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The Banjo Wolf

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Hello! The author here. I would just like to quickly say a few things:

1. This is from an anime/manga from 2003 called Wolf's Rain, a fandom that's fallen into obscurity as of lately. This fanfiction might be confusing to those who haven't seen anything Wolf's Rain. If you think you'd like to get a better understanding of the universe, I recommend you check out the manga (it's probably somewhere online) or the anime (you could probably find it online as well if you try hard enough. Though if you'd like a physical copy you can get Blu-Ray discs of the Funimation dub! I guarantee this is one of the better English dubs out there). Be warned, though, it can be absolutely HEART-WRENCHING sometimes ;w;

2. To Wolf's Rain fans: so sorry if this has any misinformation about the world of Wolf's Rain! I've only watched the anime once a few months ago, so I might remember certain aspects incorrectly. Please don't be afraid to tell me if I get something wrong!

3. If you disapprove of oc/canon fanfics, I recommend you leave.

Hope you enjoy! Meet Haystring.

More chapters coming soon.