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Marvelous Darlings

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Loki looked out his window in the Avengers compound as he sketched a portrait of a beautiful woman he didn’t know anything about but he felt a connection to as he heard a knock on this door.
“Loki, it’s Thor. I’ve come to talk to you,” Thor says as he waits patiently on the other side of the door.
Loki sighed and got up from his window seat as he closes his sketchbook and answers the door only to be dragged out of his room to the living room where everyone was gathered. “What the Hell is this about Thor?” he says as he stares angrily at his brother.
“Well, you said you wanted to go to art school so I thought that you Wanda, Bucky, and Pietro can all go together since I already signed you up brother. Congratulations on getting accepted” was all Thor said as he hands Loki his class schedule and acceptance letter.
“What the? I mean how? What?” was all Loki could say as he looked at Wanda then Bucky and lastly at Pietro who were all smiling.
“Welcome to the college Gang,” said Pietro as Loki left for his room secretly smiling as he felt a pull to the college he is now attending.
“Here I come Kutztown University,” was all he said before he started to pack his many sketchbooks.
Meanwhile back in the living room

“Well I think that went well,” said Bruce as he looks over to Stark who just burst out laughing.
“That was the most entertaining thing I’ve seen in this universe,” Stark said being from another universe as The Avengers had received a Tony Stark and Natasha from an alternate universe.
“Well at least we know where he will be now,” said Natasha as she looked over at Bruce smiling a bit as he eats a couple of tacos.
“Well I’m going to go pack,” said Pietro as he left. “Done,” Pietro said as he came back with 6 bags packed. “Anyone need help packing?” he questioned looking at the group.
“Don’t worry she’s already packed,” Vision says as he is carrying several suitcases and boxes along with her guitar case.
“Vis you didn’t have too,” Wanda says as she then hugs her boyfriend as Nat and Bucky go to their rooms to pack.
In Bucky’s room, he packs slowly as he thinks about college and the people there. Would they like him? Would they think he’s a monster? Or will they crowd around him like they do with celebrities?

An Hour later Natasha, Wanda, Bucky, Loki, and Pietro were in a car on their way to Kutztown as a moving van was behind them as the apartment they were staying in was unfurnished. On the car ride, Loki read a book from Asgard as Pietro and Bucky were asleep as Wanda was listening to music on her phone. As they enter Kutztown they saw students on Main street.
Once they got to there dorm/apartment on campus a group of girls gathered around recognizing them as some of the Avengers.
“Oh dear, not this anything but this,” Loki said as he took his seatbelt off an stepped out of the car as all the girl backed up a little afraid of him as he smirked. “Boo,” was all Loki said as everyone ran away leaving him chuckling.
“Remind me to take you with me when I need to go shopping,” Wanda said as she got out of the car before everyone else.
“Let’s head upstairs before they come back, shall we?” Loki said as he starts heading inside with his things.

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“Here we are,” Natasha said, driving by the main campus building, Old Main, of Kutztown University. They could see students walking all around; going to class, going to hang out, going back to their dormitory.
“Yay,” Bucky said with less enthusiasm.

About 15 minutes later

Wanda, Pietro, Bucky, and Loki was bringing their things up to their room on the fourth floor when they see a girl with dirty blonde hair run from an apartment. Shortly after the girl left, a brunette girl chased after her with clear anger.
“ERICA I SWEAR TO GOD!” The brunette girl yelled, catching up but was almost hit in the face which was covered in whip cream when the dirty blonde haired girl slammed her door closed.
The brunette huffed in anger before storming back into her apartment with a slam of her own.
“Well…, that was interesting,” Pietro joked with a smirk on his face, “I like her.”
Just as Pietro said that the girl running away from her friend poked her head out with a giggle. She then walked out and made her way to her friend’s apartment door.
“I love you April!” She called to the door, a moment later a muffled answer was heard, she laughed knowing what she said.
“April...So that’s her name,” Pietro took note, getting an elbow to his ribs by his sister.
“Oh. Hello there,” The dirty blonde girl waved to the group.
This confused the group, why wasn’t screaming or running up to them demanding a picture with them? She was acting too…. Calm.
“Why aren’t you, you know, jumping and screaming at us?” Wanda asked the girl, trying to see into her mind but for some reason, she can’t.
“Simple: you guys deserve your space. Sure, you guys are famous and help protect our world but you are people too. Not some prize to worship.” The girl said, shocking them all.
“Now let me get this right. Wanda and….Pietro? You two are the Maximoff twins. Then you got Natasha Romanoff, Right? James Buchanan Barnes but you prefer to be called Bucky and lastly, Loki the God of Mischief.” The girl began naming them all.
“Very good. So, what exactly happened between you and your friend in there?” Natasha asked.
“I pied her in the face!” The girl said as both Loki and Pietro chuckle a bit, “Oh right, I haven’t introduced myself, I’m Erica Lunar.” Erica was a girl standing at 5’8, her dirty blonde was in soft waves stopping at her ribcage. She was wearing a sheer poet shirt with a black corset, dark blue shorts with her signature knee-high black boots. Her make up was simple black eyeliner with green and black eyeshadow to make her blue eyes pop.
“Nice to meet you, Erica,” Wanda said with a smile as she shook hands with Erica.
“Excuse me for just a moment.” She said before walking over to her friend’s door.
Hey, April! Come out here!” Erica called through the door as she knocked on it until it opened, suddenly it opened to see the brunette girl, April, with an angry face.
“What do you want?” April gritted out.
“ Oh, I don’t know I just thought that because some members of the Avengers are here. And they look like they are moving in that you of all people would wanna meet them. ” Erica asked with a smile as she swayed happily.
“Hmph, let me put on pants,” April closed the door once more to put on pants.
“Typical April,” Erica giggles behind her hand before turning to the Avengers “She’ll be out in a minute”, and just a moment later April was standing there her height was at 5’3, her extremely dark hair was a mix of curls that stops at her stomach. She was wearing a black tank top with no bra, dark gray gym shorts and gray socks. Her dark brown eyes, with thick black eyeliner, were striking a glare at Erica.
“Where are they?” April leaned back against the door with her legs crossed, a tired expression on her face.
“TADA!,” Erica says as she jesters to her right as she then starts walking back over to the group as April’s heart beats faster as she sees that Bucky is there.
“You guys are moving in?” She asked them.
“Yes, we are attending college here,” Pietro said with a smirk pointed towards April.
“So you’re our neighbors, cool. I’m April Flores. Where’s your room?”
“Room 411,” Natasha said.
“Then we’ll help you.” April looked at Erica before walking to Pietro and tries to take his box.
“I got this, April. Thank you though,” Pietro smiled, April raised an eyebrow.
“Alright. I’ll be in my room if you need me,” April turned with a glare, and walked back into her apartment.
“I didn’t mean to hurt her feelings. I just didn’t want her to carry heavy things.” Pietro explained, making Erica facepalm. “You’d be surprised with April. Anyway, I would like to help you guys.” Erica said but the door suddenly opened and Erica was pulled inside the apartment. “What the Fuck?!” was all she could say before the door closed.
"Oh my fucking god!! Bucky! Oh dear lord!" April was squealing.
"Oh, now you fangirl," Erica smirked.
"Shut up! Bucky is the best." April said, calming down, "Go help them already." She opened the door and tried pushing Erica out of her apartment. “Oh no, you don’t,” Erica says as she grabs April by the wrist and tries to drag her friend out of the apartment.
“For God's’ Sake Erica!!! LET ME PUT ON A BRA FIRST!” April says as she escapes from Erica’s grip.
All of a sudden they hear a guy’s voice scream out, “SHUT THE FUCK UP! I’M RAGE GAMING HERE!!”
“Who was that?” Bucky asked, confused.
“April’s roommate….Hmph, fine, I’ll let you go,” Erica released her grip and April was allowed back into her room.
As April fixes herself, the Avenger’s things were placed into their room. By the time she came outside, now with a bra and sweatshirt on, she encountered Bucky. He was holding two boxes under each arm, which he was currently struggling with. April walked to him and took the box under his right and easily carried it in her arms. Bucky was surprised she was able to hold the box, it had all his history and reading books.
“W-what is it? Did I do something wrong?” April asked Bucky with a worried look on her face.
“Oh, n-no! You didn’t do anything wrong, I was just… surprised that you can carry that box,” Bucky replied, a slight blush appearing over his cheeks.
“Oh, trust me, I’ve carried things heavier than this.” April smiled before turning with the box in her hands.
Bucky could only watch as April walked away, his eyes slowly trailing down to her ass but he shook his head to prevent such thoughts. He looked ahead and walked into his apartment.
Soon enough, their apartment was arranged, so was their rooms, and it was a nice view to see. Erica was beaming with joy, a large smile on her face whereas April had a smile on hers.
“Soooo…. Food?” Erica suggested to the small group.
“Yeah, I’m fine with that,” Wanda agreed, the others agreeing as well.
“Let’s go!” Erica cheered as she made a beeline for the door. April shook her head and followed, but at a slower pace than her. “She is a weird one isn’t she?” Wanda asks April. “Yeah but she’s all ours,” says April not knowing at Pietro and Bucky were right behind her as Loki leaned against the hallway wall with Natasha and Erica waiting for everyone.
“Let me put on some shoes,” April left to her apartment room and quickly grab her shoes and ID card.
As she opened the door, she was greeted by her three other roommates: Georgie, Allison, and Sam.
“Where are you going?” Allison asked her.
“Food with Erica and new friends of ours,” April said before leaving the apartment. Once the door was closed they made there was to the stairwell, since it was a faster way to get downstairs than wait for the elevator to arrive.
It was a nice walk to the South Dining Hall, Natasha was in the direct front, Wanda and Erica were behind her talking about various things, Pietro and Loki were behind the girls with Bucky and April to be behind the boys.
April was internally freaking out, she was standing next to Bucky. Her favorite Avenger, she had seen what had happened to him when SHIELD released all the files on themselves and on HYDRA. She felt sympathy for the man, he didn’t deserve that kind of torture in his life. He was treated so horribly that no one should have experienced.
But she didn’t want to push her luck on trying to be friends with him quickly and wants to give him time to adjust to living on a campus full of teenagers wilding out and acting like complete idiots.
“Hey, are you okay?” The simple question pulled April out of her thoughts. She turned to face Bucky who was holding the door for her.
“O-h, yeah thank you Bucky. Sorry,” April thanked, walking inside and giving the lady her ID to swipe in, Bucky did the same and made their way to their sitting spot.
“Lost in thought?” Bucky asked her. April had a small blush appearing over her cheeks and nodded in response.
“Yeah, got a lot on my mind,” April said making her way over to the kiosk to order herself some salad.
Bucky could only watch her and paid attention to his sitting friends. Erica was giving him a look of mischief, and he gave her a look back. Erica wiggled her eyebrows before returning her focus back to Wanda and Natasha.
Meanwhile, at the kiosk, April was ordering food with Pietro next to her.
“So, how old are you?” He asked once he got the receipt for his order.
“Nineteen. I recently turned nineteen,” April responded getting her own receipt. It was the first week of September, her birthday was a month ago.
“Oh? When?” Pietro pried.
“A month ago. On the eighth of August,” She answered.
“So a Leo eh?”
“Yeaaah,” She nodded her head slowly.
“Very fiesty, I like that in a woman,”
“Good for you man,” April left before he could say another word.
Meanwhile, Loki, Wanda, and Erica were getting to know each other as they talked about books and movies.
“So have you guys read or watched Lord of the Rings???” said Erica before she took a sip of her soda as Loki was across from her and Wanda next to her.
“I’ve watched the Lord of the Rings movies but not the books,” Wanda said but Loki shook his head in a no manner.
“Well, I know what to do now when it comes to time to hang out! Oh, you’re gonna love it. But first, we need to get you the books because you not reading them would be a crime!” Erica practically yelled but she calmed down with a soft touch of Wanda. “Sorry, I grew up watching the movies and reading the novels. So I’m a bit passionate about it”, Erica says as she looks down at her lap a bit embarrassed about her actions as Loki smiles just slightly as he then sees Pietro and Bucky coming back.
“Don’t worry, she does this with ALL the things she absolutely loves,” April’s voice was heard as she sat down in her seat, placing her salad bowl in front of her.
“What about you April? What’s your preferred book genre?” Wanda asked.
“Let’s see… Mystery, Thriller, Murder Mystery, Erotic novels, a bit of romance and supernatural,” April answered before shoving lettuce and chicken in her mouth as Erica gets up to get food Loki’s eyes’ follow her.
“Hey, Loki. Tap that ass,” April gave him a smirk. “I beg your pardon?” Loki says as he looks at April with a death stare as Natasha chuckles. “What’s wrong Loki, caught looking?” says Natasha as she sits next to April. As Erica orders food she runs into George. “George!!!!” Erica says as she hugs tackle him making him almost fall to the floor. “Hey boo,” says George.
“Wanna come meet our new friends?” says Erica as gets her White Hot Chocolate with Vanilla and looks quickly over at April and the group. “Hmmm. Sure. I got nothing better to do.” says George as he walks back to the table with Erica. “Hey everyone this April’s roommate George,” Erica says as the small group waves at George as he looks at who is sitting at the table he almost freaks out. “Wait just wait. YOU’RE FRIENDS WITH THE AVENGERS PLUS LOKI NOW??!!!! WITHOUT ME!????”
“Yeah. Also, yell at me like that again boy, and I’ll whip your ass with a chancleta.” April hissed at the boy with a smirk on her face.
“We sisters love being hit,” George joked with a wink.
The Avengers, for the most part, are confused while Natasha, Loki, and Wanda just chuckle a bit while George sits down next to Natasha and April while Erica sits back down across from Loki as she notices that April is eating faster than normal due to sitting across from Bucky. Erica then takes out her phone and texts April.

Erica: Nervous eating hun?
April: Shut up!!! He is legit right in front of me.
Erica: So? Why are you freaking out?
April: He’s hotter in person okay??? Why aren’t you freaking out about one of them?
Erica: Because I don’t know them that well. And yeah some of them may be hot but it’s gonna take me a while to trust again after that asshat broke my heart and used me.
April: Ahhhhhhh. But still, I think you got somebody's attention. ;)
Erica: What do you mean? ?-?
April: Oh you know who I’m talking about. ;)
Erica: Um no I don’t. ?-?
April: Ughhhh. You are so clueless. Besides, I don’t want to bombard Bucky like that, he deserves some peace at least.
Erica: Is it because of your previous boyfriend?
April: Yeah, the one that dated me and fucked me up so hard that I almost committed suicide.
Erica: Wait, you almost killed yourself? YOU DIDN’T TELL ME THAT!!!
April: It’s all in the past, I don’t really want to talk about it.

April put down her phone and finished eating her plate as both George and Loki look at Erica and April.
“What were you guys talking about? Some tea that needs to be spilled, sisters?” George asked, sipping his soda as if it was actual tea. “Nothing George,” Erica says while she put her phone down and starts eating her food while Loki raises an eyebrow as he is curious about this girl.
“So, Erica what is your hobby?” Natasha asked the girl, taking a bite from her burger.
“Well, I play video games with April and I collect beautiful crystals which is slowly becoming a problem,” Erica said looking up from her food. “What kind of crystals?” Loki asked finally speaking up after nearly 30 minutes of sitting with Erica. “Well, I love quartz, obsidian, emeralds, amethyst, and anything I can get my hands on at a yard sale or store honestly,” Erica said shrugging to look up with a smile at the God of Mischief.
“What about you April? Got any hobbies?” Natasha moved onto April.
“Uh, playing games with Erica, jamming to my music and acting,” April replied with a yawn. “Acting? Like theater acting or professional acting?” Bucky was surprised, he wanted to know more, causing April to blush a little. “Oh, just simple acting for my original stories…” April said but mumbled towards the end of her response.
“You mumbled, I couldn’t hear you,” Bucky said, pushing his hair behind his right ear.
“Just acting with my friends, fun stuff,” April nervously laughed, pointing her attention away from the man sitting across from her. “Mhm mhm,” Natasha hummed, wiggling her eyebrows April, which caused her to throw a fry at the assassin in mock anger.
“So babes, what are our plans for the evening?” George asked the girls, eating a brownie. “Chilling,” April immediately responded with a grin, nodding at George. “Aww shit, here we go again,” George said, making him and April laugh their asses off.
“What am I missing here?” Pietro asked.
“Oh, April and George have their annual day to hang out together and have fun,” Erica answered, with a blank face. “You make it seem like its really bad,” Wanda said, confused. “Oh, they get wild when they hang out. There is a lot of rage game screaming, squealing and just loud yells in general,” Erica shook her head as she took a sip of her now cold white hot chocolate as she chuckled.
“So what are you guys’ hobbies?” Erica said as she looked around the table at the group as Wanda spoke up. “Well, I actually write some poetry and songs in my spare time,” she said as she tucked a bit of her hair behind her ear a bit embarrassed. “Well in my spare time I try to break the sound barrier,” Pietro says while leaning back and crossing his arms. “Which you still can’t do,” says Wanda as she messes up her brother’s hair as Natasha chuckles. “What about you Nat?” April says as she pokes her in the shoulder “Well I do some ballet in my spare time. Nothing much really.” Natasha says as she blushes a bit.
“What about you Bucky?” George says as he quickly looks at April then back to Bucky, “What are your hobbies?” he said as everyone looks at Bucky.
“Well, I um. . . I’m learning how to play guitar if that counts?” he says looking up from his drink at every one. Almost everybody's mouth drops, “Shut up!” says everyone except Nat, Loki, and Pietro who just smiled.
“Dude I can lend you some of my learn how to play guitar books,” Erica says as she looks over at Bucky as April is still awestruck at what Bucky just said as George chuckles at her reaction.
“Now the real question is what is Loki’s hobby. Am I right?” says Bucky as he jesters to the other end of the table at Loki. And just like that, all eyes were on Loki as he chuckles.
“Well much like the Barnes and Ms. Maximoff I do enjoy music and reading but I do sing a bit along with writing some short stories.” as Loki finishes talking April and George look at each other than at Loki and Erica knowing that they are perfect for each other.
“Sister Erica sings,” George says as everyone’s attention shifts from Loki to Erica as she looks embarrassed.
“Oh?” Loki says as he smiles while looking at her as she just sinks down into her chair, “I don’t want to talk about it.” Erica says as she hugs her legs and looks out the window.
“She is an Angel or a Siren when she sings but is extremely embarrassed whenever someone other than herself brings it up,” April says as she looks at George a bit pissed off as she hits George on the head softly.
“Hey, I'm sorry okay? I just thought that she would want to talk about music with Wanda and Loki since she keeps talking about starting a ba-” George was cut out by a hand full of fries throw at him from Erica.
“George I told you not to talk about that. It's a secret, Remember?” Erica says a bit teary-eyed and pissed as she gets up.
“I’m heading back to Golden Bear South. Have a nice night everyone,” she said before leaving alone. As Erica walked away watched for a short time before Loki excused himself as April continued to scold George before everyone headed back to Golden Bear South.

Meanwhile, Erica was in her room crying softly while listening to Evanescence until she heard a knock on her door before it opened as it was her roommate Crystal.
“What’s wrong Erica?” Crystal said as she sat next to Erica on the bed as she puts a hand on Erica’s shoulder.
“So some of the Avengers are attending college here and are living down the hall from us,” says Erica as she paused her music and continued talking as she played with her unicorn plushie. “So in 411 Bucky Barnes, the Maximoff twins and Loki live here while Natasha most likely is a public safety officer and Wanda said something about Vision being an English professor at the university. And-”
“Slow down girl. That doesn’t seem like a bad thing so what’s really the matter?” Said Crystal as she hands Erica a tissue.
“Well after April and I helped them move in then we all got food at South Dining Hall. I found George and he ate with us and as we talked he brought up my singing because he thought because Wanda and Loki enjoy music that I could talk to them about me and April’s band.” Erica says as Crystal knows exactly what’s wrong now.
“So you got nervous about your musical talent in front of new people. Oh, hun, you’ll be fine. I bet they are curious now about your music. Especially Loki and Wanda. Am I right?” Crystal says as Erica finally smiles and nods.
“Now go to bed you siren,” Crystal says as she hugs Erica then closes the door behind her as Erica soon falls asleep.

At the same time, Loki was walking around campus thinking about why he was really here. Loki stared at Old Main as he remembered his mother’s words from his childhood about love and soulmates.

Asgard years ago

While walking in the garden a young Loki and Frigga talk about his magic training until they sit down beneath a beautiful tree.
“Loki my son, do you know what a soulmate is?” said Frigga as Loki sat on her lap as she looks at her son.
“I think you talked about it once before mother,” said Loki as he looked at his mother.
“Well, soulmates are when two people are perfect for each other more than what they look like or act. You see their souls are perfect and practically made for each other,” said Frigga as she picked a rose from the flower bed next to the bench.
“So there is somebody for everyone in the universe mother?” says Loki as he takes the rose from his mother’s hand and uses his magic to make here a rose necklace.
“Yes Loki, even you. And I know that you will meet her on Midgard but neither of you will realize your love for each other until a blood moon on All Hallows Eve when her magic is unlocked by your own. You will feel a pull to her though so don’t worry Loki,” says Frigga as her and Loki make their way to the Library.
“Will I like her and will she like me, mother?” Loki asks curiously as he held his mother’s hand.
Frigga just chuckles and says “You two will love each other very much. Now back to your lessons.”

Midgard Modern Day

Loki smiles to himself as he walks back to South campus as the next blood moon was only a few months away.
“Only a few more months love, hopefully, this year I’ll find you,” Loki says as he looks up at the full moon before entering Golden Bear South.
“Where have you been Mischief?” says Pietro as Loki enters the apartment.
“I went for a walk. The campus is quite beautiful and peaceful at night,” says Loki as he hangs his jacket up.
“Did any of you check on Erica after she left?” Wanda says as she comes out of her room.
“April texted me saying that she was in her room asleep when she went to her apartment to check on her,” says Pietro.
“And when did you all exchange phone numbers?” Loki says as he pours himself a cup of tea.
“After you left but don’t worry they have your number too. Especially Erica,” says Wanda as she sips her own tea while looking at Loki.
“You know Erica is an art major too. You two are going to be spending some time together.” Pietro says while leaning against the door as Loki drinks his tea.
“You know we picked a good college for music and art. One of the best in Pennsylvania.” Wanda says while washing her mug out.
“Well, I’m going to bed. Goodnight everyone” Loki says as he takes his cup of tea with him to his room and reads one of his books in his plush black sofa thinking about his classes for Monday.

Bucky himself decided to go out for a walk. He didn’t need a jacket but he still felt uncomfortable showing his metal arm. He walked by the waterfall that by in front of Old Main, enjoying the sounds around him. It was about 20 minutes after midnight. Nobody was out since it is the second week of classes on a Friday.
Bucky took a deep breath as he walked past the Academic Forum. He didn’t know where he was going, only in the direction his feet were leading him. He wasn’t looking when a small form collided with his.
“I’m so sorry,” The girl began to say as she looked up at him.
“It’s okay- April?” Bucky said, surprised.
“Hey. W-what are you doing here by- by the Library?” April was confused, blushing up a storm.
“Just t-taking a walk. Needed to clear after today,” Bucky said with a small smile, “What about you? Why is a girl like you out here by herself?”
“W-well, I was going for a walk,” April said, brushing a hand through her hair.
“Do you mind if I join you or am I interrupting?” Bucky asked with an unsure expression.
“No of course!” April said a little too quickly, that made her want to hurt herself.
“Ladies first,” Bucky held his arm out for her to take.
“The gentleman,” April chuckled as she started to walk towards Sharadin which was the art building as Bucky walked next to her.
“So you are an art major? And a history minor?” says Bucky as he moves some hair out of his eyes while April plays with her jacket.
“Yeah, looks like Erica, George and I are gonna be spending some time with Loki. Why is Loki attending college anyway I thought he was an all-knowing god or something?”
“I think it was because Thor and the others didn’t want him moping around the compound every day,” Bucky replied sounding unsure but he was positive that was the reason why.
“Ahh, I see. Why did YOU come here? You could’ve just been a graduate student,” April said.
“I could’ve but when I went to war, all I had was just a high school diploma. I never got to experience college life, so I thought why not now?” Bucky gave her a small smile.
“O-oh,” Was all April said as she looked away with a blush.
“You okay? You are getting a bit red,” Bucky went to touch her cheek but April pulled back before he could make contact.
“I-I’m fine! Really!” April yelled, pulled away too quickly.
“Are you okay? I didn’t mean to scare you or anything,” Bucky immediately felt horrible.
“No, it’s okay. I’m don't like guys touching my face, that’s all. The only man allowed to touch my face is my father,” April explained, as they reached the doors to the first floor of Sharadin.
“I didn’t mean for you to think that way. It’s my fault,” Bucky went to leave but April stopped him by grabbing his metal arm.
“Bucky, it’s okay. How about this, I can go grab my things and we can walk back together?” April suggested, not wanting Bucky to feel bad.
“If you think it’s okay, then yes. I wouldn’t want to leave a dame like yourself all alone,” Bucky said with a smile that made April blush once more.
“Trust me, I can handle myself but thank you for being my knight in shining armor,” April said with a smile before going inside.
It was only 10 minutes that Bucky had to wait when April returned with her bag.
Bucky never noticed since it was so dark but he noticed April’s outfit. She was wearing a black tank top with a large sweater over, dark blue cargo shorts, her black converse with her brown, leather messenger bag and her hair was put into a messy bun.
“Cute bun,” He complimented.
“Oh shush you,” April told him, taking his arm once more and together, they made their way back to the dorms.
It was almost one am when they arrived at their building, April was laughing at a story that Bucky told her.
“Did Steve actually puke after riding the Cyclone?” April said as she laughed.
“He did, he was so scared to ride it and poor me dragged him on it anyway,” Bucky laughed as they stopped at her door.
“Thanks for the walk, I really needed that Bucky,” April said, grabbing her keys out of her bag.
“It’s my pleasure. As I said, no dame like you should be alone,” Bucky said.
“Why do you call me dame?” April asked, leaning against her door.
“W-well, we call girls that out of respect, if you want I can change it,” Bucky got flustered for a moment.
“Please, I don’t want to be called a dame, it just reminds me of a damsel in distress,” April jokes, making Bucky laugh.
“How about doll, then?” Bucky suggested once she stopped laughing.
“I like that,” April smiled, “Again, thanks for the night Bucky. I’ll see you tomorrow,” April said, entering the room.
“Goodnight doll,” Bucky said, watching her close the door before making his way to his apartment door.
As Bucky opened the door to the apartment Loki was surprisingly waiting for him in the living room as he worked on some art. “Good evening James. How was your walk with April?” Loki says not looking up from his sketchbook as Bucky took off his jacket and hung it up.
“How did you know I was walking with April?” Bucky says as he walks over to the fridge and grabbing the orange juice as he then poured himself a glass for himself.
“You’re smiling like the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland when you opened the door. That and I saw you two from the window five minutes ago,” Loki says as he gets off the window sill closing his sketchbook and making his way to the kitchen.
“So what of it? She is a nice girl and everything. Why do you care?” Bucky says as Loki just smiles. “Simple. I don’t. I’m just saying that you should be careful. Someone else might get her before you.” was the last thing Loki said before going to his room leaving Bucky confused about not only his emotion but who else might have feelings for April because God knows Loki didn’t like her like that.
That night Bucky fell asleep with a million questions in his mind about college along with trying not to think about April. Meanwhile, April fell asleep with a smile on her face as she thought about her new friends and Bucky. Wanda was in her room writing some songs and poetry before turning in while Pietro was running around campus trying to get things off his mind.
In the middle of the night, Erica woke up from a nightmare as tears streamed down her face as she decided to go to the kitchen. Erica has been having nightmares for the past couple of months ever since her relationship ended with her mentally abusive ex-boyfriend. Erica poured herself a glass of milk and sat down on the sofa and turned on the tv to get her mind off of the nightmare when she then heard a knock on the door. She got up and looked through the keyhole to see Wanda wrapped in her blanket.
“You okay Wanda?” Erica said as she opened up the door letting Wanda in.
“Something really weird just happened in my dream and I thought we should talk about it,” Wanda said as she walked in and looked around Erica’s apartment. “Your apartment is lovely by the way,” Wanda said before sitting down on the sofa as Erica closed the door.
“Thank you. And what do you mean?” Erica said before sitting down and looking at Wanda having a feeling of what she is talking about.
“You were in my nightmare and I was in yours. We shared a nightmare but from different viewpoints. And it's not the first time this has happened but the first time we knew who each other was,” Wanda explains as Erica was not at all shocked. It was true that she has been having nightmares with Wanda in them for months now but never in a million years did she think Wanda was having the same exact nightmare as her.
“What does this mean ?” was the only thing Erica could say as Wanda grabbed her hand.
“It means that there is something inside of you wanting to be set free or unlocked. I don’t know what but I can tell you that it’s nothing to fear,” said Wanda with hope in her eyes as Erica began to cry again. “I tell you what. You come to sleep with me tonight in my dorm in case we have the nightmare again. Would you like that?” Wanda says as Erica just nods and goes with her.

The next morning

The gang- consisting of Erica, Wanda, Pietro, Loki, and Bucky- were sitting in South eating lunch when Pietro suddenly realized something.
“Where’s April?” He asked after he swallowed a bite of his sandwich.
“Um, I actually don’t know. Let me call her,” Erica said, pulling out her phone as she shoves a spoonful of cereal in her mouth.
The phone rang only to lead to voicemail. Erica was shocked so she tried again and for another 3 times, April did not pick up her phone.
“Okay, this bitch better be dead if she’s not picking up MY phone calls or she will be once I find her and choke the life out of her,” Erica said, feeling a little agitated as she tossed her phone next to her as Loki just chuckled.
“Loki what are you chuckling about?” Erica asked as she looked at the God slightly pissed.
“Oh, nothing. It's just that April just walking in with George and a few other people right about now.,” Loki says before drinking his tea as he looks at Erica before she looks at the door and frowns seeing nobody there.
“You are such a liar,” said Erica as she giggled and threw a ball of napkins at Loki as he laughed while Wanda chuckled.
“Well I am the God of Lies and Mischief,” says Loki as he wiggles his eyebrows making Erica laugh.
“So Wanda told me you’re majoring in Art. What type of art? Digital, animation, crafts?” Erica says as Loki grabs his sketchbook and hands it to her.
“Studio art. My mother always said if I wasn’t a prince I would make a great painter in Asgard,” says Loki as Erica flips through page after page of gorgeous landscapes, people and places as she stops at a self-portrait of Loki.
“Wow. Your art is amazing,” Erica says as she closes the sketchbook and hands it back to Loki who is blushing a bit.
“Thank you,” says Loki as he takes his sketchbook back and puts it in his bag as he then directs his attention back to Erica.
“Wanda tells me that you are an Art Major as well,” says Loki as he takes a bite of his bagel.
“Yeah, I’m an Applied Digital Arts major. I work mostly with computers. Hopefully, I’ll make my own production studio one day and make all the movies in my head.” Erica said as she continued to eat her cereal.
“Bucky why don’t you call April,” says Wanda before taking a sip of her orange juice. “She might pick up,” she says as Loki and Erica both look at Bucky.
“If she picks up when you call her, I’m going to kill her then resurrect her then kill her again,” says Erica as she drinks her milk while Loki just smiles at her.
“I swear you are the strangest and intriguing mortal I’ve ever met,” Loki says as Bucky calls April and puts the call on speaker phone as it rings.
“Hello?” April says over the phone, her voice was groggy and sounded tired, as Erica turns away from her food and gets up. “I’ll be back.” was all Erica said before running out of South and back to the dorms.
“Did she just run out of here to kill April?” said Pietro with his mouth full of bacon and eggs.
“She won’t, would she?” said Wanda as she looked at Natasha and Loki as Nat started to pack up her stuff ,that she just put down, just in case.
“If anything she will probably go over and yell at her,” said Bucky as he then heard knocking from the call.
“Who the hell is knocking on my door at 10 in the morning?” April said as she could be heard getting out of bed and walking to the door. Just then the group heard the door get kicked in.
“April for God's sake why didn’t you answer my calls?!” was all they heard as Loki chuckled figuring that she would do something like this from the way she walked out.
“Erica!!!! WHAT THE HELL!!!!?????? Did you really just break down the do-,” April was cut off as she screamed and her giggles were all that could be heard as Erica spoke up. “I’m gonna tickle you until you say I’m sorry for not answering my BFF's phone calls.”
April could barely talk as she tried to apologize to Erica while she was laughing her ass off.
“Should we go help her because April seems to be very stubborn,” was all Pietro said before everyone got up and raced back to the dorms as Bucky hung up the phone. When they got to April's apartment they found her on the sofa with George and her roommates as Erica was picking up the door to put it back up.
“Oh hey guys,” said Erica with a smile, “Can I get a hand here?” she said before Loki used his magic to fix the door and put it back in its hinges with a smile. “Thanks, Loki, now come on in guys and met April’s other roomies,” she said as April looked over at the door to see everyone.
“Oh hey, guys. Come on in,” April said as George, a male, and a female looked over to the door as well.
“Oh hey, guys. Good morning sisters,” George said as everyone entered the living room as he waved at them.
“Hi, you guys must be the new friends April and George were talking about last night. Never thought it would be the Avengers and Loki,” a short girl with brown hair and glasses in her pokemon PJs, “I’m Allison and this is Sam,” Allison motions to a slightly taller male with short black hair and glasses in Supernatural PJ’s. “Sup. Oh my God, you are Bucky!” says Sam as he almost trips while making his way over to Bucky as the Avengers chuckle as Bucky looks extremely uncomfortable.
“Um hello. I’m James Barnes. My friends call me Bucky,” Bucky said as he holds his hand out as Sam just hug Bucky as everyone just looks confused as Bucky just stands there awkwardly until Sam lets go and heads to there room.
“What just happened?” Bucky says as he looks at everyone then April as everyone is just as confused as him.
“Well Sam is a fan of Bucky but I’m surprised he didn’t tackle Loki he practically loves and worships him,” April says right before Sam comes bursting out of his room.
“Wait!!!! Loki’s here TOO?!!!!!” says Sam as Loki just backs away looking at Erica and April. “I’m just gonna go now. See you later Erica.” was all Loki said before running away leaving an illusion of him in his place as Sam tackles the illusion as Sam just ends up on the floor.
“Awww I wanted to hug him,” Sam says while everyone faces palms especially Natasha and Erica as April just sighs.
“Okay so everyone out for a couple of minutes while we deal with this child,” says Allison as she motions to Sam on the floor.
“Bye sisters. Hey, why don’t you go check out Erica's apartment,” says George as Erica smiles. “Come on everyone. Follow me to my humble apartment,” Erica said as she led everyone down the hall to her apartment door to find Loki waiting for them.
“Please tell me that Sam isn’t with you,” Loki says looking at the same group worried but relieved to find no sight of Sam he breathed a sigh of relief.
“Sam is most likely getting scolded for hugging Bucky and almost tackling you without your permission,” Erica says as she chuckles a bit while opening her apartment door.
“Crystal! Tressa! I’m home!” Erica says opening the door as everyone sees a complete of different paints and what looks like a Greek letter flag on the wall in the living room along with plush black and silver chairs with a matching sofa. The floor is dark wood with a beautiful gold and silver carpet along with a glass coffee table in the middle with books and crystals on it as the TV stand has multiple consoles on its selves while the games and DVDs or in the side glass panel doors. As everyone filed in and looked around they noticed that the kitchen had cute magnets and small whiteboards with grocery lists along with inspirational notes on them.
“Welcome to my apartment. It seems Tressa and Crystal are out at the moment so I’ll just show you guys a peek into my room,” said Erica as she led them down the short hall to her bedroom. Her door had surprisingly Norse runes on it along with Celtic knots on it which Loki found interesting. Erica then opened her door and everyone saw the beautiful room Erica called home.
“Ta-Da! My room!” Erica said as she practically skipped in. Her room had Green walls with dark wood flooring along with a gold and silver carpet. Around the top of the wall were led string lights that were currently a light green. Her bed was a Queen size with teal and seafoam sheets along with a white and black lace patterned comforter with many pillows and plushies. Her nightstand had a couple of owl, dragon, and wolf statues surrounding her gold owl lamp as her simple green alarm clock, with crystals and brown jewelry that added to the charm of the room. To the left of her bed was her makeup table as it had many expensive looking makeup along with an ungodly amount of makeup brushes. To the right of that table was her desk that had her laptop and books on the upper shelf that Loki couldn’t read the titles of along with more crystals. On the opposite end of the room were a bookshelf with more crystals and a small sitting area with a guitar and a stand of some sorts from what Loki could make out. And last but not least her closet that had an Evanescence poster on it. Her room was beautifully decorated with pictures of her and friends along with most likely her own art Loki suspected.
“You were not kidding about the crystals, Erica. You have so many,” said Wanda as she entered Erica’s room.
“Thank you. I really tend to collect them in my free time. A couple of my favorites are on my nightstand,” says Erica as she grabs a small tower of Amethyst and hands it to Wanda. “Amethyst is my favorite and my birthstone,” said Erica as Loki looked away from her bookshelf and at Erica.
“You were born in February?” says Loki as Wanda gives Erica her crystal back as Loki walks over to them.
“Yeah, February 5th, 2000. I believe it was a Saturday that year and a solar eclipse. “ says Erica as she puts her crystal back on her nightstand as Wanda and the other leave the room to go check out the living room more.
“It’s just that my birthday is February 9th,” said Loki as he looked at Erica as she smiles.
“That’s so cool. We should celebrate our birthdays at the same time this year, okay? Oh, the party will be great. If you want a party that is. I mean a nice little get together with friends would be nice but ahh I’m just so excited now!” Erica said as she leads Loki out of the room as he chuckles as she talks.
“I would very much like a small get together with friends for our birthday party,” said Loki as Erica closed her bedroom door. “If I may ask though. Why do you have Norse runes on your door?” Loki says as he touches a rune on her door looking at Erica.
“Well that’s a story for another day, God of Mischief,” Erica says as she boops his nose making the God smile.
“You have to be the most cunning and mysterious mortal I’ve ever met Erica,” said Loki as they joined the other in her living room. “And that’s a bad thing?” Erica says as she pokes him in the shoulder making him chuckle a bit. “No, not one bit,” Loki said as he smiled at her.
“Hey Erica,” said her roommate Crystal from the sofa as she talked happily with Wanda and her other roommate Tressa. Crystal was about the same height as Erica but was a slightly light chocolate shade skin tone and had beautiful long black curly hair as she wore a pair of jeans, some nice brown ankle boots, and a red dress top. While Tressa was slightly taller than Erica and had long black wavy hair that complemented her porcelain skin as she wore a nice floral skirt and tank top with a jean jacket and black ankle boots.
“So everyone this is Crystal and Tressa. My roomies!” Erica says as she tackled them as they all laughed and hugged Erica.
“She is just a big bundle of happiness and chaos,” said Crystal as she messed up Erica’s hair while she laughed.
“She really is,” says Wanda as she looks at Erica then everyone as they all chuckled while Erica laid across her roomies and Wanda’s laps as April walks in with George, Allison, and Sam as Loki and Bucky both look worried.
“Don’t worry Sam is here to apologize,” April says as George and Allison push Sam forward a bit so that everyone sees him.
“Um well. I’m sorry for hugging you, Bucky, without your permission. And Loki I’m really sorry for making you run away and not asking for a hug,” says Sam as he looks from Bucky to Loki.
Both Loki and Bucky look at Sam and nodded.
"Thanks for the apology, Sam. I'm still getting used to being around crowds that happen to be fans." Bucky said with a small smile.
“I accept your apology as long as you promise not to try anything like that again,” says Loki as he crosses his arms and looks at Sam.
“I promise I won’t do anything like that ever again. I’m really sorry Loki,” Sam said while trying to look at Loki. Loki seems satisfied with the apology as he nods to April signaling that he’s okay now as Erica gets up and lets Crystal head to work while Tressa went to her room to get changed for a job interview.
“So with that aside who wants to go explore the town or something?” says Erica smiling trying to cut the awkward atmosphere.
"We can go check out my room since they saw yours," April suggested, taking out her keys.
"I would love to see your room April," Pietro said with a smile that had April get shivers up her spine.
"Alright, let's go," April took the gang to her apartment.
"Just be warned now, my room is a mess at the moment. I was going to take time this week to clean despite being the second week of classes," April said opening her door.
Her door had an expo erase board that had locations listed with a small magnet as an arrow to the location. She also had some stickers and a small sorority flag above the board.
Her room was a dark blue with dark oak wood floors and a black circle carpet at the bedside. Her bed was a Twin XL with dark purple sheets with light blue star constellations comforter and pillowcases. Above her bed was a decent sized cork board that was loaded with pictures of her family, friends, and herself being idiotic. Her nightstand had an alarm clock with her wallet and phone. At the foot of her bed, was the closet that was opened, showing her massive collection of sweaters and one jacket. Underneath her bed was a bin of extra shit she put in while to the right of it was two medium-sized boxes. Next to the closet was a bookshelf that had lots of history textbooks and book in general. Beneath it was a shoe rack that was just full of converse sneakers with two additional workout shoes. Across her bed was her desk; which had her laptop, display tablet, and some books to the side. To the left of the desk was her drawers full of clothes and on top was a collection of big cat plushies and some figurines from video games. To the right of the desk was a TV stand that had a TV, her PlayStation 4 and a CD player with DVDs loading the shelves beneath. April had some posters on the wall that was small with string lights hanging from corner to corner.
Littered on the floor was clothes and different garbage bags that need to be thrown out.
“Damn girl you more shit than me,” said Erica laughing as she entered April’s room and laying on the floor and Bucky looked at April’s family photos as he smiles waiting to be given permission from April to enter her room while Wanda hugs April.
“Mind if I steal you and adopt you and Erica?” says Wanda as she looks at Erica on the floor giggling.
“Mama Wanda. Oh my. I didn’t see that coming,” says Pietro as he chuckles and looks at his sister as Natasha elbows him. “What was that for?” he says as he stares at Nat who is shaking her head.
"You can come in Bucky. You can look around." April told Bucky when she noticed him standing at the doorway, picking up the bags and throwing them out in the kitchen garbage. She also picked up the scattered clothes and placed them in the hamper that between her nightstand and TV stand.
"Thanks." Bucky slowly entered as he walked in and stood by her bed, looking at the pictures closely.
"Oh, that's right. Bathrooms. I share the bathroom with George whereas Sam and Allison share theirs," April explained leading them across her room to show a mirror with a sink.
On the stand of the sink was one side full of feminine products and the other was masculine products.
"Let me guess, the feminine is you and the other is George?" Pietro asked curiously looking at all the products such as deodorant, perfume, hair styling cream, etc.
"No, I use masculine products, they work better for me. George is the feminine products," April explained, shocking everyone," Speaking of which, I forgot to put deodorant," April took Old Spice deodorant and applied on her armpits.
“April the Tom Boy everyone!” said Erica from April’s room as her and Loki look at the books that are on her shelf.
"Are you still looking at my books?" April asked, going to the kitchen to grab a drink.
“Um no,” said Erica as she picked up one of the books from the self and started to read it with Loki as they sat on the carpet.
"You little shits, what book of mine are you reading?" April asked, coming back into her room as the others followed her in. She had a can of Monster and chugged a third of it.
Loki throws up an illusion of them not being there as he continues to read with Erica.
"You shit," April said in an Irish accent. She sat on her bed with Bucky on her left, Wanda sat April's chair and Pietro grabbed an extra seat as Loki and Erica were still undetected.