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Voltron: Another Outcome

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-{9,925 years ago}-

“Run my prince!!” an Altean woman yelled as she tried her best to hold the door closed.

“What about you?!” the prince yelled back as he was being dragged towards an escape pod.

“We can hold them back, go!” an armed man yelled, swatting at them to hurry up.

“We can’t just leave them!” the prince yelled as he was being forced into the ship.

“My prince, you are the last of your family, you are the last hope for the Altean race to survive, we must go” his attendant insisted.

But the prince wasn’t going to abandon someone he knows he can help.

With a duck and a swerve, he escaped his attendants grasp and snatched a downed soldiers pistol.

“Prince Lance!!” the attendant yelled, running after him.

As the doors busted open, Galran soldiers poured in, shooting at everything they saw.

Lance managed to get behind a crate and provided cover fire for his soldiers, refusing to leave despite his attendants nagging.

But this was a battle they weren’t going to win, they were outnumbered, out gunned, and everyone knew it.

“Sire, you need to leave!” Lance’s attendant yelled.

“I refuse to leave my people!” Lance yelled as he managed to take down a third soldier, disarming another.

Suddenly, Lance was yanked up from the ground by two Alteans.

“What are you doing?” he demanded as they threw him into the ship.

Lance got back up and ran to the door just as it closed.

“Let me out! I demand you let me out!” he yelled in desperation.

“This ship is set to take you to an unmapped solar system, our scanners picked up a life supporting planet, this ship’s navigational system will get you there” his attendant informed, completely ignoring the prince’s protesting.

“NO! I won’t let you die for me! Let me out!” Lance yelled.

“Goodbye my prince” his attendant said before brandishing a sword and going back to fight.

Without any say of his own, Lance was then sent out into the cold vastness of space, but he wasn’t just going to accept this.

He had spent enough time around these kinds of ships to know how to work the navigational system, including how to reroute a pre-existing route.

He rushed to the pilot seat and began to attempt to activate manual control, but there was no luck, as if all manual systems related to the direction and control of the ship were shut down.

“No! No goddamnit!” Lance yelled as he punched the control panel over and over “Take me back!” he screamed, the faces of all the people he left behind flashing in his head “Take me back” he begged, tears pooling in his eyes.

First he lost his mother, then his home along with his father and sister, now he was losing the last of his people… the pain was unbearable, the pain of fear, suffering, sadness, but above all, the pain of being truly alone.

Suddenly an alert appeared on the ships monitor as Lance’s trajectory had led him directly into a meteor belt.

Ducking under the main control panel, he began to look at a few of the wires, trying to ignore the bumps and scrapes of colliding meteors. Scanning them, he was looking for a pink wire, the one a friend of his said was the only thing you needed to cut to go on an uninterrupted joyride.

Finding it, he grabbed it and yanked, immediately feeling the ship veer away from its straight line trajectory.

Fumbling back into the pilot seat, he grabbed a hold of the controls and proceeded to spin and dart in every which way to avoid being crushed or too damaged to fly.

The sheer number began to become too much and the next thing Lance knew, his ship was spinning out of control at blinding speeds.

When he finally managed to stop the spinning, he had all but a tick to see the large glacier he would crash into.


-{9,924 years later}-

“Easy son, this ice is delicate” Samuel advised as his son Matt carefully extracted the ice from the drill.

“Amazing… isn’t this exciting Shiro?” Matt asked as he stared in awe.

Shiro, who was holding the drill steady, just laughed a little “You guys get a little more excited about ice samples than I do” he said.

“This is history in the making, not only have we travelled any farther than any human ever has, but this Ice could hold microscopic clues about the existence of live outside earth” Samuel said calmly, but clearly gleeful.

“Think about it dad, we could use those clues to become the first people to meet aliens” Matt said whishfully.

“My life’s work would be complete” Samuel mused.

“Well, it’s still a little soon to go wishing to meet aliens” Shiro said with a chuckle.

“Just wait, if this all succeeds, we could even hold full conversations with one” Matt said as he has almost extracted all of the ice.

Suddenly, a burst of blue light shot up from the hole their drill had made, causing Matt to break the ice.

Thankfully, neither Shiro or Samuel could care as the two of them were too shocked my the strange light emitting from the ice.

Suddenly, the ground ice beneath them began to melt, forcing them all to move back and watch as the surface of the ice turned into water and then began to turn to vapor, left in its place, a small ship covered in dents and scrapes.

“Is this for real?” Matt asked, starting to get a little freaked out.

Shiro decided to take the initiative, sliding down into the newly formed crater, he approached the ship and wiped off the fog that obscured vision of the pilot.

Shocked, Shiro found a human inside.

His skin was tanned and his hair was pure white, at first making him think they might have been an old man, but upon further looking, he appeared to be around the same age as Matt if not younger.

“What is it?” Samuel asked from the top of the crater.

“It looks like a human” Shiro informed.

“It’s moving!” Matt yelled as he moved to go over to the ship too.

Sure enough, the person inside the ship had woken up, but they weren’t the least bit concerned with Shiro or the other two, instead, he was looking at something above them in absolute terror.

Looking back to Samuel, Shiro felt his whole body freeze as a large ship could be seen approaching them.

“What is that?” Samuel asked, his tone a mix of intrigue and fear.

“Run!” Shiro yelled.

Nobody moved.

“Come on run” he said as he ran past the trapped boy in the ship.

A large beam shot from the ship and sucked up the three humans, as well as the small ship.


Shiro awoke to horror at the sound of strange speak.

"Εμπερορ Ζαρκον, ωε ωερε σκουτινγ συστεμ Ξ9Υ ας ορδερεδ ω-εν ωε φουνδ θεσε πριμιτιυε σκιεντιστς, Ι δον'τ θινκ θευ κνοω ανυθινγ υσεφυλ" a humanoid creature spoke to what Shiro could assume was their boss.
(Emperor Zarkon, we were scouting system X9Y as ordered when we found these primitive scientists, I don’t think they know anything useful)

“Τακε θεμ βακκ το θε μαιν φλεετ φορ ιντερρογατιον, θε δρυιδς ωιλλ φινδ ουτ ω-ατ θευ κνοω” the leader responded.
(Take them back to the main fleet for interrogation, the druids will find out what they know)

Shiro was confused, he couldn’t understand a word they were saying, but he knew he had to attempt communication for their own safety.

“Please, we come from a peaceful planet, we mean you no harm, we’re unarmed” he tried but they just ignored him.

“Υου ωιλλ βε -αππυ το κνοω θατ θευ αλσο -αδ σομεονε ραθερ ιντερεστινγ ωιθ θεμ” the solder spoke.
(You will be happy to know that they also had someone rather interesting with them)

“Ω-ο;” the leader questioned.

Suddenly the boy Shiro had seen from the ship was shoved to the ground, covered in recent bruises.

“Ατ φιρστ ωε θουγ-τ -ε ωας ηυστ α ρεγυλαρ Αλτεαν, βυτ θις ις ακτυαλλυ-” he began, but was cut off.
(At first we thought he was just a regular Altean, but this is actually-)

“Πρινκε Λανκε… ιντερεστινγ… σενδ -ιμ ωιθ θε οθερ θρεε, ιφ -ε -ας ανυθινγ υσεφυλ υου ωουλδ δο ωελλ το σενδ -ιμ διρεκτλυ το με” the leader said.
(Prince Lance… interesting… send him with the other three, if he has anything useful you would do well to send him directly to me)

“Υες μυ λορδ, υρεπιτ σα” the solder said before the screen turned black.
(Yes my lord, vrepit sa)

The soldier turned to the group holding Shiro and the others down.

“Υου -εαρδ Ζαρκον'ς ορδερς, τακε θεμ αωαυ” he commanded.
(You heard Zarkon’s orders, take them away)

“Λετ γο οφ με υου ηερκς!” the boy yelled as he was violently grabbed by his hair.
(Let go of me you jerks!)

Reacting instinctually, Shiro attempted to get up and attempt to help the poor boy, but was immediately hit over the head, falling to the floor.

What followed were moments of drifting in and out of consciousness, voices and growls of unrecognisable speech coming from all directions as he was dragged across the ground.

Then came the site that chilled him to the bone.

Dozens upon dozens of cells, all filled with creatures he could have never even dreamt of.

-{One year later}-

“Galaxy Garrison flight log 5-11-14, begin decent to Kerberos for rescue mission” a lazy and bored sounding voice announced before making the ship dip significantly.

“Hmm-blgh, Keith, can you not do that?” a large boy behind him requested.

“Oh relax, it’s not like I did a nosedive” Keith mumbled, clearly not entirely invested in his current task.

“Ah yes, because you wouldn’t EVER do that now would you?” a small boy said, his voice dripping in sarcasm.

Keith turned to the small one with an unamused look.

“Will you just keep an eye out for any unusual activity Pidge?” he suggested more than asked.

Silence fell over the three of them briefly before a small beep caught their attention.

“We’ve picked up a distress beacon” Pidge informed.

Flicking a few switches above his head Keith took in a breath.

“Alright, Pidge, track the coordinates” he ordered, his whole attitude turning serious.

“Copy” Pidge said before getting to work.

The whole ship began to shake.

“Keith, knock it off” Hunk complained.

“This time it’s on you, one of our hydraulic stabilisers are out” Keith informed.

Hunk looked at his screen and made a face before his stomache made a weird sound “Oh no” he mumbled.

“No, fix it, then puke” Keith scolded.

“I lost contact, the shaking is interfering with our sensors” Pidge informed.

“Hunk!” Keith yelled.

“It’s not responding” Hunk said as he got up from his chair.

A small bing sounded from Keith’s section and the location of the distress signal could be seen.

“There it is, prepare to approach” Keith said as he got ready to descend.

“I don’t think that’s advisable with our mechanical and…” Pidge said before glancing to the motion sick Hunk “Gastrointestinal issues” he mumbled.

“Agreed” Hunk said after swallowing back.

“Stop worrying, the site is in visual range, we can make it” Keith said calmly, “Pidge hail down on them and let them know their ride is here” he added.

Pidge realised their arms lacked the ability to reach the radio, so without thinking, he undid his seatbelt and stop on his chair.

He barely got a few words in begore the turbulence caused by the shaking flung Pidge to the side.

“What are you doing? Get back in your seat! And Hunk! Will you hurry it up?” Keith yelled, starting to get frustrated.

“I’m tra-ha-iy-hoo” Hunk started before ending with a puke.

Ignoring the gross scene next to him, Pidge picked up the radio.

“Attention lunar vessel, this is Galaxy Garrison rescue craft 1-Victor-6-3-Tango, coming in for landing and extraction” he said before glaring at Keith “Against crew recommendations” he spat.

“Not the time Pidge! We’re going in” Keith said, clearly not having any of what was happening.

“Look out for that overhang!” Pidge warned.

“Relax” Keith grumbled as he sped up.

Pidge and Hunk nervously held onto their seats as the narrow space approached.

And they cleared it… only to then scrape along the ground, coming to a crash landing and the whole ship going dark.

Silence fell over the three of them as they all groaned in annoyance.

“Simulation Failed” a computerized voice said as the lights came back on.

“Yea… I’m relaxed” Pidge spat, getting an annoyed grumble in response.

The back door opened to reveal their superior officer.

“Roll out donkeys” he ordered.

The three walked out of the simulator and lined up in front of the class.

“Well lets see if we cant use this complete failure as a lesson for the rest of you students, can anyone point out the mistakes three so called cadets made in the simulator?” he asked the class.

“The engineer puked in the main gear box” someone in the back said with a raised hand.

“Yes, as everyone knows vomit is NOT an approved lubricant for engine systems” he scolded Hunk for before turning back to the class “What else?” he asked.

“The com-spec removed his safety harness” one woman commented before another quickly followed.

“The pilot crashed!” the girl said quickly.

“Correct, and worst of all, the whole time they’re arguing with each other” he scolded directly at the three of them “Hell, if you’re gonna be this back individually, you gotta at least be able to work as a team!” he yelled before sighing “Galaxy Garrison exists to turn young cadets like you into the next generation of elite astro-explorers, but these kinds of mental mistakes are exactly what caused the lives of the men on the Kerberos mission” he finished.

“That’s not true sir” Pidge quickly said.

“What did you say?!” he yelled back.

“Sorry sir, I think he’s disoriented from the fall he had, he’ll be sure to be quiet now” Keith said, coming to Pidge’s rescue but also scolding him.

“I hope I don’t need to remind you that the only reason you haven’t been kicked out yet is the respect I had for Shiro, but that will only last so far, don’t let me catch you interrupting me again, do I make myself clear?” the officer scolded as he got up in Keith’s face.

Keith glared at him with daggers, every fibre of his being resisting the urge to punch this guy, or even a headbutt.

“I said, do I make myself clear!” he yelled.

“Crystal” Keith spoke through gritted teeth.

“Good, NEXT!” he yelled.