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YO SOY EL REY |yoonjin|

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"Another concert was well done by the great Kim Namjoon! Very unforgettable I think it's by far his best concert yet with his newly released song ‘te-"


"Turn it off!" Yoongi shouted from the other side of the cafeteria startling the other four men who he had befriended during the time range of seven years in jail. Although yoongi had explained why he held such a strong hatred towards Namjoon they all still seem to enjoy hearing his music. Namjoon did not deserve any bit of the fame he should be the one in jail, not Yoongi.


But as always Namjoon got his way by lying. Lying to yoongi, lying to his parents, lying to officers, lying to the whole world. But what could yoongi do? He's been locked up for 7 years, for 7 years he's had to live in misery, live with hatred, live with sorrow and with guilt. Seven years have passed since his world first fell apart and all because he trusted namjoon. Why had he trusted namjoon?


Ever Since he was thrown in jail he began to plan how he would get his revenge against Kim Namjoon and make him feel what he felt.


He will show him who the true king is


7 years before.



Yoongi was the son of Min-Sung Lee and Min Chaerin. A family with not so much money but enough to live a happy life. His parents owned a small restaurant that yoongi sometimes worked in when he was not studying, trying to write a new song or spending time with seokjin. Yoongi looked up to seokjin a lot he was his role model. The older man was tall with warm brown eyes that seemed to look at yoongi as if he was the most beautiful thing in the world. And for that Yoongi had decided to write him a song, a song to show his love for seokjin. Yoongi would go to his apartment's rooftop during evenings looking out at the stars wondering how one of those stars would fall to the earth and be so close to him. But he was grateful that it did.


Yoongi wanted the song to be perfect just for seokjin. Namjoon had offered to help him with the song ---since he had his own music studio---- and yoongi had accepted with a thankful smile.

That was his first mistake.

December 03



It was December third the day before seokjin's birthday the day before he was to ask jin to be his. Yoongi was walking through the mall looking for a present for the older male; although he was tired of walking around from store to store yet he wouldn't complain because he was doing it for seokjin. He smiled softly at the thought of Jin engulfing him in a tight hug as he presents his song to him.


‘Bzz bzz’


‘NAMJOON’ was the name displayed on his phone once he turned it on. ‘ ANSWER | DECLINE’ yoongi answered being greeted with the same voice he's been hearing for the past month and a week.

Another mistake… but would it really

Be a mistake if it was going to happen without him knowing?


“ Hey yoongi’

“Oh hey, Namjoon, what's up?”

“Not much just wondering if you'd like to come over

Later tonight? There is something I want to show you...." Namjoon said something off about his voice.his voice went deep and quiet.

'yeah, ill be there later.'


The phone call ended With Namjoon telling yoongi the time he was supposed to be there. Yoongi had found Namjoons sudden voice change a bit suspicious, but he was probably just hearing things and his voice had not really changed right? ' oh well ill see what happens later' he thought and continued his search for seokjin's present.  


About an hour later yoongi had left the mall and had gone back home expecting to find his parents but to his surprise, it was all quiet and dark. Something wasn't right and yoongi knew it. "Mom? Dad?" he called out getting nothing but silence as his response. He sighed thinking that they might have just gone out and forgot to leave a note, Yoongi walked up to the stairs to his room setting down the bag that held a limited edition super Mario plushie on his bed. He smiled at it thinking how happy seokjin was going to be tomorrow. Yoongi left the present there and headed back downstairs getting ready to leave. As he had left in a rush he had left the door unlocked not noticing the two silhouettes who were hiding behind the bush nor noticing that he had left it unlocked either.


Yoongi rode his bike to NamJoons house going through the familiar road he had passed over and over again to get to the youngers home. It was getting late and dark being dangerous for a 16-year-old to be riding his bike out alone. As he arrived he was surprised to find his parents' car parked in front of Namjooons house. "what could they be doing here?" he murmured walking up the porch to the front door knocking softly on Namjoons door. As he waited he kicked a leaf around with his foot. Something wasn't right and he could feel it. But like before he just shook it off saying it was nothing. The door opened revealing the tall blond male, he stood with a smile that looked somewhat forced. The feeling in yoongis stomach began to worsen as namjoon let him in