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Yuuichirou had decided he liked mornings.

He used to hate them. Because it meant getting up before even the fucking sun was awake. Because it meant training. Because it meant the burden of consciousness and the reality that his family was dead.

But now, they were perfect.

Because he didn’t have to get up early. Because the war was over. Because it was warm. Because it was relaxation. Because Mika was here with him.

Yuu felt pressure on his bicep and turned to find a mass of blond fluff. His gaze softened before he leaned forward to press a soft kiss to the glowing head. He usually got up before Mika which allowed him to admire the blond before the other forced them both out of bed. Most people would think Mikaela would be the early bird, but they would be wrong. Because of Yuu’s military routine and Mika’s recent transformation to a human, their roles were reversed.

The raven raised his arm to wrap around the blond’s shoulders, receiving a soft snore in response. Mika was currently curled up next to Yuu, arms around his torso, legs hugging his right one. He stirred slightly, cheeks rubbing against the tan skin underneath it.

Careful not to wake his boyfriend, Yuu shifted just enough to be able to see the boy’s beautiful face. He then noticed a wet feeling around the same place as where Mika’s head was located. And upon further investigation, he realized Mika was, in fact, drooling on him.

His mouth was opened slightly as he breathed through it, and from those perfectly parted lips came saliva that dribbled onto his arm. Not that Yuuichirou minded or was disgusted—not at all. (He’d never be repulsed by his best friend.) But the fact that Mikaela looked like a fucking angel was quickly becoming a problem from him, and he struggled to keep still.

His blond hair fell in perfect design around his hair, rivets hanging in all the right places. His eyes were currently closed, but his long, graceful eyelashes were rested on his delicate cheeks. His chest rose and fell slowly.

Yuichiro leaned forward only to hear Mikaela mumble something under his breath. “What is it, Mika?” he asked, amused. He had come to discover that the blond had an unconscious habit of talking in his sleep. Now normally, it was something random or sweet, but today after Yuu had asked for clarification, Mika said:

“Go on, Yuu-chan, you can jump.” He paused to grip his friend a little tighter. “It’s only 30 stories.”

Yuuichirou paused and blinked, almost unbelieving of what had just come out of Mikaela’s mouth. And the fact that he had the most innocent look on his face when he said it just made it ten times cuter, and he was unable to contain himself anymore.

Quickly rolling over into a better position, Yuu leaned forward and began to pepper and smear butterfly kisses all over Mika’s face and neck. It didn’t take long for the blond to wake up from the attention, and his eyes flew open, giggles already pouring from his mouth.

“Y—Yuu-chan?” he questioned, confused, when he had finally gained control of his voice and was fully awake. “What the heck? Are you waking me up with kisses?”

Yuu finished placing a soft kiss on his friend’s collarbone and looked up to stare into his eyes. “Yes,” he answered as if it were the simplest question in the world. Mika blinked up at him and blushed slightly, silently wondering what came over the boy.

The emerald-eyed boy watched as his boyfriend looked away in embarrassment. “You’re annoying,” he muttered, hand thrown over his mouth.

Yuuichirou grinned and leaned forward to brush their noses together. “Mika, you’re so cute.”

The blond’s eyes widened significantly at the comment, and he turned away hurriedly, shoving the other away. “Shut up! Don’t say such things.”

The raven laughed lightly as he watched Mika get up and throw the covers off himself. He scooted forward to wrap his arms around the boy before he could escape. “Love you,” he whispered, pressing a proper kiss into his locks, making him shiver.

“Yuu-chan,” Mika grumbled, only half irritated, pausing. He reached up a hand to flick Yuu’s forehead which successfully got him to release his hold.

“Mika!” he protested, rubbing the spot where he had attacked him. “That’s mean!”

The blond looked back to see he had left a red spot on his boyfriend’s skin and that Yuu was pouting at him slightly. Slight guilt began to enter his heart, and he huffed and rolled his eyes. Leaning forward, he placed a soft kiss on the sensitive spot. “There. All better?”

The raven blinked in surprise before the corners of his mouth pulled up into a bright grin. “Yeah!”

Mika looked at his best friend for a minute, finding that his chest swelled at his happy expression. He then noticed something at the corner of his mouth, and he frowned as he raised a hand to find out what it was.

“Oh, yeah. You were drooling on me in your sleep, by the way.”

The male suddenly stopped, comprehending what he was saying. “I did what?”

“Yeah. And then you said something about me jumping off a building that was 30 stories high.”

Mikaela’s eyes widened in realization before he ducked his head and covered his face with his hands. “Oh my god,” he muttered through his palms, slightly muffled.

“You don’t have to be embarrassed! You were just so cute, I couldn’t resist kissing you. That’s all.”

“This is the last time I’m sleeping with you,” Mika suddenly announced, getting up.

What ?” Yuuichirou wailed, chasing after his boyfriend. “You can’t be serious! Mika! Mika, wait! Come back! You don’t mean that, right?”

“I do.”

“No! You can’t! I won’t be able to sleep without you!”

“Too bad.”

“You’re always so cranky in the morning, Mika.”



Mikaela continued to bicker with Yuuichirou, but he knew he would give in to him by the time night came. There was no winning against that boy; not with the way he had a leash around his heart.