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Beast Wars Drabbles

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Chapter 1: Adoration

Dinobot/Optimus Primal | Mature | Words: 243

Fluff, Non-Explicit Sexual Content, Cultural Differences


Dinobot is caught up in an intimate moment with Optimus and how... gentle Maximals are.



Chapter 2: Celebrate

Depth Charge/Rampage | General Audiences | Words: 532

Alcohol use, Pre-Canon


Protoform: X is finally captured, and, for once, in a good mood, Depth Charge decides to celebrate a bit.




Chapter 3: Fight Me!

Rampage & Quickstrike | General Audiences | Words: 697

Canon-Typical Violence


Rampage is waiting for Depth Charge to show up, when he is interrupted by Quickstike. Demanding a fight. Rampage indulged him, to an extent.



Chapter 4: Nuisance

Depth Charge/Rampage, Rampage & Quickstrike | General Audiences| Words: 981

Fluff, Sibling Dynamics, Bullying


Quickstrike got in the way of some quality time, and thus, must suffer.