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Tiny Ponchos

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"Shit, shit, shit! Where's Castiel!?" Claire yelled out as she rummaged through the cardboards and under the small spaces, where a child as small as the now-fledgling, could fit in. She felt someone tug at the back of her shirt and whipped around instinctively. She saw Meg, holding Castiel... Claire let out a sigh of relief.

"So, where was the little rascal?"

"Clinging from the back of your shirt."

"I didn't feel him hanging from the back of my shirt."

"Angel fledglings are small, thus, having lighter bones for their wings. Fragile bones, I might add."

Claire gulped a bit, then glanced up. The ceiling fan wooshed and sliced at the air as it turned, a ceiling fan could shatter the bones. "F-fragile? Oh God... we gotta shut off the ceiling fans." Claire said in a shaky voice as she warily eyes the ceiling fan.

"Or, I could just use my demon powers to keep him from flying that high, and keep him from getting hurt again." Meg spoke, elongating the 'or'.

Claire let out a small sigh of relief, "Really?"

"Yeah, infact I've already set it."

"Thanks Meg, we don't want Castiel to get hurt. What about the others?"

"Sam and Dean? They keep running off, and Nick keeps on repeating the words Lucifer's saying."

"Like what?"

"One time, he told Nick, to tell me, that I was being a bitch. For trying to baby proof everything."

Claire let it a small hiss as if it hurt, "Damn, I guess Lucifer got hit by the spell too?"



Meg held Castiel in he arms, he raised his arms up as if he was signaling something. Meg sighed and let her horns 'grow' into existence. Twisted horns turned as they grew out from her head. One stopped.

They are already in her true-form, but, if going to be shown into the mortal plane. It looks like they are growing.

Castiel's eyes lit up. He smiled as he placed his hands on Meg's horn. Then frowned when he saw that her right horn was broken. "Hurt?" he asked sadly.

Meg's smile faded away, she had forgotten about that. "No, not anymore."

"Story." he said.

"Story?" she repeated his word, but, turned it into a questioned.

"Story." he repeated with a sad look, pointing at Meg's broken horn. She let out a small 'oh' then went to sit on a couch with the mag-pie winged fledgling on her lap.

"Long ago, there was a demon. She was always the one to start fights, a lot... one time, there was a war. This wasn't like the ones she had in Hell, where... it was just play fighting." she gulped, then looked up, as if to stare at the sky. "This was real... an angel had brought his sword down onto her horn. Shattering it."

She sighed, "The other demons mocked her after the war, for a demon with a broken horn. Was proven weak. Unlike the ones with battle scars."

"But... broken horn is battle scar." Castiel spoke softly, carefully resting his hand on the horn stump.

Meg chuckled, "Indeed they are.."