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The Legend of the Six

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Katherine Howard was not a scared girl. Not anymore.

The Druid had seen so much in her life - death, betrayal, misfortune, her own life flash before her eyes - but nothing - absolutely none of it - prepared her for what was going to happen today. She supposed, if this works, historians will call it “The Beginning of the End,” though she’s not sure whose end it will be.

None of them know, she realizes. It’s a scary thought.

She takes a deep breath, puts her hand to the grass in front of her in the tent. Closing her eyes, she can sense life everywhere - the grass, the trees, her companions preparing outside, the castle only a few hundred yards away, the festivities in full swing.

Katherine can’t help but smile; it’s so full of life, of joy. People are enjoying themselves, are celebrating life.

But then, Katherine frowns.

It’s highly possible that many of these precious lives will be taken away this day. She, and her companions, will have a direct hand in it.


A soft yet firm voice pierces through Katherine’s thoughts. Looking outside of the tent, she finds none other than Anne of Cleves, watching the small girl. Her expression is stoic, serious.


“It’s time,” Anne says simply, pulling out of the tent. Katherine is left alone for a moment before she grabs her trusty staff and exits the comfort of “home.”

She barely is able to adjust her eyes to the piercing sun before Anne once again stands before her.

“Are you prepared?” She asks, sheathing her sword for the last time before they depart. Kat can’t help but be in awe of Cleves every time she sees her; the Knight had saved Kat’s life, after all. Even when it could have cost her her own.

For Cleves to still be with her to this day, taking part on this mission that could very well cost them their lives… well, Katherine would be a bit choked up, if it wasn’t for another voice nearby:

“I’ve got everything she could need, Cleves.”

They turn to find Catherine of Aragon. The Paladin’s sword glows with a gentle, warm hue before it stops, allowing Aragon to sheath it. She moves over to them and puts a gentle hand on Cleves’ shoulder.

“We’re gonna make sure she’s safe,” Aragon says quietly. Then, to Katherine: “If you need anything, or you feel overwhelmed, just shout. Do not go far from us, okay?”

Katherine gives a weak, nervous smile, but nods. Aragon softens her gaze and gives Katherine a gentle kiss on the forehead.

“When we’re done with this,” Cleves muses, “I’d like to show you all my hometown. Maybe, if we’re lucky enough, we could all settle over there… leave all of this behind.”

Another voice scoffs at the notion.

“And leave all of this realm to chaos? Honestly, it’s what it deserves, I think.”

Cleves turns to find Anne Boleyn, the Rogue, leaning against a nearby tree. With a big, confident smile, she goes over to her cousin, gently putting her hands in the Druid’s.
“Don’t worry, when we get there, I’ll get in and out, no sweat.” Boleyn says with a wink. “We’ll win this before the day is done, I promise you!”

Katherine nods, giving the girl a smile in relief. Then, another troublesome thought: “But… what about Seymour?”

Boleyn’s face falls, gets a bit darker. With a soft sigh, she shakes her head.

“I will… deal with her when we get to it-”

“No, we’re taking her home.”

The others look over to find Catherine Parr, the Wizard, look a bit unamused at Boleyn’s response. Boleyn glares.

“We had a deal, Parr,” she spits out, but Parr shakes her head.

“We promised her we’d save her. If what they said she did really did happen… then justice is yours to be served.”

Boleyn smirks darkly.

“I quite like the sound of that.”

Katherine sighs, shaking her head. She doesn’t believe it. She doesn’t think-

“We should get going,” Boleyn says, looking over at Katherine. She extends a hand. “You ready? For real, this time.”

Katherine looks down at her hands, then at her staff and the little notches in it. They’ve been on this journey for months - a year? - now. She never thought it would come to this, and yet… it has.

It’s finally here.

Redemption, justice… revenge.

It’s theirs for the taking.

All Katherine needs to say is “yes.”