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Ramen Shop

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Tokyo; Konoha High; Wednesday; 03:00 PM.

Was just missing thirty minutes to the ring sound. The students were still in the classroom, silently asking for the clock go faster. There was only just a single soul who doesn't in the class, and this soul was perambulating for that big school's hallway.

Hallway 'A', parked front of a specific locker – Nº 17 – has Uzumaki Naruto, with the face completely hot and red, with the shaking legs and the heart beating a thousand per hour.

"Damn, I lost my day trying to write this fucking letter to simply give up in the end?", looked at the pink letter. "If all the letters of the muggle world were like the Harry Potter's ...", sighed, imagining a letter on fire or getting invisible when you read it.

Naruto wrote a love letter for his beautiful and loved crush – Haruno Sakura – where he declare his love and ask for to meet her.

"The worst that can be happen is she throw away the letter.", suddenly he feels confident. "I'm right!", he put the letter in her locker and crossed his fingers.

Like if the locker was on fire or had a ring that sounds and denounced his presence, he run away, ignoring the Inspector Ebisu's screams.