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Midnight Thoughts

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Adora let out a soft sigh, sitting down on her bed. She had just about finished unpacking, and only a few more boxes remained. She had just moved in with her best friends, Glimmer and Bow. She’d been planning moving in with them for a while now, since dorming was expensive and this was a cheaper alternative.

Adora groaned at the thought of school. She had two weeks before she had to return to classes, but she didn't want to think about that. She checked her phone for the time: 7:39 p.m .

I’m practically done unpacking, Adora thought . Maybe I should just rest for a little. And so she did, closing her eyes with a soft hum, drifting away peacefully, until the loud strum of an electric guitar made her jump out of her skin. She quickly sat up, looking around.

“What the hell?”

Another song began to play, not too loud, but extremely obnoxious. Stomping down the one flight of stairs, she grumbled and looked over at Glimmer, who was watching Riverdale on Netflix.

“What the hell is that?”

“Uh… Riverdale ..?” Glimmer looked over her shoulder.

Adora groaned, “Not the show, the music! Why is there someone playing music at this hour!”

Glimmer blinked and looked at the time. “Oh, the neighbors usually play around now. I think they’re in a band? I don't know, and don't care.”

Adora rubbed her temples in annoyance, letting out a soft whine. “Everyday?”
“No, but pretty often.”

Adora let out yet another whine, looking out the window that faced the loud house. “How have you been living like this…”

Glimmer rolled her eyes. “You learn to block it out, plus I think you're being a little overdramatic.”

Adora rolled her eyes, sighing in defeat. “Yeah, you’re right.”

She took a banana from the kitchen and went back to her room. She closed the window, glancing at the house. She only managed to get a peek of the player’s dark brown, curly hair. She laid back in bed, unpeeling her banana to snack on while she read a book, since she wouldn't get any sleep any time soon.

Adora managed to read about six pages before shutting her book rather aggressively, glaring at her window. The music seemed to only get louder, and more annoying. She tossed the book onto the bed and put on a thin sweater, rushing downstairs and to the door, slipping her mustard yellow vans on.

“Where you goin’?” Glimmer looked over, eyebrow raised.

“To tell them to shut up, ” Adora looked at her, eyes narrowed in annoyance.

“Adora I dont think thats a–” Before finishing her statement, Adora already stormed out and shut the door. “Jeez, not that serious.” Glimmer muttered to herself and returned to her show, leaving Adora to deal with the neighbors.


Adora crossed her arms, making her way across the lawn and over to the driveway of her neighbors, the music making her ears pound. Adora sighed and looked into the garage, and sure enough, there was a band set up. A large, rather muscular woman with snow-white hair sat at a drum set. On the keyboard was a tech-y smaller woman, with dull purple hair tied into two pigtails. Adora cleared her throat dramatically.

“Uhm.. excuse me?”

The woman on the drums stopped playing, looking over.

“Oh hello! What’s up, stranger?” she greeted.

Adora was slightly taken back at how kind the woman's voice was, definitely not what she expected from such a scary looking lady. The purple-haired girl also stopped, looking over and waving.

Adora smiled awkwardly, “Uhm, yeah… hi. I’m the neighbor, and I was wondering if you guys could keep it down a bit? ” she tried to sound as nice as possible, not wanting her annoyance to show through.

The white haired lady blinked, “Oh, oh I’m so sorry! I guess we didn't realize how loud we were being.”

Adora smiled a bit, shifting her feet. “Yeah, just a teeny bit too loud–”

She was cut off by a door opening in the garage, and a woman coming out with a guitar strapped to her. She was rather short, and stocky. She had dark brown hair that was rather messy, a bandana holding her bangs back.

“Alright guys, Lonnie said she’ll be here soon–”

The woman looked up from her phone and right at Adora.

She looks… kind of familiar. Adora squints at the woman, who just stood there staring holes into her. Adora swallowed, looking into her eyes. Adora instantly recognized them, the sky blue and practically golden eyes. Great! Just her luck!

The drummer cleared her throat. “Uhm, guys?”

Adora blinked. “Oh, sorry, I–”
“Adora! Great seeing you!” Catra purred, leaning against the wall with her devious fucking smirk. “Now tell me what the hell you’re doing here.” Her smirk turned into a deep frown, crossing her arms and raising her slit eyebrow.

The universe has it out for me. Of course Catra would live here! Why wouldn't she?

Adora laughed very awkwardly, “I just… came to tell you guys to quiet down a little.” She rubbed the back of her neck, starting to sweat a little. Jeez, I can cut the tension with a knife.

Catra blinked, before bursting into laughter, doubling over. “Aw, don't wanna catch up? Know more about my little band or what I’ve been up to? But sure, princess! Just for you.” She smirked, putting a hand on the neck of her guitar.  “Scorpia, turn the volume on the instruments down for Adora here, we’re being too loud.” She ended her sentence with a baby voice, before snickering.

The white haired woman nodded, “You got it, boss!”

Adora groaned, good to know nothing has changed.

“Just… keep it down.” She mumbled and started to make her way back to her house, luckily Catra and her little band playing much softer than before.

Adora sighed and walked into her shared home, Bow finally being home from his shopping spree with Perfuma.

Adora smiled. “Hey Bow.”

“Hey Adora! Heard you went to tell the neighbors to, and I quote, shut up?” He smiled a bit.

“Yup, seemed to work.”

“Then why are you sweating so badly?”

Adora touched her face and sure enough, she was. “No reason! Just a little hot.” She took off her sweater and tied it around her waist, going to the fridge to grab a drink.

“Did Glimmer go to bed?” Adora asked, pouring herself some orange juice.

“If by to bed you mean watching Netflix, but on her phone this time? Yeah, she did.”

Adora giggled, sipping her drink. “Guess I should too. I’m gonna shower though.” She went back to her room and grabbed a towel, going to the bathroom and started the shower.

She sighed softly, letting the water wash over her. She closed her eyes and stood there for a moment. Catra. It’s been, what? Five years? And she just so happens to be my neighbor? Adora grumbled a bit, putting her hands on her face. I’m going to have to see her everyday… i’m going to have to TALK to her eventually… stars, why’d she have to be my neighbor?

Adora finished showering and wrapped herself in her towel, making her way to her room and locking the door. She got into her pajamas and dried out her hair with the towel. Adora collapsed onto her bed with a loud groan, her face in her pillow. At least its quiet . She rolled onto her side, closing her eyes and pulling her knees to her chest in her usual sleeping position. She let out a sigh of content, drifting off into her sleep… before music woke her up again. She let out a loud groan, sitting up and staring at her window. Sure enough, Catra’s band was playing again but… so much louder than before.

“UGH! That's just so.... Catra!” She yelled into her pillow.

Adora was able to hear lyrics this time:

Can I get a witness?

'Cause I can hold a grudge like nobody's business

Seein' double vision

Show me what you got and I'll show what you're missing

'Cause I can hold a grudge like nobody's business


Great! Just fantastic! Now she’s going to sing about me! Adora whined, burying her face into her pillow.

“What did I do to deserve this…”

She put in her headphones, trying to block out the noise. By the time it hit about 9:30, they finally stopped playing. Adora was grateful they didn't keep it up for longer, or she just might have lost her mind. It was her first night staying here, it might as well also be the worst. Finally she drifted off to sleep, and definitely did not have Catra on her mind.


“Hey, Adora!”


Adora giggled and ran towards her smaller friend, hugging her close. They had been at school, and practically haven't seen each other all day. They were about 12 and the best of friends.

Catra giggled, hugging the other girl close. “I missed you!”
“I missed you too, Catra.” She smiled, not wanting to let go of.

Catra smiled, finally pulling away from Adora, her big eyes bright and happy. “C’mon, we should start heading home.”

Adora nodded, taking her friends hand as they started to make their way back home to their current foster home. They talked and talked about their day, the things they did in class, if they had any homework, so on and so forth. They eventually reach their home, heading inside.

“What do you want to do?” Adora asked, putting her backpack down near their bed. It was a bunk bed, but Catra didn’t like sleeping on her own due to the nightmares she had. She never told Adora what they were about, or what caused them, all Adora knew was that they were bad.

Catra shrugged, also setting her bag down. “Dunno. Wanna draw?” She looked at Adora.

Adora smiled, nodding and opening her backpack, pulling out blank paper. She went over to their desk to grab colored pencils while Catra sat on the ground, leaning against their bed. Adora soon joined her with the colored pencils and paper.

Catra smiled, taking a blank paper and an orange colored pencil. “So, gonna draw Her-Ra?” Catra snickered, beginning to draw a tiger.

“It’s SHE-Ra, and yes, I am.” Adora smiled, also beginning to draw.

They stayed like that, chatting and drawing together, just overall having a good time. Suddenly, the door burst open,

“When did you two get home?” The tall woman with pitch black hair glared at the pair.

Catra jumped at the door, messing up her drawing a little. “Not too long ago, maybe twenty minutes ago?” Adora answered, looking up at the woman. Shadow Weaver, they liked to call her.

Shadow Weaver glared at the two. “And you haven't begun your chores?”
“We were going to soon, but we just wanted a little–” Catra began, nervously explaining their situation, when Shadow Weaver interrupted.

“A little break? You don't need breaks. And even if you did you should be doing useful work such as homework, and not scribbling nonsense.” She grabbed the papers from them, crumpling them and throwing them away.

“You do have the tendency to distract Adora,” Shadow Weaver said coldly.

“I wasn't distracting her! We both wanted to draw!”

“Quiet, child!” She grabbed Catra’s jaw, glaring down at her, “I would suggest you watch how you talk to your superiors.”

Catra only glared back, tears forming in her eyes.

“Sha– Mom stop, please. It was both of our idea.” Adora frowned, reaching for Catra.

Shadow Weaver let her go, grumbling as she did.

“Adora, you mustn't let her distract you from your studies and duties. You know this.” She tucked Adora’s hair behind her ear, Adora didn't even flinch.

“And you–” She glared at Catra, causing her to flinch back, “don't be giving her ideas.”

Catra looked down, only nodding in response. Shadow Weaver patted Adora’s head and left their room, not fully closing the door, leaving a crack open, as she usually would do.

Catra groaned, glaring at the door.

“Why do you call her that?” She turned to Adora, tears still in her eyes.

“Call her what?”
“Mom. Why do you call her Mom.” Catra frowned even more, if that was even possible.

“She wants me to.”
“Of course she would.”

“What's that supposed to mean?” Adora demanded.

“Nothing. Forget it. Let's start cleaning,” Catra mumbled, getting up.


Adora groaned, the sun peeking through her window. She rubbed her eyes, sitting up, groaning a bit. Weird dream… wait what was it about… Catra? Stars, I don't remember anymore. She yawned and stretched, before running a hand through her messy blonde hair. She checked the time, 8:16 a.m. A little later than usual, but it's fine. She got up and went to her closet, putting on a pair sport shorts, sports bra and a workout tank top. She tied her hair in her usual ponytail before going downstairs. Bow and Glimmer were still asleep. She ate a quick, healthy snack before putting on her running shoes and headed out the door, doing her usual morning routine.

Adora ran for about an hour and a half, before returning to the house, unlocking the front door when she heard a loud engine. It startled her, looking back she could see Catra pulling up to her driveway, on a rather older model motorcycle. Catra parked and got off, stretching and yawning, going to her own door and going to unlock it. She blinked and looked over,

“May I fucking help you?”

“Shouldn't you wear a helmet?”

Catra rolled her eyes and went into her home without another word.

Adora blinked, rolling her eyes, “Jeez, just trying to be nice…”

She went inside and looked at Glimmer, who seemed like she had just woken up, tired and messy-haired.

“Do you do this every morning?”

“I try to, yeah?” Adora raised an eyebrow.

Glimmer giggled, “Jeez, I knew you liked to keep in shape, but it’s so early.”

“Wakes me up,” Adora smiled, taking off her shoes, “Maybe you should join me?”

“Fuck no! I’m not waking up early to run. ” Glimmer made her way to her room, “Its soooo much work!”

Adora rolled her eyes, going to her upstairs room, “Yeah okay, whatever you say.” She smiled and sat on her bed, going through her social media to see if anything new or interesting was happening.

She heard the familiar bike rev up again. She peeked out her window and sure enough, Catra was back on her motorcycle, no helmet. She just got home, what the hell is she… Catra loudly drove off, just as quick as she came home.

Adora rolled her eyes. She’s gonna get herself killed like that… why do I care?

Adora sighed and laid back, pulling her laptop onto her lap, watching random documentaries to get her mind off things… but Catra definitely wasn’t one of them.