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Alex Final Wars 2: Dark Alex

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The bridge of the typhoon was an unusual shape when it came to warship bridges, then again the typhoon was not your average warship. It didn't float, it flew, something that set it apart from other US warships. The bridge of the vessel was sort of semicircular in shape, with multiple chairs where individuals sat and controlled parts of the ship via computers and buttons. The curved side of the bridge was made of large glass panels that enabled perfect viewing of the surroundings, while at the same time being capable of resisting high amounts of damage. A small set of stairs near the center of the bridge lead to a raised captains chair, that had 2 horizontal levers for driving the ship. Right now the bridge was completely dark, all computer displays on various control panels were off, save for the main screen which provided the only lighting. Alex and Toothdee stood on the bridge, watching the illuminated screen. Projected for their viewing, was an orbital view of a meterex compound in a remote location. Both of them were dressed in black combat fatigues, which were standard issue for the Heroes organization. The pair also wore high-quality armor, which looked golden in color. The armor was heavy duty and could stop a lot of damage from bullets and blades alike. The armor also contained a Chi slot, enabling the wearer to use an orb of chi to "chi up" for intense battles.

"This is it," Toothdee said "the last pocket of meterex resistance that we have found. With it gone, the meterex will be no more."

"Let's hope so," Alex said, "but I have to say, every time a meterex group crawls out of the woodwork, Heroes gets a boost in funding, so I'm not complaining."

Heroes was an organization that Alex, Toothdee, and some of their companions set up after they put down the meterex forces that were staging attacks all over the world. Funded by world governments, mainly the US, who were impressed with their work in the meterex war, the organization was a well-known force for good. Normally tasked with stopping dangerous groups like terrorists or gangs, they also participated in peacekeeping and relief efforts.

"Ha, neither am I," Toothdee said, responding to Alex's claims of increased funding for the group "But this compound looks heavily fortified. We haven't spotted any armor or vehicles, however, there are a lot of troops."

"What's with the large satellite dish? Just communications?"

"I believe so. But how do you want to play this? It'll certainly be a tough fight."

"Don't worry." Alex said, holding up 2 fingers "I have 2 new heroes fresh out of training who are just itching to get out in the field."

The door behind Alex and Toothdee opened, flooding the room with light. 2 figures dressed in combat armor walked into the room, a young male Zootopian lion, and a young female Zootopian hyena.

The lion had a bright red mane shaped like a mohawk and eyes of light brown, while the hyena had long hair with a purple streak, and eyes that were dark purple in color. The 2 individuals were also dressed in standard Heroes combat fatigues and armor. The pair stopped in front of Alex and Toothdee before raising their hands in salute.

"Kion Priderock reporting for duty," the lion said.

"Jasiri Outlander reporting for duty," the hyena said.

Alex and Toothdee saluted the pair before Alex told them "At ease."

Kion and Jasiri placed their hands behind their backs while Alex went over the plan.

"Ok, Me, Kion and Jasiri will head into the compound and plant explosives throughout the building. When detonated these will create a chain reaction that should destroy the entire compound. There is a power plant at the center of the base, we will concentrate most of our explosive firepower there, to deal the most damage. We are also tasked with retrieving any information we can find at this compound. Information that might alert us to any pockets of hidden meterex activity, should they exist. After the explosives are planted and intel recovered, Toothdee will come and pick us up in a helicopter, before we evac and destroy the compound."

Kion and Jasiri nodded in unison, understanding what was going to transpire.

"Let's see how you 2 do in the field," Alex said.

"We won't let you down," Kion responded, ready to get into a real combat situation.

"Judging by your training, there's no way you could. Now head to the hanger, let's get our gear."

The typhoon's armory was located near the hanger bay, meaning that you could just grab your gear before hopping into a vehicle and heading out on a mission. Racks of all kinds of weapons were situated on every wall, holding every kind of weapon from rocket launchers to knives. Workbenches also resided in the room, alongside proper tools, in the event someone needed to modify or work on their weapon. The entire room was also locked with a retinal scanner, preventing unauthorized access.

Upon arriving at the armory, Kion picked up one of his weapons of choice, a long sword with a simple design. The sword didn't have a fancy trick it could do or elegant engravings, but it was made from a material that was capable of deflecting most small arms fire. The lion swung the sword in his hand, making sure the balance and weight were perfect, before tucking the weapon into a holster on his back. He also carried firearms, such as a pistol and rifle, but he loved using a sword. There was something almost elegant about a sword, using it was almost like a dance on the battlefield, except a wrong move might result in death. Kion also donned a flack jacket that looked like a leather coat, making it both functional and somewhat fashionable.

Jasiri put on a combat helmet that was designed for Hyenas, before picking up a pair of pistols. The guns were decorated with purple lines and markings, and the weapons had been modified to fire quickly, while still delivering a powerful punch. The hyena tucked the pistols into specially designed holsters on her hips. These holsters would automatically refill Jasiri's weapons with a fresh magazine if the hyena just held the pistols in the right position a tiny bit above the holster. Because she duel-wielded, her reload time was much quicker than manually inserting a new magazine into each pistol.

While his partners got themselves situated with their gear, Alex picked up his weapon from a table nearby. A G36 assault rifle, modified with an extended magazine, forward grip, and powerful scope. The weapon was painted in a shiny golden color and could shoot powerful shots at a high rate of fire. Alex also grabbed his sword, a Chima style weapon, consisting of a gold-colored hilt and one large silver colored the main blade split into 2 smaller blades, with an area of unfilled space going up the center of the weapon. When wielded by Alex, chi power would fill the space at the center of the weapon, allowing him to deliver devastating strikes to opponents. But what really made the weapon special was the chi blaster embedded in the hilt. This enabled Alex to fire chi blasts while at the same time engaging opponents with the blade of the weapon, allowing him much more dexterity on the battlefield.

Alex also carried an A.J.M. 9 pistol, which was hard hitting and silenced, making it perfect for stealthy operations. Lastly, Alex wore what looked like normal sunglasses, but they were anything but normal. They contained a heads-up display that could mark objectives for Alex, recognize faces with a camera on the nose bridge, and even tell Alex how much ammo his weapon had left by linking to sensors in the gun. Alex put the rifle and sword on his back, tucked the pistol in his holster, and donned his sunglasses, before the team picked up other gear they would need, such as medkits and grenades.

Once the team was geared up, they were ready to move out. Getting into a helicopter piloted by Toothdee, the team was flown towards the meterex base, but they would have to land and hike in for part of the journey, as flying the helicopter any closer could alert the meterex forces. Alex, Kion and Jasiri got out of the helicopter once it landed, and Toothdee lifted off before flying away, ready to pick up the team once their mission was complete.

Human, Lion, and Hyena hiked through the woods that made up this part of the world, taking periodic brakes so they would not be too tired when battling the meterex in the compound. Soon they came upon a constructed barricade, and that's when the team knew that they had reached their objective.

"Here we go, get ready. Safety's off." Alex said.

"How about a kiss for good luck," Kion whispered to Jasiri.

"Not now Kion, we're in the middle of a mission."

"It doesn't bother me," Alex said. "Feel free to show affection, but I will say this..."

Jasiri obliged Kion's request with a quick peck on his cheek.

" this Star Wars? Are you two gonna kiss for luck before swinging across a chasm?"

Kion chuckled while the team moved into some bushes nearby, to keep hidden as their eyes scanned the clearing in front of them. Soon the group spotted 4 meterex soldiers on guard. The sun reflecting off the brown metal that made up their bodies, and their large purple eyes watching for any enemies. Weapons clutched firmly in their metal hands. Most Meterex were spindly and thin robots, but their heads were large and shaped sort of like a rounded triangle.

The group snuck closer to get in a better attack position, before planning their strike. Alex gave the signal, before opening fire on one of the meterex units. The bullets quickly subdued the robot, and Alex directed his attention to another meterex unit. Jasiri opened fire with her pistols, aiming for the head of one robot. The shots shattered the eyes and armor of the unit, quickly rendering it destroyed. Jasiri then targeted another meterex unit nearby, just as Alex had done. Sprinting out of cover, Kion swung his sword with all his might, decapitating a meterex soldier like a hot knife going through butter. Alex and Jasiri both opened fire on the last hostile unit, quickly killing it under a hail of bullets.

"Move up," Alex said, as the team continued down an alleyway before emerging into another small courtyard. This courtyard, however, contained a heavy meterex unit. Standing half a meterex taller than a normal meterex unit, and purple in color, this unit's body was blocky in shape, along with its large legs and arms. A cube-shaped head sat upon the unit, with a big red eye that fed the robot information. Embedded in its hands were heavy machine guns, along with powerful fists for melee attacks, or lifting objects.

"I'll handle this, boys," Jasiri said, stepping towards the heavy unit. The robot emitted a loud, almost battle cry like sound, before charging at the hyena, who dodged out of the way. Jasiri used this opportunity to fire her pistols at critical points on the meterex, dealing heavy damage. The hyena once again dodged another strike and used the same tactic of firing at critical points. The heavy meterex slammed its fist onto the ground, trying to crush Jasiri, who evaded the attack and jumped onto its arm. Running up the robot's arm, Jasiri jumped off its head, while dropping a grenade onto the unit. The grenade exploded violently, destroying the unit while Jasiri landed on the ground.

"Good job," Alex said, complementing the hyena while the group continued deeper into the compound. As they entered the next area they were greeted by 3 normal meterex as well as 2 elite meterex units. Elite meterex looked the same as normal meterex, accept they were yellow and black in color. Also in their arms were a pair of blades for engaging hostiles in melee combat.

Jasiri got into a firefight with the normal meterex units while Alex drew his sword before him and Kion approached the elite meterex. The pair clashed blades with the meterex, sending sparks flying as they fought. Alex deflected a strike from the elite unit before getting into a sword lock. Kicking the unit back, Alex slashed the meterex's blades out of his way, opening the unit's guard and enabling him to stab the hostile in the chest.

With his opponents defeated, Alex turned to see Kion severing the head of his own opponent, while Jasiri finished off the last meterex soldier.

"All clear!" The hyena yelled.

"Let's move inside," Alex said, "see if we can find and capture the meterex commander, they have to have some valuable intel."

The trio headed through a small door on one of the buildings, and Alex spotted what appeared to be a structural support column on the side of the large room they were in. He quickly took out a small bundle of C4, and attached it to the column, before arming the device. After the charge was planted, the team moved down a large hallway and came face to face with 3 more meterex units. These units looked like normal meterex, but they were each equipped with a shotgun and assault rifle, both built into their hands.

"Oh boy, specialist meterex," Alex said

The units opened fire, prompting the team to fall back to a more defendable position.

"I haven't seen much of this kind of meterex," Alex said as the meterex entered the room and engaged the team "but watch out."

Alex tossed a grenade that landed near the feet of one unit, exploding and reducing the unit to scrap metal. Jasiri began to use crates as cover, sneaking around behind the units, before popping out and blowing the head off one. The hyena got back in cover as the last unit focused its shotgun fire on her, while at the same time continuing to suppress Alex and Kion with its rifle.

Alex drew his sword and got out of cover, getting into a ready stance. The meterex unit opened fire on him with its rifle, but Alex used his swordsmanship skills to deflect the bullets, all while slowly approaching the unit. Once in striking distance, Alex cut the unit's arm in half, before swinging his blade across its body, putting it down.

With the threat eliminated, the team continued down the hallway, until they reached a point where the hall split into 2 paths.

"Kion, Jasiri," Alex said, "you 2 go right and plant the remaining explosives. I'll head left and find the commander and extract any intel."

The lion and hyena nodded before the team split up to achieve their objectives. Continuing through the base, Alex ran into an elite meterex unit and a heavy meterex unit. The elite unit swiped at Alex with its blades, but Alex managed to defend against the strikes using his sword. The combatants got into a sword lock, and Alex removed one hand from his blade's hilt so he could draw his pistol and fire at the meterex unit. Once the elite unit fell to the ground, Alex barely had time to get out of the way of a strike from the heavy unit. Jumping off the wall, Alex was able to get on top of the elite unit and stab its head with his sword. This, coupled with a few shots from his pistol, defeated the unit, enabling Alex to continue onwards.

Sprinting to cover as much ground as possible, Alex encountered 2 normal meterex on a set of stairs. Both units fell to a few pistol shots and sword slashes as Alex kept going.

Reaching a room with a bunch of computer equipment, Alex spotted 2 more specialist meterex, unaware of his presence. Taking out his rifle, Alex emptied a full magazine into one meterex unit, putting it down. The second unit moved towards Alex, firing its weapons as Alex took cover. When the unit got close to where Alex was hiding, he jumped out and stabbed it in the head with his sword.

After making sure the area was clear, Alex began to check the computers for any intel he could salvage, only to discover that the equipment had been wiped clean of data. There was nothing left, the servers were fried and a few were shot full of holes. However there was one piece of gear still working, a device that kept track of meterex in the base, so their movements and attacks could be better coordinated. Looking over the screen Alex noted that there were not too many meterex in the area where Kion and Jasiri had gone, hopefully, that would mean they set the rest of the charges quickly and easily.

Alex also spotted what appeared to be the signal of a meterex commander, coming from an area not too far away. This commander was the last source of Intel, and Alex raced off to capture this meterex unit.

The next area Alex came to was a large room with catwalks suspended above the floor. Alex came out onto one of these catwalks and was traversing to the other end of the room when a bullet whizzed by him.

Turning to see who had fired at him, Alex spotted 2 sniper meterex. These units had one large eye that they used to find targets at long distances. There was no cover, so Alex drew his sword and got into a stance. One of the snipers fired a high power shot at Alex, who moved his sword to make contact with the bullet. When the bullet struck his sword, it ricocheted off the blade and struck the other meterex sniper, killing it. When the first sniper was distracted by his companion dropping to his own bullet, Alex pulled out his pistol and shot the sniper in the head.

The next room Alex came to was shrouded almost entirely in darkness, but similar to the last room there was a single catwalk running the length of the room. The floor space of the room was totally taken up by electrical equipment, as this was the power plant area of the base.

Alex spotted the meterex commander standing in the middle of the catwalk with his back towards him. The commander was teal in color and looked like a normal meterex unit with a larger body structure. His head design also contained more jagged points, and he had a multitude of armor plates flowing off his back onto the floor, almost like a robe.


Searching for who called his name, Alex spotted Kion and Jasiri heading towards him from the other end of the catwalk, from the other side of the meterex commander.

"Charges are placed!" Jasiri said.

"Good work" Alex responded, keeping a gun trained on the meterex commander. "We need to capture this guy. All intel was destroyed, we need him to tell us what he knows."

Kion and Jasiri nodded and trained their weapons on the commander, who remained silent and unmoving. Just as Alex was about to open his mouth to say something, the commander spoke.

"I suppose you're here to take me prisoner." the unit's voice was metallic and didn't really contain any noticeable tone.

"Yeah, no duh," Kion said.

The meterex commander laughed and turned toward Alex.

"I know you believe this to be the last pocket of resistance, but no, you are wrong. There is something much more terrible coming."

"What are you talking about?" Alex Asked

"The fact that you are oblivious to your end coming closer and closer."

The meterex commander walked to the side of the catwalk.

"A force that you will be unable to destroy, even though your heart, like the sky..."

The commander looked at the trio of heroes one final time.

"...Will be on fire."

The commander then jumped off the catwalk, landing on some power plant equipment, causing a chain reaction. Sparks flew and the equipment burst into flames.

"Well, looks like we have no intel," Alex said, disappointed "but we'll worry about that later, right now we gotta get out of here!"

"There was a staircase leading up over here," Jasiri said, pointing back towards the way she and Kion had come from. Alex nodded and the team raced off towards the staircase while Alex called Toothdee for rapid extraction.

"Toothdee! We need an immediate evac!"

"Coming your way," Toothdee said, and Alex heard the sounds of an engine start.

The trio reached the staircase and climbed it, finding their way out onto a roof. Alex lit a flare so Toothdee would be able to spot where they were. The compound was catching on fire, as the power plant overloaded and caused chaos.

"Incoming!" Kion yelled.

A meterex force was climbing the staircase they had come from, and they were ready to stop the team. The force consisted of 2 heavy meterex, some sniper meterex, and a couple of normal meterex.

"Jasiri!" Alex said, "detonate the charges!"

"But Alex, we're still in the compound!"

"Leave the details to me."

Jasiri took out the detonator and pressed the button. Large explosions went off nearby, with one blast even destroying some of the meterex forces that were attacking the team. There was only one heavy unit left, and it charged forward towards Alex, who dodged the strike. The unit continued to swing at Alex, who dodged its strikes. Unfortunately for the heavy unit, it was left open to an attack from behind, and Kion stabbed the unit with his sword, killing it. Jasiri took down a normal meterex soldier and then focused her fire on the sniper meterex. Alex also took out his rifle and opened fire, resulting in the last 3 enemies being put down under a hail of bullets.

More meterex entered the area, consisting of an elite meterex, 2 specialist meterex, and a flamethrower meterex. This unit looked like a heavy meterex but was painted red, and as the same suggested, was equipped with a flamethrower.

"Take down that flamethrower now!" Alex yelled, tossing grenades into the group of enemies. The flamethrower unit moved forward and engaged with its flamethrower. Jasiri took down a specialist unit, before needing to dodge the stream of fire from the flamethrower unit.

While Kion dueled the elite unit, Alex ran up to the other specialist unit and his it with his sword, destroying the unit. Alex then fired with his gun at the tank on the flamethrower unit, causing it to explode and destroy the meterex unit.

Just as Kion destroyed the elite unit, the third wave of meterex appeared, consisting of all types of units they had encountered. As the group prepared to battle, suddenly a missile struck the group of enemies, destroying them. The team looked up to see the helicopter before Toothdee hovered nearby so they could get on. Toothdee's timing was perfect, as right after the team had jumped on the chopper and the aircraft pulled away, the building they had been on exploded. The entire compound was burning or destroyed, and most, if not all of the meterex were dead.

"Where's the commander?" Toothdee questioned.

"We didn't get him," Alex said. "And they destroyed all their Intel."

"Damnit, that's not good Alex."

"No, it's not. But don't blame me, they destroyed their intel before I got to that room, and the meterex commander killed himself."

"He was acting strangely as well," Jasiri said. "He said 'there's something coming, your heart and the sky will be on fire' what do you think he meant by that?"

"If we had him we could ask him" Toothdee sighed, although the compound was destroyed, they had lost 2 sources of intel. However, unlike Toothdee, Kion and Jasiri were happy with the way their first mission turned out and shared a victory high five. They had performed exceptionally and were ready for whatever else faced them