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fuck you, i'll go towards the light

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Gaster was pacing, back and forth as he tried to think, think of something to do. His thin eel tail waved and curled every which way as he paced faster than it could turn, almost getting himself tangled up, were he not old enough to know not to.


He’s thought he’s been through it all already, all the stages of grief one could go through, just from what his people had to suffer from. But Papyrus? Sweet, innocent Papyrus? He didn’t deserve this fate, didn’t deserve to suffer like this, not when all he ever wanted was to help, to make this kingdom, this ocean , a better place. It should’ve gotten him , not Papyrus. Not ever Papyrus.


And he was nowhere even near to finding something that could help his dear son. Not when everything he’s tried either backfired or had no effect at all.


Would Gaster have hair, he’d be pulling it right now, frustration gnawing at his bones in an unbearable way. He had to do something !

That was when a loud knocking could be heard from the door of Gaster’s office, banging on the door rather loudly and urgently. A voice traveled through from the other side of the door, loud, strong, and with purpose, but a tad bit of haste. “My king! Please, may I enter, I have news!”

Frustrated beyond belief, the noise almost sounded like nothing but more trouble to the king, and Gaster almost considered sending them away. But he knew that was not the way to handle things, and he straightened himself up instead, trying to look representable, his tail behind him in a perfect wave.


“You may enter.” The king announced, his own voice loud and even.

The guard opened the door and swam in, keeping a good distance between Gaster and himself, standing tall in front of his king. “We heard rumors, sir. Of a witch doctor, a real one! With glowy spells and magic potions, living close to the Abend trench! We heard great tales of their success, they might be the only hope we have.” The guard reported, his voice strong and firm.


Oh course, there was many things wrong with this report, like how the news was only based on rumors and what they got off other people’s experiences with the witch doctor. This witch doctor could be a fake after all for all they know, only good enough to trick others. And then there was another problem, if this person was a fake, they would waste two day in getting to them and two day to get back instead of using that time to find a cure, the Abend trench wasn’t exactly close. But they were desperate, and this was the only lead they have now...

Gaster was soaking in the words either way, every single one, weighing his options. But what options did he have to weigh this one with? Go to the Abend trench or pace around his castle for another four days?


The rumor might as well be a fake, the witch doctor might as well be a hoax, or not trustworthy, or simply unwilling to help. But what other choices did he have?


“Prepare the carriage,” the king told the guard finally. “We’re leaving this evening. I want five guards and the fastest seahorses.”

The guard nodded, before hurrying off, leaving Gaster alone in his office to pace once again.




It didn’t take too long to have everything ready, Gaster being notified that they are ready to leave.


Though before that, the king made his way to Papyrus’ room, the young ribbon eel blinking at him weakly once he entered. Sans was next to him, head in his hands tiredly, a white medical cover around his mouth.


“Hey Pappy,” the king said, his voice soft and gentle. He swam up to his son, taking his hand. Papyrus’ eyes held so much love and happiness to see him, even though they were so weak. “I found a doctor that might be able to help us.”

“They can cure the kingdom?” Papyrus asked, his voice weak and croaky.


“I hope so,” Gaster told him, soft smile on his face. “And then they can cure you. ” He turned to his older son, Sans’ eyes looking almost as tired as Papyrus’. “You should get some rest.”

“‘m good,” Sans told him, voice slightly muffled through the mask. Gaster knew he was lying.


“I’ll find that doctor,” Gaster promised him. “And it’ll get better soon.”

“heh. y’ better,” Sans huffed, but his tired eyes shone in a hint of hope. “come back soon, yea?”

“As soon as I can. I love you two.” Gaster bent down, giving Papyrus a small peck on the forehead, before giving Sans one as well. “Take care while I’m gone.”

And with that he left, dread sitting in his throat like a rock, making him feel sick and heavy. He had to find this witch doctor as soon as possible.




The trip was mostly silent, everyone here knowing the fate of their kingdom, their loved ones, their friends and everyone’s lives hanged over this very trip. No one spoke until they absolutely had to, in fear they would disrespect or offend the sick and even the people here.


Once they did make it to Abend trench two days later, they were now faced with a bigger problem. The trench was long, not big, but it was long and thin, a blue whale would probably squeeze in there. Which also means there is a lot of ground to cover, there were many caves or even hidden ones where the witch doctor everyone is talking about could be in. How do they even know when they found them too?


Everyone looked at Gaster, waiting for his next orders.

“We separate,” the king ordered, before telling each guard a direction to go, some farther away than others. “I will stay near the carriage, looking this area over. If you find anything - and I mean anything useful , even if it’s someone else that might be able to give us directions - come and find me. Understood?”

The guards nodded in understanding, before saluting and heading off to their mission. Gaster, meanwhile, went to search the caves nearby. Some were small and easy to dismiss, though he did check the walls for any secret entrances or tunnels.


The bigger caves was where it got difficult. Some branched off into a network of caves and tunnels, easy to get lost in. And Gaster had made it his mission to look through every single one of them, inspect absolutely every place he possibly could.

They covered a few miles, with tons of caves carved into the ground or walls until they finally came across a local. It was a swordfish, whom was led to where King Gaster was searching, calling out to the skeleton eel. “Sir, sir!! We found a local!!”

Gaster heard the voices echo through the cave he was in, quickly finding his way out again.


“I’m here,” he told them once he got out, swimming back to the carriage quickly. He nodded his head towards the swordfish respectfully. “Thank you for seeing me, sir. I’m here on a very important quest.”

“Wha’ is i’ dat ya need, skeleton king?” The swordfish asked, his accent light enough to be able to be understood with barely any trouble at all.

“We have… reasons to believe there is a witch doctor living in this trench,” the king reported to him. “You don’t happen to know anything about that?”

The mention of the witch doctor alone made the fish’s face turn into one of understanding. A lot of people wish to seek up someone that has unthinkable power, it was normal to see people ask around. “Yea, I know em, doesn’ take visitors very kindly d’ough. People bo’der em often fer his magic stuff, he also isn’ da kindest. But hey, he does help sometimes.” The sword fish swam a little bit, enough to point his sharp nose into a certain direction. “Dat way, wanna follow me?”

Gaster nodded. “If you don’t mind,” he told the swordfish, before following him, the guards spread to all his sides to shield him from any danger.

Together, they all swam to where the swordfish led them all, making it to a more tucked away cave that one would easily miss. Except, one wouldn’t help but notice it now, because someone was roaring at someone else to leave them alone. A puffer fish swam away, out of the cave fearing for it’s life. Before what seemed like and angler fish chasing after it.




Not really. It was a angler fish, but the bottom half way, while the top was skeletal, almost like a mermaid. The creature had feelers on his back, going straight down his spine, starting short, to long, then short as it reached the tail. It had weird fins on the tip of his tail, and a fin on outer thighs if he was two legged. The upper body was petite while his lower body curved to a round lower body, the tail thick and curvy, hand made things hanging off their body in the form of necklaces around their neck, waist and wrists. All looking like different things around the ocean, some even looking like a piece of an animal.


They growled at the retreating puffer fish, showing off his sharp, dangerous angler teeth, his glowing antenna bobbing in front of his face from the sudden stop. His face was dark, even when his bones was pearly white, he just sent out dangerous vibes after dangerous vibes. This is not a fish you want to anger.


The sword fish backed away, before swimming away entirely. “There he is, good luck, bye!!” He said hurriedly, wanting to get away from the scary looking creature.

The guards clearly seemed startled by the unfriendly looking fish, but Gaster didn’t let it affect him. No, his cause was too important to be scared off by outer appearances like this. He pushed past his guards, making sure he looked like the royalty he was when he approached the witch doctor.


“Greetings.” He said, dipping his head respectfully. “I hear you’re the witch doctor living in this area?”

Gaster barely had time to finish before the creature’s head snapped at him, almost biting off his hand in the process. “why can’ ya all jus’ leave me da fuck alone ?” The creature hissed, his claws twitching, ready to use.


That was when the guards grabbed Gaster and pulled him away, behind them. Pointing their sharp weapons at the angler fish, some even trying to stab him. “Halt, you shall not hurt the king, you little urchin!”

Gaster was startled almost more by his own guards than by the witch doctor, though the witch doctor certainly didn’t seem all too friendly either.


“Please,” Gaster said, trying to hold his guards back. “I’m here to ask for your help, the lives of thousands of people depend on it.” He was trying to push his way past the guards, eyes pleading. “We don’t want to cause you any harm or trouble. We’re just… in desperate need of help.”


And they were. Gaster was no longer afraid to admit it. He’d go to his knees to beg if he had to, anything if it meant Papyrus would be fine…

Now that caught the angler’s  attention. “d’ousands?” he asked, backing away a little to be farther away from the sharp staby staby weapons. “‘oo ‘re ya?” The creature’s gaze moving to the crown on Gaster’s head. Oof, a king coming to him, almost begging. Oh, this has got to be good.

“I’m king Gaster from the Core kingdom.” The king told him. “I’ve traveled here for two days… My kingdom has fallen victim to a horrid plague.” He could see the sick people in front of his eyes, coughing blood, bodies so thin you could see their bones, any light of life fading from their eyes.  


“My youngest… has fallen victim to it. I have tried many remedies, called so many doctors, but nothing could help us. Please, witch doctor, I can repay you any way you want, any riches you could imagine. I can… provide you protection, food, a comfortable, suitable home in the castle... just… help us. Please.

The witch doctor hummed amused of the situation, thinking over his options, but… something did stick out in Gaster’s words. “a ‘ome? i ‘ave a ‘ome, ‘ow ‘s yer castle be’der dan my cave?” The creature gesture from Gaster to his cave, before putting both his hands on his hips, hints of sass peeking through.

Gaster thought over his words for a bit, remembering the anger in the witch doctor’s voice when he chased away the puffer fish, remembering the swordfish’s words about the witch doctor disliking visitors…


“The castle is more secured,” the king told the angler fish. “I can offer you solitude. Can offer you control over who gets to see you and who doesn’t. I can station guards at your room to keep unwanted visitors out.”

The witch doctor straighten, his attention now completely on Gaster, inching a little towards him, any aggression gone. “i can keep anyone ‘way?” He asked, getting a nod from the king.


With that simple nod, the witch doctor was hooked. “i accep’, bu’ d’ere ‘re some rules. ya all listen ta me , if ya wanna save dem, ya gotta der wha i ask a ya.” Death said, his finger in the air, in front of him, like he was silently telling them to wait until he was finished.

“Of course,” Gaster said with a resigned nod. “I’ll do anything to help my people.” And his son. Oh, how badly he wanted his son to be alright…


He ordered his guards to help the doctor with the things they needed or wanted to take, all while leading the angler fish to the carriage they left a bit farther off, telling him about the signs and symptoms they’ve noted about their plague.


It wasn’t until a little bit that he asked, “Is… there something I may call you by?”

“death.” The witch doctor said, sitting down in the carriage made of giant sea shells. Watching the guards take his stuff from his cave, only to feel rather irritated at how carelessly they put stuff in containers, taking them with them with no care or knowledge how to properly care for them. “es’cuse me.” Death grumbled to Gaster, getting off and telling everyone to stop.

The king watched the witch doctor, or Death as he found out now, rather a little irritated that he just left him like that, though decided not to take offense by it. He may be a king, but in this situation he really didn’t have the upper hand.

Quickly, Death took charge, not letting any of the guards take anything unless Death himself placed it in their hands. Arranging it so the picky witch doctor can find it later once he unpacks. The ones that wouldn’t fit in the carriage anymore, the guards now hold for the rest of the trip, all until Death was fine with what he now has. The very little things he decided to leave didn’t hold anything close or of value to his creations.


Finally going back to the carriage, he sits down once again, but this time the angler fish is holding a few things, placing them next to him. Grabbing one of the bowls, he starts to smash some coral into the bowl with a thick but stick like rock, turning it into mush. “da illna’ss, i’ wouldn’ be da green goo da ‘umans ‘ave been spreadin’ ‘round lately, wouldn’ i’?” Death asked the king, busy with his… coral smashing.

Gaster was surprised to hear about the green goo, not having been aware this was a common thing to happen outside his kingdom. Though he gave Death a nod.


“We’ve been suspecting that, yes. It started around the same time the goo… has been appearing increasingly.” There was a hint of frustration in his voice, hatred towards those that left their trash in his kingdom. “Those humans really must’ve found a nice garbage place in our kingdom…”

“nah only yers, kingy.” Death said, starting to mix other things into the bowl, wisps of black mist leaving one of Death’s fingers as he mixed and went into the bowl, giving the mixture a more glowy, dark tone. “‘ll start makin’ da an’idote now, d’ough if we find da illna’ss as we ger, den i wanna stap an’ get i’.” The witch doctor said, waving a finger around to gesture around their area.

“‘ It? ’” Gaster repeated a little confused. “The illness? Or the… goo?” Gaster wasn’t sure he wanted to be anywhere near that cursed waste, usually they would have it evacuated into a ditch far away as soon as it showed up… But if Death was speaking about the illness itself, how was he expecting to get it? Get sick himself? Grab someone that… is sick?

“da goo ‘s da illna’ss, i’ don’ ma’der. i jus’ need i’ ta make da cure.” Death told him, “when i finish da per’tion, da ya wan’ me ta give i’ ta yer son firs’ or ta ano’der poor soul?”

Gaster didn’t answer immediately. He wanted his son to be helped as soon as possible, but… What if the cure didn’t work? What if something would go wrong?

“...Someone else first,” Gaster decided, drowning down the bit of guilt of favoring his son enough to use his people as lab rats for a cure. “I’ll have someone brought to you, and… I suppose I can get you a source of the illness.” He was rather reluctant to bring the goo back into the kingdom, but if there happened to be any around by the time he came back, he figured it wouldn’t do more harm than it already did.


And if not, well… The death rate of the plague was rather high…

The witch doctor nodded, digging into the things he had before placin’ two items on Gaster’s lap. It was a plant and a coral, the plant itself looked like green luscious seaweed with purple tips, and the coral was pink with dark purple spots on it. Death explained what they were, and their purpose. To help, both those things have been seen absorbing the illness, cleaning the air around it. “i wan’ ya ta find m’er an’ plant dem all ‘round yer kingdom. ‘ll also be makin’ charms ta ‘elp, ‘ll tell ya ‘ow ta use dem when i make dem.” No point on explaining it now if they are not created yet.

Gaster was listening intently, not hesitating a second before he already ordered the guards to memorize those plants perfectly and find as many as possible once they were back at the kingdom. One of them was even sketching them up, making sure they’d be able to show the plants to the other guards back at the kingdom to get more people to find them. Gaster would make sure that every single inch of his kingdom would be covered in them if it helped his people stay safe.

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By the time they finally made it to the castle, they led the new kingdom’s witch doctor to his new home. There was a bigger, more spacious room that is going to act as his living and work quarters. While the smaller one was the room visitors can see him, never allowed into Death’s space at all. This way, people that Death accepts can talk and be given items from the witch doctor without going into his personal space.


The angler fish went right to work, not even unpacking his things unless he needed them, finishing his potion when he was given a dead corpse of one of the people that had the illness. With that, he finally was able to get a sample and test it on one of the sick citizens. As Death gave the cure, he chanted words no one could understand, only gibberish to everyone else until it would become the sounds of hope as the sickly woman sat up, a big smile on her face.


“I feel... so much better!” She cheered, looking at her clearing skin rapidly grow healthier and brighter in amazement. “I’m actually better now!” She looked around at the guards around her to look at their faces, then the witch doctor, and finally the king.


Death nodded towards her, before turning around and swimming out, glancing at King Gaster as he left.

The king followed Death immediately, not needing long to figure out where he was going, considering he was heading towards the castle. He was going to cure his son next.


A wave of relief, excitement almost, filled him in a way he hasn’t felt it for in so long, barely managing to scratch through the despair more and more. Papy was going to get better. Papy was going to be fine, he was going to live!


Gaster made sure to show Death to the child’s room, barely able to contain his excitement, therefore trying to talk as little as he could as to not show his childish demeanor.

Once they did make it to Papyrus’ room, the guards that stood guard in front looked at Death in shock as he slammed the door open with his tail, the guards inside raising their weapons.


The angler fish ignored them, just went straight to the two skeleton eels at the bed.

The two eels, Sans specifically, looked at Death quite in shock, too. Though while Sans’ look held fear and protectiveness, Papyrus’ only was curiosity. But any thought of threat died down once they both saw Gaster swim in after the witch doctor, stopping the guards from doing anything they might regret.


“No, no, don’t,” he told them, voice stern. “He’s the witch doctor that will help us.”

Death didn’t pay them any mind, going to Sans and giving him a once over. “dis is da child? i don’ kn’er if i can save em, ‘e l’erks ta far gone.” He said, looking straight into Sans’ eyes, his voice monotone and slightly serious, but there was a hint to it, there was something in his voice that said otherwise.

Though Sans, worried sick and desperate, hardly had the nerves for jokes, despite his usual jokester nature. He only gave Gaster a disbelieving look.

“y’ sure y’ got the right guy?” He said, his own tone holding mockery. Gaster only went over to Death a little nervously, directing him over to Papyrus.


“This is my youngest that’s been contaminated…”

Death scoffed, already uncorking the vial he had. “ya all ‘re ner fun…” he grumbled, leaning over the sick skeleton and pulling down Papyrus’ mask, the angler’s hands starting to glow blue, black wisps dancing around his fingers. “‘e does l’erk kinda sick d’ough.” Death added, before he started to chant.

He did? Despite wanting nothing more but to see his son get better, the worry over his oldest son being contaminated as well pulled at him too strong to pay too much attention to the angler fish right now. Instead he was watching Sans, the young eel’s tired eyes focused on Death and Papyrus.


Gaster hadn’t noticed just how much the bags under Sans’ eyes resembled those of the sick. He thought it was the worry, the fear and stress that was gnawing on Sans as much as it was on him. Could it be the plague instead?

Death’s chants started to get louder, his antenna bobbing around over Papyrus’ head, glowing. Gently, Death pushed the tip of the vial to the young skeleton’s mouth as his chants started to take effect. The black wisps entering and exiting Papyrus’ body, going from Death’s antenna back to Papyrus, slowly getting bit by bit the illness that was eating the young prince alive.


Papyrus took longer than the woman they tested on, the tip of the witch doctor’s antenna glowing bright with a sickly green. But once it was done, Papyrus’ bones were looking strong and healthy again, color going back into the skeleton. Once that happened, Death backed away, focused on the amount he got from the other and was currently in his antenna.

papy, ” Sans barely managed to breathe out, immediately pushing past Death and to his brother once he knew he was fine again. He hugged him close, the younger skeleton now sitting upright as he hugged Sans back.


“THANK YOU SIR WITCH DOCTOR!” Papyrus said towards Death as he had his head on Sans’ shoulder, view towards the angler fish. But he focused right back on Sans. “I’M ALL BETTER, BROTHER! I FEEL SO MUCH FITTER ALREADY, LIKE I WASN’T SICK AT ALL!


Sans couldn’t even talk, he was hugging Papyrus so tightly it even surprised said hugged skeleton, the young prince letting out a surprised chuckle. But Sans wasn’t the only one keeping him in his clutches, as soon enough Gaster joined them, holding both his sons tightly to his chest.


“Oh Papy,” he almost wailed, the relief thick in his voice. “My dearest, dearest Papy. Never get sick again, you hear!”


The guards watched with soft smiles at the family, seeing them hug and tell each other things, like they were trying to reassure themselves that Papyrus was there and healthy.  One guard looked over to the angler fish, to thank him, to tell him he was a blessing. Only to see said angler fish was busy putting his antenna into a bottle, letting the illness drain from the tip and stay in the bottle.


When Death had no more, he closed the lid and looked at it’s contents with interest. “wow, kid ‘ad quite a la’t.” Death whistled, a little impressed.

At the words Gaster looked back towards Death, though he never stopped holding his sons close. “Will he be fine now?” He asked, his tone holding worry, though also hope. But before Death could even try to answer, another question already stroke through Gaster. “You said… Sans looked sick as well? Please, Death, can you help him, too?”

Death didn’t even look at them, only slowly twirling the bottle around as he watched the green mist move. “i kinda need ya off em ta do i’.” Death muttered.

“Ah!” Gaster said, a little surprised, but he understood. “Of course.” He let go of his sons, nodding to Sans to let go of Papyrus as well so Death could take care of him. But Sans had other plans.


“‘m fine, though…” He mumbled, not exactly very excited over the idea of letting go of Papyrus. But he knew that he’s been feeling more weary lately. That exhaustion has been dragging him down even more so than usually. And he didn’t want to get Papyrus sick all over again…


“alright,” he sighed, giving in and letting go of his brother, approaching Death instead.

With the same vial he gave Papyrus, stilling having a little bit left, the little amount Death purposely didn’t let Papyrus drink, he gave to Sans. Doing his chant once again, but this time it was the quickest, Sans not having so much.


After a few minutes, Death stopped, already focusing on the antenna that was faintly glowing. “‘e’s g’erd now.” Death announced.

Sans didn’t think he’d actually notice something, but sure enough, he felt better. His bones didn’t feel as heavy, he didn’t feel as tired, the headache he hardly even noticed he’s had was gone…

“Oh, thank you Death, thank you so much,” Gaster already said, his tone oh so grateful. “Please, if there ever is something you need, whether for your work or personal use, never be too shy to ask. We are ever so in your debt.” Papyrus agreed happily, thanking the witch doctor, shaking his hand excitedly, even almost going as far as to hug him.


Sans was the only one staying quiet, the young ribbon eel eying Death curiously.

“‘ll make sure ta ask den, sire.” Death muttered, gently taking his hand back from Papyrus and turning around, heading fer da door. “‘ll take my leave ta make da res’ fer da ‘ole kingdom, ‘ll call fer ya when ready, kingy.” He raised the bottle and shook it to prove his point, before finally going out and leaving.




By the time the cure was finished, it was already the end of the day. Though by then King Gaster’s guards have already collected all the corals and seaweed they could find fitting the angler fish’s description. They had spread them all over the kingdom, making sure that there would be no district, no alley, no neighborhood left without something there to consume the toxins from the water.


It was early the next day when Death finally came to Gaster, letting him know that he was done with both the cure and the charms. They made plans to gather all the people in one spot in the kingdom, guards already going around to get everyone’s attention, going as far as to check into every house and apartment to make sure there were no fish left behind, too sick to join them. Papyrus was all up on that, promising that he’d work his hardest to help anyone sick. Though not without the necessary health measurements, Gaster not taking any chances anymore.


After a handful of hours everyone was gathered in the kingdom’s center, sick and healthy alike, the sick varying from barely conscious to just feeling a little off. They were all hopeful of this new so called cure, though some were skeptical, worried it might work as little as the last cure they had barely mentioned.

Death, in front of the whole crowd, started his chant, black wisps dancing around the whole room as he prepared to get a big load of the plague that was eating this whole kingdom alive.


All while people that were made sure that they were healthy went around the kingdom putting the charms Death made in every house. One charm for every single room, two if the room was big. The process was long, but so was Death’s spell.


He was doing it to pretty much the whole kingdom, it was bound to take a long time. The witch doctor didn’t say anything about his own troubles, about how he spent all night on making the cure for everyone and making so many damn charms that he can by now do them in his sleep. He spent all night doing all this to save the whole kingdom in one day, and honestly, Death would be very proud to have that under his belt. Single handedly curing a whole kingdom of a deadly plague in one day.


But oh boy, he is going to crash tonight...

Gaster was watching in wonder as the light in his people’s eyes returned, as they regained in strength and color, as they sat or stood up, looking at themselves and their next in shock, barely believing this was real.


Gaster had a hard time himself. They were healed. His whole kingdom was healed just like that, all thanks to the scary witch doctor. As unfriendly the angler fish might’ve looked at first, Gaster couldn’t feel anything but respect and gratefulness.


Once he held his speech towards his people, informing them about the charms, the plants and corals, and all their plans and hopes regarding the plague, he dismissed them all and turned to Death. The witch doctor looked… tired. For a small, scary moment the king thought the angler fish had gotten the disease himself, but no. Exhaustion didn’t immediately mean illness.


“You have worked hard and we are forever grateful, Death,” he told the witch doctor once more. “Please, you deserve a break more than anyone in this kingdom. You’re welcome to rest in the castle, I will make sure to have food be brought to you.”

“dat’s nice.” Death nodded, his sockets barely able to stay open, before gently swimming towards his quarters, his tail slowly propelling him along, almost touching the floor as he swam.

But Death wasn’t about to find the room empty. Sans was already in there, having sneaked his way past the guards and into his room. It was covered containers with vials and bottles with odd things inside, more covering the floor as well, making Sans feel conscious and almost anxious to touch anything, break anything. He made sure not to, even going as far as to hold his eel tail to his chest to stop it from accidentally swiping anything as he looked over the items curiously.

The door opened quietly, Death coming in and closing the door behind him, slowly making his way into the room, to the nice bed the castle has provided. The witch doctor has always slept in a nest, never a bed, so he was quite excited to test it out. Only until he saw movement, and it alerted him that someone was in his private quarters.


Death turned to Sans, teeth bared, ready to attack. But he didn’t, after realizing it was only the older prince. Death still had his teeth bared, though. “why ‘re ya ‘ere? in my private chambers?”

Sans looked a little startled when he turned to Death, almost instinctively holding his tail tighter to his chest, eyes wide like a deer caught in the headlights. But he soon relaxed, seeing it was only the witch doctor, and let out a relieved sigh.


“relax, doc. only came by to thank y’,” Sans told him. “y’ got some cool stuff here, though.”

“ya could t’ank me like a ner’mal person an’ wait ou’side, nah break ‘n.” Death grumbled, expertly weaving around the clutter he has and going to Sans, rubbing his eye sockets to stay awake a little longer.

“nah, tha’s lame,” Sans argued, already going back to eying the different vials and bottles in the room. “this ‘s a lot cooler to wait in. look at that thing! so fuckin’ cool. what is that, eyes?”

“maybe…” Death muttered, briefly glancing at what Sans was looking at. Before grabbing Sans by his wrist and gently tugging him to the door. “don’ touch. now yer ‘re welcome, ser ya can leave an’ let me sleep.” Death really didn’t have the energy to push Sans out physically, he was too tired to.

“a’ight, a’right,” Sans laughed a little awkwardly, struggling to keep his tail close now that one of his hands were in Death’s clutches. Though he followed, he didn’t leave just yet, making sure Death was looking at him when Sans stopped. His tone got a little quieter, more serious.


“really, though,” he said, looking back at Death. “i owe y’ everythin’ fer savin’ my brother. thank you.”

Death looked at him, blinking a little at the sudden seriousness, before nodding. Waving Sans goodbye as he gently closed the door, giving him a final nod as he closed it.




Death had slept for the rest of the night and to the afternoon of the next day. Groggily, he got up, tired. He slept good, he had slept really good. As he stretched, he clicked his teeth to call for his pets, but after not hearing them chirp in delight or their frantic swimming towards him, the witch doctor grew confused. He opened his eyes and looked around, confused and slightly on edge as to where he was, how did he get here, and what happened to his babies.


Thankfully, after a few seconds of looking around, seeing the containers of his stuff, he remembered. He moved, he moved to a kingdom that he saved, and now he was residing in their castle. Wow, what a day that was.


His first night sleep here and he almost had a soul attack, what a way to kick off a brand new start. But that just reminds him, his pets are not here. The witch doctor figured that made sense, Death did just leave while they were away gathering herbs for him. To be fair, Death was needed as soon as possible, if Death were to tell Gaster he had to wait, he was sure the king would try to strangle him.


Death wasn’t worried though, he trusted his pets to come find him, follow his trail and go to him. In fact, Death was sure, his babies would have seen the cave empty, they would realize Death wasn’t coming back, they were smart enough to follow. And here Death will be, waiting for them.


Would the kingdom cause a uproar if they see them coming? Maybe, might even try to hurt them too. Now that was something Death couldn’t allow.


Swiftly, the creepy witch doctor got off his new bed and went out of the room, heading to the throne room, hoping King Gaster would be there...

King Gaster was in the throne room with one of his advisers, discussing their current situation with the plague, the progress and how the plants and corals were holding up. He noticed someone was coming when the door opened to reveal one of his guards.

“Sire, the witch doctor would like to speak to you,” they said, clearly waiting for the king's response. King Gaster gave them a nod.


“Let him in,” he said without second thought, his voice a lot more relaxed and chipper than it had been in a while.

Death entered the room, heading straight for Gaster. “i came ter w’ern ya.” Death went straight to the point. He stopped swimming towards Gaster after he made it halfway, not wanting to be so far away from the door once he leaves.

“Warn me?” Gaster asked, his voice the tiniest bit wavery, worried. “About what? Are we in danger…?” Was there something the witch doctor knew that they didn’t? Did their spells have an after effect?

Death shook his head, even waving his hands to cut that line of thought. “nah, i got pets. dey will mer’st likely be comin’ ‘ere now. two sh’erkies, don’ wan’ ya ta ‘urt dem.” Death explained, his hands folding over his chest, his necklaces making soft clanking sounds as he moved.

“Shark...ies?” Gaster repeated, though the witch doctor's words slowly started to make sense. He was worried Gaster’s guards might feel threatened by the sharks. “As long as they don’t attack first, there should be no problem,” Gaster assured Death with a smile. “Do you wish for a guard to escort them to your room once they arrive?”

The witch doctor nodded, seeming to relax. “dey won’ attack if d’eir nah threaten er ‘eld back from gettin’ ta me.” He still informed, just so he knows and they are warned. “t’ank ya,” Death added right after, ah yes, politeness is important. Death you got to remember these things.

Gaster smiled, giving him a nod as well. Ah, what a nice ally to have around in your kingdom.


“Thank you for letting me know, Death,” he told him happily. “Was that all?”

Death nodded, “ye, dat was all.” Already starting to back away a little, sensing that their talk was coming to a close. He saw the adviser looking him up and down, trying to hide that they were pulling a face.




“bye bye, kingy.” Death waved to the king, starting to swim towards the door. But not before he added something to the adviser before he left. “pull dat face a’ me ‘gain an’ ‘ll make sure ya don’ ‘ave yer face ner mer’.” Death slightly turned to glare at the adviser, leaving the room.


“yer king won’ save ya from me.” Before the door finally closed, the adviser looking quite frightened.

Gaster looked at the closed door a little shocked, before glancing to the equally shocked adviser. He cleared his voice a little, before giving his adviser a small smirk.

“You heard him,” he said, though his tone was in no way serious. “Better be careful.”

Things were going too good for him to be anything but positive right now.

Chapter Text

There was a knock at the door to Death’s private room. Papyrus was standing outside of it, a basket under his arms as he was waiting for the witch doctor’s reaction with a big smile. It’s only been two days since his healing, but he was already feeling so much better, his pseudo muscles barely even remembering how weak he had been just those two days ago.

There was a little bit of rustling from behind the door, like someone was moving things aside to get past, before silence, then the door opening. Death opened the door and glared at who dared disturbed him, but the glare soften at the sight of Papyrus. “wha da ya wan’, princey?” His gaze went down the to the basket Papyrus had, “uhhhh.”

Papyrus presented it to him immediately. “I BROUGHT CUPCAKES!!!” He told him happily. “AS A WELCOME SLASH THANK YOU GIFT!” And just as he said, the basket was filled with many little cupcakes, coated in different colored frostings.


He peeked past Death into the room curiously. “ARE YOU UNPACKING? CAN I HELP?”

Death didn’t answer right away, his attention was on the cupcakes, the oh so beautiful looking cupcakes that Death can practically already taste. “sure…” Death said without thinking, taking the basket and holding it close, moving aside so Papyrus can walk in.


There was vials everywhere, opened containers and things hanging from anywhere they could possible hang on from the walls.

Papyrus was already rubbing his palms excitedly. “SO, WHERE DO WE START?” He asked Death happily. “HOW CAN I HELP?”

Papyrus’ loud voice brought Death back from his sweet fantasies, the angler fish points to a door. “dat leads ta my office, gonna use i’ ta talk ta custer’mers dat wanna see me.” Death explained, going to the door and unlocking it, opening it completely and showing the prince the empty room. “don’ kn’er wha ta put ‘n it d’ough.”


To tell the truth, Death has no idea where to start. How to make a place that someone can just sit down and talk to him. Death can’t imagine anyone coming in willingly and sitting down, talk to Death about business the witch doctor would rather not do, at all.

Papyrus gasped excitedly. Did that mean he’d get to arrange the whole room? Papyrus was already chattering excitedly, looking the room all over to get a mental picture, telling Death about how they’d need a couch, a desk, maybe some plants. He pointed to the window  trying to figure out where the best place to locate the couch would be, before he already ran to the guards, telling them what kind of furniture to get.


“DEATH!!!” He called out to the witch doctor. “I’LL BE RIGHT BACK, YES??? I NEED TO GET SOME THINGS!” And with that he ran off, cackling excitedly to himself.

“wha, wai’!” Death called, though he didn’t make himself that loud. Watching the skeleton swim away like his life depended on. “i didn’ tell yer wha i wan’ed…” He grumbled, before he gave up and went back to organizing his vails and potions.


He just hopes Papyrus doesn’t bring any cute shit…




But oh, he did. Or maybe not necessarily cute, but Papyrus did go for the welcoming, homey style. He was carrying some potted anemones with him, some little knick knacks to place around the room to make it look more friendlier, and Sans. It was always nice to have a Sans in your customer service room.

Death turned around when he heard noises, seeing Papyrus come back with…. not so nice looking things in his book. Quickly getting in Papyrus’ way so the young skeleton wouldn’t go so far as to place those awful things in his room, Death told him to stop. “dats nah wha i wan’.”


His hands gentling going to the items in Papyrus’ hands and lowering it slightly to get his point across. “i wan’ somet’in’ mer darker, somet’in’ like my ‘ome. dark an’ cave like wit’ glowin’ corals er somet’in’. nah… dat kinda stuff.” Death gestured to the things Papyrus got.

“OH!” Papyrus replied, a hand to his chin as he thought his options over. He didn’t seem offended, only a little challenged. “I SEE! HMMM, I SUPPOSE I’LL HAVE TO TRY AND GET DARKER FURNITURE THEN… MAYBE PAINT THE WALLS?”


Sans was eying the room as well, eying Death. He wasn’t sure why he was here, he’d been looking for Papy, only to be dragged along when he found him, though neither did he mind. “i guess i know some plants ta get ya,” he offered.




As Papyrus was already grouping the guards into scouting groups, while Sans waved him off, heading to where he knew the cool plants grew.


By the time he came back Papyrus was plastering the walls in dark seaweed, the furniture replaced with darker ones. Sans joined them with plants, some dark, while some glowed eerily, almost like angler fish’s own antennas.


“how’s this, doc?” He called over to the witch doctor’s personal room.

Death got up and checked, only to whistle at out the room suddenly looked. It was dark and slightly gloomy, the aura that something lurked in this room. The room dimly lit by glowing corals, yet it was bright enough to cause no strain on the eyes. It looked amazing, it looked magnificent.


“i love i’.” Death muttered, looking around the room in satisfaction and maybe he was a little bit impressed on how good looking it ended up. “ya did ger’d.” They really did…



“yea, i was here, too,” Sans added, though he was just fine with Papyrus taking the praise. “so d’, y’ seen the castle yet?” He’s mostly only seen the angler fish around his office or the throne room. If he was going to live here, he should probably know where everything was…

“nah really,” Death shrugged, turning to face the two.

“WHAT!?” Papyrus asked, sounding absolutely shocked. “WHAT!? WE HAVE TO CHANGE THIS! BROTHER!!!”


“don’ worry, bro, ‘m already on it,” Sans began, making a motion like he was grabbing a little microphone announcement speaking device thingy, imitating the noise of a speaker getting turned on. “attention, attention, the tour around the core castle is about t’ start. everyone take y’re seats.”

“OH MY GOD, BROTHER, THAT’S NOT WHAT I WANTED!!!” Papyrus groaned embarrassed.

But Death only snorted, amused. Closing and locking the door to his room before they all went outside. The witch doctor locking the office door next, before he turned to the two skeletons. “‘m ready.” This was gonna be interesting…

“a’right, le’s go then! i’ll show y’ the best places around!” And he did, leading both Death and Papyrus around the castle. Him and Papyrus would sometimes stop to discuss where to go next, whether they should show Death the castle library or the place guards will always go to take their naps, no matter how many pranks you’d play on them there.


After showing Death the bathrooms, then the library, they finally decided to go to the castle garden. It was nicely taken care of, with plants trimmed into elegant shapes, corals and anemones aligned to match. At night the bioluminescent glow some of these plants and corals would give off would create patterns and images for one to see from up above.


It attracted smaller fish, shrimps and plankton, small sea snails and other creatures.




“the gardenin’ staff hates it when y’ steal their tools. an’ if y’re lucky you can sneak in some fake plans before they notice. y’ see this bush of seaweed?” Sans pointed to a particular patch of seaweed, trimmed to resemble a butt. “was s’pposed to be a, i don’ know. sea horse, i think. i swapped the plans right before they got to work.”

Death looked at said butt bush, examining the kind of seaweed it was. Huh, he doesn’t have this one, though to be fair, Death doesn’t have a lot of potential ingredients from the higher sea floor. Death was a deep sea creature, he has all the mysterious stuff from way down below.


So with a lot of gusto, the angler fish takes a little basket where it contained plants ready to be planted, and threw them out. Going over to the butt bush and collecting some of the seaweed, before proceeding to collect even more different plants and the like around the garden.


Death can sure experiment with these, he bets he can make pretty cool potions out of these. And even better, he has a whole free market of ingredients right here where he now lives. “noice.” Death mutters, stuffing the basket full of different things.

Papyrus looked a little nervously at Sans, whom was just snorting amused. “DON’T YOU THINK THE GARDENERS WILL BE UPSET…?”


“nah,” Sans told him, easily waving it off. “they’ll feel honored for someone to find use in their planting mumbo jumbo.” He swam over to Death, tail trailing behind in its stream-like pattern. “y’ need some help with that?” He offered, picking up a random coral and dropping it into Death’s basket.


It didn’t take long for Papyrus to swam up as well, excitedly offering his help.

Death shrugged, pointing at the plants that caught his interest and letting them get them for him. It was nice, having these two help him a lot, feels more of an equal standing than his two sharks. The princes he could actually get a response from, though maybe it’s better not deal with any responses…


“i ‘ope ya don’ mind, d’ese could make fine per’tions.” Death examined one of the corals Papyrus brought back, admiring it before placing it into the basket.


In the span of ten minutes, the garden has gained a bald spot on the lower left of it. Looking like something was eating away of everything or a real bald spot on a aging man’s head. Only then Death lifted the full bag and started to make his way back to his room. “‘m gonna ger put dis away.” He informed.

“we’ll come with you,” Sans decided easily. “b’sides, tour ain’t quite over yet. still gotta show you the kitchen an’ stuff.”

“AND THE LIBRARY!!!” Papyrus added excitedly.


They both walked Death back to his personal chambers, waiting outside of it as the angler fish was putting away the plants and corals they had collected, storing them appropriately. Though watching one of the guards, Sans wondered if he could spend his time a little bit more useful other than to just wait.


Sans disappeared into a closet where he knew they had stored some ‘Stay off - Renovation at work’ signs from when Gaster was renovating the castle bit by bit, telling guards and most staff to stay off the area as it was dangerous at times. The surrounding would still be heavily guarded.


But Sans grabbed a good few of them, sneakily going from place to place to set them up.


By the time he was done preparing his prank, he went back to Death’s room, arms crossed satisfied as he waited for the angler fish.

By then the witch doctor finally finished, motioning Sans to follow him out, before locking the door again. “kay, where ta next?” He asked, looking at Sans, then Papyrus, then back at Sans.

But Sans wasn’t quite ready to move on yet. Papyrus was already excitedly telling Death about the library and what he could find there, while Sans simply tried to get his attention by tapping him with the back of his palm, before pointing at the guard.


By now the guard looked desperate, looking every which way before swimming off, only to come back from a different direction again moments later. He looked absolutely lost.


“i told ‘im the king wan’ed to see ‘im,” Sans quietly mumbled to Death. “an’ then put up a buncha signs to block his way, trappin’ him in an endless labyrinth.” It had been hard thinking of where to put the signs to truly cut off any way to the king, without making it too obvious and keeping it confusing.

Death watched, silently waving at Papyrus to stop talking and watch. The witch doctor snorted as he watched the poor guard swimming back and forth, so lost, before choosing a route, only to come back and be even more confused. “wow, dats great.” Death said with mild humor.


He turned to the eldest eel prince and said in a non negotiating tone. “ya will ne’va prank me, got i’?”

Sans snorted surprised, but gave him a shrug. “don’ let y’reself get pranked then,” he said smoothly, before taking the witch doctor’s and Papyrus’ hand shortly to drag them along as he continued their tour, quickly letting go again.

Papyrus fell back to Death, giving him a reassuring look. “DON’T WORRY, IT’S REALLY SIMPLE! I HAVEN’T LET MYSELF GET PRANKED IN THREE YEARS!!!”

“if ‘e does, my revenge will be mer harsher.” Death smiled, baring his teeth slightly to give himself a more evilish look. Death doesn’t want to worry about being pranked, so he won’t. He will give Sans a chance, but if Sans were to ever prank him, not even the king will make Death hesitate in delivering something worse on Sans.


Sansy better watch himself, before someone puts him into his place with no mercy.

They moved on to a few more important places, the library, the throne room though they didn’t enter it, the ballroom, the dining hall and even some of the classrooms Papyrus and Sans would get homeschooled at times. Finally they finished the tour off at the kitchen, food currently being prepared. There were some guards there, too, particularly a red lionfish mixed with what looked like a figure made out of a red liquid.


“sup grillbz,” Sans greeted the guard, getting a friendly greeting back. “y’ met the witch doctor yet? hey doc, c’mere. this ‘s grillby, y’ want him as your guard whenever you can.”

“why?” Death asked unconvincingly, squinting as he eyed Grillby up and down to try and see any tricks or problems that could occur with just being near the guard. Crossing his arms while his hips leaned to one side sassily.

Sans snorted at the behavior, especially when Grillby looked about just as unsure as Death did, except more so on the confused side. “‘e makes good food,” Sans told Death finally.




“Aw, geez you guys,” Grillby now said, looking a little taken aback and flustered. “I only experiment with food sometimes. It’s no big deal.” Yet they had found the guard in the kitchen, undoubtedly busying himself with some of the ingredients while he was on his guarding duty.

“wha kinda f’erd?” Death asked, leaning slightly to the side to get a glimpse past Grillby to the table behind him. “der ya jus’ brin’ i’ ta yer stations?” What kind of guard brings baked goods to his working station, when he is supposed to be guarding things like royalty or important stuff Death doesn't bother on thinking up.

“Anything really,” Grillby told them, rolling up some of the kilted sausages he was currently helping the kitchen staff to prepare. “Pastries sometimes. Sometimes more something along the lines of burgers. Sometimes I just bring a bigger dish along that everyone can get some off, like lasagna or a salad. Or a cake…”


“if y’re hungry an’ it’s not time to eat yet, y’ just gotta ask around for grillby. he’s always got somethin’ for you.”

“Not always… ” The lionfish argued.


“MOST OF THE TIMES!!!” Papyrus added, though.

“sweets?” Death asked, seeming to be more interested, before grabbing Grillby’s arm gently but firm enough to get his attention. “can ya make sweets?” Death was looking up at the lava lamp like creature, big black sockets staring into the lionfish.

The lionfish laughed surprised, but gave him a shrug, then a nod. “Sure, why not,” he said, a little overwhelmed, but he continued his cooking. “I’ve made some chocolate chips before.”

Sans almost moaned at the memory. Oh Grillby. You sure are a great source of snacks.

Death’s attention went down towards the working hands, seeing Grillby chop and mix ingredients together so expertly. The food being made, the smell, Death can practically taste it. So while Grillby was talking with Sans about cookies, Death went to Grillby’s other side, looking at the selection.


Damn, they all look good, how can he possibly choose? It’s been so long since he ate food like this, Death would need to savor it. Yes, he should.


As he grabbed the halfway seasoned meat on the cutting board and stuffed his face until it disappeared into his mouth…

Grillby barely noticed the sneaky hand grabbing his carefully prepared meat, not until his eyes went to were it once was, seeing Death with his mouth full.


“Hey! I know they said I like to share, but that doesn’t mean you can just steal food! That’s for the king!

Death stared at Grillby with a stone face, not backing down as he grabbed another piece and ate it in front of lionfish’s face. Chewing slowly, almost mockingly. “an’?” Death managed to say through the food.

Grillby gasped almost offended, though he could tell the mocking in Death’s tone, could tell by Sans’ snickering this was play. Oh no. Oh no!


Before Grillby knew it, Sans threw him a nasty glare, snatching up some of the meat he was currently preparing, stuffing it into his face, before tossing one piece to Papyrus, calling out, “kobe!”

The young eel caught the meat surprised, feeling put on the spot for a moment, before he stuffed it into his mouth in a panic reaction.

Death gave them a thumbs up, a little bit of oil slipping from his mouth, down his chin. The angler fish was slightly surprised that the younger prince would join in, not much Sans, he looked like a trouble maker.

But the younger prince was surprised himself, just looking from Death to Sans and then Grillby, eyes wide like a trout caught in the headlights. “I DIDN’T DO ANYTHING!!!” He told Grillby panicked. “I’M SORRY!!! I DIDN’T MEAN TO!”


“Relax, you’re fine,” Grillby told Papyrus with a soft chuckle, before throwing a glare at Sans and Death, who froze up in the action of stuffing even more food in their maws. “ You on the other hand-”

swim, ” Sans whispered to Death, before already taking a hold of the angler fish’s wrist and bolting away.

Death’s other arm, not trapped in Sans’ grip. Tried to grab onto anything he could, while he tried to talk through the food in his mouth. “neerr, aa co’d ‘ake em!!” Until he could finally swallow and talk properly. “i could take em!” Death repeated himself, but it was to late, Sans already propelled them down the hall and turned a few corners.


The witch doctor huffed, but let Sans pull him along, too lazy to force his wrist out of the prince’s grip. “i t’ink we’re ger’d, snas.” Death called, looking at the way they came from, seeing no one following them.

Sans was laughing when he finally slowed down and let go, both from the excitement and adrenaline of their sudden escape. “‘s more fun this way, though,” he told him through chuckles, relaxing himself a little exhaustedly until he was limply floating in the gentle water current. “tha’s a cute nickname, though. snas. do i get one for y’, too?” He wasn’t entirely sure if ‘Snas’ really had been a nickname or maybe just a mistake, but it sounded oddly adorable either way. Especially in the angler fish’s odd slurred accent.

“nickname? i didn’ give ya a nickname.” Death slightly frowned, crossing his arms a little as his back fin gently kept him from floating down to the floor. “‘ow da ya say yer name?” He asked.

“sans.” The prince told him. “sah-ns. like, uh. the french word ‘without?’” So it had really been a mistake. That’s too bad. “but y’ can call me snas if you like. sounds just as fine.”

“sssnnn… saaass… sssnnas. snas. snans. snas .” Death tried, he did. But he is only willing to try so much, because he gave up soon after, waving both hands in the air like he was done with this whole situation. “fuck, ne’va mind, yer snas now.”

Sans snorted, waving it off a little. “don’ worry ‘bout it. ‘m snas now. better tell my dad i got a name change,” he quipped kindheartedly.

Death huffed, but seemed to accept this. Feeling a little relieved that Sans was so chill about this, not even teasing him. Good, better for the prince in a long run if he didn’t mess with a witch doctor that isn’t afraid to bite back.

Chapter Text

There was a knock at his door, not giving up when the witch doctor ignored the banging, like he hoped they would. But no, Death had to force himself up and glare at the door, almost like he was trying to kill them into silence with only his stare. Sadly, Death ended up getting out of bed, grumbling the whole way to the door. Opening it quickly and glaring daggers at the startled guard, teeth bared and eye sockets narrowed.


“wha. da. ya wan’!? ” Death hissed.


“A-ah! S-sorry to disturb you, but King Gaster has requested you to come to the throne room. He wishes to speak with you.” The guard reported, trying to stand strong and professional. Only to falter when the angler fish growled, pushing past the guard and swim past him, to the throne room.


Stupid king, it’s so early in the morning, Death has to squint and move his head away from windows because of how bright it is out. Why does he have to be woken up now? Death was nocturnal, he is awake during the night. The least they could do for him is let him sleep the morning, Death was fine being awake during the evenings and nights, he really was. But not this, not the morning, when it was technically his ‘night’.


Death didn’t even let the guards stationed at the throne room entrance to open the door for him, pushing the thing himself and slipping through.


“i ‘ope dis ‘s ger’d, i sleep durin’ da day.” Death looked up at the king, slouched in posture while everything from his fins to his homemade necklaces screamed ‘just got out of bed and i don’t like it’. Even his sour face said it all, the face Death didn’t care he had when faced with the king.

The king looked surprised to see Death in his throne room all of the sudden, not because he hadn’t expected him, but because he hadn’t expected him without a heads-up.


“Good morning, Death…” Gaster mumbled, still a little shocked. But he nodded towards the person next to him, a tall, furry monster with two curved horns, the lower body of something resembling a narwhal. “May I introduce you to my partner, Asgore? He arrived back at the kingdom yesterday.”


The tall monster gave Death a small respectful bow. “I’m honored to meet the witch doctor that helped our kingdom.”

Death gave him a short, firm nod before looking back at Gaster. “kay, noice boy ya got d’ere. ‘s ‘e relevan’ ta why ‘m ‘ere?”  Death rubbed one of his baggy, tired eyes before crossing his arms, repositioning himself to lean slightly back.

It was Asgore that responded to Death, giving him a nod. “When I first arrived to the kingdom and heard the tales about you, many of the people requested to have a celebration in your honor.”

“Asgore told me about it,” the king continued. “And I talked about it with my advisor. We decided to ask you if you would want such a celebration.”

Gaster had been surprised for one of the first things from Asgore to be this, but he was certainly happy. The kingdom had been in a much worse shape when Asgore first left, their usual messenger too sick to do their duties, so it was him that went off to a farther away kingdom to discuss an alliance.

Death didn’t stop to think, already putting a hand up to ‘stop’  their train of thought, shaking his head. “nah, i don’ wan’ i’.” He said, simply, waving it off like it was no big deal.


Because it wasn’t...

Gaster and Asgore both looked surprised. “Are you sure?” Asgore asked a little prying. “The people would love to thank their savior.”

“It’d be a good way to get to know the people around, to properly find your place in the kingdom,” Gaster added as well.

“i’ would if i cared ‘bout all dat.” Death pointed out, “i don’ wan’ a par’dy. i don’ wan’ attention, i don’ wanna mee’d people, i don’ wanna be on da spa’ ligh’. ser ner.” Death sounded firm in his reasons, like he wouldn’t budge at all.


“ya can ‘ave yer lil’ par’dy, bu’ leave me otta i’.” Death waved a little, like he was dismissing himself from everybody else, separating himself from the kingdom, be someone not included.

King Gaster looked a little thoughtful. Hearing his reasons, he wasn’t too shocked of the answer. They had found Death living in solitude, and angler fish weren’t very known to be especially sociable.


“Very well,” Gaster finally said, though there was a hint of disappointment in his voice, there was understanding. “You’re still welcome to attend the celebration if you wish, but we won’t make it about you.”

Death’s shoulders relaxed at that, uncrossing his arms and placing his hands on his hips, no longer slouching. “dats ger’d, t’anks.” He nodded, appeased. “‘s dat all ya wan’ed ta ter’k ta me ‘bout?”


“Yes,” the king answered with a nod. “I apologize for disturbing you at such an early hour. You may leave now.”

Death nodded, before turning around and lazily making his way out of the throne room, tail slightly dragging.

Waiting until Death slipped out of the throne room doors and Gaster was distracted with Asgore again, Sans slowly sneaked his way out of his hiding place behind an conveniently shaped vase, trying to follow the angler fish. Though it didn’t work out as well as he had hoped.


“Sans?” His father called out surprised, the prince practically flinching in surprise. He turned around sheepishly, getting a look from his father. “You’ve been eavesdropping.”

“‘m the prince. i’m allowed to hear these things.”

“You shouldn’t hide your attendance, though.”

“i wasn’ hidin’ shit. you just didn’t see me. not my fault, get some glasses,” Sans retorted, arms crossed. Gaster only let out a small sigh.

“Either way. You don’t happen to know what happened to the royal garden? The gardeners reported it to be… completely savaged,” Gaster’s tone wasn’t blaming per-say , but he did hint that he was certain Sans knew something about this.


“uh. it wasn’t savaged,” Sans offered sheepishly. “papy an’ me just helped death get… ingredients?”

Ingredients? ” Gaster repeated, genuinely surprised.


“yea, y’know. for, uh. potions and stuff. witch doc mumbo jumbo. y’ can’t blame me for that, i did a good.”

Gaster still threw Sans a skeptical look, but eventually nodded. “Very well. If the witch doctor was in need of the plants, I suppose he is free to take them. We do owe him after all.”

“‘xactly!” Sans agreed enthusiastically. “now excuse me, i gotta annoy a witch doctor ‘till he regrets comin’ here!” He dashed off before Gaster could complain anymore, only hearing the small amused laugh from Asgore, and the affectionate chuckle from his own father behind him.


Sans slipped through the big doors, following the hallway to the witch doctor’s private room, hoping he wouldn’t have gotten too far yet.

Luckily for Sans, Death didn’t get far. The poor angler fish only made it down the hall, his fin tail barely touching the ground while his body slouched.

“sooooo ooo ,” Sans already hummed as he caught up with Death, circling a few times around him so his own long eel tail formed loops around the angler fish, though still keeping a small distance from touching him. “not a party kinda guy, huh?”

“ner.” Death grumbled, one hand pushing the eel tail away from his body. It felt like Sans could tighten at any second and restrict his movement, Death doesn’t like that hanging over him. “i don’ ‘ide like a cower’d ei’der.” Death’s gaze moved over to Sans, like he was silently telling him something, but was actually pretty fucking clear with death’s words alone.

Sans snorted, giving him a shrug. “i wasn’ hidin’,” he told him calmly. “y’ just didn’t see me. that’s on you, not me.”

But he properly uncurled his tail from around Death once he noticed he didn’t seem comfortable with it, instead just following the witch doctor side by side. “tha’s too bad though. y’ do deserve somethin’ to honor what you did.” He did save his brother’s life, after all. A little shelter wasn’t exactly payment worth something as big as that.

“‘m fine, really. i perfer dis anyways.” Death waved it off dismissively, trying to reassure Sans that this was okay, Death wanted this. He wanted people to focus on other things than him, he would rather have the attention on something. “i don’ need ta be hon’ered.”

Sans didn’t seem entirely convinced, but he wasn’t going to push it either. Not that he got the chance to either.


A guard suddenly came rushing towards them, panting a little. “Uuuh, sir? Witch doctor, sir?” They said, their voice a little hurried and almost panicked. “I believe your, uh… pets? Have arrived?”

Death gasped, now looking less tired and more excited, his tail fin even lifted itself off the ground completely and even a few feet up. “ahh! where ‘s my babies?” Death asked, wanting a quick answer.


Death got his quick answer, but not the way he expected, but was pleasantly surprised about. Two medium sized sharks were barreling through the halls, a lot of people screaming as they got out of the way or even caught a glimpse of them. Some guards were even following them desperately, trying to herd them to the witch doctor.


Death clicked, getting the sharks attention before they beelined to their master. Both sharks were a dark purple color, two rows of sharp teeth. They had pierced worn jewelry on their fins, handmade necklaces that resembled Death’s around their necks, and weird markings on their bodies from straight lines to wavy or curly spirals.


“my babies!” Death cooed, his arms open wide to take both sharks in, both sharks tackling the angler fish and pushing Death back a few feet. The two sharks looked ecstatic to see Death, acting like little excited puppies when you finally come home.

Sans was shocked, needing a moment, before he could quite figure out what was happening. But once he did, he let out a surprised, blubbery laugh. “oh my god!” He called out taken aback. “pet sharks? tha’s amazin’!”

“ya ‘ere dat? ya babies ‘re amazin’!” Death cooed, the sharks making little happy gurgling as they were pet under their chin, loving the attention from their favorite person. Before looking to Sans. “da one wit’ two rings ‘s snark and da one wit’ t’ree ‘s toot’.” Death meant to say Snark and Tooth , but his accent prevents him. It was hell for Death to say his own name without dropping the ‘h’.

“snark and toot… toots?” Sans asked, trying out their names. He reached out for the sharks, a silent request to pet them.

But Death turned around and gently pushed it down. “ner, ‘s toot’. toot’-hhhh. wit’ ‘th’.” Death pointed and one of his teeth, even tapping it slightly to get the point across.

"snark an’ tooth!” Sans repeated now, more confident. “i can’ pet ‘em?”

Death nodded, moving to the side and guiding the sharks to look at Sans. “ye, ya can. bu’ ya gotta kn’er d’ere names firs’.” Death motioned to Sans, giving the sharks a smile. “dis ‘s snas, ally.” After that, the sharks slowly swam to Sans, pressing their noses to the young prince, examining him.


The witch doctor nodded to the sharks, looking at Sans. “ya can pet dem n’er.”

Happily Sans reached out his palm again, gently stroking over the rough scales on their heads. “hey you cool little sharks. y’ here to take care of death? y’ gonna behave an’ make sure ‘e’s safe?”

Death snorts, crossing his arms in amusement as he gave Sans a look. The witch doctor wouldn’t admit it out loud, but he kinda likes the scene in front of him, Sans petting his little sharkies, everyone looking to have a good time. It was a light and fluffy scene Death knew he would think back to, though he tried to convince himself it was just because of the sharks. But no… Sans was fun and really funny, someone Death was kinda glad to meet, even if he was a little annoying.


“d’aaww, does someone care ‘bout me?” Death mocked, smile turning into a smirk. “ya sure worry ‘bout my safety alot.”

Sans scoffed, but he gave him a shrug. “well yea. kinda need y’ for if papy ever gets sick again.” He then suddenly grabbed the sharkies into a gentle hug, pressing his face to theirs as he looked from them to Death. He started cooing at then, “did y’ know that your mommy saved my brother? our whole kingdom? ‘e’s a hero! y’re mommy’s a hero!”

The sharks grew rather excited about the words, their tail wagging ecstatically, so much that it was hard for Sans to keep his arms around them as they wiggled around happily. Making gurgly barks or whines, trying to press their faces more into Sans, if it were possible.


Maybe they get excited about the mere mention of their witch doctor, or they understand what Sans is saying and cheered for their master instead.


Either way, Death snorted as he went in to pet them, trying to calm them down. “n’er ler’k wha ya done.” The angler fish teases, giving Sans a fake glare.

But Sans didn’t mind at all, only squishing himself more against the sharks, giving Death a big happy grin that made him look about as excited as the sharkies were. Well Death. Looks like you have three pets now instead of just one.

Chapter Text

With his two little sharks tucked into bed, Death left his chambers at the dead of night, making sure to be quiet in the halls until he went out of the castle. The angler fish very much preferred doing errands at night, where there was barely any people out and about besides the guards, who don’t talk to him. Which was great too, because Death doesn’t want to talk to them either. He would rather go about his business without any interruptions.


He needed containers, bottles, holding items. Any way you would like to call them, Death needed. He was running out of bottles to use and he had to either make some or find some. With a bag looping from his shoulder and resting on his hip.


The witch doctor slowly made his way out the kingdom, venturing out into the dark open ocean.

Sans left not a long time after him, still spotting the angler fish on his way out. And it wasn’t the first time he had, either, though neither had he ever bothered to bother him. After all, Sans didn’t want to draw too much attention to himself either as he made his past the guards and out into the ocean.


It was harder for Sans to leave. The guards would ask him where he was going, usually tell him to not go alone or even forbid him from leaving, so Sans had to manage to leave unseen. But after years of trial and error, he knew all the little hiding places, the hidden paths and tricks to get around easily.

Not so far off, there was a long big strip going across of sand, everything else being covered by seaweed, rocks, and corals. The vast sand didn’t hide garbage left from the humans, their trash being swept away by a current, pushing it closer here. There, Death looked around in to look for his needed containers. Gently weaving through biggers piles and wove around fluidly.

Sans noticed the piles as well, intrigues almost wanting to make his way to them. But he spotted Death at the piles and begrudgingly decided today was not recycling day. He turned away, slipping through seaweeds in hopes of not getting spotted.

As Sans hid in the seaweed, Death was playing with some of the most interesting things he sometimes came across. Testing it out, pulling and prodding to see how it worked and if it was gonna do something if touched. One in his hands, looked rather weird, something that kinda tells you that it looks potentially dangerous. Which of course means that it would be in Death’s hands right now, poking and pulling on it.


All until he pulled a little lever, before it moved quickly and shot a rather good sized rock, heading straight into the seaweed and hitting something hard. Sounded like something hitting against his bones hard, which is why Death flinched when he heard contact.

Sans, meanwhile, was more than just flinching. He was slowly sinking to the ocean ground, hands wrapped around the back of his head where a boulder just hit him. Had he really been attacked!? By what!? Whom!?


Either way he couldn’t help but to let out a wail in pain once he tried to move, giving away his position, whether he was being attacked or not.


Which made the witch doctor pause, staring at the seaweed gently being flowed into the unnoticeable waves. At first not believing the voice he just heard, but in the end called out to prove himself wrong, that this person wasn’t here, to ‘I need to know’.


“snas…? ‘s dat ya?” Death said hesitantly.

In response, Sans let out another whimper. “...death?” He practically whined, his head whirring in pain. He had seen Death there, but he hadn’t thought he’d attack him! Was it really that horrible for Sans to sneak out of the castle that even the witch doctor would go to such lengths to get him back!?

“snas!?” Death said, more confidently yet more confused. “snans wha ‘re ya doin’ ‘ere? where ya hidin’?” Why would Sans want to go through the seaweed, anything can pop out to you and you wouldn’t know, and it generally not the best place to swim through. So Sans willingly going into it was… rather suspicious.


Death gently swam to the seaweed, taking his time getting there. Before parting the seaweed with his hands, spotting Sans.

“...midnight stroll?” Sans offered sheepishly. He let out a pained grunt as he rolled to his back so he could face Death, hands still clutching around the sore spot. “why’re y’ attackin’ me with rocks…?” He asked the witch doctor, though there was no anger or anything in his tone, just genuine confusion.

Death bent down a little, getting slightly closer to head level, looking to see where Sans got hurt. “didn’ mean ta, was playin’ with t’in’s.” Death explained, slowly bending out the rest of the way to grab Sans, and gently pull Sans out of the seaweed and more to the open sand, using the current to make it easier.

Sans figured that made sense enough, though it still didn’t make the pain any less. He slowly let go of the sore spot in case Death wanted to examine it, not protesting when he carried him off.


“y’ gotta be careful with that stuff,” Sans warned him, his voice a little croaky. “y’ could hurt y’reself if y’ aren’t… or others.”

“woops.” Death offered him, but it was obvious he didn’t really care to much. A hand going to Sans’ head, right where Sans’ own hands protected the injured spot, and pushed some magic into it. Healing the pain away.


Death couldn’t exactly heal, would likely need to make something to really heal unlike more offensive spells he does. But minor pains and such were doable, Death could smooth away minor things like a headache, a bruise or maybe a scratch.

Sans sighed into the soothing magic, relaxing into Death’s palm. It felt warm and calming, practically brushing the pain away.


“thank y’,” Sans hummed to Death, slowly straightening himself up again, now rubbing the spot that was once sore, barely believing how quickly the pain was gone.

“so, what’re y’ doin’ here anyway?”

Death’s free hand patted the bag on his side, “ler’kin’ fer containers fer my per’tions. runnin’ ou’.” Then absently gesturing to the junk piles of trash.

“huh,” Sans responded, glancing back to the junk pile. It was rare people from his kingdom would look for things to use there, but then again, Death hasn’t really been in his kingdom for a while.


“pops doesn’t approve of usin’ human stuff,” Sans warned. “y’ wan’ me to help y’ look ‘round? four eyes are better than two.”

Death perked at that, a small smile barely starting to form. “yeah… yea’ i would like dat, le’s ger.” Death waved Sans over as he started making his way back to the junk piles.


A part of him was actually a little happy that Sans would offer, like he actually enjoys Sans’ company, the feeling of having at least one person he feels comfortable around. It was nice, like having your first friend at a new school, hopefully good friends.


Yeah, Death would like that. Hanging out with Sans, pulling pranks and eating their faces full until Grillby comes at them with a rolling pin.

Sans gave him a thumbs up as he followed Death to the junk piles. There were quite the few interesting things. Sans weaved his way through sharp edges, rotten junk and various mysterious buttons and levers.


The sad thing about the junk pile was that, well. Everything was junk. All the containers Sans could find were broken, either with holes or unable to be closed or opened. He picked them out either way.


“hey d’, y’ want anythin’ cool with your containers? vacuum? fingerprint detection lock? uuuuh… weight scale?”

Death at first looked confused, before it changed to one of suspicion. “ya say i’ like d’ose ‘re options, wha ‘re ya gettin’ at?” The witch doctor’s eyes narrowing a little at the other, lowering the clam he was holding to put all his attention on Sans.

But Sans only gave him a shrug. “i might know a trick or two,” he simply offered, cramming more broken containers under his arms. He swam towards the angler fish now, his shining glowing feelers popping out more than ever in this darkness, almost naturally attracting Sans to him.


“y’ got enough to go?” Sans asked, not giving away where he was planning to go.

Death nodded, feeling compelled to want to find out what Sans was hiding. “lead da way.”

And Sans did. He oddly didn’t feel as worried about showing Death as he would be with the rest of his kingdom. Maybe because he found Death messing around with human belongings as well. But maybe it was because Death simply seemed like a cool person to be around.


He lead the witch doctor deeper into the vast blue ocean, until they arrived at a couple of larger rocks, some even going as far as to peek out of the water surface, forcing ships to dodge around them. One particular spike of rock had a hole in it, covered in overgrown seaweed. Sans wiggled through the growth into a vast cave, finally dropping the containers on the cave floor.


The cave was far from empty, though. There were piles of garbage, as well as singled out tools and machines, all looking unnatural, patchy, often metallic, clearly made out of junk Sans found from the humans.

The moment Death had managed to wiggle his thicker lower body out of the hole and look around, he became silent. Looking around silently as he turned around and around slowly, taking the whole room in. “wow…” He muttered, his face expression slack. “dis ler’ks cool”

Sans snorted surprised at the reaction, but he felt a little fuzzy. This was the first time he showed his cave to anyone, he was glad they reacted so… well.

“so,” Sans told him as he already began picking up the first few containers, going to one of his machines to clean them from any rust, dirt and barnacles. “y’ decided yet what y’ want for your containers?”

Death turned to focus on the eel prince, moving towards him as he eyed all the things Sans had. “i... don’ kn’er. why don’ ya surprise me, show me wha ya can der.” Death waved him off, like he was trying to shoo Sans away into making it already. Handing the containers he got during their search, “‘m gonna ler’k ‘round.”

“be careful,” Sans warned him, his tone a little amused. “don’ throw things at me again, please.”

But he did began working. He decided to check out the containers and what he had to figure out what he could do with them. Some he only fixed up to work again, but he made a few with adjustments.


He had a scale that fit perfectly into one of the containers, he only had to adjust it for the display to be outside the container, so Death could keep an eye on how much was still in it, without having to look inside.


Then he still had a few fingerprint sensors. He modified the locks to open upon successfully activating the sensor, registering the witch doctor’s fingerprints into them.

“y’ ever, like… cut thin’s up?” Sans decided to ask the witch doctor as he looked through his available pieces from past scoutings. “like, shred ‘em or somethin’?”

“ye, mostly t’in’s dat don’ fit in da jars i ‘ave, er ta der i’ when i need only certain amounts of i’. makes i’ easier when makin’ somet’in’ ta ‘ave t’in’s already ready.” The angler fish thought about the many things he would cut up before placing them in the jars, the most apparent one coming up in mind is tentacles, but there were other things, like coral or other fish life.


Now it was Death’s turn to throw his question. “ser ya been derin’ dis fer a while?” Grabbing and looking over one of Sans’ inventions from all sides.

“yup,” Sans told him as he picked up a fan of blades, going back to the containers, crafting together a small mixer for Death. “been comin’ here since, uh. i ‘dunno. little after papy was old enough to talk.” He had abandoned some of his older machines, replaced them with better, newer ones. Some he kept and modified them. Sans very rarely took his inventions out of this cave, but he never stopped making them. It felt like a waste not to, to just ignore these piles of valuable parts and pieces.


“i been keepin’ it secret since, so uh… maybe try not to tell my dad or anyone ‘bout this…”


He waved Death over, done with modifying his containers. He explained what they did and how they worked, taking Death’s hand to hold his thumb against the finger sensor, the container unlocking immediately, putting things inside one container to demonstrate the scale, spinning the little crank on one side of a container and showing him the blades spin and shred some seaweed leaves.

“so, y’ think y’ can work with those?”

Death nodded almost like an excited child getting new fancy toys. Watching everything Sans did and putting it into memory for later use. “dis ‘s ser fancy, i love it.” Death is sure those little babies will soon be his pride and joy, using them every chance he got. Hell, Death feels like maybe borrowing a few things that were already here, maybe not returning it… ever.

But Sans didn’t even mind that much either way. He didn’t use his things himself anyways, and that way they would at least get used…


“jus’ make sure pops doesn’ get wind of the human stuff,” Sans reminded him. But he stuffed them all in Death’s bag. “le’s get back to the castle, yea? ‘s ‘bout times the guards would notice i’m gone…”

“can i take some ya yer o’der stuff too?” Death asked quickly, pointing behind him to the wall of shelves inventions.

“go ‘head,” Sans told him, a little flattered Death would want them. “i don’ use most of the stuff anymore either way.”

Death quickly grabbed the few he wanted, knowing exactly where they are and darting from one to another with purpose. Like he was eyeing these inventions the whole time… When all were stuffed into The witch doctor’s bag, Death swam to Sans, looking rather excited and content.


“t’ank ya, ‘ll make sure ta use dem.” Death told the other, already moving into the hole and out the cave.




This time king Gaster wasn’t pacing. He was going straight to the witch doctor’s office.


There had been reports, commoners coming to him or the castle staff to beg for a remedy. The plague hadn’t come back per se, but… It reappeared in single cases. For now Gaster had decided to not make it public knowledge, talk to Death what may be the cause of this.


He was too stubborn to admit Death’s spell hadn’t worked. This had to be just… exceptions. The plague had to be over.


The king finally arrived at the angler fish’s room, knocking twice, announcing himself with, “it’s king Gaster, I’m coming in,” before already letting himself in the room.

Death was at his desk, looking up from a potion he was brewing, the mixer he got from Sans had white mist coming out from the bowl, like there was dry ice in there and it was reacting to the water around it.


“ye, kingy?” Death raised a bone brow, noticing the stressed out signs all over the king. “somet’in’ ‘appen?”

Gaster ignored the nickname, though with as stressed as he was it did rub him the wrong way, if just a bit.


“Yes, somethi-” The king paused. He eyed the mixer in front of Death, not recognizing the material as something… aquatic. “This is a human tool.” He stated.

“it ‘s.” Death confirmed, nodding once. He glanced at the mixer, then at Gaster, clearly seeming very chill that it was here.

Gaster gaped at him, seemingly offended. Offended that Death would have this, offended at the angler fish’s ignorance. But no. No, Gaster reminded himself, he was stressed and there was no possible way Death could’ve known.


“We don’t tolerate human things in this kingdom,” Gaster decided to tell him. “They’re too dangerous to meddle around with. If you wish you may go to one of our engineers and find replacements for your human made tools.”

Death raised his bone brow once again, like he wasn’t impressed with Gaster right now, crossing his arms and laying back on his chair, body slack. “ner t’anks, d’ese ‘uman t’in’s ‘ave been keepin’ my t’in’s fresher dan anyt’in’ made ‘n da wa’ders. dey der wanders on my per’tions.” Death explained, not fearing the king or his laws at all. Death was keeping these if the king liked it or not.

The king was less than happy, narrowing his eyes at Death, almost glaring at him. But eventually he gave in, letting out a frustrated sigh. He had bigger fish to fry.


“Very well. But as soon as one thing goes wrong, I will confiscate these… things. Make sure they won’t leave your personal chambers,” Gaster decided eventually.

Death nodded his thanks, adding in a quick but soft “dey won’ ev’a leave ‘ere.”

Gaster nodded back. “This isn’t what I’ve come here for, though.” He continued. “Death, is there any chance that… your spell might have… holes?” He tried to explain vaguely.

“nope.” Death said without even thinking about it. “das nah possible, i made sure a dat. unless some didn’ come when i was ‘ealin’ everyone.” The witch doctor looked completely confident, like nothing can change his mind. His potion was flawless, the angler fish made sure of that. One can’t just get a potion like that wrong, it was a little difficult yes, but Death was more than up to the task. This was easy for him, the only problem he faced during making it was that it was time consuming, which meant he lost a bit of sleep from it.

Gaster looked clearly troubled at that. “There have been more cases, five reported to me, of civilians coming up with the plague again,” he told Death. “So far we’ve isolated them in one or our hospitals to keep the disease from spreading, but… Death, if your potion was so flawless, what does this mean?”

Death narrowed his eyes, the whole situation was fishy the moment Gaster told him the plague was back. But to him it wasn’t hard to figure out what happened, rather simple actually. “my potion ‘eals dem, i’ doesn’ stap dem from gettin’ ‘t again. ei’der dey made contac’ wit’ da illness an’ we failed ta secure da kingdom from da plague, er dey had i’ an’ didn’ come ta my ‘ealin’ par’dy.” Death explained, seeming rather chill from the situation, maybe slightly miffed that Gaster would dare doubt his work.

Gaster nodded at that, though didn’t look any more relieved. “We secured the whole kingdom of the disease,” the king mused troubled. “We’ve spread your charms and plants anywhere we could, we rid of the toxic trash as soon as the humans drop it over our kingdom.”


Now he was pacing, in Death’s room this time, watchful of his long eel tail to not hit anything. “Civilians are forbidden from coming near the toxic trash, and those that rid of it have specialized uniforms. There should be no way for the plague to come back unless there’s stores of toxic trash we don’t know about.”

Death stayed quiet for a bit, thinking over Gaster’s words. “hmm, ‘ll der some ler’kin’ ‘round myself tanigh’. maybe ‘ll find somet’in’.” Death offered. Now the witch doctor is curious, he too wants to know how the illness was still making it to people, how people were getting sick when they were healed and around specialized charms and cleaning plants and corals. It just doesn’t make sense.


Death turned around and gently moved the mixer to the side of the table, grabbing two bowls, a masher, some stray ingredients and other tools. He snapped his fingers and clicked to get his pet shark’s attention. The witch doctor told them the things he needed them to get, not bothering in getting up and getting them himself.


That’s why he has sharkie helpers in the first place.


“‘ll star’ on da per’tions fer da five ner, ‘ll ger an’ give dem da cure myself once ‘m done.”  Death informed the king, thanking his sharks when they brought the necessary items. Looks like he can’t goof around with his new appliances today. “‘ll make a few extra fer da hospital ta ‘ave ta, jus’ ‘n case.” Death added, just in case more people come and say they are sick as well.

Gaster sighed with a hint of relief, though he clearly wasn’t convinced this was over yet. “Thank you, Death. I truly appreciate your help. I’ll make sure to have the guards scouting the area for any of the trash, too.”


Death nodded, showing he heard him, but otherwise said nothing else to the king. Already hard at work with mixing the ingredients with practised speed.

Chapter Text

It was getting late when Death finished all the potions, bagging them all before heading to the hospital, where he met with the doctors and gave them the cure. Making sure they followed his directions before he actually left someone else with his potions.


Once that was done, he went out into the vast ocean, not going so far outside the kingdom, mostly slowly swimming around the out skirts to see anything that could be the cause of the outbreak.

Sans was not too far behind. He hadn’t followed Death to the hospital, but he spotted him in the outskirts once he had sneaked out himself. Sans was curious what he was up to, though, he had noticed Death hadn’t come from the castle this time. So rather than to just call out for him and follow loudly, Sans decided to stay on the low for now, snickering quietly as he followed the little lights through the ocean.

Death never minded the light his body would make in the dark, he found them rather comforting. Never had he ever dulled or turned them off, letting anything be able to see him with no fear. He was a predator, not a prey, he attracts his food to him this way. The lights made it so that you can only see his main antenna on his head, and the feelers on his hips, bouncing gently from his movements.


Though, later he would have wished he didn’t have any part of his body lit, because it attracted the wrong things. Like the group of fish that suddenly surrounded him and tried to stab at the angler fish. Death only barely managing to dodge out of the way of the pointy objects, a gasp escaping his mouth.


An ambush.


“Stupid angler fish, you are gonna die tonight!” One of them screamed at him.


“Ruined everything the moment you showed up!” Wow, Death thought that was kinda rude to say.


“Fucking Die!” Another said.


No, you . The witch doctor never had the chance to say.


Death scoffed as he dodged the attacks, starting to swim around the bunch to avoid attacks. Some barely grazing him while some actually managed to cut him, tiny scratches soon littered Death’s body. The angler fish blamed his restricted movement from his thicker lower half, not being able to be more agile than he could be.


All the while Death tried to bite into whoever he could chomp on with his needle like angler fish teeth, making a few cry out in pain. And for added offense, he had claws, getting revenge with his own scratches.

Sans meanwhile watched the scene in horror. Whatever Death had planned, it couldn’t have been this. He could see the angler fish fighting and struggling, could tell that this was an ambush.


Sans couldn’t watch for long. He was dashing out of his hiding place, only stopping to grab a jagged coral and break it off, before barreling into the midst of the fight, letting out a war cry as he slammed his coral into one of the fish’s faces.


He heard them let out cries of surprise and shock, but it didn’t take long for the ambushing group to notice the one having joined them was the prince, some of them seeming startled, though some only seemed to see this as an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.

Death gasped, his sockets widening once he saw the idiot he calls a friend out here, fighting with people that are growing rather excited to kill him. So with fast reaction time, he managed to swim to Sans first and take his hand, pulling him towards the kingdom and swimming as fast as he could. “snas, ‘elp. yer faster dan me!” Death grunted, trying to pull Sans forward while pushing himself too.


The witch doctor dealt with bottles and magic, not physical labor. Death was not prepared for this.

Though Sans was wide eyed, startled and panting, still ready to fight off those guys - he hasn’t even gotten to bite any of them yet - he eventually noticed the change of pace and that they were fleeing now rather than fighting. He quickly pulled Death into his arms, before using his long tail to dash off in the water a lot faster than Death could.


The attacking fish were still chasing them, though the closer they got to the castle, the more they fell behind, until eventually they must’ve decided that chasing them into a castle full of guards was not the greatest idea.

Sans didn’t stop though. He slipped into the building through one of his secret sneaking places, an old window you could open from the outside if you knew how, before slipping through the castle unseen until he barreled into his room, Death still in his arms. Only then did Sans stop, his fast beating soul slowly relaxing. Sans let out a sigh.

Slowly, very slowly, Death unlatched himself from the prince. Letting himself fall on the bed next to Sans as he panted and stared at the wall. His brain finally starting to ask questions and working to solve them. “dat doesn’ ner’maly ‘appen, doesn’ it?” Death asked Sans, already knowing the answer.

Sans didn’t answer immediately, instead glancing Death over with a hint of worry in his eyes, noticing the cuts, the bits of blood.


“no,” Sans told him eventually. “are y’ ok? should i get a medic?”

Death shook his head. “ner, i need ta see yer dad.” Already getting up, still slightly reeling from what just happened, but his mind already started sorting pieces together, and now he couldn’t wait to tell Gaster. The king has to know immediately that his people getting sick was no accident.


The angler fish didn’t care of the few drops of blood he would leave as he swam to the door, cuts can be treated later, important info first.


Sans, though, didn’t like the idea of Death wandering through the halls alone at all. He was following after him quickly, trying to tell him to at least wipe up the wounds, but essentially didn’t stop Death. Though he was eying a particularly deep cut on Death’s arm, the blood seeping out from it tinting the water around Death, until Sans decided to wrap his hands around it tightly, keeping Death from at least losing this much blood…

It wasn’t long until Death’s sharks were able to pick up Death’s blood, coming to him in a frenzee because their beloved master was hurt. The witch doctor waved or petted them off him, reassuring them he was fine, including Sans. Gently taking Sans’ hand on his arm and taking it off his person. “‘m fine.” He said, giving Sans a nod before going to the throne room.


It wasn’t too late, so maybe they could still catch Gaster. That’s what Death was thinking as he barged into the the throne room once again. “kingy, i found da problem.” The angler fish growled out, marching up to Gaster with Sans and his sharks in tow, covered in cuts and looking like he was ravaged.

King Gaster looked startled, not having expected Death to suddenly barge in like that again. Though he didn’t dwell on that too long, quickly noticing the state the witch doctor was in.

“Asgore, fetch the royal paramedic,” the king called to his partner, Asgore giving him a nod, before he rushed off. Quickly Gaster focused back on Death, having heard what he announced himself with.


“What have you found out?” He asked the angler fish, clearly interested. “What happened?


Sans tried not to flinch when Gaster asked that. Oh, once he’d find out Sans not just sneaked out, but also got himself involved in a fight, Sans was going to be in so much trouble…

Though Death was a fin ahead of him. “was ou’side da kingdom when i was ambushed, dey told me dat i ruined everyt’in’ when i came ‘ere. dat it was my fault fer wha ev’a dey were mad ‘bout. i swam off an’ snas found me when i got back.” Death explained, before he started with his theories. “my plan should ‘ave taken care a da illness, kingy, i t’ink some fish ‘re brin’in’ it ‘ere on purpose. ” That would explain why they were so angry at Death to begin with.


This didn’t look good, dealing with a illness was one thing. Dealing with a illness that someone is purposely trying to put on them was another.

And King Gaster looked accordingly as troubled, brow furrowing in concern. If someone was bringing the plague into his kingdom he could do as much preventing and healing as he wanted, he’d never get rid of it until he’d find the people causing it.

“Can you give me a description of the fish attacking you?” Gaster asked, already searching one of his cabinets for a notebook and a pen. Usually he’d have Asgore or someone else take notes, but Gaster had been about to head out and to bed already, most of his staff already having left aside from those that stayed over night. But this was too important for him to wait until they would be back the next morning.

Death went on to explain the people that attacked him, five in total. He couldn’t remember fine details, but he did give Gaster their body shapes and the fins they had. The tools they used, the voices they had, even how their bodies moved. Death could remember those clearly, how everything went down, how he dodged his way from dying.


“i t’ink one a dem ‘ad strips, don’ ‘old me up ta it. it was dark.” Death warned, knowing full well his memory could be failing him now, now that the shock was wearing off and details are starting to slip.

But that was already a lot more information than Gaster could’ve possibly asked for. By the time Death was done describing, a paramedic had already come by and was treating Death’s wounds quickly, wrapping them up in ointment and bandages.


Gaster gave Death a nod. “Thank you a lot. I will make sure to look into this intensely. Please… be careful from now on, it sounds like those people hold a grudge to you.” Gaster handed Asgore the notebook with the description, mumbling him a quick rundown on what he had found out and what they would do next. Then he turned back to Death, the paramedic having finished him off and given him some pills for if he’d be in too much pain.


“You’re dismissed,” the king told Death. “Thank you for reporting to me.”

Death nodded towards the king, turning around and heading out. All the while he was glaring at the medicine he was given sceptically. Pssh, he was a witch doctor, he didn’t need lame pain killer pills. He noticed how Sans followed him and his sharks out, so he handed Sans the pills once they were out of the throne room. “‘ere, take em.”

Sans took the pills a little surprised, holding them close. He had been quiet through the whole ordeal, a little too overwhelmed with everything that had been said. He hadn’t known the plague was coming back! He hadn’t known people were purposely spreading the plague in the kingdom! That people were targeting Death!

But there was another thing that had been on his mind the entire time now, unable to talk out loud until now. Sans caught up to Death once he noticed he’d been falling behind, his hand idly petting over one of the sharks.


“hey,” Sans said towards the witch doctor. “thank y’. for coverin’ for me.”

“kinda guessed ya didn’ wan’ em ta kn’er.” Death sighed, looking at Sans tiredly, like this whole ordeal zapped him from all his energy. Oh, how excited Death was to finally lay on his bed and nap, maybe grab something to eat after his nap. Death was nocturnal after all.

Though Sans didn’t feel like he had thanked Death quite enough yet, rather than thanking him more, he had a better plan. He swiftly picked up the two sharks into his arms, squishing them to the left and right of his face as he started to coo.


“y’ hear that? your mommy’s bein’ a hero again! y’re mommy’s so nice, carin’ about me enough to cover for me~”

As the sharks wiggled in Sans’ grip excitedly, Death himself gave Sans a unamused glare. “don’ make me take it back, snans. ‘ll tell em.” He threatened, though he didn’t put much behind it. Not feeling like getting into it with Sans, his bones was rattled enough tonight.


Once they made it to Death’s door, the angler fish shooed his sharks out from Sans’ arms, sending them into the room before going in himself. Turning around to face Sans as he closed the door in front of him slowly, just enough to exchange some final words. “t’anks fer bein’ d’ere, gu’t night.” Death nodded towards Sans once, before he went to close the door.

Sans only gave him a soft smile. “night,” he told him, his own tone sounding exhausted. “sleep well. be safe.”




Begrudgingly, Sans was heading to class. He had spent probably an hour trying to argue that ‘so much happened yesterday’ and ‘he needed to recover from the shock of almost losing their witch doctor,’ a little upset that he wasn’t able to use ‘I was in a fucking fight yesterday’ as an excuse. But either way, nothing changed the mind of his personal teacher, and they were waiting for Sans in the study.


Except Sans only planned to actually go there for like five minutes, maybe, before something a lot more interesting distracted him.


Death was leaving his room.


It was only a little past morning, usually Death wouldn’t dare to even open the door at this time, acting like he was allergic to light and wakeness.


Fuck class.


Sans swam up to Death quickly, easily circling him in a loop of his tail. “where’re y’ headin’?” He asked, both in curiosity, but also a hint of worry. “are y’ feelin’ better?”

Death glanced at the eel prince next to him, for some reason not surprised to find Sans next to him. Maybe Sans has a tracker on him or something, that’s how Sans is able to find him even outside the damn kingdom.


He can never escape…


“‘m ger’d, was jus’ scratches.” Death shrugged, the bandages still around his body, but they weren’t the same ones as yesterday. They were black in color and slight torn, underwise it worked well in covering all the wounds. It even looked more like a fashion style more than actual healing bandages like the normal classic white. “wha ya wan’?”

“nothin’,” Sans told him, uncurling from around the witch doctor and instead swimming next to him. “jus’ chillin’. so what’re y’ doin’? you don’ usually leave y’re room at this time.” Was he going out again to find the people that were bringing the plague to them? Sans didn’t like the sound of that at all… Not just did they attack him last time, but they were also bringing the plague…

“gerin’ ta town.” Death muttered, he had a cloak draped on his arm for future use, in case he gets to much attention drawn to himself.

“there’s plague in town,” Sans mumbled a little concerned. He rushed away for a second, only taking a few moments before he came back, arms full of armor and masks.


“y’ shouldn’t leave the castle unprepared,” Sans decided, dropping the armor, before trying to put the mouth mask on him.

But Death’s hands stopped him, grabbing both of Sans’ wrists and pushing them down. “wha ‘re ya? my ma’der?” Death scoffed. “i don’ need any a dis.” He gestured with his head to all the things Sans got.


What was Sans even doing? Bringing him armor , really? Come on, Death wasn’t gonna live his life in fear, he was going to continue what he was doing since the beginning. And besides, that mouth mask was insulting him, Death didn’t like it. Like hell he would ever wear something like that.

But Sans only frowned at him. What if Death got the plague and was too sick to make potions for them! “ at least put on the mask,” Sans grunted stubbornly. “or ‘m groundin’ y’ to stay in the castle.”

Death slapped the mask away from his person, offended he would be offered something like…. this. “ner, i don’ need ‘t, snas ‘m a witch doct’er. i can ‘eal myself.” Death scoffed, rolling his eyes at Sans’ ridiculous actions.


For real, Sans was acting like Death would fall over and be too weak to lift a finger! The plague takes time before it gets to that point, Death could easily tell when he’s sick and heal himself before it could really affect him.

“alright,” Sans huffed frustratedly. “armor then. y’ can’ heal y’reself from gettin’ stabbed.” Truthfully, Sans wasn’t as worried about Death getting ambushed as he was by the plague, doubting someone would attack him in the heart of the kingdom, but then again… Letting Death leave and not knowing did sound like a horrible fate.

“ner, dat ler’ks uncomfer’table! i got spells ta per’tect myself.” Death huffed, already turning around and swimming away, his head held high as he swam towards to the front doors of the castle.

But Sans was more agile, was faster, and quickly caught up with him, blocking Death’s way.

“no.” He stated firmly. “‘m not lettin’ y’ leave like this. y’re the only one able to cure the plague and y’re bein’ targeted. ‘m not just lettin’ you go out like nothin’s wrong! either put ‘em on or i’m babysittin’ you.”

Death snorted, pushing Sans out of his way and continued to swim. “pfft, yer nah da boss a me.” the witch doctor laughed.

Sans scoffed offended as he was pushed away, but hardly could do more than to pout and cross his arms. Why did their witch doctor have to be so stubborn !?

“Actually, he is.” One guard decided to but into their conversation, he was standing near a door they were passing, guarding it. “He is the prince.


Death glared at the guard, who looked rather sheepish about butting in to begin with, but sunk down a little more when the angler fish stared holes into him. “‘e ‘s nah my prince.”

“i am, though,” Sans responded now, brightening up like the guard had just presented him with the best news ever. Once more he swam in front of Death, looking smug now. “as long as y’re in my kingdom, my castle nonetheless, i’m y’re prince. an’ i say y’re either puttin’ on an armor an’ mask or ‘m comin’ with you.” In which case the guards would probably come, too, but… Sans had ways around that .

But Death only crossed his arms and gave Sans an unimpressed look, leaning back a little like he was putting his weight on one side. “‘m nah yer subject, ‘m ‘m nah a par’ a yer kingdom. yer nah my prince an’ yer fa’der ‘s nah my king. now shove off.” Death waved Sans away as he swimmed past again, like Sans was some sort of little kid that needed to be shooed away because Death needed to do adult stuff.

But the guards seemed to have different ideas than Death, easily blocking off the door for him when he tried to leave. “Sorry, sir, but if the prince says you can’t leave, we have to follow his orders.”

Sans, meanwhile, was snickering smugly in the background.

Though that didn’t seem to stop the witch doctor, instead he swam little bit farther, his hands starting to get a layer of black mist around it, trailing up his arms. “well, if ya wanna be dat way, guess ‘m gonna make my own way out.“ Death growled, baring his teeth as he started to chant some words.


The guards looked rather shocked at the sudden threat, so much so that they couldn’t react fast enough when the floor shot up on two guards. Grabbing them and pulling them down into the floor like it suddenly became quicksand. The ground bended and twirled like it was liquid, like it was alive, pulling the two guards into it’s clutches until they were up to their shoulders.


It was like they sunk into the ground itself, the floor twisted into a spiral pattern around them while they struggled to free themselves.


This was when the other guards finally took action, their weapons pointing at Death, yet were hesitating. This was their witch doctor, the one that saved them all, the same one that was suddenly attacking them all.


They don’t want to kill their savior…


“ge’ out a my way.” Death growled, preparing his next spell when to more guards started to swim towards him.

But Sans wouldn’t let them attack each other. Neither let Death attack the guards, nor the guards attack Death. He got in between of them, giving a glare at the guards, before turning his head to Death, looking at him disapprovingly.

Death stopped mid chant, forcing his black magic to not even touch Sans. Sans may be annoying and stubborn as hell, but Death wouldn’t ever want to hurt him. Even if said eel prince was the reason for all of this to begin with.


Death glared at the prince, his sharp teeth bared, but the magic around his arms and hands were disappearing, seeping back into his hands. The angler fish scoffed annoyingly before turning around and marching away, fuming. The witch doctor made a hand motion upwards as he went, making both the guards stuck on the ground get spit out, like the ground suddenly didn’t like the taste of them.

Sans wanted to follow him at first, but essentially decided to let him be. He doubted he’d attack the guards again, he was probably just not going to leave at all now, too proud to give in. Or just try to sneak out… Oh no. He had shown him his sneak-out place.


Hectically Sans began picking up the masks and armor to store it again, before finally rushing to where he would usually be sneaking out, forgetting about class completely.

Chapter Text

It has been an hour since then, Death had been sulking and ranting to his sharks about Sans and the stupid guards and his stupid orders.


It took a whole hour of pouting and complaining to remember that Death had another way of leaving. A way that Sans himself showed him, without any of the guards to stop him.


With new gained gusto, Death grabbed everything he needed and went out, having to go from Sans’ room to the secret room. The witch doctor had only gone through it once and that was when he was in Sans’ arms, being led and full with adrenaline. But he managed to find it, only to let out a loud groan when he found the one and only prince Sans waiting for him right there.


This fucker.


“why da ya care ser much!?” Death complained, swimming begrudgingly towards the other and the door.

“y’re the only person that can cure us and y’re bein’ targeted, stupid!” Sans responded immediately. He’d been sitting in front of the window for almost the entire hour, almost having decided to give up, but was glad he didn’t.


But he didn’t stop Death anymore, instead just getting up and stretching himself a bit, before finally opening the window. “are y’ ready to go?” He asked Death, like there was no more discussing it. He had given up putting the mask and armor on Death - though it was still a little unsettling - but in the very least he was going to go with him. No way around it.

Death didn’t answer to anything Sans said either, also giving up on trying to go alone. Swimming past the eel and making his way outside, stopping to look around yet secretly waiting for Sans to come up as well.


Sans sadly knew the kingdom and it’s town better than Death would.


“where ta?” Death asked, looking at the window where Sans was coming out of. “ta town.”

“that way,” Sans announced, almost already turning and heading to where the heart of the town would be. But he stopped before, turning to Death considering. Before finally, maybe a little shyly though he was trying not to make it weird, taking the angler fish’s hand to make sure he wouldn’t lose him, leading him along as he swam into the direction of the town.


“where exactly did y’ wanna go?”

“nowhere, jus’ da town.” Death muttered, staring at their hands. “jus’ wanted ta ler’k ‘round ta see stuff, ler’k ‘round an’.... maybe see da people dat tried ta get me.” Death added in reluctantly, looking away.


Maybe it was better that Sans knew, Sans was also there. He could also remember a few things about that night and help Death on his search. Maybe it wasn’t so bad that Sans came along after all, he could even be Death’s person guide so he won’t get lost.


Though Death would never admit it to Sans… he was actually kinda glad he was here with him.

Sans hummed a little begrudgingly, not happy with that answer. Not happy knowing Death wanted to look for them and still refused any of Sans’ protection. But he didn’t complain, deciding it was good enough Death at least decided to let Sans come along.


“a’right then, le’s head to town then,” he simply said.


They arrived at the edges of the town pretty quickly, the first few stores and people coming in view. But that also meant that, to those, Sans and Death were coming in view as well. And what a view they were, the witch doctor that saved them all and the royal prince together! It didn’t take long for the two to catch some stares, and Sans was subconsciously trying to hide just a little bit behind Death.

While Death himself marched around like he owned the place, glancing at stalls and looking over faces. He made sure to put on the nastiest, most unfriendliest face he had, to warn off people coming up to them.


But it seems to not work out, because people still went up to them. Either to tell Death their thanks, coo and charm up the eel prince behind Death, or down right try to sell them stuff way over prized than they should be. Death didn’t stop, he kept swimming, even if it meant moving people to the side or running them over, he didn’t care. The witch doctor didn’t care about their feelings or small talk, he had a fucking mission.

That was at least until a group of young adults finally managed to successfully cut off their path, cooing at the pair of monsters.


“Oh prince Sansy, I heard you’re still looking for a wife~?” One of them cooed.


“Oh hush, haven’t you heard? Just look at him and the witch doctor, they’re sooo a thing.”

“um,” Sans began awkwardly. “we’re right here. an’, uh. actually i think we’d rather be over there.” He was pointing past the group that was blocking their way, hinting that that’s exactly what they were doing, before he tried to swim past them. Only for them to follow, still cutting off any ways around.


“Oh, no, no! We just wanted to talk a little!”

“We wanted to thank our hero~” One said, eying Death, though their tone suggested that there was more than just thanking they wanted to do.


Sans gave Death a helpless look.

The witch doctor narrowed his eyes at the fish, almost expecting there to be a catch to what she’s saying. “dats great. bye.” Death grabbed Sans’ wrist, and tried to swim around them, only for his other hand to be grabbed, forcing him to turn back around. “ wha’ ?” Death growled.


“So like,” The girl started, “if you and the prince are not a thing, maybe we can hang out sometime. maybe get a drink?” She smiled brightly at the angler fish, a hopeful, bright smile.


Another piped in, “I like your antenna, we don’t see angler fishes often. It’s cool finally meeting one. Can you control when you glow, or you just glow when your body feels like it?” She was going to poke the tip of Death’s main antenna, the longest one, the one on Death’s forehead. But a hand grabbed her wrist and tighten, slightly pain to the point that she winced.


Death glared daggers at her, his teeth slightly bared, not threatening, but still displeased. “don’. touch. me. ” Death hissed, every word dipped in venom.

But Sans took the girl’s words, albeit sort of awkward, with amusement and as an opportunity. He put his hands on the one of Death’s that was clutching around the girl’s wrist, gently prying it open.


“aww, c’mon sweety~ ” He cooed with a hint of teasing to his tone. “no need t’ be so hostile.” He took one of Death’s hands back into his own, before giving the surrounding people a wink.


“sorry girls, tha’ one’s mine,” he said, before rushing off.

Death looked from the girls, to Sans, then to the girls, then back to Sans. Already getting grouchier once he heard the squeals of excited and sad ‘awww’s from the ones that were trying to flirt. The angler fish went up next to Sans, giving him a look. “did ya jus’ call me swee’dy ?” Now that sounded like a threat.

Sans was cackling a little quietly, having a hard time keeping himself together. “d’aww, c’mon death. you’d really rather deal with ‘em than with me?” He asked, though there was still the smallest hint of teasing in his tone. “i thought y’d be a little bit more grateful after jus’ savin’ your ass~”

“don’ test me, snas. ya may be da prince, bu’ dat won’ stap me from gettin’ back a’ ya.” Death warned, snatching his hand back from Sans. Only to regret it when someone asked them if they were fighting, and was willing to be in a new, different relationship.


Wow, the tact and kindness from this person. Seeing Death snatch his hand back from Sans and instantly one of them is getting asked out.


“fuck off!” Death hissed, grabbing Sans’ hand once again and dragging the prince forward. Muttering about why he even bothered saving all these shallow and awful people.

Sans, meanwhile was snickering smugly, giving Death’s hand the slightest squeeze, though not commenting on it anymore.

Death looked down, almost bashful, before looking at Sans. “da we jus’... ‘old ‘ands now? fer now? act like we ‘re a… couple.” It probably taken everything out of Death to say that last word, but he managed to.

Though a little bashful himself now, Sans only let out a small chuckle. “sure,” he told Death, trying to sound casual about it. And it was casual, really. They were both clearly in the spotlight, so it was only natural for them to pretend they were a thing for people to leave them alone.

Death nodded, squeezing Sans’ hand a little.

But it didn’t take long until they hit the next obstacle. A vendor caught them off on their way, only barely showing the decency to look a little sheepish as Sans gave him a frustrated huff.


“Oh young prince, I’ve noticed you found a liking to the witch doctor, yes?” Sans almost wanted to groan out a low, ‘ no ,’ but essentially decided to keep quiet. “Well! It’s about time you should show him your interest with a gift! Why don’t you take a look through our store?”

Sans was seriously wondering at this point if people just did not understand that they were right there and Death heard every single word of this, but before he even could question it, he was already dragged inside the store. It was a fancy jewellery place, clearly meant for the richer people, and oddly enough, Sans actually found himself looking around.


The vendor went on to chatter about his articles, offering a few rings and necklaces to them, explaining what they symbolize and why they would fit perfectly, but Sans wasn’t paying a lot of attention.


“ey, doc. didn’ you always wanna wear a jizz crystal?” Sans asked as he motioned to a ring showing off a milky white gem. “a jizztal .”

Death looked down at the ring, then at Sans. Glaring so hard that it seemed like real lasers would shoot out from his eyes and murder Sans. His hand squeezed Sans’ hand so tightly it hurt, making the bones pop once… twice. “ner t’anks… swee’dy.” Death almost forced himself to smile at Sans, eye twitching a little.

The pressure caused Sans to wince slightly, but his cheeky grin never faltered. But the jizztal wasn’t the only one Sans noticed.


“look at this one, though,” Sans finally added, fighting past the pain of his probably completely crushed hand to pick up another ring instead. This one was fitted with a swirly dark blue gemstone, the label saying it was a blue azurite. But what caught Sans’ attention even more was the shape it was carved in, a finely detailed skull.

“tha’ one looks edgy. jus’ like you.”

Death barely glanced at, then made a double take. Not being able to hold back the barely silent “oooooooohhh…” Death’s eyes widen slightly as his hand reached for it, looking at it from all sides. Clearly looking interested, his thumb running over the top gently, feeling over it. “‘s dis a blu’r azurite?” Death asked, almost entranced.


He could put a spell on this… wear it. It would fit him nicely.


wow, it looks pretty. Death thought, before placing it back where Sans found it. what a pretty and rare gem.

But Sans grabbed the ring again only seconds after Death put it down. He waved it at the vendor, whom immediately looked very pleased.


“Found something you like, my prince?”

“yup,” Sans replied, walking over to the register, still dragging Death along by his hand. “‘m buyin’ this one.”

Death glanced at the ring, then at Sans. Refusing to let himself hope, but he did let out a questioning, quiet. “snas?”

But Sans only shrugged as he paid for the ring. He moved up the hand he was holding until he could gently place the ring on his finger.


“y’ saved my brother,” he told him, his own tone a little quieter than before. “and my whole kingdom. i owe y’ as much.”

Death looked down at the ring now on his finger, shocked into silence, then looking at Sans, words unable to come out of his mouth. Instead Death nodded, the hand that was being held by both of Sans’ hands now squeezed gently, holding Sans’ close.


“t…. t’anks…” Death whispered, a small genuine smile starting to form on his face.

Sans couldn’t help but to blush the slightest bit at the sight, giving Death a small smile back.


“c’mon, sweety, ” he finally said, his teasing tone back to get some sense of normality again. He let go with one hand, the other still holding Death’s, giving it a slight squeeze back, as he moved out of the jewellery store again. “le’s move on, yea?”

“ye.” Death said with a smile, looking down at their conjoined hands, at the new ring he got.


Together, they swam as they looked around the stall, dodging or ignoring people that wanted to talk to them or stop them. “ser,” Death started, now curious. “was dis a weddin’ ring swee’dy? dat girl did say ya were ler’kin’ fer a bride?” Death snickered, giving Sans a teasing smile.

Sans snorted, giving Death a knowing look. “huh. guess it was,” he decided with a relaxed shrug. “guess that means y’re my princess now~ how is it like, suddenly bein’ royalty?” He was almost cuddling up a little to Death as he said that, pressing his side to Death’s, as his tone held a teasing hum.

“i feel like da king a da world!” Death chuckled, leaning into Sans as he gave him a toothy grin. Death was about to say something else, but the glee in his face died out and was replaced by annoyance when a shopkeeper went in front of them and starting talking extremely fast.


Death thinks he is trying to sell them something, but with how fast he was talking, Death couldn’t tell. Until the man motioned with his hands to a store that had pictures of sea shell carriages.


He was trying to sell them something!


“we don’ wan’ any.” Death hissed, pressing himself to Sans like the other will protect him from his people. “why da ya wan’ dem ta live again?” Death whispered to Sans, almost going behind the other.


Did Sans really buy him a ring in thanks to saving these people? Papyrus he understands, but these people.



Sans was chuckling amused, his arm wrapping around Death’s back to hold him close. “my dad likes ‘em for some reason. they’re ok as long as y’ don’ have to go outside,” Sans decided to tell him. “an’ y’ need someone around to prank.”

Truth be told, that was probably the most Sans would do around commoners. He never needed to leave his castle for anything, so the only time - before Death arrived - he would leave the castle and go to town, was when he would be playing pranks on civilians, vendors, innocent bystanders. It was just too much fun seeing everyone get frustrated by him, yet be unable to do anything since he was royalty.


“y’ know, we should play some pranks on ‘em together. maybe then they’ll stop bother-”

“Oooh, prince Sansy!” Speaking of the devil. “Are you really giving your time to the witch doctor? I’m not sure he’s fit to be royalty, you should think of your duties and find someone who’s really worth the position.”


Sans only rolled his eyes, holding Death closer to his person. “i think y’ should think of your duties an’ leave us alone t’ enjoy our royal walk,” Sans scoffed back at them.

“yeah, royal .” Death grins at the jellyfish, that kinda looks like a ghost… fish. Death nevertheless holds up his hand, not even letting go of Sans’ hand as he showed them his new ring, even wiggling his finger a little to make sure they know what they are supposed to be looking at. “since i don’ waste time sittin’ ‘round an’ gettin’ sick an’ instead save da ‘ole kingdom . i t’ink ‘m mer dan wor’dy, mer dan ya a’ least.” Death grinned at them, showing his teeth with a big smug smile. Pulling Sans close until their chests and cheeks were pressing together.

The jellyfish seemed pretty offended, while Sans was just snickering smugly, snuggling into Death.

“Just because you healed some people doesn’t make you fit for royalty , you creepy hermit,” the jellyfish sneered at Death, but Sans gave them a pissed glare.


“‘ey, ‘e’s still the royal witch doctor, y’ offend ‘im, y’re offendin’ the crown, so watch your fuckin’ tone,” Sans hissed at them, before deciding to simply leave the scene, pulling Death along, too agitated to pay them any more attention.

“hehehe,” Death giggled as they left, turning his head a little to give the jellyfish a final grin before moving on completely. “oh snans, ‘ow can ya pick a creepy ‘ol ‘ermit like me instead a someone like dem?” Death batted his sockets at the eel, resting his head on Sans’ shoulder as he clung to his arm, looking up at the other’s face. Imitating the voice of the jellyfish they just left behind, obviously mocking them and everything they said about him.

Oh, but two could play that game. “o’ course i would, y’re my hero after all~” Sans cooed back at Death, imitating the tone of those gushing girls from earlier. “and y’ looked so handsome an’ mysterious when y’ were healin’ all those people. oh death, y’re sooo amazin’.”

Death laughed as Sans continued, turning his head until it was hiding in Sans’ neck, his shoulders bouncing. When Sans was done being a idiot, Death moved slightly away and looked up at Sans, his cheek pressing into Sans’ shoulder gently. “hehe, snas yer ama-” He didn’t get to finish his sentence, because his gaze went from Sans to behind the eel prince. Gasping in shock before his left eye flared, before a blue bubble appeared around the two skeletal fishes.


Just in time for a spear to be stopped from Death, though it popped the angler fish’s bubble, it has done what Death wanted anyways. People started to scream and swim around frantically, effectively covering up the person who threw it and get away.

Sans was startled, holding Death close to himself. A part of him knew he should be following that person, should find them, make sure to arrest them, but another, much much stronger part of him didn’t want to put Death in danger.


So instead of heading towards where the spear came from, he swam into the opposite direction. He knew the guards already got wind of this anyways. They’d be able to handle them…


Sans, for now, made sure he was getting Death as far away from them as possible.

Death let himself be led away, he didn’t really care. Right now he was reeling at the fact that the people that wanted to kill him would go so far as to try to do it in public. They must be very desperate if they dared to try here, in the middle of town, in front of everyone.


They made it to the castle, swimming straight in, passing the guards, letting them completely cover them as they went in. Once again, they made it to Sans’ room, throwing themselves into Sans’ bed.


There Death laid, staring into Sans, watching him pant. His chest rising up and down, his ribs moving with the movement. Huh, Death could watch that for hours….


“hehe.” Death laughed, after a while. “tol’ ya dat i could per’tec’ myself.” Death grinned, laughing louder as he rolled onto his back.

But Sans wasn’t happy with that, frowning, almost pouting a little, as he began gently whacking Death over the head. “y’ idiot!” He scolded, sitting up now to feel like he had some leverage over Death, looking down at him - though he hardly even noticed he was suddenly straddling him on the bed. “y’ could’ve gotten hurt! wha’ would’ve happened if y’ hadn’ seen it in time!? y’ would’ve been stabbed right through.”

He was clearly pouting now, right down at idiot Death, who thought he was oh so safe and could protect himself, when he had barely dodged an attack today.

“heheh, bu’ i didn’. ‘m fine an’ i did i’ by myself, ner per’tection from anyone.” Death said smugly, looking up at Sans lazily, relaxed, not even threaten or bothered that Sans was over him, looming down like the other was trying to be threatening. Sans was not a threat.

But Sans still wasn’t happy, huffing, before he sunk down with a pout, lying on top of Death now, head on his chest, a big frown on his face. “y’ suck,” Sans grumbled. “y’re horrible at takin’ care of y’reself. stupid witch doctor.” He whacked him over the head once more, but it was gentle, hardly meant to hurt at all. He was just very frustrated.

“wha da ya mean ‘m har’rible a’ takin’ care a myself? i jus’ saved myself! dat da embodiment a takin’ care a myself!” Death laughed, feeling rather light considering what just happened. Maybe it was because of what happened that made Death light and slightly giggly.


His father did call him the ‘weird child’.

Sans only stuck his tongue out at him angrily. “shaddup,” he complained. “‘t doesn’ count. y’ got lucky.”


But before he could even argue much longer, Sans flinched at the sound of his door banging open. Oh, he knew what that meant.


Sheepishly Sans rolled off Death to sit up and face his father. King Gaster looked at the two a little startled, clearly not having expected to see them like this. Let alone to see Death, the serious and grouchy Death, laughing as Sans was fretting over him. But he didn’t seem to dwell on it for too long, instead fixing Sans with a disapproving glare.


“You sneaked out of the castle.” He noted.



“You got attacked.” He added.


death got attacked,” Sans corrected.

“Sans, this is exactly why you’re not supposed to leave without guards!” The king lectured him, not caring about Sans’ excuse. “You could’ve gotten hurt, killed even! What would you have done then!?

“call one a the countless of guards that’re around?” Sans suggested with a shrug.

“They’re not always around!” Gaster argued, though. “You’re a prince, Sans. You’re a target! And the witch doctor is one, too!

“ta be fair.” Death chimed in. “i tol’ em i could per’tec’ myself. an’ i ‘ad, because i stap da spear from even touchin’ us.” Death had raised his hand and waved a little, like he was trying to show Gaster that he too, was also here and was there at the attack too.


“‘m fully able ta take action, jus’ ask yer guards. hehe, dey kn’er.” Death laughed a little, clearly recalling something that happened with the guards, even glancing at Sans, knowing that the prince knows what he’s talking about.

Sans even let out a small snicker, but decided not to try his luck and add his own spice to it. Gaster already looked unhappy enough, frowning at Death now, though clearly not as angry as he had at Sans.


“Still. It’s safer for both of you to leave with guards around. I wouldn’t want you to get hurt, Death,” the king argued. “And Sans knows he’s not allowed outside without guards. Whether you can protect him or not. Sans knows very well he was breaking a very important rule.”

Sans only gave him a sheepish grin as he shrugged.

“oohhh, snas, yer in trouble~” Death teased the other, giggling a little as he nestled into the bed, getting himself comfortable while also getting himself out of the conversation. Leaving it alone now so the two royals could have their serious talk like royals should.

And they did, Gaster lecturing Sans about his duties, his responsibilities and safety, while Sans tried to find excuses on why he left without the guards, telling Gaster that they would’ve been only even more noticeable with five bodyguards around them, and that it was impossible to navigate like that and that he deserved to be able to move freely, at least in his own damn kingdom.


Their arguing got cut short after almost twenty minutes, when Gaster finally got summoned by a group of guards wanting to give reports.


“This is not over yet,” the king warned Sans, still looking very displeased with his son’s recklessness, before he left.


Sans only let out an exhausted groan, throwing himself back on the back. He rolled to his stomach until his face was buried in a pillow, groaning into it.

Death looks up, having taken a short nap while Gaster was scolding his son. “ey, princie.” Death poked Sans’ side. “‘m gonna ger ou’ la’der fer mer inger’dients fer da cure. wanna come wit’?” Death might as well invite Sans, might be useful having the sucker around.


The witch doctor found it a little funny that he was offering Sans to go outside with him alone again right after Gaster leactured both of them.

Sans was surprised himself. Not necessarily because of the lecture, but because they had just gotten ambushed, Sans doubted it was very safe to go out right now.

But then again his alternative was to stay here until Gaster would come back later…


“a’right,” Sans decided. “sure. i’ll come with y’. get some potiony stuff. tha’s a good cause and totally not an excuse to just get outta here.”

Chapter Text

They snuck out the same place from when they went to town, already making their way to the out skirts of the kingdom, this time Death leading.


As they were swimming, Death was hastily writing something on a parchment, before handing it to Sans. “‘ere, i need d’ese plan’s.” Death had written down the names of each plant he needed, even writing down a description of said plant.


The witch doctor doubted they would separate, but it wasn’t unlikely that they would be a few feet away from each other as they searched. Besides, two pairs of eyes was better than one, maybe Sans will spot it first.

Sans eyed the list curiously, recognizing some of the names, but especially some of the descriptions. They weren't plants you'd usually find around the kingdom, most likely since Death was a deep sea fish, he was used to deep sea plants. But Sans knew a way to get around having to go all the way back to Death’s cave to get them.


“there’s a, uh, cliff where we can get most a those,” Sans suggested, still eying the little list. “‘s not too far from here. y’ wanna go there? ‘s pretty cool to look at, too.” Sans had never been to the bottom of it, it looked to deep, dark and dangerous to venture down if you weren’t a deep sea creature yourself - though with Death alongside him he might just do it some time… - but the plants would grow off the sides of the cliffs and in little holes and caves.

Death hummed, pleased. Giving Sans a nod before letting him take the lead, guiding Death to the cliff he was talking about. And what a beauty it was, the way the plants grew on the side of the cliff made it kinda… magical. The way it flowed with the gentle waves, the different colored animals and plants moving around in it. It was quite a sight and Death was honestly very glad he could see it with his own two sockets.


“wow, noice place.” Death whistled, swimming towards it with no hint of worry or suspicion. “le’s ger.”


He can already see a few plants he needed, Death was definitely coming back here another day.

Sans was chuckling a little, following Death to pick the plants he had listed him, sometimes asking him about different plants that looked especially cool or weird, asking if Death knew what they were or what they did.


“look at this one,” Sans said with a chuckle, showing him an odd, curly plant that curled and wrapped itself around Sans’ finger as soon as he touched it. “‘s huggin’ me!”

“dats nah a plan’....” Death muttered calmly, like he was completely at peace. “dats a animal, an’ get yer ‘and ‘way be’fer i’ takes yer finger.” The witch doctor barely glanced over, but he didn’t need to look for a long time to notice what it was.

“eugh,” Sans grunted, quickly pulling his finger back with a bit resistance. It was covered in a sticky yellowish substance he quickly wiped away on the dirt.


He quickly caught up to where Death was, putting the plants he had collected into Death’s bag. “so, have y’ always been doin’ this kinda stuff?” Sans asked Death curiously. The witch doctor was picking out the plants and corals so effortlessly, with practiced ease, like he was born doing so. It was fascinating to watch, fascinating to imagine Death knew the names and qualities of all of these, knowing how to use them to get certain effects.


How long would one have to study to learn all of this?

“since i could remember, jus’ liked ta der t’in’s wit’ anyt’in’ i find. jus’ ‘appened.” Death remembered the day his little games of messing around with things ended up with making an actual potion. It wasn’t perfect in any way, it even backfired. But the fact that Death made it, all by himself. Death liked it, and that’s how the little witch doctor knew what he wanted to do.


“dad t’ought i was a weird kid, bu’ ‘e encer’aged me.” He really missed his dad, and his brother…

Sans chuckled a little, imagining a tiny angler fish throwing a bunch of plants in a pot and causing explosions, his father cheering him on. “‘e sounds like a good guy,” Sans told him. “where is he? did y’ leave ‘im behind when pops brought you over here?” He’s never asked Death about his family before, for some reason having assumed he had none if he brought none. But now he wasn’t so sure anymore.


Had he been forced to leave his family behind to save them? That didn’t seem very fair…

“we use’ta travel tage’der, me, my bro an’ my dad. bu’ a’ one point i couldn’ carry my per’tions anymore. i’ was ‘ard bein’ a travelin’ witch doctor, an’ we couldn’ stay in da same place fer long ser i nev’a got ta der ‘arder stuff. ser i stayed a’ da cave we were in one day, an’ i told dem ta ger a’ead.” Death picked up a sea star, looking it over before placing it in his bag. “dey didn’ wanna, bu’ i told dem in da end we all get wha we wan’. i get ta expl’er magic as far as i wan’. an’ dey get ta travel like dey like ta der.”


Death looked at Sans, giving him a small smile. “i told dem dey can visit, guess d’ere gonna be ser surprised ta see ‘m nah d’ere anym’er.” Oof, they might get more than surprised. Maybe they would be angry, but if Death explains, he thinks he would be forgiven. There was no doubt his family will track him back to the kingdom, he had full confidence in them.

“huh,” Sans hummed curiously. So Gaster hadn’t forced him away from his family. At least that's something. “maybe we can leave a note in your old cave,” Sans offered. “they could visit y’ in the castle.” Though, Sans wondered, how long was Death planning to stay? Was this his permanent plan? Or did he plan to leave once the plague was gone?

Sans felt oddly sad about the idea of Death just… leaving once this is all over. Sure, Sans could still visit him, but it’d be a long journey…

“‘s a two day trip, i don’ wanna der i’ ‘gain. i doubt dey will visit me ser’n anyways, ‘ll probably ger back be’fer dey der. unless dis ‘ole plague t’in takes longer…” Death grumbled the last part out, almost like he was annoyed with the people that was causing the plague.


Death wasn’t planning to go soon, but he wasn’t planning on staying forever. Why would he not consider himself a non citizen if he would stay forever? No, Death will take his time, just so he has a lot of time to play with his new toys, his new tools, new ingredients. It was too much to give up, Death at least had to experiment a little.

“ah,” Sans replied, his tone suddenly sounding a little subdued, a little disappointed. But he honestly wasn’t too surprised Death was planning to leave. He didn’t seem like the type to willingly stay in a kingdom , even if he was in the royal castle…


He decided to busy himself with picking out more plants, always delivering them back to Death, before rushing off again to find more. It was only a little while later that Sans suddenly heard a voice, and this time he didn’t rush off when he caught up with Death to deliver his plants.


“y’ hear that?” He asked him instead.

Death stopped what he was doing to listen, staying still to cause as little noise as possible. Though he figured he didn’t have to do that, because he heard the cry for help quite clearly. Sounded young, not too young, but most likely in their early teens. The witch doctor didn’t care though, “nah our problem.” he said, continuing to pick up the cluster of clams he found.

But the voice sounded frightened and desperate, and Sans didn’t feel quite right just leaving them behind. Figuring that there was no point in arguing with Death, Sans decided to simply take the angler fish by the hand and follow to where the voice was coming from.

Death only sighed, a big frown already starting to appear on his face as he watched the group of clams getting farther and farther away.


stupid prince…

Sans followed the cries until he finally found where they were coming from. A young dumbo octopus, looking like she didn’t belong here at all, looked at the two approaching skeletons with wide, hopeful eyes.

“Please!” She called out, her tone desperate. “I lost my little brother! I’ve been looking for him all day, but this cliff is too big… Oh, I’m so scared something happened to him!”

“ner.” Death said, plain and simple. Not seeming to be guilty or troubled for the other. “fuck off.”

“we’ll help,” Sans answered over Death, before the young octopus could even quite process Death’s words. But she still seemed a little confused.


“Thank… you? I’ve seen my brother last over there…” She lead Sans and Death over to a farther away part of the cliff, marked by a large collection of corals. Sans wasn’t letting go of Death’s hand, dragging him along the whole way, and when they started searching for the lost boy.


“c’mon, doc,” Sans told him, trying to encourage Death to be at least a little helpful. “‘ow would you be if y’ lost your brother?”

“i ‘avn’t seen my bra’der in years, an’ ‘e could a’ least take care a ‘emself.” Death grumbled, letting himself be dragged, but he wasn’t making it easy for Sans. “why da i gotta come wit’?”

“wha’ about when he was younger? an’ he couldn’t ‘ave taken care of himself?” Sans argued though, taking both of Death’s hands to squeeze them dramatically, trying to bring his point across, trying to bring the emotion across. “he couldn’t’ve been born knowin’ kung fu or some shit.”

“‘e was older, i didn’ ‘ave ta worry ‘bout dat.” Death huffed, turning his head to the side stubbornly, but he didn’t pull his hands away.

“what if you got lost?” Sans decided to say then. “or your sharkies. as babies. an’ no one would come to help ‘em, look for ‘em?”

“‘m nah gonna rely on anyone else fer ‘elp, deyed probably run ‘way from me be’fer i can get close.” Death scoffed, looking at Sans like he was stupid, like this was simple knowledge. Though, to be fair, Death was a predator, a lot of fish swim away at just the sight of him. Death and his family had to learn quick to survive by themselves, with no help from others.


Which was why it was so weird living in the castle…

“your family wouldn’t,” Sans argued, mumbling when he added, “we wouldn’t…” But he decided he didn’t want to argue anymore. If Death wanted to be stubborn, let him be stubborn. Instead he focused back on actually finding the young octopus’ brother.

Death huffed, but looked at the ground, wondering why Sans’ words caused his cheeks to flare up. He didn’t say anything as he let Sans lead him, not really paying attention where they were going and how long they had been searching. So when he heard a younger, scared cry, it made the witch doctor flinch.


He looked up, only to see a young octopus trying to get away from a shark, a full grown one. Oh boy, guess the younger brother is dead. Oh well, Death tried, boo hoo for the older sister.

But Sans wasn’t that quick to give up. While the sister was crying in horror, Sans tensed, trying to think of something to do. “death, try t’ get the sharks attention while i grab the boy,” he instructed, already getting himself ready to snatch the small dumbo octopus from the large jaws of the shark.

Now Death glared at Sans, like he had offended him. “escuse ya? why should i? ” He crossed his arms and leaned back, his body language making it clear that he wasn’t going to move.

But Sans only let out a grunt, frustrated with the angler fish’s stubbornness. “ fine, i’ll do it,” he said, “one a y’ get the kid.” And before either of them could even react, Sans dashed ahead.


It was hard to get the attention of a shark which had it’s focus already on an easy piece of prey, which was why Sans had wanted to send Death to it, to attract it with his many lights. But anyone could do it if they tried hard enough, so Sans tried very hard by straight up slamming himself into the shark’s face, making sure his tail was on the shark’s nose and out of range of it’s teeth. Instead Sans sank his own teeth into the shark’s head, the large animal roaring and flailing in complaint, shaking Sans off, only giving the eel a few seconds before already chasing after him, Sans now on the run.

Death watched them go, not really all that worried. Sans was very fast, he could outswim a shark. Death looked over to the petrified child that saw their death right in front of him, un moving. Death sighed, before looking at the older sister, who was just as petrified.


Why does he have to be around idiots?


Death decided he might as well, as he started to swim towards the smaller octopus, getting his attention. “‘ey kid, yer sis ‘s righ’ d’ere. ger.” The witch doctor pointed to the octopus’ sister, expecting the kid to swim as fast as he could to her. But nope, the kid looked up at Death, and decided that the angler fish was too scary, and began to cry.


Said angler fish sighed once again, completely done with everything. As he grabs the kid forcibly and drags him to his sister, throwing him into her arms. the older sister scrambling to catch her crying younger brother, holding the little octopus to her chest. She looked up at Death, blinking, her mouth opening and closing like a fish out of water.


Death growled, waving them away. “ger, shoo.”

Sans meanwhile was screaming. The shark was faster than expected, rapidly gaining on him, and while Sans was more agile, easily leading the shark to swim face-first into several walls Sans dodged last second, Sans also had a very long tail dragging behind himself, and feeling the shark’s presence so close to it, almost close enough for it to bite off Sans’ tail, left the prince quite nervous.


“some help please!?” Sans screeched out to them, trying to think of a way for him to turn this around, but having a hard time thinking when he was swimming away from an angry shark.

Thankfully he didn’t need to worry, because Death heard his pleas, and oh boy he wasn’t happy with that at all. He turned around, glaring daggers at the shark as his hands formed a black mist. But they were shaking, like he couldn’t contain his rage and was about to explode.


Which was exactly what happened, because even Death was surprised at how much came out when he released his spell. A big black mist came out, sinking into the earth and speeding to the shark. Right when it was under the shark, it shot up with speed and precision. But the magic seemed uncontrolled, aggressive and angry. Making black spikes come out from the ground, piercing the shark from below, skewering it.


The shark struggled, roaring in agony and misery, it’s whole body from head to tail fin was punctured with dark sharp spikes, all that seem to give off the black mist, but this time it was paired up with… a sizzling sound?


The flesh touching the spikes were… turning black, black vein like lines started to spread around the shark’s body, making it cry out even more.


Death was surprised, but he didn’t let that distract him for to long, this time letting his anger go, letting the spikes move and wrap around the shark, encasing it. Until it was pulled into the ground, never to be seen again.

Sans had turned around once he had heard the shark cry, wanting to see what happened, only to get nearly traumatized by the sight. But even so, as traumatizing and terrifying it was to watch the shark’s suffering, he’d prefer it any fucking day to being between those several rows of razor sharp teeth.


He quickly hurried over to Death, knowing exactly the magic had come from him. His soul was beating fast, still from the panic and adrenaline, and he couldn’t help himself but to swim into Death, almost knocking the angler fish over, but instead wrapping his arms around him in a hug.


“thanks, holy fuck,” he panted out, his voice almost shaking from everything that’d just happened. Though feeling Death’s body to his helped him relax, more so even when Sans slowly nuzzled his face into the other’s neck a little, letting out a soft sigh.

Death sighed too, the first non annoyed or irritated sigh he made during this whole trip, but one of relief and content. His arms wrapped around Sans quickly and pulled him in tight, holding him close as he let his head rest on Sans’. “yer okay, i won’ let anyt’in’ ‘appen ta ya when ‘m ‘round. don’ worry.” Death whispered into Sans’ skull, one hand gently rubbing Sans’ back, his arms slightly cradling the other.


Don’t even ask the witch doctor why he got so mad at the shark, or why he was holding Sans like this now. Or how he nuzzled into the other and whispered comforting words, wanting the prince to feel safe with him. He didn’t know himself why he was doing all these things, why he would, but he was and it felt right, so he did, no question about it.

And Sans loved it. Sans did feel safe with him, felt comfortable and wanted. But more importantly he felt smug. “i thought y’ didn’t care ‘bout helpin’,” Sans teased, still in their hug, his tone quiet enough for only Death to hear. “d’awww, do y’ care ‘bout me? lil’ ol’ sansy~?”

“yes…” Death muttered, snuggling his face into the side of Sans’ head. “bu’ only ya, fuck d’ose damn kids…” he whispered back as he hugged the other tighter, matching Sans’ tone.

Sans was… actually surprised about the answer. His face was flushed in a soft cyan, and he couldn’t help but to lean more into Death. He wanted to fluster Death, dammit, not for Death to fluster him.


They stayed like this for a little bit, Sans simply enjoying the closeness, comfortable in Death’s arms. Before, eventually, the dumbo octopi approached them.


“Thank you for saving my brother!” The girl said. “Thank you, thank you both so much!

“heh, ‘s all right,” Sans decided to tell them, though he never let go of Death. “glad your bro’s ok.”

“i demand payment.” Death suddenly interjected, glaring at the kids. About to let go of Sans, but was stopped by the prince himself. Welp, guess he was going to continue hugging the prince now.


The girl looked taken aback, almost afraid. “W-we don’t have anything on u-us…” She said, hugging her brother closer.


Death frowned, looking her and her brother up and down, before motioning to the boy with his head. “‘ll take em as payment.” He could use good octo parts.


The two siblings looked absolutely horrified, holding to each other tightly as they stared at the angler fish, shaking in fear.

“‘e won’t,” Sans assured them, waving them off. “don’ worry. we don’ need any payment. jus’ be safe from now on. c’mon doc.” And with that he slowly let go of the hug and instead pulled Death along on one hand as he tried to leave the scene before Death would try to steal the girl’s brother.


“i can pay y’,” Sans said, once they’ve gotten far enough away from them. “‘t was me you saved anyways.” And he’s the one that’s gotten Death into this to begin with.

But Death shakes his head, waving Sans off with his free hand. “nah, don’ wan’ it.” Very chill, like he wasn’t tricked out of payment with the kids. who he was messing with to begin with, because he was a mean witch doctor that enjoyed people struggling. “le’s jus’ ger ‘ome.”

Sans gave him a soft smile, humming happily when Death called the castle ‘home.’


“a’right,” he hummed, leaning his side into Death a bit. “le’s go home.”

Chapter Text

Once they made it back to the castle, Death bid Sans good night and went to his room.

Sans went back to his own room, getting ready for bed. It was pretty late already, and it had been a long day. He just made himself comfortable, tail curled up under the blanket, head perfectly nestled on the pillow, before he got disturbed by a noise at the door.

The door opened to two sharks, trying to be quiet but failing to miserably. Closing the door behind them like polite little babies and going straight to Sans, making happy noises as they snuggled into the bed. Getting themselves comfortable around Sans, one on each side of Sans, sandwiching him between to deadly yet cuddly sharkies.

Sans was more than surprised at the sudden sharks, not having expected them here! If anything he thought it might be his father about to lecture him, or maybe even his teacher or guards. But not the sharkies!

Not that Sans minded…


He wiggled a little between the two sharks, getting himself comfortable, before starting to pet each with one hand. “hey boys. y’ wanna sleep ‘ere tonight?” He asked the sharks with an obvious surprised chuckle in his tone.

One of them made a gruff coo, confirming Sans of the plans.

Sans only chuckled amused, giving them a small, “a’right then. night,” before already slowly falling asleep between two cuddly lethal sharks.




The better Sans would get along with Death, hanging out with him, giving him new tools to play around with and use, the more and more confident Sans got with asking him for potions. Nothing too fancy, too dangerous, just things to play little pranks with on people.


But it’s quickly become a thing that… Sans would tell Death about his prank plans, and Death would give him any but the potion he had asked for, making it more interesting for both of them.


“so ‘m plannin t’ wait ‘till dinner,” Sans told him one day, lying on the floor of Death’s room as the witch doctor was preparing something. “sneak somethin’ into asgore’s food while they ain’t there yet an’ the staff’s busy. i was thinkin’ somethin’ like a hiccup potion, bu’ it only happens when he wants to talk.”

Death chuckled as he listened to Sans, almost done concocting said potion he was planning to give Sans. The color was a bright pink, little bubbles frizzling up to the surface of the liquid. “‘ere, den dis is wha yer goona wanna ‘ave.” Death closed the bottle before going to hand it to Sans. “‘m sure it will give ya a ger’d laugh.” Death smirked, proud.

Sans took the bottle in awe and curiosity, admiring the nice color and wondering what it was. But he wouldn’t have to for too long.


When Sans reached out for it, taking the bottle from Death, one of the sharkies started getting especially excited. It must’ve thought Sans was reaching out to pet it, and started rushing forward to push itself into Sans’ palm, successfully knocking the hand out of their hands.


Not realizing that Death had lost his grip on the bottle as much as Sans had, Sans only let out a surprised gasp, before squeezing the shark’s cheeks. “y’ rascal, don’ startle me like that!” He chuckled, pulling the happy shark’s face close to his to give him a playful glare.

Though Death wasn’t laughing, he stared in horror as the bottle broke from the sudden abuse of being slammed into not only the shark, but into him. Breaking the glass and spilling the fluid onto Death, the pink liquid sinking into his body like Death was a sponge.


“oh ner…” Death muttered, already starting to slowly sink to the floor tilting over a little. One hand clumsily grabbing onto the edge of a table for support. “ooohhh shiizz” Death said, but it was slightly higher pitch.

It was then that Sans noticed something was wrong. He glanced over to Death concerned, confused, before he saw the bottle broken…


“oh fuck,” Sans gasped a little startled. “ah fuck! death, you ok? did y’ get cut?” He was picking up the shards of the bottle, making sure not to touch the pink liquid, though almost all of the potion gone by now oddly. He brushed over Death’s body to see for any cuts or anything else, not feeling too worried about the potion.

He was just going to play a prank anyways, right? It couldn’t be that bad!

“cut? ar’ we takin’ a break?” Death asked, his tone sounding light and slightly carefree. He giggling a little as he struggled to stay up, at some point giving up and just letting himself lay on the ground. “oohhh, yer tail ‘s serr pre’dy!” Death squealed, grabbing onto Sans’ tail and hugging it close to his chest, a hand planing with the tip of it.

Sans’ face turned blue in surprise and embarrassment, almost trying to tug his tail back closer, but Death was holding it to himself. He had not expected this!

“uh… thanks?” Sans mumbled a little taken aback. “y’ got a pretty cool tail yourself. uhhh… so… are y’ ok? looks like the potion disappeared completely.”

“da pink stuff?” Death asked, barely managing to lift himself up to be at least swimming to the same height as Sans. Pointing to the area most of the potion spilled onto. “it liked me ser much, it went inside my body!” Death was so giddy, like he was excited that the pink liquid has chosen him.


“der i suddenly ger on a journey? get powers? find a babe ta save?” Death asked, looking around like it was going to dropping out of nowhere and change his life, but nothing came.

“oh my god,” Sans snorted, before taking Death’s turning face into his hands, squishing both cheeks. “death wha’ is up with y’!” He said, though he couldn’t help but laugh. Was that what that potion did? Just… make him act all silly?


Death had a face of someone who was super concentrated on something. “i t’ink… d’’ere was somet’in’ ta der wit’ puffer fish poison?” Death muttered, unsure. Before he shrugged and moved away from Sans, swinging his hips to a beat that was in his head, slowly drifting off from the other and swimming around the room randomly. “da da da da~”

Sans was watching him, both amused and worried. Oh, Sans knew puffer fish poison… It was used as a drug to wind down. Was that what was going on with Death? Was he… high?


“death, do y’ know how long this’ll last?” Sans asked with a soft chuckle, following the angler fish around to make sure he wouldn’t hit anything. He didn’t look entirely stable…

Death turned around to face the other, giving him a look, before swimming up to the prince. Grabbing him by the shoulders and almost glaring into his eyes, “as ler’g as yer dick, ser pre’dy sher’t.” Before pushing Sans away, spinning his way onto his bed, flopping onto it and laying there, dead.

Sans gasped in utter offense. “it ain’t short!” He called back at him, following Death to his bed to hover over him with a glare. “take it back, y’ fiend. my dick’s perfectly fine.” He was crossing his arms, face in a pout. “b’sides, y’ never heard of long tail, long dick? now look at your tail!”

Death rolled over so he could see Sans, giving him a goofy smile. “if ‘s nah sher’t, den show me.” Death said, motioning with one hand to Sans’ shaft, where the juicy glowstick is hiding. “sh’er me.”


The witch doctor moved his hands so they were crossed under his head, propping them up as he watched the other, tail swishing gently.

Sans’ face bloomed up in a bright blue. Wow! This high Death sure was not shy. “i don’ think we’re quite on dick showin’ terms yet,” Sans decided to tell him instead, before grabbing the corners of Death’s bent elbows, gently pulling him upwards. “now c’mon. y’ can make some kinda cure, right? i don’ think my dad would wan’ a high witch doctor around for too long.”


Though it was kind of funny, Sans couldn’t deny that. Aside from the dick comments…

Death pushed Sans away as he got up, “i can make a cure? can i cure cancer? er wer’ld ‘unger?” Wouldn’t it be great if he could do that? Death would be the most loved person in the world, he could get money and force people to do things. And because they love Death so much, they wouldn’t refuse when Death asks them to do something. Like taking their siblings for parts!

Sans snorted, though started to get a little worried. Oh boy, he sure hoped Death wouldn’t stay this way for too long. The plague had been popping back up more and more and if Death didn’t even remember how to make potions… Oh, that might be really bad.


“yea, remember? y’ got y’reself high with a potion? y’ jus’ gotta make, like… a reverse one.”

Death looked like he was thinking hard, trying to remember something on the tip of his tongue, but he shrugged after barely a minute. “i don’ kn’er ‘ow.” Death remembers making it, but he just doesn’t remember the recipe, the amount of things needed, or the words he was supposed to chant. It all just slipped away like sand does between your fingers, no matter how hard you try to save and contain it.


Death got up, making his way to the door and opening it. “maybe we can ask da sick people ‘ow ta fix dis.” Death offered, swimming weirdly as he went, like he was a baby angler fish again and he doesn’t know how to swim properly yet.

But Sans followed him quickly, grabbing Death’s hand so he wouldn’t get too far away. He was… a little anxious of letting Gaster see Death like this, not when Sans didn’t know yet if it could just be reversed quickly.


So he pulled him close, still far enough away from any guards, his voice low as he whispered, “if y’ remember ‘ow to undo this i can… show y’ my dick…” He mumbled the last few words, trying to ignore his bright blue face. He doubted Death would even want to see it once he was back to normal, so… it didn’t matter, right?

“oohhh, hell yea! ” Death cheered, hurrying back into his room and going to his work table, putting random ingredients into his empty cauldron. He didn’t even measure how much of what was put in, or what was put in in general.

Okay, now Sans couldn’t ignore his bright blue face, covering it with his hands and groaning into them as he slowly followed Death into his room. Why did he have to be so enthusiastic about it! That’s weird!


Peeking through his fingers, Sans saw the way Death was throwing ingredients into the cauldron carelessly. “do y’ know wha’ you’re doin’...?”

“nope.” Death popped the ‘p’ cheerfully, mixing the cauldron with a big spoon. The mixture itself looked a sickly green, with sparks starting to pop from it, flying out of the mixture and into the air. Thankfully they always seemed to fizzle out before it could get far, but that didn’t seem to matter anymore once Death brought the spoon out. A big spoonful of the botched mixture there, heading towards Death’s mouth.


“all done!” Death chirped, opening his mouth wide so the whole spoonful would fit.

no, jesus fuck!” Sans yelped out, before practically leapt into Death, knocking the spoon out of his hand, the bit of ‘potion’ on it spilling and slowly sinking to the ground, the liquid thicker than the water around them.


“don’ just drink stuff ya don’ know! could be dangerous, holy shit.”

“can i see i’ now?” Death asked, completely ignoring what Sans said and looking at his crotch instead, even making little grabby hands at it.

“no! ” Sans said, his tone almost shocked, hands going to cover his crotch, even if his dick was hidden in the sheith right now, not visible to anyone. “no! y’ didn’ make the potion, y’ jus’ mixed random stuff, that’s not how it works!”

“bu’ i made a per’tion!” Death whined, trying to get his hands on Sans’ hips to pull him closer. “i did make one, ser ya gotta der yer side a da deal. sh’er me, now!” Death bounced in place with impatience, trying to encourage Sans to just show him his glowstick damn it !!

“i said i’d show ya if ya make a potion to undo your, uh… your… weirdness…” Sans tried to push Death a little farther away, not wanting him to grab his wiener! “y’re not gettin’ my dick as long as y’re like this!”

“bu’ ya promised!” Death flopped onto the floor, a sad blob. “i made da per’tion, dis isn’t fair!” The angler fish was now pouting, arms crossed as he laid on the floor, a grumpy high witch doctor.

“i never promised t’ show y’ for any potion!” Sans argued though. “is this one even safe!? is it gonna make y’ sober?” Though even if Death said yes, Sans had the feeling he didn’t want to let him try it…

Death shrugged, like he didn’t really care all to much. “i don’ kn’er, maybe. i still made da per’tion ya wan’ d’ough.”

“well, ‘m not acceptin’ a ‘maybe.’ ” Sans responded stubbornly, arms crossed. “i need a ‘yes. definitely.’”

Death straightened, up to Sans’ height. “ye, defer’nitely we’rks. now sh’er me yer cock.” Grabby hands commence once again.

“no! i don’ think i believe y’,” Sans responded, eyes narrowing at Death disbelievingly. “is it even safe? wha’ would happen if i were t’ drink it, do y’ even know?

Death shook his head immediately once Sans suggested on tasting it, a part on Death screaming at himself to not let Sans try it. Though he soon became dizzy and had to sit down to not fall over. “ner, ner. ya ner taste. yer nah special like meee!”

Sans only scoffed, crossing his arms. “if ‘s not safe for me i’s not safe for you. an’ unless y’ manage to make a safe potion t’ turn yourself back sober, ‘m not showin’ any dick!” Sans doubted his face would ever go back to normal, this whole topic turning it a bright shade of blue.

In defiance and in his own defence, Death stuck his tongue out at Sans, before flopping onto the other grouchily. “why ‘re ya ser mean ta me? i jus’ wanna see yer cock, why don’ ya let me see?” Death looked up at the eel prince, looking distressed and sad.

“why do y’ even wanna see it!?” Sans almost screeched, his body tense and face flushed as he glared down at Death in confusion and frustration. Was this just his weird witch doctory curiosity? He sure took it pretty far!

Death groaned, flopping down on the bed again and looking at Sans with a mad pout, crossing his arms. “cuz i wanna!” Death said stubbornly, huffing as he flapped his tail at Sans, hitting his side. Forcing Sans to be pushed to the side, away from Death.

“o-ow!“ Sans uttered a little irritated, trying to slide away from the attacking tail, but still sticking close to Death.


“well, like i said. i’ll show y’ when y’ cured y’reself,” Sans repeated, staying stubborn with this. He had not been prepared of actually showing Death his dick…

Death furrowned, turning away from Sans and rolling as far as the bed allowed. His hands going to reach his beautiful babies, Snark and Tooth. “come ‘ere my lil’ ones, we don’ need snas, le’s fer’get ‘e exist.” Death had his back to Sans, completely ignoring the other fish.


The sharks didn’t seem to mind, they were fine playing with their master, even if they were worried about him and wanted to protected the vulnerable witch doctor. All the better actually, this way they would make sure Death was safe, with them, playing with them and not getting to any other trouble.

Sans, though, felt the words like a nagging piercing in his soul. “aw c’mon doc. don’ be like that, jus’ ‘cause i don’ wanna share my private parts…“ He tried to put some emphasis on that they were private and not for Death to see, but he doubted the witch doctor would bother too much with that…

And he was exactly right, Death didn’t care, only cooed at his Snark while he rubbed his nose hole with Snark’s snout. His right hand petting Tooth lovingly as his other hand pointed at the door. Not a single word was spoken, but it was obvious that it was meant to Sans. Death wanted him to leave.

And oof. That hurt. “come on, y’ don’ gotta kick me out ‘cause a this… y’re bein’ overdramatic…” He just wanted Death to give in and let Sans stay, both because… He had come to hang out with Death and getting kicked out just left a really bad taste in his mouth. But also because he wasn't sure just how safe it was to leave Death alone like this…

Death bounced his arm once, putting more emphasis on Sans leaving, not even turning back to look at the eel prince. Snarks and Tooth happily taking all of Death’s love and affection, only coldness and bitterness left for Sans.

Sans was struggling. He was fighting with whether he should push more, should just leave, or if… he should give in. Do what Death really wanted him to do. The thought sent shivers down Sans’ spine, enough to have his face flushed in a bright blue once more. But he knew that was the only thing that would stop Death from rebelling like this. And… it was just a look, right? They were friends… It wasn’t that weird…


“will y’... talk to me again if i show you…?”

Death turned around immediately, staring straight at Sans with something intense. Letting the hand pointing to the door fall, Death gave Sans a firm nod, something else hidden in those dark orbits. The sharks seemed to suddenly be interested too, seeing Death so focused on Sans. Was Sans gonna do something important? If so, they should watch him right?

The intense attention on him only made Sans more nervous. But god damn it, he had made up his mind, he can’t very well back out now.


His face was a vibrant bright blue, looking away and avoiding any eye contact as slowly, very slowly, he unsheathed his dick, soft and bright blue, a hint brighter than the rest of his eel body.

Death turned around completely to face Sans, watching the eel cock come out into the open, his eyes taking in every detail, putting it to memory. “facinad’in’...” Death whispered, leaning in a little to get a better look. Though he was the only one that looked interested, the two sharks behind him didn’t seem to interested to see what happens next.


The eel one is taking out their dick? So that would mean intercourse with their master. Something they would want to avoid watching.


The sharks started to swim very slowly away, unsure if they should leave or not, on one hand their master would soon be having sex, but their master is not in the right mind right now. Is it wise leaving him alone, even if it’s with Sans?


“i wanna touch i’.” Death said, one hand reaching out.

no! ” Sans responded immediately , his voice almost a hoarse gasp. He quickly covered his dick with both his palms again. “no, no touchy! touchy wasn’ part a the deal!” He might’ve finally agreed to show Death - which was embarrassing enough already - but he absolutely was not ready for any touching.


“why do y’ even… wanna!? ” It was mind boggling to Sans, he had thought that was the last thing the witch doctor would be interested in. He had never seem like the type that would want to look at anyone’s dicks, let alone touch them, yet here they were…

“babies…” Death muttered, making both of the sharks move. One bumped their side into Sans’, forcing both hands to be pushed to the side from the sudden aggression. While the other pushed Sans forward, forcing Sans closer to Death.


Who reached out and grabbed Sans’ soft dick, feeling it over with his fingers.


“t’ank ya.” Death muttered to the sharks once again, quite happy with their compliance.

Sans, meanwhile, was staring at Death with wide eyes and a burning face, feeling finger’s on his dick that felt… not as wrong as he would’ve first expected, and to Sans’ shock, he could feel it grow the slightest bit harder.


That was, until Sans quickly backed off, trying to get out of reach. His hands were covering his mouth now, muffling the quiet groaned out, “death, no…

“death yes.” Death answered back, smiling widely at Sans. “t’ank ya snas, i really ‘ad a blas’.” The smug bastard was smiling widely at the eel prince, looking like a king making his checkmate move.

Sans only gave him a nod, swallowing heavily as he sheathed his dick again. The whole ordeal had left Sans with a feeling that he… couldn’t quite place. But oddly enough he didn’t want to hide from Death for the rest of his life, and instead decided to stay. Though he did go to Death’s bed to pick up a pillow and groan into it.



Death just watched Sans with a lazy smile, happy that he won their little game. Slowly, lazily, Death straightened out on the bed, his head now laying on a pillow. His arms reached out to Sans in offering. “‘m tired, nap time?” His tone was light and innocent, like nothing before happened.

Sans gave him a glare, face still bluer than the ocean they lived in. But he followed Death into the bed, tossing the pillow into it roughly, before using Death’s chest instead of it, burying his face in there and groaning.


“y’ suck. ” He grumbled, tone angry, but his motions gentle as he very hesitantly moved his arms around Death.

“da ya wan’ me ta? i guess dats wha wives der, righ’?” Death murmured, his hold on Sans tightening.

Sans buried his face even deeper into Death’s chest to hide his brighter blush, but he let out a small, exhausted chuckle.


“where’s the wife thin’ comin’ from now?”

“dis, righ’?” Death asked, moving one of his hands towards Sans, showing him the ring Sans bought him when they went to town together. “weddin’ ring, ye? dats why i wan’ yer dick, dats wha wives der.”

Sans looked up from Death’s chest, looking at the ring in both surprise and recognition. Is that what Death thought? That Sans had really been… No. It’s just the potion talking, right? Death knew he had been playing, they both had been playing…


“‘s not a real weddin’ ring,” Sans chuckled, trying to keep it light. “c’mon death, y’ know we both had been playin’.”

“we were?” Death asked, his face falling into one of sadness. “b-but… does dat nah mean ya like me?” Now tears were gathering in the corners of Death’s sockets, his mouth quivering at he stared at Sans with a face full of heart broken and sadness. His body shivering a little as he clutched onto Sans tighter, like Sans would just disappear.

Sans’ eyes were wide in surprise and hurt. “no! death, no, tha’s not what i meant!” Sans quickly trying to reassure him. Sans’ hands went to Death’s cheeks, squishing them to comfort him. “i like y’, i love hangin’ out with y’ an’ i know y’ get me. y’re so much fun to be around. y’re just not… y’ know. my wife…

“but… but…” Death whimpered, the tears in his sockets were getting bigger, his body starting to hitch.

And oh, the sight hurt Sans more than he first thought. He wiped those fat tears with his hands, hugging Death close.

“c’mon, y’ big goof, don’ be like that. do y’ really wanna be my wife that bad?”

Death’s face was snuggled into Sans’ neck, pressed as close as Death could. Nodding twice into Sans before moving away slightly to be looking at Sans’ face. Giving the poor eel prince a puppy dog face, almost pleading for Sans to say they were, that they could be…

“fine!” Sans told him, giving him a nod, already regretting what he was about to promise. Did he really learn nothing from the dick spectacle? “when y’re sober again, we can marry, an’ you’ll be my wife, yea?”


Again, he doubted Death would still want that once he is sober.


And that sure worked out well last time, didn’t it…

But Death had none of those concerns, he was exactly the opposite. His smile growing extremely wide as he hugged Sans close, snuggling into him, his arms holding him close. “yaayy!! t’ank ya snans, ‘ll be da bes’ wife!” His face plastered into Sans’ neck once again, leaving a total of three little kisses on Sans’ neck.

Though Sans’ face was still flushed, it was softer now, and he didn’t feel as tense anymore. He snuggled back into Death, accepting the kisses, even if he thought they were a little too intimate… It was easier to do that than to stop him.


...Was he taking advantage if he was just letting Death run his course? No… right? It wasn’t like Sans was doing anything to him, and if it really would get too far Sans would stop him…


“le’s nap,” he decided to just tell Death, relaxing into him.

“ye.” Death easily agreed, already getting himself in a comfortable position pressed to Sans, going lax on the other. “night.” Death murmured, letting himself relax into a blissful sleep.

Chapter Text

Sans woke up more than confused. Not just did he not recognize where he was at first, but he also woke up to a face unsettlingly close to his, almost causing him to wake up in a scream. But instead he just blinked at Death with wide eyes, taking a full minute before recognizing him, remembering what was going on.


“uh… mornin’...?” He offered, despite it probably being some time around the afternoon, if not even night.

“when ‘re we gonna ‘ave babies?” Death asked straight out, ignoring what Sans said in favor of answers.

Sans blinked at him surprised now. What did he just ask? Babies? 


As soon as the words settled, Sans’ face flushed up once more. “death, what!? no! no babies yet, ‘s too early!

“‘m jus’ askin’ when.” Death huffed, his fat cheeks puffing out even more. “ser when? when da we make da babies?” Death asked again, his arms wrapping around Sans tighter, pressing their bodies even closer. The witch doctor’s tail trying to wrap around Sans’ tail, though it was too thick to mend like that.

Sans’ sucked in a sharp breath, the closeness almost feeling suffocating, having the young eel squirm underneath him, feeling hot.


“i ‘dunno, d,” he told him, his voice a little hoarse. “do… do we gotta make plans for that now…?”

“‘s d’ere somet’in’ wrong wit’ dat? we ‘re gonna marry some day, ser why nah?” Death asked, letting his head lay down into the pillow, half his face covered by the fluffy object. His one exposed socket was looking up at Sans hopefully, softly, like he was very comfortable where he was. With Sans, in his arms and talking about something so intense.

“we can talk about that later…?” Sans suggested, his own tone hopeful as well. “after we married? tha’ seems like a good time, right…? right now we… we don’ even know when we’ll marry! ‘s too early to plan.” Oh, and how he hoped Death would accept that. He really did not want to make more promises than he already had, especially not about babies.

“okay…” Death muttered, snuggling into Sans a little more, wanting less distance between them. Though it seemed he wouldn’t be given that, because two figures hovered over them. One grabbing Death by putting his tail into their mouth, being mindful not to hurt the witch doctor. Before they pulled down.


“weeee.” Death said, slightly cheerful but sorta monotone. Death slid out from Sans’ grip and off the bed. Where two sharks cornered him and started to mess with the poor witch doctor. The angler fish himself snickered as he was attacked by needy sharks, wanting his attention desperately. 

Sans finally slowly got up, his face still flushed brightly, but he started to gather back his composure. He quietly watched Death play with the sharkies, his mind wandering.


How long would Death stay like this? It’s already been a couple of hours and a good rest… And Death clearly didn’t seem to remember how to make potions…


Sans started to grow nervous and uneasy the more he thought about it, his tail slowly starting to move without his consent.


Death, so far, way the only thing keeping the plague contained. If he fell out of order, they couldn’t cure the sick any time soon, and the longer they stayed, sick, the more the plague would spread…


Sans, now, was up himself, slowly starting to pace back and forth, the more he got into these thoughts, the more he started to pace. But his tail was long and Sans was young, and slowly but steadily it dragged behind Sans, too slow to catch up, curling itself around Sans. Until eventually, finally, it got too knotted up for Sans to not notice. Surprised, the prince looked at his own tail trapping him, only the tip able to wiggle barely, not helping at all as Sans slowly sunk to the ground, unable to move.

“uh… uh! help!?

Death, Snark and Tooth all looked to Sans, watching him fall painfully slow to the ground. The water gently lulling him to the ground, cushing any pain Sans might have felt if he were to fall on land. 


Though that didn’t seem to stop Death, giggling a little as he made his way to Sans. Scooping him up into his arms and laying on top of the downed prince. “i gotcha, yer mine!” Death teased, chuckling evilly at Sans before ducking his head into Sans’ neck. His hands tickling Sans’ side as his face tried to nuzzle into Sans’ neck, trying to tickle him there too.

“no!” Sans gasped, the millisecond before he already started grinning, soon followed by a tortured chuckle. “noooo! y’ fiend , how could y’ betray me like this!” He was desperately trying to wiggle his entangled tail, but was unable to free himself, let alone when he was trying so hard not to laugh, his stomach already hurting with it.

“stooo oooop!

“ne’vvaaaaaaa!” Death snickered, grinning like a mad man as he watched Sans suffer, wiggling around helplessly, unable to fight against Death’s forces. “yer a’ my mercy!!” And he was, because Death wasn’t going to stop any time soon, in fact he was just getting started. 


“ner bow be’fer me, princy!” Death laughed evilly, taking advantage of the poor prince, his poor prince.

“i caaaaan’t ,” Sans whined desperately, worried about what Death will do to him. He tried to push Death off him, crawl away with his arms, but it was hard to muster up any strength when the angler fish was on top of him and also tickling him. 


Helplessly Sans looked at the two sharkies. “tooth? snark? help, please? ” He begged between whimpers and laughs.

The two sharks looked between their mischievous master, to the new friend they gained since coming here, deciding on who to help, who to disobey. In the end, they decided Sans knows best, Sans was taking care of their ill master. They should listen to Sans.


So with one gently pushing a shocked Death away, and the other one helping Sans up by nudging him with their snout, they managed to get Death off. 


Death himself wasn’t very happy, whining to Tooth, who pushed him away from Sans about why they would betray him this way. “i t’ought ya were only loyal ta me!” Death said in outrage and hurt, making Tooth coo and press their snout to Death in a comforting manner.

Sans, meanwhile, quickly used his hand to untangle his tail, letting out a sigh of relief when the knot eased up. He quickly hugged Snark, before wiggling over to Tooth to pull him in, too. “thank y’ guys. i owe y’ my life.” He said, hugging both sharkies tight to show all of his gratitude towards them. He thought he would die there!

Death looked at the hug pile, seeing his babies and Sans hugging together, looking mighty happy. Without him… happy to work against him… while Death was alone as they celebrated in his defeat. Death sniffled as he curled in on himself, forming a ball like he was sushi. With his face pressed into his tail, the witch doctor hid his hiccups.

Sans noticed, though, the sad sight hurting his soul. “n’aww, don’ be like that y’ goof,” he cooed, before wiggling closer to Death. He didn’t exactly have the arm span to pull another person into the hug, but he still vaguely tried to move to squish Death into it between the two sharkies, wanting him in there as much as them. What would a celebratory cuddle pile be without the defeated villain in it?

Death looked up at Sans, hope in his sockets. Before he was squished even more by two babies, trying to cuddle into him. Death happily joined into the hug, his smile growing as he snuggled into the others. “hehe, t’ank ya ‘ubby!” 

Trying to ignore Death calling him his husband, Sans just decided to cuddle the anglerfish a little more. He noticed the clock Death had hidden behind some plants in his lair, noticing how late it was. Huh. So they had napped through the afternoon.


“y’ think i’s time for bed?” Sans tried to offer, realizing that they had just napped, but… well. More sleep never hurt. And maybe Death would wake up more sober if he did… 

“wha time ‘s it?” Death deflated a little, looking like a child being told by their parents that it was time for bed, and when their not tired too! The mutiny!!! 

“like, four in the mornin’,” Sans mumbled. Okay. So maybe they had slept a bit more than just through the afternoon. “an’ i got class tomorrow…”

“snas i don’ sleep t’rough da night…” Death said, giving Sans a frown, “i sleep ‘n da day.”

Sans hummed thoughtfully. “well… i kinda gotta sleep,” Sans mumbled a little apologetically. “so, uh… bye…? i’ll be back tomorrow, don’ get y’reself in trouble, yea?”

He didn’t feel entirely comfortable leaving Death alone, but he did have to sleep… So a little hesitantly, Sans turned away, heading out of the room.

“bye bye, snasy. ‘ll ger make da per’tion ya wan’ed me ta make!” Death got up and waved Sans away, a promising smile on his face.


But as he waved Sans off, the Snarks and Tooth had other ideas. Moving quickly and getting in Sans’ way, blocking off the way out, pushing Sans away from the door and towards Death. They didn’t want their vulnerable master to be alone while he was like this. Sans would protect him, Sans should protect their master, always.

Sans was surprised, confused at first. But he looked over to Death, his stomach churning at the thought of leaving him to make potions all by himself…


“actually, ‘ow ‘bout a sleepover?” Sans finally suggested, a hand absently going to one of the sharkies heads in a silent thanks that they stopped him.

“oohh, sleeper’ver? dat sounds fun!” Death already was draggin Sans to the bed, giggling evilly. “i can beat ya ‘n a game a pill’er fights!” Before Death let go on Sans and grabbed the nearest pillow, hitting Sans straight in the face.

But Sans wouldn’t let himself be defeated that easily, grabbing the pillow in his face and already getting ready.

“beat me? you? please, i lived with a little brother for thirteen years, ‘m a master! ” He scoffed mockingly, getting ready for war.




Sans had ordered breakfast to Death’s room for all four of them the following morning. All of them being able to enjoy breakfast peacefully, Death and Sans on the bed, eating their sandwiches while the sharks were given a bowl of high protein meat. Well, it would have been peaceful if the king didn’t interrupt them…

Knocking the door twice, king Gaster had let himself into the room, surprised to see Sans there. Even more surprised when the prince looked at him with wide, startled eyes.

“Oh no…” He already began, knowing those deer-caught-in-the-headlights kinda look. “What did you do?

“i didn’ do anything!” Sans defended himself quickly.

Gaster gave him a clearly disbelieving look, but then looked towards Death, deciding he had bigger problems right now. “There have been five more people sent to the hospital last night, all sick with the plague. Do you think you can make some more cures, maybe some extra to keep in store?”

Death blinked at Gaster owlishly, confused as to what the king was asking of him. “‘s dis a trick ques’ion? cuz if i’ ‘s den i kn’er da answer.” Death pointed at Gaster with so much confidence it would challenge the humans on land. “da answer ‘s ten, right?” Death said proudly, looking like he answered a million dollar question and getting it right while everyone looked at him in awe.

Gaster looked at Death befuddled, shocked, confused as to what’s going on. “Death… The plague? Do you remember the plague?” He asked, very confused.

“plague? dats my son right?” Death looked to Sans. “our son? plague?”

Sans was covering his face in embarrassment and awkwardness, getting a very confused look from his father.

“‘e’s… under the influence a some pufferfish poison potion…” He mumbled out, before very quickly adding, “‘s not my fault! ‘m just tryin’ to make sure he’s not gettin’ in any trouble!”

Pufferfish poison!? ” King Gaster asked, absolutely shocked. “Oh no, no Sans, please tell me you’re joking? He’s the only one that knows how to cure the plague!”

relax! ” Sans told him, feeling more panicked as Gaster panicked. “‘e’s not gonna be like this forever! we jus’ gotta… stall ‘till ‘e’s back to normal…”

Gaster was quiet, but still looked unsettled. He looked back to Death. “Death, you don’t remember how to make cures? The cure for the plague? Or for pufferfish poison?”

But Death wasn’t interested in his words anymore, more focused on the long tail Gaster had. Getting up from the bed and leaning towards Gaster, grabbing the dark eel tail. “ooh, pre’dy wiggly noodle!” He said, taking it close and hugging the tail to his chest like it was some sort of toy.


Then the influenced witch doctor looked to Sans. “can we keep em? i promise ta take ger’d care a em!”

Sans couldn’t help but to let out an amused snort at that, even more so when Gaster looked at him shocked, almost offended. 


“tha’s my dad, idiot,” Sans decided to tell Death. “we can’ keep him, but y’ can visit him any time.” Sans, then, wiggled his own tail at Death, trying to entice him with it, as he could already see Gaster getting slightly irritated at the whole situation.

Thankfully Death took the bait, letting go of Gaster’s tail and tackling Sans’, like it was going to suddenly move away from him if he didn’t catch it quick. Death was rather pleased when he caught it on the first try, holding Sans’ tail close like it was a treasure. “i gotchu snansy!” Death almost cheered happily, his own tail wagging a little in excitement, looking at Sans for approval.

“y’ did!” Sans agreed, his tail slightly curling around Death’s arms.

Gaster mellowed down slightly as he watched them, surprised to see them this way, this comfortable and playful. It was… kind of nice seeing them like this. He let out a sigh.

“Very well… I’ll try to keep the plague from spreading until Death is back to normal. I’ll leave him in your responsibility, Sans.” He felt like Sans was already doing a good job with it, and others might not quite have the patience… “Make sure he stays safe, yes?”

“‘course, pops!” Sans told him, just glad he avoided a lecture.

“You have class today. Make sure to attend this time,” Gaster added, before finally giving his farewells and leaving the room.

Sans let out a groan. Class! Who needs that!?

“‘s class mean ta ya? i can’ beat dem up.” Death volunteered, raising his hand like he wanted Sans to pick him for the job. To give some pay back to class, who is annoying his friend!

Sans snorted surprised, not having expected that, but he shook his head no. “y’re gonna have to go there with me, though. don’ wanna leave you alone.” He had the odd feeling that leaving Death alone in a room of dangerous potions was a very bad idea. And besides… maybe having Death there with him could be kind of fun… 

Death hummed, moving towards Sans and getting dangerously close to Sans’ face, looking like Death might tip over to the side if he wasn’t careful. “can i ‘ave fer’d  if we ger? ‘m ‘ungry snas.” The feeling came all of the sudden, the munchies. Death was experiencing the hunger you get when your head is in the clouds, high into the sky.

Sans was smirking at him a little amused. “y’ just ate,” he said, motioning towards the plates and few pieces of their breakfast still left on it. “but sure. why not. le’s go to the kitchen, steal some snacks, then head to the class room, yea?” Food and Death in class? That definitely sounded a lot more enjoyable than his usual boring classes.

Death happily followed Sans, his tail wagging more than it normally did as he swam along. Like he was an excited puppy waiting impatiently for treats, to get rewarded in some way.

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Making a quick trip to the kitchen, Death and Sans grabbed as many snacks as they could afford to steal, having to dodge Grillby as they did. Before finally heading to the classroom, Death holding a basket full of snacks, already munching on a sweet cookie. 


Sans’ teacher was rather surprised, seeing the witch doctor swim right in like nothing was amiss. Even having a basket full of food, the prince eating from it too. Knowing Sans, the eel prince would be distracted the whole lesson if the basket were to stay, and even more if Death were to stay too.


Mr. Karb heard the rumors of the prince proposing to their new witch doctor, the town is going crazy about it.


“What is this?” He asked, mostly expecting an answer from Sans.

“the doc’s out of order. gotta watch him ‘till ‘e’s better.” Sans decided not to give his teacher too much detail, not wanting anyone else to know Death was under the influence of his own potion, worried that others might think of him as careless or a bad witch doctor. 


“don’ worry, teach, ‘ve got all my attention on y’re class. always. ” There was definite exaggeration in Sans’ tone, mocking his own disinterest in most of the things he had to learn here.

Mr. Karb didn’t seem fully satisfied with that answer, his face changing to one of doubt. Before looking at said witch doctor, seeing him go on top of one of the desks and lay there like it was a bed, hugging the basket like it was his baby. 


“Uh, huh.” The teacher muttered, but decided to just start with the lesson. “Alright, but I expect you to remember all we are going to learn today, Sans.” He raised his finger at Sans, like he was ready to scold him.

“sure,” Sans responded, but his tone was absent and he was watching Death with a big grin, every once in a while reaching into the basket to get a snack.


And it didn’t get any better any time soon either. Mr. Karb was telling him about the different types of monarchy and their historical significance, telling Sans about many different kingdoms and leader’s and big events that resulted out of their leader’s actions. 


“Your father is a good leader, Sans,” Mr. Karb told the young skeleton. “Wise and caring for his people, always looking to do the best thing for his kingdom. You’ve got a lot to live up to when you’re king.”

“uh-huh,” Sans responded, barely hearing a word the fish was saying. He was holding a kelp snack over Death’s face, watching him struggle to reach it.

Death himself was wiggle like a worm on the desk, his upper body going up to try and bite the kelp snack, but was never high enough. Death didn’t have the energy to go up that high and Sans lifting it higher every time the angler fish got close.


In the end Death whined, ringling around the desk, flailing in frustrating as he whined as sans, pouty and annoyed. “neeeerrrr, sssnaans!” Which unlucky caught the attention of Sans’ teacher. 


“Sans, focus.” He almost hissed, already seeming like he was going on a short fuse very quickly.

Sans gave the teacher a sheepish grin, finally lowering his arm and letting Death have the kelp snack, gently petting his head.

“‘m listening, ‘m listening,” he lied. “pops’ good, long live the king an’ that kinda jazz. don’ be a tyrant or you’ll get stab-poisoned by a lot of people.” Though he wondered how far he’d get as a tyrant. Not that he wanted to be one, Sans wasn’t a cruel person, but if he’d be ruling with Death, a powerful witch doctor that could cure almost-


Sans froze that line of thought, his face flushing in a soft bright blue. He wasn’t going to rule with Death! Sure, Death might still be his witch doctor when the time comes, but that’d be it. Death was influencing him with all his talk about marrying and kids… 

Mr. Karb huffed, but continued, begrudgingly accepting that Sans at least got the most important bits. All while Death slipped away from the desk he was on, going to the teacher’s desk while they were pointing something out to Sans on a map. Snapping his fingers when Sans would lose interest with the map. 


Death went up to the desk, finding something that looked like a pencil sharpener, decorated in painted clams. The witch doctor “oohh!” like a little child, sticking his clawed finger into the little whole. Shivering when he felt the blades starting to move around his finger, filing his sharp clawed nail.


“hehe, tickles.” Death muttered, a dopey smile on his face.

Sans, having been struggling with looking at the map and keeping an eye on Death, let out a horrified gasp once he looked back at Death.


“death, no! ” He practically screeched, dashing forward to grab Death and pull him away from the pencil sharpener, into his chest. 


“jesus fuck! are y’ ok!?” He was keeping Death close to him protectively, one hand trying to go for Death’s hand to see if he was hurt.

But it wasn’t, there was no blood or even a scratch. The only thing different was Death’s nail, shorter than all the other nails on his hand. “ler’k snas, ‘s sharp!” Death chirped, showing Sans the filed finger nail.


“Sans, what in neptune’s name is happening!? Did our witch doctor really stick his finger in a pencil sharpener?” The teacher asked, looking at the new kingdom’s witch doctor with a judging, confused face. Like he was questioning Death importance, his professionalism and sanity. Oh no, they got a crazy witch doctor, didn’t they?

Sans meanwhile was examining Death’s finger closely, sighing in relief when he saw it was really only filed to be sharper. “y’re such an idiot,” he mumbled a little annoyed, his face nuzzling into Death’s neck as he kept him close. He hardly even heard the teacher’s words, simply going back to his seat with Death in his arms.


“‘e’s… under special conditions right now,” Sans decided to tell the teacher, ignoring the judgmentalness in his voice.

“He is distracting you.” Mr. Karb said annoyed, crossing his arms as he looked down at the two. His sockets narrowing as he watch Death struggle to slip out of Sans’ grip.


“ner, neeerr!” Death complained, pushing Sans’ face away as his fin tried to wiggle free of Sans’ arm, feeling confined and restrained.

“‘s not like i’m missin’ anythin’ interestin’ anyways,” Sans simply scoffed, loosening his hold on Death a little, but still keeping his arms around him, ready to stop him if he were to get into any more trouble. 

But it was enough for Death to slip out, swim away from Sans and prowl around the room floor, swimming barely an inch above the floor, like he was looking for little stowaways.


When he passed objects his forehead antenna and make feelers could be seen, like it was a replacement of the iconic shark fin. Looming around, ready to strike, readying your demise.

“I don’t like your attitude Sans, you have class for a reason. Of course you need to listen, what do I tell your father if you don’t know these things?!” The teacher began scolding the young prince, talking about the importance of doing what is expected of him.


All the while Death started to prowl around the area where the teacher’s clown fish tail swam ever so gently. Like the colorful tail was baiting the angler fish, like the teacher wanted Death to pay attention to it.

“tell ‘im i’ll be my own eel,” Sans told the teacher easily, slowly following Death, trying to get his attention back, still talking to the teacher. “i’m seventeen, i won’ be king ‘till years in the future. ‘till then i’ll already forgot everythin’ anyways, so wha’s the point?” If he could at least learn something interesting or useful .

Sans , everything we learn here is important, you need to be a smart king, a wise king, a kind king that knows how to protect his kingdom and loved ones. It is wise to know our history, history of fallen kingdoms to learn from them. This is all important to you becoming a great k- aaAAA HHHHHHH!” Mr. Karb screamed as loud as he could, flailing away from the witch doctor.


Death had made his way to the teacher’s tail, admiring the tail for a few moments before biting down on it with his sharp angler teeth, his jaws locking hard. The teacher swam to try to get away, but Death was latched tightly on his tail, making the poor teacher scream in pain and urgency. “Sans! SANS ! Please help, get help!! AAAHHH, it hurts so much!” 

“i don’ know…” Sans hummed doubtful, arms crossed. “‘m so busy studyin’ the past an’ history an’ shit. i don’ remember y’ gettin’ bit three hundred years ago. ” He was glaring at the teacher with a shiteating grin. Though his eel tail was whipping in unease, the only thing breaking his image of calm and smug.

The teacher looked rather surprised, and growingly desperate as he tried to throw Death off his tail with hard swings of said tail, but it didn’t work, Death held strong. “Sans, this is not a game!” The teacher screamed in agony, in the end deciding to hit Death. At first Hitting Death’s head with his fist, but then grabbed the pencil sharpener and slamming it down on Death as hard as he could. Screaming and yelling the whole time, cursing the witch doctor, but the angler fish still held strong.

Though as soon Sans saw the teacher hitting Death it was like a switch flipped in his head, going from nervous to furious. He practically slammed into the teacher, knocking them to the ground roughly, jaw opening to let out a furious hiss. He was tempted to clench them on the teacher. But knowing how angry Gaster would be, how tempted Sans was to leave more than just a small wound… he held himself back.


stop hurtin’ ‘im, ” he growled menacingly.

He’s hurting me!!! ” Mr. Karb screamed back, not stopping in trying to get Death to let him go. The angler fish’s teeth having sunk down deep into the base of the tail, tightening every so often or adjusting his grip to hold on better.


“Let me go!!!” The teacher screeched, tears falling down his face now as he slammed the pencil sharpener down hard onto Death’s head that it broke. Finally making Death let go and retreat, swimming away from the teacher and behind the desk. Though it was really hard getting there, the hit to his head making him wobble and lean from one side to another, like he was ready to crash.

Sans practically threw the teacher away, his long tail slapping him as Sans turned to dash after Death, quickly collecting him up in his arms, examining his skull for any wounds or fractures. He knew well enough how much it hurt to fracture your skull…


“are y’ ok!?” Sans asked, his voice loud and worried. “are y’ hurt? i can bring y’ to the nurses, or i can get ‘em to come here! do y’ think y’ can move…?”

“shhh…” Death shushed him quietly, rubbing his tender head gently, trying to sooth out the pain. “ow…” Death’s tail curled up around Sans’, pressing his face to the eel prince’s chest, trying to hide from Sans’ loud voice and the brightness of the room, both making his head hurt more.


But he didn’t have much time to recover, because the teacher schreeked through his pain and tears, yelling at Sans and Death. “Get that thing out of here! He is no longer allowed to enter a fin in here! I will make sure the king hears about this, about that stupid creature!” He spat through the pain, his hands putting pressure on his wound, trying to keep all the blood in.

“yea? well have fun tellin’ ‘im about this! ” Sans spat back, flipping the teacher off before picking up Death and leaving the classroom. 


He was heading to the nurse’s quarters, keeping Death close to his chest, careful and gentle. When he finally arrived there the nurses and doctors looked at him surprised.

“My prince?” One of them began. “What are you doing here? Are you sick?”

“one a my crazy teachers was hittin’ death over the head,” Sans grumbled, swimming past them and gently placing Death on one of the beds. “can y’ help ‘im?”


The staff looked a little confused, but soon one of the doctors turned to Death, feeling over the witch doctor’s skull. “How are you feeling, Death? Any waves of dizziness? Vomiting?”

“i see many snas’, i kn’er dats bad.” Death muttered, moving his arms to be over his face to cover them from the harsh light. “t’ern da ligh’s off, dey hurt.” It was like the light was burning into his sockets and making his head throb even more. His tail moving around restlessly, flapping around like it was trying to feel over everything, feel for something. 

“He might have a concussion, but it’s hard to tell,” one of the doctors said, immediately dimming the lights. One of the nurses brought the doctor package of pills. “Take this, it should relief any pain,” the doctor said, guidine Death to sit up and swallow the pill. “We’ll keep you here for today, but if you’re feeling better later you can leave again tomorrow. For now you should focus on resting.”

Sans was watching them anxiously, moving close to Death’s bed. “how’re y’...?” He asked, his tone wary.

Death moved so his head was facing Sans, yet his eyes stayed closed. One hand reaching out to Sans, wanting to feel the other there, physically there. “snas?” He whispered, his tail curving so it patted towards Sans, once touching the other the witch doctor’s tail tried to wrap around Sans’ tail.


One of the doctors then took note the blood in Death’s mouth, leaning in to get a better look. “Is that his blood in his mouth?” They asked, already making one of the nurses get cleaning material for Death, like swabs and medicine.

That only made Sans more anxious. He curled his own tail around Death’s, trying to soak in his warmth like it was his only reminder he’d be okay. “‘m here,” he told him, his eyes never leaving Death. “y’ll be ok, yea? y’ gotta be ok…”

He watched nervously as the doctors began wiping the blood from Death’s mouth, pumping out if it collected in it, getting more medicine for Death to take.

Death was growing rather sleepy as the drugs took effect, lulling him into a drugged induced sleep. Around the same time a guard came in carrying Mr. Karb, who was whimpering in pain. All until he saw Death in one of the medical beds, pointing at the angler fish and looking at the guard. “Him! He was the one who bit me! He wanted to eat me, arrest him!” 


The guard looked rather surprised, even the doctors looked back and forth between the witch doctor and the teacher. Though everyone noticed how Death’s mouth was bloody and the teacher’s tail had a bloody bite mark around the base of it.


“He attacked me, he bit me out of nowhere and the prince refused to help or call for help!” Now all the adults were looking unsure, not wanting to call the poor teacher a liar but not wanting to go against one of the royal family.

Sans straightened up, his eyes cold and distasteful. “watch your mouth around royalty, peasant. i won’ have you slanderin’ my name. now either be quiet an’ take your treatment, or leave my castle.” Sans held himself high, his voice strong and harsh. He was sick of the teacher, was sick of hearing him yell and complain. If he would’ve acted more civil, Sans would’ve helped him, but he had not. 

Death whined from the bed, curling up on himself when Sans’ voice boomed through the whole room. The doctors shushing the angler fish, not wanting Death’s behavior to sour Sans’ mood even more.


“You don’t even care about your name, about your duties and responsibility! Don’t dare use your status when you don’t even respect it!” The teacher spat out, completely done with the younger prince. The guards and doctors didn’t dare speak up, knowing the teacher held truth to his words… but Sans was right there.


Mr. Karb looked at the guard, furious. “Bring me the king, I’m sure he will resolve this, put his ungrateful son in his place!” The guard hesitated, but did as told, hoping the king with stop all of this.

Sans’ tail was whipping with frustration, knowing how angry Gaster would be, but refusing to give in to any of them.

The king arrived only minutes later, looking unhappy with being disturbed. “What is the meaning of this?” He demanded from the teacher. He usually wasn’t summoned, if the teacher needed to tell him something he would ask for a hearing with the king, not summon him. 

There, the teacher told the king what happened. From Sans and Death coming into class and Sans not paying attention at all, to Death’s antics. He talked about how Death bit him out of nowhere, and how Sans refused to help. Then proceed to threaten him when the teacher hit Death. “That monster was biting into my flesh, a predator was biting into me and Sans refused to call for help, or try to get Death off. But he gets angry when I try to get that thing off me?! That’s outrageous!” 


Because of his anger, the teacher didn’t miss on telling Gaster what Sans said about his classes, how he didn’t care about the lessons or what they held and didn’t want to take any blame what’s so ever on why he didn’t know the material. Yet used his status to shut the teacher up when clearly Mr. Karb was attacked for no reason by not only Death, but Sans too.


“Just look at this? This hurt like hell and the prince didn’t care at all! Only cared about that thing when it was what started everything!” The teacher pointed at the very nasty looking bite that was currently being treated, not even calling Death with ‘he/him’ pronouns, instead calling Death a ‘it’, a thing.

Gaster was clearly unhappy. Not just with Sans, but with the whole situation, glancing from the teacher to Sans to Death, seeing the witch doctor lying in bed, looking like he was knocked out. His gaze turned back to Sans.

“So what is your view on this story?” He asked, not missing how seething Sans looked, glaring daggers at the teacher.


“i was tryin’ ta make sure death was ok, wouldn’ get ‘imself in danger,” Sans told him, tough his eyes were trained on the teacher. “‘e kept tellin’ me i wasn’ payin’ attention, kept shittalkin’ me like i didn’ know shit. i don’ see why i should help someone who keeps tryin’ to undermine me. i ‘attacked’ ‘im as a warnin’, to stop hurting death, an’ he didn’t. if anything, ‘s him that deserve to be punished for disrespectin’ the crown.”

“I’ll be the judge of that,” Gaster reminded Sans harshly, but he didn’t look exactly friendly when he turned to Mr. Karb either. “You will be dismissed from your duty of teaching Sans and I’ll make sure Death won’t bother you anymore. I will look away from you hurting my witch doctor, but you are not to spread bad word about either of them. Keep in mind that they both still outrank you by far, and disrespecting my son or my witch doctor is disrespecting me. You are dismissed.”

The teacher didn’t look happy about that at all, looked outraged even, but held his tongue.

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By the time Death woke up, it was the next morning, the sun rays were annoying the potion induced angler fish beyond belief. He sat up with a groan, rubbing his head as he tried to collect himself, or as much as he could at least. “mmhh, huhhhhrrggh…” Death groaned.

Sans was still by his side. The doctors had allowed them to move Death to his room eventually, the complaining and screaming of the teacher not doing him any good, but Sans had not once left his side. He was bent lying on top of the covers, one arm loosely on top of Death, looking nowhere near comfortable.


For Sans, it had been a long night. While Mr. Karb might have not been punished, Sans didn’t get as lucky. Gaster had forced Sans to more and stricter classes, immediately going to find new teachers for him. Additionally Sans had to write him a five-page-minimum essay - or novel , as Sans called it - about what Sans would do if his people were suffering from famine.

Sans had been lectured for almost three hours about the importance of his classes, about the importance of respecting his people as much as they had to respect him. About how he needed to be kind and not look away if others were hurting.


But he didn’t take away his right to watch Death. “You’re trying to protect him,” Gaster had said, his voice having fallen softer. “And that’s admirable. I know you’ve got a kind soul, Sans. I trust you to take care of Death as best as you can.”

But he wasn’t allowed to take Death to class anymore. Though that would be a problem for later. Right now Sans was grumbling, burying his face into Death’s tail, trying not to wake up.

Death looked down at the monster on his tail, at first not knowing what he was seeing, not sure what he was looking at. But he realized eventually that it was Sans, that he was in Sans’ room and that Sans was sleeping on him on one side while Death can barely make out shark fins from the side of the bed. The witch doctor guessed that his sharks were sleeping on the floor for some reason, it rubbed him the wrong way how his babies would sleep on the floor and not the bed, but he wasn’t willing to make a big fuss out of it now. 


So as gently and quietly as he could, which ended up clumsy and not so gently, get out the bed. Death managed to get out, the sheets no longer trapping him inside and Sans’ head flopped onto the mattress. For some reason, he felt like looking outside, look everywhere and see all his surroundings. Like he needed the feeling of exploration badly and was willing to do more than he needed to to get it.

But Sans started to let out small whines as soon as the body left him, and finally slowly started to rouse. He blinked tiredly, confused at first, remembering someone next to him. Then he turned around, seeing the other skeleton at the window.


“...death?” He asked, his own voice groggy. “where’re y’ goin’?”

Death didn’t answer, he tried to swim out the window, emphasis on tried. His round and thick lower body was to big to go through, making him get stuck halfway through the window. The witch doctor wiggling and flailing about, trying to get to the other side. “eeeeeeeeeeeee!” Death whined like a whining child, trying to somehow make it past, push his body more. Like if he believed enough, he might be able to squeeze through.

But Sans only let out a groan, dragging himself out of bed like the tired parent of said whining child. “why can’ y’ just stay in bed like normal sick people,” Sans groaned, slowly swimming up to where Death was stuck and putting his hands on Death’s hips, trying to pull him out.

Death seemed to whine even more when Sans was trying to pull him back into the room, wiggling around like a worm fighting for his life. “nerrr! neeerrr, don’ eat meeee!” Death cried, trying to slap Sans with his tail fin. “i tas’e like bad stuff!”

“‘s me!” Sans tried to tell him, though he did let go when the tail slapping started. “sans? y’re friend?” He paused, thinking over his worth and how long it would be worth arguing about who Sans was. He let out a sigh. “sans, y’re… husband?

“ohhhhh!” Death said, stopping all squirming. “ok, den ya can eat me. bu’ only ya can eat me out, ok? ner one else.” Death told the other, like he was making it clear he doesn’t want this rule to be broken. And with that, Death’s back arched a little to make his butt stand out more, like he was offering himself to Sans. The tail fin even began to wag very slightly, showing clearly that Death was maybe a little excited for this to happen.

Sans let out a sigh, deciding to not even think too much into it. Instead he just put his hands back on Death’s hips, trying to pull him out of the window. “‘m not eatin’ y’ out,” he told him in between little grunts of pulling on him. “‘m just tryna get y’ out.

Sans managed to pull Death back in, the angler fish clinging to Sans as soon as he could. cuddling into the eel prince like he couldn’t get enough of him, needing more and more from him, wanting more yet doesn’t know how. So Death had to settle with clinging and hugging Sans close, trying desperately to get closer somehow, to somehow be one with Sans. “snas…” Death muttered, the angler fish’s voice holding need, a whole lot of neediness and want. Like he was suffering if he didn’t get Sans’ attention, that he was both happy to be with him yet sad that he wasn’t getting more.


Death just wants Sans. More of Sans, more of everything of Sans.

The emotion, the need in Death’s voice took Sans by surprise. He held him closer, arms wrapping around the angler fish to nestle his smaller, roundish body into Sans’, before Sans’ long tail curled around Death as well.


“don’ worry, i’ve gotchu,” he hummed, hugging him close. “how’re y’ feelin’? your head’s sore in any way?”

“mmh hmm.” Death confirmed, nodding a little as he angled his head up so he could start peppering kisses onto Sans’ chin. Humming happily as he did so, slowly making his way up til he was at Sans’ mouth, giving Sans passionate kisses. It wasn’t a sweet, soft or quick kisses, no. Death was full on giving Sans passionate kisses, with a few peaks around Sans’ face between them. “mmhh, snas. ya got a nice chin…” Death muttered to the other, rubbing his body against Sans’. Not in a sexual way, the witch doctor mostly just wanted to feel Sans close, liked the feeling of Sans against him. It felt very nice and the feeling made Death so excited and happy that he couldn’t stay still, rubbing himself to Sans to somehow satisfy the feeling.

Sans, meanwhile, felt hot and flushed, trying to lean away a little to keep a respectable distance from Death, but finding himself impossible to. This was so awkward, how would he ever look at Death normally after all of this…?

“do y’ think y’ll be fine…?” Sans asked, trying to ignore the comment on his chin and instead focus on Death’s headache. “i can ask for more meds if y’ need ‘em?”

“neeerr, stay wit’ me.” Death whined, holding onto Sans tighter like the other was going to disappear from him any second. “i don’ need anyt’in’ but yer.” With that, Death’s body curled around Sans’ as best as his none flexible body could. Continuing to pepper Sans with many kisses, Death’s hands starting to roam around Sans’ body gently like he was feeling over everything with a critical eye. Like he was trying to memorize every curve and scale on Sans’ body, putting it to memory so he could admire it at any time, even when Sans wasn’t with him.

And, as awkward as it might be, it also felt… nice. And Sans found himself leaning into the touches, letting Death explore his body like that, letting Death feel his presence, letting him know he was there.


But he wouldn’t be for long…


“‘ll have to go to class later…” Sans mumbled, his voice quiet and apologetic. “‘m gonna leave y’ with grillby. pops ‘s busy an’ paps is in class, too…”

Death looked at Sans in shock, even hurt. His hold tightening around the other as he gave him one of the most pitiful looking looks, like this physically and mentally hurt him. “yer… leavin’ me?” Death whispered, his voice cracking halfway through the question. “please ner.”

Sans soul almost felt like shattering. “jus’ for a few hours… i’ll come back as soon as class is over!” He promised, hoping Death wouldn’t make a too big scene out of this. He wasn’t sure he could handle this. He already hated leaving Death enough as it is, he couldn’t handle Death making it even harder… 

Death whined sadly, snuggling into Sans like it would change Sans’ mind if he looked sad enough. ”bu’ ‘ll be sad wit’ ou’ ya…” Death muttered, like this was a real reason for Sans to stay, to not leave him.

“d’aww, death… ‘m sorry,” Sans mumbled, hugging Death to his chest even more. “‘ll be sad without y’, too… but we’ll be even happier when we see each other, yea?” 

Death frowned, but nodded, seeing the truth in Sans’ words. “ok…” Death muttered, looking down and glaring at the floor, like it was it’s fault that this was happening. He was like a child being told he can’t do what he wanted to do and has to do chores first. Worst. Day. Ever.

Sans was gently petting him, caressing the angler fish in his arms. He slowly got up, carrying Death as he got out of his room. 


“le’s get breakfast before anyone leaves!” He decided, trying to lighten the mood a little again. He carried Death to the kitchen - for once devoid of Grillby, though Sans knew where he was stationed for today. But there were sausage rolls, some salads, and pancakes scattered around, of which Sans quickly took a few for both of them, seating them at the dining room close by.

Death stayed near, but didn’t hesitate to grab some food. He did sleep through the entirety of yesterday, only being awake in the morning when he went to class with Sans. With a face full of food, Death turned to Sans and poked his arm to get his attention. “fire?” Usually the fire imitating fish would be here, shooing them away or sneaking them food.

“‘e’s stationed somewhere else today,” Sans let him know. “y’ll see ‘im later, though.” Oh, Grillby was going to have a workout… The lionfish hadn’t exactly seemed in any way troubled with the task of taking care of Death, telling the prince it was his pleasure, but once Grillby would see how Death could be… curious and whiny, unworried about getting into any kind of trouble. Oh, the poor guard.

Death didn’t answer besides a nod, his mouth so full that that couldn’t even close his mouth, not to mention chew. So he was stuck trying to chew something he couldn’t, his sockets were tightly shut as his hands went to his cheeks, trying to push the food down enough to be able to chew, but failing. 


His mouth was starting to hurt…

“oh my neptune,” Sans chuckled gently, reaching into Death’s mouth and pulling out enough of the food so Death could chew again, making sure to steer as far away from any spit as possible. “there, y’ idiot. try now.”

With his mouth now having more room, Death was able to chew and swallow the food in his mouth. Before turning to Sans and giving him a beaming, admiring smile, like Sans was someone he looked up to. “t’ank ya ser much snas!” Death cooed, leaning to Sans and cuddling him close, so grateful for all of Sans’ help, for how kind the other was. How well he took care of Death, maybe not even realizing all that he is doing, even simple things like this.


Peppering him in kisses, Death sung praise of Sans, cuddling close and giving Sans looks of love and appreciation. 

Sans was cuddling Death back, truly not realizing just how much Death thought of him. But he didn’t need to. He kinda enjoyed this, just cuddling with Death, eating pancakes and sausages, just enjoying the closeness, enjoying their time before Sans had to leave.


“so... y’ said y’ had family, right?” Sans hummed, tone quiet and soft. “tell me ‘bout ‘em.”

“dad ‘s da bes’ ‘unter ever! can track anyt’in’! an’ bra’der likes medicine, taught em some potions too!” Death looked rather proud of his family, not only is his father the best hunter he ever met, but his brother likes to experiment in the medicine field. But nothing makes Death prouder than how the witch doctor himself taught his brother some neat tricks to help his healing cause. Making Death feel like his brother was a unique package, one to admire and be jealous of.

Sans was listening to him with a soft smile, trying to imagine them. Imagining two huge angler fish, bigger than Death mostly because Death was already so tiny, there couldn’t possibly be a smaller angler fish. He imagined his father with those large teeth and piercing eyes, the light on his head to lure in his poor victims, vicious and heartless… He imagined his brother a bit more like Death, though the image of vicious teeth and menacing lights wouldn’t leave him. Bags full of herbs and books, glasses because clearly all smart fish had glasses…


Sans snorted at that last thought. Okay… maybe Sans was a little biased. But he was sure Death had a nice family.


“i used t’ have a mom,” Sans began telling him. “i liked her a lot. spoiled me t’ bits. an’ by that i mean, let me do what i liked as a kid, which was really all i wan’ed. she died after papy was born - like right after. which might’ve been for the best. she wasn’ really that good of a mom in the end…” That didn’t mean, though, that Sans wasn’t heartbroken when it happened. He remembered crying for weeks, denying the death of his mother, just asking over and over and over again when she would come back.

Death huffed, before pulling Sans in close. “‘ll be yer mum.” Death volunteered, “i can spank ya.”

“don’ spank me,” Sans snorted a little shocked. “otherwise y’ can be my mom. y’re a cooler mom anyways.”

“ok, ner spankin’.” Death agreed, but his hand went down to Sans’ butt, grabbing a handful and squeezing. Clearly telling Sans what Death wanted to replace the spanking with.

Sans squeaked startled, before throwing Death a warning glare. “no squeezin’ either. moms don’ squeeze. moms don’ do butt stuff in general. no butt stuff.”

But Death only responded with wiggling bone brows, clearly not regretting his actions. “‘m yer mummy dat spoils ya.” Death purred seductively, sending of clear sexual vibes. “yer mummy wife.” Sans calling him ‘mommy’ in the bedroom sounded pretty hot if you asked Death, he wouldn’t mind at all spoiling Sans silly.


With that thought in mind, he continued to grope Sans’ butt, messaging it gently but still being firm enough to show how serious he was trying to be.

“nooo,” Sans complained, though his tone quickly turned into more of a whine. “not that way! no kinky mommy stuff! ” He still didn’t entirely get why Death was being like this! Was it part of the potion? To make Death weirdly horny and attracted to him? It definitely was more than just pufferfish poison.

Death giggled a little as he closed the distance between them, his mouth so close to Sans’. “ye, all da kinky.” Death whispered, before taking Sans’ mouth with his own, his tongue slipping out and meeting Sans’. The hand groping his butt started to feel over the rest of the area while his other hand kept Sans close, running down his back and shoulder.

The sudden kiss, the closeness and intimacy, took Sans by surprise, giving him almost a dropping feeling in his stomach. But, oddly enough, not in a bad way. His eyes were half lid, face flushed, and he couldn’t help but to let out small moans and gasps, involuntarily giving Death full access to claim his mouth, feeling the other’s tongue on his. And oh, how soft it was, how warm and close Death felt, fitting into him like a puzzle piece, giving Sans something he felt he was missing.

Death guided Sans’ hands to loop around him, before going back to Sans’ person. Both of their bodies pressed flush together as they made out, Death taking the lead as he drove Sans into a whole new fantasy. One of them together, one of only them, loving each other and being there for one another.

And, as weird as it was, for a moment Sans got into it. He ended up closing his eyes, ended up looping his arms around Death, holding him close, letting Death kiss him, even reveling in the nice feeling of it. It was wrong, so wrong, Death was influenced, he didn’t actually want this. But neither did Sans, right? Right now it was just so hard to fight it, to push him away when his body felt so nice against his, to pull off his hands when his touched felt so good.


“... death, ” he moaned softly around Death’s mouth, unsure what he even was trying to say. That this was wrong? That they should stop?

Sans didn’t get a change to elaborate. He almost screamed, when all of the sudden Grillby was there, the lionfish looking almost more like a deer caught in the headlights than Sans did.

“it’s not-! ‘m not-!” Sans was stammering, unsure what to say. Unsure what he could say around Death.

“So… the rumors are true…?” Grillby asked, looking genuinely surprised. “You’re engaged to the witch doctor?”

“enga- what!?” Sans asked, genuinely shocked. Those were rumors going around!? He wasn’t kissing Death anymore, but the angler fish was still in his arms, peppering his neck with love bites and hickeys. Sans eyed him warily…


“i, um… he’s… under potion influence right now…?” Sans tried to explain, giving Grillby a begging, desperate look not knowing how he could explain this without upsetting Death. So he added a quick, “he’s really excited for our ‘ wedding,’” subtly making quotation motions with his fingers, only for Grillby to see.


The lionfish’s eyes widened in realization, and a little in surprise that the prince was willing to go this far to not let Death know they weren’t actually getting married. Was Death dangerous when upset…? No. Sans was probably just this caring.

“we’re gonna ge’ married!” Death cheered, hugging Sans close as he gave him loving kisses all over his face, tail fin wagging excitedly. Already thinking about the big day, how it would go, the special slow dance with Sans, the oh so amazing cake. Oh. My. Neptune. The cake .


“snas!” Death said in slight urgency, like Sans needed to hear this. “da cake ‘s da bes’ part, ye? ‘t ‘as ta be!” There was no way Death was going to allow them to have a ‘just ok’ or bd cake. Never, he would never let that pass.  

Sans snorted surprised, but gave him a shrug. “sure, cake’s gonna be the bomb,” he told him, deciding to just play along. But if he was already playing along, he might as well go all the way, right? “though i thought the best part would’a’ve been the wife. or at least the honeymoon?”

“‘ow ‘bout cake an’ ‘oneymer’n?” Death offered, making a very interesting compromise. Honestly, it was starting to make Death slightly horny, the very thought was toxicating and impressionable. “i wan’ yer cock n’er.” Death stated, his hand going to Sans’ shaft, rubbing where the dick was hidden away.

“Oh-! Oh, okay, Death, I think it’s time for you to come with me,” Grillby said, the lionfish taking pity on Sans, whom was flaring up in a bright blue, not having expected Death to get this bold. In front of Grillby.


The lionfish gently put his hands under Death’s arms, pulling him off Sans.

But the second Death was parted from Sans, it was like Grillby took away his heart and soul. Because Death reached to Sans with both hands and cried out for him, his tone holding one of complete sorrow and heartbreak. It was like Death’s whole reason of happiness and love has been taken from him, could see it slowly slip from his fingers and be out of reach, but still close enough to tease him of what he could have. “snans, neerr !” Death called out to Sans, his tail trying to wack Grillby away to be able to slip out of his grasp and make it to his husband that he loved.

Sans gasped at the sudden drama, quickly swimming up to him, nuzzling his face. “don’ worry death! grillby’ll take good care of you. i’ll come right back to y’ once i’m outta class, yea?”

Grillby nodded, confident that he could have some fun with Death. Sans had already warned him that Death would be… fickle. Easily distracted, quick to get himself in trouble. But he could deal with him, surely.

Death whined, seeming very unhappy that this was happening now, but it looked final, so Death relented. Though he didn’t seem happy about this at all, crossing his arms and pouting in Grillby’s hold. “den yer mine ‘gain?” Death asked, looking at Sans hopefully, not wanting Sans to disappear from his life.

“yup!” Sans confirmed with a firm nod. “all yours. but first i gotta go to class.” As much as he hated it as well. “bye, d, i’ll see y’ later, yea? be good.” And with that the young prince finally swam off, leaving Death in Grillby’s arms.

Chapter Text

The lionfish finally let go of Death, looking at him curiously.

“So, I’m stationed over at the library today, I brought a bunch of stuff for you to spend your time with,” he told him, waving Death along towards the library.

Reluctantly, Death followed, looking back every so often in hopes Sans would come swimming back with his arms wide open for Death… but it never happened. They reached the library sooner than Death expected, but he didn’t make to much of a fuss when he was sat down at one of the tables. There was many things on the table waiting for him, from books to read, crayons and blank paper, and snacks to keep Death busy, but in this case it only made Death frown.


Grumpily, Death took a crayon, looking at the red coloring material with a critical eye, like it held a secret. Testing it, Death made a straight red line down the blank paper, staring at it so hard that it seemed he was trying to burn holes into it with just his stare alone. “‘ow ler’ng til i get snas?” Death asked Grillby, not removing his eyes from the paper.



“His father put him into extra classes,” Grillby told the angler fish, remembering when Sans had come to him, unconscious Death in his arms, ranting about his father. “So around five hours, I believe? He’s got fencing, physics and enhanced biology now.” At least the latter two sounded like something Sans might enjoy, though he’d probably hate the fencing.

Five hours? Five hours!?!? 


Do they really expect Death to really wait five whole hours!? It was outrageous, it was unthinkable. How can they possibly do this to him, what has he done to deserve this? The very thought of waiting so long made Death’s blood boil, made him absolutely blue in anger and frustration.


Before anyone could realize what was happening, Death grabbed the box of crayons and starting waving it around aggressively, launching crayons around the room. When all the crayons were gone, Death threw the box and started to tear every page he could get his hands on. Making it into confetti, the room soon turning into one of destruction and chaos, the exact opposite of what a library should be.


The librarian screamed as she watch Death make a mess of her precious library, screaming shock and horror. “Guard, do something!!!” She begged, looking at Grillby for his help.

Grillby was shocked, quickly rushing to catch any flying objects, save pages and books from the destruction, and generally just do some damage control. But Death was vicious, and it was nearly impossible to both fix and stop the destruction fast enough. So he focused on the latter, quickly going to catch Death and grab him tightly.

“What are you doing!? Come on, Death, there’s no reason to be upset! Let’s calm down.”

“fr’ive ‘ours , dats ser ler’ng!” Death hissed, beating his thick meaty tail at Grillby’s hitting him hard enough for the other to loosen his grip. Unwillingly letting Death slip away, where he started to swim away, out the library and through the halls. “snnnaasss, w’ere ‘re ya?!”

Sans, meanwhile, was in his class, working through an hour and a half of history, when suddenly something caught his distraction. A scream, a loud yell that sounded like Death , rapidly coming closer, before suddenly getting farther away again. And, as if that wasn’t weird enough, moments later he heard another scream, calling out for Death this time, coming closer before getting farther away once more.


Immediately, Sans raised his hand.


“miss plum, may i leave class to avoid a catastrophe?”

“No, Sans. You have a lot of work to do.” The old mermaid tsked at Sans, moving her index finger side to side to show her disapproval.

Sans eyed the door nervously, before looking back at his teacher, uncertain. “...may i get this written so the king’ll know who’s responsible for the catastrophe?”

The old woman paused, looking back at the door where they heard two people swim past screaming their lungs off, before sighing. “Go, but come back soon. Any time off will be continued once your back.” She said, waving Sans off.

Sans didn’t hesitate. He immediately rushed out of the classroom and after where he could still hear distant voices coming from. Sans found not just Death, but also a very shocked looking Grillby, close to a broom closet, the witch doctor throwing cleaning supplies in his tantrum. Feeling dread for both the destruction and also Death getting hurt, Sans quickly stepped in, rushing into the scene and wrapping his arms around Death from the back.

death, what’re y’ doin’!?” He asked, his tone shocked and worried.

Just like how Death cured the illness from citizens, Sans cured Death of any aggression and rage. The angler fish turning around and going limp in Sans’ arms, a small pleased hum could be heard from him as he wrapped himself around Sans. “snas, i missed ya!” Death cooed, snuggling close to his perfect husband.

Sans sighed and relaxed once Death did, hugging him close. “i missed y’ too,” he told him, nuzzling a little into the side of Death’s face. “what’re y’ doin’, silly? was grillby tormentin’ y’?”

“I wasn’t , I swear!” The lionfish argued, but Sans would rather hear it from Death.

“ye, ‘e said yer would be gone fer fr’ive ‘ours! fr’ive!!! ” Death said outraged, like the whole thing was bullshit and no one was noticing it. Like Death was the only smart one that woken up from this lie, living in a world where everyone is still in that lie. It was crazy how anyone thought that they could steal his husband for five hours! “dats ser mean a em!” 

Sans cooed sadly, hugging Death a little more. “but ‘s true, i got class, death. ‘s only been like fifteen minutes…” He thought over his options, really wanting to avoid a disaster… How could he let Death alone for five hours, if he already threw a tantrum like this after fifteen minutes? He had to get Death to promise it…


“a’right, how bout this. if y’re nice an’ behave while ‘m gone, i’ll reward you once ‘m back?”

“ya will?” Death asked, looking up at Sans’ face, interested. "wha can ya give me? w’en ya ‘lready gave me da perfec’ ‘usband?”

Sans actually couldn’t help but to blush, looking away sheepishly. “well… tha’s for y’ to decide, isn’ it?”

“yer time, i wan’ all yer time.” Death said, moving closer to the other to place loving kisses on Sans’ face, holding him close.

“i’ll give y’ all my time,” Sans promised, letting himself be kissed. “once ‘m outta class. does that sound good?”

Death frowned, not liking this at all. So he shook his head, refusing to loosen his hold on Sans at all, needing, wanting Sans close now and forever. He didn’t care about classes or whatever Sans had to do, his own wife should be more important than any of that. Death should be one of the most important things to Sans, he can’t classes over Death! “ner, mine!”

Sans looked a little disappointed, humming as he thought over his options a little more. Before finally letting out a sigh, deciding to be very careful with his words.


“if y’ behave till ‘m outta class, y’... y’ can touch me. anywhere y’ want. but just touch!

Death paused, thinking over Sans’ words carefully, weighing how much he will get out of that. On one hand, Death could touch Sans anywhere he wanted, but on the other hand…


“ner, i wan’ ya ta touch me .” Death said, moving his hands to place them on his own butt, “touch me ‘ere, snas.”

Sans gasped, spluttering a little as his hands were suddenly moved to Death’s butt, pressed to it so much Sans couldn’t help but to squeeze a little, his face flushing. But… oh well. He figured this wasn’t the worst outcome.


“a’right,” he decided, though his voice was low and soft. “i’ll touch y’ there. but only if y’re good till i’m back.” And with that he pulled his hands back once more.

Death nodded, laying his head on Sans’ chest and snuggling into him, happy with the new promise. “okay snasy. i ler’v ya…” Death muttered, his hands wrapping around Sans tightly as he pressed their bodies close, loving this moments to bits.

Sans eyes widened as he froze in shock, and even Grillby let out a small gasp. Sans eyed Death for a few moments, the words hanging in the air so thick and meaningful. No. He didn’t actually mean that, right? He was just under the influence of the potion…


Sans gently pet Death’s back, humming a soft noise rather than answering.

“i gotta get back t’ class, death,” he said eventually, his voice soft and apologetic. 

Death nodded once more, before leaning in and putting a gentle kiss on Sans’ mouth, only then he allowed Sans to leave. “bye bye snas!!” 

Sans’ face was flushed a bright cyan, before he nodded and swam off, only stopping once he was beside Grillby. He looked up at the lionfish expectantly. “take good care of him,” he said, his tone holding a sense of seriousness he usually wouldn’t have.


“What are we supposed to do?” Grillby asked Sans before he had the chance to leave.


“uhh, i ‘dunno. make ‘im draw or somethin’. cook maybe? he makes potions an’ y’ cook, so maybe y’ can mix somethin’ up. i really gotta skedaddle, dude.” And he swam off with that, hurrying a little more as he imagines the teacher’s annoyance.


Grillby only watched after him, crossing his arms as he thought over his options. Then he turned over to Death.

“So… would you wanna bake something with me…?”

Death lit up, smiling so wide that his sharp teeth were exposed. “can i make somet’in’ fer snas?” Death would absolutely love making something for Sans, seeing his excited expression, loving his cooking. Sans does so much for him, Death wants to do everything in his power to do something good for the person that protected and cared for him so much.

Grillby chuckled amused, seeing Death as so adorable, wanting to do something nice for Sans. “Of course,” he told him, waving him along as he headed towards the kitchen. “Is there anything specific you want to make? It doesn’t have to be baked goods, anything works.”

“i ler’v sweets, dat means snas likes sweets ta. i wanna make cer’kies, cer’kies wit’ ‘eats!” To even prove his point even more, Death used both of his index fingers to draw a heart in the water, each half drawn by one finger at the same time.

Awww, Grillby couldn’t help but to coo a little. “Alright!” He said, giving him a firm nod. “We’ll make cookies.” He started swimming around the kitchen once he arrived, maneuvering himself around in that place like the kitchen staff themselves, getting materials and ingredients ready for the cookies, even getting a handful of colors of frosting for Death to play out his creativeness with.


“Have you ever made cookies before?” Grillby asked him once he got everything together.

“das poisa’n cer’kies coun’?” Death asked, pausing in his excited bouncing to look up at Grillby, the question feeling heavy on the angler fish’s shoulders. Like this would define if he was a good cook or not.

“Uhm…” Well. What else should he have expected? “I’m not sure,” the lionfish admitted. “I suppose they were cookies… Just leave out the poison this time, yes?” 

Death cheered happily as he grabbed a spoon and a ladle and started to bang the butt of the utensils on the counter, like a child waiting for their food at the dinner tables, chanting for their meal. “cer’kies! cer’kies! cer’kies!” 


They were going to have a fun day…

Chapter Text

To say everything went wrong was an understatement. It only started off as a slight annoyance when Death added ‘extra’ ingredients to make the cookie dough taste better. Having to make many batches of batter until finally they had one that wasn’t completely awful that they could both agree on. And that only taken an hour!


But then Death had to touch the oven when he saw Grillby preheat the oven, playing with it excitedly until it caught smoke. Grillby had to pull Death away from the oven before it made a small explosion. The cookies were completely rock hard, they didn’t even look like cookies, more like coal.


After making another batch, they had to use another oven, Grillby making sure to not let Death near the oven this time. As they waited for the cookies to bake, they made icing for the cookies. Death wanted to make the cookies have Sans’ face in the middle, and little heart around Sans’ face. They decided with the colors black, blue and white. Black for the line out, white for the background and blue for the many little hearts around Sans’ face. Though they ran into some trouble, if it was a mistake letting Death near the oven, then it was just as equally a mistake to let him near a mixer. Breaking the mixer and forcing them to mix it by hand, mostly Grillby because Death was very weak in his state.


Finally, when the cookies were done, they waited for them to cool before Grillby let Death go crazy and put all the love he had for Sans into these cookies. The whole time Death was grinning wide as he colored and drew on the cookies.


Once they were done, it was only twenty minutes until Sans got out of class, which made Death ecstatic. But Grillby decided they should eat, having worked so hard for maybe the most hardest five hours of his life. Together, they ate their sandwiches as they waited for Sans to leave, only then Grillby let the excited angler fish go. Of course he made sure Death had the cookies before he went bolting to Sans, putting a clean kitchen towel over the cookies so they had a smaller chance on falling or getting damaged or dirtied. Grillby followed close behind Death, just to make sure he was going the right way, unless he wanted to face prince’s anger.

Sans was happy - and tired - when he finally got to leave class. Exhaustedly he dragged himself out of the classroom, brightening up once he thought about Death. He wondered where he was. He lowkey had expected Death to wait for him outside the classroom, but seeing as he wasn’t there right now, Sans figured he was somewhere else. Were they back in the library Grillby had told him he was stationed at?

That was until he heard Death screaming from down the hallway, a small glow at the end of it that was getting bigger, before Death’s shape, and even Grillby’s could be seen. The angler fish was holding a cloth covered plate in his hands, his smile as wide as it could possibly be, racing to Sans at the highest speed he could in his potion induced state.

Sans turned to Death now grinning widely, swimming towards him as well. “death!” He called out, so happy to finally have him back again. Sitting in class for five hours, anxious that something might be wrong at any time had been agony.


“i missed y’!” He said, once he finally reached Death, wrapping his arms around him, mindful of the plate he was carrying.

“i missed ya ter!” Death cooed, peppering Sans’ face with kisses. “i made ya cer’kies!” He said excitedly, throwing away the towel to show Sans the cookies he made. The heart shaped cookies were… nice? The shapes of some weren’t the best, but at least was recognizable as a heart. The icing wasn’t that great either, the white icing that was acting as the background looked like it dripped over more than it should have, Sans’ face and the many little hearts looked like a child had drawn them, but it was still better than average. Death did a good. Death knew he did a good, that’s why he is so excited in showing these bad boys to his lover.


“see, dey got yer face!” Death pointed to the cookies with one hand, looking from the cookies to Sans, back and forth.

Sans eyed the cookies with an excited gasp. Sure, he had told Grillby to cook something with Death, but he hadn’t expected Death to come back with cookies for him!

“i love ‘em!” Sans told him happily. He didn’t care if the cookies might not look the best, he could tell how much effort Death put into them, and how excited he was about showing them to him. Sans immediately grabbed one, biting into it with no concern.


The taste was… something. Not good. Not unbearable either. Sans decided to give him a bright smile. “‘s great!”

Death gasped ever so happily, absolutely bursting in happiness and love. His tail fin was wagging so hard that it shook Death’s whole body. He had the biggest, most happiest smile he ever had, and his eye lights appeared. Never has Death’s eye lights ever was shown, his sockets only filled with black darkness. But here, now, Death was looking up at Sans with not just eye lights, but huge expanded sparkling eye lights. They were so big they almost took up Death’s whole socket, the white sparkling with something genuine, like Death was literally seeing sparkles and love around Sans.


And as far as Death was concerned, he was.


“ya ler’v em!” Death said in absolute joy, looking to Grillby to see if he was also seeing this amazing moment, then back to Sans, unable to keep his eyes off him for that long.

Sans’ soul burst at how cute Death was being, absolutely shaken by those wide, sparkly eyelights, so pure and beautiful. Oh, he didn’t care right now if he was only playing along with Death to keep him behaved, if he was only telling Death the cookies were good to make him happy. This was so worth it, and Sans loved seeing Death like this, so joyful and happy.


He wrapped his occupied arm around Death once more, planting a big kiss to the corner of Death’s mouth. “i do! he confirmed, hugging him so tightly. “i love ‘em! thank y’ so much, d!”

Death squeezed happily when Sans gave him a kiss, feeling the love that came from it. And oh how it made Death proud, made Sans so happy that he would kiss him, give him praise and love. The witch doctor has no regrets at all, so happy that he could do this, could make this happen, to give something to his precious Sans. “yer welcer’m!” Death cheered, smooching Sans right back.

Sans glanced over Death’s shoulder towards Grillby, seeing the fiery lionfish watch them with gentle eyes. “thank y’, grillbz,” he told him, before nuzzling his face into Death happily. “so… i think i promised someone all a my time, didn’t i?”

Death perked up at that, “an’ touchies!” Death reminded, looking more excited for this promise than the other. “can i give some a d’ese ta da ‘appy pappy an’ kingy?” Death lifted up the cookies to show what he was talking about. “den touchies? ‘n bed?” 

Sans snorted at the idea of Gaster trying one of these… special tasting cookies, but he gave Death a nod. “hell yea! le’s go to pops right now, he should be in his throne room.” And with that he took Death by the hand, pulling him along as he headed towards the throne room.


The guards let them in without questioning, the king looking towards Sans surprised when he suddenly waltzed in. Asgore was with him, and the two almost looking like they’ve been caught doing something scandalous - probably flirting.

“i made cer’kies!!” Death yelled towards them, snuggled up to Sans’ side as he lightly waved around the plate. “fer snas!”

“Oh!” Gaster said surprised, and you could hear a small coo from Asgore. “That’s sweet of you!”

Sans nodded as well excitedly. “they’re amazin’, too. y’ should try one.”

Gaster looked delighted at that suggestion. “May I?”

“ye! ye!” Death chirped, swimming towards Gaster excitedly and holding the plate out for Gaster to grab one of the… beautiful cookies he made today.

Gaster smiled at the cookie. It looked like something a child would do for their parents in pre-school. Maybe a little better than that. But it looked very sweet. 


He didn’t notice Sans’ smug excited grin as he finally bit into the cookie, and… He had to try not to twist his face. The smile he gave Death looked almost tortured. “It’s… great!” He told him. “Why don’t we share…? Here, you can have the other half.”

Sans, meanwhile, was snickering quietly.

Though Death didn’t take the cookie, instead he shoved the plate full of cookies onto Asgore and latched onto Gaster. Snuggling into the other skeleton and nuzzling him affectionately, humming happily. Death glanced at Sans, giving him a bright smile. “snas, snas! law fa’der ler’vs dem, jus’ like ya! law fa’der likes me!”

“Law father…?” Oh, but Gaster did already know about Death’s false beliefs of them marrying, the word just took him quite by surprise. Especially when Death was being this affectionate, too, but he gently put an arm around him, giving him a pet.

“ye, ya my law fa’der.” Death lifted up his hand to show Gaster the ring Sans had gotten him. “ya like me, righ’?” Death looked up at Gaster with his hollow sockets, almost like you knew his soul was on the line and it would break if Gaster were to say no.

But Gaster never intended to disappoint him anyways. “Of course,” he said confidently. “I’d be honored to have you in our bloodline. Sans couldn’t find a better prince than the witch doctor.” And Gaster wasn’t lying either. He respected Death a lot, and having him, the hero that saved his entire kingdom, as part of his bloodline would be more than just an honor.

Sans, though, was still embarrassed by those words, covering his blue face as he groaned.

Death gasped happily, preceding to cling to Gaster tightly, his tail fin trying to wrap around Gaster’s as he nuzzled his face into the side of the king’s face. Even giving Gaster a smooch on each of his cheeks, “‘on’er ta ‘ave law fa’der ta, yer great!” Death cheered, snuggling close to Gaster, like he was his big life sized teddy bear.

Now it was Gaster’s turn to blush slightly, his face tinted in the softest yellow. God, Death really was too sweet like this.


But Gaster was soon to be released from this, as Sans quickly swam up to them tugging on Death. “wha’ about me…?” He said, making his voice sounded small and fragile, like he was hurt.

Death gasped, like Sans hurt was an outrage and an offence on life itself. Letting go of Gaster completely and clinging to Sans tightly, his arms and tail wrapping around Sans and holding him close, planting many big kisses on Sans’ face. “neeeerr, ‘ere snasy ‘ere. muah muah!”

Satisfied Sans hummed as he nuzzled into Death, happy with the attention. His tail wrapped around Death’s, feeling the angler fish’s closeness. Only after a few minutes did he talk again, asking, “so, y’ wanna head t’ papys room next?” Honestly, Papyrus would probably even love the cookies… 


Death nodded as he hummed a confirmation, happy in Sans’ embrace once again. 


Gaster eyed the two curiously, surprised to see Sans this way. Sans had told him he was playing along for Death’s sake, though it looked a little bit like more than that. Sans looked genuinely happy in Death’s arms, not minding the affection at all.


It was… adorable.

Together, Sans and Death made their way out, Death having snatched the cookies from Asgore and letting Sans carry him out. They went to their next destination, which was Papyrus’ room. They didn’t even bother in knocking before entering, Death already cheering to Papyrus before the other can understand that his privacy was invaded.


“ch’ry da cer’kies i made fer snas!” Death demanded, swimming up to Papyrus and showing him the plate of cookies he made for his love.

Papyrus startled at first, but he recovered quickly. “COOKIES???” He asked surprised, before seeing the crudely drawn heart-sans cookies. “AWWW, THEY’RE ADORABLE!!! CAN I TRY ONE?”

“ch’ry da cer’kies!!” Death yelled, shoving the plate of cookies into Papyrus’ face. Making sure the youngest prince has at least one before cuddling back into Sans, clinging on his side like a leech. 

“OKAY!!!” Papyrus agreed happily, taking one of the adorable cookies. “THANK YOU!!!” Sans was watching Papyrus intensely as the youngest bit into it with much gusto, and, as the first one of them, didn’t make a face. Instead his face lightened up even. 



Death looked up at him shock and amazement, like Papyrus just handed him a medal that is super awesome and rare and totally something he should be proud of. “really?” Death whispered, his voice jolly and happy as he bounced in Sans’ arms. To excited and proud to stay still, practically vibrating in the prince’s hold.

Sans was snickering, snuggling his Death close into his arms.



Oh, Sans was not sure this would be a good idea… 

“yeeee!!” Death agreed without hesitation, already looking like he wanted to do it now .


Sadly, things couldn’t always go his way, because a guard swam in. “My princ- oh! My princes , food is ready. Please make your way to the dining room with your father.”


Death glared at the guard and held Sans close, before looking at his husband. “yer gonna leave ‘gain?” His jolly tone dying out and replaced by one of disappointment and sadness.

But Sans immediately shook his head no. “prepare an extra plate for the witch doctor,” Sans told the guard. “‘e’s eatin’ with us today.” The guard left with a - albeit a little surprised - nod.

Sans and Papyrus decided to follow him soon after, Death still in Sans’ arms as they headed towards the dinner room, all of them having dinner together.

Chapter Text

By the time Sans and Death made it to the prince’s room, Death was already giggling, but it wasn’t innocent or one of goofiness. No. It was one of evilness.


“ya promised.” Death reminded, snuggling into the sheets and patting the spot next to him, wiggling a little in the sheets excitingly.

Sans, not sure what Death was so giddy about, joined Death in bed easily, snuggling under the blankets next to him. “wha’ did i promise y’?” He asked curiously, not remembering what he’s talking about. He was full and sleepy and ready to knock out.

Death went to lay on his front, before wiggling his fishy butt around, or mostly towards Sans’ direction. “touch ‘t snas, touch ‘t real noice~”

Sans’ face flushed in a bright blue. Oh, right.


Hesitantly Sans moved his hands towards Death, gently reaching for the butt, or at least where a butt would be on an angler fish, face flushing at it.

“...y’re so weird sometimes,” he mumbled embarrassed, but he was touching the squishiness, giving it a slight squeeze.

Death scooted closer to Sans, until he was laying right on him. Sans having to wrap his arms around Death to get to his butt, all the while Death curled around Sans, getting comfortable. Except Death’s hands took a quick detour, grabbing Sans’ own hands and pressing harder into his flesh, forcibly making Sans squeeze and touch him harder, better, faster, stronger~


“yeeeee, snass~” Death cooed, hiding his face into Sans’ neck, pushing his butt into Sans’ touch.

Sans’ face was burning, eyes wide and so embarrassed. Oh, Death was going to kill him once he was back to normal, wasn’t he? But if he wouldn’t touch him… Death was probably going to kill him right now…


Ugh, why did things have to be so complicated.


And why did Death’s butt have to be so nice… 


Slowly Sans curled his eel tail around Death’s body, his flushed, frowny face hidden in the angler fish’s shoulder as he touched up Death’s butt more.

They stayed this way for who knows how long, cuddling into each other as Sans touched Death. Soon enough they both fell asleep like this, with Sans’ hands having a loose grip on Death’s butt. Both curled around each other and sleeping happily.




When a maid came in and opened the curtains to Sans’ room the next morning, Death hissed at them like a cat. Holding onto Sans close as the maid told the young prince that he should get ready for his classes. 


Oh no, Sans is going to leave him again? Was Death going to be alone for another five hours ?! With no Sans. 


“ner!” Death growled, almost biting the maid’s fingers off when she tried to shake Sans awake. The maid screamed in shock as she backed away, holding her hand close to her chest as she stared at Death, scared. 

Sans grumbled in annoyance, hugging Death a little tighter and grumpily hiding his face in the other’s neck. “nnnhh, wha’ is iiit…”

“My prince… it’s time for your class,” the maid said, her voice very wary of the angler fish.


Sans, meanwhile let out a tortured groan. But he rolled over until he was on his back, before getting up. Then he paused, turning back around to Death.


“uh… i think grillby’s around the garden t’day,” he mumbled towards the witch doctor, offering him his hand. “i’ll bring y’ there, yea?”

Death took Sans’ hand instantly, but instead pulled Sans into bed again, giving him stern yet disheartened look. “ya per’mised ya wouldn’ ler’ve me ner mer!” 

Did he? “aww, death…” Sans grumbled, still tired and groggy, having a hard time arguing. “i got school… please jus’ lemme leave? i’ll be with y’ all day once ‘m back, d.”

Death whined as he was dragged out of bed, being pulled out of the room and into the hallway. The whole time the witch doctor wasn’t making it easy for the eel prince, lagging behind and even letting his body go more slack to go slower. Forcing Sans to use more and more force to drag the unwilling angler fish along. “bu’ i don’ waannnnaaa!” Death complained, his lower body actually dragging across the floor.

“it’ll be fine,” Sans argued through grunts of dragging Death. “it’ll be good. how will we properly appreciate each other’s times, if we can jus’ see each other all the time. nah, we gotta part sometimes, love. tha’s the only way t’ keep thin’s fresh.”

“i don’ wan’ fresh! i wan’ dir’dy an’ nasty!” Death argued back, his frown growing wider and meaner. 

Sans snorted a little amused at the double meaning of this. “well,” he said once the back exit they were heading to came closer. “then the garden’ll be perfect for that, right?”

Grillby was already there when Sans arrived, glancing at them a little surprised. “Class again?”

“yea,” Sans told him. “watch ‘im for me?”

“Sure. I’m sure I can occupy him somehow,” Grillby agree, already glancing around for activities. Death was a witch doctor, right? Maybe he’d enjoy picking plants for his potions…


“a’right death. i’ll see y’ later, ok?” Sans told the angler fish, pulling him into his arms before he left to hug him. “be good.”

“ner.” Death almost growled, holding tightly onto Sans like the prince was his life source. “ne’va.” Five hours was a long time, a long time Death didn’t want to go through again, last time was a miracle that Death managed to get though. But again? And for how long? Something Death wasn’t willing to find out, that’s for sure.

“you’re a big boy,” Sans tried to argue though, struggling to peel Death off him. “a big strong boy. y’ can do it!” 


Grillby noticed his struggling and gently but firmly grabbed Death under his arms, freeing Sans from the angler fish’s grasp. Sans took the opportunity immediately, turning heel.


“thank y’ grillbz! bye death see y’ laterloveyoubye!” And he rushed off hoping things would turn out fine…


The lionfish, meanwhile, was left with a ticking time bomb in his arms.

Thankfully, the time bomb was delayed just a little bit by Sans, because the prince’s last words left Death a cooing mess. Curling up on himself as he giggled happily, holding his cheeks with his hands as he swayed side to side. 




He said he loved him.

Grillby was chuckling a little, pleasantly surprised by this reaction over the whines and cries he had expected.


“So!” He decided to say to Death. “Are you ready to pick some plants? The garden has all sorts of algae and weeds and over stuff, I’m sure you can find something real interesting!”

“i ‘lready did!” Death told the lionfish slightly irritated. The time bomb starting to count down again. “wit’ da princes!” 


Death wiggled himself out of Grillby’s hold, making some distance between them. “i wan’ snas!” Death demanded, “‘m ‘is wife, i wan’ my snas back!” 


So he could tell Sans that he loved him too back.

Grillby looked a little more troubled at that, not sure what to do or say. “...Well, prince Sans has to go to his classes,” Grillby simply told him. “The king ordered him to… Neither of us can really defy him.”

“well i can!” Death yelled back, his teeth bared. “brin’ me ta kingy!” Death demanded, glaring daggers at Grillby, like he was the one who liked taking Sans from him, the one that enjoyed keeping them apart.

“What!? You can’t just-” Can he, though? Death was the royal witch doctor, and… officially probably outranking him? The guards were supposed to notify the king if someone requested an audience with him…


Grillby let out a sigh. “Alright. I’ll bring you to him,” he decided, leading the way to the throne room. The guards in front of it looked at Grillby, surprised to see the lionfish escort someone here when he had been stationed in the garden. But they made room for him.


Grillby knocked, before opening the large doors, king Gaster catching his attention and eying the guard expectantly. 

Death pushed Grillby to the side as he swam in, glaring at Gaster angrily. As he made his way to Gaster, he didn’t wait to speak his mind. “ya mean law fa’der! derin’ t’in’s dat make me mad! shame on ya!” Death’s feelers were standing higher than normal, an offensive move on the angler fish’s behalf. Just like the sharp needle like teeth that were bared at Gaster, the witch doctor wasn’t near Gaster yet, but he did give off the vibe of someone who was angry and wasn’t going to back down.

And Grillby reacted immediately, startled, trying to go for Death and hold him back. “I am very sorry, your honor! The- the witch doctor requested to see you-”

“It’s alright,” Gaster told Grillby, but there was exhaustion in his voice. The king was not too surprised about Death’s reaction, not in this state. He motioned Grillby to let go of Death, before motioning Death to come closer to him.


“What’s wrong, Death?” He asked the angler fish. “What did I do?”

Death shook the lionfish off him before swimming the rest of the way, stopping right in front of the king, clearly upset. “ya take my ‘usband ‘way ‘gain! fer fr’ive ‘ours! why ya like ‘urtin’ me!?” Death yelled at the older skeleton, banging his fist on Gaster’s chest.


The punches weren’t very hard at all, Death doesn’t want to hurt Gaster. He would never hurt his own law father and the real father of his dear husband. Besides… Gaster liked his cookies, he has to be a good person!

And Gaster couldn’t be mad at Death, no matter how outraged some of his guards seemed. He gently put a hand on Death’s back, trying to somehow calm him down.


“Sans has to learn how to be a good ruler one day, Death,” the king told him. “It’s not something I can let him slack on. It’s important.

“bu’ i wan’ snaaaaa aaaaaassss !” Death screamed, the scream itself was high pitch and sounded more like a screech than anything. But what really surprised everyone was that all the windows in the throne room shattered at the same time, even some of the pillars now sported cracks going along the top to the bottom.


But it didn’t stay that way for long, because Death wasn’t done. The witch doctor’s body grew brighter, different colors started mixing into Death’s cobalt blue ecto, making a aurora effect. “ i wan’ my ‘usband!!! ” Death screeched, tears starting to pool into his sockets, the pillars now looking like they were dissolving . Like acid was thrown on them and was being eaten away rapidly. The floor started to move, making ripples like the ocean surface. 


It looked exactly like a water drop falling into a bigger body of water, the one drop making many circles on the surface as it spread. Except Death was the drop, and the floor wasn’t calming, only growing with Death’s rage.


The whole time Death was clinging to Gaster desperately, the king himself was unharmed and clear from any destruction. Either because he was so close to Death and was basically in the eye of the storm, or Death was making an effort to not hurt Gaster at all, even through his tantrum. No one knows, nor was it something anyone was concerning themselves about quite yet, more worried about their current surroundings.

Gaster was watching the scene in shock, guards rushing around, scrambling to keep the pillars together or get help.


“Death!” The king called out horrified. “Death, please , stop!” But it was like the witch doctor didn’t even hear him, his tantrum continuing, crying out for Sans, the destruction not even slowing down. 


Gaster found himself in a dilemma, unsure on what to do. Until finally, he gently shock Death by his shoulders. “Alright, alright, I’ll shorten his class time!” He told him almost frantically. “ Please, don’t destroy my castle!

The destruction eased slightly as Death stopped wailing to look at Gaster. His sockets teary as he stared into Gaster with big sad sockets. “can i ‘ave em ner?” The witch doctor’s hands holding onto Gaster tightly, like he didn’t want Gaster to go away.

Gaster eyed Death, clearly struggling… Five hours already weren’t that long, and Sans did need to learn about his royal duties… Though maybe if it only was while Death was in this state…


“How about I shorten it by two hours,” the king offered, his tone careful. “Sans’ll be in class for three hours, then get back to you. And while he’s busy, I’ll make sure Papyrus will be free to spend time with you. Does… that sound okay?”

Soon after, everything Death’s out of control magic touched stopped. The floor stopped moving, the pillars stopped dissolving, and the shatters windows…. stayed shattered. All of this happened while Death looked down glumly, but nodded slowly as he sniffled. The witch doctor leaning into Gaster and hiding his face in the other’s chest as he hugged the king. “i miss snans…” Death muttered, his shoulders hitching every so often.

A little surprised at the sudden closeness, Gaster moved his arms around Death slowly, holding him in a hug like he was consoling a child. And that’s almost what this felt like, wasn’t it for the wavey deformed floor, the way the pillars looked like they were about to crumble any moment… The guards were already on it, calling people for repairs immediately.


Gaster, meanwhile, sighed as he held Death.


“It’s okay. You’ll see him again, don’t worry. Why don’t you go do some puzzles with Papyrus? I’m sure he’d love your company…” Gaster hummed a little thoughtfully, before adding, “he’s in his own classes at the moment, but you can tell him he may be dismissed and return to them later. I’ll make sure Sans will be back with you after his three hours.”

But Death shook his head, clinging to Gaster tighter, his tail trying to wrap with the older skeleton’s. Death looked up, looking like he would start crying at any moment, his chin touching Gaster’s chest. “can… can i stay wit’ ya…?” Death muttered, his voice meek and vulnerable. 

Gaster was about to tell him that wasn’t possible, that he was busy and needed to focus, but… Seeing Death like this, in his arms, eyes so big and watery… It reminded him of when his own boys were kids, of when he rarely found time for them… “Very well,” he sighed, hugging Death a little. “You may stay. But I’m doing very important work, so try not to disturb it too much, okay?”

Death easily agreed, curling up around Gaster as he snuggled into him like a love starved puppy. Relaxing into the father of his lover, slowly starting to cheer up and soon cuddle Gaster with much love and gusto.