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Forming the New Company of Light

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  1. The Start of Something New





Valkyrie looked over the list for her dorm room and rechecked her bags. Clothes were packed. Hygiene products in their own bag. Her canvas backpack (decorated in pins from various functions she’d been part of) had her notebooks, pencils, and highlighters all stashed inside.

The poster from her favorite classic movie, Genie’s Wish, was in its case ready to go. A few choice photos in their frames were packed. Some of her favorite books and her laptop and chargers were packed away neatly.

Her potions set was in its box and ready to go. Cat food, the food and water bowl, litter box and litter were set up. Not to mention a few choice cat toys. She was packed… Though something still felt off.

“What do you think, Ches? Am I being paranoid like Mom or do you think I’ve got everything?” She asked. The tuxedo cat looked up from where he was curled on her bed, as if observing the stack of items.

“Mrew.” He looked to her, golden eyes flashing. Valkyrie nodded.

“Right. My bedding… Mom says they provide some, but it’s best to bring your own.” She waved her arms, another bag appearing. It had sheets, cover, pillows, and pillow cases. “Perfect. All that’s left is to survive orientation, get my class schedule, and then get the supplies I need for said classes.”

She sat down on the floor, laying down. “I’m excited, Ches… I am… But I’m a bit worried. Well… Nervous.” The cat hopped down, coming to rub against her sides and lay on her stomach. He purred, letting her pet his fur.

“No need to be nervous, you’ll be fine.” A familiar voice called. Valkyrie raised up, looking to her door. Her mother was in the doorway, peeking in, a smile on her face. “You’re a Sylvane after all.”

Valkyrie smiled. “True. But I’m a Sylvane who’s going to have to pull back on her power because her pseudo cousins are potentially evil like her pseudo grandmothers are.” She reminded. “Though I suppose I don’t have to pull back too much. Just enough to keep the Dragon from showing.”

“That’s right. Just keep the dragon from showing, and you’ll be golden.” Griffin moved to sit in the floor with her, giving a soft groan. Valkyrie smirked.

“Someone’s getting old.” She teased, fake wincing when her mother playfully bumped her shoulder.

“Let’s see how well you move around when you’re my age.” Griffin teased back. Valkyrie gave a sigh.

“Assuming I live that long, you mean.” Valkyrie stood up, stretching. Griffin frowned, standing up herself.

“Don’t talk like that, Val. You’re going to be fine.” She pulled her daughter into a hug, ruffling her short purple hair. “You’ll be fine and you’re going to grow up and become whoever you wish to be.” Griffin asserted.

Valkyrie gave a slight smile, pushing her glasses up. “Thanks, Mom… I, uh… I’ll fight for life.” She looked to the clock. “Guess I should be heading to bed. I have to be up early so I can get there in time to set up my side of the dorm.” Griffin gave a smirk.

“You? Willingly getting up early?” Griffin asked. “That’s something new.” Valkyrie rolled her eyes.

“I just have to get there before Crystal does and decorates the room in all of her crystals. Like don’t get me wrong, I know they help her channel her powers, but I can’t live in a room surrounded by them. They give me the creeps… Well… Not me exactly but…” Valkyrie placed a hand to her heart. “My dragon doesn’t like being surrounded by crystals.”

Griffin sighed. “That’s because your dragon remembers… How it used to be controlled.” Griffin looked to her. “But you… You won’t be controlled. Not by Crystal.”

Valkyrie smiled. “I know. She loves me. Even if she’s dating Kota.” She winked. Griffin chuckled.

“Go. Get some sleep. And remember to try and keep the peace, especially since you and Crystal asked to be placed together.” Valkyrie gave a sheepish smile.

“I thought it’d be better to be placed with someone who actually knows me than someone who doesn’t. Especially if a certain trio of hags decide to bring me nightmares.” Griffin nodded.

“You do have a point. I conceded that. Do you remember the rules you wanted set?” Valkyrie smiled.

“Oh, I remember. No ‘my sweet child’ talk. I’d hate for the other witches to think I’m there purely because you’re my mother.” Griffin nodded.

“I understand that too.” She looked to where Cheshire was stretched out on the floor. “And you had better not cause too much trouble at my school, Cheshire, or you’ll be staying with my mother and Sasha.” She threatened. Valkyrie rolled her eyes, going to scoop up her cat.

“Don’t listen to her, Ches… She wouldn’t just abandon her first and only grandkitten.” Valkyrie pet the cat, listening to him purr. Griffin just rolled her eyes and walked out of the room.

“Busses leave at 8! Remember that!” She called to her daughter. Valkyrie smiled.

“I’ve got my alarm set!” She called down. She looked to Cheshire. “This is going to be awesome.”