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Sudden Touch

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Deceit had been lounging in the light sides common room recently, and with that comes lots of physical contact. Not for him, no, none of them are comfortable with him enough for that. The physical contact is regularly something that either Patton or Roman bring to the others. Cuddles from the father figure figment and romantic dancing from the creative side.

Roman had been dancing and singing all day, not stopping for anything. He hadn’t had a dancing partner yet today though, which is unusual for him. He sees Deceit sitting on the couch in his Relax Time Clothes™, which is just a yellow long skirt, black sweater, and no gloves. It was strange at first, seeing his hands on display, especially since Roman had thought they would look more normal, but no, he has scales all over his hands along with dull claws.

Roman, in a burst of movement, grabs Deceit’s hand and pulls him off the couch. He is suprised when Deceit suddenly rips his hand out of Roman’s grasp, shaking.

He runs to his room, collapsing on his floor after he slams his door shut.