel never fucked him, usually, when he got around to him he was too exhausted so he went to bed, which made him feel neglected. When an omega felt neglected they became difficult. It was their internal defense mechanism because they know what’s coming next…rejection. Then there was Dick Roman. Sure, he’d have sex with him, but he’d also withhold sex and he’d only fuck him long enough until he got off, but he was always careful to not knot him.

Both men always blamed their inability to knot him because he was such a disappointment. He never did the laundry right, he never put the dishes away in the right direction, he never did the submissive omega right and he never gave sexual pleasure why would they want to knot someone who was such a disappointment?

Maybe he was better off not being in the selection lineup for Castiel. At least it would save him from being crushed and heartbroken when the man realized what Azazel and Dick had. That he was the World’s Worst Omega.

Another round of tears lulled the omega to sleep.

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Castiel looked up at the large stone mansion that was ahead of them. He looked to his left and saw his brother, Gabriel on his cell phone, typing a text message to someone. He had insisted on coming with him to make sure he made the ‘right’ choice. It pissed him off when Gabriel had insisted, because he thought it was their parents’ way of insisting that the Alpha got their ‘choice’, not his own. When the car stopped, Castiel put his phone into left breast pocket of his suit. “Tell me again why you inisisted on coming?” He stepped out of the Lincoln Town Car and turned to his brother as he stepped out. “Because last I checked at twenty-eight it gave me the ability to make my own choices, am I wrong?”

“No, of course not, Cassie.” The older shorter man stepped out of the car. “I just want to make sure you make this choice and not mom and dad. I made mom and dad’s choice and look what happened?”

Castiel’s heart hurt when he seen the pain in his older brother’s eyes. “Alright.”

They walked to the door and Gabriel rang the doorbell. Moments later, the door opened and both men stepped inside. Abaddon and Dagon both greeted them happily. Abaddon smiled at Gabriel. “Mr. Novak, so good to see you again. How’s your mate?”

“Having my brother’s baby,” he said coldly.

Abaddon stood stiffly in shock. “Oh, Mr. Novak, I’m so sorry!”

He shrugged. “I’m not here to select one for myself. Been there, done that. I’m here to make sure that Cassie chooses the right one.”

“Of course, sir,” Dagon said. “May we get you something warm to drink?”

“No thank you,” Castiel said. He just wanted to get this damn thing over with.

Abaddon nodded. “Of course. Right this way, Mr. Novak.”

Dean awoke and his body ached. He picked up the small watch that laid next to the small lamp in the room and looked at the time. 4:45! Was the Alpha gone? Did he make a selection? He decided to go down and see. As long as he was careful, what harm could it do? He turned the lamp off, got out of the nest and walked out into his room. He pulled his boots on and walked out the door.

He quietly walked down the stairs and his heart raced when he heard a man’s deep voice. It was a deep smoky voice and he knew it instantly. He was still here! He carefully and quietly continued down the stairs and stopped when he noticed him and Ruby going outside on the side terrace. He turned and went into the kitchen to sneak out through a side door. The side door off of the kitchen was for when they had dinner receptions. He walked quickly toward a large bush. He stopped. The man looked even more gorgeous in person. He tuned into the Alpha’s questioning of the bitchy Ruby.

“So, in my family, we have a lot of functions to go to--charity dinners, and other events--”

“Oh, Mr. Novak, I’m completely caught up on world events and I would do you proud hanging on your arm and talking to your guests.”

He nodded. There was something about the way she had said that that he didn’t like at all. “Very good.” He sighed. His head snapped around when he heard the bush sitting in front of them rustled and a branch snapped. “Hello?”

Dean sighed heavily. Nice going, Winchester. You can’t even spy correctly.

“Who’s there?”

Dean hung his head, looking at his feet as he stepped out. “So sorry, Alpha. Excuse me,” he said and attempted to hurriedly scurry off.

Castiel didn’t think he’d ever seen an omega more beautiful than this man. His face was pale and blotchy. His eyes looked red-rimmed and his scent was giving off the dull scent of honey and vanilla. To Castiel it was a perfect combination. “No, wait---”

Ruby scoffed. “Stupid Omega.” She sat primly.

His stomach churned as her words pierced him in the heart. Yep, this was a horrible, horrible idea. “Please forgive the intrusion, Alpha,” he said submissively. In his haste to disappear so that Abaddon didn’t punish him, he didn’t see the ice until it was too late.

Castiel watched in absolute horror as the beautiful omega went up in the air and crashed down hard into the cement floor, cracking the back of his head incredibly hard. “Oh, My God….”

Ruby winced when she heard the crack his head made and rushed into the house to tell Abaddon. From inside, Gabriel had seen the entire thing and rushed out, sliding himself across the ice. “Shit!” the petite Alpha exclaimed as he slid. “The entire area is complete ice. No wonder he fell.”

Castiel looked down at this beautiful, beautiful man and his heart fluttered. Mine! His inner Alpha roared almost instantly. It took everything inside of him to not go into protective mode and make sure his he was okay. There was something about this man that all he wanted to do was protect the beautiful man.

Dean’s head throbbed as the world spun. His vision was a little blurry. He focused and saw the amazingly good looking Alpha looking down at him, concern etched into his features. He felt his entire face redden almost instantly. The need to run before Abaddon came out rushed over him and he attempted to scramble to his feet, but the Alpha and another man kept him down.

“No, no, no, Sweetheart,” Castiel said. “Please stay down until we know you’re okay.”

The term of endearment wasn’t lost on Dean or the other man as Abaddon, Ruby, Dagon and Garth came out. Garth rushed to him. “Dean! Are you okay?”

“I think so,” he muttered. The Alpha’s scent was amazing. It was cedarwood and thyme. To Dean it smelled heavenly.

Gabriel looked at his brother. “I think we should get a doctor to look at him.”

“No!” Dean instantly said sitting up. “No, no, no!” he repeated. All he needed was to stay around the sexy smelling Alpha even longer only to have him choose a more desirable omega later. He looked into his blue eyes and his heart skipped a beat. Yep, make it quick, Winchester. “No, I’m okay.”

“Are you sure, Dean?” Abaddon asked.

He nodded. He attempted to stand, but the ice was too slippery and he fell on his butt again. He sighed. Castiel couldn’t help but smile at the Omega’s stubbornness. He wanted this man. Not just sexually, but companionably. “Here, let my brother and I help you.”

“Thank you,” Dean said softly. He took the Alpha’s offered hand and the moment he felt the warmth of his hand, his skin tingled and he felt his slick begin. He almost groaned. Why did biology have to ruin everything?

Castiel and Gabriel gently pulled him to his feet and walked him to a clearing of the ice. Dean looked at both Alphas and nodded submissively. “Thank you, Alpha.” He looked at Abaddon. “I’m sorry, Miss Abaddon.”

He turned and started walking, only to dizzily stumbled. He felt a pair of strong arms go around him and lift him into his arms. He groaned. Dean kept quiet, his head throbbing too much to argue, even though the argument was there. When an Alpha’s instincts take over to allow him/her to take care of you. He may not be the usual submissive omega, but after the morning he’s had he needed the comfort. He knew it was sadistic, but it’s what it is.

Abaddon instructed Castiel to lay him on the chaise lounge in the living room.

Gabriel looked around and realized that no one seemed to be too worried about the man’s fall and possible injuries, except maybe the sandy-haired skinny omega that came out with them. He tapped his brother’s shoulder. “May I speak with you, please?”


“It’s only for a few minutes, Castiel. I need to talk to you about something.”

The youngest Novak groaned and looked at Dean. “I’ll be back.”

Dean nodded covering his eyes with hands. Castiel walked into another part of the room, away from listening ears. He looked at his brother. “What do you want, Gabriel?”

“Look around, Cassie.”

He looked around. Gabriel continued, “Don’t you think it’s a little suspicious that no one in this place seems to be worried about him but us and that skinny man who’s hovering?”

Castiel hadn’t thought about it until now. Why wouldn’t they worry about him? It’s a home full of Omegas, except for the few Betas who worked there. It was in an omegas genetic makeup to nurture and worry when someone’s been hurt, yet, no one was worried about him. In that instant, he knew what he wanted and whom he wanted. He looked at Gabriel and said loud enough so that everyone heard. “Call Doctor Harrington. We’re gonna give him a once over before we head back to the City.”

Dean heard his words and they felt like a stab to the heart. He was leaving and he knew it wasn’t with him as the chosen omega. Which also meant that when he left Abaddon would scream at him for the embarrassment and probably exile him to the groundskeeper cottage like she’d threatened several times before for disobeying her.

Gabriel left the room to call the doctor. Doctor Harrington lived in Westchester County so it wouldn’t take them long to get their location.

“Mr. Novak, a doctor isn’t necessary,” Abaddon attempted. “Dean says he’s fine and I believe him.”

“And as much as I believe Dean’s assessment, it’ll make me feel better.”

Gabriel came back. “Brad said he’d be here in ten minutes.” He looked at Abaddon. “He did however, tell me that it would be perfectly fine to tell you this, get him some aspirin and water, along with an ice pack.”

Castiel glared at the redhead. “And don’t give him the generic crap.”

She nodded. “Yes, Mr. Novak.”

Castiel knelt down next to Dean and the Omega groaned. “Seriously, you don’t have to go to so much trouble. It’s just a bump on the head.”

“Which could be a concussion, Dean,” the Alpha told him.

“It’s not like I haven’t had one before,” he muttered.

“Dean!” Dagon admonished. “Treat the Alpha with res---”

“Sorry, Alpha,” Dean immediately said, submissively.

Castiel instantly knew that he hated the submissive attitude about him. He smiled and smoothed his hand over the Omega’s hair. “It’s okay, Dean.”

Abaddon came back and handed them to Castiel. He looked at Dean. “Will you please sit up?”

Dean lifted his hand and blinked at him in surprise. He said please. Alphas never said please. Too shocked to do anything but comply, he rolled himself up and sat up. He took the pills from him and the water. “Thank you,” he whispered and looked at Abaddon. “Thank you, Ma’am.”

Castiel looked at Abaddon and Dagon. “Do we need the continued audience?”

“Oh, no! Of course not, Mr. Novak.” She shooed them away and the Omegas scattered instantly.

Castiel looked up at his brother and Gabriel nodded, the two of them speaking without words. He turned back to Dean. “Dean, I’m gonna ask you a question and I’m hoping you’ll say yes.”

Dean looked at the blue-eyed man beside him. Castiel looked into his eyes. “Will you be my Omega and come home with me?”

His entire body went numb with surprise. His heart stuttered and his stomach fluttered. Everything, even his inner omega wanted to say yes, but moving his eyes to his Headmistress had him instantly crushed. She wasn’t happy about it. “ me, Alpha, don’t,” he said sadly. “You should pick another one. Someone more suited for...your life.” He quickly excused himself and went into the bathroom.

Gabriel crouched down behind his brother to comfort him. “Little brother, I don’t think it’s you.”


“Your brother’s right, Mr. Novak. Um...Dean’s been a tough case since he’s gotten here six years ago. However, please, let me---”

“Why’s he been so tough?”

Dagon answered, “Because Dean has never taken to training. He’s been labeled as unfavorable after two failed attempts to have an Alpha.”

Something told him to follow through with it. “I don’t care,” Castiel said. “I want him.”

“Sir, he said that he didn’t---”

Castiel turned and walked toward the door of the room Dean went into. He knocked. “Dean, it’s Castiel, may I come in?”

Dean wiped his tears and sniffled. He had never been asked to come be someone’s Omega before. Usually, the Alpha paid for them and they went home. He knew that Castiel would be different, but he was hoping he wouldn’t be. It would have made turning him down easier. He lifted himself to look into the mirror. He exhaled. Well, if he looked like crap then maybe he’d run in the other direction. He stood behind the door and opened it. “Come in, Alpha.”

Castiel walked in and his heart broke when seen his blotchy red face. He closed the door behind him and whispered, “Oh, Sweetheart. Don’t cry.”

His heart leaped at the endearment. It was the second time he’d done it and it made Dean really happy. “You have to know that I wanted to say yes, but I can’t...I can’t do that to you, Alpha.”

“Do what?”

“I can’t be your omega, Alpha, because I’m not a good one. I’m not submissive.” He sat on the edge of the toilet and exhaled. “May I ask you something?”

He nodded. “Of course.”

“Why do you want me? There are more desirable, submissive and beautiful people out there that would be happy to be on your arm.”

“Do you not want to be?”

“Of course I do!” Dean exclaimed. “But Alpha…”

“I want you because out of all the ones I’ve seen today you’re the only one that interests me and not just sexually, but as my companion. If I was going to be honest with myself I’d say that I’m lonely, Dean, very lonely and my guess is that you’re lonely too, right?”

He looked into the Alpha’s blue eyes and nodded slowly. Castiel smiled and Dean’s heart began racing and he felt his slick again. He sighed softly. Castiel said, “Then, why don’t we just see where this goes?”

What do you got to lose...except maybe your heart? He’s offering you the opportunity you’ve been dreaming about. Just remember be on your best behavior and he’ll never have a reason to give you back. He opened his mouth to answer, but was stopped by a knock.

“Cassie, the doctor’s here to see Dean.”

Castiel looked at Dean. “So…?”

“Yes,” Dean found himself saying.

Castiel smiled again and Dean slicked all over again. The Alpha kissed his forehead and stood, helping Dean to his feet. He took Dean’s hand and his heart thudded against his rib cage. He was getting an Alpha again! Abaddon was wrong. “Good. Let’s get you checked out so that we can go home.”

He nodded. Castiel opened the door and looked at Gabriel. “Go negotiate with Abaddon for Dean. I’ll stay with Dean while he gets checked out. I wanna see the terms before I sign, please.”

Gabriel nodded and walked away to get Abaddon.

Dean couldn’t believe his luck. He was getting his dream Alpha!

He was packing up his stuff. He had first packed up his nest and labeled it accordingly on the box. Now, he was packing up the rest of his belongings when he heard a knock on the door. He turned and said, “Come in.”

Abaddon entered. She folded her arms in front of her. “You must be feeling pretty good, huh?”

He shrugged. “I’m not going to lie, I am, but I didn’t mean to ruin---”

“Save it, Winchester!” she exclaimed. “Just know this, if and when that Alpha sends you back, you’re no longer welcome here. You’ve become a burden at this point. And it really wouldn’t surprise me if he decides to get rid of you anyway. There’s no way that he could be happy with you, not with the reports I’ve gotten from your last two.” She flipped open the manila folder she held. “Azazel said, ‘The Omega has had an undesirable affect on me. I actually have found him to be quite disgusting and dysfunctional. No wonder his father gave him to you, I wouldn’t want to claim him either.’ She flipped the pages and continued reading, this time it was Dick’s comments about him. “The Omega has no concept of basic chores an they’re supposed to know. He has no concept at all of what is desirable.’”

She looked at Dean. “There you have it, Winchester. Good luck with this one and I hope I never see you again. If I do, know this I will kill you.”

Chapter Text

Abaddon walked out of Dean’s tiny room and gasped startled by Gabriel and Castiel standing in the hallway. “Oh! Gosh! Mr. Novak, you shouldn’t sneak up on people like that.”

“It’s usually when you hear the most interesting things, Abaddon.” He looked at the redhaired woman. “You are aware that the family’s endorsement has stopped today, right? I can promise you that after what my brother and I saw the family’s referrals will end.”

“Mr. Novak--”

“And I can give you my word, Abaddon, Dean won’t be returned.”

She scoffed. “He’s always returned, Mr. Novak. Alphas usually don’t keep him longer than two months.”

“Well, that will change now.”

Both Gabriel and Abaddon turned to see Castiel approaching them. Abaddon bowed her head. “Mr. Novak, I just meant that Dean’s defiance--”

“It’s not defiance to not degrade yourself, Abaddon. Omegas aren’t meant to be mistreated. Even though most Alphas and my mother would disagree with me, Omegas are meant to be cherished...even the males of the designation. All omegas want is to make their Alphas happy and to be taken care of. And just because Dean disappointed his first two Alphas and yourself, doesn’t mean he’ll do so with me. He’s not unfavorable to anyone. He’s not to me and thanks to your mistreatment of the man it’ll take me a while to see the true Dean under all the submission he’ll most likely do.”

Dagon approached with a file. “Here’s Dean’s file, Mr. Novak. I also included the reviews he got from his father and the two Alphas he had before you.”

He nodded. “Thank you, Dagon.”

Dagon nodded. “I also added in the punishments as you requested.”

“What are you going to do with that?”

“I’m going to read it to understand my Omega a little more and the reasons why he’ll do what he does.” Novak opened the file and read the top sheet. It was an info sheet. He was 6’1 and only weighed 120lbs. “You’re starving him.”

“What?” Gabriel asked looking over Castiel’s shoulder.

“Here we believe a thinner omega is considered more attractive both visually and sexually.” She pointed at Dean and said, “You can’t say he isn’t.”

“Dean’s naturally beautiful, Abaddon. That has nothing to do with the fact that at his height he’s supposed to weigh at least a hundred and seventy pounds.”

She wrinkled her nose. “Sir, if you make him gain weight he won’t be attractive to others--”

“He doesn’t need to be, Abaddon.” He knew what the woman was getting at. Most Alphas shared their omegas in a way of showing each other up with the most submissive and sexually satisfying omega. Concluding he’d read the rest on the way to the City, he closed the file and looked at the woman. “He’s my omega and I’m the only one who will ever see him naked.” He glared at her. “You can ask any of my brothers when something is mine, I don’t share easily.”

Gabriel dismissed them both with a wave of his hand. He looked at his brother. “I don’t think Dean’s gonna know how to react to your ‘untraditional’ Alpha behavior, Little Brother.”

“We’ll work it out.”

“How are you going to deal with the very traditional brothers we have and business associates?”

“Well, unless it’s a dinner or business function that Dean has to be at our business associates will not see him. As for our brothers they touch him without my permission or Dean’s then I may just kill them.”

Gabriel smirked. Oh, his little brother having an omega was going to be interesting. “Okay. Shall we pack him up and take him home?”

He nodded. “Yes, please.” He wanted to get Dean out of this place and quickly.


About 30 minutes after his confrontation with Abaddon they were on the road heading to Dean’s new life. As Dean sat in the car next to his new Alpha and across from his humorous older brother, he was feeling a little nervous. This car showed him the exact lifestyle his Alpha led and he wanted to make him happy and he didn’t want to ever go back to the school again.

Gabriel looked up from the financial report he was reading and smiled. He stretched his leg out and tapped Dean’s toes. “Hey, Brother-in-law, you okay?”

He liked that. He liked hearing that to the man that by all intense and purposes was his Alpha’s favorite brother and best friend, he was already family. He nodded vigorously. “I’m fine,” he answered softly.

Castiel tilted his head to the side and looked at the beautiful man. “Dean?”

He took a deep breath and sighed. He shook his head. He’d been taught to not let his problems be his Alpha’s problems and he was determined to be a good omega. However, he found himself admitting, “I’m a little overwhelmed. I’ve never been in a car this nice before and I’m not….I’m not sure what…”

Castiel closed the manila folder he was reading and looked at his mate. “Sweetheart, what are you talking about?”

He exhaled. “Never mind,” he muttered.

Gabriel smiled. “Nuh-uh, Kiddo. You gotta tell us now.”

Dean gave him a small smile. He looked at Castiel and his heart started hammering hard in his chest. “I don’t know how I’m supposed to...act,” he sighed. “Nevermind, it’s stupid.”

Castiel slapped the folder into his briefcase and he turned to face the shy omega. “Dean, I don’t want you to be anything but yourself.”

He shook his head. “No, Alpha, that’s not what I meant.” He exhaled deeply. “I’m sorry.” He rubbed his forehead. “I mean in your world. All my other Alphas have never been at your position in society and I don’t want to embarrass you.”   And give you a reason to give me back.

Gabriel looked at Castiel and Castiel looked at Dean. “I’m not expecting you to know how to act in my parents’ world, Dean.” He sighed. “I should warn you though that they’ll expect you to know, but I promise you I will be with you the whole time, helping you through it.”

“Or I will,” Gabriel volunteered. He looked at Castiel. “We should tell him, Cassie.”

Dean’s stomach dipped nervously. Tell him what? Castiel nodded and turned to face Dean more. “In a couple of months, the house I’m having built about a half an hour out of the City will be finished. If you’re okay with it, Gabriel’s going to live with us.”

He looked at both brothers. “Really?”

Gabriel nodded. “Yes. However, I won’t if living with two Alphas makes you nervous, Dean. You’re family now. You’re going to be my brother’s mate so if you don’t feel comfortable with it then we’ll change our plans.”

He shook his head. “No, it’s okay.”

“Dean, I want you to be honest with us both. If having him in the house with us will make you feel uncomfortable then he won’t move in.”

Dean shook his head. “No, Alpha, it’s okay. Truthfully, after both Alphas I’ve had before, you even make me nervous right now. However, I have a feeling that Gabriel’s a good guy.”

Castiel smiled. “He is. I’m hoping that if for some reason you can’t find me while we’re living with my parents that you’ll go looking for Gabriel. He’ll help you any way he can, Sweetheart. I promise.”

He nodded. How did he get so lucky to have a man like this? “Thank you, Alpha.”

Castiel looked at Dean. “Um...if I may, could you call me by my name instead of addressing me as Alpha. It reminds me of my brothers and their mates.”

Dean nodded. “If that’s what you want then yes.”

Castiel gave him a small smile. “Thank you, Dean.”

Dean relaxed a little in the seat and Castiel sat back, picking up that folder again. Ever since they’d left the school he’d been reading the file and Dean’s curiosity was piqued. “Um, may I ask you something?”

“You can ask me or Gabriel anything, Sweetheart.”

“What do you do for a living? I know that the news and magazines say you work at your family’s company but it’s never said what you do.”

Castiel smiled. “I’m the CFO,” he answered. “Do you know what that means?”

He shook his head, looking down at his hands in his lap. “No, Sir.”

He leaned over and pushed his face gently to meet his eyes. “CFO stands for Chief financial officer. Basically, it means that in the company I’m the one that is in charge of the finances.”

Dean smiled softly. “So, what’s he do?”

Castiel smiled. “What he does best. Talk.” He laughed. “Gabe’s the Chief Communications Officer. He’s in charge of anything dealing with the public. Which he’s fielding everything dealing with you and me right now.”

“Us? Why?”

“Because I’m the family spokesperson too and the world wants to know who Cassie’s mate’s gonna be since the only person he’s ever had on his arm at events is Meg Masters.”

He knew of Meg. She was a pretty woman with pale skin, and dark hair. He had heard the rumors that Castiel and Meg were engaged and everything. His Alpha’s voice brought him out of his thoughts and he looked at him as he said, “Meg and I have known each other since we were children. There’s never going to be anything other than friendship between us.” He cleared his throat. He glanced at his watch. It was after 7:30 at night. “Dean?”

“Yeah,” he said staring out the window.


Immediately thinking of the way he should have answered, he looked at the man. “I’m sorry, Al...I mean, Castiel. Yes?”

“Are you hungry?”

He thought about denying it, which is the way that Abaddon taught them because they were to wait until the next meal. However, he hadn’t eaten all day and he was hungry, very hungry. He had a feeling that the man would hear the grumble of his stomach later in the night. He lifted his eyes to Cas’ and answered, “Yes, very much so. I actually just realized I haven’t eaten all day.”

“Are you serious?!” Castiel asked a little shocked.

He nodded. He sighed. Castiel smelt the dulled scent of his mate and rubbed his back affectionately. Dean swallowed and started. “Abaddon had told me of your arrival before I ate breakfast and she told me that I wasn’t allowed to be in the selection process.”

“Why not?” Gabriel asked.

“Because of my misfortune with my other Alphas. Abaddon hates to be embarrassed and knowing she failed with me always angered her.”

“So, why didn’t you eat lunch?”

“Well, when she told me, I wasn’t feeling up to eating and I went upstairs and I…”

“You don’t have to finish if you don’t want to.”

He shook his head. “No. It’s okay.” If he wanted this one to be different than his other Alpha relationships then he’d have to open up. “I went upstairs and ended up falling asleep after…”

Castiel knew what he was getting at. He slept through lunch. “If I may, why did you come downstairs?”

He shrugged and blushed. “I got curious. I’ve seen you in the media and I was curious if…”

Gabriel smiled and looked at his brother. The Omega had a crush on his little brother even before they met. Castiel brought the divider window down and said, “Benny.”

“Yes, Brotha?”

“My omega needs food do you know of a nice family restaurant not far?”

“It depends, what’s he in the mood for, Sir?”

Castiel looked at Dean. “Dean this is Benny Lafitte. Benny, Dean. Sweetheart, if for any reason you need to go somewhere, I’d appreciate it if you’d tell me and I’ll set it up with Benny to take you.”

Dean nodded. He thought about what he was in the mood for. “May I?” he asked softly.

“Tell him.”

He nodded. Dean leaned forward. “Is there a good burger place around? Not McDonald’s or Burger King.”

Benny gave him a soft smile. “I know the perfect place, Brotha.”

He nodded. “Thank you.”

They pulled into a place called ‘Mama Nan’s’. It was boasting to have the best homemade food around. They parked the car and Cas told Benny to join them. They walked into the place and it was absolute family and restaurant chaos. It was a quaint restaurant with wooden furniture and checkered blue tablecloths over the tabletops. They stopped in front of a sign that requested them to wait to be seated.

A woman with blond hair, big breasts, and chewing gum loudly approached them. “How many?”

“Four,” Gabriel told her.  

She got 3 menus and Dean sighed softly. Would he ever be able to make his own life decisions again? Castiel stopped her, looked at her nametag. “Victoria, we’re going to need four menus, not three.”

“Oh, I thought since he was an omega that one of you would choose what he gets to eat.”

“He can make the decision of what he wants to eat all by himself.”

She nodded. She grabbed another menu and waved for them to follow her. Castiel stayed back with Dean as they weaved through the tables. He could smell Dean’s nervousness and took his hand in a reassuring gesture. He kissed Dean’s temple, then whispered, “You’re okay, Sweetheart. I promise. No one will hurt you here.” He stopped at the booth that Victoria had brought them to. “Do you want to sit in the inside?”

He nodded. “Can Gabriel sit next to me?” he whispered. “With you on the other side?”

“Of course.” He looked at Gabriel and Benny. “Ben, sit on the end with me. Gabe, can you move around next to Dean, please?”

“Sure,” he said and smiled at Dean. He slid around and sat next to Dean. “It’s a nice place. Of course, if the staff is like our hostess things may get interesting.”

Dean laughed softly. Victoria looked at everyone. “What can I get you guys to drink?”

Dean looked at the drinks on the menu and leaned into Castiel. “May I have a soda and a milkshake?”

“You may,” he permitted.

He smiled. “I’d like a Coke, please.”

Victoria dropped her eyes to the other 3 men. Gabriel waited for her to write it down. “Um...Vic, why are you not writing down my brother-in-law’s drink order?”

“Because she’s waiting for whoever his Alpha is to give permission for him to have it,” Benny told him.

Gabriel rolled his eyes. “Cassie.”

He looked up at her. “My Omega and I will have cokes.”

She wrote down everyone’s drink orders and started walking away. Castiel stopped her. “Let your co-workers know that if my Omega orders they are to write it down and not wait for permission from me.”

“Yes, Sir.”

After she brought back their drinks and another waitress took their orders, they waited. Benny picked up his soda. “How’d it go at Abaddon’s?”

Gabriel shrugged. “Excluding present company, the selection left something to be desired.”

Benny winced. “That bad?”

Castiel shook his head. “They were too eager.”

“So, what was with the doctor showing up?”

“That was my fault,” Dean said blushing.


Dean quieted realizing that he didn’t wait to be spoken to. Castiel bumped his elbow. “Benny’s talking to you, Sweetheart.”

He kept his eyes down to the table. “Because I fell on the ice.”

Gabriel smiled softly. “He slipped on the ice trying to get a glimpse of Cassie. Cracked his head hard.”

“Oh, shit,” Benny muttered. “You okay?”

He nodded. “Doc Harrington said I have a small concussion, but that I should be okay.”

“Good,” he said.

“Food’s coming,” Gabriel said happily.

By 9:30 that night, they got to the upper-class townhouse on 5th Avenue. All 3 Alphas took Dean’s only possessions, which were in 3 boxes and walked with Dean through the backdoor. When he got inside, Dean looked around, his heart hammering hard in his chest. He could admit that he was nervous. Hell, he was more than nervous, he was terrified. With his other Alphas they were presentable in public, but behind closed doors is when they were violent and less than desirable.

Castiel wrinkled his nose at the burnt smell of vanilla from his Omega’s nervousness. “Dean, are you okay?”

Dean jerked with fright. “Sorry,” he murmured. “Stuck in my own thoughts, Alpha.”

“Well, will you come out long enough for me to show you to our room?”

He nodded. Cas directed him up the back staircase, but they all stopped when the light came on. A woman with graying brown hair standing on the stairs, looking annoyed and tying a satin robe around herself. “Castiel, Gabriel, what in the world are you doing up at this hour? And who the hell is the gangly--”

“Mother,” Castiel stopped her. “This is Dean. He’s my mate.”

“Your mate?!” she exclaimed keeping her voice down. She looked Dean up and down. “You’ve got to be kidding me!”

Castiel took a deep breath and looked at Dean, “Come on, Dean. Let me show you to our room, Sweetheart.” He looked at Benny. “Just put the box down and head on out, Ben. Sorry to keep you up so late.”

“No problem, Brotha. Y’all have a good night.”

“Night, Benny,” the brothers called as he walked out.

Castiel started going past his mother, ushering Dean up first. “I’ll be back down, mother and we will discuss this,” he all but snarled. He continued and caught up to Dean. He took Dean’s hand and then stopped. “Is this okay?”

He nodded. “Yes.”

“Good,” he said softly. “Dean, please, don’t let my mother,” he stopped at a set of French doors mid way down the hall, “bother you please.”

“How can she not, Cas, she’s your mother.”

He stopped him. “She is my mother, but you’re my mate, Sweetheart.” He caressed his cheek softly.

He turned his face into Cas’ hand. He smiled. You’re not his mate until he marks you, Winchester. And that won’t happen after his mother expresses her disapproval. He would just have to be prepared to be sent out. He knew he couldn’t go back to Abaddon’s. He’d be homeless.

On a whim, Cas pressed his lips to Dean’s in a way to test to see what the omega would do and smiled when he didn’t flinch in fear. “Get ready for bed and I’ll be back up in a few minutes.”

He nodded. Castiel kissed his forehead. He walked to the door and left. Castiel jogged back down the stairs and looked at his mother. She opened her mouth to say something, but he raised his hand, she stopped. “Let’s get some ground rules set before we continue.”

Naomi glared at him. “Fine, I don’t think--”

“Not from you, mother. These are my ground rules concerning my mate and how you’ll treat him.”

“Have you marked him?”

“Not yet,” he told her. “But as far as you and anyone in this family is concerned he’s mine. You won’t disrespect him. You will not force him into being your servant while I’m not home.”

“My servant? Castiel--”

“You know the way you treat Hannah,” he reminded her. “He will not be commanded by anyone in this family or in this house to do anything. If you want him to do something then you will go through me and I will decide if he needs to do it.” He glared at his mother. “Anything concerning my omega will go through me and what I say concerning him will be the end of the discussion.”

“Castiel, I am the house omega--”

“You are and you’re my mother, but you will not use my omega because you're too damn lazy to do shit on your own, mother.” He narrowed his eyes and said, “And you will not discuss matters concerning him as if he’s invisible. If Dean’s in the room and you feel you need to criticize him, you won’t do it in front of him.”

Gabriel smiled, tapping his brother’s shoulder in pride. “I’ll take this up to Dean.”

“Thank you. Good night, Big Brother.”

“Night, Cassie, mother.”

“Good night, Gabriel,” Naomi muttered. She glared at her son. “Your father won’t like this.”

“Well, if father doesn’t like it he knows where to find me.” He picked up the box that Benny had and turned to the stairs. “Those are my rules. If you don’t like them then it’s too damn bad. I won’t let anyone in this family or this house treat Dean the way that everyone seems to treat Hannah and the others.” He started up the stairs and stopped. “Oh, and being that tomorrow’s Saturday, I don’t want an early morning wake up call. We’ll come down when we’re ready.”

He turned and went upstairs. She growled, stomped her foot like a 2-year-old and stormed back to her room.

Chapter Text

Chapter 5

Naomi stormed into the room she shared with her husband of almost 50 years. She shut the door and walked to the bed. “Dimitri!”

He groaned and muttered groggily, “What the hell do you want, Woman?”

“Your son brought home an inappropriate omega.”

He rolled onto his back and looked at her in the moonlight. “Inappropriate how?”

“He’s skinny and taller than him.”

He groaned and muttered something in Russian.”So, basically things he can’t control because of genetics, right?”


He growled and pushed the covers back. “What do you want from me, Naomi, huh?!” he growled.

“Do something! That omega will not fit in.”

“Fit into what, Naomi? Your perceived view of what an omega should be like and look like?” He pushed himself up against the pillows and folded his arms over his torso. “Let me guess, your son laid down rules about the way you were going to treat his omega?”

“I’m the house omega, Dimitri! I will not be disrespected!”

“And what makes you think that Castiel would allow his omega to disrespect you at all?”

She huffed. He groaned. “Naomi, he’s your son’s chosen mate.”

“They aren’t mated yet, Dimitri.”

He knew what that meant. Raising his voice to ‘Alpha’ level he said, “You will not ruin anything for that boy. You’ve had four of your boys do as you wanted and one of them got their hearts broken because she wasn’t ever supposed to say no to one of your sons.” He glared at her. “It shouldn’t have been okay for Michael to sleep with Kali. It doesn’t matter if he was an Alpha or not. That was his brother’s mate and he was supposed to respect that. I told you that!” he yelled.

He pushed the covers back and stormed to her. “I told you to leave it alone. I told you to leave her alone that despite Gabriel’s jovial side he was a sensitive boy, but did you listen to me? NO! Because God forbid someone tells Michael no!” He pushed her against the wall, not hard enough to bruise her but hard enough to get his point across. “If you ruin this for him I will go ‘Old School’ on your ass, are we clear?”

“But Dimitri--”

Are we clear ?” he insisted.

“Yes, Alpha.”

“Good. Now, get your nosy ass back to bed.”

“Yes, Alpha,” she said submissively. She took her robe off and got back into bed. She pulled the covers up around her. “He gave us rules about Dean.”

“I take it ‘Dean’ is his name?”


“What are the rules? I’ll be sure to tell our sons myself and if I hear from Castiel you aren’t following them then my ‘Old School’ threat still stands.”

“Yes, Alpha.” She cleared her throat. “We aren’t to disrespect him.”

He nodded. “Seems reasonable. What else? Just say them all.”

“Apparently I can’t force him into being my servant--”

“Good. You’ve got a housekeeper. What do you need--”

“I’m the house Omega!”

“Do you even know what that means?!”

She quieted. He glared at her. “Let me reeducate you. A house Omega is supposed to direct the house. To keep it for their own Alpha. To make sure that everything is running smoothly. Make executive decisions concerning the house when I’m not home. Nowhere in that description does it mean you delegate any of your duties to your omega-in-laws because you’ve suddenly become too lazy to do the work yourself.”

“Well, you shouldn’t like this one. You can’t command him to do anything. No one is allowed to command him to do anything. If we want Dean to do something we have to go through Castiel.”

He nodded. “We can do that.”


“It doesn’t sound unreasonable, especially since you’ve raised Michael and Lucifer with superiority complexes. I can go to Castiel if I need Dean to do something. What else do you got?”

“And apparently he wants us to treat him like a person. We can’t discuss him as if he’s invisible.”

“That’s respectful.” He glared at her. “If you don’t remember what that feels like I could remind you considering your father still does it to you.”

“No, Alpha.”

“What about that seems disrespectful to you?”

“Nothing I guess,” she murmured. “He told us to not do early morning wakeup calls to him tomorrow.”

He nodded. “Again reasonable. I’m not seeing the problem.”

She exhaled slowly. “Dimitri, you’re supposed to be on my side.”

He growled. “Go to sleep, Naomi.”

Meanwhile, in Castiel’s room, Dean anxiously waited. He had no idea what ‘get ready for bed’ meant to him. With his other Alphas, it meant get naked and present so they could fuck him. He paced back and forth nervously, wringing his hands. What if he did and Castiel thought what the others had? What if he ended up buying another Omega in a couple of weeks like Azazel had?

Castiel walked into the room and scrunched up his nose. The burning vanilla scent filled the room. “Dean.”

Dean jerked and put a hand to his chest. “Alpha.”

Castiel smiled and walked to a bedside lamp. He flipped it on. “Baby, what are you doing pacing in the dark?”

He shrugged. He immediately realized he hadn’t done what he asked. “Oh, I’m sorry, Alpha!”

He watched as the omega scampered to get his pajamas. He could tell, besides from the burnt vanilla smell he was terrified. Castiel walked to him and gently stopped him. “Hey, hey, hey.”

Dean bowed his head. “Please don’t hurt me.”

Castiel’s heart broke for him. Alphas who doled out punishments had no idea how it broke the omega down. He tucked his forefinger under Dean’s chin and tilted his eyes back to his. He caressed his cheek. “Baby, I’m not going to hurt you.” He gently pulled Dean to the bed. “I think we need to talk about some things.”

He screwed up already. Here comes the ‘Dean, this isn’t working’ speech. “Look, Cas, you don’t have to say anything. I’ve heard it before. This isn’t working, right? I already did something--”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa,” he whispered. “Dean, I didn’t say anything about this not working. And you didn’t do anything wrong.” Looking at Dean’s tilted head again he tilted his head back up. “Please look at me. Even when you think you need to be submissive, please look at me.” He smiled as he caressed his cheek. “I love your eyes.”

“Y-Y-Y-You do?”

He nodded. “I do. What I was going to say was what I want us to be with each other.”

He nodded. “Okay.”

“First and foremost, don’t go submissive on me unless it’s something we’ve talked when we’re having sex or something.”

He nodded. “Okay.”

“Good. Always look me in the eyes. Never at the floor and if it’s my mother, father, brothers or their mates or even business associates, always look them in the eyes. Don’t ever let them intimidate you into looking at the floor.”

“But, Cas--”

“I know, the school and Abaddon told you differently, but I don’t like the idea of you being disrespected. It bothers me.” He sighed. “I want there to be an open line of communication between us.” He exhaled. “Have you watched TV?”

He nodded. “Some of it.”

“Have you ever seen domestic TV shows? Where the couples talk to each other about everything and never keep anything to themselves?”

He nodded. “I like Home Improvement. Jill was sassy toward Tim and she ran that house even though she wanted more.”

He nodded. “Exactly. I want to see what you’re like away from what you were taught at the school. You’re my mate, my omega and you’re my companion. I don’t want you to be afraid that I’ll send you back.” He kissed his forehead. “Talk to me, speak up and say something and most of all if you don’t like something tell me and I’ll fix it. You won’t be punished for speaking without being spoken to and you won’t be punished for talking back.”

He raised his eyes to the Alpha. He swallowed. “Abaddon showed you my file.”

He nodded. “I asked Dagon to get it. I wanted to know what were the other Alphas reasons behind letting you go because honestly, I didn’t see a real reason. Not if they were treating you the way you were supposed to be treated.”

“What do you mean?” He’d always been told he’d been designated to be a ‘fuck toy’ for any Alpha.

“Oh, Dean,” he said softly. “Honey, you’re not supposed to be mistreated.” He stood from the bed and walked over to a large built-in bookshelf. He searched for a couple of seconds and grabbed a book. He picked up Dean’s pajamas and realized how thin they were. “Are these all you have, Sweetheart?”

He nodded. Castiel walked to a dresser in the room and pulled out a pair of thick flannel pajama pants and a long-sleeve thermal shirt. “Please put those on.” He looked at Dean. “You don’t need to change in front of me until you feel comfortable.”

Dean smiled and Cas’ heart fluttered. “But the only way to feel comfortable is to do it, right?”

He laughed softly. “I guess so.”

Dean pulled the shirt off and Castiel took it, tossing it into a chair. Castiel walked to the same dresser as Dean changed and grabbed a set of pajamas for himself. By the time that Cas had turned around, Dean had his pants off and was showing Cas his worn-out underwear. He made a mental note to take Dean shopping tomorrow to buy appropriate clothing. And not all the designer stuff his brothers bought. This was winter clothes for the season and other necessities.

Castiel froze when he saw the scar that ran from just above the waistband to somewhere beyond the waistband. “May I ask what happened?”

“When?” Dean asked.

“The scar on your hip,” he said and softly touched it to show him. He felt the raised bump that a scar became sometimes. “What happened?”

Um…” He felt the rapid thud of his heart. If he wanted to make Cas happy then he’d have to show him he could talk to him. “I told Dick that I wasn’t feeling comfortable having sex in his office.”

“You had sex in his office?”

He nodded. “I had to be ready whenever he was. He took me to work with him a few times and when he was feeling stressed he wanted to fuck.” He shrugged. “This time it was around business associates.”

Castiel’s eyes widened in shock. “Really?”

Dean nodded. “Yeah. fact, one of the guys is in your photos.”

“Which one?” Castiel asked.

Dean walked to the bookshelf by his desk and picked up a photo of Cas and his 4 brothers. He pointed to a black haired and blue eyed man. “This one. Who is it?”

“That’s my oldest brother, Michael.”

“Oh,” he whispered. His heart thudded painfully hard and his knees knocked. “I’m sorry.”

“No, Dean, don’t be.” He flipped it face down on the end table. “I want you to tell me these things, Sweetheart.” He looked at Dean. “Will you lay down with me?”

He nodded. He climbed onto the bed as Cas pulled the covers back. He propped up a couple of pillows. “Here, Dean, sit back and relax.”

“Really? You don’t want..?”

He shook his head. “Not yet. We’re going to take our time.” He knew it’d probably have to happen soon unless… “Dean, may I ask you something?”

Dean pulled the plush, soft, warm blanket around his middle. This bed felt amazing! He’d never felt anything so incredible before. “Yes.”

“Would you have a problem with it if I scent marked you?”

“Uh…” he shrugged. “Don’t know. I never have been. Azazel and Dick were always so careful with that kinda thing in case they had to return me.”

Castiel smiled. He could see his hesitation then. “Baby, I don’t plan on returning you.”

Dean’s eyes whipped to his. “Seriously?”

He nodded. “I know you probably don’t believe me yet and that’s okay. I can prove it to you, I don’t mind. But I like having you around.”

The joy and excitement at his admission overwhelmed him and he reacted by leaning forward and taking Castiel’s mouth in a very happy, intensely deep kiss. The Alpha moaned and tucked his hand behind Dean’s neck. Realizing what he had done he pulled back. “Sorry, Alpha.”

His hand still tucked at the back of Dean’s neck, he shook his head, his breathing coming out in shallow pants. “Don’t...don’t be.” He pulled him closer and whispered, “Do it again.”

Dean smiled and took his lips again. Testing himself and the Alpha, he used the tip of his tongue and teased Cas’ lips. The Alpha moaned and his tongue filled his mouth. He growled and Dean felt the churn of desire in his gut as his slick gushed. This time Dean moaned. Castiel wrapped his other arm around his waist and pulled him to him. He broke the kiss long enough to say, “Straddle me...please.”

He deftly did as the Alpha told him. He groaned when he felt the Castiel’s erection at the cleft of his ass. A lusty feeling of warmth stole over Dean and he deepened the kiss even more, the slicker he became. Castiel moaned and the thought of what the other Alphas had done, he pulled back gently. “Dean…” he said breathlessly.

“Yes, Alpha.”

Castiel growled and Dean immediately scrambled off of him. The mood immediately died and Cas watched the omega scamper to his side of the bed. “Oh, Dean, I’m sorry.” He turned to him. “I’m so sorry.”

“No, I’m sorry, Alpha. My mistake--”

“No, Dean, don’t,” he said softly. “You did nothing wrong. I promise.”

He stopped. “Really? But you growled…”

He smiled, laughing softly. He reached out and cupped Dean’s cheek affectionately. “Baby, Alphas growl for other reasons besides anger.”


“When we’re turned on,” he said and laid back with him.

“Really?” Dean’s beautiful grass green eyes bulged in surprise.

He laughed. “Yes, really.” He positioned himself so that Dean’s head rested on his chest. “Sweetheart, when we do that again, and we will, I’ll probably growl again, but know it has nothing to do with me being mad and everything to do with me being very turned on.”

Dean felt like he could walk on air at this point. So maybe he wasn’t so bad at this pleasing your Alpha thing after all. He leaned into Castiel and kissed him softly. “Thank you.”

“For what?”

“For being so patient with me about this.”

Castiel and smiled and picked up his book. He kissed Dean’s head and coaxed him into cuddling. “I wanna read you something.”

“Okay. What’s the book?”

“It’s an Alpha book. My dad had it when he presented and it’s been passed down between us boys. Being the youngest I got to keep it.”

“I’m the oldest,” he said softly.

“Really? You have a younger brother?”

He nodded into Cas’ chest. “Yeah. He’s four years younger than me. When I presented as omega, he was eleven. I begged my dad to not do it because who would take care of Sammy, but he didn’t listen. Refused to because I was an omega and ever since my mom died he’s had a very skewed view of Omegas.”

“How’d your mom die?”

“ fire.” He cleared his throat. “Um...I was five. Sammy’s first birthday had just happened and we all got out and I had noticed that Sammy was still in the house. Mom and I went back in after him. She...she…” his voice broke as Cas felt wetness on his chest. “She got trapped and passed Sammy to me and I ran out with him. Mom died that night.” He wiped his tears. “Sorry, you’re shirt’s wet.”

“Don’t worry about it, Baby. Have you seen your brother since?”

He shook his head. “No. I had thought if he presented as omega that maybe dad would drop him off as he did me, so I waited, but he never did. So, I figured Sammy’s an Alpha.”

“But you don’t know for sure, right?”

“Right,” he answered. “I miss him.”

“I bet you do,” he said softly, caressing Dean’s hair as the Omega sought a comforting smell. He pulled him closer. “Go ahead, Sweetheart.”

Dean tilted his head into the crook of Castiel’s neck and took in the comforting smell of cedarwood and thyme. He relaxed and Castiel began reading him a passage from the book about the way omegas were supposed to be treated.

Contented, Dean listened. If this was how his life was going to be like he couldn’t wait. For the first time in a long time, he felt safe and cared for.

Chapter Text

The next morning, Dean felt the shift next to him and groaned, “Alpha?”

Castiel smiled. Last night was good. Sure it wasn’t what had happened with Michael and Hannah or even Lucifer and Lilith, but it was a good night. The sex could wait until the sweet green-eyed omega was feeling more comfortable. During the night, while he read to him and they talked Cas scent marked him so that should force Michael and Lucifer to not go sniffing around him.

“Go back to sleep, Baby. I’ll be right back.” He threw his robe on and tied it. He looked over his shoulder to see Dean asleep again. He smiled. He walked out the door and to be safe he locked it. He walked across the hall to his brother’s room. He opened the door and walked in. “Gabe.”

He got a grunt for a response. He climbed onto the foot of the bed and shook his big brother’s foot. “Hey!” he said and slapped his toes.

He groaned. “Dude, do you realize even at twenty-eight years old, you’re still as annoying as you used to be when you were a kid?” he muttered putting the pillow over his face.

Cas reached over and pulled it off of his head. “Gabriel Stephen, I need to talk to you. It’s about Dean.”

That got a one-eye-open response, “What about him?”

“He’s got a little brother,” Castiel told him. “And no it’s not my attempt to set you up. Mom would have a coronary.”

He sat up and smiled. “That might be fun.”

He tossed the pillow back at him laughing. “No. Dean lost track of him when their dad dropped Dean off at fifteen. I want you to help me find him.”

He smiled. “So, what’s the kid’s name?”

“Samuel William Winchester, born May second two-thousand-one in Lawrence, Kansas.”

“Lawrence, Kansas?” he asked looking at him.

He nodded. Gabriel smiled. “You know that explains a lot of Dean’s mannerisms then.”

“What are you talking about?”

“He’s a midwestern boy.”

Castiel laughed and slapped at his feet. “Kali was a small town girl--”

“Kali was a whore who couldn’t say no to a knot if she tried.”

Cas winced. “I’m sorry.”

He shook his head. “It’s all right. It’s not your fault. She called me last night before I went to bed.”

“What’d she want?”

He shrugged. “I have no idea. She kept blubbering about how she fucked up her life and she shouldn’t have slept with Michael.”

“What did you tell her?”

“That it was her own damn fault and to lose my number.”

And as if Cas knew, his brother cried himself to sleep. He loved Kali and it destroyed him when he caught Michael and Kali knotted together. Gabriel never touched her again after that. “You gonna help me?”

“Castiel James, do you really have to ask me that?”

He held up his hands. “Sorry. What about that friend of yours? Um, Balthazar? Do you think he’d help?”

He nodded. “Probably. He knows a lot of underground places that Alphas, Betas and Omegas hide out. I’ll start searching for him and get back to you around lunch.”

He nodded. “Sounds good. Thanks, Gabe.”

He smiled. “We’re family, Cassie. I’ll do anything for either of you--well, maybe not Michael.”

Cas smiled. “I know, Big Brother.”

Cas walked out of Gabriel’s room and stopped when he seen his mother trying to hear something. “Mother, what are you doing?”

She jumped violently and put a hand to her heart. “Jesus! Castiel, don’t sneak up on me like that.”

“Why are you attempting to hear my omega, mother?”

“I was just curious,” she whispered.

He sighed. “I’m going to go ask Ellen to make breakfast for me and Dean.”

“You could invite Dean to breakfast with the family.”

He shook his head. “We’re trying to get used to each other, mom.” He walked down to the kitchen. “Hey, El. How are you this morning?”

“Good,” she said smiling. “Where’s your Omega?”

“Sleeping,” he told her. “Do you think you could make us some pancakes, suasages and bacon.”

She nodded. “Absolutely.” She tapped the counter. “Tell me what you’ve learned about him so far.”

He smiled and slid into the seat. “What do you want to know?”

She smiled. “Anything everything.”

He laughed. “Well, he’s twenty-one. He’s got sandy-brown hair and beautiful green eyes. Um...when we first met he gave himself a concussion.”

She laughed. “How’d he do that?”

He proceeded to tell her the story of what happened. She laughed softly. “That’s kinda cute. So, let me guess you asked him to come home with you?”

He nodded. “Yes, and he first turned me down and--”

“He turned you down?”

“If you knew the place he came from, the label they gave him and the way they treated him, mother, you’d know.”

“Good morning, Gabriel.”

“Morning,” he looked at Cas. “I think I found, Dean’s brother.”


He nodded. “Well, you said he was seventeen, which means if he presented at fifteen then he’d would have recently to have registered.”

Naomi’s nose wrinkled. “Your omega has a brother?”

Castiel nodded. “Dean hasn’t seen him in six years when his dad dropped him off at Abaddon’s.”

“Oh, God,” Ellen muttered. “Were they close?”

He nodded. “Their mom died when Sam was a toddler and Dean’s taken care of him ever since.” He looked at Gabriel. “Where is he?”

“Well, that’s where this gets a little shady,” Gabriel said. “He’s registered. He’s an omega, but that’s where it ends. No one knows where his location is.”

Castiel’s stomach dropped. “What’s that mean?”

“Well, usually, according to Balt, it means he’s been sold into an Omega market.”

“I’ve heard about those,” Ellen commented plating the bacon on a small plate. She started the sausage. “Those are usually where married Alphas go for some kinky shit. We’re talking about beatings, rapes, stuff like that. Anything an Alpha wouldn’t want to reduce their own Omega to they’ll go to these underground places and play out these awful fantasies with other omegas.”

“Oh, God,” Castiel face paled.

Dobroye utro sem'ye ,” Dimitri said to his boys.

Dobroye utro otets ,” the boys said in unison.

Dimitri looked at his younger sons. “What’s wrong?”

“Apparently, Dean’s got an omega brother,” Naomi told him.

“Really?” he asked getting himself some coffee. “I’m judging by the paleness of Cassie’s face that it’s not good news.”

Gabriel shook his head. “Possibly not. He may have been sold to an Omega market.”

“O Bozhe moy,” Dimitri muttered. “Do we heave an idea where?”

Gabriel shook his head. “No. There’s a few here in the City. I’ve got Balthazar looking into it with the picture of Sam from his registration.” He smiled. “You know if I was in the market for an Omega, I’d go for him.”

Castiel laughed. “Why?”

“The kid is like over six foot tall, hazel eyes, and pretty damn hot.” He pulled the pic up on his phone. “Look.”

Castiel looked at the kid and smiled. Gabriel was right. He was really good looking. “Send that too my phone. I wanna see if that’s Sam.”

He nodded and shot him a copy of the pic through text. Castiel picked up the breakfast tray Ellen sat up. “Hey, Gabe, you doin’ anything later?”

“Not yet. Whatcha thinkin’?”

“Getting Dean some winter clothes and other necessities.”

“I’m there,” he said smiling. “El, could you fix me up a tray too? I think I’ll spend the morning in my room.”

“You got it, Gabe.”

Castiel walked upstairs and to his room. He rested the tray on his hip and opened the door. He smiled as he kicked the door shut gently. Dean was sitting up watching TV. It was a social media TV show called Buzzfeed Unsolved True Crime . “You’re awake.”

“Yeah,” he said smiling. “I couldn’t get back to sleep after you got up.”

“You’re gonna have a problem when I go to work Monday then.” Cas sat the tray on the bed and leaned over to Dean. “First…” he kissed him. “Good morning, Beautiful.”

Dean smiled as the Alpha’s lips came down on his again. This time Dean kept him there and deepened the kiss. The man moaned and then pulled back smiling. Dean smiled. “Good morning, Alpha.”

“Dean…we talked--”

“I didn’t mean it submissively.”

“Good,” he said sitting on the bed. “What’s this case?”

The Bizzare Disappearance of the Tromp Family.

“Oh, yeah. I remember this one.” He smiled at Dean. “So, I got pancakes, sausage and bacon.”

“Bacon?” he asked looking hopeful at him.

He smiled. “Yes, bacon, Sweetheart.”

“Ooh! Gimme!” he said excitedly.

They ate in silence for a few minutes and then around some pancakes, Cas asked, “Would you mind if we went shopping today? I was thinking of letting you pick up some stuff and winter clothes.”

Dean nodded. “That sounds fun.” He smiled. “Would you kiss me on the trip?”

He laughed. “You like that, huh?”

He nodded. “Kissing you is nice,” he said, smiling with a blush flushing across the bridge of his nose.

After they finished breakfast, Cas put the tray on a small table in the room and came back. “So, I wanted to talk to you about something.”


“How would you feel if Gabe and I found your brother?”

He suddenly felt light-headed. “Really? You’d do that?”

His heart swelled. He nodded. “Yeah, of course, I would. I had Gabe already starting to look for him and he thinks he may have found something.”


He nodded. “He registered as an Omega on May 3, 2016.” he told him.

Dean’s heart thudded hard in his chest. “His fifteenth birthday. Well, the day after.”

He nodded. “Right.” He picked up his phone and showed him the picture that Gabriel texted him. “Sweetheart, is that him?”

Dean looked at the photo and his heart thudded hard in his chest. He couldn’t believe it. It was his brother! “Yes!” he said excitedly. “You found him!” He lunged toward Cas and held on.




His body felt heavy and he felt spaced out. His ass hurt..actually, his entire body hurt and he was so tired. His stomach growled again and he moaned. He predicted he hadn’t eaten in days, not knowing how long he’d been out this time.

He looked around and groaned. The light was too bright, and the bed was wet from bodily fluids, blood and something else. He opened his eyes, masking his eyes. He was laying on the torture bed and was finally cut loose from it after being hooked up to it for 18 hours.

He groaned and looked up at the small window. “Dean...I’m coming…”

He passed out again.




Chapter Text


Dean stared at his reflection in the full-length mirror and exhaled. He’d been with Castiel for a week and half and he loved being with the Alpha. In the time that they’ve spent together, they had discovered that despite their difference in upbringings they had a lot in common and a lot they can learn from each other.

The day that Castiel told him that he and Gabriel were going to look for Sam, they had taken him shopping and he had never felt more out of place, not that Cas would let him. A smile slid across his lips as he remembered the fun that they had in the changing rooms. Not sexual fun, but it was fun to just kiss. He had never met an Alpha who never tried to pressure him or push him into doing sexual things with him, but Cas hadn’t. In the week and half that they’ve been together they’ve held hands, cuddled, and kissed...they’ve kissed lots of times.

The Alpha’s kisses could turn even the strongest person to mush, he knew it. The man was so patient and if he felt overwhelmed by anything they did he stopped and he cuddled him, reassuring him that it was okay that they could always try again and they did. They were now at the heavy making out and petting stage and that was even better than just kissing him. He exhaled. He wondered if an Alpha like Castiel Novak, the youngest of the Russian-American, New York City’s royal family, could love him. Truly, truly love him.

In the week that he’s been in the house he’s discovered his appetite again and he’d gone to a few doctors to get checked out. According to the doctor that had come yesterday he had gained almost 10 pounds since he came to live with Cas and the good part was that he was all cleared of STDs and whatnot so if and when he and Cas decided to have sex he was absolutely safe to do so.

He was still deciding whether he wanted to be on a suppressant birth control and he knew he had to hurry up and make the decision considering in about a week he’d be going into heat. He was still trying to figure out how to talk to his Alpha about what to do about his heat. Could he just come out and mention it? He sighed, and if he did would Cas insist on him being alone because he didn’t want to hurt him? He was kinda hoping that he would want to be there so that they could mate.

For the first time in the 6 years since he presented as an Omega, he actually wanted to belong to an Alpha. He didn’t just want any Alpha, he wanted Cas in every since of the word. The question was, did Cas want him?

Castiel walked into the room he shared with Dean and immediately smelled a burning honey-vanilla scent coming off of his omega in waves. He wrinkled his nose and walked up behind him. He wrapped his arms around his waist and kissed his neck. “Do you wanna talk about what’s making you so nervous, Sweetheart?”

Dean leaned into Cas’ arms and exhaled, letting the Alpha’s pumpkin pie scent soothe him. He looked down at the floor and then at their arms intertwined with one another and knew he couldn’t lie to him. He looked through the mirror at the blue-eyed Alpha. “There’s something we need to talk about.”

He nodded, resting his chin on Dean’s shoulder. “So, tell me.”

“Um...we never talked about this, but it’s coming up quick and we need to sort it out and decide.”

“Decide what?”

“Um…” he lifted his eyes and looked at his mate. He rushed on, “ about a week I’ll be going into heat. We never talked about heats and ruts.” He smiled. “It’s kinda funny considering we’ve talked about everything else, but I should probably tell you that I’ve never spent a heat with an Alpha before and I-I-I-I…”

Castiel smiled and turned him in his arms. It was so adorable that he babbled when he was so nervous. He pressed a kiss softly to his lips. “Baby, you need to breathe, please.”

Dean took a deep breath and released it softly. Castiel smiled and kissed his forehead. “That’s my good Omega.” He sighed. “I know we’ve never talked about it and it’s not because I don’t want to but I was trying to figure out how to bring it up to you without scaring you.”

Dean laughed. “I think after talking about sex and sexual positions we’ve been in and the ones we hate that you and I could figure out how to bring up the one time that you and I will be totally out of control of everything within us.”

Castiel laughed. “You’d think so, yes.” He sighed. “Being that this will be the first time for both of us, um, I think we need to talk about what you want.”

“What do you mean?” Dean walked the bed and sat down.

“Do you want me to be there?” he asked sitting in a wingback chair across from Dean.

The green-eyed man blinked in surprise. “Alpha, of course, I do. I wouldn’t have been agonizing over how to tell you for the last day and half if I didn’t want you there.” He stood and walked to Cas, crouching down in front of him. “I want you there...more than I’ve ever wanted anyone there before.” He sighed, looking down at the floor for a moment, then back to Cas. “You’re not just my Alpha, you’re becoming my best friend. And I know that it may seem soon for us, but I was kinda hoping that when I do go into heat that you’ll mate with me too.”

Cas’ blue eyes shot to his. “Really?”

He nodded. “Of course, you don’t have to if don’t want to, but--”

Dean’s words had died the moment that Cas’ lips claimed his. He moaned into the Alpha’s mouth and he swept his tongue inside. Without breaking the kiss, Dean moved and straddled the Alpha. He ended the kiss on a sigh. “Is that a yes?”

Castiel nodded, smiling. “I’d love to be there and nothing would make me happier than to be your mate, Sweetheart.”


“However, being that it’s more likely you’ll get pregnant in heat, do you want to be a dad now?”

Dean shook his head. “Not yet. I do want to have your babies, but not now. I want it to be just us for awhile.” He looked down at him. “Is that wrong?”

He shook his head. “No. Not at all. I was going to go with whatever you wanted, but I agree. It should be just us for awhile.” He dropped his hands to Dean’s thighs and began rubbing him intimately. “As much as I would love to sit here and talk about this, um, I should probably put in for time know with the whole heat leave and mate leave that dad gives us.”

“Your dad does that for everyone?”

He nodded. “Yeah. The heat leave is two weeks and the mate leave is another week after that.”

“Wow...I didn’t think that was real. Abaddon told us that more than likely our Alphas wouldn’t want to bond after the mating bite.”

He looked up at him. What the hell kind of teacher was this woman. “No, Sweetheart. Most Alphas...the good ones want to be there.” He tucked a hand behind Dean’s neck and whispered against his lips, “I want to be there.” He kissed him slowly. “I want to be bonded to you in every way, Baby.”

Dean nodded. “So, how do you feel about pre-heat and post-heat sex?”

Castiel laughed and lifted him as he stood. He walked him to the bed and placed him down on it, but not before taking his mouth in a mind-blowing kiss. “Honey, if I could get away with it I’d knot you at least twice a day without hesitation.”

Dean looked up at him and his stomach churned in happy anticipation. “Why couldn’t we?” he asked. “We could in the might have to wake me up,” he wrapped his legs around Cas’ waist, “but you’ve gotten really good at that.” He ran his hands up and down his Alpha’s pecs as he spoke, “And I’ve heard that knotting before bed helps with sleep.”

Cas laughed and kissed him again, dragging it out. “I’ve heard that too, but first let’s see how you do with a knot, Sweetheart.”

“Wanna go now?” he asked the lust settling in his green eyes.

Cas smiled against his mouth, kissed him and then said, “I’d love to but I have a meeting and not to mention I have to prepare for Meg’s interrogation.”

Well, if the Alpha wanted to ruin the moment he just found a way to do it. He dropped his legs and tapped Cas’ chest. “Ahh, yes, Meg.” He had met Meg Wednesday and the woman was very insulting and seemed to hate him almost instantly. It didn’t help matters that she basically threatened that she could steal Cas from him in a minute.

Castiel felt the moment change in an instant and exhaled softly as Dean sat up. “Baby, you’ve got me.”

“Does she know that?” he snapped and got off the bed.


“Come on, Cas! I’m not an idiot. I’ve been in two households with Alphas who had multiple omegas--”

“I’m not them,” he told him. “I only want you.” He walked to Dean. “I want all of you, Dean. You’re the only Omega that I know will satisfy me mind, body and soul and if it takes me the rest of our lives together to prove that to you I will.”

Dean exhaled. He hated being insecure. Insecurity wasn’t his thing, at least he tried it not to be. “I know.” He scratched his forehead. “It’s just that Meg all but told me that Wednesday when she had dinner here. And with your mother all but shoving her at you I…”

He walked to him and gave him a soft kiss. ‘Mother’s gonna do that. She’s a bitch. Always has been. Mom and dad were arranged, Dean and she comes from a household that held very traditional views on what was good for image and whatnot. It’s her fault actually that Kali cheated on Gabriel.”


“He’s right.”

They both turned and Dean smiled at his brother-in-law. Gabriel smiled. “If you’re gonna make out I’d suggest closing and locking the door, Baby Brother.” He looked at Dean. “He’s right. Don’t listen to mother. She’s the house omega, yes, but don’t let her control you. Kali let her control her because she wanted to make an impression and my mother all but encouraged the woman to sleep with Michael.”

“Oh, gross!” Dean exclaimed. “Why would she do that?”

“Because Michael and Lucifer are the Princes in the family,” Gabriel answered. “They’ve never been able to do anything wrong so no one can tell them no and according to a conversation that Michael and Kali had that I overheard, I wasn’t a very satisfying Alpha in the bedroom. That my knot wouldn’t be big enough to satisfy anyone.”

Dean exhaled. “Sorry.”

Castiel smiled. “You don’t have to worry about Dean sleeping with Michael.”

“Why’s that?”

“Because your big brother has seen me naked.”

Gabriel’s eyes widened in shock. “What?”

“Dick Roman was the last Alpha I had and when he felt stressed he’d take one of his eight omegas to work with him to fuck them whenever. For the first couple of weeks to ‘train’ me, he brought me and during a deal with your brother he apparently got stressed and we…”

He grimaced. “Right there in the conference room?!” He was appalled.

Dean nodded. “Yep.” He turned to Gabe. “Is she alone?”

“Who? Kali?”

Dean nodded. “Yes.”

Gabriel shook his head. “No, she’s not alone. I may be pissed off at her, but I wouldn’t have done that to her. Not that I would have taken her back. She could have told me and I would have helped her with Michael.” He took a deep breath and continued, “I tried to make it work, but Michael came in when she was about five months along and basically said that he wasn’t going to let me raise any child of his even though he slept with my wife to get the baby.”

Dean sighed sadly. “That sucks.”

“It does. So she is now living with Michael and Hannah. She calls me sometimes and cries to me about how she screwed up her life and then in the next breath she’s boasting about how good Michael is and that I could have never given her what Michael did.”

Dean winced. “Dude, just change your number and don’t give it to her.”

He laughed. “I’ve thought of that, but I don’t know…”

Trained in knowing when to change the subject, Dean said to Cas, “That day I told Dick no and that’s where the scar came from. He used a letter opener…”

Cas walked to him and kissed him gently. “Okay, baby, you don’t need to tell me now. It’s okay. You’re not there anymore. You’re here with me and I promise you if you don’t want to have sex in my office we won’t.”

Dean smiled and kissed him softly.



New York City was filled to the brim with history.

Anyone could walk into every one of the neighborhoods and see the history that still was thriving and preserved in there. In fact, Balthazar Langston was standing in one of the most historically corrupt neighborhoods in the City trying to help dear friends find the younger brother of Castiel’s mate. He looked at a group of guys as they approached him. “Have you seen this man?”

The foursome of guys looked down at the picture and 3 of them shook their heads. However, one stopped and really studied the picture. ‘I have,” the man said.

“Really? Where?”

“I think he’s one of Crowley’s omegas.”


The man nodded. “Yeah, he’s the King of Hell’s Kitchen.”

One of the other men said, “Yeah, um, he’s got a place called The Garden.

“Where is it? Do you know?”

They looked at him suspiciously. Balthazar cleared his throat. “This guy is the brother of one of the Novak mates.”

The men instantly came to attention as Balthazar knew they would. “Oh,’s on Eighth Avenue,” he said. “It’s a black building with a neon sign in the window. It’s got a large metal door to it and you say a password and they allow you in.” The man sighed. “The password changes every week.”

Balthazar pulled out his wallet and handed each man a $50 dollar bill and a business card with his name and number. “If you find out anything else please call me. It’s very important that I find him, okay?”

They nodded and kept walking. Balthazar sighed. He pulled out his phone and tapped Gabriel’s contact. He waited until he heard his response. He smiled. ‘Hey, man, it’s me. I found him.”

“Really?” Gabriel said a little surprised.

He nodded. “I did. He’s on Eighth Avenue in Hell’s Kitchen. According to my intel he’s one of Crowley’s Omegas.”

“Crowley?” he asked.

“Yeah, do you know him?”

“Of him. Michael and Lucifer go to him when they have ‘traditional alpha’ fantasies.”

“So, basically when they want to force an Omega to have sex or whatever?”

He nodded, but said, “Absolutely.”

“Well, do you think you could use your contacts and get a password in case what I give my Detective contact isn’t enough?”

“Probably. Call me and I’ll take it from my end.”

Chapter Text

Castiel walked into his office and smiled at his secretary. “Good morning, Charlie. How are you?”

She looked up and growled at him. He stopped. “Uh-oh. What’s wrong?”

“The Queen is in your office and trust me when I tell you she’s made her presence known.”

Castiel sighed. “I’m so sorry. I’ll take care of you.”

“Apparently you’re the only one who can. She has refused to leave until you got here.”

He nodded. “Thank you, Charlie.” He kissed the top of her head. “I’m sorry she’s been so rude to you this morning.”

She glared at him. He walked into his office and Meg spun around in the chair. “Clarence!”

“Meg, what are you doing here?”

She looked up at the man. “I think we need to talk.”

“About what?” he asked going through the folders on his desk.

“This omega you bought,” she told him. “Are you serious about him? Like mating and married?”

“Absolutely,” he answered without hesitation.

Her mouth tensed. “Why?”

“Why what?” he asked going to a file cabinet and slipping 2 folders inside. He pulled out 3 more.

She walked to him and ran her hands up his chest. “I could do a lot more for you than that omega could.”

He immediately stopped her. “Stop it,” he told her.

She tried again. “Oh, come on, Clarence. You know you want to.”

She wrinkled her nose at the smell of rotting cedarwood before she stepped back at his growl. His door opened and in walked Gabriel and Michael. He looked at them. “I’ll be right with you,” he snapped out.

Michael looked from Meg to his brother. “What’s going on?”

“Meg’s apparently feeling a little territorial,” he told them simply. He backed her away. “If you don’t stop touching me I will have you bodily removed.”

“Castiel!” she exclaimed, horrified.

Michael folded his arms in front of him. “Did my mother put you up to this?”

Meg glared at him. “Why would you care? It’s not like you didn’t steal his mate.”

“What I did to my brother was uncalled for,” he told her. “He didn’t deserve it.” He looked at Gabriel as the Alpha looked at him, surprised. “I’ve regretted it.” His eyes narrowed. “However, you won’t do it to Castiel or to his mate.”

“They’re not mated!”

“They’ve scent bonded!” Michael argued. “I can smell the honey and vanilla from here, Stupid!”

She sniffed the air. “I just figured he had the omega here.”

Gabriel glared at her. “The omega has a name. You may want to learn it, considering you’ll be seeing him quite a bit since your mother is mother’s best friend.”

She growled. “Ugh!” She stormed to the door. “This isn’t over,” she warned Castiel and slammed the door.

Michael shook his head. “And to think mom and Mrs. Masters has been trying to get you two together since you were in pre-school.”

Castiel rolled his eyes. “It’s not like we can have children.”

Gabriel nodded. “Very true.” It was no secret that Alphas were biologically unable to get their own gender or Betas pregnant. “And mom wants to be a grandmother.”

Michael rolled his eyes. “She only wants to be a grandmother for the photo op. She could give a flying fuck about her grandchildren. It’s dad who cares.”

Gabriel turned to his brother. “What was that about by the way?” He eyed him suspiciously. “You regret what exactly?”

“Hurting you,” Michael said, sighing. He looked at both of them. “Look, I know I can be a jerk and I know that some of my actions has made you both regret being my brothers, but if you let me I’ll tell my side.”

“What side is there to tell?” Gabriel asked sardonically. “You’re an Alpha, you wanted to knot her…”

Castiel looked into his brother’s eyes and he saw the regret there. He flicked his eyes to Gabriel. “He’s being serious, Gabe. At least give him a chance to speak.”

He sighed. “Fine. Go ahead.”

“You’re not wrong in your speculation that mom made Lucifer and I believe we could do no wrong, but I would have never hurt either of you that way.” He sighed. He sat down on the couch. “Even repeating this it’s going to sound ridiculous.”

Castiel turned one of the chairs that sat in front of his desk and faced his brother. He was really struggling with whatever he wanted to say. “Mike, just say it.”

“Kali wasn’t completely innocent in it. I know she tried to play up the submissive omega ‘he’s an Alpha, I couldn’t help it’ thing, but I promise you I have never ever used my Alpha voice or my designation to force anything.”

Gabriel’s heart stopped beating. He was sure of it. “Are you saying that Kali was more than willing to…”

He nodded. “When we had...ever...was when I was in Chicago. I was expecting room service. A restaurant had just opened up at the hotel we go to when we go there and I wanted to try their food. So I ordered samplers of everything, the thing was I was in rut. I opened the door and she was there. I told her to go. I told her she was my brother’s mate and I couldn’t...but she must have realized what was going on with me and…”

Gabriel shook his hand in a ‘Stop’ type of manner. “I get it. So she used the fact that you went into rut and tried to make it seem like you ‘forced’ your Alpha?”

He nodded. He ran a hand through his hair. He looked up at Gabriel. “I know it doesn’t excuse my actions and blaming my biology is not cool, but…”

“What day of your rut were you on?” Cas asked

Michael thought about it. “Day two.”

Castiel looked at his best friend. “He’s right it doesn’t excuse his actions, but…”

He nodded. “I know.” He exhaled deeply. “However, I’m kinda curious, why would you sit and watch Dick Roman fuck an Omega in the conference room during the deal you made with him?”

Castiel’s eyes lifted to his brother. “He’s right. Why didn’t you stop him?”

“I did!” he told him. “Or I tried. He kept saying that I could have a go at him when he finished.” He thought back to when it happened and he said, “I didn’t stay to watch in a sexual way. I stayed because the Omega was crying and I was trying to see if he was hurting him.” He looked at them. “You both know when an Alpha is engaged with an Omega like that it’s a death sentence to intervene.”

Castiel’s stomach tossed violently at the thought of what his brother saw and what Dean had endured. “Please tell me you did something?” he asked, his face going ghost white. He looked at his big brother. “Please, Mike.”

Michael nodded. “Do you remember when I got back from Dick’s office and I had that shiner?”

They nodded. Then he realized what Michael was saying, “Did he say he didn’t want to before he engaged or after?”

“Both,” Michael said looking at him suspiciously. “The omega was trying to defend least I think he was, so he said that he really didn’t want to because he didn’t feel comfortable. I insisted that if the Omega didn’t want to then he shouldn’t force it.”

He nodded. “Well, that explains why he took an envelope opener to Dean. He was probably pissed that Dean took your side.”

“He attacked him with an envelope opener?”

Cas nodded. Michael looked at his brothers. “Who is Dean? How do you know this?”

“Because my mate is Dean. He’s the Omega that was in the conference room that day.”

Michael’s jaw hit the floor. “No way! Seriously?!”

He nodded. “Seriously.”

“Oh, God, Cassie, I’m so sorry!” Oh, he was batting a thousand with his brothers today. “Forgive me?”

Castiel nodded. “I forgive you, but don’t hit on him. Mother seems to think that Dean could easily go to you like she was with Kali.”

“I won’t hit on him. Guys, I’ve never set out to be a mate stealer. I know you don’t believe me now, but I’m hoping that at some point….”

Gabriel shook his head. “Mike, did you ever think as to why it hurt me so much that it seemed like you went after Kali?”

He shook his head.

“Because you’re Mikey. You’re my big brother. I hero-worshipped you. Despite where you got Hannah you always treated her well. You cherish her. I was trying to do that for Kali, but apparently, that’s not what she wanted. She wanted a more ‘traditional’ Alpha.” He sighed. “It crushed me that you hurt me like that and apparently you had set out to do it deliberately.

His heart shattered. He had really fucked up. “Gabe, I’m...I’m...I’m so sorry. It wasn’t deliberate. I swear!”

He nodded. “I believe you.”

“Will you ever forgive me?”

“I might,” he told him. He looked at Castiel. “Why didn’t he say--”

Castiel shook his head. “Don’t blame Dean. I’ve never let him go into the story. It upsets him.”

“I can see why,” Michael told him. “Roman’s not a nice man. Dean was curious and started asking questions and Roman almost flipped his shit. If I hadn’t spoke up and said, anyway, he probably would have hit him. Besides, he’s one of those types that not just one will satisfy him. Dean always seemed like he wanted to be his Alpha’s one and only.” He smiled at Castiel. “That’s what makes him perfect for you.”

Castiel smiled. “Thanks, Mike.”

It felt nice to have this all out in the open like this. Castiel knew that there were huge steps to be taken and Mike needed to prove it to Gabriel, but maybe they could both heal now.

Chapter Text

-2 days later….

All around them was chaos as the raid squad was being assembled to charge into the non-discreet black building. Inside were going to be 50 to 100 or so very scared, probably very out of it Omegas. One of them was extremely important to Castiel’s Omega. He just hoped that Sam would be okay despite the conditions that Balthazar said was inside.

Castiel looked at the building and sighed. “Are you absolutely sure Sam’s in there, Gabe?”

He nodded. “That’s what Balthazar said and he hasn’t steered me wrong yet.”

“Well, let’s do it,” Dimitri said.

“Dad, I don’t know if Cas should go in with us.”

Castiel looked at his brother. “Why not?”

“Because Dean’ll be going into heat any day now and I’m sure that he doesn’t want anything to restrict his ability to fuck your brains out.”

Dimitri smirked. “Your brother’s right. As much as I hate to sideline you for something like this I think it’s best if you stay here.”

He nodded. They were right. In all honesty, he didn’t want to be restricted either. He wanted to have the full experience since neither of them has had the experience. However, he was a little anxious about whether or not he’d be able to satisfy him though. Dean had gone on heat birth control a few days ago and according to the doctor, it would prevent them from getting pregnant right now while he was on his heat. He was already in the pre-heat stage of it all. The mood swings were happening and the need to be close to Castiel.

He looked at his brother and father. “Be careful. That’s all I ask.”

Gabriel nodded. “We will, Little Brother. We’re going in after the Omega Recovery Team.”

He nodded. “Do you still have the picture of Sam?”

He nodded. “I do,” he said. “Now, stay here and we’ll be out as soon as we can.”

From where they stood they could hear the ORT storming the building. Balthazar looked at the Novaks. “Captain Henriksen just gave us the green light to go in.”

They walked with their friend into the building and Gabe almost recoiled back out the door at the smell of sex, blood, human waste and...was that death? “Holy...what is that smell?!” Gabriel gasped.

Henriksen waved them back as a couple of ORT members struggled with a couple of Alphas that were in engaged in sex with some horrifyingly looking omegas. Gabriel walked further into the building and watched as one of the ORT members was handcuffing Crowley, reading him his rights. Keeping his mind and nose off of the smells, he looked at the picture on his phone and looked around for Sam.

“I don’t see him,” Gabriel said, anxiousness rising up in him.

“There’s some in rooms with torture beds,” Henriksen told him. “Come on, I’ll show you.”

They walked into the way back of the building. There was only a single lightbulb lighting the narrow corridor. He pushed open one of the doors and Dimitri gasped. “Oh, dear God!” he exclaimed. “What the hell is he doing to them?”

“Well, according to Crowley, he’s only doing what society has deemed inappropriate. It’s an Alpha’s nature to want to dominate and the government has taken it away from us.”

Dimitri growled. “The government took it away from us because it’s so barbaric.” He tapped a couple of the men. “Unhook him. In fact, unhook them all. We’re taking them home with us. They’ll be safe there.”

Gabriel scoffed. “Oh, yeah, mother will love that, dad.”

“It’s not your mother’s decision,” he told him.

Gabriel continued to the next room and opened it. There the omega was asleep and whimpered that they couldn’t take anymore. “Unhook her too,” he said softly. He went to the next door, then the next. At about the middle of the corridor, he opened the door to one of the rooms and gasped. “Holy shit…” He looked back at dad. “Papa,’ll want to see this one.”

Knowing when he called him ‘Papa’ he was in shock and need ‘dad’ to be out, Dimitri came down the hall and stopped, peeking inside. Rage shined in his eyes and in his best Alpha Father voice he said, “Lucifer Joseph Novak, what in the hell do you think you’re doing?!”

Lucifer stopped slamming into the blond haired kid that was hooked into a medieval pillory device that was attached to the bed. The kid was sobbing and Lucifer pulled out of him. “Father!”

Dimitri stepped into the room, looked at Gabriel and said, “Go find Sam. We’ll meet you out front.” He called to Henriksen, “Hey, Captain, I got another Alpha in here. He’s got a scared omega hooked up to a pillory device.”

“A what….?” his voice trailed off as he entered the room. “Oh, dear God.” He looked at Dimitri, then Lucifer, then Dimitri again. “Isn’t that your son?”

“He was,” he said, his voice dripping with disgust.


Gabriel continued down the hall, finding other omegas, but not the one he was looking for, he was beginning to get discouraged. Finally, getting to the end of the barely lit damp hall, he opened the last door. He stopped dead at what he saw. “Oh, my fucking God….”

The Omega groaned in protest then whimpered at his entire body shooting with pain. Finally finding his legs, Gabriel rushed to the young man. He flicked on a lamp and saw that it was for sure Sam Winchester, his brother-in-law’s little brother. However, Sam was thin, almost too thin. He was barely moving and he could hardly speak. He was laying in what was obviously his own sweat, probably heat liquids, and other bodily fluids. By the bindings, he could tell that Sam was being held there against his will.

“Sam, I know you don’t know me, but I promise I won’t hurt you,” he said softly, soothing a hand down his hair. It was oily and dirty, which meant that it hadn’t been washed in days. “I’m gonna untie you so that I can take you to your brother.”


“Yes, Dean.” Gabriel quickly took photos of the bindings to send to Henriksen later and untied the young Omega. “Now, please, hold still, this knot is being stubborn…” he said as he struggled.

Finally, after struggling to free the frightened Omega, he called out to someone, “I need a clean blanket in here!” he yelled.

Seconds later, an ORT member came in with one of the emergency fuzzy blankets. He wrapped it around Sam and then explained what was going to happen next. “Now, Sam, I’m going to lift you up to carry you out, Okay?”

The omega gave a slight nod to let Gabriel know he understood. “Okay, then I’m going to carry you outside. They’ll load you into the ambulance to go to the hospital.”

Sam couldn’t find the energy to do anything this time so he just moaned in the affirmative. Gabriel lifted him gently in his arms and carried him out. “Papa, help me, please?”

Dimitri turned and halted in an instant. The man looked seriously mistreated. “Is that Sam?”

Gabriel nodded. The older man helped wrap Sam better in the blanket and Gabriel shifted him in his arms and walked out of the hall. He slowed when he saw his brother in handcuffs and on his knees with the other Alphas. Lucifer saw him too and tried to get him to uncuff him. “Gabe, Buddy, help me!”

“Busy,” he told him heading for the door. The omega in his arms held tighter to him and that immediately told him that Lucifer had used him as his own fuck toy. He pulled him closer as he whispered, “It’s okay, Baby, I promise.”

Outside, Gabriel walked to an empty ambulance and sat him on the awaiting gurney. He attempted to walk away but Sam began freaking out and pleading with Gabriel to not go anywhere. Gabriel lifted himself into the ambulance and took his hand. “Okay, Baby, I’ll stay.” He peeked out and hollered for his brother.

Castiel came to the ambulance. He saw the omega clinging to Gabriel and pleading with him not to leave, that they’ll be back to get him. “What do you need me to do?”

“Go home and get Dean. Bring him to the Omega hospital in town. Sam’s gonna need his brother. It’s about time that the brothers are finally reunited.”

Castiel smiled. “I couldn’t agree more, Gabe.”


Chapter Text

Dean and Cas pulled into the parking lot of the New York University Omega Hospital and Dean jumped out of the vehicle and ended up in a dead sprint when he heard a familiar Alpha voice yell for him. He froze. His pulse raced and his breaths rasped out. He immediately stiffened.

Castiel berated himself for his carelessness as he watched Dean stiffening in terror. He knew how the other Alphas treated him and that harsh voices would startle him. He rushed to him. “Baby, I’m so sorry.” He comforted him almost immediately.

“I’m sorry, Alpha, I didn’t mean to--”

He gently took his face in his hands and kissed him. “Don’t, please. I shouldn’t have used my Alpha voice and I’m sorry.” He caressed his cheek softly. “You scared me, Baby.”

“Scared you how?” Dean asked, a little surprised because an Alpha would admit something like that. He didn’t think Alphas ever got scared.

“We’re not mated yet, Dean and as safe as it is inside the hospital, outside the hospital, it’s not and your heat’s due any minute.”

“Oh…” It scared him because it wasn’t safe for him by himself.

Castiel’s mouth slid into a thankful smile. “I don’t want to lose you, Dean. I’m beginning to care a lot about you and I hope someday you can do the same for me. I can see us working, Dean.”

Dean searched the Alpha and smiled. ‘Me too, Alpha. I’m sorry I scared you.”

He caressed his cheek again. “It’s okay, Baby.” He looked into his eyes. “May I kiss you?”

Dean’s smile showed how happy he was. “Yes, absolutely.”

Cas’ mouth gently took his in soft kisses. The emotion changed almost instantly and he adored his mouth in a way that Dean had never experienced before. It was like he was the most precious thing in the world to him at this moment. He moaned and leaned into him. He sighed and wrapped his arms around Cas’ neck, leaning into the man to take the kiss deeper, but he didn’t. He did abruptly end the kiss though. He kissed him. “You’re getting so good at that.”

Cas smiled and held out his hand. Dean slid his hand into his and he intertwined their fingers. He kissed his hand. “Let’s go,” Cas said.

They walked into the building together, hand in hand. Castiel walked to the desk and asked, “Could you tell us where Samuel Winchester is?”

“Who are you?”

“Family,” Castiel told her. “This is his brother, Dean.”

“Please…” he glanced at the name tag. “Please, Nurse Hamilton. I’d appreciate it. It’s been six years since I last saw him.”

She looked into his blue eyes and knew he was telling the truth. “Oh…” she typed in the name and read the screen. “He’s on the intensive care unit on the fourth floor. It’s room Four-oh-two.”

They nodded. Dean smiled. “Thank you.”

Gabriel sat in the hospital room and couldn’t keep his eyes off the tall omega in the bed. The ride to the hospital was intense. The man wouldn’t let him either out of his sight or let him go. The beautiful man was so frightened of the paramedics and the doctors that Gabriel had to be in their way to keep him calm until after the examination was over.

Then the doctor told him what he had been running through his mind while he slept. He was trying to figure out how it had happened. He had never thought it would happen. Not to him. He ran in his mind everything from when he found Sam to when they got to the hospital and all he could come up with was that it happened when he unhooked his restraints.

He stood and began pacing. He wrung his fingers as he tried to think of a way to tell his brother and brother-in-law that he just scent bonded with Dean’s teenage brother.

The door clicked open and he held his breath as he saw Castiel and Dean walking into the room. Gabriel stood, putting a finger to his lips. “Shush,” he whispered. “He’s sleeping.”

“How is he?” Dean asked.

He nodded. “He’s good. Really good considering the state of the others. He’s malnourished and dehydrated. He has a broken wrist that’s about a week old. Um...abrasions, bumps, and bruises.” He scratched his forehead. “Um...there’s something else. The doctor ran a sexual assault kit and um…”

Dean’s face paled. “Oh,…”

He nodded. “Yeah,’s true. There’s also scaring that tells them that it happened more than once.”

“Oh, God…” Dean whispered, running his hand over his hair. “Sammy…” he whispered looking at his little brother.

Castiel studied his brother. He looked nervous, very nervous. “Gabriel, is there something else?”


“Gabe, please, if there’s something else I need to know.”

Gabriel's stomach lurched. “ actually involves me and him.”

“You and him?” Dean asked.

“Yes.” He sighed, turning, pacing and turned back to them. “Somehow, between me unhooking Sam to when we got here we uh...we, uh…”

“You what?” Castiel asked him.

“We scent bonded,” he admitted quickly.

“You what?!” they both exclaimed in shock.

Sam shifted at the noise and they fell silent until he went back to sleep. Dean looked at his brother-in-law. “How...what does that mean exactly? I mean I know what scent bonding is but for you and Sam what’s it mean?”

“It means that um…”

“Scent bonding is the first step to mating,” Castiel told him. “That’s what dad taught us anyway.” He saw the look in Dean’s eyes and replied, “Don’t worry, Sweetheart we did it a week or so ago.” He sighed heavily. “Gabe, are you sure about this?”

Gabriel shrugged. “I don’t know. I mean, I wasn’t a good Alpha the first time around. So, how am I going to be what he needs to get through this?”

Castiel looked at Dean, then turned back to his brother. However, it was Dean who spoke, “Gabriel, for you to be a good Alpha you have to have a good Omega to fill in the gaps where you lack.” He exhaled. “If what you told me about Kali and what Cas has then Kali didn’t deserve you.”

Gabriel smiled. “Thanks, Dean. I appreciate that.” He sighed. “But seriously, I mean, age of consent is seventeen, but still…”

Castiel smiled. “Gabe, just take things slowly and let them develop naturally. Besides, with everything that has happened to Sam, he’s not going to be ready for anything too soon. Just allow things to develop at their own pace.”

Gabriel sighed. Cas was right. That was the only way to handle all of this. He exhaled. One step at a time…

“Please...I can’t...not again…”

Both Gabriel and Dean stirred when they heard Sam talking in his sleep. Gabriel began to stand, but stopped when Dean went to his little brother. Dean sat on the side of the bed and held him. “It’s okay, Sammy. You’re safe. You’re safe…”

He jerked awake and looked around. “Where...where am I?”

“Sammy,” he said, his voice held a tremor.

Sam’s head jerked to his right and he gasped inaudibly. “Dean?!” He couldn’t believe it! He...he...he was here! Happiness radiated through his chest and shock stilled his body. His eyes filled instantly with tears. He reached out, but stopped in fear that he’d evaporate like he had all the times before. For the past year and half he’s been hallucinating Dean and as soon as hope hits...hoping of being taken out of Crowley’s the Dean mirage evaporated and he was back in his tortured hell all over again. He shook his head and tucked his head into the pillow. “You’re not here. You’re not real. You’’re never real.”

Castiel stood back and watched as the pain eteched not only in Dean’s heart, but on his face too. Gabriel sighed softly and sat at the foot of the bed. “Hey, Sammy.”

Sam lifted his eyes to the man that had been talking to him. “Hey…” he said softly. “You’’’re the guy who rescued me.”

Gabriel nodded. “You’re right. My name is Gabriel. This is my brother, Castiel and,” he smiled at Dean. “And you know your brother.”

He shook his head. “No. Dean’s not here. He’s never here. Not even when I want him to be.” He looked at Gabriel. “I think it’s the drugs Crowley kept pumpin’ into my system.”

Dean sighed. Remembering their code word for when Dad was too drunk, he said, “Poughkeepsie.”

Sam’s body stiffened, his heart raced and his skin tingled. No way! He spun around to face the voice, ignoring the shooting pain that went through his body. His eyes instantly filled with tears. “D-D-D-Dean…?”

Dean’s tears already spilled as he nodded. “Yeah...Sammy, it’s me.”

He dove for the man who sat on the bed next to him and wrapped his arms around his waist. “Oh, God...Dean…”

“It’s me, Sammy. I’m never going to leave you again, Little Brother.” He turned his face into Sam’s scent. “God, I missed you, Buddy.”

“I missed you too, D,” he muffled. “I was beginning to think that we’d never see each other again.”

He shook his head. “No. I always knew I’d try to find you some day.” He smiled at Castiel. “But I think I had to find the right Alpha with connections.” He winked teasingly at the blue eyed man.

Sam looked over his shoulder. “Is that the guy in the trenchcoat?”

He laughed softly. “Yeah, that’s him.” He tilted his head and whispered, “But it’s an overcoat, not a trenchcoat.”

Sam laughed softly. “Looks like a trenchcoat to me. Next thing you’re going to tell me is those connections are from being a private detective, right?”

He laughed. “Nope,” he said and his lips poping on the ‘P’. “Not even close, Baby Brother.”

“Your brother’s right, Sam. Your conclusions of my career is incorrect.” He smiled.

“So, what do you do?” he asked keeping his head tucked into his brother’s side.

“I’m the Chief Financial Officer of Novak International.”

Gabriel smiled and tapped Sam’s leg. “Ever heard of it?”

“Heard of it?” Sam croaked. “It’s like the biggest company in the world!” He looked at his brother. “Are you aware you’re with a billionaire?”

Dean laughed. “I’m aware. Cas has never kept that a secret from me.”

There was a soft knock on the door and in walked a very tall, dark haired man with blue eyes, another man walked in with him. This one was the same height, but with light hair and golden eyes. Sam gasped. “I know you!”

Castiel, Gabriel and Dean both turned to see Michael and Dimitri standing in the room. Michael felt his heart drop to his toes.

Gabriel looked at Sam. “Where do you know Michael from?”

Castiel looked at his big brother and then at Sam. “Was he at Crowley’s?”

He nodded. “He came in with Lucifer.”

Dean’s head shot up. “You fucked my brother?”

“What?” Michael exclaimed. “Of course not! Dean, I’d never--”

“Dean, I never said he did anything to me. I said he came in with Lucifer.”

“What’s the difference?” Dean asked.

“The difference is Michael’s never touched me. In fact he helped me.”

“Helped you how?” Gabriel asked.

“’s Den, we’re put ‘in line’ so that...the...the...Alpha’s can p-p-p-pick their preferences for the evening-g-g-g. They’ve got a brouchure, a list of stuff that each of us will do.” He lifted his eyes to Michael and then looked at Gabriel. He looked down at his hands, then said, “Before Lucifer could pay for me that time Michael paid for me for the entire night.” He looked into Gabriel’s eyes as he said, “It was the first night in a very long time that I actually slept.”

Dimitri smiled and tapped his eldest on the shoulder. “Now, that’s the boy I raised.”

Castiel smiled, he’d never been prouder of his brother. He looked at Sam. “Did he ever come to you after that?”

He nodded. “Yeah. Every week after that he’d come in, pay for me for the entire evening into the next morning and he’d let me sleep.”

“Why couldn’t you get him out?”

Michael exhaled slowly. “For many reasons. While I was there one night I had overheard Crowley tell Lucifer and Azazel, a frequent fly--”

“Azazel?!” Dean exclaimed looking at his brother-in-law.

“Yeah,” he answered. Michael looked at the frightened Omega.

“Dean, do you know him?” Cas asked softly.

He nodded. “He-He-He-He was my first Al-Al-Al-Alpha,” he murmured. “He’s extremely sadistic.”

“You’re telling me,” Sam muttered.

“He’s…?” Dean asked.

He nodded. “Yeah. He was the one that broke my wrist last week,” he admitted. He looked at Michael. “Continue.”

“I overheard them say that no one would be able to take him down because he had to many high profile clients.” He looked at his dad. “He mentioned you and grandpa Ivanov were clients.” He held up his hands at the slack jawed expression. “I knew he was lying about you, but Grandpa...I wasn’t sure.” He sighed. “And there’s Lucifer…” he exhaled deeply. “I’ve always covered for him. I guess old habits die hard, Papa.”

Dimitri smiled. He looked at Dean, Sam, Gabriel and Castiel. “Do you forgive him?”

Dean looked down at his brother and then back at Michael. “I forgive you. You helped him. You may not have gotten him out of there, but you did help.”

Sam smiled. “You know I didn’t hold anything against you. Those nights when you let me sleep was the best sleep I’ve had in that entire week.”

Gabriel stood and looked at his brother. “You know, you keep surprising me. First I thought you were the biggest dick around, then you go and do things like helping Sam even in the tiniest way.”

Michael shrugged. “He’s a kid, Gabe. And according to what Luc told me he was the favorite amongst some of our very rich associates. Crowley worked him about twenty hours a day.” He sighed deeply. “I thought if I could help ease it even a little then at least I was helping. I know I should have done more, but I wasn’t entirely sure if anyone would have believed me with the whole Kali situation and everything else I’ve ever done.”

Castiel hadn’t thought about what their opinions of Michael were doing to him. He exhaled. “Mike, I’m sorry.”

“F-F-F-For...for what?”

“We shouldn’t have shut you out. Made you feel you had nowhere to turn when you came up against...what you did. So, I’m sorry.”

Dimitri smiled. “Yeah. I’m sorry too, Mike. I never intended to make either of you feel like you couldn’t come to me and think I wouldn’t believe you.”

Gabriel exhaled. “Um...could I talk to Sam alone for a few minutes?”

Castiel looked at Dean and he nodded. He kissed the top of his brother’s head. “I’ll be back in, Little brother.”

“Okay.” He said goodbye to them. “D?”


“If your scent gets any sweeter you may want to stay home. I’d say you’re about a day from your heat.”

“Thanks,” he muttered.

He shrugged. “I’ve always been able to tell,” he muttered. “Sorry if I said something--”

“You didn’t, Sam. We knew it was close. We just didn’t know exactly how close.”

They said their goodbyes and Gabriel exhaled deeply. Sam sat up slowly. “So, what did you want to talk to me about?” He played with his fingers. “Are you staking your claim on me, Gabe?”

He laughed softly. “No, not exactly.” He took a deep breath and released it slowly. “I’m telling you this because I believe myself that you need to know to make an informed decision.”

Sam began shaking. “Am I pregnant?!”

“Oh, no, Sweetheart, no!” Gabriel said, sitting. He decided to just come out and say it. “It would seem that we scent bonded.”

“We did what?!” Sam exclaimed. It was more of a shout. “So, you are staking your claim.”

“No, no, Sammy,” he told him. He sat down on the bed again and touched his leg. “That’s not what I’m doing. You’re not a piece of property. You’re a person. A very beautiful person.”

“Then why tell me this?”

“Because you need to know, Sam. You need to why you may feel like you need me or something else may happen with the bond. We don’t know each other at all and I didn’t want to deny whatever’s gonna happen.” He exhaled. “I’m putting the ball in your court, Sam. If you don’t want to explore whatever could happen here, then we’ll deal with it.”

He sighed and stood, pacing. Sam fell silent as he watched the man agonize over what Sam’s answer was going to be. Would he be like the others? Does he have crazy devices that turn him on like Lucifer, Azazel and the others? He played with his hands and sighed. He raised his eyes to the golden eyed Alpha. “What if I do? What if I’d like to see where this goes too?”

“Then if you honestly and truly do then we’ll go at our pace, let things progress naturally. I’m not going to push you into anything. If anything happens between us it’ll be because we both want it, because it feels right.” He took Sam’s hands and felt the spark almost instantly. “There’s no rush, Sam. If we come out of this just being friends then I’m okay with that. If we come out of this with an epic love story then I’ll be by your side through anything life throws at us.”

Sam nodded. “Can I have time to think about it?”

He nodded. “Take all the time in the world. I’m not going anywhere.”

Chapter Text

That night, after saying goodnight to Sam, Dean and Cas left the hospital and headed to the townhouse mansion that the Novak family owned. Dean walked into the room he shared with Castiel and smiled at the warmth that folded him in the room. He knew that Cas had called ahead and asked the housekeeper to get their room ready. They had made a stop at the store and got heat supplies—bottled water, snack foods with lots of protein, and candy. Everything they would need for the next week. Dean was a little nervous if he were, to be honest with himself, but he wasn’t nervous and anxious enough to not go through with what they decided.

While in the hospital, Dean watched the Alpha as he talked to his brother, his dad and the staff. The more he watched the more turned on he’d become, which told him his heat was ‘right around the corner’ because this wasn’t like his usual attraction, this was stronger. By the time he’d gotten home, he was horny as hell.

He sighed. “Babe?”

The Alpha walked into the room dressed in a pair of pajama pants and that was it. “Yes, Dean?”

He suddenly couldn’t breathe. The man was a walking sex doll. He lifted his green eyes to his blue ones. “I’m dreaming right?”

“What do you mean?”

“I can’t believe that I get to…” his voice trailed off as he looked at the Alpha’s body.

Knowing all too well what he meant, Castiel sat down next to him. Dean faced him. “Thank you, Alpha.”

Castiel looked into the Omega’s green eyes and his heart thudded hard in his chest. “For...For what, Dean?”

“For finding my brother,” Dean said and sat on the bed next to him. He turned to face him. “And before you say anything, not every Alpha would do it. Not every Alpha would care enough to find someone that means so much to me.” He looked into Cas’ eyes. “I can never repay you enough.”

Castiel smiled and touched his cheek gently. “No need, Sweetheart. I was happy to do it because if we hadn’t looked we wouldn’t have known about Crowley’s or the others.”

He moved closer toward the man that meant more to him than anyone...except Sam. He leaned forward and pressed his lips to his, praying he was doing it right.

Castiel’s eyes closed slowly as the Omega kept his lips to his. He tucked his hand gently behind his head and licked his top lip. Dean yelped a little and jumped back. “Alpha…?”

“Just a hint that it was okay,” he breathed.

Dean smiled and covered his lips again. As they kissed and nipped at each other’s lips, they fell back on the big soft bed, their mouths never ceasing the kisses. Castiel broke the kiss and looked into the beautiful man’s face. Dean looked a little flushed, his lips were pink and plump from their kisses and he looked happy.

The room filled with the scent of a warm harvest and apples and Dean’s honey and vanilla scent swirled with the scent of his slick and merged beautifully with Castiel’s scent. It made the entire room smell like a bake shop.

Dean looked up into the Alpha’s face with heavy-lust filled eyes. He watched as the Alpha’s nostrils flared with the scent of turned on omega (at least Dean hoped that’s what that was) and the sweet scent of slick. He sighed softly and whispered, “Do you think it’s inappropriate if we have sex before my heat?”

Castiel smiled down at him, the soft lamplight spilled onto his face in a golden glow, making the omega look even more beautiful. “No,” he whispered and kissed his nose. “Not at all, but if I may the only time you and I will ever engage in ‘sex’ as you say is when you’re in heat or I’m in rut.”

Dean blinked at him in confusion. “Then what do we call it?”

His heart hurt for the omega. He had never experienced the amazing feeling of making love to someone...well, actually neither had he. The only time he had ever had sex was with his college girlfriend. He was too busy now to do anything but work and sleep.

However, just like everything else, he wanted to do more for the omega. He kissed his forehead, his temples and continued down to his eyes, nose, cheeks, and chin. “I want you to be my first.”

Dean’s eyes immediately whipped up to the Alpha. “Wha…?”

“The first one I make love to,” he whispered. “Which means we will take this slow. I want to love every inch of you, Dean and show you the way your first time should have been.”

The omega opened his mouth to respond and found no words coming out except a moan. “I’m no good with that part, Alpha. I can fu--”

“Stop,” he said firmly but gently. “You can only be as good as your Alpha tells you. Remember what that book said, Sweetheart?” he asked caressing him.

He nodded and closed his eyes as he let the sensations the Alpha were bringing out in him letting him sink in. “That if an Alpha doesn’t tell you what he or she does or doesn’t like then you as the Omega can’t please them.”

The Alpha nodded. “Yes. However, I want to take that a step further and say, you have to tell me what you like and don’t like, okay?”

Dean nodded quickly before taking Cas’ mouth like a starving man to food. They quickly sank into the kiss. One thing the two of them was good at was knowing how to kiss and they seemed to be able to lose themselves in the act. Dean moaned into his mouth, his hands lifting to the hem of the shirt Castiel wore. His fingers paused and he pulled back gently. He looked into Castiel’s lust filled eyes and knew that it was okay to touch and feel him. He pushed his fingers into the Alpha’s shirt and groaned obscenely at the feel of warm skin. “Alpha…”

Castiel quickly claimed Dean’s mouth again like a savage. Castiel’s hands dropped to Dean’s as they kissed. Their fingers intertwined, and he pushed them above Dean’s head, moving the kisses down his neck. The omega moaned and arched his back.

Their scents continued to fill the room and drove them further and further into their lovemaking. Dean purred and arched as he felt Cas’ teeth graze over his mating gland. “Alpha…”

“I will, I promise, Sweetheart.”

He panted a groan and arched again as his kisses moved down. He kissed his way down, his tongue licking at the omega’s skin and drawing a humming purr from him. Wanting to return the pleasure the Alpha was giving him, he licked up the man’s neck and stopped at the mating gland between Cas’ neck and shoulder.

Feeling brave he bared his teeth and scraped his teeth across it seductively. The Alpha above him stifled a hungry groan. The man’s blue eyes met Dean’s, and he growled, “Raise up... omega.”

He did as the Alpha requested and rose. The man pulled the shirt over his head and he gasped at the cool air that hit his skin. He watched in awe as the Alpha quickly jerked his own shirt off. He shifted his eyes to his jeans and looked at the older man. “May I take off my pants, Alpha?”

He nodded. “I wish you would,” he said this words thick with need.

Dean unhooked his jeans and pulled them down his body. The Alpha pulled them off, already standing before him completely nude. Dean’s stomach tightened at the sight of him naked. He looked amazing! “Oh, God…”

“What?” Cas asked coming back to him.

“How did I get so lucky?” he asked touching him everywhere, from his face to his chest.

He laughed softly. “You slipped on the ice.” He moaned into the omega’s mouth before diving in again. “You look amazing too, Sweetheart.”

“No,” he murmured. “I’m too thin…”

He kissed him deeply again. “No. You were mistreated, but...not anymore, Sweetheart. May I touch you?”

He nodded. “Can I touch you?” he asked boldly.

He nodded. “Please do.”

Dean rolled onto his side as Cas laid next to him. He looked at his half erect penis and his mouth began to water. The member was huge and definitely bigger than his other Alphas. He mentally shook the thoughts of the others out of his head. No more comparing, Winchester. You may not be new to this, but this experience is new. There is no comparison.

The omega gently wrapped his hand around the Alpha’s large cock and moaned as he leaned in to kiss him. He felt the slick gush out of him and he groaned. He gasped with need as the Alpha’s hand wrapped around his much smaller penis.

He groaned as the Alpha began to slowly stroke him. “Oh, Dear God…” Dean muttered.

By the sounds coming from the Omega, he knew that he had never been pleased like this before...probably ever. “Lay back, Dean.”

“No, Cas, I have--”

“I want you to enjoy this,” he said his erect penis hardening in Dean’s hand at his moan. “Do you feel that? How my cock hardens with your pleasure?”

The green-eyed man nodded. He caressed his cheek. “Then baby, you don’t have to do anything but enjoy yourself. Please, lay back and let me show you that this isn’t just about me.”

Dean felt the man stroke him up and down and he fell back on the bed with a groan. The Alpha moved between his legs and took him in his hand again. It felt weird, not in a bad way, to be on the receiving end of this. Usually, Omegas never received pleasure, at least not through lovemaking. He could have sworn his mind would blow as the man began to jerk his hand up and down his cock. “Oh, Cas…”

“Feel good?”

He nodded and tilted his head back, releasing an obscene groan, “Ugh! God…”

He felt himself tightening at the omega’s responses to his ministrations. “You look incredible,” Cas whispered harshly. “Perfect.”

Dean had felt nothing this amazing before. He had never been turned on like this before. Sure, he’d gotten off with the others, but that usually wasn’t something he wanted. This he wanted. He wanted to feel everything from the heated skin to the intense orgasm.

Castiel moaned as he watched the man he was beginning to care a lot about arch off the bed again as another wave of pleasure hit him. He’d never been so turned on by watching someone take pleasure but with Dean—just like everything else—it was different. With Dean, he knew he could get off by listening to him read one of his spreadsheets.

He stopped, moved off the bed quickly and pulled Dean to the edge. He knelt at his feet and took him in his hands again. “Alpha, what are you doing?”

Instead of answering, he took the Omega in his mouth and began immediately working him with his mouth. He made a wholly sensual sound as the warmth of the man’s mouth brought him closer and closer. “Oh, Cas…”

He hummed, enjoying this as much as he would. The man tasted good. Like warm honey. He slid further down the man’s erection and the omega jackknifed off the bed.

“Holy... fuck!” he exclaimed.

He dropped his hand and massaged his balls as he worked him with his mouth. The only sounds that filled the room were Dean’s cries of pleasure and Castiel’s mouth slurping at the omega’s erection. Cas let go of his balls and massaged between his buttcheeks. He removed his mouth with a loud pop and looked into the lust drunk omega’s face. The smell of Alpha and omega arousal was the only scents in the room. He shifted his body and licked at the inside of Dean’s leg, licking up the slick that slid down his legs. The moment the sweet concoction hit his tongue he knew it was the only thing in the world he’d ever need. It was the sweetest thing he’d ever tasted.

He rose and lifted Dean and pushed him up on the bed. He climbed on the bed and laid between the Omega’s legs. He lifted his hips and dove in. A bolt of fire lanced through Dean and he arched off the bed, crying out. He licked at him like his puckered hole was the Holy Grail or something.

Dean felt his gut tighten as his orgasm was building. “Alpha...Alpha...I’m gonna…” with a scream Dean knew wasn’t his, couldn’t have been, he came against Cas’ mouth. “Oh…” he murmured coming down from the high. “Alpha…”

Castiel moved quickly between his legs and positioned himself, aligning his cock with Dean’s leaking hole. “Apologies if this is too rough.” He pushed into him with a grunt.

Dean gasped with the shock of the invasion, which was quickly replaced with pleasure as his Alpha bent forward and kissed him. The man above him began to gently pump in and out of him. “Will you knot me, Alpha?”

He looked down at him as his body pumped in and out of him at a steady pace now. “Absolutely,” he panted.

He felt a giddy pleasure with that knowledge. He’d finally found an Alpha who wanted to knot him! He moaned, tilting his head back. “Oh, God...Cas!” he screamed.

From that point on, all that was heard between them was Dean’s cries, Cas’ moans, and their bodies mating. As Cas began to frantically pump in and out of him, Dean knew what was coming next because he could feel it trying to make entry...his knot. He looked up into Cas’ face and seeing the look of adoration and lust in his eyes he knew what he wanted; it wasn’t what he would originally say, but he didn’t care. “Claim me, Alpha.”

Cas slowed. “Baby... are... you sure?”

“Yes! Do it!” he yelled. “Make me yours!”

With no need of another push, Cas pumped in and out of him again. When his knot caught a few seconds later, Cas bared his fangs and sank them into the omega’s awaiting gland.

Dean cried out with the pinch of pain at first and then there was pure pleasure as Cas’ knot pumped his release into him and the mating bond fell into place. Dean held onto him as they both rode out their multiple orgasms together, but he couldn’t stop the tears from coming.

They weren’t tears of pain, unhappiness or any other negative feelings. These were tears of joy. He finally had an Alpha. For so long Abaddon, Dagon and the other omegas at the school told him he’d never find an Alpha who wanted him, but here was being pumped full of cum one more time.

Cas felt the wetness on his shoulder and whipped his head down at him. “Oh, God! Did I hurt you?”

Dean shook his head as he sniffled. “No. These aren’t sad tears.”

He shifted just right so they could lay face to face. “Then what?”

“They were wrong,” he said as his voice hitched with tears again. “They were all wrong.”

“Wrong about what, Sweetheart?”

“Ever since the first one sent me back I’ve been told that no Alpha would want to mate with me and...and...and…” this time the dam broke and he began to cry, “...they were wrong.” He exhaled. “Honestly, I didn’t want to believe you when you kept telling me for the past.. almost three weeks...that you wanted me forever because that would mean giving me hope for something I thought would never happen. It never happened before why would I be lucky now?” He touched his face lovingly. “But I am so glad you proved me wrong, Cas.” He kissed him. “Thank you.”

He smiled. “You’re welcome, Sweetheart.”

Sammy wasn’t kidding.

About 6:15 the next morning Dean jerked awake with burning cramps and muscle aches. He groaned as the cramps shot through him again. His slick began to pour out of him like a steady stream. Cas woke slowly and instantly felt like kicking the covers off. Why was it so damn hot? He heard Dean’s moans and rolled as he said, “Dean?” he muttered groggily.

A shiver ran down Dean’s spine as his slick gushed at the sound of his Alpha’s voice. His brain almost became foggy, and he whimpered, “Alpha...I...need…”

Castiel’s sleep fog lifted, and he was wide awake. “Oh, Dean.” He rolled to his mate. “Oh, Baby…”

His stomach cramped again, and he moaned. “I need you, Cas... please .”

“You got me, Beautiful.”

“I need you inside of me, Cas,” he pleaded.

“Get on top of me, Dean... now ,” he commanded in his Alpha voice. He pulled his pants off.

Ignoring his cramps, his brain hazy with lustful need, he scampered

up, pulled his pajama pants off and straddled him. Castiel looked up at him. “Ever rode anyone, Dean?”

“No,” he moaned as his slick rushed down his open thighs. “Being on top...riding you makes me in charge. The others…” his voice trailed off as more cramps shot through him again.

“Don’t worry about that, Baby,” Cas said to him as he sat up. He looked him in the eyes. “I want you to take control. Ride me until you can’t anymore...until you’re spent.”

He moaned as he felt the gigantically thick Alpha cock slip between the slit of his ass. “But, Babe, I’m not quiet during my heats. Ask my roommate back at the school. Everyone in this house will know what we’ll be doing in here for the next week.”

“Good,” Cas said and kissed his lips. “I want them to hear us.” He rubbed his hands up and down Dean’s legs. “Come on, Baby. Take control. Show me what you like. I want you to.”

Dean bent forward and kissed the man as another round of pain shot through him. He whimpered as they kissed. He needed him. He needed Cas inside of him almost as badly as breathing. He straightened, lifted his bottom half and aligned Cas with his hole. He switched the angle of his hand and pushed himself up, impaling himself slowly. “Oh…” he hissed at the burn. “Fuck…” he muttered as he slid down to the hilt. He hissed. “Oh, amazing, Angel.”

Castiel fell back onto the bed and looked up at him. “You look so beautiful up there, Omega.”

“You look very sexy looking up at me.” He sighed. He did not understand which way to go with this. He knew what his instincts wanted, but he wasn’t sure if it would be pleasurable to him too. “Alpha…”

“Move, Sweetheart.”

He rotated his hips and gasped. “Ahh…” He looked down at him. “I don’t…”

Cas smiled. “Okay, Sweetheart.” He looked up at him. “Do what feels natural.”

Remembering what one of his books about pleasing Alphas said, he pushed himself up and then going back down. He gasped and felt the pleasure rock him. “Oh…” he placed his hands on the man’s chest and rocked back and forth. The Alpha watched the omega go from unsure to overtaken by how it felt and went with his instincts. It was an amazing sight to watch the omega realize that he enjoyed being in control.

Soon, the room filled with the sounds of mating. After a long few moments, Cas’ knot locked into place and they both came at the same time. After his first orgasm, Dean collapsed against him to catch his breath. “Wow...I...I...I like that position.”

Cas laughed softly. “I thought you might.” He caressed a hand down the Omega’s back and back up. “I want you to feel comfortable to try new things with me, Dean. I want you to feel comfortable to take control of our love life.” He sighed softly. “I don’t want our physical relationship to be like most Alphas and Omegas’ relationships. I don’t want to control you, Baby. I want you to take pleasure in it too and I don’t mean because you are pleasing me, but because what we are doing together is pleasing you. I want to show you that the other Alphas were wrong. I want to cherish you and love you and be your friend, Partner.”

“Love me?” he asked looking over his shoulder.

He nodded. “Yes. Love you, because Dean Winchester-Novak. I’m falling in love with you.”

“Me too...I mean, I’m falling in love with you too, Cas.” He exhaled, feeling more loved than he had in a very long time. “But I don’t like my last name like that.”

“What do you mean?” he asked, pulling himself up to look at him.

“I like Dean Novak better. It rolls better...or maybe it’s just me.”

He smiled and kissed him softly. “Whatever you want, Baby.”

The room fell silent and Cas could smell the worry on his mate. “Baby, what is it?”

He bit his lip nervously. “Are...are...are we....are we going register this, the bond I mean?”

“Of course, Sweetheart.” He caressed his arm softly. ‘I want the entire world to know that you’re mine, that you’re a Novak now. That you have a with me. That you’re my chosen mate. The one I want to spend the rest of my life with.” He turned Dean’s face to look him in the eyes. “Baby, you’re it for me. I want forever with you and a life with you. No one else. There will be no one for me but you. I promise you of that.”

Dean smiled and kissed him. He’d never felt so happy about anything in the world. He’d never go back to the school, and he was safe now. He was with an Alpha who was falling in love with him.... with him! He couldn’t believe it. This man, this extraordinary man was all his.

As he fell asleep, he knew he was the luckiest man in the world.

Chapter Text


The next 3 days were filled with sex, orgasms, and sleep. Now, Dean sat in the large tub in the adjoining bathroom with his back against his Alpha as they relaxed with the jets going in the tub. The Alpha was a dream come true, even with his rut starting about a day after his own heat. He was still trying to figure out how he got so lucky.

He moved his hands up and down the Alpha’s arms, intertwining their fingers. He leaned into the man’s warmth enjoying the company as much as the hot massaging tub. “How have you not been taken already?”

He laughed softly against Dean’s hair. “Being a Novak it’s a little hard to know if the people you encounter want to be around you for you or because you’re worth billions. It shies you away from even making friends with anyone.”

He wrapped him tighter. “I don’t want you for your money. Knowing we’ll never struggle is nice, but it’s not what I need.” He sighed, content. “What I need is you. Knowing you want me and need me as much as I need you.”

“Always,” he said and wrapped his arms tighter around him. “I was thinking,” he said as he caressed the omega’s skin. “How do you feel about giving me a bite?”

He turned his head to look up at him. “I thought Alpha bites went out long ago?”

He shook his head. “No. Um....most Alphas and Omegas exchange bites. It shows everyone now that we’re partners. That you may be my omega, but I’m also your alpha. It shows everyone in this house and out in the world that I don’t own you any more than you own me. When we register in a few days, it’ll be a dual mating registration. I’d register my bite just like you would yours.”

Dean smiled up at him. “So, you’d really want my mark?”

He nodded against Dean’s shoulder. “I’ve been thinking about it and when the next round hits I want you to mark me. I want to belong to you.”

Dean felt the slight twinge of cramping that usually started to tell him that the next round of the heat was going to hit. He turned in the V of the Alpha’s legs and kissed him deeply. “You do know that if we do exchange bites I could possibly end up pregnant, right?”

He did know that. It was refreshing that the Omega was becoming knowledgable of his body, his biology and what could happen during mating bites. He nodded. He looked into Dean’s eyes and asked, “I know we said we’d wait to have babies, but if it was to happen now….?”

He shook his head. “I wouldn’t be upset or angry if it was to happen now. If I was to get pregnant now I would be floating on cloud nine for having everything I’ve ever dreamed of.” He exhaled slowly. “Babe, the only reason why I asked if it’d be okay if it was us is so that we get to know each other and build something that I never had with any of the others. But you’ve excelled my expectations with the whole cuddling and talking that we’ve done the last few weeks.” He winced as the next twinge actually was painful.

“Your next one’s coming isn’t it?”

He nodded. “It just started...honest.”

“I believe you,” he said as he shifted the Omega in the tub. “I have an idea...let’s do it here.”

“Here? As in the tub ?” He gasped as the cramping got a little worse.

He nodded. “Would that be okay with you?”

“Absolutely,” he said softly. “Do you think when we’re able to move again we can go to the nest that I built…. oh, God… ” Was the water suddenly getting hotter or was it just that his heat had hit at the thought of being fucked by the amazing Alpha in front of him?

“All ready?” Castiel asked.

Without words, the omega climbed on top of him. “Forgive me, Alpha,” he whispered into Cas’ throat and impaled himself on the engorged cock immediately. They both moaned at the pleasure.

Castiel had no idea what had come over him, deciding to blame it on his rut, he began slamming into Dean like a starving man. Cas’ knot inflated and began to throb like a heartbeat. He shoved with all his might, pushing past Dean’s hole and locked them together. Soon Dean was milking his knot, sending the Alpha over the edge with a mind-blowing orgasm. As Cas rode out the orgasm, Dean bared his fangs and bit down hard and deep into the Alpha’s mating gland. There was never going to be any mistake as to who this Alpha belonged to.

Feeling the pain of his Omega claiming him, sent the man into another earth-shattering orgasm and he bared his own and bit into Dean’s neck again. At that moment they both knew when it had happened...they were bonded. This bond was strong. Their bond was now locked into a strong link that no one would be able to sever. As they crested from their orgasms, Dean licked at the bite that he just put on his Alpha and Cas returned the gesture. Neither realized that both Dean’s heat and Cas’ rut had dissipated...until much later.

“Sorry, I didn’t ask.”

“No,” he whispered against his shoulder. “Don’t apologize. It’s what I wanted and I have never been more pleased.” He kissed him deeply.

Dean hugged him tightly, taking his face in his hands, kissed him deeply. “I love you.” He looked into his eyes. “I know it’s quick and I probably shouldn’t have…”

Cas touched his lips with his finger. “Baby, don’t.” He caressed his cheek. “I love you too.”

It wasn’t until they stepped out of the water that Dean realized that he didn’t feel weak and shaky. At least not in the sense he usually got. The realization of that moment had him stumbling out of the tub and being caught by the blue-eyed man. “Dean!” he exclaimed, catching him. “Baby?”

“Oh, God…” he whispered.

“Are you okay?”

“Cas…” he lifted his eyes to his Alpha. “Babe, I think…”

Cas searched his face. He knew he was surprised just by the expression on his face. He realized then that Dean’s heat had vanished. “Oh, Baby...are you okay?”

He nodded. “I didn’t think...I thought my birth control would have…”

Cas lifted him in his arms and carried him to the nest that the Omega built not far from the fireplace. He laid next to him. “I know, but you know that it was possible.”

“Yeah, I know, but...I...thought...I was lucky enough to get you, but to find out that birth control won’t work with us...that I’m going to have a family…” He leaned over and kissed him deeply. “Like with you, I never let myself believe…”

“Oh, baby,” he whispered and kissed him softly. “I promise you if in a couple of weeks if we find out your scent shifts then we’ll definitely know.”

He nodded. “You know I read that my scent can have the added scent of either a milky cream or baby powder.”

“I read that too. I think your scent will be intoxicating with the smell of honey, vanilla, and cream in it or even baby powder.”

He laughed. They would just have to wait and see what happens next.

Castiel woke up and carefully got out of their nest. He looked back at his Omega, got dressed and headed downstairs to get some food more filling than the foods they have now. He walked into the kitchen and smiled at his father. “ Dobroye utro otets ,” Castiel greeted his father.

“Good Afternoon, Castiel.”

He sighed. “What have you all been doing the last four days?”

“Um...I have an appointment with your brother at the jailhouse to have a pointed conversation about how angry I am with him.”

Castiel nodded. “Okay.” He looked around the kitchen. “What’s for dinner?”

“Roast beef,” Dimitri answered. “If you want I can ask Jo to run you and Dean a tray upstairs.”

He nodded. “That would be amazing. Thank you, Papa.” He exhaled. “Is mother home?”

He shook his head. “Nope. She’s out somewhere.” He sighed. “I don’t really care.”

“Ooh,” Castiel winced. “Are you and mother arguing?”

“Amongst other things,” Dimitri muttered. He took a breath. “Don’t worry about it. It’s about Lucifer. She wants me to continue my financial support and the familial support of your brother, but I told her there was no way in hell I was going to allow my son to benefit from behavior like his.”

Cas’ jaw dropped to the floor. “Wow...I never...I thought I’d see it.”

He nodded. “I’m trying to decide if I should doing something that extreme for Michael, considering he put your brother’s reputation above lives of other Omegas.”

Castiel walked to his father and sat down at the small kitchen table. “May I give you my opinion?”

He nodded. “Absolutely.”

He paused “I think despite the hit to Lucifer’s reputation Michael could have done something. There’s really nothing legally they could do for him being passive, however, um, there is something we could. Now, I don’t mean let’s go to the extreme of basically disowning him like we have Lucifer, but I think he should have consequences for putting Lucifer first.” He exhaled slowly. “I know you’ve always hammered into us family comes first, but I still can’t shake the fact that Michael hadn’t done anything when he knew what was going on in that place.”

Dimitri folded the paper, sat it next to him and looked at his youngest son. “What do you suggest we do then?”

“Well, I know what he inherited when he turned twenty-five. The billions that we all have, the mountain cabin, the French chateau.”

His father nodded. “Yeah.” He exhaled. “So, what do you suggest?”

“Take back the privileges, dad. Take the cabin, the chateau and maybe a third or a half of his billions. The money I don’t know, he’s got a baby coming, so maybe that’s a bad idea, but maybe he needs to realize that his actions have consequences just like Raph, Gabe and I have. Even when one who was being passive about what he could have done to save not only Sam but to others. He could have ended all of their torture, but because he wanted to protect Lucifer and possibly you, he just gave Sam a reprieve, but let others suffer when he knew for a fact that all he had to do was say one word and ORT would be there to rescue those Omegas.”

Dimitri was stunned by his son’s views. “Wow, I gotta say this is a switch from what you said in the hospital.”

“Papa, I didn’t let myself think about it until later when Dean and I were talking about it a couple of days ago and he admitted that he was a little upset with Michael’s passive attitude toward the others. It made me realize that I was a little angry with him too. Dean asked me something and I truly had no answer for him and it scared me, Papa.”

“What? What was the question?”

“How did Raph, Gabe and I escape the ‘traditional’ Alpha tendencies?”

Dimitri smiled. “Castiel, that’s the easiest one to answer, because I stepped in after seeing the way that your mother started raising Michael and Lucifer.” His smile widened, “I made it okay for you to express yourselves. I made it okay for you to cry when you needed to and I made it okay for you to show emotions. Your mother had herself and her father enforcing those tendencies while I was gone on my international business trips. Those times the boys were wide open for influences and it was unfortunate for them that they got your grandfather enforcing his traditions.” He sighed. “Cassie, I believe Michael can change and if we give him a little time he will make those changes.”

“I know, Papa and I believe that too. Wholeheartedly. He showed it in the moments that he showed compassion to Sam.” He sighed. “Okay. How about this? Take back the home privileges. Leave the money and the credit I said he’s got a baby on the way. Let him keep his job, however, maybe let him know that if he slips up again that he’s through.”

He nodded. “That I can do.” He smiled when he saw the fresh wound on his son’s neck. He pulled the old t-shirt down. “I knew you’d be the one for the exchange.”

Castiel smiled. He took a breath. “I love him, Papa. Like really and truly love him. I have never felt like this toward anyone before. It’s terrifying and exhilarating all at the same time.” He exhaled slowly.

“Love’s supposed to make you feel you’re floating on a cloud and scare you all at the same time, Cassie.” He smiled. “You’re feeling exactly what you’re supposed to, Mal’chik . Enjoy it. Enjoy that feeling and cherish it. Hold on to it and let it grow.”

Castiel looked up at his father. “How would you feel about being a dedushka again?”

The older man froze, then smiled. “I would love nothing more than to be a grandfather again, Cassie. Especially with your and Gabriel’s babies.” He tilted his head curiously. “Are you trying to tell me something?”

He nodded. “I am. A few hours ago, my rut and Dean’s heat had stopped.” He lifted his eyebrows knowingly and smiled when his father’s face lit up. “I thought you would like that.”

“Oh, Mal’chik !” he exclaimed and hugged him tightly. “Oh, that would be wonderful!”

Cas laughed and returned his father’s hug.

Dean stirred as the scent of his mate enveloped him. He hummed. He heard the bedroom door open and rolled to greet his mate. “Hi,” he murmured groggily. He saw the tray he carried. “What’s...what’s that?”

“This, my beautiful Omega, is dinner. Pot roast, mashed potatoes, gravy, and a few other vegetables.”

“Ooh, that sounds great.”

He laughed softly. He put the tray on the bedside table and helped Dean to his feet. “Then come here and eat, Liubimyj .”

He let Cas take him to the bed as he asked, “What did you call me?”

He smiled. “ Liubimyj means Beloved in Russian, Sweetheart.”

“Oh,” he said. He put Cas’ robe on and sat on the bed. “That sounds nice in Russian.”

He smiled. “It does. Eat,” he insisted. “You may be feeding our baby, you know.”

Dean smiled, a warmth filling his chest. He really couldn’t wait to find out if he was having the man’s child. He was nervous, but he was more overjoyed for what their future held. “Then I will most definitely eat, Alpha.” He turned the plate and picked up his fork. He stabbed a little piece of the meat and tried it. “Mmm! Oh, God...this is good.”

He laughed. “I’ll be sure to let Ellen know that her pot roast meets your approval, Sweetheart.”

He smiled. Yep, life was going to be good.


Chapter Text


“Okay, I surrender,” Dean all but begged as they ended their 5th round that morning. Being knotted was the best feeling in the world. Being tied to this Alpha in particular was amazing. He shifted his body to look at the blue-eyed Alpha who was now looking down at him as if he’d hung the moon. “You win, Alpha.”

He laughed softly and kissed him deeply. “I think after that orgasm we both won, Sweetheart.”

He laughed and curled into him. “When are we leaving for the Registrar's Office?”

Cas looked at the bedside clock. “In about an hour and a half.” He kissed his shoulder. “I love you.”

Dean smiled and kissed him. “I love you.” He sighed. “I’ve been wanting to talk to you about something, but I haven’t because of your plans for the house.”

“Tell me,” Cas said, caressing his arm. 

“I want to help others like me and Sam.”

Cas looked at him. “How?”

He shrugged. “I don’t know. I was thinking of a sanctuary or something. You know like finding a property big enough and building some cabins, a big enough house for me, you, Sam and Gabe and any children either of us has. That can be the main house to the whole property, but…” he sighed. “Never mind.” Truth be told he’d been thinking about doing something like this for awhile now, but it was the first time he’s ever expressed it.

Cas could tell that this was important to the Omega and whatever was important to Dean was important to him. “Okay, Baby, I’m not saying no, but there’s a lot of steps that we’d have to take to set something like that up.”

His entire body was vibrating with excitement. The man wasn’t saying no which meant that Cas thought it was a good idea too. “So, it’s good…?”

He nodded. “It’s a very good idea. After seeing what you and Sam have been through I would love nothing more than to have a safe place for omegas to go, to feel safe.” He kissed him. “After I slip out we’ll shower and talk to dad about it. There is a place that we could do this. It’s a huge house, more like a castle. Have you ever heard of the Gilded Age in America?”

He nodded. “Yeah, it’s when the rich families, the old monied families of the Country had excess amounts of money and built homes for bragging rights.”

He laughed softly. “Right. Well, my great-great grandfather was a very opulent man. He built a home in about the same area as the house Gabe and I took ownership of. No one’s using the house and my dad was an only child so it went to him anyway after my great-grandfather died. So, we’ll talk to him and see what he thinks and see if he knows of any licenses or anything that we’ll need.”

He nodded. Pure joy wafted off of him. He kissed him. “You’re amazing, you know that.” He exhaled. “Do you think the house is big enough to keep the Omegas in the house, but for us--me, you, Gabe and Sam--to have our own space too?”

He nodded. “Absolutely. Tell you what. When Sam gets out of the hospital--which should be soon--we’ll take a drive up there just the four of us and I’ll let you and Sam take a look at it okay?”

He nodded. “Okay.” He felt the Alpha’s knot slip out and he sighed as he curled into him. “You’re amazing, you know that?”

He laughed softly and kissed his hair. “So, you’ve said.” He caressed his back and shoulder. “You make it easy, Sweetheart. I love you so much that I want to make you happy all the time.” He rolled the Omega onto his back. “You,” he kissed him and moved down his body until he got to his stomach, “and this little one too.”

He smiled adoringly at the Alpha as he rested his cheek on Dean’s stomach. They had no idea whether he was really pregnant or not but ever since both his heat and Cas’ rut had ended he’d been talking and acting like they knew already. Which was the most adorable thing in the world. To watch the Alpha get happy, delightfully happy with the idea of a baby told him just how good of a father he was going to be. 

About a half an hour later, Dean and Cas walked downstairs and greeted Dimitri. Cas looked around. “Where’s mom?”

“She’s decided that she’s going to stay with Lilith.”

Cas halted. “Wait...does that mean…” he had no idea what he was going to say. “...I have no idea what that means.”

He laughed softly. “It means that until your mother decides that what I’m doing for both Lucifer and Michael is the right thing then she is no longer welcome to have an opinion. She didn’t like that idea and told me that we had to at least be there for Lilith. I told her I took away the income Lucifer’s making at the company and about half of his inheritance. That’s enough for Lilith to live on. The kids won’t lose out on their inheritance.”

“So, you punished Michael?” Dean asked. He was still unsure, despite Cas’ insistence, whether it was right for him to interfere with family matters. He was still waiting for the older Alpha to snap at him for saying anything.

“I did. I took your Alpha’s advice and some of his privileges as my son have been taken. However, he’s still got his money and credit cards with the limits on them for Hannah, Kali and the children. But everything else I took back.”

“How’d he take that?” Castiel asked placing a small plate of a small breakfast in front of Dean.

“He was upset, but he understood. He promised me that he’d earn back my trust, yours and Gabriels, along with Sam and Dean’s.” He shook his head. “Anyway. What’s on your agenda this morning?”

“We’re going to go register our mating,” Dean told him. 

Dimitri smiled. “That’s great. So, are you changing your name, Dean?”

He nodded. “Yeah. I always wanted to do that.” He shrugged. “I’m a traditionalist that way.”

Dimitri smiled. “Well, I couldn’t be prouder of having you for a son unless you were biologically mine.”

“We actually wanted to talk to you about something.”


“How would you feel about adding another donation to the charity umbrella?” Cas asked him.

He leaned forward and started to listen intently. He was always one to do donations and charity. He loved helping people. “What do you have in mind?”

“Go ahead, Sweetheart.”

“, Cas, I don’t--”

“Dean,” Dimitri began, “never feel unsure or intimidated about telling me anything. The entire time Cas has grown up I’ve only used my Alpha voice four times. I won’t yell at you, even if I don’t like the idea. I promise.”

Dean looked at Cas and he nodded in encouragement. He took a breath and began, “I’ve been thinking about doing something like this for a while now and with the whole thing that happened with Sammy I can’t help but feel compelled to do it now.” His eyes slid to his Alpha as the blue eyed man slid his hand into Dean’s for comfort. He looked at the older man. “I would like to start an Omega sanctuary. A place where omegas and children will feel safe and be cared for. Not like I was at Abaddon’s or Sam was, but really and truly cared for.”

Dimitri smiled with pride. “I think that’s an incredible idea, Dean!” He reached out and took the Omega’s hands like he had done with Cas and Gabe when they would have a hard time telling him something. “Where were you thinking of putting the sanctuary?”

“Well, Cas said that you have a house…”

“The one in Westchester County, Dad. The Castle.”

“Ooh! That would be good and I’ve been trying to think of something to do with it. A home that beautiful shouldn’t be wasted.” He smiled. “You know, that’s a great place to invest Lucifer’s money into along with some foundation capital.” 

“Well, when Sam gets out of the hospital Gabe and I are going to take him and Dean up there to check it out. However, the one thing I think we should invest in fairly quickly is a perimeter gate that you need a code to access at the main entrance.”

He nodded. “Agreed.” He smiled. “Tell you what, why don’t I ride with you two to the City municipal buildings and while you’re in registering, I’ll see what kinds of licenses and permits we’ll need for it?”

They both nodded. “That sounds good.” 

Dean couldn’t believe how welcoming the 2 Alphas had been to his idea. He’d always thought that Alphas like Cas, Gabriel and Dimitri were only in fairy tales, however, here he was mated into a family of Alphas who took his advice, ideas and opinions seriously. He couldn’t believe that his dream Alpha had really turned out to be his Prince Charming.

Dean and Castiel said goodbye to Dimitri at the stairs of the Registrar's Office and then walked inside. Dean looked around the marbled floored room and smiled. It was busy, but that was to be expected. Castiel held out his hand to the beautiful Omega and the green-eyed man took his hand. Dean cuddled into him. 

He people watched as they walked to the counter where the Mating Registry was. His eyes halted on one man in particular. His stomach hardened almost immediately and his heart raced. The scent of rotting vanilla got Cas’ attention and he faced him. “Sweetheart, you okay?”

He shook his head. “’s-it’s-it’s--”

“Dean, is that you?”

Castiel turned his head to see an average looking Alpha who had a shade of golden eyes that mixed with blue. Dean opened his mouth to speak but he somehow lost his voice. He held tighter to the Alpha next to him.

Castiel turned to the Alpha. “Azazel, how are you?”

“I’m well, Castiel,” he answered. “I see you got stuck with him .”

“He has a name, Azazel,” Castiel warned. “And don’t speak about him like that.”

He looked at the younger Alpha. “My apologies. What are you doing here today?”

“We’re here to register,” Castiel answered. 

He scoffed. “Why would you want him? You know--”

“Azazel, I don’t appreciate the way you’re speaking about Dean. However, I must thank you.”

“What?” Both Dean and Azazel asked, stunned. The Alpha turned to Cas. “For what?”

“Because if you hadn’t returned Dean I wouldn’t have found him.”

Azazel blinked at him a little surprised by the man’s praise of having an Omega who had been returned so much. “You’re serious?”

He nodded. “Dean’s been such a blessing. Not only to me, but for my family too.”

Was the Alpha serious? He’s a blessing? No one has ever called him that. His stomach began to flutter as his heart pounded hard in his chest and his mouth fell open slightly.

Azazel laughed. “Now I know you’re jerking me around, Castiel. There is no way you think like that about Dean. He’s such a disappointment--”

The blue-eyed Alpha’s eyes went instantly cold and he growled. “Shut up,” he snarled.

Knowing that if he allowed it, the 2 men would fight it out. Azazel had his opinions, but he also had very high expectations about what he wanted out of an Omega. All Castiel wanted was Dean to be himself. Knowing it wouldn’t be appropriate for Castiel to start a fight on the day they were going to register their mating, Dean began to speak, “Alpha, please.”

Almost immediately snapping out of his red haze, Castiel turned to his lover. “What is it, Sweetheart?”

“We have to meet your father, remember?”

He took a deep breath, shot a death glare to the rude Alpha. The other man walked away and Cas turned to Dean and said, “You’re right. I apologize, Baby.”

“No need,” Dean said hugging the man, but tilting his neck so that the man could scent him. “I love you, my Alpha,” he whispered.

“I love you, my Omega.”

Castiel kissed him and then walked to the counter with Dean. He smiled at the woman. “Hi. My mate and I would like to register, please.”

During the 4 days of Dean’s heat, Gabriel had spent that time at the hospital with Sam. Sam couldn’t believe there was an Alpha like him. In the 4 days, he’d met him and they talked he knew Gabriel was kind, generous, funny, selfless and caring. There was more, but he was just absolutely flabbergasted. Especially last night when he had a nightmare and the Alpha crawled into bed next to him to hold him, to soothe his fears over what he had dreamt. 

It was a little strange to him because honestly, he thought Gabriel would have tried something, but he hadn’t. He just held him and hummed a weird Russian song to him. From that gesture he knew that he couldn’t want him sexually, because he would have tried something by now. Most Alphas that he met did.

It was actually quite a relief that he didn’t. Sam wasn’t sure he could do anything with him. Not that he didn’t find the man attractive, but he needed to seriously heal. He needed to get back into the mindset of being intimate with someone. When your virginity had been taken so brutally like his it kinda turned you off from sex for quite a while, especially when sex after that moment didn’t seem to get much better.

Gabriel stopped shuffling the cards and looked at the young Omega. They’d bonded over the last few days and he could honestly say that he wanted Sam as a friend. He was such a fun, loving and hysterical young omega. It was nice to have someone in his life that genuinely liked him. He could admit that he cared a lot about him.

Their scent bond helped a lot the other night when Sam had a nightmare. It felt nice to hold someone again. Not that he’d admit that out loud. Sam didn’t need that type of pressure. He was kinda curious what it would be like to be with him in an intimate way, but he wasn’t going to push the issue. If nothing romantic ever came from the bond that they had he’d at least want to call Sam a friend. And the good thing about their scent bond is that his brothers couldn’t claim him.

Scent bonding was one thing that Kali didn’t want to do and she didn’t like it. She always said it was like the Alpha was pissing on his property to stake his claim. That kinda horrified him that she thought that way. So, from that point on he tried to prove her wrong, but in doing so he had apparently emasculated himself to her, because they hadn’t even been married for 2 years and she was already “needing” to jump his oldest brother’s bones. 

Michael. He had good intentions to be a good Alpha, but he couldn’t help but wonder what made him so passive. Lucifer’s reputation wasn’t much of an excuse at least not to him. He could have done more to get Sam and the other Omegas out of that place, but because he placed Lucifer’s so called reputation above the well being of other omegas Sam and the others had to suffer.

And Sam suffered. He knew it was probably wrong, but while Sam was sleeping a couple of nights ago and the doctors and nurses weren’t in the room Gabe peeked at Sam’s chart. From the bruises and abrasions to the broken wrist, the kid had been through hell. Ever since he had looked at Sam’s chart he had this incredible urge to protect and care for the young Omega, but if he did he was afraid that Sam would freak out and accuse him of something.

Pulling himself out of his thoughts, he looked at the young Omega who seemed to be still staring off into space. “Hey, Sam,” he said softly. No answer. He reached across the table on wheels and touched the Omega’s hand. Surprisingly this time he didn’t jerk his hand back. He gave him a soft smile. “Are you okay?”

He nodded. “Yeah. I just got lost in thought for a minute. Sorry, Alpha.”

He pushed down his inner Alpha at the sound of the word coming from his mouth. “Anything you wanna talk about?”

He shrugged and sipped his water. He’d been drinking so much water the last few days he swore he was a blow fish. He swallowed and said, “I was thinking about the last few days and what’s been happening with us and that you’re nothing like the other Alphas I met. Not even your brother.”

Gabriel looked at him a little surprised. “I thought you said Michael was good to you?”

He nodded. “He was, but I could still feel that he wanted me, Gabe. Usually an Alpha has difficulty hiding their attraction.”

“That’s because they were never trained to do so, Sweetheart.”

He wasn’t going to tell Gabe that he actually liked that the Alpha had taken to using terms of endearment. He’d never heard them before. At least not for awhile and not from an Alpha. To most Alphas, Omegas were play toys. Something for them to knot. “What do you mean?”

He smiled and took a drink of his own water. He had taken to drinking more water while here because he felt bad that the Omega was so dehydrated that he had to be stuck drinking it for days. He promised him when they broke free from this place he’d go and get him a milkshake. “Alphas have to learn to control their inner Alpha, not to mention that inner...instinct, for a lack of a better word, that tells them to fuck and knot.”

Sam looked at him a little surprised. “Really?”

He nodded. “If they’re not taught then they react the way you’ve seen.”

“So, how did you and Cas get out of it?”

He laughed. “You haven’t met my dad yet. He’s the entire reason why we and our middle brother Raphael are exactly the way we are.”

“What do you mean?”

“My mother was raised by a very traditional Alpha. We’re talking very archaic beliefs and everything. She has put those beliefs on Michael and Lucifer, but when our dad saw what mother was allowing to happen with his boys he decided that the three of us were never going to be that way, so he taught us control and taught us that it was okay to express our emotions.” He sighed. “That very thing caused me my mate, actually.”

Sam looked at him a little perplexed by the Alpha’s admission. “How could the fact that you express your feelings be a bad thing?”

“Ask my ex-wife. She ended up cheating on me with Michael because I was “too soft” and “too emasculated” to be the Alpha she needed. So, she hopped a plane to Chicago while my brother was in rut and seduced him into having sex with her and now she’s pregnant with Michael’s child. Which didn’t sit well with his Omega Hannah.”

“Uh-oh,” he winced. “What happened?”

He shrugged. “Nothing really. Hannah may not have been okay with it but from what she’s told me, ‘he’s my Alpha, what am I supposed to do?’”

He shook his head. “There is no way I would let my Alpha slide for something like that. Despite him being in rut there’s no reason to do it. He had options.”

He smiled. So, Sammy was going to be a possessive Omega. “You don’t share easily do you?”

He shook his head. “Not when something’s supposed to be just mine.” He shrugged. “It’s stupid to think like that though, because Alphas can have as many--”

“Hold it,” Gabriel said softly, but firmly. He pushed the table away from the bed and sat down on the side of it. “Sam, it’s not stupid. Your beliefs are your own and no one should ever tell you they’re stupid.” He fought the urge to touch his cheek. “Omegas were given minds for a reason, Sweetheart and no one should ever stop you from using it. You have your voice, use it.” He exhaled. “I will never prevent you from speaking your mind or telling me you don’t like something. I would much rather you tell me you didn’t like something then pretend that you did.”

Sam turned his hazel up at him and smiled. “Really?”

He nodded. “Yeah, which brings me to another topic we should talk about.”

He nodded. “Which is?”

“Our sleeping arrangements when you get out of here. We’ll be going back to the mansion until the house up north is finished.”

“Up north?”

He nodded. “Cas and I took over a family home that is about half an hour from the City. We’re making some renovations to it and should be able to move into it by Christmas.”

“Oh, and you want me to come with you?”

He nodded. “I’m not leaving you with my mother. She’d have you put to work as a maid or something.” 

“Will she do that to Dean?”

He shook his head. “No. Cassie won’t let her. My brother has told us to not give Dean chores or commands without going through him first.”

He smiled. “So he found a good Alpha.”

Gabriel smiled. The teenager sounded relieved by that revelation. “He did. One of the best in the world, actually.” He shrugged. “But I’m biased. He’s my favorite brother.”

Sam laughed. “So, what about these sleeping arrangements?”

“Okay, well, we’re bonded, if only by our scents, so there are two options. One is for until you’re more comfortable and the other is to just go for it. However, on that one, I promise you I will not touch you in any way that you don’t want me to touch you, okay?”

He nodded. He believed it too. He trusted Gabriel more than he’s ever trusted any other Alpha. Even his father. “Okay, so what are my options?”

“Well, one, you can sleep in the room that’s connected to mine until you feel comfortable to sleep with me--if that’s what you want us to do. Although I should warn you, our bond may make you feel lonely, Sammy and you might seek me out. Or two, we share my room and my bed.”

The room fell silent for a moment. All that could be heard was the beeping of Sam’s monitors. Did he want to share anything with him? His inner Omega screamed, ‘Yes!’ Did he want to be intimate with the man? Again, the inner Omega said, ‘More than anything!’ He knew something deep inside of him told him that the Alpha wouldn’t hurt him. However, he wasn’t ready to share a bed with him. That was a level of intimacy he had never experienced before and he wasn’t sure he’d like it at all. 

Instead of answering with the first option he found himself saying, “How about this…”

“Are you negotiating with me?”

He nodded. “Think of it as more of a compromise.” He exhaled. “I don’t have much to put in your room anyway, so how about we do this for a little while until I’m feeling more comfortable I’ll sleep in the connecting room, but we’ll share your room otherwise. So, like, I don’t know. If you wanna watch a movie or something and you want me to join you I’ll stay there until we decide it’s bedtime then I’ll go to the room.” He sighed. “If the scent bond wants me with you then I’ll come to you and we’ll figure something out from there.”

He smiled. “That sounds good.”

He opened his mouth to say something when the doctor walked in. “All right, Sam, all your tests look good and your hydration and nutrition is to my liking so if you would like to you can get out today and go home.”


Sam hadn’t had one of those in a very long time. He looked at the golden-eyed Alpha and smiled. Maybe finally he’d have one...with his Alpha...



Chapter Text

Chapter 14


Sam slid out of the car and looked up at the limestone townhome mansion. He couldn’t believe it. He was going to live here? He looked around for Gabriel and found him coming around to him. “This is your family home?”

He nodded. “It’s an eight-bedroom mansion. Oh, you’re not allergic to dogs, are you?”

He shook his head. “No. Dean’s allergic to cats though.”

He nodded. “I’ll remember that.” He held out his hand to the young Omega.

Sam looked at the man’s hand and slowly slid his hand into his. He immediately felt the butterflies and the heat. While his inner Omega seemed to cheer. He had a feeling that his inner Omega was going to make this difficult for him to take this slowly. “Do you have dogs?”

He nodded.”My mother has Pomeranians she shows. We weren’t allowed to touch them or play with them like dogs. They were showpieces according to my mother.”

Sam wrinkled his nose. “Nope.”

Gabriel laughed. He opened the door and called out, “Dad! Cas! Dean! We’re home!”

From somewhere in the back of the house Sam heard, “In the kitchen, Sinulya !”

Sam looked at the other man curiously. “What’s that mean?”

“It’s Russian for ‘son’. My dad’s family is from Russia.”

“He speaks English, right?”

He nodded. “Sometimes better than me.” He put his jacket and the small bag by the stairs. He took Sam’s hands and looked up at the Omega. “I promise you, Sweetheart, he’ll love you.”

Sam had no idea why it was so important for the elder Alpha to like him, but it was. Maybe it was because he liked Gabriel and he didn’t want it to be uncomfortable and awkward for the Alpha. “Okay.”

He walked the young Omega into the kitchen and smiled. “Hey!”

Dean looked up and noticed how nervous his brother was. He stood and walked to him. “Hey, Kid. You’ll be okay.”

He exhaled. “I’m nervous,” he whispered.

Dean smiled. “I was too, but Dimitri’s cool.”

Gabriel looked at his father. “Papa, this is Sam. Sam, mine and Cas’ dad, Dimitri.”

Dimitri smiled. “May I hug you or are you…?”Sam smiled and nodded. Dimitri hugged him gently. “Welcome home, Sam.”

“Thank you, Mr.--”

“No. Call me Dimitri and please, don’t address me as Alpha.”

He nodded. “Yes, sir.”

Dean touched his father-in-law’s shoulder. “That’s not directly because of you. Our dad was a Marine. He hammered that into us when we were kids, and after mom died.”

Dimitri nodded. “Please, you two have a seat. Would you like anything to drink?”

Sam looked down at the counter and then looked from Cas to Gabe and Dimitri. “May I have something other than water, please?”

“Absolutely,” Dimitri answered.

Gabe smiled. “The entire time he was in the hospital he was drinking water to get rehydrated. I think he’s a little tired of water.”

Dimitri laughed. “I would be too.”

Sam looked at the counter and saw the paperwork spread out on it. “What’s all…” his voice trailed off as he picked up one of the packets. He read it. “What is this?” he asked in a whisper.

Castiel smiled. “Sam, you can speak in your normal voice. No one here will admonish you for doing it.”

He nodded. “What’s this? It says here that this is a license to house Omegas.”

Dean nodded. He tapped the counter for Gabe to sit too. “I told Cas and Dimitri my idea to start an Omega sanctuary. A place for Omegas to actually be taken care of and live life without worrying about being kicked out because they hit twenty-one or because they’re no longer profitable.”

Sam smiled. He loved that idea. “Oh! That would be cool!” His heart fell. “But I thought you were going to go live with Gabe--”

Castiel smiled. “Sam, you and Gabe are coming too. That was one of the first things that Dean made clear. Our original plan to all move in together will not change, just the location.” He looked at his brother. “I was just talking to dad about possibly being CFO remotely.”

Gabriel nodded. “That’d be cool. Could I work remotely too?”

He nodded. “I don’t see why not. However, you’ll have to come into the City once a month or something for the major meetings.”

“Cool,” Gabe said smiling. He looked at the paperwork. “We need all this to run a safe house for them?”

Dimitri nodded. “Yeah. We do. You and Cassie will have to fill it out and discuss it with Dean and Sam about being the house Omegas.”

“I won’t be expected to be all housewifey, right?” Sam asked. “Because I have to say I never learned any of that. I got here to New York about two months after I turned fifteen.”

“Why?” Dimitri asked standing to stir the food he was making for dinner.

He looked at Dean and then sighed. “Because our dad sold me to Crowley.”

“He did what?!” The Alphas and the older Omega exclaimed in unison.

“Dad sold you to that British douchebag?”

He nodded. “Yeah. He needed the money apparently and since I presented as Omega too he didn’t need me anymore so he minds as well make money off me. That’s what he said.” He looked at Dean. “He sold you to Abaddon too.”

Dean’s eyes bulged. “He got money from Abaddon for me?”

He nodded. “About fifteen thousand I think.”

Dimitri reached over and squeezed Sam’s hand. “I’m sorry, malyshka .”

“Huh?” Sam asked looking at Gabriel.

He laughed softly and rubbed his back. “It means, Kiddo, Sweetheart.”

Sam looked at the older Alpha. “Do you go back and forth from Russian to English a lot?”

He nodded. “I made sure the boys were bilingual. Don’t worry. You’ll catch on quick. Your brother’s already learning some.” He tasted the liquid on the spoon.

“What are you making?”

“It’s called Zharkoe,” Dimitri said and smiled.

Sam attempted it and almost got it. Gabe smiled. “Good try! We’ll work on it.”

The teenager smiled. “What is it?”

“It’s basically Russian Beef Stew, but Americanized. I replaced a few of the root vegetables and use beef stock. Trust me, okay?”

He nodded. He looked around. “You have a beautiful home.”

“Thank you.”

“Where are the yappers? I almost miss them nipping at my feet,” Gabe said sarcastically.

He laughed. “With your mother. Thank God. I hate those damn dogs.” He looked at Dean, then Sam. “Ever seen a Pomeranian?”

Dean nodded. “They’re furballs with feet and too much trouble in my opinion.” He took a drink of his soda. “If we ever get a dog I don’t want it any smaller than a border collie,” he told his Alpha.

“Duly noted. I was thinking about a couple of guard dogs and maybe a family dog.”

Gabe smiled. “We’ll talk about the guard dog thing, but family dogs sound nice.”

Dimitri sat back down and looked at Sam. “What happened to your hand?”

“Your son broke it,” he muttered. He quickly covered his mouth, eyes going wide. He looked at the older Alpha. “Dimitri, I’m so sorry!”

Dimitri seemed frozen as he stared at the teenager. “My son broke your wrist?”

He nodded, eyes filling with tears. Dean could smell the distress on him almost immediately. He stood and walked to his brother. He wrapped his arm around his shoulders. “Sammy, it’s okay. Dimitri’s not mad. He’s upset, but not because you told him that Lucifer broke your wrist.”

Dimitri looked at the hazel-eyed Omega. “If you don’t mind could you tell me how it happened?”

“ happened a couple of weeks ago, actually.” He exhaled slowly. “I had just finished with someone. I thought I might…” he took a breath as he realized that this would be difficult for him. “I thought I would have a break between alphas, but then Lucifer came in.” He took a drink of his soda. “He, uh, he seemed to like me for some reason. I had asked him if he’d give me a few minutes since I just finished….but he said to me, ‘I paid for you. You’ll do what I want and I want to…” He shrugged. “I protested and he wrenched my wrist and…”

Dimitri looked at the Omegas and then his sons. “Excuse me.” He quickly stood and rushed out of the room.

Castiel sighed. He looked at his brother. “I got him. You stay here with Sam.”

“I’ll come with you, Alpha.”


“He’s family,” he argued. “And your mom’s not exactly being the omega I’m sure her traditional upbringing she is supposed to act.”

Castiel walked to him and kissed him. “I love you.”

“I love you, You Sap.”

Castiel walked into his father’s office and scented the air almost immediately. Dulled sage and cedarwood. He sighed and his heart shattered when he heard his dad sniffle. He walked into the room, bringing Dean in with him. “Papa.”

“Where did I go wrong?”

Dean looked at his Alpha and saw the tears. It was breaking his heart to see his father feeling hopeless. He walked to the other man and knelt in front of him. “It’s not you, Dimitri. You did nothing wrong in raising him.” He looked at the man. “I know I haven’t known you long but if you can raise three boys as wonderful as Cas is then you’ve succeeded in my book.” He looked into his eyes. “Lucifer’s behavior isn’t your fault. It’s your in-laws and Naomi’s fault. They raised Lucifer and Michael to do it. Thank God Michael never did it, but it would seem that Lucifer listened more than he should have to Naomi’s family.”

“Dean’s right, Papa. This isn’t your fault. More than half of your boys turned out better than you’ve ever hoped. Lucifer didn’t become a douchebag because of your bad parenting. Your not a bad father or a bad Alpha. Trust me. Lucifer became who he is because of grandfather’s manipulations nothing more.”

He sighed. “He’s still my boy--”

“He is, Papa and he always will be, but he needs help.”

Dimitri sighed and looked at Dean. “Do you forgive me?”

“For what?” He tapped his knee. “You did nothing wrong, Dimitri. There is no reason for you to apologize to me because of what happened to Sam is not your fault.” He smiled. “And I bet if you go out there and apologize to my brother he’ll tell you the same thing.”

“He’s right.”

All 3 head’s jerked in the direction of the door. Sam smiled. “Sorry, I was worried. I thought…”

Dimitri wiped his tears. “No. It’s not you, Sweetheart. I’m feeling like a parenting failure.”

Sam shook his head. “You shouldn’t though. I’d say with two boys as amazing as Cas and Gabe are, you were a rousing success.” He looked at the older man. “I don’t blame you because your boy broke my wrist, because he thinks that male omegas are just sex toys. That’s not on you. I know that because you don’t talk down to me and you’re not in ‘Alpha mode’ right now.”

Dimitri shook his head. “No reason to be. My family hasn’t been threatened.” He sighed.

Dean motioned for Sam to come to him. He walked around the desk and walked to the Alpha. He hugged him. “I promise, Dimitri, I don’t blame you. Lucifer’s old enough to face his own consequences, that’s not on you.” Sam pulled back and looked at him and the Alpha nodded.

He smiled. “Good. Let’s go. Gabe says dinner’s ready.”

“Good, I’m starving!” Dean exclaimed.

Dimitri laughed and wiped his eyes. “Sam.”


“I was including you in the family statement too.” He smiled. “Even if nothing romantic--”

“I never said that nothing would come of the scent bond. It’ll happen, probably. Just not right now and not for a while.”

Dimitri nodded. “Then you are most definitely a part of the family.”

He smiled. “Now, come on. If we hurry up maybe Gabe’ll dribble some on himself as he did in the hospital.”

The men laughed and followed him out.


Dean walked out of the connecting bathroom and smiled at his mate. He was laying in bed, reading one of the many books in the family collection. He bit his bottom lip as he argued with himself that he didn’t need to have sex with him every night. He watched Cas flip the page of the book and a shot of lust caught him deep in the gut. Who am I kidding? He walked to the bed and straddled the Alpha’s legs.

Cas smirked. “May I help you?”

“I want you to make love to me.” The Omega moved off of his legs and settled between his legs. They’d decided early on that until they had kids that they would sleep naked and they always did. He gently took a hold of him and began stroking him. He bent down and took the cock in his mouth, Cas moaned. He worked him like a popsicle.

When Cas felt like he was about to come, he gently took Dean off him and flipped him onto his back. The only time they did a position where they were back to front was when they were in the shower. Cas gently pulled the Omega’s legs up and dove right in. He began eating Dean out like a starving man to a scrape of food.

“Oh! Cas! That feels so good!”

Dean’s slick gushed out as he plunged in further, making the Omega scream more. He loved the way Dean tasted against his tongue. Like honeyed vanilla. He licked up his thigh and nipped the other before licking up that one too. “Oh, God...Cas...that feels incredible. Don’t stop, please…”

He worked him until his hole gushed with slick and his cock spurted cum. He sat up and moved over Dean’s body as he looked down at him. The Omega’s orgasms were strong. He’d heard that an Alpha and Omega could be so sexually compatible that it could happen, but never really believed it...until now. He leaned forward and kissed him deeply. He positioned himself at Dean’s opening and gently pushed in until he was completely seated at the hilt. He looked down into his Omega’s eyes. “I love you, Baby.”

“Love you, Angel.”

After the sweet words and a couple of sweet kisses, Cas began to move rapidly in and out of his Omega’s body. The sounds of their lovemaking filled the room and moments later, Dean came with a scream, the Alpha following close behind with one of his own as his knot locked them in just the way they liked it. Cas collapsed gently on top of the Omega trying to catch his breath. “Wow…”

Dean smiled and kissed his shoulder. “You told me to let you know.”

Cas laughed. “Oh, trust me, Sweetheart that’s not why I said that.” Note to self: Soundproof our room at the Sanctuary. There was no way he wanted to share his Omega’s orgasms with the entire house. “I love when you tell me what you want, but I gotta ask what brought this one on?”

“You were bed...naked,” he said with a sigh as the Alpha pumped more cum into his body.

He rose up and looked down at his Omega. “My reading turned you on?”

He laughed. “Everything about you turns me on, Cas. You eating dinner tonight turned me on. You immediately treating my brother as a member of your family made me love you more, which turned me on.”

He laughed. “Nice to know.” He positioned himself so that he spooned with the beautiful green-eyed man. He kissed his shoulder. “I love you.”

“I love you.” He reached and flicked off the bedside lamp. “Goodnight, My Omega.”

“Goodnight, My Alpha.”

Within moments they were both asleep.


Sam bolted upright, panting. His broken wrist throbbed and his chest hurt from how hard it was beating. He pulled his long legs up to his chest and tried to calm himself. After about 10 minutes it didn’t seem to work. Not like it used to. His inner Omega wanted its Alpha and he was in the other room probably fast asleep.

The doctor’s orders when he left the hospital was to get lots of sleep so that his body could heal itself. He knew the only way to do that was to be with Gabe. Could he lay with another Alpha without panicking? He knew he did it in the hospital, but that was because they were in a public place. Would Gabriel be like his brother and jump him even when he’s sleeping?

After attempting to do it himself, he finally gave up and got out of bed. He opened the connecting door softly and walked into the room. The fireplace was softly going and the Alpha was tucked into bed peacefully. He knelt down next to where the Alpha slept. “Alpha,” he whispered.

The man didn’t stir. Sam sighed and touched him gently, “Gabe.”

He moaned and slowly opened his eyes. He looked to his side and he was instantly awake. “Baby, are you okay?”

He nodded. “I had a nightmare,” he admitted. “I can’t go back to sleep.”

Without any more questions or thinking twice about it, Gabe moved over and patted the now warm empty space. “Come here, Sweetheart.”

Sam crawled into bed next to him and Gabe pulled the blanket around them both. “Will you hold me? Just hold me.”

“Absolutely,” he said and wrapped his arms around the Omega. He came closer and whispered, “I will never do anything you don’t want me to.” He soothed him and continued, “I was being honest when I said if anything intimate happens between us you’re in charge, Sammy.”

Sam slowly and carefully turned to face the smaller Alpha. “I know.” He watched the orange-fiery light cast a glow over the Alpha and he smiled. “You know I’m not saying it won’t happen, but Gabe, I lost my virginity while being raped and sex from that point on has never been enjoyable. I’m scared to be intimate with you like that.”

He nodded. “I know you are, Baby, and I would be too.” He pushed his hair out of his eyes and kissed his forehead. “No pressure. I swear, there is no pressure. If it takes a month or a year, I’ll still be here and I’ll still wait until you tell me it won’t happen ever.”

Sam stared at him. “It still amazes me how two brothers can be so different. You come from the same parents.”

He nodded. “We do, but I was raised by my dad. My dad is the sweetest Alpha I know.” He watched Sam’s hand go between them and he linked 2 of their fingers. “Is this okay?”

He nodded. “More than.”

Gabriel smiled. “Wanna know a family secret that not even mom, Michael or Lucifer know?”

He nodded slowly. “My twice or three times great-grandfather came here from Russia, with his mate. The family’s maid’s son, Luka. Grandpa Boris--”


“Yes, Boris, he was named after his grandfather. Anyway, he came here with his mate, Luka.”

Sam looked into Gabe’s golden eyes. “Your grandfather was mated to a male Omega?”

He nodded. “Yes. Back in the eighteen-sixties having same-sex matings were illegal in Russia. Consequences were usually unmating and death to the Alpha. However, Grandpapa Luka was Grandpa’s true mate, there was no stopping it once they acted on what their inner Alphas and Omegas were telling them.”

“What happened?” he asked, really intrigued by the story.

“Well, Katya--the maid--discovered them first and she was proud that her son, her youngest child found a mate. Usually, back then male Omegas were put into institutions for not being ‘normal’.”

“Did Boris’ parents ever find out?”

He nodded. “They had just mated--mark and everything--when Luka rushed up to Boris in a frenzy. Apparently one of the groundskeepers had seen them the night before and rumor had it he had told Boris’ parents.”

“Oh, God…”

“Family legend goes that Boris’ father, Mikhail forbade them to see each other and threatened to have Luka thrown into the St. Petersburg Institute. It was the toughest institute in Russia. Well with the threat, Grandpapa was inconsolable. He loved grandpa, they were true mates which if you know anything about that then you know that’s out of their control. Not even parents can forbid true mates from being together. He didn’t see a way out. He looked at Grandpa and said goodbye. He told him he was going to Sochi. He had family there, they’d protect him.”

Sam felt the tears burning the back of his eyes. He’d heard about Alphas and Omegas being forbidden before but this one was sad. Maybe it’s because he could relate to Luka. “Did he leave?”

“No. Dad’s not exactly sure how Boris got the money, but the Alpha came to Luka and told him to pack a bag they had to catch a boat. Luka didn’t understand and Boris explains it all. He packed a bag and left with the Alpha. I think it took them about six to eight months to get here.”

“Why America?”

“Well, according to dad, Boris chose America because we were the first country to pass a true mates asylum law.”

“What is that?”

“The True Mate Asylum Law is basically if you have Mating Registry paperwork when you enter the country then they already give you citizenship and basically political asylum if your home government tries to bring you back.”

“Oh, that’s cool. So Boris and Luka were safe?”

He nodded. “They were. They lived a long and happy life with their eight children, three dogs, and several grandchildren.”

They talked like that for a couple of more hours before Sam had fallen asleep and Gabe fell along with him a few minutes later...their fingers still linked.