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Something broken about this

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He hadn't meant to do it. It wasn't his fault that Abdi gave him the weed to hold on to and it certainly wasn't his fault for shoving it in an empty vase when the cops busted up Kiki's party. It definitely wasn't his fault that Amira saw him shoving said bag of weed into said vase.


But somehow that's what landed him outside the auditorium next to Amira who is glaring holes into the side of his head. She sighs loudly and taps her foot impatiently on the ground. The sound of voices floats in and out from inside the auditorium.


"Why do I have to do this? Why couldn't I just do your homework or something?" he asks pleadingly. Amira smiles at him sarcastically.


"Because," she starts, "you're a dumbass and you're the reason Kiki almost got busted by the cops if I hadn't grabbed the bag they would have found it," she says as if it's common knowledge.


"Keyword in that sentence is almost," he mumbles. Amira rolls her eyes and sighs again.


"Matteo I swear, if you don't get inside there right now I'll tell Kiki you stashed weed at her place and I'll tell Abdi you lost his weed," she says, something crashes inside and the sound of microphone feedback makes him cringe. He takes a deep breath and pushes the door open, Amira following behind him.


He stops at the base of the steps to the stage where all the other people who are auditioning are lined by flipping through their script. A thick booklet hits his chest and his hands fly up to the grab it before it falls.


"Which role are you gonna audition for?" Amira asks. Matteo smirks at her and holds back a chuckle.


"Well, I thought I'd go for a lead role, the real beauty Juliet," he says with a small laugh. Amira rolls her eyes.


"You're gonna regret that, all the girls in here will chop your dick off to get that role," she laughs.


"Pick a scene to audition with," she smirks when Matteo stares at her like a deer caught in headlights. He sits down on the steps and flips through the script.


He mouths along to some of the lines before he gets the intrusive feeling that he's being watched, he looks up from the script and whips his head around, his eyes meet deep brown eyes. The boy smiles kindly at him and tilts his head a little bit, Matteo feels a blush creep up his neck and take up permanent residency on his cheeks.


Amira kicks his shoe and clears her throat, his eyes snap back to her.


"Have you picked a scene?" she asks. Matteo hums, weighing the two scenes he liked in his head.


"Uh yeah act two scene five,” he says with a sigh. Amira nods approving, she turns on her heel and bounds up the steps beside Matteo and makes her way to the centre of the stage, she hugs one of the girls and moves to the edge of the stage to duck behind the big red curtains that line it.

“Will all the people auditing please take a seat in the front row and wait for your name to be called,” a soft voice says over the PA system. Matteo moves quickly from the stairs as everyone rushes to grab a seat.


The animosity and tension in the room are almost palpable, everyone glares at each other and try to take down anyone who they consider the competition, maybe Amira was right. Matteo side eyes everyone as he walks along the row and takes a seat at the end of the row.


He pulls out his phone and scrolls through Instagram for a few minutes before the PA system crackles to life again.


“Mia Amalie Winter auditioning for Juliet, scene one act three please come behind the stage and get ready for your audition,” a voice calls over the PA. The girl stands, takes a moment and starts walking up the stage steps and behind the curtains.


Someone sits down next to Matteo and makes his seat shake. He turns around ready to glare at the people who felt the need to sit next to him despite the fact there are plenty of seats left in the row but the glare dies before it’s even formed when his eye’s met the same one from before.


“Is it cool if I sit here?” the other boy asks, Matteo nods his head not trusting himself to talk. The boy's knee is pressed against Matteo’s own and he feels like his whole body is on fire. He turns to look at the boy again, his long lashes sweep across his cheekbones when he blinks, his soft-looking brown hair makes Matteo want to run his hands through it and his mouth goes dry when he sees the little silver ring that sits against the other boy's septum.


“I’m David by the way,” he says without turning his head back but he probably knows Matteo was staring at his face for a solid minute. He turns his head back to watch Mia come out from behind a curtain and recite her first line.


“I’m Matteo,” he says quietly. He sees David turn to look at him and it takes everyone single ounce of willpower he has in him not to turn and met David’s eyes.


“Matteo,” David says slowly as if he’s trying to understand the name and Matteo feels like he could combust right then and there, his heart is racing too fast, his face feels too hot and voice of the girl on stage sounds too loud and too soft at the same time.

“Are you into theatre?” David asks him lowly as to not distract the people watching Mia’s performance. Matteo shakes his head slightly and keeps his eyes forward. David laughs a little bit


“Well if you aren’t into theatre then what are you doing auditioning for a play?” he asks turning his head back to look at the stage but tilting his head so he can hear Matteo.


“I guess you could say i’m helping out a friend of a friend,” Matteo says his fingers doing hidden air quotes against his leg.


“Right,” David draws out and Matteo smiles slightly before bitting it back. He can see David turn back to look at him out of the corner of his eye.

Matteo nods his head slowly and finally turns to look at the boy next to him. David smiles softly at him and Matteo prays to the god he doesn’t even really believe in that the low lighting of the auditorium is enough to hide the seriously red blush he has on his cheeks. But something tells him David knows. He doesn’t know why but he feels himself lean into David, the armrest digs into his side. David leans in too, their foreheads almost pressed together, Matteo tilts his head and pushes himself up a little.


The loud sound of people clapping makes his jump and push himself back against the seat, the lights brighten and Mia bows. Matteo turns to look at David who smiles at him with a little twinkle in his eyes.


The next name is called and then another name, the auditorium is nearly empty by the time Matteo’s name is called.


“Auditioning for…...Juliet,” the voice pauses for a moment. Matteo stands up, grabs his script, shakes out his legs and smiles at David who is in the same seat next to Matteo’s. He walks up the steps, his heart beating in his ears. He had planned on bombing his auditioning and getting back the weed but telling Amira he had tried his hardest but now with the deep brown eyes of a pretty boy watching he’s not so sure he can joke around.


He stands on the centre of the stage as the lights dim, takes a deep breath and recites his first line.