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Writing practice

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Jeremy suddenly looks up at Michael with a surprised look on his face, as if he had discovered the meaning of life.

"Hey, Micha." Michael looks away from the tv screen in front of him and back at Jeremy.

"Yeah?" He pauses what was playing and turns to where he's facing his boyf the best he could.

"Waffles...are- they're just pancakes with abs, " Jeremy says softly, still looking at his riend with wide eyes.

"Dude-" Michael grabs Jeremy's face and pulls their faces closer together. "You're totally right."

Jeremy just stats giggling and Michael joins in not long after.

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"How is the cutest person in the world doing today?" Christine is looking at him with one of the prettiest smiles he's ever seen. Jeremy's face feels hot as he responds.

"I don't know, how are-" He gets interrupted when Christine's eyes focus on something, or someone, behind him. Her eyes are lit up and she turns back to him and frowns as if she had forgotten was there.

"Sorry Jeremy, I was talking to Jake." She goes back to staring at the thing or person behind him. He can feel his shoulders drop as the unintended insult hits him.


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"You are a fucking tragedy, Evan Hansen. You literally couldn't be a bigger mess." Jared lifts his head up from where he was laying on his best friend's couch.

Evan looks over at his boyfriend with a raised eyebrow. "And you like that?"

Jared grabs Evan's face and leans in, resting his forehead on Evan's. "I love it."

"Why?" Evan asks, genuinely confused. Wouldn't that be worrying? Being a huge mess?

"Because we match, " Jared whispers, collapsing against Evan and crying. He definitely needed more sleep. Not doing that for a few days made him act like he was drunk.


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Jared numbly looks up at the ceiling, clearly upset. "Did Evan just tell me he loved me for the first time?"

"Yeah." Connor glances at Jared over the top of his book with a raised eyebrow.

"And did I do finger guns back?"Jared asks miserably, a blush painted almost permanently across his face.

"Yeah, you did." Connor doesn't look up this time, and Jared just groans.

"Fuck me, " Jared says, letting his head fall onto the table.

"That's clearly Evan's job, " Connor says, clearly with an intent to insult. Jared groans again, not even dignifying him with a response.

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So I'm doing one shot requests now...

I'm not going to be doing too many at the moment (keep an eye on the end notes of this), but if you do request, I'm using these fandoms:

-be more chill

-dear Evan Hansen

-Percy Jackson

-divergent ( mostly au's)

-the missing (only au's)

-supernatural (only au's)

A few more rules:

-no abusive/pedophilic/incest ships! (I refuse to write anything x squip)

-no smut!

-i might also reject au's that I don't know that much about.

Please comment to request. (If you want you can also go through Tumblr. My user is i-write-or-something)

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After that, Damien heads up the winding staircase and into his room, kicking his shoes off by the doorway. He grabs a book from the fourth shelf on his bookcase and opens it, flipping pages until he finds his place. It was a copy of  To Kill a Mockingbird  by Harper Lee, which was one of his favorites besides  Cryptonomicon  by Neal Stephenson,  The Young Man  by Botho Strauß,  War and Peace  by Leo Tolstoy, and  The Scarlet Ibis  by James Hurst, all of which, were also on the bookcase. This would be his twenty-sixth read through if he finished it.

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"Love?" A soft, tired voice cuts through the cacophony of screams in their head as they bring the heels of their hands to their eyes to get rid of the tears of a day-long gone. An arm is suddenly draping over their side, wrapping around them, silencing all the voices, if just for a moment so his partner could breathe.


And they do. Brief, heaving breaths slowly turn to long, deep ones the longer their boyfriend's voice is in their ear, telling them that it was alright, the longer his arms are wrapped around their waist protectively.


They were safe.