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Shadows of the Night

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The light from the half moon filtered down to barely illuminate the nature park; the lights from the street lamps along the main path did little to help the visibility, only adding to the darkness that stretched along the pathways. It was perfect for the stalkers of the night to dart across without being spotted easily. Two shadows slowly and quietly wove amongst the trees, scanning their surroundings before continuing forward.

The two met up in a patch of moonlight, stopping to look around. What little light there was given off by the moon shone down on their forms. It was a pair of young men, the taller of which had short-ish, messy black hair, and a pair of blue eyes framed by black, rectangular glasses. He was wearing a partially zipped up black jacket with a fur-trimmed hood over a white, low cut v-neck T-shirt. To complete the outfit, he had on a pair of black pants, black and white tennis shoes, and a black beaded necklace that almost looked like the collar of his shirt.

The other male had layered, moonlit, silvery hair with a slight purplish tint, that reached the nape of his neck, and a pair of teal eyes. He had on a short-sleeved, black jacket with a light grey inner lining, that had a checkered pattern on the bottom. Underneath, he had on a simple white v-neck t-shirt with a pair of dark blue, long jean shorts that also had the checkered pattern at the end, as well as black combat style boots.

The younger looking, silver-haired one let out a sigh. “I still don’t get it, why doesn’t Zexion join us much anymore?”

With a click of his tongue, the taller one responded. “Probably because he thinks we’ll just slow him down.”

“But we’ve never done anything like that before, why would he just start thinking something like that?”

“I don’t know Riku, maybe there could be some other reason then.”

“Like what though Saru? I’m just trying to figure it out,” Riku replied.

“How the hell should I know? Maybe he has a secret lover and would rather spend time with them,” Saru replied as he rolled his eyes.

Riku’s eyes widened slightly. “Seriously? You think that could be a possibility?”

“I wouldn’t hold it past the bookworm to be keeping secrets. You know how quiet he is about a lot of things.”

“Yeah…” Riku murmured as he then noticed something in the distance. A figure of a person was coming in their direction. “Back up, someone’s coming.”

The two of them snuck back farther into the shadows, now hiding behind a few bushes and trees, watching carefully as one lone person came into view. Even though there wasn’t much lighting they could see it was a young adult man with dirty blond hair.

“It just has to be super quiet and peaceful tonight doesn’t it,” Riku commented while still having a hushed voice.

“And you just have to be a whiny little brat, don’t you?”

Riku grit his teeth slightly. “Well sorry Saruhiko if I am rather thirsty and this is the first guy we have come across tonight.”

“Not my fault you didn’t get off your pale arse and go hunting sooner. Family hunting night stopped ages ago.” Saru barely muttered that last line.

“You didn’t really get moving either at first,” Riku huffed before letting out a sigh. “And... just cause they stopped… doesn’t mean I don’t miss them.”

“It seems that you keep forgetting that I don’t need to feed as often, and that if you could just convince our eldest brother to call for a family hunt, it will happen.”

Riku let out another long sigh. “I know…” His attention was then drawn back to the man who was now in a closer proximity to them. “Let’s just get this over with. I guess we'll just have to share for tonight, unless you want to spend another hour looking.”

“Tsk. He’ll suffice for tonight.”

“Fine, let’s give it a shot then,” Riku said as he stepped forward, out from their hiding spot.

He took in a deep breath before pretending like had already been walking for a while. Saru stuck to the shadows, waiting for Riku to engage the stranger. Riku cleared his throat as he walked a bit closer.

“Hey! I didn’t think to see anyone else out at this hour,” he said, sounding as friendly as he could.

The man turned towards him and smile. “Oh me neither. I just felt like taking a walk tonight. Night cool summer nights like these are the best kind, you know what I mean?”

Riku nodded. “Yeah, and it’s pretty peaceful, away from the sounds and lights of the city.”

“I totally agree. When I just want to enjoy the beauty of nature, this is the best spot to come. Sometimes I even like to bring out my old camcorder and film things I see around here. Oh, my name is Tatara by the way.”

While Riku was conversing with Tatara, Saru slunk around, and was now in the shadows, behind Tatara. With a quick pounce, Saruhiko used one hand to cover Tatara’s mouth while pinning his arms down. Tatara’s eyes widened as he tried to move, but Saru’s grip was far too strong. He glanced at Riku, giving a muffled cry for help, but Riku only just stood there for a moment looking around.

In the next few seconds he spoke in a low whisper. “All right, let’s get him off the path, just in case anyone else comes around. But first...” Riku then pulled something out from his pocket.

From what Tatara could see, it looked like a small roll of something. As Riku approached closer he pulled off a piece of the roll, and immediately Tatara recognized the sound. It was duct tape. He tried to let out another scream, but it again only came out muffled.

Riku held out a piece just a few inches over Tatara’s mouth. He gave one glance towards Saru and he removed his had quickly from over the mouth. Tatara wasn’t even given a chance to scream before the sticky tape was pressed against his mouth.

“Sorry,” Riku muttered quiet. “We can’t have you screaming and drawing attention.”

“What is with you and playing with your food. We should hurry up and get this over with.” Saru then maneuvered himself so that he was now pinning Tatara’s wrists behind the poor guy’s back. “Now are you just gonna stand there and sparkle or actually help me tie him up.”

Riku rolled his eyes and let out a sharp breath. “I’m just trying to be a little nice at least.” He then pulled out a long piece of rope from his other pocket. He moved over next to Saru and tired the rope tightly around the wrists. Once he was secure, Saru let go and shoved Tatara into Riku.

“If you want to be nice, then you can carry him.” He then started walking towards the shadows that he and Riku were originally waiting in.

Riku held onto Tatara as he glared at Saru walking away. He then looked at Tatara, who’s eyes were still wide with fear. He sighed again as he started to carry Tatara over towards where Saru was.

“Hmmm mhmmmm,” Tatara tried to say something through the duct tape, but if course it only came out as muffled sounds.

“Sorry again. This is just one of the ways how we were taught to do things. It’s just that we don’t always do it this way, but we don’t want to take any chances tonight. We’re just use to it though.”

Riku brought him closer to where Saru was, who was now holding longer piece of rope. Riku kneeled down and set Tatara against a tree and then slowly backed up, only to have Tatara quickly move one of his feet and kick Riku in the abdomen.

Riku fell back and groaned, letting a few choice words fall out from his mouth. Saru quickly moved and pinned Tatara’s legs down, beginning to tie the rope around his ankles. Once he was sure that the binding was secure, he looked over at Riku and chuckled in amusement.

Tatara squirmed more though with the ropes tightly around his arms and legs, it was much harder to try and move. “Hmmh mmmh hmmmmh.”

“Do you want first bite, or should I just take my fill now?” Saru finally asked Riku.

“You go first, knowing you if you went second you wouldn’t spare him,” Riku replied as he sat up, groaning slightly from pain from the kick.

“Hmm! Mhhmmmph!” Tatara tried to shout something, probably in response to what Riku had just said.

“And with how long ago your last meal was, I highly doubt you’d have the restraint to not finish him, but suit yourself.” Saru’s eyes flashed red as he lifted Tatara to his feet and then sunk a pair of fangs into his neck. Tatara let out a quick muffled shout of pain, as he once again tried to move, but it felt like his entire body just froze up.

After a few moments, Saru had his fill and pulled away, leaving a pair of puncture marks that slowly leaked blood. He flashed Riku a smirk before slowly licking the blood off of Tatara and stepping back, Saru’s eyes now fading back to their original blue.

Riku shook his head at his brothers unnecessary, overly dramatic display. He stood up and grabbed hold of Tatara. His eyes changed to red as he revealed his fangs. He then bit into Tatara’s neck, while keeping one hand on the other side of his neck, his fingers pressed against the side. As he drank the blood the tried to also focus on the pulse from the poor man that was slowly growing fainter.

“Just need a bit more,” Riku thought to himself as he continued to drink the blood.

Soon enough he knew he had what he needed, and thankfully he could still feel the faintest pulse coming from Tatara. Riku pulled back and wiped the blood from his mouth. Tarata on the other hand crumbled down to his knees and then to the ground as his eyes closed part way.

Saru quickly moved to untie the ropes that bound Tatara’s limbs. As he did that Riku pulled off the duct tape from Tatara’s mouth. “He still as a pulse. It’s faint now, but he’ll be able to hold on long enough for me to drop him off at the hospital.”

“Go right on ahead. I won’t be coming with you though. So expect to be interrogated when you get back.”

“It won’t take long. You can wait for me. Otherwise you’ll probably get interrogated for returning home without me… again,” Riku replied bluntly as he picked up Tatara limp body and started walking.

“Fine then. I’ll wait. Doesn’t mean I’m going with you though” Saru huffed in annoyance as he followed behind Riku. “Although I still can’t fathom why you out of all of us cares so much about humans.”

Riku glanced down at Tatara, and then over at Saru. “We don’t have to kill almost everytime we go for a drink. It’s not the dark ages, we shouldn’t have to be barbaric like that.”

“You shouldn’t be sticking your neck out to save someone who could very well get us killed. It’s not like they don’t go off and kill other creatures in order to survive. Even then, we only take what we need, unlike the human's who feast on more than what is necessary for survival. You barely drank enough to sustain yourself tonight when odds are he’d be lucky to live even after he gets help.”

“No. I just…” Riku turned his head to the side as he tried to collect his thoughts. “It just feels like the right thing to do. You don’t really know how I feel about taking someone’s life away. It isn’t fair sometimes…”

Saru clicked his tongue before responding. “You had the option to take your fill first and leave me with the deed. Life is life and our aim is to survive, not pity those dealt a bad hand.”

“You really wouldn’t understand…” Riku muttered quietly under his breath as they pressed on.

They soon arrived at the hospital and stood at the edge of the premise. Riku set Tatara down briefly as he pulled the hood of his jacket over his head. He then picked up Tatara again and headed towards the Emergency Center while Saru stayed behind and waited.

He got up to the doors and placed Tatara down next to the doors. He glanced down at Tatara, his breathing still barely noticeable, but it was still there. He gave a quick and repetitive knock before bolting at a fast speed back towards Saru. As soon as he made it to him, both of them took off running into the night.