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“Hey, Fitz, can I ask you a question?”

Fitz looked over suspiciously at Skye as they walked out of the theatre and into the chilly air. This had been the first time that he and Skye had done anything without Jemma also being there and Fitz didn’t totally believe that Skye was as excited about the history of engineering as she let on so he was kind of expecting a catch in this evening. They stopped just outside the theatre wall and put their hands in their pockets almost immediately.

“Yeah, what is it?”

Skye looked down and anywhere but Fitz’s face, she kicked her heels slightly and took a deep breathe.

“Well, go on, what is it you need to ask me? I knew you weren’t here for the movie.”

Skye looked up suddenly feigning being offended.

“Hey! This wasn’t an empty offer, I thought that the movie would be pretty interesting, I’m cultured like that.”

He stared at her skeptically with a raised eyebrow and she gave in shrugging and mentioning over her shoulder in a defeated voice,

“But it was pretty boring…”

Fitz rolled his eyes with a smirk,


“Yes! Anyway! I have to ask you a very important question..”

She took a deep breath again and Fitz crossed his arms looking way to cocky, Skye looked directly at the engineer in a moment of bravery, her shoulders back and her hands tightly at her sides.

“I want to ask Jemma to marry me.”

She stated boldly, Fitz’s arms fell and his mouth opened slightly as she held out a diamond ring.


“Yes. And I—Well, I wanted to ask for your blessing”

Fitz took a small step back as he thought about with eyes wide,

“I thought you were supposed to ask her father for things like that?”

“Yeah, I know. But, Fitz, you’re the most important person in Jemma’s life. She adores you and I wouldn’t do anything like this without your approval because I am in love with Jemma and I want to spend the rest of my life with her but you know her better than anyone. If you didn’t like me, she probably wouldn’t be dating me, your opinion is so important to her--- And to me.”

Skye stood up straight and proud as she spoke and the engineer listened intently, never looking away, after she was finished speaking, he cleared his throat.

“I appreciate that, Skye… I really do..”

He went silent, gazing absently at the ground as Skye watched him expectantly, worry showing more and more on her face as the seconds ticked by.”

“So… What do you think?”

Fitz clicked his heels and looked back to the woman, with a ‘Duh!’ expression on his face,

“Well, of course you have my blessing, Skye! I mean, Jemma loves you and I know that you’ve thought about this a lot. I will Always support Jemma, no matter what she wants to do and I know that you make her happier than she’s ever been, I want what makes Jemma happy.”

Skye laughed in relief, nearly falling forward into the engineer and grabbing onto his arm to support herself, he laughed with her but then his smile got tense and he looked at her gravely.

“But you better not hurt her, break her heart or anything, she’s a strong person but she’s also too kind and loving for her own good and she’ll give you her heart forever. You hurt her and I’ll make sure that you regret it. I’m an engineer, I have creative ways of getting rid of people.”

Skye looked up solemnly and nodded tensely, she had never heard the scientist speak so seriously about anything before and she believed him, every word.

“I promise.”

And just like that he was back to his normal self and he hopped up slightly, looking towards the road as if they didn’t just have a slightly terrifying conversation.

“Right then, let’s get a Taxi, it’s freezing out here.”

Fitz and Skye made it back to Jemma’s apartment building and made their way back to the apartment, chatting idly about nothing. Fitz followed Skye to the door as she pulled out a key and opened it, he was about to enter with her when a quick movement down the hall caught his eye and he looked over. Jemma was practically falling out of closet, waving her hands at him and telling him to be quiet and to join her. Skye looked at him confused and he excused himself, saying that he had a call and went down the hall just as Skye closed the door behind her. When he arrived where she was standing just inside a closet jumping up and down, he could honestly say that he had never seen her so excited.

“Jemma, what in the world?”

She started explaining immediately,

“I’m sorry, Fitz, I just couldn’t wait until work to tell you!”

“Okay… Are you hiding from Skye?”

“Yes! Well, I mean--- Here just look.”

She pulled out a box from her pocket and then held it out and open for him to see, he laughed much to her confusion when he saw the equally beautiful ring sitting in the little red box.


“You’re going to ask her to marry you?”

The scientist was practically vibrating she was so excited and he was holding back his laughter,

“Yes! I’m going to do it, Fitz. I’m going to ask her once and for all!”

He nodded and examined the ring, handing it back to his giddy best friend who was practically cradling it.

“That is great, Jem.”


She flew forward and hugged him tightly, moving side to side quickly,

“Yeah, and I’m sure that she is going to be so surprised.”


“Yeah! I don’t think that she’ll be expecting this at all.”

“Yes, well, we haven’t really talked about it but I just feel like it’s the right time.”

She was pacing back and forth in the small space and wringing her hands as she spoke and Fitz watched with a private smirk.

“I’m very happy for you, Jem. Skye is a great girl who doesn’t seem like the type to propose at all, you know, first.”

Jemma looked at him oddly for a moment but then went quickly back to being uncontrollably excited.

“Aww, Thank you, Fitz!”

She hugged him again and then held him at arm’s length with a serious face,

“You won’t say anything, will you? I want this to be a surprise for our anniversary.”

He made a zipping motion across his lips and she seemed satisfied with that, they parted ways in the hallway just outside the door and Fitz shook his head, smiling as he walked away hearing Skye greeting Jemma in the back ground.

Yup, this was going to be interesting.