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 Chapter one - Charcoal




“—Get the fuck out of my house right now Bakugou! I fucking mean it this time! I don’t want to see you ever again! We’re done!” The shrill high-pitched voice screeched at him, cutting high enough to break fucking glass.

“Are you serious, Takeyama? You’re doing this shit now? On a goddamn Wednesday night?”

Katsuki couldn’t believe it...or maybe he could, and he just didn’t want to.

He was currently standing in his and his girlfriend’s living room in his goddamn heart print boxers and a white t-shirt having all of shit being thrown at him while he was trying to look over an important case for his superior.

“See! There it is again!” The furious blonde woman rounded on him, getting close into his face. “I can’t even get a proper break up with you without your goddamn work somehow finding its way into the conversation. That’s all you seem to care about! You don’t want a relationship you want an all-consuming career.”

Katsuki felt himself snarl at the remark and started to avidly collect the papers that were being carelessly blown about by the absolute damn whirlwind the crying woman was making.

“And is that fucking wrong!? Look, can we do this another damn day? I have a big case file I need to look over by Friday and I’m not about to get my ass lit on fire by Toshinori because you want to kick me out in the middle of the fucking night!”

“No. I’m dead ass serious. We’re through. Finished. Which means you need to pack all of your shit and get the fuck out!” She threw one of his dress shoes at his head and Katsuki barely ducked as the object whizzed past his ear. Red eyes widened at the vicious action and mildly winced at the crashing sound that erupted from behind him.

Concerned red eyes met wet, angry pointed ones and Katsuki felt the seriousness of everything settle in. Sure, Takeyama was a fireball. She was a force of a woman and they would very frequently butt heads, but it never escalated this far. She never actually threw anything at him with intentions of harming him.

The ash blonde tried to carefully approach her in a calm manner when he saw her start to break down in tears more. “...Takeyama, don’t do this, you’re not thinkin’ right—” but that was the wrong choice of words to say. Soon the sobbing stopped, and those eyes were sharp. Cut throat sharp.

Oh ? Now, I’m not thinking right?” She hissed at him. “No, Katsuki, I fucking am. This is the one moment in our entire shitty ass four-year relationship that I’m actually thinking straight. I wasn’t thinking right when I let you skip our anniversary dinner two years in a row. I wasn’t thinking right when I would stay up for you worried and couldn’t even get a phone call or a text back from you to at least be considerate and let me know you’re okay!”

“I wasn’t thinking right when I stayed in this empty ass relationship for four years and actually moved here to Shizuoka with you after college. I wasn’t thinking right when I let you just ignore me all the goddamn time for whatever the fuck you do down at that station!”

The blonde bristled at the dismissive statement of his job and felt his anger boil over. She had no fucking right to say something like that.

“I save lives! I’m sorry but my career is demanding! We went over this several times, why are you acting like you didn’t know that this was how it was going to be when we moved—where the hell are you going?” He called out loudly following her into the bedroom.

He watched in disbelief as the frazzled blonde-haired woman started aggressively tossing his clothes out of their shared dresser and shoving them into his suitcase. He walked over and tried to stop her, but she shoved his hand away instantly with a force that shocked the blonde male.

“You’re taking too long—I mean it. I want you out,” her words burned into his brain and the blonde felt his chest start to heave at the reality of it. His girlfriend of four years that he was in love with was really actually kicking him out. He loved her, and she was going to throw him out on the damn street in the middle of the fucking night.

“Stop!” He screamed at her, trying to shove his clothes back in but found himself fruitless. The determined female just kept going around on a rampage and putting all his belonging in his bags quicker than he could keep up. Katsuki felt his brain start to rattle with distress and as he tried to keep it together. “Don’t fuckin’ do this it’s 2:00 am—can we just talk!?”

“No! I asked you talk to me for the last two years and you never had any time! So, you can go talk to that damn red head of a new best friend you work with at that station. You can go live there for all I care. I’m going back to Tokyo!” She spat at him in a tone that hurt. It actually hurt. The tall blonde furrowed his brows and tried to stop her from taking his coats down from the closet.

“Take—” His voice cracked and as he tried to touch her shoulder. In a split second she turned around and shoved her hand against his hard chest, making him stumble back on his feet. “Don’t fucking push me! Just a wait a damn moment!” He screamed but she wasn’t listening.

In a flash, before he could recognize what was happening, Katsuki felt the intense pain of a ruthless slap run across his face. It left behind the burn of four years of pain, hurt, and let downs.


He said nothing but held his cheek in disbelief. He stared wide eyed down at the person he thought was going always be there.

But he was wrong. He was actually wrong.

He was going to be alone.


A tired fist banged a wooden door with the number ‘508’. The young adult that was just thrown out of his apartment in the rain at 2:30 am had silently gathered his stuff with a stinging cheek. The pain sunk in and made him feel like a failure—something he always feared being.

Katsuki didn’t like being a failure, at anything. Especially in a relationship that he thought he very much gave all he had. But apparently it wasn’t enough for the one person who was enough for him the last four years.

So, here he was:

Soaking wet on a Wednesday night, gritting his teeth with all his shit in a ratty suitcase and duffle bag banging on Kirishima Eijiro’s door at nearly 3:30 am after making his way across the city. When no one came to the door he banged louder, accidently letting some of his residue anger into the motion and creating a loud sound.

“Coming!” A tired voice called but Katsuki couldn’t stop banging. He felt like such a fucking failure. How did he ignore things that goddamn long in his own relationship to the point that they fucking ended that goddamn sloppy?

“I said I’m coming just hold on!” The voice all but screamed. “Do you know what time it is!? Who in the fucking worl—” The door flew open and the irritated look the other tall male was wearing sunk quickly at the sight in front of him. “—Bakugou? What are you doing here?”

The disheveled male in question worked his jaw and slowly lowered his hand. Spikey blonde hair was now flat and sticking to his face from rain. The usual pissed off expression was now extremely pissed off mixed with undeniable hurt. Along with that, he sported a wet face that no one could tell was either from the rain or his own tears, and he wasn’t going to admit to the latter.

“Can I stay...with you for a while?” He gritted out from between his teeth. The red head quickly nodded and stepped aside. Slowly, each step Katsuki took forward felt like dragging cinder blocks against the wooden floor. He shouldn’t be here. He should be in bed with Takeyama—but she didn’t fucking want him. She didn’t want him anymore because he failed as a damn boyfriend—

“What happened, man?” Kirishima’s worried voice cut off his self-deprecating thoughts. He turned to the friend in question and sighed, throwing his bags to the ground out of frustration.

“Takeyama fucking threw me out. She’s moving back to Tokyo and the lease was in her name,” he said bitterly. The words were all too heavy against his tongue.

“Kiri? Who was that at the door?” A soft voice called from the back. Dejected, angry red eyes looked up to see his other coworker, Mina, appear from the back. He bit the inside his cheek slightly bitter at the sight. He knew they probably had a thing but now it felt like it was salt in the wounds.

“Oh my god! Katsuki, you’re soaking wet!” The bubble gum pink haired girl exclaimed.

“Yeah...I know,” he harshly whispered. Flashes of the angry blonde woman still appeared in his head along said what he felt like were happy memories of them.

“Here, don’t think about it anymore. Let’s get you fixed up on the couch, okay? Get some sleep we got work in the morning.” There was a hand on his back that helped pull him out of his slope of thoughts, but he couldn’t help but replay the words of the person he was with for the last four years.

“Right." Work. He had to go to work.

Red eyes looked down at his black leather briefcase that was dangled off his shoulder loosely.


He wanted to leave.

For the first time ever in Bakugou Katsuki’s life, he wanted to leave work early because he couldn’t fucking focus on any goddamn thing that was placed in front of him.

The tall blonde in question was sitting impatiently at his desk in the police precinct that was right next to the foggy window. It was pouring cats and dogs outside and the sound of the rain did absolutely fucking nothing to help take his mind off of the broken hearted blonde woman. He kept thinking about where he went wrong and where he could possibly have fixed it, to prevent the destructive of the relationship that burned him so sourly.

He took a sharp inhale in and did his best to focus on the files that were in front of him. He had a red pen twirling in his hand and copy of evidence for a recent serial killer case that Police Captain Toshinori had given him directly.

It was extremely important that he figure out where the killer could possibly strike next before more lives were lost and Katsuki was good at problem solving. He always has been. The blonde-haired supervisor that he looked up to so much was counting on him to do this correctly.

At the moment Katsuki was the most successful detective in the Shizuoka area. His marks from the top university in the country, Tokyo University, earned him an accelerate pathway into the force and top recommendations when he started into the academy. At this rate he could be a lieutenant or a sergeant if he kept up the good work but dear fucking God it was so hard to do anything at the moment!

Every time he tried to read a sentence he felt the guilt of Takeyama overcome his thoughts. He heard her scream at him how he loved his work too much and Katsuki would be lying to himself if this was the first time the blonde ever said something like this.

She was right. The worst part about all of this is that she was fucking right.

Katsuki had skipped out on dates, forgotten or just didn’t care enough to text her back while at work and sometimes he would even sleep at the station if he was up with Mina or Kirishima trying to put together the puzzle pieces on a new case. Or how he would always disappear without a call or text when going undercover on a new case.

He didn’t have to...but he did.

Now he lost it all.

He (ironically) tried to call the now ex-girlfriend several times and text her to see if they could possibly work things out. However, he soon found he was deleted and blocked from all social media and none of his messages were even answered.

She left him on read.

Every. Fucking. Time.  

Too distracted in his own thoughts, Katsuki didn’t notice the error he typed up on his laptop pertaining to the case. He had fixed in his head a mist all his racing thoughts where the killer would strike next and typed down the possible location he felt like would be near where the crime would happen next.

He shut down his laptop and for the first time since he arrived in Shizuoka two years ago, left work exactly at 5pm.


By Friday Katsuki was feeling a little better. Not a lot better...but just a little. Mina, Denki, and Kirishima dragged him out after work on Friday to go to some random ass club with pop music and the ash blonde young adult tried his best to have fun.

He did his best not to scowl at all the women and men who would approach him trying to hit on him because he should be open to a hook up. Nothing better to help fix a broken heart other than getting someone underneath you. But every time a cute guy or cute girl would approach him Katsuki found himself disinterested.

He wasn’t as up for it as he thought.

The detective went back to Kirishima’s with an empty feeling and did his best to just close his eyes and not listen to anymore suggestions shitty hair threw his way. He would figure out how to cope with this damn broken heart bullshit his own way. Besides, he was sure he would be over it soon. Takeyama was right...their relationship was relatively empty recently.

The last two days without her didn’t really feel much different...but that didn’t stop it from hurting.

So, he tried his best to suck it up and tell himself it would be over soon. He would just try to focus on his work.

Something he was good at because he was Bakugou fucking Katsuki and if there’s anything he was good at it was his work ethic. He was a notorious workaholic and perfectionist.


“This is seriously making me reconsider how high you hold your work standard up to, Bakugou,” Toshinori reprimanded him in a dark, stern tone.

“We drove around for hours looking for these coordinates until Todoroki pointed out this location doesn’t even exist. Did you even cross check what you were putting in? People’s lives were at stake! Now we have another ten dead police officers on our hands because you didn’t even check to see what you typed in was a real possible address.”

The sinking feeling in his check burned. His heart dropped all the way down into the blackest pit of his stomach, setting everything inside of him a flame with shame and guilt.

He was standing with his back straight but his head hanging down low trying his best not to fucking lose it in his commander’s office.

“I thought you were better than this. I honestly did. This is...this is past disappointing. What you typed in wasn’t even close to what the real address was. Todoroki ended up figuring it out after a while on the go and we go there in enough time to arrest the ‘Hero Killer’ but not enough time to save all those deputies.”

“I’m so sorry, sir. My oversight was inexcusable.”

“You’re damn right it was,” the strong man snapped, startling Katsuki in the process. He slapped his hand down on the table with an upset look that the young adult has never seen before. He watched as his superior spoke his next words very precisely and sharp.

“I don’t ever—I mean ever—want to see something like this happen again. If this does happen again I’m going to genuinely strip you down a rank. From now on I’m going to be keeping a close eye on the work you do because you are clearly slacking. Am I understood?”

Katsuki nodded absently, heavy with remorse. He thought about all those policemen that he failed, all the lives that were lost because of him...all because he was suffering from a goddamn broken heart . His mind supplied him the image of a hurt Takeyama and now the ghost visual of ten dead police officers.

He fucked up.

He actually fucked up severely in all aspects of his life and now he took a large loss in both parts. He thought about it bitterly with a sneer on his face and a tightness in his chest.

His fucking emotions got the better of him. In that moment, while he was riding the poisonous wave of self-hatred and doubt, he decided that something like this wouldn’t happen again. He wasn’t going to lose all these people ever again. He wasn’t going to fail Captain Toshinori again.

No. Not any time soon. Katsuki said his next words as a vow that would promise to drown him. Whether he knew it or not.



4 years later

“C’mon Katsuki, it’s a blind date not the fucking guillotine!” Kirishima groaned out loud to the blonde’s office space. The red-haired best friend slammed his hand down on his dark wood desk, his gold engagement ring shining bright.

“I’m not fucking going on a damn date, hair for brains,” the angry raspy voice retorted back. The busy body blonde had his nose currently shoved down into a stack of papers with his glasses on. He looked over the dark rims unamused in his white colored decorated shirt. “How many times do I have to tell you and Mina to stop trying to set me up?”

Red eyebrows wiggled at him suggestively and Katsuki groaned before promptly ignoring whatever the fuck was about to come out of the tall sergeant’s mouth.

“You can say it all you want but you need to go out on a date or something.”

“I went out on a date like four months ago, and you know that,” the gruff voice mumbled out, his pen working furiously. A sarcastic blow of air left from his best friend’s mouth.

“I hardly call what you did a date, that’s called a hook up, Katsuki. Plus, you’re twenty-seven now, aren’t you tired of doing stuff like that? Don’t you want to have kids...and stability?” Red eyes flickered over his friend’s engagement ring thoughtfully.

Something inside of him slightly did think about the idea of a partner.

He took a one-night lover every blue moon when he felt his stress pent up too high even for him to control. Not really for any other reason. He was never actually interested in the people he slept with. They were just means to an end and he never let it become a bad habit of sleeping around. Strictly for when his stress was high, not for lust driven reasons.

But...a stable partner sometimes did sound nice since he wasn’t really the hook up type deep down.

...then he thought directly back to the last time he had one and how ten people died all because of his mess. The man in glasses quickly sneered to cover up his emotions via his defense mechanism and tossed them behind his well-constructed mask.

“I do have stability. And kids are the last thing on my mind. Right now, I’m focused on being your goddamn lieutenant, and last I checked I gave you a case file to read over yet here you are, in my office, fucking around!”

“I’m just saying you need some time to relax for yourself—”

There was a low groan and Katsuki slammed the file he was holding on the table, utterly done with the conversation. “No, I fucking don’t! I need time to focus on these damn cases and make sure people are safe and alive!” The blonde male all but yelled at the other.

Pin-dropping silence overcame office room with just the two males. The tall blonde felt himself inwardly wince. He knew he had an issue with lashing out, but it just came out so naturally whenever he was irritated and or annoyed. His ruby eyes wearily looked past Kirishima to his open office door to see several people awkwardly glancing in to see what all the fuss was about...again.

Just then Kirishima sighed and leaned back.

That,” the other said in a bored tone with his finger pointed directly at Katsuki’s face. “That right there. What you just did. That makes me think maybe you need someone to help balance your angry ass out.”

“...sorry,” he murmured sincerely. He was trying to get better at his outbursts. Really...he was. He was fucking twenty-seven not seventeen anymore. He couldn’t keep being a damn hot head all the time like he was in his youth. His mood instantly subdued at the call out of his anger.

“It’s cool, no harm no foul man,” the other shrugged before taking out his phone. Katsuki eyed the red and black cellular device suspiciously. “But I am just least give it a try. Wanna at least see the picture?”

There was a moment of silence between the two decorated men. Katsuki rolled his neck and sighed. Obviously, this subject wasn’t going to get dropped anytime soon so he might as well fucking roll with it so he could get back to work.

“Sure. Who is it?” He begrudgingly asked.

“One of Mina’s cousins. Her name is Mei,” Kirishima grinned like a madman. He pulled up a picture of a girl with cherry blossom pink hair and fair skin. Her lips and cheeks were rosy. She was cute. She had a nice body, but...there was something lacking. Like always.

“Pass,” Katsuki raised his hand in a dismissive manner and returned his attention to the file in front of him.

The red-haired sergeant gawked at the reaction, mildly offended. “What!? You barely looked at the picture! I didn’t even get to tell you her interests!”

“Not everyone is a fan of pink hair like you, Kirishima. Not to say Mina isn’t beautiful, but I have a type. I do. And that girl, isn’t fucking it.”

“You never like anyone I show you! I’ve shown you guys, and I’ve shown you girls. I’m starting to think your type doesn’t fuckin’ exist anymore,” the sergeant in blue finally threw his hands up in defeat. “Y’know what? Forget it, man. Can’t say I haven’t tried.”

“Nope. I can actually say the opposite: you tried too damn much. Now, get back to work.”

“Will do. But make sure you remember dinner tomorrow, grumpy. We need you go get the charcoal for the grill. Can’t start a fire without some charcoal! No being late this time either. I don’t wanna have to wait another hour on your workaholic ass to eat like last week.”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever. Make sure to close the door on your way out, dumbass.”

And with that his friend left him alone. Red eyes looked up at the door in silence, carefully thinking about what the other just pointed out to him. He looked around his private office space at all the decorated awards, photographs with several mayors, and there was a single photo of him with his colleagues on his desk all gathered around his old ‘25th’ birthday cake.

It felt empty sometimes despite the number of awards that took up all the free space on the white walls.

He stared down at his barren ring hand and then quickly shook his head. No. He ran a calloused hand through his wild hair to regather himself.

No distractions.


After work was done, it was officially night time in the beginning of a hot summer in the busy city of Shizuoka. The air had a dewy taste of after rain and there was a light sprinkle of clouds positioned across the dark navy-blue color.

Red eyes watched the sky admirably, as he walked out of the office, overlapping with the night shift people. Like always. He passed the street blue and white signed that read ‘Uchimizu Ave.’ that the station was rooted on the corner of. Like always.

He didn’t mean to stay late as he did but the case he was currently working on first hand was a triple homicide. They didn’t know if it was an isolated incident or another possible serial killer.

He saw the mild hesitation in his captain’s face to give it to him despite having redeemed himself the last four years. He worked harder than anyone else to try to regain that trust, which in turn thrusted him quickly into the lieutenant position while everyone in his starting class were sergeants or still detectives.

It hurt his pride a bit. He failed Captain Toshinori and the man was extremely forgiving, but he wasn’t one to forget past mistakes for professional reasons.

Captain Toshinori never forgot those ten funerals and neither did Katsuki. They attended each one so that he could understand the weight of his mistakes in full.

And they were heavy as a thousand stones.

So, he paid careful attention to serial murder cases after that. Or anything that could possibly turn into one.

He made his way back to his luxury apartment in downtown Shizuoka city in silence. He put away his glasses that he only used for reading and gripped tightly onto his black leather sling satchel with a heavy mind. He felt a little on edge every time he worked a serial case and usually a drink or two alone helped take off the pressure.

When inside, the male neatly placed his bag on the hook that was position right in the entryway and took off his shoes thoughtfully in the empty apartment.

The apartment itself was on the ninth floor, giving way to a beautiful view of the city and all its colorful lights. He could see the summer fireworks clearly from the windows that mainly composed his living room that was furnished in black leather and light wooden floors.

The exhausted blonde went into his bedroom that was sleek with white sheets, a nightstand a single lamp with a desk that was in the corner directly in front of the window in the room. He changed out of his uniform and put on more comfortable clothes for just going to sit in a bar like his black hoodie, grey t-shirt with a skull on it and black pants.

He grabbed his wallet, cell phone and keys silently and shoved them into his pockets in an orderly fashion before sliding on his white gym shoes.

He headed out thinking about the cases heavy on his mind.


He got cozy at his usual spot that was called ‘Hero’s Smash’ which was an upscale-ish bar that had a lot of people coming in and out. Katsuki came here frequently enough though to recognize the business men and women who would idly drop in like regulars.

The establishment had a restaurant section that allowed for people to have a sit-down type of experience if they wanted, or people like a certain stressed out lieutenant who just wanted to sit at the bar and drink alone for a while. The bar counter was a dark wooden surface and there was several flat screen TVs stationed high above the busy bartender’s head.

Katsuki watched the news carefully every day, to see if there was any new information or something he could have possibly overlooked. But today, there was nothing novel the news anchors reported. He sighed with an eyeroll and ordered his usual bloody mary.

The bar played a normal pop song in the distance helping with his subdued state of mind.

As he was in his thoughts about the case he looked every now and then to see people walk in and out. It was always the same people, or same type of people. Business people in their after-work clothes, women out with their friends socializing or a family with a kid. People always came in here in pairs or there was the occasional person alone. Like him.

However, after about twenty minutes, in walked someone that looked...different. And he walked in alone.

Giant, innocent green doe eyes glanced around as if he was lost or waiting to be found by someone the second he stepped his red sneaker through the door. The warm breeze of summer and heavy flowery like cologne followed him in. The mixture in the wind carefully graced Katsuki’s face and sent a prickle down into his senses.

Quickly the workaholic found himself locked in a peculiar trance studying the young male he’s never seen before. Ruby eyes noted the wild messy yet put together head of unruly green curls that perfectly matched his spring colored eyes. He took in the freckles that were spilled onto his face so carefree like stars across the night sky.

The mystery male continued to walk inside the establishment and in that moment, he turned his eyes ever so slightly to meet with Katsuki’s. A shot of fire flickered in those eyes dangerously and Katsuki felt himself stir in an unfamiliar manner as the innocence quickly left the other.

The greenette held his eye contact with an unreadable expression as he walked to the other side of the bar and in that moment Katsuki noticed his outfit.

Which was not what normal fucking people wore to Hero’s Smash.

The young male was wearing a tight white shirt with a navy-blue colored bomber jacket thrown over. The jacket itself was decorated with a giant red rose and petals on the back. Vines branched out from the center and in black kanji ‘Fire Rose’ was written down the back of the left sleeve. It also had leather running down the sleeves like race stripes and the greenette was wearing the tightest fucking pair of black ripped jeans Katsuki has ever seen in his damn life.

And his ass and thighs were fucking stacked.

Katsuki’s mouth watered.

My type. This guy was definitely his fucking type he thought to himself privately as he allowed himself to indulge in staring at the pure muscular thickness of the stranger’s legs. He could feel rare green colored eyes watching him do so and when he trailed back up to the beautiful delicate face he saw something close to hunger flare across the young man’s features as he studied him right back.

Those innocent yet fucking not emerald irises eyed his biceps along with his hard chest and red eyes watched the other bite his rosy colored lip.

...and that was enough to snap Katsuki out of it when he realized what he was doing.

He grabbed his drink and forcefully brought his eyes back forward, breaking himself momentarily from the spell. But curiosity scratched like an annoying cat and his eyes couldn’t help but wonder back to the other side of the bar where the guy was now graciously leaned over the counter talking to the brunette bartender.

At this side angle, the blonde could see every fucking sinful curve and tuck the pants left to be seen and Jesus fucking Christ it was the most distracting thing he’s ever witnessed. He watched how the short male either seemingly knew or didn’t know as he shimmed his hips a little, letting his white shirt ride up enough to expose a pale freckled lower back.

He took one long look before urgently ripping his eyes away from the sight.


Whoever the fuck that guy is, he is obviously trouble. He thought to himself, trying to rationalize his thoughts. He heard a light laughter come from the other side of the bar as the bartender tried to tell a joke to the beautiful male. He groaned inwardly.

Of course, fucking sex on legs would walk right in the moment Katsuki just needed a moment to himself. But the thought threw him off balance for a second. He hadn’t found himself this attracted to a long time.

Which was only more reason to stay the hell away from whatever fucking witchcraft the fucker was pulling with his rosy lips, perfect ass, cute curls and soft voice. He didn’t fucking need that type of shit in his life. Nope. He absolutely did not. He liked control. He liked easy things and he didn’t like a headache. So, whoever that green irritation was over on the other end of the bar was none of his business.

That guy screamed headache.

After another five minutes passed and the busy police lieutenant finally was able to rid himself of green-like thoughts and get half way to finishing off his drink. He hadn’t stolen another look at the guy who he could tell was looking at him occasionally and he was ready to get the fuck out of here before something weird happened.

Unfortunately, he didn’t leave fast enough. Soon that a goddamn good smelling, cute, small frame was positioned right by his side, leaned in next to him using the bar counter as support for his arm and held his body in an obvious flirtatious manner.

Katsuki groaned to himself.

God must fucking be testing me.

“Hey, there handsome,” the soft voice of the greenette called to him. “I really like your shirt.” Katsuki snorted at the lame pick up line and cut his eye non-too-friendly towards the male who was obviously younger than him.

“Not interested, kid. You got the wrong idea,” he grumbled and took another sip of his drink trying to hurry up and finish it, so he could walk home.

“Not a kid. And I think I do have the right idea though.” A small innocent smile graced his face and it nearly infuriated the blonde. How did he fucking do that? Keep that fucking naive ass air to him yet say and do...anything but naive.

“What brings you here?” The younger male prodded while leaning in more and Katsuki felt himself automatically go on edge and in defensive mode. He didn’t fucking want this—or at least that’s what he was telling himself when he felt something coil in his stomach.

“Tryin’ to catch a wave of peace. Now, fuck off. You’re ruining my night for me,” he spat out unkindly.

“Ouch, you have some bite to you,” the other chuckled before raising his eyebrows suggestively. “I think I like it. Do you like to bite in bed too?”

If Katsuki was anybody else, he would’ve choked on his spit at the out-rightness of the statement. This was fucking Japan. People don’t just say shit like that to each other.

“You’re trying really hard you know that? Desperation isn’t a cute look.”

“Neither is stuck up asshole,” the tiny voice quipped at him without missing a beat. Red eyes narrowed dangerously at him. “But I’m always willing to make an exception.”

And there it was again. That innocent yet dirty look.

Katsuki sneered at him and took another long swing of his red drink. “Do you usually just go around bar to bar just looking for a dick to hop on?”

“Maybe. Do you usually go around bar to bar staring at a guy’s ass to the point he can feel you basically eye fucking him?” A smile graced those freckled facial features and a singular arched green eyebrow rose when Katsuki said nothing back. It wasn’t like the other was...wrong. “I watched you. For a whole fifteen minutes stare directly at my ass. Excuse me if I got the wrong drift of what you wanted.”

He took another long sip, trying to finish up this conversation. “Well, I’m clearing it up for you now. I’m not interested in you like that, so go search somewhere else to find your fuck for the night.”

“...fair,” the curly haired on sighed and then leaned back. Katsuki felt himself relieved by the space because the tightness in his stomach felt like it was going to snap at any mome—“Let me buy you a drink first before I do so.”

Katsuki rounded on the other with a pissed off groan. “What the hell did I just say you stubborn motherfuc—”

“Relax!” The greenette laughed and put his hands up in a defensive manner. “I’m not buying you one for that reason. Just buying one for your obvious broken heart,” Katsuki’s face dropped at the comment, completely caught off guard. Green eyes blinked at the sudden pause. “What? Did I hit the nail on the head?”

“I’m going to need you to piss off right now,” he hissed lowly and turned back around. He tried to ignore the weird feeling that just settled in his chest. It felt...unusual. He eyed the smaller male next to him in confusion at the sudden switch.

“I guess I did,” the delicate voice murmured. Tiny hands reached in the bomber jacket and pulled out cash to give to the bartender and waved to refill the tall blonde’s drink. That innocent smile returned back to him with a fair amount of personal space between them now. The bartender handed the short male a glass full of the red liquid and the short male just slid it over to him in a friendly manner.

“Here you go. On me, no questions asked. I’m sorry for whoever broke your heart. No one really deserves to go through heartbreak, y’know? Especially someone with such a nice scowl and pretty eyes like you.” A cheeky grin found its way on the cute face and Katsuki found himself confused. Angry, and irritated...but confused as well.

“What, so now you’ve switched from trying to fuck me to trying to be my therapist?” He asked without saying thank you to the other. He took the free drink because why the fuck not? He was stressed, and this guy wasn’t helping anything.

“Nope. Still very much trying to fuck you, but my prospect of it feels low. So, I’m just chatting now.” Katsuki groaned out loud and turned around again. “How are my chances looking at the moment?”

“Absolutely not a single goddamn one.”

“Sounds good, I can live with that.” There was a thick moment of silence as Katsuki drank down the second drink and found himself wondering why he hadn’t just left yet. He watched out of the corner of his eye as the curly greenette ordered himself a screwdriver.

“...What was their name?”

Katsuki blinked several times at the shorter one. “Who?”

“The person who broke your heart,” the youngest male said while tilting his head to the side. “Everyone has one.”

“Why in the living hell would I tell you that at all?”

“I dunno, I’m curious. Just humor me for a while, I like deep conversations.” He watched as those rosy lips drink down the orange liquid and then licked up residue taste, making them shine in the yellow bar light. “You’ll never have to see me after this so think of it as a free therapy session or something. C’mon, live a little.”

“If I say a name will you fuck off?” He said with little resolve. Part of him wanted his conversation to be done, but the other half...the other half wanted something he no longer allowed himself.

“Yeah, I promise. I’ll fuck right off to find someone who will actually fuck the shit out me against the wall the way I want tonight.”

Instantly, a visual of the greenette moaning against the wall getting fucked by some phantom man expanded across his thoughts.

Katsuki almost dropped his goddamn glass straight to the fucking ground at the lewd sounds his mind suddenly made up and now associated with the smaller male. The male, who definitely, made it extremely fucking crystal clear he came here looking for rough sex.

And he waltzed straight up to Katsuki for it.

The warm tightness in his belly felt like it was a millimeter away from snapping and quickly Katsuki decided that this conversation needed to be over with. So, he gave the sinful damn nymph of a man what he wanted to hear.

“...her name was Takeyama,” he stated barely above a whisper.

“Ah, that’s a pretty name. I can tell that she probably was beautiful with that type of name. No wonder you’re over here with the world's worst attitude.”

“I’m not fucking hung up on her,” he quickly corrected without looking to the other. He thought back to that terrible month and something inside of him sung lowly and vulnerably. “That’s not the problem, me and her are way in the past but...that’s the start of the issue I guess. My stupid ass broken heart caused a lot of trouble and now I can’t reverse the damage it’s done.”

He finally turned to the side to see a sad look on the other young adult’s face. The shimmering emerald eyes studied him in what felt like a new light and Katsuki shifted uncomfortably in his seat. Why the fuck did I say all of that to him? He angrily reprimanded himself. Finally, the silence broke when the greenette twirled his drink in his hand and stared down in a dejected manner at the swirling alcohol.

“...hearts are...complicated things...they always make a mess.”

“Yeah, no fuckin’ kidding,” Katsuki stated thinking bitterly about the ten bodies hanging over his head. He took another sip of his drink and enjoyed the sudden silence that swiftly shifted between them. He watched as those eyes didn’t lift back up and seemingly drifted off to a faraway place.

Or a faraway memory.

In that moment, Katsuki noticed the white bandage that were covering half of the other’s left hand and felt himself curious about the mysterious injury.

“Y’know, it always perplexed me,” the gentle voice said so softly that Katsuki almost didn’t hear. “How much love consumes and destroys us before we even recognize what’s happening. And, unfortunately, by the time we do notice...we’ve already been incinerated down to ashes by the havoc it’s caused.”

Ash blonde eyebrows instantly knitted, and he felt his heart squeeze tightly. He stared at the somber figure in front of him in utter silence as the words cut deeply into his memory. The meaning of them burned into his skin and he found himself...speechless.

He was completely taken back by the level of depth that was just shown to him and it almost felt like the other had unwillingly reached down in him to find the exact words on how he felt about love.

An intense moment of silence followed and Katsuki felt his heart continue to clutch to the point he didn’t recognize how hard he was looking at the other until those green eyes finally turned back to him, quickly masking whatever the fuck he just let slip out.

“Sorry, that got way too deep for a preppy bar on a Friday night playing nonstop pop music,” the light angelic voice muffled with a little laughter.

But Katsuki wasn’t fooled. He knew a defense mechanism when he saw one—he was the king of them. But he went along with it and found his thoughts completely hijacked by the man in front of him.

“Do you write poetry or some shit?”

“Hah. Sometimes, why? Would you like for me to read a couple of my own broken-hearted stances for you?” Katsuki gave the man a sad look. “I got a book full of all the times I’ve been sad basically. If you’re into the sad artsy types, then you’ve hit the jackpot with me.”

“You’re strange,” was all the tallest could say as he studied the person in front of him. Something inside of his heart shifted. He felt those words that were spoken earlier wrapped around his chest like a rope and pulled him down towards the other subconsciously.

“ I’ve been told,” the greenette whispered before locking eyes with the tall blonde. There was a deep emotion in the emerald eyes that wasn’t there earlier and Katsuki felt his heart palpitate at the intense contact.

Slowly, those sinful pink lips leaned in close to his against the bar countertop. He felt himself stiffen, completely frozen as the hypnotizing man almost closed the distance.

Piercing red eyes kept his sights on studying how near those freckles were, how prettily unique they each looked up close. He studied how long, dark elegant eyelash fluttered until there was a half-gazed look of something that made Katsuki’s heart race. He memorizes the tiny different shades of green in those speckled emerald eyes and licked his lips without him knowing until those same eyes flickered down to his mouth.

“What are my chances like now?” The soft voice whispered in a sultry voice that should have been fucking illegal. An electric wave of heat shot straight down into Katsuki’s lower belly when the warm breath of the other ghosted of his mouth.

He found himself utterly frozen looking down at the green haired personification of fucking in disbelief.

When the moment went to a beat too long, the fascinating male leaned back with a sigh. The spell was broken instantly but it didn’t stop the lieutenant's heart from racing a mile per minute.

“I guess still zero, huh?” The greenette gave a disappointed look and scratched behind his head. “Well. It was nice chatting with you. I hope you can find it in yourself to forgive yourself one day for whatever happened.”

The greenette then gave a soft wave and an innocent smile. The blonde watched as he turned on his heels to walk to the other far side of the bar. Suddenly, Katsuki found himself itching to chase the close feeling of body warmth and the cute little ass that was swaying right out of his life.

Who the fuck was this guy?

Why the hell was he so bold and why did he make the lieutenant’s heart squeeze so tightly? A feeling he hasn’t felt in nearly four goddamn years.

Red eyes watched from his seat at the bar the rest of the night, idly trying to pay attention to the TV but found his eyes kept wandering back over to the unidentified guy in red sneakers and skin-tight jeans.

He stared. He stared really fucking hard—harder than he was earlier.

The tall blonde felt something inside of him want to start to stand up and go over there and tell him yeah, his chances were looking real fucking good now.

His palms itched as he thought about those words spoken to him over and over again. He didn’t know why, but there was something about the sheer boldness mixed with honesty that got him completely fucking hard and interested in that headache of a man.

He hadn’t wanted to fuck someone this bad since college.

Katsuki filled in the blank in his mind. He saw himself pushing inside that tight body and fucking him roughly against whatever damn wall his little pushy ass wanted. He felt himself almost growl at the prospect of destroying that perfectly perky backside without mercy at a brutal pace and fucking such a beautifully smart-ass mouth senseless.

The vision of those wet cherry colored lips flickered in his mind sealing the deal. But as soon the courage in his body built up to stand, another guy walked up the short mystery male.

He watched irritated how terribly the other male flirted with him and how lustful of a look he flashed the green haired beauty. Ash blonde eyebrows furrowed at the sight and it surprised him even more how damn easy the strange guy seemed to receive it as if anyone would fucking do. Katsuki gritted his teeth at this goddamn extra trying to shoot his shot with someone who was clearly out of his league.

Katsuki knew whatever his fucking name was wanted to be handled. He wanted to be tossed around and have his brains fucked out until daybreak for whatever damn reason. And that scrawny ass man talking to him right now—wasn’t going to cut it. He wasn’t going to give him what he needed.

However, Katsuki could. Katsuki knew he could. He could fuck him fast and hard just the way he wanted for however goddamn long, keeping him screaming in pleasure.

But the weight of his emotional baggage kept him rooted in his barstool.

He wasn’t really he hook up type but seeing this poorly executed flirting happen was driving him up a damn wall. It almost felt like an injustice.

The possibly-poet didn’t even spare him a second glance, yet here Katsuki was, the most decorated and successful man of his rank in the city...fucking fuming over him.  

Katsuki didn’t notice how he slightly clutched his drink in his hand when the extra whispered into those perfect green curls.

He watched the two leave together with an inkling of jealousy he would never in his damn life admit to feeling.


The following weekend Katsuki had an all too vivid wet dream of the nameless man who walked out the bar without him. He cursed to himself when he realized that the asshole didn’t get into his pants but instead somehow worked his way into his goddamn brain. Something Katsuki has been avoiding having someone do for ages.

But whatever. Like that guy said, he never had to see him again so why the fuck did he care? This city was huge and there was close to a zero percent chance he would ever see the greenette actively looking for a rough fuck ever again in his life.

But...why did he keep seeing those bright green eyes? He’s never in his life seen someone with eyes so damn beautiful and in that shade.

It was downright irritating.

When Monday came, he arrived to work early. Captain Toshinori had sent out an email to the entire day-shift Uchimizu Ave.precinct officers saying that he had important news.

“What do you think the news is?” Mina asked as they all gathered around outside in the common office space in the build.

“I dunno, but I secretly hope it’s like food or something,” Kirishima mumbled with his hands in his uniform pockets. “Gettin’ real tired of the fact we only have shitty coffee around here.”

“It probably is some type of case,” Katsuki interjected. “He hasn’t called a meeting this big since that one serial killer called ‘Hero killer’, Stain.” He thought back to how serious the Captain and been and then back to how he fucked up the whole mission.

“Bakugou is probably correct,” a new cool voice entered and leaned against the desk with a white mug in his hand. “It’s going to be a case.” Katsuki felt himself bristle at the voice. It was sergeant Todoroki and admittedly Katsuki didn’t fucking like the smug half and half bastard. He also didn’t like the fact that it was him to figure out and fix his mistake four years ago.

It could have been literally anyone fucking else, but it had to be the fucking son of a famous Chief of Police in Shizuoka. Someone who did absolutely everything right and has had everything handed to him in life unlike Katsuki.

The blonde male just scowled at him and turned his attention forward when Captain Toshinori came out of his office and cleared his voice.

“I have a very important announcement to make,” the loud voice boomed instantly making everyone’s conversation die off.

“We have a new young detective joining us today. He’s a transfer from another precinct and I wanted to make it a point that everyone treats him kindly and fairly. He’s an important extension of myself because we’re from the same home town, so I just wanted to give a proud welcome!”

In that moment Captain Toshinori stepped to the side and Katsuki felt his heart drop to the fucking ground.

Out walked goddamn sex on legs from Friday night looking absolutely perfectly professional and innocent in a plain light blue button up. A shiny Shizuoka Police badge dangled perfectly from around his pale neck by a black string and his pants were still too fucking tight for his legs.

A small cute smile graced those freckled features and green eyes scanned over the large crowd with a gentle shy wave until they stopped on him.

Simultaneously both hearts stopped, and a warning flame sparked between them both at the realization.

“This is Midoriya Izuku. He’ll be joining our team! I can’t wait to see what wonderful things will come of this year with him on board.”

Fucking A.

Chapter Text

Chapter 2 - Gasoline




Red and green eyes quickly became twins tied together by all of the following emotions: absolute shock, a fairly hard to ignore rising heat, but above all, downright disbelief.

Out of all the fucking people in the world, the one person Katsuki had a wet dream about this past weekend was standing in front of him, in his precinct. On top of that, the greenette was being talked about by his commanding officer as if he was a goddamn national treasure.

“Izuku, I’ll show you around the entire building directly after this and we’ll set you up at the empty desk in the corner,” The blonde man beamed and Izuku finally shifted his eyes away from Katsuki with a deep blush across his cheeks. “I can’t describe how great it is that you transferred over!”

“Hah, I-I’m so happy to have t-transferred in as well! So nice to meet everyone.” The large hand from the canary blonde man patted the young adult’s back hard with excitement. Red eyes watched carefully as the new detective blushed and scratched his head, looking down to his black dress shoes.

Katsuki couldn’t help but grind his teeth together some more and felt his eyebrow twitch.

Just fucking great.

He knew exactly which desk Captain Toshinori was referring to and it was stationed directly in front of his office window—a window Katsuki preferred to keep open so he could make sure all his subordinates weren’t slacking off (i.e Kaminari and Kirishima). But now, it was going to be filled with beaut— curls.

Non-beautiful green curls.

“I hope that you can call everyone here at the Uchimizu Ave precinct a family away from home in a couple of months. We tend to just shorten ourselves to ‘UA’ to keep it short.” Everyone smiled and welcomed the newcomer with wide grins and small smiles. “Let me show you the rest of the people working around the building, especially tech support. They’re good people to be friends with!”

“Okay, that sounds good. Thank you so much Captain,” the gentle voice replied back. It felt foreign to Katsuki to not hear the dangerous amount of sex dripping off of it that he experienced less than a couple days ago. The greenette bowed politely before saying goodbye and allowed himself to be led out elsewhere.

Scarlet eyes trialed from behind him and the blonde bit the inside of his cheek, still completely astonished by the run in that just happened.

As he was staring a little too hard behind a certain detective, particularly assessing how waytoo tight his pants were for him, his red-haired companion carefully assessed how much unspoken attention was exchanged between the two. He knew his hot heated friend well enough to know that Katsuki didn’t give that much attention to assessing new comers, the blonde was always too busy worried about getting back to work than to be bothered with ‘extras’. Which meant by some damn miracle—he was interested in the new guy some what.

Kirishima grinned wide to himself at the realization and Todoroki quirked his eyebrow at the unusual atmosphere.


Katsuki was beyond relieved when the rest of his day went by as normal without any incidents and green hair was completely out of sight.

He focused on his paperwork, ignoring the new additional officer that was stationed at the desk setting up his stuff. Katsuki easily closed his blinds to keep himself from being distracted. He hadn’t been derailed in over four years and he wasn’t fucking starting now.

When midday rolled around, and he was looking over small crimes in the area, the ash blonde decided to get coffee to go along with trying to figure out an undercover issue that one of their captains was currently stuck on. He shifted through the file and took note of all the details.

It was a sensitive case one of their best from the UA precinct was working on, Aizawa Shoto. He had volunteered saying that it was something he felt the need to handle and no one questioned his motives because he was a downright badass when need be. Captain Toshinori had given him the nickname ‘Easerhead’ because he was able to clean up crime without fail...but he hadn’t come back from this one yet in the timeline he has specified.

Which made both Katsuki and Captain Toshinori worry slightly.

The ash blonde dressed in a decorative white shirt kept his glasses on and his nose shoved deeply in the manila folder stuffed tightly with paper. He walked without looking up, letting his muscle memory guided him straight to the coffee machine in the break room.

He looked up over his glasses to grab his mug only to see a bright amount of green on tippy toes trying to reach the mugs on the wooden shelf.

His eyes trialed over the backside that was—yet again—in his damn line of vision and groaned inwardly.

This was going to be harder than fucking he thought to avoid and maybe they should address the issue in the room, so he can continue on with his damn life.

That’s why a sensible adult would do, right? Right.

His mind instantly wondered back to the Friday night at the bar and the image of the wet pink lips that were so close to being on his. Then he thought about the dangerous heat that seared like a flame in his lower stomach as he thought about the tight ass that was currently wiggling in front of him trying his damn best to get that blue mug.

Without thinking, or really knowing why, the workaholic lieutenant reached up easily and pulled down the mug for the other and Izuku’s head whipped to the side at him with a bright smile.

“Ah! thank you so m—o-oh.”  The airy voice died off and Katsuki knitted his eyebrows together in confusion at the sudden frown in freckled face. Those green eyes shifted nervously away from him and the new employee visibly stiffened at his presence.

And for reasons he was never going to admit out loud, that irritated Katsuki instantly.

“Oh? What do you mean, oh? I can easily put this back up on the shelf if you don’t fuckin’ want it,” he hissed with his defense mechanism kicking in full swing. His eyes bored down into the smaller male who quickly turned apologetic and lifted up his hands and bowed.

“I-I didn’t m-mean it like that, sir!” Sir. The authority reference fell into the air and Katsuki was instantly reminded exactly what type of relationship they had.

“J-Just was caught off guard.” The greenette’s head slowly lifted up to peak weary emerald eyes from underneath the long black eyelashes. There was a clear look of uncomfortableness written across his features.

There was also a stutter that Katsuki was damn sure wasn’t present the night of the bar.

“...whatever, just take the mug. You’re acting weird.” Katsuki grumbled and turned his head away when the other’s hands came up to grab the mug. He didn’t look back down at green eyes as he grabbed his own personal mug that was bright orange with big black custom text slapped across the front:


The mug itself was a gift from Mina after a particular incident at the UA precinct when Katsuki absolutely needed coffee in that moment but all the mugs were grossly dirtied up in the sink.

Needless to say, hell has no fury like an angry blonde caffeine dependent workaholic who was insanely sleep deprived.

Now not a single soul touches his coffee mug.

The awkwardly acquainted detective and lieutenant prepared their coffee at the station side by side in complete silence while both of their thoughts raced along the same lines.

One was thinking about calling out the newbie for his reckless behavior on Friday and trying to actively fuck him while said new comer was drowning in complete regret from almost fucking his new superior.

They spoke at the same time.

“About Friday—” “I’m so sorry for hitting on you!”

Their voices clashed into the empty break room and red eyes widened when Izuku took a full step back and bowed all the way at the waist continuing muttering his apology.

“I am absolutely so so sorry about how strongly I came off on Friday and it was completely inappropriate behavior of me, especially for someone in my job position and I promise you that I won’t ever display that type of behavior towards you ever again just please don’t tell anyone, gomenasai! Please don’t tell the Captain! It will never happen again!”

Katsuki blinked once. Then he blinked again.

Never in all his twenty-seven years of living has he everheard any goddam body talk that fucking fast. The male in front of him stayed bowed and Katsuki gave a wince in his face at the intense level of awkwardness that was suffocating in the room. He awkwardly glanced around and saw a couple of extra employees look through the window at the two and he felt himself groan to himself again.

This was downright the most awkward possible situation.

His mind replayed all the words that were spoken, and he found himself relieved that the green haired idiot had enough sense to apologize for his actions and maintain his professionalism.

However, there was a certain sentence tacked to the end of the long string of apology that off set Katsuki ever so slightly.

But he ignored the mild irritation mixed with vague disappointment clawing in the back of his brain from it.

When too much of a pause went by Izuku lifted his head up with a pained expression, worried that he had somehow screwed his first day at work.

Those begging sorry green eyes looked up at Katsuki and the blonde bit the inside of his cheek and looked away when his heart involuntarily sped up. He felt himself become slightly weak and decided to get this shit over with.

“Consider it forgotten, Midoriya. But don’t go around doing shit like that again—you have to keep a low profile as a damn officer so just inviting any goddamn body in your bed it absolutely fuckin’ ridiculous,” the deep voice reprimanded with a tight grip on his coffee.

Too busy turned away he missed the hurt look that briefly flashed across the younger male’s face. It was immediately tucked away and Izuku unbent his waist to grab his blue mug of dark liquid. A serious look took control over the once sorry expression.

“Understood but, I’m sorry, with all due bedroom matters shouldn’t be any concern,” the voice was soft and non-challenging, but the words were still offended. Katsuki then turned back and looked Izuku in the face with a mild frown.

“They are of concern when you tried to get into my pants?” He replied back like it was a fact and turned away to pour more sugar in his mug. “Look let’s just not discuss that. But I’m serious about what I said. You need to reassess that if you’re going to take your career seriously. It’s not a good look.”

“Yes, of course. I understand. Thank you for excusing the tacky behavior.”

A blonde eyebrow quirked at the mild tone of resentment in the other’s voice. He turned to check if the face matched the slight snarkiness in the vocal cords only to find himself watching the greenette retreat away from him.

There was a visible amount of tenseness in the shoulders that Katsuki wasn’t sure was present before and it stuck in his brain for some reason. He couldn’t tell if it was something he said, the interaction in general, or if the other was just embarrassed about trying to get into his pants and now having to apologize for it on his first day of work.

Quickly, Katsuki shook his head and rip his gaze off the other.

Stop fucking thinking about him. He scolded himself and worked his jaw. He turned his attention back to the thick folder in his hands, it dawned upon him that he had almost forgotten it was there. The realization made him frown.

He ‘tch’d to himself.

I was right.

Absolutely a goddamn headache.


“Lieutenant Bakugou, Captain Toshinori wants to speak with you! He said to come upstairs and meet him in his office.” The bubble brown haired secretary said with a smile. Her large brown eyes peeked into the office space, instantly pulling Katsuki out of his thoughts.

“Thanks, Uraraka,” he replied back setting down the folder in his hand. “Tell him I’ll be right up in a second.” She nodded sweetly at him as an affirmative and went back to her desk across the other side of the floor. The blonde got up from his desk and placed his wire rimmed glasses into his white shirt pocket.

He walked out of the office to see Kaminari and Kirishima laughing and talking to themselves by their desks. The two were looking something up on the computer (he prayed to God that it was something fucking pertaining to their assignments and not any more goddamn memes that they were going to spam his phone with). Mina, Yaoyorozu, and Iida were all deeply engrossed in their work, as usual. The half and half bastard was probably off somewhere on an assignment.

But when red eyes scanned a little bit longer he noticed there was a lack of new green hair. He tried his best not to think about it more than he should. The new recruit was probably off somewhere else getting everything together. It was his first day of work. There was a lot to straighten out. So, no need to think about it.

However, his thoughts kept circling around as he made his way upstairs to his superior’s office.

Katsuki was trying his damn best not to let the awkward tension between him and Midoriya get to him. It was thick and suffocating like thick grey smoke, but it shouldn’t fucking matter.

Who fucking cared that sex on legs was working with him? Who cares that his pants were at least two sizes too small and that he walked away clearly irritated at him? There was a twinge of guilt as Katsuki rethought what he had said to him. It was slightly rude...but he quickly snapped away his thoughts.

Nope. Not Bakugou fucking Katsuki. He didn’t care. He refused to acknowledge such an absurd thing. If the small fry was that irritated over a true statement, then he could go to hell.  

This would all pass by in a couple of days anyways, it’s not like they were working closely together. Midoriya would probably be pawned off on someone like Yaoyorozu, Iida or half and half who were the head sergeants and detectives in the UA precinct. They would train him properly and the newbie would be out of his sight.

Katsuki could forget this easily and go back to do what he did best: focus on saving the lives of people who needed him.

He arrived at a wooden door two flights up from his own office on the 7th floor and heard the cheerfully optimistic voice of his idol on the other side. Katsuki raised a fist to knock on the door before the man on the other side yelled ‘come in’.

The blonde walked in, looking around at all the various photos, trophies and decorative medallions the captain had accumulated over the years. Red eyes looked upon in admiration.

He loved this.

Toshinori was easily given the nickname ‘Symbol of Peace’ for being cheerful, professional, and keeping crime rates down low. It was always Katsuki’s dream to be like him ever since he realized he wanted to join the force. It was one of the main reasons he insisted on moving here to Shizuoka City, so he could study under the man and get away from everything about Tokyo that he disliked. Which was a lot.

“Ah, young Bakugou! There you are!” The loud voice boomed, and his grin was bright and happy. “Do you know why I called you up here today?”

“No, sir.” Katsuki shook his head and put a small polite smile ever so slightly on his face.

“Please, take a seat! Get comfortable.” A large hand gestured to the comfy blue chair in front of the wooden desk that was littered with framed photographs and a golden name tag. Katsuki nodded and sat down like he was told, sinking into the plush as the man in front of him spoke his next words.

“ you know, you are truly one of my favorite officers in the UA precinct. It really means a lot to me to have you on board and I trust you with just about anything.”

The workaholic felt his ears twitch at the praise and his heart slightly floated up. He hadn’t received a direct complement like this from the other blonde in such a long period of time.

But it didn’t go unmissed the careful use of ‘just’ in the sentence.

“Thank you so much, captain. That really means a lot.”

“It’s no problem at all! I think your hard work and fierce dedication to the job is completely unmatched. I don’t know anyone who is as diligent as you are, especially over the last four years you have absolutely floored me.”

Katsuki felt himself swelling with happiness at the praise. Fucking finally. He was being recognized for his efforts—

“—Which is why I want you to train Midoriya!”

His train of thought jerked to an immediate stop.

What?” He blinked hard and straightened his back out at the request. There has to be a mistake. Whatever fucking deity up there couldn’t hate him this damn much? Right? Right. No. Absolutely no fucking way.

“I said I want you to train Midoriya! I think it’ll be a perfect match up.” Dark blonde eyebrows furrowed together and Katsuki cleared his throat feeling awkward about the downright happy expression his hero was wearing across his face.

Clearly Toshinori thought this was a damn fabulous idea but he didn’t know. He wasn’t aware that just last Friday, him and that green nuisance were both very much thinking of fucking like rabbits. Being around that couldn’t end well.

“Why me? Why not one of the sergeants? I have enough on my plate, I can’t be worried about a rookie...with all due respect.”

At this the police captain leaned back in his chair and thoughtfully placed his pointer finger on his chin.

“Well, I had initially asked Kirishima, but he actually insisted that you would like to train Midoriya and that he would get the best possible training underneath someone like yourself who flew through the ranks so quickly! And after talking with him I totally agree.”

One could hear a pin drop in the silence that followed that statement.

Slowly, all of Katsuki’s anger simmered underneath his skin. He could clearly see in his head hair for brains doing this as another attempt to set him up. A picture of the red hair giving him a thumbs up and a teasing grin flashed clearly.

“...that...damn...idiot,” Katsuki growled beneath his breath and he tightened his fists in his lap.

“What was that, Bakugou?”

“Nothing, sir.” He quickly snapped out of this slow growing anger to re-center himself. He opened his mouth once before closing it. He never in his life disagreed with anything this man said but this was a special case. A case that was the future on whether or not Katsuki’s goddamn head was going to explode. So, he swallowed his admiration to speak up.

“I have to say with full respect that I don’t fully agree with your stance on this. I think someone with a little bit more free time would be best to train Midoriya.”

At that Toshinori visibly frowned.

“Are you questioning my choices?”

“No, sir. I just think—”

“—I heard what you think, Bakugou. Now, I am telling you what is going to happen. I’m sorry, but after giving this some real thought I really do think this is the best route of action.” The older man frowned deeper and squinted his eyes slightly at Katsuki. The youngest blonde felt his heart slightly sink at the sudden disappointed look.


“I want Midoriya to get the top training and become the best officer he can be. Who best else to get that from other than you?”

Katsuki said nothing more.

He found himself caught between not wanting to be around that man that just waltz straight up to him and hi-jacked his thoughts and his deep seeded complex to please Toshinori.

As the silence trailed on the superior officer did a once over Katsuki’s fuming figure when he could sense the twenty-seven-year-old was locked in his thoughts.

“Is that going to be a problem?”

The hardness in the words instantly snapped Katsuki out of his conflict. He couldn’t disappoint the captain again—not after finally getting the praise he’s been striving for from him after four damn years.

“No. No it isn’t, captain. I completely understand where you’re coming from and I thank you for thinking so highly of me.”

“Wonderful! I’m glad we’re on the same page.” That award-winning smile was back on the table and Katsuki took a deep breath in letting the reality of everything sink in.

This was a nightmare.

“I really do mean it when I think it’s a good match up. Midoriya means a lot to me so please, from here on out he’s your responsibility. Make sure everything goes smoothly in his time here...okay?”

There was a pause at the end of the request that made red eyes look carefully onto the other’s face in slight confusion. The blue eyes held a heavy hint of seriousness and it made Katsuki falter.

The look put him off, but it wasn’t a new look. He’s seen the look plenty of times.

It...almost felt like the man was speaking about the greenette like a case versus a new recruit.

He thought back briefly to when they brought Ojiro on board two years ago, and it didn’t feel like much of a big deal. Toshinori had just sent out an email and assigned Kaminari to take care of training him. But the longer the red eyes studied the man in front of him the more he felt the silent unspoken plea that was floating in the air.

The lieutenant wondered what exactly was Midoriya’s relationship to Toshinori.

Because of this, he took the task bestowed upon him with a little bit more of a serious attitude. He was going to do what was asked of him...was he going to like it? Probably not. But what the fuck can be done at this point.

“Yes of course. I’ll do my best to make sure he’s taken care of.”

Katsuki watched as the shoulders of the man he adored eased ever so slightly and the young officer felt himself almost frown. But he kept his emotions locked tight underneath his mask.

The bright grin was back on the superior’s mouth as they both stood up to shake hands.

“Ah, wonderful! Thank you, this is fantastic! So many good things happening today! I’ll give you his file and you can look over it.” His hand was cusped in between both large hands in a thankful handshake and Katsuki just smiled back hiding the fact that he was thinking about ringing a certain best friend’s neck.

When he left out of the office, he heard the door click closed behind him. Katsuki stood there briefly and green curls flashed inside of his head. Then he thought about the undertone of ominousness coming from Toshinori.

His mind slowly wandered back to the words that were spoken to him at the bar by the small greenette.


Katsuki took a break upstairs in the kitchenette area on the ninth floor privately. He looked over the file of the mysterious newcomer that he was now tasked with training in silence.

He sat down in the corner by the window and crossed his legs, ignoring people that looked at him when they passed by.

A calloused hand slowly opened the folder and was the young lieutenant was met with a small photograph of the new officer giving a giant bright smile into the camera. His chubby cheeks were rosy pink, freckles perfectly spaced out and the unique shade of green eyes shone through brightly, even in the flat picture.

It made Katsuki’s heart twist slightly at how happy of an expression was plastered across the baby face.

Curious eyes then shifted to settle on his birthdate. Turns out the greenette was twenty-three years old and his birthday had just recently passed.

Two years older than I suspected. Katsuki thought to himself reliving the first moment he saw the smaller male come into the bar setting looking way too young to be there.

He also noted that the young adult had grew up, went to college, and served on the force for a total of a year in the same small coast city where Toshinori was originally from, Yaizu. Just like the captain had said. He stared at the information on the page slightly confused wondering why the sudden move directly after starting a job after college.

The blonde noticed the start and end dates that indicated that it was actually a little under a year the greenette had been at his job before taking a fair amount of break and moving.

That made Katsuki frown.

His eyes shifted over the resume and saw that most of Izuku’s experience was via internships.

So, he barely has experience. Great. Just fucking great.


The hothead marched down the stairs and back to the seventh floor with a slight snarl on his face. His thoughts were still trying to wrap around the fact that he was in charge of training someone for the first time inyears.

What type of fucked up luck was that? And out of all goddamn people it had to be the one person that his interaction with was awkward as shit at the moment.

When he finally got back in his domain, fire eyes clashed with anyone that looked at him too long for his current mood. As soon as he set foot into the main office part of their floor he saw Kirishima and Mina peer over at him both with tell-tale mischievous grins across their faces.

It took all he had not to just give them the middle finger straight out. Instead he gave it with his eyes the best he could, sending heated daggers in the direction of his friends. The red haired sergeant snickered underneath his breath as Mina just smiled. Katsuki frowned deeper.

Well, that confirmed his suspicious on why Kirishima had even opened his goddamn mouth to Toshinori about him training his almost-one-night stand.

Fucking shitheads.

He then turned his gaze upon the greenette in question who was sitting peacefully at his new desk. The new detective looked as if he was extremely focused on taking notes, and his tongue stuck out ever so slightly.

The sight almost looked...cute.

Katsuki quickly buried the thought and blinked hard.

Goddamnit, where did that come from?

Irritated, he walked up to the greenette’s desk and glared down at him as he put his hand on the desk trying to ignore the intrusive thought.

“Oi, Midoriya come with me. I’ll be training you for the next couple of months.” Green eyes looked confused and tilted his head to the side.

“W-What?” There was that damn stutter again.

“You heard me, small fry. Hurry up and come with me into my office.”

Before the younger male could ask any further questions Katsuki was walking into his office and taking a seat in his black leather seat begrudgingly. He leaned all the way back and pulled out a stack of papers from the large file he was given by Toshinori and grabbed his red pen.

He watched as Izuku shuffled into his office behind him as if he was walking into a lion's den. Katsuki couldn’t help but run his eyes up and down the tentative slender figure that sat down in the plain chair across from him. The hands of the other was pushed down in his lap holding onto a black and white composition notebook and a blue pen looking stiff.

It was then that Katsuki looked up to see Kirishima, Kaminari, and Mina all peeking inside his open door from a distance and the blonde could have just convulsed with annoyance when Kirishima gave that god forsaken signature thumbs up.

“Close the door,” he bit out in a growl, glaring at the trio out of the door with his eyebrow twitching. Izuku looked confused at the request but nonetheless stood up and went to close the wooden portal.

Kirishima gave a happy wave to the newcomer when Izuku made eye contact with him and, completely ignorant to what was going on, Izuku gave a friendly wave and smile right back.

The younger male took his seat again this time looking more visibly relaxed as he crossed his legs. He took out his pen and paper, ready to write down whatever the blonde said.

Katsuki looked at him curiously as the other opened his full notebook and flipped nearly to the back. It was then in that moment that the higher up noticed the clear writing across the front cover: ‘Police Analysis No. 13’.

Bright, fresh determined green eyes looked up and him and Katsuki felt that damn twist again.

“Alright, Midoriya. Toshinori made you my responsibility for the next couple of months so I’m going to lay out some ground rules and expectations,” he started and pulled out a stack of papers on the desk, sliding them over to the greenette.

“You’re going to fill out this paper work and return it to me before you leave today. Just as a note I expect nothing but diligence, timeliness, along with you being on your goddamn best behavior at all times and acting your age.”

He shot a knowing gaze at Izuku and it didn’t go unnoticed how the other slightly grimaced but took the paperwork in his hands.

“Work ethic is extremely important to me so I will never, ever, tolerate slacking off. Is that clear?”

Usually when Katsuki gave this speech to people coming in they cowered in fear or resisted the urge to roll their eyes at him with an exhausted look on their face. That was the reaction he was expecting from the short male but instead he got...the complete opposite?

The delicate freckle face lit up as if he won some goddamn prize and nodded furiously in agreeance with Katsuki.

“Clear! I actually love working a lot!” The happy voice perked and leaned forward into the desk a bit and Katsuki blinked at the unexpected reaction. “I take notes on just about everything, so I can make sure that I’m a good well-rounded officer, I won’t disappoint you!”

Red eyes blinked once more and then he blinked again confused at the phrase ‘take notes’.

“What do you mean?”

“Oh, here!” Green eyes sparkled as freckled hands lifted up the ‘Police analysis No. 13’ notebook and opened up a couple of the pages. “I’ve been studying various different detectives, sergeants, lieutenants, and captains for years to absorb and understand their techniques.”

A bandaged band flipped through the college ruled pages showing off the detective’s hard work. Sitting inside were perfectly organized color-coded notes, diagrams and organized paragraphs in alphabetical order on police figures new and old that even Katsuki knew. Even some cases that were well known on the news were broken down and analyzed deeply.

It was actually...really fucking impressive. This level of attention to detail.

And extremely attractive to the workaholic.

Katsuki was about to say something but when he looked down at the notebook and back up to the innocent face he felt that uncomfortable twist in his chest again but this time it was accompanied by a flip.

And it scared him straight out of the compliment he was about to say.

How is he a damn nerd too

“I’m willing to put my best foot forward.”

But Katsuki needed to nuke the conversation to spare himself of the all too familiar feeling in his chest that he didn’t like.

“This isn’t high school, Midoriya.” He shot down trying to backlash against the feeling inside of his chest. The bright smile on the other’s face slowly died off and finally released that unwanted feeling it was provoking out of him.

“I don’t give a shit if you take notes or not. This is real life. I looked over your file and I saw a concerning lack of experience for someone who is twenty-three. Note taking isn’t going to change that—practice does.”

Red eyes dug into green and Izuku’s face sunk immediately as he slowly closed his notebook, fully not expecting to get put down. The tenses in the shoulders came back and Katsuki could tell he was holding back from saying something.

“...sorry, sir.” The tone of voice was tight and quick. The green eyes gazed upon him in irritation. “Was there anything else or can I leave?”

“I need to know your measurements, so we can put in to get you your gear.” Katsuki said plainly looking down to fill out the pink form in his hands to order new gear.

“Medium sized shirt and jacket, 76 cm waist pants,” the tenor voice replied. In this moment the hand of the lieutenant paused writing to give a once over the figure in front of him.

More so he looked at the particularly too tight pants the other was wearing. There was no goddamn way—

“Is something the matter?” Izuku cut off his train of thought. Red eyes looked back up to green and the eldest clicked his tongue and made a slight face.

“...don’t you think you need a bigger pants size than that? For mobility reasons.” He whispered between them. Because if he was being honest with himself they both knew Katsuki had assessed him well enough to know that wasn’t the correct measure for someone so...built in that area.

Suddenly that innocent yet not to naive look was right back on the freckled baby face.

“I like a snug fit, lieutenant. My flexibility won't ever be an issue, I assure you.”

Katsuki blinked. Then Izuku blinked and flexed a singular knowing eyebrow.

Katsuki’s hand tightened around the pen in his grasp.

The fuck? Did he just—

“I hope that isn’t a problem, sir.”

Scarlet eyes narrowed in disbelief at green, but the new detective didn’t back down. There was a small clash between them and a warmness crept under Katsuki’s collar as he went to write down the waist size. His mind automatically taking him back to his wet dream that was less than forty-eight hours ago.

Is that how this little shit wants to play this?

He watched the other and Izuku watched him right back as his hand moved without looking down. Out of mild spite he wrote down the next size up without saying anything before standing up and towering over the greenette who was staring him down with an unspoken challenge, clearly irritated at the dismissal of his notetaking skills.

“Not a problem at all, I suppose. We all have our preferences,” he said in a curt tone under his breath and arched a perfect blonde eyebrow right back at Izuku. Katsuki was a lot of things. He was professional, hardworking, but he wasn’t one to have his patience tested like that.

Katsuki took the moment to finally release the tight hold on his red pen. He tore his eyes away from provoking green ones and looked ahead to head out to the floor area.

“C’mon, nerd. Let me introduce you to all the idiots you’ll be working with.”

They walked out of the small office space into the open corridor that held the colorful crew of the UA officers on the seventh floor.

Green eyes widened as he looked at all his new companions. Katsuki watched carefully when the look of excitement leaked on to the baby face before he cleared his throat carefully.

“Alright, on your left, the two guys slacking on their phones looking like ketchup and mustard together are sergeant Kirishima and detective Kaminari respectively. They’re pretty good at their job when they’re not goofing around.” In this moment both men in question looked up at their name being called and waved at the pair. “Get the fuck off your phones!” Then they scrambled.

“The pinkette actually doing work at her desk near them is detective Ashido. She’s actually one of the best people in this precinct and an amazing officer. She’s somehow engaged to sergeant Kirishima they’re getting married soon.” Mina waved and smiled at Izuku who smiled and gave a small wave back.

“To your right you have the precinct secretary, Uraraka. She’s the glue and keep everything from falling apart here. She’s actually your age so there’s that, you two would probably get along well.”

“Hi there!” The high-pitched friendly voice called out to the new greenette, making the youngest male smile.

“H-Hello!” He replied back, and the slight stutter almost made Katsuki roll his eyes. He knew damn well the other could speak without it and it was weird hearing it.

“Over there are two of our top sergeants Yaoyorozu and Iida,” Katsuki said pointing to a male with blue hair and a tall elegant female with stark black hair. Neither of them noticed the introduction happening as they were exchanging information on a case. “I suggest if you want to learn how to get your shit together you watch those two carefully. They’re the only ones I have never had to reprimand.”

Izuku nodded from beside him and pulled nervously at the hem of his blue dress shirt with a bandaged hand, staring at the two in front of him as if they were demi-gods or something.

Katsuki then looked around for Sero and Todoroki but couldn’t find them and huffed a bit.

“Where is that half and half bastard?” He said more to himself than Izuku.

“Half and half bastard?” The small voice questioned from beside him, confused at the identifier. The blonde shrugged his shoulders with little regret on letting Izuku hear the nickname and his mild disdain towards the other officer.

“You’ll know ‘im when you see him,” was the only explanation he gave the smaller male. “Him and detective Sero are probably out on a case. As much as I hate to admit it, half-and-half is also a good sergeant so it’d be good for you shadow under him every now and then if I’m down on time or too busy caught up on paperwork.”

“Okay, that sounds good!” Izuku beamed back, loving the idea of possibly learning.

Katsuki looked to his side again and took in the look of excitement on the other’s face and the way he was clutching the composition notebook in his hand and then he thought about the snug fit comment.

His mind tried to rattle all the random new facts he was slowly learning about Izuku but a lot of it didn’t add up in his head.

The twenty-three-year-old was clearly into hooking up with people, yet he stutters like he’s a nervous person. He didn’t like being dismissed or being disrespectful, but the snug fit comment showed the other had some nerve. The words that were spoken to him at the bar were emotional and deep, and he said that he was the sad artsy type. So, what was he doing with a job like detective? Sad artsy type people don’t want to investigate homicides and robberies.

Lastly, Toshinori clearly cared a lot about him but he’s never been mentioned before like his actual son, Mirio.

All the conflicting facts did something to Katsuki that flat out irritated him.

They made him curious.


“Did you invite Midoriya out to our Monday bar night?” Kirishima brightly grinned, walking into Katsuki’s office near the end of the day. “Gotta break the newbie in.”

In this moment the best friend reopened the blinds Katsuki had closed earlier to give a perfect view of soft green curls at the desk.

“No, I didn’t,” Katsuki hissed looking away and back down at the Aizawa case. “Also, why the fuck did you suggest for me to train him to Toshinori? I should strangle you for that. You know I’m too goddamn busy to have someone shadowing me. I swear if this is another attempt to set me up—”

“—It isn’t!” A shit eating grin plastered its way across Kirishima’s face and Katsuki didn’t believe a single damn word that came out of the red head’s mouth. “I genuinely think you would be the better person to train him over me! Just giving my best friend all the praise he deserves.”

Katsuki felt his eye twitch slightly in irritation. “Why not fucking suggest Todoroki then?”

“Ah, he’s too busy.” The sergeant waved his hand and poked Katsuki’s tanned cheek playfully. “Wouldn’t want to bother him with training a new person, y’know?”

“You piece of shi—”

There was a knock on the door and both sets of red eyes looked up to see the exact person being talked about at the door holding a stack of colorful papers and forms.

“I hope I’m not interrupting, but I finished filling out everything,” Izuku spoke looking between the currently overly excited expression one male was wearing and a vaguely irritated one the other was. “Where should I put these?”

“Just hand them to me,” Katsuki motioned ‘come over’ with his hand and Izuku walked over to the desk. Kirishima smiled sweetly at the newcomer as the lieutenant placed the forms into his ‘take care of later’ drawer.

“Do you wanna come out with us after work to an izakaya? There’s a really good one like a twenty-minute drive from here!”

Katsuki whipped his head and harshly glared at the red head who was completely ignoring the heated stare.

“Oh, sure. I would love to! Unless it would bother Bakugou that I be there.” Those challenging green eyes were on him in a second. Those same eyes that made him infuriating fucking curious and warm. It was terrible.

But Katsuki didn’t back down from someone testing his patience. If this was how the greenette wanted to go about things, then fucking fine.

“It would only bother me if you bothered being too persistent about certain things,” he shot back.

They held binding eye contact and the warm feeling underneath Katsuki shirt felt like it intensified more. Izuku then cleared his throat and turned away when Kirishima awkwardly laughed.

If Katsuki didn’t know better, he could’ve sworn he saw the freckled cheeks tint pink slightly.

“Hah! So charming,” Kirishima weary said breaking the tension. “Just ignore him. He always has this pissed off expression on his face. Chronic R.B.F, y’know? It’s a real tragedy.”

“That’s not fucking tru—”

“Ah, that’s good to know. I was beginning to worry it was just me,” Izuku replied with a small smile cutting off the angry blonde. “Glad to know the glare isn’t discriminatory.”

“Not a single bit!” Kirishima laughed, throwing his arm around a silently fuming blonde. “But we all usually go out on Mondays because it’s the only time we can get this one to leave his desk for a short while. It’s always a good time! Everyone comes!”

“Well, okay! I would love to!”

“Awesome, we meet out front around 5:15pm,” Kirishima informed tightening his arm around Katsuki and the blonde watched as the younger male just chuckled.

As he listened to the unique light laugh Katsuki realized that everything was going to change for him from here on out.


Katsuki cared about a total of four things other than work.

It was his friends (however annoying they may fucking be), his family, getting to bed at a decent time, and finally: his motorcycle.

It was midnight black with silver and orange trimmings and one of the first things he purchased with his lieutenant’s bonus. He always made sure to keep it clean and he kept his helmet that had classy orange fire marks along the side hooked directly to the handle.

Which is why when they all walked out in the late summer air, he nearly had a heart attack the second goddamn sex on legs bee lined straight for his baby.

“Oh my god whose bike is this? I love motorcycles! I used to always ride on the back of one in college. I haven’t done it in so long.” The greenette said while marveling with wide eyes. He bent down happily to inspect the vehicle closer and touched it ever so lightly with complete admiration. “Ah, you guys are so cool!”

“It’s actually Bakugou’s,” Mina said with a smile on her face and she shot a look Katsuki’s way. Izuku’s face instantly dropped and he stopped touching the black bike. “He brings it on Mondays when we all go out together because he hates riding in a car with the rest of us. Something about not enjoying Kirishima’s singing? Maybe he’ll let you ride some time if you ask nicely.”

“Not a damn chance. Nobody touches ground zero but me,” Katsuki hissed. He walked over to his bike and shooed Izuku away, who gladly backed off. “If the nerd wants to ride with me he’ll just have to dream about it like everyone else.” Much like the dream he had of Izuku actually riding him.

He couldn’t help himself from shooting Izuku a look and the youngest pursed his lips.

“Ah, well another person has a bike in the squad! Maybe you can just ride on his one day.” Denki said offhandedly and Katsuki ‘tch’d because he knew who he was talking about. Todoroki had gotten a bike right around the same time as him and for some reason it only fueled the blonde’s internal rivalry with the bastard.

“Half and Half’s bike is barely a bike. It’s more like a lame ass moped,” his gruff voice undercut as he started to get on his bike and put his motorcycle jacket on. It was black with white stripes, and orange trim with the number ‘0’ on the back in orange lettering.

It didn’t go unnoticed to him how closely the new employee was looking at him up and down. Something about it fed into Katsuki’s ego. Of course, he didn’t want to sleep with the greenette. Especially not now that they…er, worked together but...for some reason seeing those pretty colored eyes stare at him longer than need be did something to his brain.

“Ah, c’mon his is just as cool,” Kirishima said, pulling out his own car keys and laughing.

“Naw. It isn’t,” the blonde replied back with an eye roll. He kicked up his bike stand and turned on his precious mode of transportation.

“What’s the difference?” Izuku finally spoke up, his curious eyes still looking at the black bike but more specifically he was looking at the owner who was now fully facing him with sharp red eyes.

The blonde didn’t know if it was the tension that had been present all day, his mild disdain for Todoroki or if it was the heat that kept swarming his chest every time those taunting unique green eyes looked at him. But he said his next words after putting on his helmet and revving the engine on ground zero without breaking the spell binding gaze between them.

“Mine’s bigger.”

Emerald eyes flickered with caution but didn’t look away.


When they finally arrived at their usual spot everything was as it always was on Mondays.

Denki and Mina were laughing about their favorite shows and Kirishima was talking with him about pointless things. Tenya had officially introduced himself to Izuku on the car ride over and he could hear the two chatting behind him with Momo and Ochaco.

The bar they always choose was a small place that welcomed police without an issue. The owner really enjoyed the fact they came once a week because it scared off any possibility of them being robbed. And they came because every now and then they got free food for their line of duty.

The izakaya had red lanterns hanging outside and yellow dim lighting inside that gave a calming atmosphere to the majority wooden structure. Chatter of happy voices could be heard as people enjoyed their Monday after work and ordered drinks and food.

The owner came out to greet them per usual and gave them the large table in the back. When they all sat down, the owner called for a round of complimentary shots of sake for everyone.

“Wow, this is a really cool place,” Izuku said happily sitting down next to Tenya and an empty seat.

“Yeah, it’s great right? It also has amazing food!” Kirishima beamed brightly and Mina nodded in agreeance and took their alcohol down quickly. “It’s definitely a hot find.”

“It’s one of the few places that we can get someone as picky as Katsuki to eat at,” Momo teased and everyone laughed. Izuku smiled at the lightness in the air and how welcoming everyone was.

“Oh, he’s picky?” Izuku smiled and turned his eyes to the male in question, who just shrugged.

“Extremely so.”

“I would never have guessed,” the soft voice joked.

Izuku shot a bright grin towards him making everyone laugh but only the blonde in the group understood the double meaning behind the words.

The tension suddenly felt playful and the workaholic found that he didn’t mind the quip when it was accompanied by the freckled smile.

Katsuki’s mouth subconsciously twitched into a smirk, making Izuku’s grin wider. The blonde was about to continue the light banter when his phone buzzed.

He looked down to see a text from the one person they were all waiting on.

[S. Todoroki]: Sorry, I’m running late. We got involved in a car chase involving someone robbing a hardware store. Sero ended up just going home, I’ll be there in ten minutes, I’m walking there now.

The blonde read the words before announcing it the whole group. “Half and half is on his way, he’ll be here in ten minutes. He was involved in a robbery.”

“Ah, okay! I was beginning to worry if something happened to him,” Tenya said taking a drink of his water.

The time passed on and the conversation went on in a chaotic fashion. Denki and Kirishima were off telling Izuku embarrassing and funny stories that had happened over the last couple years with them in a squad, making the greenette laugh and gape at certain details. Mainly the one about Denki attempting to prank Kirishima via scaring him but ended up accidently frightening Toshinori instead and was swiftly thrown to the ground.

“That is absolutely insane. I can’t imagine being body slammed by Toshinori,” Izuku gasped leaning back in disbelief. Denki winced and rubbed behind his neck as if he was deep in a flash back.

“It was terrible. He had back problems for a month afterwards. Word of advice: don’t pull any pranks,” Kirishima said while patting Denki’s shoulder.

“Ha, advice duly noted!” Izuku chuckled and shifted in his blue dress shirt.

It was in that moment that Katsuki noticed the other slightly roll up his sleeves bringing the blonde’s attention to the white bandage on his left hand. He had noticed it a couple times throughout the day, but it still made his curiosity blossom.

“Sorry, I’m late everyone,” a new deep, even voice entered standing directly behind Izuku.

The greenette craned his neck to look up at the newcomer to be met with mixed matched eyes and a head of hair that was split directly between snow white and fire red.

“Oh! You must be the ‘half and half bastard’ Bakugou was talking about,” the innocent voice informed making everyone automatically dart their eyes to a certain lieutenant.

Momo tilted her head in a silent ‘really?’ but Katsuki just glared back from above his cup of water.

“What? I ain’t wrong,” He growled not backing down. Todoroki just shook his head and turned his attention back to the young new employee.

“Ignore him. My real name is Shouto. I don’t think we ever got properly introduced,” he said and stuck out a welcoming hand for Izuku. Green eyes looked at the hand for a split second before grabbing it and shaking it.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Midoriya Izuku.”

And that’s when he saw it.

He saw those not so naive green eyes look Icy-Hot up and fucking down as if he liked what he saw. It was the same type of slow assessment just much more discreet that the walking headache had given him on Friday right before he started flirting with him.

Todoroki took the empty seat next to Izuku and the two started talking.

Then Izuku did exactly what Katsuki thought he was going to do.

He leaned in, but only slightly enough for Katsuki to notice and his body language changed from closed to open.

Katsuki told himself he didn’t care when the crawling started in the back of his head watching the two laugh about something with Ochaco.

Several minutes passed when the brown-haired waitress came over to take their orders. She had her head down and slicked back, giving herself a professional look in the white apron that was wrapped around her waist.

“What can I get for you all? The usual?” She asked with an open smile looking at everyone and then to Izuku. “Oh, you have someone new here today with you!”

“He’s actually a new detective! He’ll be joining us on Mondays from now on,” Ochaco replied with a bright grin. “What do you want, Midoriya? Everyone usually just gets the house ramen and a drink but if you want something different that’s cool.”

The greenette just smiled politely and nodded his head at the waitress. “I’ll just get the same thing! No worries.”

“Ah, wonderful. So That’ll be eight usuals. They should be out in thirty minutes or so. Thank you again so much for always dining with us!” She replied with a smile and everyone thanked her back with polite exchanges.

The night went on and it took all Katsuki had to ignore what was happening directly in front of him.

The greenette was leaning in, asking all these personal questions about the fucking stuck up prick and he laughed at absolutely every damn thing the guy said. It was so painfully clear to the ash blonde that the other was flirting because the stoic sergeant was nowhere near that damn funny enough to keep the small male giggling as much as he was.

Then he saw a bandaged hand pushed a gentle green curl behind an ear with a small blush when Todoroki smiled at him.

Katsuki almost lost it.

Was he jealous? No. Absolutely not. He shouldn’t care if the greenette was clearly taken with the ice prince asshole. Plenty of people were, with the Todorokis being such a well-known family in the media Shouto was listed as a top ‘bachelor’. Sure, Katsuki hated the guy but he could admit someone who was good looking when he saw them. He just fucking hated him. And right now, he hated the fact that Izuku was laughing and talking with him in his face.

“So, what was the robbery about? Did you catch the guy?” Mina asked leaning into the table to look at Todoroki. The flirting spell was broken and Katsuki could’ve hugged the pinkette right then and there.

“Ah...we actually didn’t,” The tall sergeant said leaning away from Izuku to turning his attention to everyone. The information that the skilled policeman hadn’t got his guy made Katsuki pause. “The whole thing was strange. It was a small group of them and they stole an alarming amount of gasoline.”

“Gasoline?” Katsuki muttered. His brain immediately halting at the information. Usually robberies in their city were money based or had something to do with jewels. But gasoline? That was strange and slightly frightening.

“ there was four full vans they stocked up and then bailed. They didn’t even bother taking any money. It was strange.” Todoroki said with a frown, obviously displeased.

“What else did they take?” Tenya asked. “Did they take anything that could be bomb related? Or like matches and lighters?” The dual haired adult just shook his head.

“Nope. Just gallons of gasoline. They were also extremely efficient in getting away, which unfavorable outcome. Mainly why Sero went home. He was tired and a little frustrated.”

“That’s must be really irritating, Todoroki. I’m sorry,” Ochaco said with a sad look on her face for the sergeant.

Katsuki turned his sharp amber eyes back on the pair in front of him but he saw something more off putting than the talk about gasoline.

He saw Izuku’s face drop and slowly turn towards the male next to him.

“...Todoroki?” The young detective said quietly, looking at the officer next to him as if he had seen a ghost. It was then that Shouto turned around and gave an ignorant polite smile.

“Ah, yes. My full name is Todoroki Shouto. You might’ve heard of my father.”

“O-Oh! Yes, your father, hah. Wow, that’s so surprising. What is that like being such a famous police chief's son?”

Ruby eyes narrowed when Izuku ever so slightly stiffened and his eyes flickered off to the side. Katsuki glanced around to see if anyone else noticed the shift in behavior but everyone was still discussing and stuck on the issue about the gasoline.

“It’s not bad. My father is an interesting person—”

“Here is your food!” The waitress announced. She interrupted the moment but Katsuki didn’t take his eyes off Izuku, who was now looking off to the side staring hard at Todoroki. But this time there was nothing flirtatious about the look and it made the lieutenant tilt his head wondering why.

All their food was placed in front of them making everyone happy and shifted the conversation quickly to food. Todoroki became to stir his meal with his chopsticks not aware of the weary look doe green eyes gave him.

Izuku studied the burn on the sergeant’s face unaware that Katsuki was watching him do so.

The flirting stopped after that.

It didn’t go unnoticed to him that Izuku got quiet and only spoke when spoken to.

When the night wrapped up and it came time for them to leave, everyone piled into the same two cars but Izuku hesitated when he noticed the only free seat was in the same one as a certain white and red haired man.

Katsuki was about to ride his bike back to the precinct when he felt a small tap on his shoulder. Piercing red eyes looked over his shoulder at the source to see Izuku standing there uncomfortable, looking off to the side.

“May I ride with you?” The voice was soft, and there was a slight hint of an unknown underlying emotion.

The tone used made Katsuki furrowed his brows from inside his helmet. He then glanced off to the side to everyone inside of the car and then back to the freckled face. He briefly thought about the shift in behavior at the name drop.

What is up with this guy?

The large green eyes looked back at him and Katsuki felt something inside of him tangle with curiosity and another emotion he wouldn’t dare admit out loud.

“...Get on.”


The pair rode back in complete silence and Katsuki said nothing when the slim arms wrapped around his waist. The other’s body was pressed against him without saying a word as they passed by quickly through traffic. He felt Izuku lay his head flat against his back half way through the ride as if he was suddenly tired. It made Katsuki slightly worry more than he wished to.

They arrived back first to the office space and neither said a word as they got off. Katsuki took his helmet off and shook out his blonde locks before turning to the smaller male whose face was painted with blankness. Izuku was clearly lost in his thoughts.

“Well...I hope your first day was okay,” he said quietly into the sudden shift in atmosphere unsure of what to say.

The sound of the deep voice reeled the detective back to reality and an automatic smile was placed on the pink lips.

But Katsuki could tell it was fake.

“I had a really good time, sir. Thank you for the lift back.” Izuku bowed slightly before preparing to walk away. Red eyes looked at the tense shoulders of the other and then down to his left hand.

The urge to say something dance on the tip of his tongue. But he shouldn’t. He really shouldn’t. There had been nothing but weird ass tension between them all day and really talking to him was only fueling the burning curiosity he had about the young man.

Katsuki bit the inside of his cheek when Izuku started to walk away quickly.

“Goodnight, Midoriya,” he called out. He was unsure why he said the words he said but he felt like he needed to.

The figure in front of him paused and looked over his shoulder. Katsuki was struck by the reflection of the stars in the emerald shaded eyes. It made them shine like silver glitter was carefully placed inside of his irises and it twisted Katsuki’s stomach in a knot.

“Goodnight, Lieutenant. I’ll see you tomorrow morning.” A small smile hiding something graced the delicate face and without any more words, he left around the corner past the blue Uchimizu Ave. street sign.

Katsuki stared after him trying to fit together all the strange puzzle pieces about the newcomer he had collected throughout the long day. He was strange and certain puzzle pieces didn’t fit together right. For the workaholic problem solver, this was his damning.

The blonde’s phone buzzed as he stayed stuck in his thoughts. He snapped himself out of it, but green curls kept appearing over and over again as he read the text from his best friend.

[E. Kirishima]: No one rides ground zero huh??? ;)

Katsuki just rolled his eyes and put the phone away. He went back inside to the office and decided that Izuku took enough of his thoughts for one day. He needed his alone time.

So, he stayed late working as he usually did and tried his best not to think too much harder into his actions that happened throughout the day.


The next morning came and Katsuki felt refreshed. There wasn’t a green thought anywhere in his head as he sipped on his morning coffee peacefully in his office.

“Good morning, Lieutenant!”

Until now.

“Good morning, Midoriya,” Katsuki sighed, putting his orange coffee mug down. There goes his peace.

He looked up at the green eyes that had 180’d from last night. They were back to that sparkling ready-to-learn shade of green, but it didn’t make Katsuki forget about what he saw during dinner.

“What’s the report for today?” The perky voice asked him with a smile and Katsuki decided to ignore all the weirdness from yesterday and just focus on the job.

The young adult in front of him was holding that godforsaken notebook and wearing a plaid green button up, a blue hoodie and his badge. Casual wear for detectives on the force. The green was a nice touch Katsuki admitted to himself. He liked that it highlighted his hair and eyes. The lieutenant kept his eyes upwards and didn’t dare look down at whatever type of pants the other was wearing.

Nope. Today would not be like yesterday. He wasn’t going to get distracted.

“Well, on Tuesdays Kirishima and I are usually on patrol in the eastern part of the city’s downtown area. So, you’re going to come with us. Have you ever been on patrol before?”

“Yes! I did it a lot while serving in Yaizu.”

“Perfect, so that means you won’t be complete dead weight,” Katsuki mumbled and gulped down the rest of his coffee. Izuku made a face at him but the blonde didn’t care.

“C’mon let’s go get strapped up. I have your gun for you waiting downstairs.”


“I will never understand why we have to do patrol on Tuesdays, nothing ever happens here on Tuesdays!” Kirishima groaned leaning against their blue and white squad car. His own was parked adjacent to Katsuki’s on the street that they just got finished riding through. “Everyone’s at work. Especially on Tuesday mornings.”

“Crime doesn’t stop just because it’s a fucking Tuesday, Kiri.” Katsuki said kicking his leg up as he leaned against the car with his arms crossed. All three of them had had on their dark navy-blue Shizuoka City Police windbreakers on over their dress shirts.

“I know, but still doesn’t make it less boring. Plus, I kind of want to see green bean here in action, hah.”

“Green bean?” Izuku laughed at the nickname and he tilted his head to the side. Katsuki wouldn’t admit it, but the action was cute to him. But he would never say it. “Where did that come from?”

“Because you’re green and so young like a little bean. You make me feel so old,” Kirishima exasperated.

“Hey! I’m not that much younger than you guys—” Izuku started but his voice trailed off at the sound of all three of their radios making noise and another voice cut into the conversation.

“All patrol officers, there’s a jewelry robbery currently taking place on Tengoku street and 9th Avenue. Perp is currently on foot running in an east direction. He’s wearing a black hoodie and has dark black hair. He’s working alone.”

It took Katsuki a total of three seconds to realize that’s the area they were in.

“Alright, here we go. That’s us,” he said slipping urgency into his voice.

All three faces immediately dipped in seriousness and hopped into their respective squad cars, with Izuku riding with Katsuki.

They put their red siren lights on and sped off towards the destination. Katsuki kept his red eyes focused forward as all the cars in traffic pulled off swiftly to the left to let them through, and he tried his best to keep up with Kirishima’s diving as they made it to the east side of the city to see a man in all black fitting the description running full speed down the street.

The area was jam packed with people and stores for the downtown area. All the cars were tightly grid locked together by the colorful stop lights and traffic signs.

The suspect pushed people out of the way fiercely, sparing no one as he plowed through the crowded street. People screamed and yelled out in surprise as he elbowed any pedestrian in his way. The black hoodie was draw tightly on top of his head as his white sneakers became blurry in the crowded street.

“Shit, we’re not going to catch him in this,” Katsuki cursed. Trying to think of the best route of action. The crowded area traffic was a no go as he watched how Kirishima’s car started to slow down when other vehicles couldn’t move out of the way correctly due to the high density.

“You could get him on foot, go now. I can drive the car.” Izuku spoke up quickly and undid his seatbelt without hesitation. “Keep your radio intercom on and yell out where he's heading.” Red eyes snapped in the direction of green before grinding his teeth.

The nerd was right. Someone had to catch him on foot and drag the bastard back in handcuffs.

“Don’t crash my fucking car, Midoriya,” was the only thing he said and quickly undid his own seat belt.

He quickly jerked the car in park making them both to heave forward but neither missed a beat. Katsuki opened the door and slammed it back shut the second Izuku swiftly maneuvered himself over into the driver's seat.

The moment his feet hit the pavement, Katsuki was running at full speed in the direction of the man in the black hoodie.

He ran past people of all different shapes and sizes trying his best to keep up with the person jetting like he had a bullet target on his back. He could see the other had a blue backpack on that was bouncing heavily as he pushed people down in the crowded downtown area.

The unknown criminal looked behind him briefly and a worried expression was clear on the pale features. Katsuki could see the man’s head start to look around when the expert hunter of a policeman gained speed and was catching up quickly behind him.

“He’s making a turn for the alley right before Getsu street!” He yelled into his black head piece when the white sneakers suddenly turned sharply and disappeared into the grey alleyway.

“Got it!” Kirishima affirmed back into his ear.

The agile officer on foot easily dodged people in his way, doing his best not to add on to the mess that the criminal was making.

He dipped himself in the alleyway without sacrificing his speed and found the other climbing a fence and swiftly hopped over to the other side.

Katsuki gritted his teeth but made no real pause as he flung his body on top of the fence and climbed it quicker than the man with black hair. He threw himself over to land on his feet, his knees bending from the impact, but he was thrown off when he felt a punch uppercut his jaw immediately.

“Fuck!” He yelled out when the stinging punch landed on him, closing his eyes automatically. The rattling from the wire fence echoed in the in the alley as the broad-shouldered male stumbled back from the impact.

This son of a bitch. He thought angrily as his eyes snapped back open with fire raging in them. He pushed himself off the fence to run directly close behind the man with the blue backpack.

The white sneakers of the man sped up significantly the closer he got to the alleyway, but the perpetrator found himself stumbling when Kirishima’s blue and white squad car blocked the entrance.

Katsuki was expecting the man to fully stop but he was surprised to see the asshole slide across the hood as if he’s done this before without an issue.

The man barrel rolled flawlessly, and his hood fell off his head to reveal a young-looking face and black spiky hair. He looked back briefly with a smug expression at Katsuki and the blonde found his patience tested like no other when the criminal ran around the corner.

The lieutenant slide across the car hood without missing a beat and shoved his way down the sidewalk and he could hear Kirishima’s car behind him in fall blast.

The man made another turn down an alleyway and Katsuki stayed directly behind him and this time he picked up on the pattern quickly.

He made an ‘X’ with his arms when he rounded into the alley and was met with a fierce punch he suspected. He dug his feet into the ground to hold his stance when the assault slightly hurt his arms.

“You’re making this worse for yourself!” He yelled out when the man started running again towards the open end of the other alley.

The young man turned around again but before either man running could see what happened Katsuki registered a flash of blue and green.

A swift bandaged hand with purpose came from left field out of the opening of the alley and grabbed the man’s neck, jerking his whole body to a painful choked stop. A swift foot swiped underneath the white sneakers making him airborne for a single second long enough to be body slammed into the grey pavement.

“You’re under arrest!” The stern solid tenor voice shouted.

Katsuki immediately slowed his running confused at what just happened. When his vision was no longer hazy from running he paused and took several deep breaths.

There, in the warm morning light, was Izuku pinning the man down by his wrist with his foot, his arm with his knee and the freckled hands were working to get the handcuffs from around his waist without hesitation.

Red eyes blinked once and then blinked twice, fully not expecting the quick effective action.

He approached slowly with a confused expression gazing down at the asshole who had his eyes closed wincing in pain. As he looked longer at Izuku pinning the man down with just the sheer strength of his muscular legs Katsuki found something inside of him humming slightly in approval.

Izuku had just taken down a man single handedly and now he was pinning him to the ground with the fiercest look he’s ever seen on the usually sweet looking face.

It showed the workaholic that not only was the greenette a damn nerd for note taking but he actually had the moves and physical abilities to back it up.

And it was fucking sexy.

He couldn’t even deny it.

Goddamn. His mind instantly gave himself the imagine of being pinned down by those legs. Katsuki tried to scratch the thought immediately but was entirely unsuccessful.

Seeing this side of someone who had a soft air to him was...intriguing.

It was also immensely reassuring to know that the greenette didn’t hesitate a bit when thrown into action.

Katsuki saw Kirishima come around the corner with his gun drawn but put it away with a happy face as he got closer to the scene.

“Damn, nice work green bean!” The supportive voice called out and Katsuki almost smirked.

The nerd did have moves. They were good ones too.

A loud groan cut in the air and all eyes set sights on the person that was just caught. The man’s eyes blinked open slowly when Izuku shifted to pull him up and handcuff him, but when the brown eyes of the runner met green everything in that moment shifted.

Yo?” “Izuku?”

One could hear the skidding screech of Katsuki’s thoughts coming to a halt.

“Oh wow, you really did become an officer. Surprising.” There a tiny smirk on the man named Yo lips that made Izuku sneer visibly.

The two stared at each other in disbelief in different ways when Izuku lifted him up all the way.

There was only a moment of hesitation before Izuku shook his head and turned the man around and handcuffed him. A worried expression took over the baby face and Katsuki looked between them carefully.

The man in handcuffs was smiling way more than someone in handcuffs should be.

“ you know this man?” Katsuki asked carefully not liking the way the ravenette was trying to peer over his shoulder at the shorter male behind him.

“We’re acquainted from Yaizu,” was all Izuku said. He didn’t lift his eyes up to meet his superior officer. The vagueness and closed off expression made Katsuki worry but he still stepped in to grab the man that was near his height away from the youngest.

“Aw, Izuku that’s so mean. Just ‘acquainted’? Really?” There was a taunting tone in the voice and the smirk on the man’s face was dripping in sarcasm.

Katsuki looked between the two some more and he saw an uncomfortable expression and glare take over Izuku’s face.

He quickly decided he didn’t like this exchange happening. He gritted his teeth and turned his attention to the man in his grasp.

“You need to stop speaking,” he hissed lowly walking the man over to Kirishima’s squad car. “Do you have any idea how much time you’re possibly in for? Robbery along with assaulting an officer? Several times? I suggest you keep quiet until you have a lawyer present.”

The dark-haired man just shrugged and allowed himself to be put in the back of Kirishima’s squad car without a fight. Katsuki closed the door in an irritated fashion and glanced back over to Izuku who was staring down at the pavement in thought.

“, good job, Midoriya! That was actually really impressive. You got a fierce set of legs on you.” Kirishima said with a smile on his face and gave his signature thumbs up before turning to Katsuki. “I’ll meet you guys at the station?”

“Yeah, sure. That’s fine,” Katsuki mumbled trying to wrap his head around what just happened.

Another puzzle piece that didn’t fucking fit in the picture that is Midoriya Izuku: Why did the greenette know someone who was robbing a damn store?

He looked off to Izuku who was already getting in the passenger seat of his squad car.


They rode back in relative silence with Katsuki gripping the wheel on and off.

He was trying his best to connect dots like the problem solver he was, but none of them were coming around in a logical manner. He thought about the suggestive drip in the perp’s voice and his mind could only supply him the answer of Izuku’s possible hook up habit.

“I know him from college...if that’s what’s on your mind. His name is Shindo Yo.” Izuku said, pulling Katsuki out of his own headspace. Red eyes glanced off to the other next to him who kept his gaze forward. “I haven’t spoken to him in years. I had no idea about what he’s been doing since.”

“Do you have any idea why he’d be robbing a jewelry store in Shizuoka City if he’s from Yaizu?” Katsuki bit out, trying to make sense of it.

Izuku was new to the town. The chances of him running into someone he knows should be extremely low.

“No. Really, no clue,” At this the eldest watched Izuku’s shoulders sag and the greenette threw his head back against the grey seat head. “A lot of people from Yaizu come to Shizuoka City because of the proximity so that’s not really surprising. But...truthfully, that was more disappointing than I ever thought it would be. My first arrest here and it had to be something like that.”  

A small sad frown was on the face and it made Katsuki loosen his grip on the steering wheel. He thought about it more and what the greenette said.

With a sigh the ash blonde decided then to stop reading into too much. Despite it irritating him, it was logical that plenty of people end up knowing someone who diverged off onto a sketchy path.

Katsuki knew some himself, even if he didn’t per se arrest them first hand like Izuku had just done.

“Did you ever think he was going to end up doing something like that?”

“No,” the voice whispered truthfully making Katsuki feel mild sympathy for him. Maybe he did know the guy well enough to be affected by seeing him end up that way.

“I always knew Shindo wasn’t the straightest arrow but...I had no clue he’d fall that deep.”

The mood in the car felt thick and solemn making Katsuki feel sympathy for the officer next to him. He glanced once more at the greenette beside him before carefully picking his next words.

“You did a good job overall, despite the run in.” Katsuki tried to praise and shift the mood. He saw out the corner of his eye the other turn to him surprised at the compliment. He cleared his throat awkwardly when he felt his face grow hot as he spoke his next words. “It was impressive.”

Past impressive, his mind supplied for him.


“You heard me, nerd. It was good. You took him down in less than five seconds flat and had him pinned. It was a good job, okay? Shows you’re fearless and that’s what you need to be.” He didn’t need to look to know there was a wide grin spreading across freckled cheeks.

“Thank you so much!”

“But don’t let it go to your head, small fry. You still have a long way to go.” He quickly retracted trying to maintain his authority, but he couldn’t help but let it slip slightly.

“Of course. Thank you, sir!”

“Don’t mention it. Really. Don’t.” He turned to smirk at the male in his passenger seat and felt his heart slightly thud when he was greeted with a warm smile.

That’s better

“Bakugou,” Toshinori’s voice cut clear and loud through the radio head making two turn their attention. “Are you there? We have an emergency.”

All thoughts ceased at the sound of the Captain’s tone of voice. Both sets of eyes locked onto the radio and the white noise that echoed on the other end. Katsuki quickly picked up and spoke into it, pulling the patrol car over to the side of traffic.

“What’s the emergency?”

“We have a hostage situation on Kaze Ave at Sekai Bank…and they requested to speak to you.”


Bakugou Katsuki has never dealt with a hostage situation before.

No, not a serious one. He’s talked domestic abuse situations down when someone was holding a spouse or child against their will, but never something like a full out hostage situation with over twenty people trapped inside by a stranger.

A stranger that requested to speak to him.

It made him nervous, something he usually never felt when working.

His mind was cruel and aligned this event to the issue with ten officers being dead because of him four years ago. He wouldn’t fail anyone this time. No. He wouldn’t.

He couldn’t.

But despite trying to talk himself up, it didn’t shake the pickle of ominousness that hovered in the air when him and Izuku walked onto the scene. The greenette hovered close to his side confused as well at the massive amount of people on the scene.

There was a long line of squad cars separating the two sides of the situation with the entire building surrounded by men in navy blue. The red lights from the cars were flashing silently giving a glow to each person’s face. Everyone was murmuring between themselves with deadly serious expressions on their faces in full out bulletproof gear.

Sekai Bank was an old structure mixed with brick and wooden panels all around inside for the entire three stories. The lettering on top of the building was engraved into the grey stone giving it a more western look as it sat alone on the wide street without any close neighboring buildings in proximity.

“Bakugou, over here.” Todoroki’s voice cut in and motioned the pair over to their location directly in front of the doors behind the man-made barrier of cars. The dual haired officer was wearing a black bulletproof vest with ‘Shizuoka City Police’ written in bold white lettering across the wrong with black leather gloves on.

“Todoroki, what are the details?” Katsuki’s low voice cut sharp. His mind was racing, and his red eyes were looking intensely at the wooden doors. The doors that twenty innocent people were behind with a singular man holding them against their will.

“There was a call made by one of the hostages saying they were all being held against their will. The person holding everyone captive made the person dial the UA precinct and request for everyone to come over, but when Iida tried to go in and negotiate he was stopped at the door by one of the hostages and asked if he was you.”

The information made Katsuki’s heart drop down low and Todoroki continued on.

“Iida said no, and the information was relied to whoever was inside...and then the hostage came back and said the man specifically asked for you. Bakugou, for some reason he only wants to speak to you. Do you have any idea why? Was there someone you could’ve made an enemy with recently?”

“I’ve arrested a lot of people, but no. I can’t think of anyone that would hold a personal vendetta.”

“Well, go get suited up. We’re going to have to send you in, okay? Be careful. We don’t know what he’s planning or is trying to do.”

The blonde nodded slowly taking in the full situation.

His mind was racing but somehow still blank at the same time.

While suiting up Katsuki tried his best to search his memory for any possible criminals that he could’ve pissed off within the last year or if there was something that could’ve linked him back to a criminal.

But he couldn’t find one that stood out to him at all. There were too many short ties that he had. He had arrested plenty of people and his face was on the news a lot.

It could anyone.

When his normal gun was taken from him and the vest with the word ‘negotiator’ was strapped onto his body with a small pistol carefully hidden inside of his waist, Katsuki took one deep breath in and scanned everyone’s faces.

Toshinori looked intensely serious standing off to the side with everyone and several officers were gazing at him as if he was walking into a death trap.

It was in this moment that he finally looked at Izuku who had a worried expression on his face that looked the same as everyone else's.

He slowly took a step past the barrier lines walking the barren ground of the street alone. He looked back briefly at green eyes that looked scared for him.

But he shook his head and walked up the stone stairs to the wooden doors. He knocked carefully holding his breath.

There was a creek of the door and a teenage girl with bright blue eyes and brown hair answered. She was wearing a pink sweatshirt with the word ‘love’ on it in kanji and there was blood dripping down her forehead as if she had been hit in the head with something. The blonde officer felt his stomach churn.

The man assaulted her with something.

“A-Are you B-Bakugou Katsuki?” She asked, small. Her voice shook and Katsuki stared at her intensely nodding. He had to get these people out of here. He had to.

When the young girl saw his head nod affirmatively she stepped inside for him to enter and slowly but carefully Katsuki took several steps until he was inside.

The atmosphere in the bank was thick, and it was dark. All the lights were killed and there were people cowering on the white tile floor. Some were holding each other, others were crying softly curled into their person not looking up.

The energy they gave off was absolutely terrified.

Red eyes scanned the room to find a man in all black sitting crossed legged on the registered counter off to the side with a machine gun in his lap. The sight and registration of the weapon made a shiver involuntarily climb up Katsuki’s skin.

The man was flicking on and off a small lighter in his hand without looking at him.

This is...serious.

Katsuki slowly approach the person who he pinned to be in charge that was turned away from him. He had black sneakers on, with black pants and he was wearing a non-discrete black hoodie that was pulled all the way over his head, showing no hair.

Black gloved hands played with a lighter that was being flicked on and off over and over again, creating the only sound to be heard outside of the small whimpers from the hostages.

When the blonde was fully in front of the man, it was then that the mysterious figure finally turned around in what felt like slow motion.

The man in the black hoodie faced Katsuki head on revealing a face that was entirely covered by a black military gas mask.

The eyes were protected by a black one-way cover screening that gave back the officer’s reflection in an eerie sense.

All he saw was his own weary red eyes looking back at him.

“Ah, you finally made it.” The distorted deep voice spoke. “Took you awhile.”

“I’m sorry about that,” he spoke carefully. “Tell me what you want, and we can begin the negotiations.”

A sharp, crisp distorted laughter echoed into the air and the flickering flame stopped. The man slowly pushed the large machine gun off to the side to maneuver down from the counter and face the dutiful officer at eye level exactly.

“I don’t negotiate. Especially with people like you, Katsuki.” The voice hissed out with intense hatred. The use of his first name made the blonde frown deeply.

This whole thing suddenly feeling very personal.

The dark figure then moved to the side and circled him slowly like a vulture assessing its already dead prey.

“But I do think you’re going to be the person to give me what I want.” He stopped full circle back to straight on eye level with the slightly afraid destined negotiator.  

“What is it that you want? Tell me what it is, and we can do something to help spare hurting anyone.”

“Oh...but lieutenant. What about me? I already am hurting,” There was a snarky tone as the man put his hand above his heart in a fake way. It made Katsuki feel sick at how strange the man was acting. “I don’t think I care too much about everyone else's hurt at the moment.”

“Look, I don’t want anyone to get hurt...including you. So, just tell me what it is that you want, and we can move past this quickly.”

“Ah. Where's the fun in that?”

The man leaned back against the counter and picked up his lighter again to flick it on.

“You’re a smart man,’s why I asked for you specifically. We’re two sides of the same coin. We both like problem solving and puzzles. So, I’m giving you one.”

Is this guy fucking for real…? Something’s not right.

“Lieutenant at the tender age of twenty-seven, several impressive awards, and you even got recognized in an award ceremony in Tokyo two years ago right alongside the famous police chief Todoroki fucking Enji.” The last of the sentence was dripped in just much hate as his name.

Katsuki made the quick connection that the man didn’t like cops.

The flickering orange flame went out again right before coming back on. Against the darkness in the room, the dancing orange flame seemed to glow brightly like it was the only light inside of the entire universe.

“Do that shit you do all the time...figure out what I want.” The lighter was put away and the gun was picked up. “Tick tock, Katsuki. Before this gets messy...I don't have the best patience.”

The masked man gestured his head towards the door for him to leave and red eyes glanced around afraid at the bodies on the ground still crying.

The whimpering sounds bounced off the tiled floors and carefully the blonde backed out of the building with his teeth clenched.

He didn’t take his eyes off the man in black and the figure didn’t take his eyes off of him right back.


“Do you know what he wants?” Toshinori asked very serious. They were all standing behind the squad cars that were close to the doors and not a single soul could figure out the mysterious situation in front of them.

“No. He told me I could figure it out because I was a quote ‘smart man’ unquote. I have no idea what it is that he wants.”

Katsuki hated to admit it but he had no clue what this could all be about.

The man obviously knew him. He tracked the blonde’s record well enough to know very specific details about him that you can’t get just from looking at the UA precinct web page like his age and the fact that he was at the award ceremony with the eldest Todoroki.

“Something’s off,” Tenya whispered confused staring above his glasses at the windows. “Did he give you any hint of what he could possibly want? Or why he’s doing this?”

Katsuki shook his head regretfully. “No...but I can tell that he’s not fond of cops. So, there’s that. We need to be careful, he’s clearly resentful of something.”

The blonde leaned against one of the cars next to Izuku who was remaining very quiet trying to figure out what was happening right alongside everyone.

More time went by as all the UA officers tried their best to figure out a way around the situation. Quickly other back up came like the fire department, bomb squad and officers from other precincts.

But when all heads were put together no solution was found.

They all concluded on trying to silently raid the premise and take down the hostile individual inside with as little casualties as possible.

“Do things like this usually happen?” Izuku whispered from beside him when high ranking officers started putting on their black and green raid gear.

Red eyes look over to worried green ones and saw that fearless gaze, but it was coupled with well-earned deep concern.

“No...this is completely out of the ordinary,” he whispered harshly looking back to the wooden doors.

He went over the exchange in his head and found his skin crawling from it as he replayed the flickering light in his head over and over again. He saw the teenage girl’s face, along with the small trickle of blood that was on her forehead.

The reflection of himself in the dark mask flashed in his head.

Slowly, an underlying smell leaked into the air making Katsuki pause his thoughts.

He took a whiff of the air and rose up from his leaned position to look around. He saw Tenya, Momo, and Todoroki all pause as well when the scent got more potent.

“What’s...that smell?” Katsuki’s deep voice asked carefully unsure of what was happening. He looked around for the mysterious odor that was quickly filling the space with narrowed scarlet eyes.

“I don’t know…” Todoroki said taking a step forward when the rapid oncoming smell got heavier. “It...kind of smells like—”

“—Gasoline,” Izuku whispered with a shaky breath.

Katsuki whipped his head down at the male next to him who had wide blown eyes staring at the door.

In a quick second everything fell out of place, turning all the UA officer’s lives upside down all at once for the worst.

A violent snap of a large explosion detonated into the air rocking the ground under everyone’s feet and Katsuki reached to grab Izuku yelling ‘get down!’ before his brain could process what was happening.  He tossed their bodies on the ground behind the squad car for protection as screams filled the air.

Four more large, unforgiving reverberations went off quaking the ground.

The crumbling of stone could be heard as people scrambled back away from the building trying to take cover. All the squad cars sirens and alarms went off from the loud vibrations that raked throughout everyone’s bodies, unwillingly instilling terror inside of each one of them.

Katsuki reached down and wrapped an arm tightly around the smaller body underneath him and placed his forehead low on the ground, squeezing his eyes with a terrified mind that had yet to process what just happened all too quickly.

Several moments passed and the only sound that could be heard were the blaring alarms from cars and the sick crackle of fire.

The air felt intensely warmer and slowly Katsuki lifted his shaking head from off the grey pavement.

When he looked up his heart sunk straight down into the ground.

The old building was up in flames, being engulfed in a hungry manner. The orange fire consumed the entire building quicker than anything Katsuki has ever seen and he could hear screams coming from inside as the building was lost along with all the people inside.

The warmth of the flames against his face felt like a threat, a failure, and deep down inside he knew this was only the beginning.

Staring in utter disbelief, Katsuki glanced around at everyone behind him and saw all faces wearing the exact same horrified expression.

But when he went to make a move to lift up, there was a hand clutching tightly onto his shirt below him stopping him.

Red eyes gazed down finally registering Izuku underneath him. The left bandaged hand of the other was quivering violently as it held onto him for dear life and there was a single tear that escaped past his tightly shut eyes.

But that wasn’t what off set Katsuki, no. That wasn’t what made his stomach turn sick.

It was the look of absolute petrified terror that was undeniably on Izuku’s face as he laid there on the ground frozen, shaking uncontrollably.

Chapter Text

Chapter 3 - Spark




Everything around them felt like white noise blending together in utter chaos.

Katsuki was trying his best to get a handle on the situation as he watched the fire department charge straight into action. Men in full black fire hazard gear instantly jumped up and knocked down the door of the building, rushing inside without a trace of fear into the all-consuming flames.

The blonde officer tried to make a move again but Izuku was still holding on too tightly, immobilizing him. With his ears ringing he tried to shake Izuku out of it but was only met with more quiet muttering as the new employee kept his eyes screwed shut.

Realizing Izuku wasn’t going to snap out of it, Katsuki did the next best thing: he cursed to himself and leaned down to forcefully picked Izuku off the ground. He stood up with his arms tightly wrapped around the greenette’s waist and back, stumbling slightly when the terrified man just held on tighter. Izuku clutched his shirt with both bands and buried his freckled face into his chest.

Any other time this would have affected Katsuki in a way that made his heart race, but right now he found it to be the very last thing that needed.

And it infuriated him.

This was not the time to act like some scared untrained teenager. They were policemen who needed to be fearless, and focused. Not adding to the massive amount of fear already in the air from the victims.

He opened his mouth to say something when suddenly Toshinori came by in a blur. The tall superior snatched Izuku off of him with a quickness Katsuki has never seen the captain act with before and it stunned him to see.

Izuku’s hands were wrenched off his shirt and the large captain turned the twenty three year old around to face him. The Toshinori held him by arm’s reach with both hands and carefully shook him by the shoulders.

“You’re fine, Izuku! Open your eyes,” the stern voice spoke loudly, trying to get into the detective’s head.

But he was failing.

Slowly, Katsuki felt his ears stop ringing and all at once muffled noises crashed into him. He heard the crisp crackle of fire, and the loud crumbling building. He heard people crying and shouting. He even heard other officers scrambling but the clearest sound was Izuku’s muttering.

“Shit,” the deep voice of his captain cursed. He held onto the youngest tightly before looking around and setting his blue gaze on the lieutenant. “Don’t just stand there, Bakugou! Get back immediately from this scene and let the fire department handle this!” The voice boomed with authority and the ash blonde realized he had stayed frozen way too long for such a serious situation.

Katsuki nodded and fast paced himself backwards as the sound of fire trucks in the distance blared quickly and closely.

It was then, standing fully back from the chaos, he saw everything for what it was.

The firemen did their best to put out the dangerous flames and get everyone out safely while blaring sirens circled around the area. There were people with burns, coughing violently, and some were still like lifeless dolls. They were each being carried out as water dosed the large flames.

All the policemen stood back watching the flames with a stunned blankness in their face. All but one.

Red eyes finally glanced behind him, to see Toshinori leading Izuku to a squad car that was off to the side. The captain got into the driver seat to ride away after he put the shaking young adult in the backseat.

Time felt like it stood still.

What…just happened?


The sharpness of silence that cut into the conference room was enough to feel like a knife dragging across Katsuki's skin.

All the UA officers were speechless sitting side by side in small blue chairs. The blonde lieutenant was currently positioned with his elbow on his spread-out knees, hands clasped and slouched forward with his head down staring at the ground. The weight of what he witnessed slammed against his shoulder blades unforgivingly.

Toshinori cleared his voice and red eyes slowly looked up to the captain who was standing in front of the room.

"It looks like for the first time in Shizuoka City history...we have an arsonist on our hands," his voice was low and heavy. "We have to proceed extremely carefully."

Red eyes looked around the room at everyone. Momo, Tenya, Denki, Kirishima, and Mina were some of the people he made weary eye contact with. Each person had pain painted across their face. However, when he looked longer he noticed there was something missing. Or specifically someone.

Izuku was nowhere to be seen.

“What happened, was not a failure on anyone. We don’t know why the hostile individual asked for Bakugou specifically or what he could have wanted. One thing was clear though, this was a statement. Not a negotiation. He didn’t give the police adequate time or information to receive anything, but he wanted Bakugou there to witness the building being burnt down.”

What the captain said made sense, but it didn’t make him feel any less guilty and like he had failed.

His mind kept supplying him the visual of his own reflection in the gas mask staring straight back at him. He kept seeing his own red eyes in the figure like an ugly mirror forcing him to see an unknown truth about himself.

“We’re two sides of the same coin.”

“I don’t want anyone to let this sink their motivation—but let it be clear we will catch this man,” The canary blonde man frowned deep with determination. “There was only one casualty out of the twenty people, a sixteen year old girl. Many of the others sustained serious injuries from falling debris or various degrees of burns and are being treated at the hospital. I will be giving a statement to the news outlets down at city hall within the hour about what is going to happen.”

Damn it all. Katsuki’s mind thought of the girl answering the door. He hung his head again and tightened the grip he had on his hands.

The meeting continued on and there was a point where Katsuki admittedly zoned out. He kept replaying the strange issue over and over again in his head. The captain continued his speech and there was a point when he saw Izuku walk in through the back door of the room with his eyes down low.

He narrowed his eyes at the greenette, thinking about the frozen behavior that was not needed in such a crisis situation.

After what felt like another twenty minutes, the meeting was finally dismissed, and everyone filed out one by one in silence.

Katsuki watched how dejected Todoroki and Momo’s faces looked and how pensive everyone else’s did. He walked out behind Ochaco keeping his head up and staring ahead until a large hand grabbed his shoulder and stopped him in place.

“I actually would like to speak with you for a bit,” the captain’s voice was dripped in seriousness.

Katsuki nodded for him to continue.

“I know you’re probably beating yourself up over this, but I meant what I said about nothing could’ve prevented what happened back there.” He wanted to believe the captain’s words were true, but it didn’t stop the image of the now dead, terrified girl from flashing in his head.

“...But if I just figured out what he wanted—”

“How, Bakugou?” The voice cut through his own words quickly. “How would you have known what he wanted? There were no clues given to you. Just some murderer in a gas mask who burnt down an entire building in mere minutes. No one could have stopped that. If he asked for Iida, or Todoroki, or Yaoyorozu, the outcome would have been the same.”

At this Katsuki looked down and off to the side, but still said nothing.

“I know you, kid...please don’t be too harsh on yourself about this.”

The guilt-ridden twenty seven year old finally looked back up. Waiting for him were sympathetic blue eyes of the person he admired, and he felt himself calm a bit more.

“Yes. Of course, captain.”

His superior was right. What happened was a vicious statement. The sick bastard just wanted an audience to go along with it.

But...he was worried about the open ended situation. They didn’t know what he wanted, and he never got anything from them. Something inside of him told him that wouldn’t be the last he saw of the masked man and it put him on edge.

“Also, we are going to have a little extra help from the precinct sergeant Monoma is at with this that going to a problem in the future?”

That made Katsuki pause. That made him pause hard.

He looked at his superior knowing there was really only one right a professional. But he knew Toshinori was fully aware that there was obvious tension between him and Monoma. Ever since the Hero Killer issue four years ago, the two of them butted heads regularly. The blue eyed blonde officer was all smiles and charm in front of other people, but the second it came down to Katsuki he showed visible distaste.

He didn’t even try to keep it a secret. To put it simply, Monoma was another goddamn thorn in Katsuki’s side anytime they had to collaborate with the officers from the Bansai Street precinct.

“No,” he eventually said, deciding he was going to show any more weakness today. “I can assure you that sergeant Monoma and I will get along fine.”

“Perfect, that’s what I like to hear.” In that moment Toshinori sighed and gave a weak smile to his subordinate. “But, I do think you need a little headspace. So, I’m going to assign you a very delicate mission with Ashido to go on, okay?”

At that Katsuki perked up his ears. Doing any kind of work made him feel better. “What assignment?”

“As you know, Aizawa still hasn’t returned from his undercover operation. He was trying to pinpoint, infiltrate, and take down the source of the drug smugglers over in the inland side of Shizuoka City. I suspect that something must have happened to him.” Katsuki nodded with a frown on his face. He had been looking over the file for the past couple of days himself trying to see if there was any possible way to figure out if something could have gone wrong.

“He’s never been out this much longer than his intended timeline. I need you to go find out what happened to him. If you do, it’s a rescue mission, got it? Get in, get him back here safely, no arrests. If this goes well, send us the location and we can bust them on an ambush, but we first have to secure Aizawa.”

He nodded sternly agreeing with the captain. “I can do that without an issue.”

“Okay, perfect,” a smile graced Toshinori’s face and Katsuki found his mood lightening. “Finish up all your stuff for today, and then tomorrow you’re going to give Izuku a refreshment on hand to hand combat training so he can prepare.”

Katsuki looked at Toshinori with a confused face. “He’s coming with?”

“Yes? In case you forgot you’re still training him, and I need him to shadow you.”

The small mutterings of Izuku played in his head and it made him irritated to think. Izuku was seemingly capable of handling himself in the midst of action, that was shown when he took down the robber this morning. However, the burning build was a whole new issue.

They were two different sides of someone who needed to be the former at all times.

Bringing someone like that along would just be way to fucking risky, and way too much of a headache to try to look after. Katsuki reasoned this with himself and he looked up with a deep resolve in his mind before speaking.

“I don’t think Midoriya would be cut out for something like this. sir. He clammed up severely the second things hit the fan just a couple of hours ago. How will he be well suited for an undercover operation like this?” I don’t need any goddamn deadweight.

“He’s been undercover before, Bakugou. On top of that, a lot of people froze when that building went down, you included.” The bright smile from his idol was gone and suddenly blue eyes got darker like a warning. The seriousness made Katsuki mildly regret his words. But only mildly.

“You’d be wise not to underestimate him, okay?”

“...yes, sir,” he gritted out trying his best to show his displeasure with the circumstances.

“Now, go finish up your day. The three of you will be departing Thursday morning at dawn. I’ll leave the folders for you to distribute before I head out to city hall, okay?”

The reluctant lieutenant could do nothing but nod. He kept imagining the worst-case scenario with the greenette freezing in the middle of them trying to rescue Aizawa. Then they would be responsible for dragging two bodies back and doing possible damage control.

He wasn’t happy with this.

Not in the slightest.


When he finally got back on the seventh floor, everyone was positioned like they usually were. All eyes were glued on the flat screens hanging above, looking closely at the news coverage. The building was now in ashes with barely any structure left and everyone was confused at the attack.

There was still a stirring silence in the precinct and it hung in the air above everyone’s heads. The blonde officer noticed Izuku standing by Ochaco’s desk with a silent look on his face as if he was in deep thought.

For some reason the sight irritated Katsuki.

He walked past the two without saying a word or looking at Izuku in the face.

He could feel those green eyes gaze at him anxiously as if to say something or mention the new issue on the table. But Katsuki didn’t address him, wanting nothing but space away from the greenette.

Being around Izuku was fucking with his head and after the fire he didn’t know what to think anymore.

He rounded to his office to see Kirishima posted at his door as if waiting on him. When he approached, a look of worry was evident and weighed heavy onto furrowed red eyebrows.

“Hey…” Kirishima spoke first, looking at him with concerned red eyes.

Katsuki nodded to acknowledge him and gave a tight smile. “Hey.”

“How are you feeling? I heard about what happened.”

“I’m feeling as fine as someone can,” he sighed out. “There was one casualty, but majority of the victims are in the hospital right now getting treated for burns and injuries. We were lucky the fire department was already on site and could act quickly.”

“Yeah, that was lucky. Unfortunate about the casualty though.”

“Extremely.” He just nodded trying to compartmentalize and focus on wrapping up his day. “Did you bring in that thief? Is he talking or is he demanding to stay quiet until he speaks to a lawyer?”

“Well...not quite.” Kirishima gave an awkward smile. “He’s not being quiet but he’s not saying much about the stolen items. He’s actually demanding to speak to Izuku. Or at least see him...but I told him that can’t be possible without you present since he’s still under training processes for the next three months.”

In this moment Katsuki looked over to Izuku who was getting something handed to him by Momo, possibly a case file to look over for her. Katsuki decided that he didn’t know exactly why...but he really didn’t want to approach Izuku after what occurred.

He tried to tell himself it was because he was irritated with the young detective and not because he felt like the greenette possibly needed a break after having a clear panic attack.

Katsuki briefly considered dismissing Izuku for the rest of the day so the other could properly bounce back from whatever issues had surfaced...but he buried the thought. He hadn’t let anyone on his team leave early on general principal since he became their higher up.

“Whatever. I’ll go speak with him by myself.”


Katsuki walked into the interrogation room with an authoritative air like he always does.

The room was small, grey, and held a singular metallic table with two black chairs positioned on either side. There was a one-way mirror positioned behind him when he sat down that he knew held Kirishima on the other side.

Red eyes locked onto brown and instantly the young man in handcuff’s mood soured.

“Still not the person I wanna see,” Yo groaned throwing his head back slightly. “I thought you guys were detectives? You can’t figure it out by now? Izuku. I-Z-U-K-U! The pretty boy with curly hair. Get me him.”

Katsuki said nothing. His eyes narrowed dangerously at the person who was sitting at the grey table looking way to smug. He tried his best to push the events that just occurred in the back of his head and continue on about this like he wasn’t on edge.

“Why do you want to speak to him so badly? Just because you’re acquainted form college doesn’t mean you’re going to be exempt from being detained and given time for theft.”

“ that what he told you?” Katsuki paused and rose an eyebrow when a taunting smirk suddenly appeared across the pale male’s features “We’re way past acquainted, sorry to say. Plus, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to see an old fuck buddy before you’re put away. Is there?”

Excuse me?” Katsuki sneered in disgust and visibly moved his head back at the information drop. He blinked hard once in shock at the person in front of him. “You need to watch your tongue and how you speak about officers—”

“—But I’m not talking about an officer. I’m talking about reckless Izuku who used to come crawling to my door begging me to fuck him silly.” The words jarred the blonde enough to stare long and hard at the man across from him. Yo picked up on the hesitation and smirked wider, leaning in closer to Katsuki’s space.

“You seem like his type actually. Have you ever seen it up close? How he acts like he so desperately needs it or else he’s gonna go crazy?”

That was enough to snap the last of the hot-heated young adult’s patience. This piece of shit’s holding time was up, today had enough speed bumps in it.

“We’re done here, low life. If you’re not going to say anything to help your case, then fine. You’re going to have a hearing and go to jail immediately.” Brown eyes rolled in annoyance at him as if he was saying something that was as casual, and it irritated the shit out of an already irritated Katsuki.

“Yeah, yeah. I already know that, not my first rodeo. I’m well aware how this goes. But give me some time alone with the other low life out there that's playing pretend, thinking he can actually be a cop. It’s the least you can do for someone like me.”

Katsuki gritted his teeth and stood up immediately. “Absolutely fucking not,” his voice dropped several octaves, trying not to let the words pierce through his head but he couldn’t.

What the fuck does he mean by other low life?

Obviously, this guy was trying to fuck with them. Or more specifically he was trying to fuck with Izuku. Katsuki tried to reason he didn’t know the real nature of their relationship nor did he know how it ended. The only thing he did know was that this man was handcuffed and had nothing really to lose.

Who would believe the ramblings of a criminal handcuffed in a grey room? He’s seen this dozens of times over and over again.

But the words still scratched at the back of his head adding to his already growing curiosity.

“Kirishima, start filing him in the system.” He kept his eyes on Yo’s in complete disdain. “This is done.”

There was a single short, curt laugh that bounced off the walls in the room when Katsuki turned away and walked towards the door. He put his hand on the cold silver handle to leave, but right before he did, he couldn’t help but replay what was said to him again.

Low life.

Katsuki looked back at the young man who was gazing at him in a knowing way.

He unwillingly pictured Izuku with those unique green eyes crawling slowly towards Yo.


The words kept repeating in his head. Other low life.

He referred to Izuku as a low life, just like him. A thief and cop assaulter who tried to run away from law enforcement without a second thought.  

Izuku: someone that Toshinori clearly cared about more than just another person off the street or someone that was just another low life that they arrested on the regular.

Just fucking great. Another damn contradiction that added to his unneeded headache.

Katsuki kept his eyes focused downwards on the papers in front of him trying to write away his troubling thoughts while he was sitting at his desk. But he kept seeing a vision of Izuku shake. He kept seeing the masked man and his own reflection staring back at him. He gritted his teeth to try to increase his concentration.

“...yo, are you okay, Katsuki?” Kirishima’s voice cut through his thoughts.

“Yeah, I’m fuckin’ perfect why wouldn’t I be?” Katsuki didn’t look up as he kept going trying to keep focused on his work. His work that he fucking needed to get through, so he could go home—

“Because you’ve snapped three pencils in half since I’ve been in your office with you.” Another pencil broke with a loud sound as soon as the sentence finished. Katsuki, with muscle memory, just picked up the next one out of his orange pen holder without missing a beat.

“These pencils are just weak. Whatever grade of wood they’ve been using to manufacture is shit,” he grumbled. The redhead looked off to the side worried and scratched the back of his head.

“Um, I don’t really think that’s how it works—” but the words died off quickly when Katsuki whipped his head up with a visible look of irritation charged towards Kirishima.

“Did you want something specifically, Kiri? Or are you just here to talk to me about how weak my pencils are?” At that, the best friend put his hands up and shook his head. The sergeant laughed a little to try to break the tension.

“I just wanted to check on you—”

“I’m fine. Really,” Katsuki said again, completely lying. He wasn’t fine he just wanted to go home but he didn’t want to show any weakness and let any of the case files he had planned out to get done today slip through his fingers.

“Here, give these to that damn green haired headache outside of my window to look over and tell him about going on a rescue operative for the Aizawa case bright and early Thursday.”

Kirishima’s worried eyes glanced out of the shuttered window and back to the blonde who now had his head in his palm, gripping the pencil in his other hand way to hard again.

“You don’t want to give these to him yourself?”

“No, I really don't. I need some space, so I can start preparing for this op. An op that’s going to be a million times more difficult because Toshinori is making me drag possible deadweight along.”

Kirishima put on a pensive face as he studied the tenseness in his friend’s shoulders.

Deep down, the best friend wants Katsuki to talk to the greenette more because of what he saw yesterday being so rare but...things were difficult. Everyone was stressed, so he let it go and grabbed the papers.

“Okay, I got it.”


Kirishima did as he was asked and debriefed the new employee with his characteristic smile. However, the greenette himself couldn’t help but glance off to the side through the shuttered window at the slouched over blonde-haired man.

Katsuki missed the concerned gaze from Izuku when the lieutenant locked himself in his office for the rest of the day.


When Katsuki went home to his apartment that night, he told himself he didn’t mind the emptiness.

He told himself he didn’t mind that the only sound of life outside of his own was the breeze rattling the hinges on his windows. It didn’t bother him that he had a terrible day and there was no one there to comfort him or reside his worries with at home.

The blonde kept saying these things to himself and ignored the clear clutching of loneliness in his chest as he took everything on by himself. His bedroom felt unusually cold this night and he tried to ignore it.

Katsuki climbed into bed early with a heavy heart that kept him awake for hours after.


The next day arrived slowly but when he woke up did what his job required of him: put what happened yesterday in the past.

He needed to focus on the new day ahead without getting distracted.

But on this particular Wednesday, Katsuki found it hard as he thought about the long road ahead. He had to give Izuku a refresher in hand to hand combat and defense. A large part of him didn’t want to do it, not liking the idea of having contract that close to the greenette.

The night after the younger one rode back with him on ground zero had left him with ghost touches around his waist. He hated to admit it, but the warmness pressed against him had felt...nice.

But now he had to fucking deal with that shit again and try his best not to be annoyed about bringing the rookie along with him. In all honestly, he thinks Izuku should stay at the damn station but, like always, wasn’t really his call. It was Toshinori’s and he prayed to fucking God that his captain was right.


He arrived at the U.A precinct and it was surprisingly bubbling with life. Red eyes glanced to the clock to see it was 8:00am sharp and most of everyone was gathered getting their coffee or eating breakfast.

Kirishima, Todoroki, Momo, Mina and Izuku were all sitting at the table talking lightly. When the blonde closed the door behind him, green eyes automatically looked in his direction, glancing over a blue mug.

“Welcome home, Bakugou!” Kirishima grinned brightly at the lieutenant who was wearing his signature scowl.

“It’s too early to be this annoying. Wait until after noon at least,” Katsuki grumbled, walking straight past the laughing sergeant towards his coffee mug. He could feel those green eyes on his body as he started up the Nespresso machine, putting in one of the highest intensity tablets.

“How are you feeling, Bakugou?” Izuku’s voice surprisingly spoke up. “...did you sleep okay?”

This made Katsuki turn around curiously and look at the detective, who was now staring at him with a look close to...caring?

The green eyes were on him and only him with an extremely soft emotion. Something about it made him warm but also confused considering out of the two of them, Izuku was the one who had a panic attack yesterday. Not him.

“I’m fine, and I slept fine,” he bit out and turned around away from the feeling that was growing inside of him. He stopped himself from asking if the other was okay. “We’re going to start combat training at 9:00 am, so meet me downstairs in the training facilities on the third floor. You too Mina, to moderate and help out.”

“O-Oh okay! Sounds good, and I’m glad to hear you slept well,” the tenor voice carried back to his ear. Katsuki ground his teeth at the sound of the stutter. Why is he concerned with how I’m doing? The nerd should be worried about himself.

The workaholic turned around mixing his dark drink from black to cream colored with a wooden stirrer and laid his sights back on Izuku. The other seemed to be watching him carefully. There was a brief moment of eye contact and Katsuki felt his insides twist when green eyes translated nothing but worry for him with a gentle smile.

“Ah, Midoriya you’re going to love combat training!” Mina smiled sweetly at the male beside her. “I heard from Kirishima that you took down a guy with one hand the other day. Really impressive!” Those green eyes tore away from him with an ounce of hesitation to give his full attention to Mina.

“That wasn’t anything too big of a deal.” The freckled man laughed and rubbed behind his neck nervously.

“Don’t be so modest green bean,” Kirishima joked and gave a hard pat to Izuku’s shoulder. “You’re a fuckin’ beast and you should own up to it.” The sound of airy laughter filled the break room, and everyone continued to talk more, continuing on about their conversation.

Don’t think about it. Don’t think about it too much. He reminded himself when he felt his thoughts ponder on the spark of something foreign in green eyes.


“Again,” he spoke sharply to the empty room when Mina pinned Izuku to the padded ground effortlessly with a loud thud. “This lesson will only be complete once you pin Mina five times.”

The match score for the pinkette versus greenette was now 5 - 2 in Mina’s favor. The blonde gave a small sigh to himself and threw his head back against the wall he was leaning on.

They had spent the first half of the hour going through all the different techniques one by one and now it was the practical part where Izuku had to demonstrate if he could actually pin someone trying to fight him without injuring them.

Needless to say, he was completely displeased with this. He half expected Izuku to at the very minimum pin Mina three times in a row, but he didn’t. It honestly seemed like he was struggling.

“Don’t you think we’ve done this enough?” Mina exasperated backing off of Izuku with a tired expression. But Katsuki just ‘tch’d.

“No. I fully expect him to demonstrate that he can pull five successful takedowns. I’m the one training him and this is what I need from him.”

“Whatever, Bakugou. If you say so. I think three is enough personally.”

“He hasn’t even made it to three yet either. Now, go again. Just letting you know I’m not happy with what I’m seeing Midoriya.”

Izuku gave a small sigh before lifting himself off the ground. He had changed into flexible black police pants and a normal navy-blue long-sleeved shirt that said ‘S.C. Police’ in white letters. Beads of sweat dripped off of his forehead, trickling past his temple and making his face appear slightly flushed.

“Sorry, I’m just a little rusty,” Izuku said catching his breath and fanning himself slightly. He gave a goofy grin to Mina who gave one back, sweating herself in her own matching training outfit.  

“It’s completely okay! No problem at all.” But Katsuki felt anger crawl at the back of his head with that comment.

It is a fucking problem. He knew this was how the training was going to go and it was infuriating.

“Okay, I’m ready,” Izuku shook himself a bit before taking a wide defensive stance with his hands up in front of him. “Let’s go!”

Mina charged at him and instantly Izuku sidestepped out of the way and grabbed her wrist to twist. The pink haired officer then shuffled her expert footing to the side and made a move to cross her arm and grab Izuku’s free wrist.

Katsuki groaned to himself in this moment because he knew the second she did it was over. Again.

But, Mina didn’t.

Or at least not right away. Red eyes watched her pause for two split seconds long enough for Izuku to snap his arm out of reach and twist his body behind hers quickly, successfully holding her arm in a pinned position and forcing the rose haired woman to her knees.

The anger under Katsuki’s skin simmered stronger at the sight.

“Don’t go fucking easy on him Ashido. I saw that shit.” Both heads whipped up surprised at the accusation and Izuku stared down at Mina confused who looked at Katsuki baffled.

“I didn’t though—”

“Yes, the fuck you did,” the words were hissed with heavy levels of distaste as he stepped forward. “I know you and you don’t hesitate. I saw you give him enough time to realize he put his body in a vulnerable position.” Mina’s gold eyes flickered to ground in a guilt manner and Izuku let her go so she could stand up.

“Do you think some kingpin drug pusher who wants to see us dead is going to go easy on him just because he’s new? Or if he’s going to have lackies that aren’t going to injure us?”

Both got quiet before the sergeant finally replied. “No. I don’t.”

“Then why the fuck are you trying to give him a pass? You’ve been holding back this entire time. Stop treating him like he’s soft.”

Katsuki then laid his angry gaze on Izuku and the greenette mildly flinch at the heated look. The anger simmered more.

“If you’re going to go easy on him then step out, Mina.” His voice dropped low in a warning as he started unbuttoning his decorative shirt. “Pin me one time, then I’ll let you go. If not then you and I are going to have a real fucking problem when you come along on this operative, Midoriya.”

Both sets of eyes widened at the new declaration.

“W-Wait, What—”

“—Katsuki, that’s unnecessary,” Mina spoke up but Katsuki didn’t really want to hear anything she said after what he saw.

“It’s completely necessary. You’re going too easy on him and I need to make sure if we’re not bringing someone along that’s weak.” He shot a pointed stare at Izuku who’s stunned face slowly changed to taken back. “I want to at least know if we’re going to have to pull dead weight.”

He successfully undid the dress shirt that had several golden pins on the chest to reveal a simple thin white tank top that left his arms bare. The angry twenty seven year old tossed the piece of clothing to the side and stepped out of his shoes. He kept his eyes on Izuku as he rolled his shoulder blades to get warmed up.

“I’m not weak,” Izuku challenged back and his dark eyebrows slowly knitted together.

“Prove me wrong then, because based on what I saw, I think that description is accurate.” Katsuki cracked his neck and stepped forward in front of the shorter male while Mina nervously glanced between the two of them, moving off to the side completely. “Now get in position.”

Izuku’s eyes narrowed and backed up on the padding, allowing room for the older man to step inside. Katsuki stood in offensive position while Izuku stood in defensive. At this close of a distance the blonde officer took note of their height difference, standing at least a head above of ruffled curls and a sparking defiance in green eyes.

Katsuki’s eyes automatically moved to Izuku’s muscles, noting they were fairly well defined in the tight long sleeve shirt he was wearing. Finally, he took in the bandaged left hand that was now clutched in a fist in front of him.

The eldest made the first move rounding quickly on Izuku and letting some of his frustration accidentally slip into the motion. Before Izuku could get a handle on what move Katsuki was going to make, the blonde snatched both of his wrists and moved behind him. A sharp twist shocked through his arm and made the curly hair man forcefully kneel down automatically.

Izuku let out a muffled grunt at the impact on his shins when Katsuki leaned his body weight into him from the back. The trainee felt soft breath tickle the shell of his ear as his higher up spoke in a low raspy whisper.

“You left your back exposed.”

Katsuki let Izuku go and the greenette gritted his teeth and stood up again. He turned around wildly to glare at the man who just pinned him down with an intense amount of visible irritation.

Mina’s gold eyes nervously shifted feeling the tension in the air slowly change to something else that wasn’t quite clear.

The two took their stances once more, and again Katsuki pinned Izuku down but this time face down on the floor with a loud thump and grunt and put his mouth by other’s ear.

“Down again, this time it was your arm.”

And again.

“This is getting pathetic, Midoriya.”

...and again.

The pinkette groaned out loud as she watched Katsuki flip Izuku backwards when the detective had finally got the upper hand to pin him.

The blonde quickly reversed the positions, showing no mercy and knocking the greenette off his feet. He shoved the other down with his arm to the ground with a loud thud and sneered into his eyes. His hand pressed firmly down on Izuku’s heaving chest and the youngest flared his nostrils. Their eyes burned into each other with a look of clear irritation but mixed in with something else.

Neither moved, making the electricity in the air nearly tangible and the rose haired woman was almost frightened. She had never seen Katsuki treat someone this harshly in training before, but she’s almost never seen him get this close.  

She could feel the spark of competition ignite as Izuku’s ragged breathing filled the space. Mina then saw the new employee get pushed over the edge of his own annoyance when he tried to get up but was firmly held in place by both Katsuki’s strong arm and pissed off gaze.

“Bakugou...ease up a bit on him. You know you have more advanced training.”

Izuku finally grabbed the older man’s wrist with his hand, using his strength to move it off his out of breath chest. The freckled male slowly sat up to face the angry person above him. There was a singular beat of something heated between them as they got close. Each man could feel a mild temp rise when their faces were inches apart and Izuku didn’t let go of Katsuki’s wrist.

“No, it’s fine. I don’t want him to go easy on me,” Izuku said lowly not taking his eyes off of the ruby irises boring into him. As he spoke, his breath carried ever so slightly over Katsuki’s cheek, snapping the blonde out of the gaze they were locked in. The lieutenant snatched back his hand from Izuku’s bandaged one and stood up off the smaller body beneath him.

“Maybe she’s right,” he grumbled readjusting himself, trying his best to ignore the clear heated tension that was stirring in the air. “You clearly aren’t going to be able to do what I asked of you. It’s becoming a waste of time. We’re stopping.” He started to turn away until Izuku rose off the ground and spoke up with a solid force in his tone.

“No, one more time. Again,” the tenor voice demanded firmly. There was new a deep resolve laced between the words that made Katsuki turn around with a snarl on his face.

“This is pointless, you’re not going to pin me—”

“I said again,” Izuku cut him off and this time took an offensive stance that almost surprised Katsuki.

The eldest furrowed his eyebrows together and frowned deeply before taking a wide defense accepting the clear challenge.

There was a shift of something new in Izuku that both Mina and Katsuki sensed but the blonde-haired male was far too pissed off with Izuku not meeting his expectations to register it fully.

But Mina did. She stood up straight from her position on the wall and watched Izuku carefully.

“Fine. You asked for it. C’mon.”

As soon as the words were spoken Izuku took the offensive move and immediately rounded behind Katsuki and harshly grabbed his wrists to try to twist him behind him. The expert officer then quickly shifted his weight and maneuvered his hands out of Izuku’s grasp to turn around and try to grab the greenette. But he was stopped mid motion with a grunt when strong arms tightly encircled his waist. Izuku’s knee roughly hit against the backside of his own, forcing him to buckle down.

Katsuki let out a curse and they both went toppling to the ground with the tallest falling in face first. Izuku used all of his muscular body weight to hold him down in place, but the blonde’s fierce determination not to lose allowed him to forcefully turn himself in Izuku’s arms, making their noses brush.

He tried to flip their position not liking the outcome but was stopped yet again. In a flash of lightning those muscular thighs mounted over his pelvis, pinning him down in place with his knees bent upright and his feet planted flat on the ground.

Katsuki was almost taken back by the force that was weighing down on him. Izuku was much heavier than he looked, and he was pressing directly on his crotch. The strain of their bodies together sparked a hard to ignore surge of heat in his chest, but he did his fucking best to push it down.

They tussled back and forth as Izuku almost managed to get control over Katsuki’s hands to fully pin him. The friction against eldest’s lower half sent multiple flashes of other thoughts through the blonde’s head making his face started to flush unwillingly.

Suddenly, something coiled deep inside his chest and he tried his best to ignore the growing tightness in his lower belly.

He wasn’t about to fucking lose to this goddamn weak ass nerd, not right now.

Katsuki looked up at Izuku being sure to hold his eye contact as he bit his lip and vehemently snapped his hips up to bounce Izuku in his lap. Green eyes widened in surprise and the detective stumbled in his grappling at the powerful rock forwards.

Taking full advantage of this, Katsuki grabbed Izuku’s waist and quickly flipped their positions, trying his best to ignore the clear feeling of himself brushing against Izuku’s backside and seated between his open legs.

He moved to grab Izuku’s hands but got down right flustered when the youngest kept fucking dodging his ministrations with a speedy response. Izuku bucking upwards several times hard, trying his best to rock the person on top of him off while he kept a level handling on making sure he wasn’t pinned.

With each buck Izuku gave, Katsuki found his face swell with more and more unwanted warmth until finally his will gave like a weak dam. He harshly ground down into the body underneath him with a full-on snarl, trying to get Izuku to give up.

The motion startled the greenette underneath him and a clear throaty groan shook through the room. The low sound shot something old and familiar all the way Katsuki’s spine and his body worked on its own to give another harsh grind while staring directly into the green eyes.

Izuku bit his lip and muffled another keen from escaping as he tried once more to buck upwards and Katsuki just met him back with another powerful snap. Green eyes darkened while glaring into the scarlet gaze above him.

In a motion quick enough to give Katsuki whiplash, Izuku pulled his legs close to his chest on either side of Katsuki’s waist, locked the surprised blonde in place and slammed the larger male on his back swiftly with a roll he put his entire body weight into.

When Katsuki regained his bearings, it was too late.

Izuku took his lightning quick hands and encircled Katsuki’s wrists. He instantaneously stretched out the higher up’s muscular arms above wild messy blonde locks on the ground.

Every figure in the room paused.

Katsuki was officially pinned in place with his hands above his head and Izuku in his lap.

Red eyes met green and the intensity in the room doubled over with hard, heavy breathing.

Katsuki tried his best to catch his breath and he could only listen closely to the panting from above him as Izuku’s face was inches away from him. The strong legs pinned down his lower half pressed more into him as if letting him know who was exactly on top.

He wanted to tear his eyes away from the man above him that was searching his face right back like a mirror...but he couldn’t.

The scent of that same flowery outdoors like cologne that the greenette wore the first time they met filled his scenes completely. Izuku’s outline was encased in soft white fluorescent luminosity shining from behind him. The lieutenant couldn’t help but think how this lighting and angle made Izuku look similar to the moon blocking out the light during an eclipse.

And he was so close.

This near to the new employee Katsuki noticed speckles of dark green in Izuku’s large eyes and how varied in color his freckles were across a now perfectly flushed face. His mouth was slightly open from his ragged breathing and their chests were intimately close enough to feel the Izuku’s elevated beating heart.

Katsuki forgot where he was for a moment when his eyes flickered down to pink lips and Izuku watched him do so...but didn’t pull away. He just stared right back, looking unquestionably down at Katsuki’s mouth pinned beneath him.

They were close. So extremely close enough that if Katsuki just tilted his head and lifted upward he could—

“...round to Izuku,” Mina’s whispered astonished and just like that, the spell he was buried under dissipated.

Katsuki was ripped out of whatever the fuck he had just got drawn into and was harshly slammed into reality.

He took a look around, glancing to Mina who was staring at him with a gaping expression, trying to register what just happened. What was still happening.

Then he took in everything slowly. The tussle between him and Izuku that included, bucking, grinding, and that goddamn moan.


He instantly recognized their current situation. Both of their...situations.

Izuku had pinned him. Fair and square. He pinned someone who was his senior with years more experience on him.

It should have been irritating but majority of him was happy that the damn newbie finally showed some capability. And it was a real fucking turn on.

Katsuki made a move to lift up his arms and get up but the second he lifted off the ground Izuku angrily snapped him right back down stunning both other officers in the room. The blonde’s attention was fully back onto the panting mess above him.

Green eyes darkened to something that was beyond flirtatious as he leaned down impossibly closer to Katsuki’s face. He pressed farther into the pelvis he was seated on making the oldest inwardly heat up.

Ruby eyes searched deep into the forest green one that were close to his face. While staring he saw someone determined, someone flustered, but above all he saw someone who wasn’t going to be pushed around.

An emotion close to satisfaction resonated in Katsuki’s body with this realization. The nerd finally stepped up.

“I’m not weak,” Izuku hissed in a tone that Katsuki didn’t think was possible from someone as seemingly lighthearted as the male on top of him.

If he looked back on it, Katsuki wouldn’t have done what he did next. It sparked something dangerous between them that they would never be able to undo. He should’ve shoved Izuku off of him and pulled himself out of his intoxicating gravity.

But instead he leaned in closer until the green locks were brushing against his own sweaty forehead. The pressure on his wrists tightened and Katsuki fought with slight tension against it. Just enough pressure to flex his arms and see Izuku’s eyes flicker to the side and clearly assess his body.

His breath ghosted over Izuku’s lips as he gave a sneer of fierceness with his next words.

Good. I don’t like weak.”

There was a beat of silence making conflict ran across Izuku’s pale features and his grip on the other’s wrists tightened harder. The same expression of conflict reflected on Katsuki’s face when he felt Izuku’s breathing become shallow and the smaller male slightly trembled in his lap.

If he didn’t know any better, Katsuki could have sworn he heard what sounded like the world’s most breathless whine in the world emerge from the detective’s lips. It went straight down to Katsuki’s groin because it felt like Izuku he—

Mina cleared her throat loudly in the tense room, shaking both men. Then, as quickly as the heat between them came, it left.

Izuku wrenched his body off of him abruptly and Katsuki was left staring at the back of the treating figure. The blonde sat up and without his space being crowded, the air in the room rushed his skin leaving him feeling...


Izuku didn’t look back as he gathered his belongings and Mina couldn’t pull her eyes away from the scene that had just unfolded in front of her.


Kirishima was sitting at his desk after lunch break part taking in a groundbreaking event.

He watched the timer on his phone intensely as he kept track of the single most important event unfolding at the U.A precinct: Denki balancing a pencil on his nose for now three minutes straight.

With Katsuki elsewhere, everyone on the floor was gathered around super intensely. Momo was filming, Ochaco was tweeting about it with pictures, Tenya was kneeled down with one hand on his chin and Todoroki held his fist over his mouth in anticipation.

The red-haired male’s phone buzzed and broke his concentration for a split moment when a text from his fiancée rolled in.

“Uh, hold on guys! I got a text from Mina, but the timer is still going! Go DENKI GO!” He encouraged with a clap and everyone cheered.

[Mina Knows Best]: UMMM?? Did Katsuki know Izuku before he joined???????

[You]: no, not to my knowledge why?

[Mina knows best]: I feel like I just witnessed the most insane amount of sexual tension I have ever seen in my life.

[Mina knows best]: I was honest to god scared they were going to maul each other and my innocence would be ruined forever ;-;

[You]: Wait W H A T do you mean?? :O

[Mina knows best]: There’s unresolved sexual tension there. I swear!! Izuku PINNED Katsuki! And Katsuki looked like he very much, like *VERY* much liked it.

[You]: Ne? No way...No one’s pinned Katsuki since...wait who has pinned Katsuki?

[Mina knows best]: Not a single damn soul in our department.

[Mina knows best]: They either know each other, or I just saw some fatal attraction level type shit

Kirishima’s went sky high in utter bewilderment rereading the texts his fiancée sent him. He was going to make a move to type out his next time when suddenly Katsuki came storming on to the floor.

The higher-ranking officer barged in with a look that could be read as either ‘I fucking hate everyone’ or ‘I am so sexually pent up I could fucking murder someone’.

Everyone instantly scrambled for their desk, Denki’s balancing pencil act forgotten as everyone tried their best to not get caught in Katsuki’s disdain for people who slacked off at work. All eyes watched nervously as the blonde just…

...walked past them? The high-ranking officer went into his office and closed the wooden door without saying a word.

Kirishima tilted his head at the sight because he could’ve sworn that Katsuki was blushing—

Directly in that moment, an Izuku who was adjusting his collar walked in wearing a very clear flustered look. He gave a small, weak smile to everyone before hurrying over to his table and hunching over the paperwork that was left for him by Momo. Green eyes stayed glued down and he never looked to his side to glance into the office next to him.

The rest of the day went by without incident and Katsuki barely left his office.

But when he did around 4:40 pm, Kirishima saw his emotionally constipated best friend make strange eye contact with Izuku.

Katsuki gave an awkward nod of acknowledgement to the younger male and his cheeks pinkened. Izuku gave what looked like an embarrassed, small smile back before tucking tail and keeping his head focused down.

Kirishima watched amazed.

Holy. Shit.


Katsuki was happy that Izuku was the only person since he joined the U.A office to ever pin him because that meant the rookie was skilled. Izuku had officially gained his respected.

However, Katsuki was nothappy about the fact the phantom touches from Izuku were still lingering on his skin.

A whole damn day later.

The previous day after the combat training made the air between him and Izuku feel...different.

Izuku shuffled around him, being careful not to get too close but there was something similar to relaxation when they did talk or were in the same space. The cautious distance was something Katsuki was hella fucking thankful for because he didn’t understand what type of pull the greenette had on him, but it was strong.

He could admit that to himself. There was something about the other, and he was very much attracted to whatever it was. So, it was good to keep that distance because he didn’t really trust himself.

Which brings them to now, finishing checking into the hotel rooms on the inland part of the city beginning their operative.

Mina and Izuku were talking it up being cheerful and Katsuki was his normal silent self, taking in everything about the building. Elevator music idly played as they rode up to their rooms on the top floor.

Personally, the blonde was extremely thankful for this case. He hadn’t been undercover in a while and it took his mind off the arsonist who apparently really valued his attention.

The imagine of himself in the mask was still haunting him at night time.

“I’m excited to see you in action, Midoriya!” Mina beamed throwing her right arm around Izuku’s shoulders and smiling so brightly at him. The happy detective just smiled right back.

“I can say the same for you! Also, it’s okay to call me Izuku, it feels strange to hear people addressing me by my surname all the time.” Something on the tip of Katsuki’s tongue wanted to test the name out but he didn’t entertain the thought too long.

“Well okay, Izuku. Call me Mina then!” She giggled and Izuku reeled back surprised with a sideways look.

“B-But I can’t, you’re a superior officer.”

“At least while we’re undercover since the three of us are going to be getting fairly”

Katsuki side cut his eyes at the woman next to him at the comment when a not so innocent smile graced over her face and those golden irises looked over Izuku’s curls straight to him. Katsuki just shook his head with a frown at her and rolled his eyes. The elevator finally dinged and Izuku awkwardly laughed trying his best not to let himself get flustered.

“Ah, heh, yeah! I guess that’s true. Okay, I’ll call you Mina for now then.” The trio stepped off into a narrow hallway with maroon carpeted floors and headed to the right with Katsuki leading them towards the two rooms.

“Yay, perfect! How about you Bakugou? Can we call you Katsuki while we’re here?” Mina’s voice asked from behind him and the lieutenant tensed his shoulders mildly thinking about Izuku calling him by his first name. His mind supplied the sound of all his first name syllables being perfectly pronounced off Izuku’s tongue. Instantly he felt his face start to heat up. Yeah, no. Nope.

“Absolutely fucking not. It’s Bakugou,” his said firmly leaving no room for either to even fathom the idea. “I’m calling you Midoriya and Ashido as well unless we’re in public while we’re here. Don’t even get comfortable with that shit.”

“Yeesh. A ‘no’ would have sufficed. I hope you’re not gonna be this uptight at the wedding next month,” Mina grumbled and Izuku let out a small laugh.

“Whatever, we’re here. Put your bags away and then meet me outside in twenty minutes, okay? We’re going to follow in Aizawa’s footsteps.”

Both officer’s faces switched to seriousness at the mention of the real reason they were there.

“I’m sure you two read over the case file so keep sharp. Rikiya Yotsubashi runs an underground drug pin somewhere in this part of the city but he has been slipping past law enforcement for over a decade. Aizawa went undercover because he got a lead that he pulls customers and possible future lackies from a local coffee shop. It seems to be connected for if you ask for a specific drink that’s not on the menu, like a code of sorts.”

“We’re going to go to the shop soon and try to figure out how to get them to sell to us. Then from there, one of us has to act like we want to join in selling with them and find the location of their base.”

“Sounds like a good plan,” Izuku said with a serious head nod from beside Mina. They stood in front of two white painted doors with the numbers ‘807’ and ‘808’ on it in gold. Katsuki sighed as he pulled out their hotel cards and handed one over to Mina and kept the other for himself and Izuku.

Was he happy about having to share a room with Izuku for the next however many days? He told himself no. He had accepted that while yes, he was fully attracted to Izuku he didn’t want to act on it. Him being that damn attracted to the greenette was just more reason to keep away from him. He didn’t want to get to close and end up doing something they might regret later.

“Okay, see you boys in twenty!” Mina spoke and swiped into her room, but not before secretly shooting a wink Katsuki’s way. The blonde grimaced and looked down at the greenette next to him, who was blissfully unaware of the teasing coming from the sergeant.

He swiped the card a little more aggressively than needed and opened the door for them to walk in together.

Kami give me strength.


They arrived in casual clothes at a small non-suspicious coffee shop on the outskirts of a low-income neighborhood. It was near a business district allowing for men and women who needed coffee on their break to walk in and out and keep it bustling while still attracting the laxness of the younger crowd.

A soft indie song played quietly in the background of the setting. There were long wooden tables aligned directly across the white walls and small circle tables placed closely to the front. American vintage Mason jar lights dangled loosely from the ceiling giving of Red eyes scanned the room to check out the two cashiers at the register taking orders.

One was a tall, serious looking female with short curly brown hair and the other was a shy poised male with ginger hair. He then looked up at the chalk style menu above their heads that was littered with tiny drawings off coffee and smiley faces curiously trying to figure out how they were going to go about it.

The undercover trio took a seat by the window gathered around a small round table. Katsuki was wearing a plain orange t-shirt with dark blue shorts and black sneakers to try to relieve himself of the summer heat. Mina was in similar attire with a pink and blue floral top and white shorts. However, it did offset the eldest slightly that Izuku didn’t seem to dress appropriately for the weather.

“Why are you wearing long sleeves?” He questioned slightly as he looked at the dark green item of clothing the other was wearing and his long blue jeans. “Aren’t you hot?”

“O-Oh, no! I’m fine. I prefer long sleeves,” Izuku quickly deflected and pulled at the sleeves of his cotton shirt. Red eyes looked down at the movement and then to Izuku’s bandaged hand.

The curiosity scratched again.

Mina spoke up as she assessed the two baristas up and down. “How are we going to approach this?” Katsuki was about to say something, but much to his surprise Izuku voice his opinion first.

“Well, the quickest way to figure out something you want if to try to familiarize yourself with the seller,” his voice was quiet as he looked down at his hands. “I think the girl would be the one in charge of selling versus the guy based on her posture and overall attitude.”

Katsuki looked at the pair and silently agreed based upon their posture and how the ginger seemed to follow what she was saying when taking orders. “I think you’re right. One of us has to go up and order and try to allude to wanting something other than latte or whatever.”

“I can do it,” Mina said quietly. “The ginger has been tossing looks my way since he walked in. I think he’s been low key checking me out.” She ran her fingers through her thick hair, and just like she said the red head watched slightly entranced before peeling his eyes away.

“Yeah, he also has been glancing at Bakugou’s biceps,” Izuku said and the man in question quickly knitted his eyebrows together, confused at the statement. He hadn’t noticed that at all. “I think he’s either just gotten out of something or he’s looking to get in with someone, which makes him a weak link.”

Mina smiled deviously before cutting her gaze to the blonde. “You’re quite observant, Izuku,” she complimented. “Sharp eye. Should we send in Bakugou instead to talk him up?”

Katsuki gritted his teeth annoyed at how they were talking about him but around him at the same time. “You could ask me directly if I want to do that—”

“—You’d be the better flirt, Mina” Izuku grumbled cutting off the fuming blonde. Green eyes rolled slightly before looking back down at the table to be inconspicuous. “I don’t think the lieutenant here is particularly skilled in the art of charm.” Katsuki reeled his head back, offended. He was a damn good charmer if he tried. He was just picky about who he liked and wanted. Was that really a damn crime?

“What the hell is that supposed to mean? I can flirt when I want to.”

“Er...yeah you’re right, Izuku.” Mina joked and lightly bumped her shoulders with the short greenette. “Maybe you can teach him one day?” Katsuki made a face of extreme disapproval and Izuku winced.

“Fuck no—” “That would be pointless.”

Katsuki snapped his eyes on Izuku taken back by the dig and the shorter male just shrugged at him in a silent ‘am I really wrong?’ type of way. The silent challenge irritated the workaholic making him frown deeper.

“I don’t need any pointers from this damn dork on how to flirt.” ...even though he is good at it. Katsuki automatically gave a compliment in his mind based off the close up display of skills he got not too long ago. “But, back on topic. Mina go find out from that kid whatever the code and see if he’ll give you any connection.”

He looked back at the sergeant, who was already readjusting her bra and flipping her rose colored hair to the side. “Gotcha, let’s do this.”

The curvy detective got up and smoothed out the wrinkles on her shirt before putting on her dazzling white smile.

Both men watched her do so and it was like witnessing a mouse get sucked in a trap. The ginger barista’s blue eyes lit up at the sight of Mina approaching him to order. Unfortunately, the conversation was lost to both Katsuki’s and Izuku’s ears as they pretended to be interested in a one on one conversation.

“We gotta look busy, talk to me about something,” Katsuki said quietly, being careful to keep his attention focused on the busy people walking outside.

“I’ll just draw you instead,” Izuku smiled softly as him before reaching down in his black backpack and pulling out a tiny hand size notebook and a green mechanical pencil. “I think it’ll look normal, an artist in a coffee shop. I haven’t sketched in a while and need to get a quick practice in.”

Katsuki tilted his head in interest at the new object that was being flipped open on the table. He draws…? His mind was completely focused on how Izuku’s hand started moving. Slowly but surely, the pencil worked making deliberate strokes with the grey lines on the egg colored paper. A fully content and relaxed face evolved Izuku and it was...soft.

He did say he was the sad artsy type. Finally, one puzzle piece in his head finally fit together about the mystery of a man sitting across from him. But...why sad?

Izuku was an artist of sorts. The thought made him feel almost happy. It pleased Katsuki to know the new info, it sorted out some of the jumbled facts about the greenette. However, it only fueled his deep curiosity to learn more about Izuku that he was currently fighting tooth and fucking nail.

He didn’t want to be as interested as he felt, but he really fucking was. He couldn’t even deny it anymore, not after the combat training.

Scarlet eyes watched slightly amazed at how quickly a rough portrait of himself was laid out on the paper. As time passed on, Katsuki bit his lip to stop a laugh when there was an aggressive stroke made to indict him frowning. The stifled sound drew Izuku’s attention up to his eyes and the blonde leaned in slightly to stare down at the page on the table.

“I really frown like that?” His voice slightly carried with a rumble of rasp. Izuku grinned before leaning back in his chair and continuing on capturing Katsuki’s likeness.

“Yes, you really do,” the light voice mixed with laughter. Slowly, a tiny smile twitched on the stoic lieutenant's face.

“I guess that isn’t all that charming, huh?” He asked. Seeing himself on paper look angry did put a part of him in check with how hot heated he could be. Izuku hummed in response and kept his eyes focused downwards, refining the drawing. There was a pause and Katsuki thought that he wasn't going to get an answer back until the detective spoke again, but much softer.

“It is in its own way,” Izuku all but whispered. This made the blonde stare closer at the person across from him at the admission. “I was just teasing you, y’know? Just be yourself. There’s no reason to change if that’s just you.”

Something inside his chest tousled about hearing the compliment. He wanted to call the feeling terrible, wasn’t.

Katsuki quickly looked over his shoulder at Mina. The pinkette was in full blown flirt mode off to the side leaning in and batting her eyelashes at the ginger man who was now completely taken. Part of Katsuki was relieved for her being distracted as he turned his attention to the man in front of him.

A question tipped over on his tongue as he thought more about their interactions, and curiosity took the wheel. He shouldn’t be doing this. He shouldn’t. But the more he watched Izuku in what seemed to be his true element, sketching with his skin appearing a warm tone in the sunlight.

“ you...find it charming?” He asked in a hushed tone. Katsuki kept his eyes locked forward on the male in front of him, watching the expression shift slowly.

The smile loosened to a blank look and green eyes nervously looked ahead of him for a brief moment. Then, Izuku shyly looked back down to his paper and put his sketchbook in his lap to draw with more privacy.

The greenette tried to shrug nonchalantly before quietly said his next words. “Ah...silly question. I think we both know the answer to that one.”

Izuku looked up again from underneath his lashed to give Katsuki a shy smile and the blonde felt his heart nearly skip a beat.

For the first time in his life, he couldn’t think of anything to say back. His heart tightened ever so slightly staring into the round freckled face that was giving him what felt like the world’s softest expression. Izuku made a move to draw again but his hand stumbled slightly, and his green pencil dropped, rolling by Katsuki’s feet.

“Ugh, I’m so clumsy,” the detective reprimanded himself. He leaned over to grab the writing tool, but the second he tried Katsuki bent down in a rush to pick it up first. Jade eyes widened at the quickness of the motion when the lieutenant held it out for him across the table.

A hesitant bandaged hand grabbed for the mechanical drawing tool, keeping his eyes on the man in front of him curiously. The eldest didn’t know if Izuku did it on purpose or not but as he pulled the pencil away he felt the tips of their fingers brush in a motion that sparked waves in his skin.

“Well, looks like I got all the information on a lead and also a date that I will never be attending,” Mina laughed quietly. She brought over three coffees in a cardboard tray for them with a perky smile on her face.

The pinkette walked up behind Katsuki and Izuku quickly shut his sketchbook and shoved it in his bag. Katsuki rose a singular dark blonde eyebrow at this but decided not to say anything. His skin was still tingling with the after feeling of them brushing so he stood up, grabbed the coffee and decided to refocus.

“Alright, perfect let’s go back and debrief then,” Katsuki said and the trio of officers left out back to the hotel.


“So, that’s the plan?” Izuku said as they sat around eating take out donburi they had grabbed for dinner. They were in Izuku's and Katsuki's shared small hotel room with all of them sitting at the table with the blinds drawn shut.

“Yup, that’s it. I hope this doesn’t end up with me in the same boat as Aizawa. Please be sure to get in and out quickly so that Toshinori can come take them down fast.” Mina sighed and instantly shoveled more food into her mouth. Both Katsuki and Izuku nodded, fully understand the direness in her tone.

After they got back to the hotel, Mina explained that the baristas were pushers for the main kingpin and she had successfully flirted her way into getting a location for where to purchase drugs from the ginger. The trio had driven to the spot with Izuku and Katsuki staking out and watching carefully from a distance and Mina carefully manipulated the man into thinking that she was not only interested in buying, but possibly pushing for them as well.

This part took an extremely long time and it left Katsuki on edge as they watched two more men come out and pat Mina down for safety before taking her privately in the back. She had emerged an hour later with not only a deal to get an ‘interview’ of sorts with the branch leader but also a full out location.

Which is exactly what they wanted.

“You’re in good hands, Mina. Don’t worry,” Katsuki assured her. “You know I would never let anything happen to one of my own.” Which was true. Katsuki would never let anything happen to any of his teammates. As much as they were downright stupid sometimes, he cared for them.

Plus, he needed to get the pinkette back in one piece for the sake of seeing his dumbass best friend possibly trip during a first dance. Along with seeing Mina in the wedding dress she dragged Katsuki around to several different shops for. He put just as much effort into this shit as the two of them at this point.

“Yeah, I know, still nervous. This never gets old or easier,” Mina groaned and rolled her neck. “Plus! Always good to know whenever I partner up with you that we’ll probably ten times out of ten get the guy. There’s a reason they call Bakugou here the image of victory.”

“Damn fucking straight,” Katsuki mumbled. The blonde took a bite of the chicken in his food and gave a nod of agreeance to the woman across from him. His eyes shifted to Izuku who was now staring at him curiously like he was seeing something on his face. This caused the blonde to quirk an eyebrow at the younger one and Izuku just quickly looked away, with a pink that graced his cheeks.

“Well, I should really be getting to bed. They told me to meet up around 5pm tomorrow at the designed area. So, I just want to prep quietly.”

“Okay, goodnight Mina!” Izuku piped up with that award-winning smile. Katsuki nodded to the woman and gave a hand signal.

“See you tomorrow,” Katsuki’s deep voice rattled out.

There was a click of the door and for the first time since the combat training the two men were left alone. Izuku stood up quietly and made a move for the remote to turn on the news while Katsuki went to change into sweats for comfort.

They awkwardly shuffled around each other in an atmosphere that wasn’t uncomfortable, but it wasn’t all the way relaxed either. In the end to just avoid it, Katsuki decided to lay down in bed and look over cases. Izuku curled up on his own twin mattress with his sketchbook doodling something that the lieutenant's pride wouldn’t let him ask what.

When night time came, Izuku asked if it was okay to play some soft music into the background and the blonde nodded with sure. The melody filled the air along with light hums from the body next to him. With his eyes closed Katsuki silently appreciated the quiet company of Izuku beside him.

Usually he did this at home by himself but the feeling of a body next to him was...nice.

Something he hadn’t really allowed himself to experience since Takeyama. There was something about the greenette next to him that felt different whenever he would go under cover with Todoroki, Sero, or Kirishima. It made him wonder why...what was it about Izuku that was so different?

Just when Katsuki felt his eyelids start to weigh heavy he heard the shifting of the blinds and the opening of the screen door. He peaked over to the source to see Izuku stepping outside on the tiny cement balcony of the room and lean again the black railing. The smell of rain snuck into the room and Katsuki sat up right to gaze curiously to Izuku’s figure.

He sat up off the bed and wanted to pinch himself not to get close, but Katsuki’s feral like need to solve puzzles drove him to walk outside. That’s what he was at his core: a problem solver and Izuku felt like a problem. A complicated one.

When outside the world felt bigger. Night spread across the sky like a near blackness. The clouds outside blocked the stars and the light of the moon and the smell of clear oncoming rain was crisp.

“You could’ve stayed inside,” Izuku said surprised, but he didn’t move when Katsuki leaned against the balcony with him. “I just like looking around at different places I go.”

“I’ll do what I want. It’s fine.” Red eyes cut to the man beside him before looking forward himself. They were high up and everyone on the ground looked so small. The yellow and white lights of people in their houses contrasted brightly with navy blue of the atmosphere. “I have a question to ask you.”

“Sure, what is it?” Katsuki nervously shifted on his feet before looking Izuku directly in his face. He licked his lips dryly wondering if he was about to tread on an uncomfortable topic.

“Are you afraid of fire? Be honest.” He whispered. Izuku face stalled automatically and the greenette looked away from him. That’s a yes. “I just want to know, for...future references. It’s good to know these types of things about people on your team in our line of work.”

“...I am,” the voice was small and barely above a whisper.

“How come?” His eyes flickered down to Izuku’s left hand automatically. The greenette’s shoulders tensed for several moments before relaxing in a way that confused the eldest. A freckled face turned back towards him sporting the same fake smile he had after learning Todoroki’s surname.

He didn’t like it and the non-genuine gesture made him frown.

“It’s just a phobia. We’re all afraid of something, right?” Izuku smiled tightly at him. “For some people it’s heights, or spiders. For some it’s even clowns. For me, it’s” Well, Izuku wasn’t wrong in his explanation. But Katsuki wasn’t stupid—there was some other reason lurking. He was the king of defense mechanisms and he clearly saw Izuku’s well-polished one rearing its head in full swing at the moment.

“How about yourself? What are you afraid of?” Izuku whispered and tilted his head at him. He looked down at the shorter male and realized it shouldn’t be any of his business. His phobias were his own.

Ruby eyes looked into emerald and Katsuki sighed. The silence of the night time echoed around him and he looked around to the people on the sidewalk going on with their lives.

What was he afraid of? He never really thought about but slowly the images of being kicked out four years ago combined with the ten funerals he had attended. The words formed before the lieutenant could even accept them.

“Failure,” he said deeply in all honesty. “I’m afraid of failing people.” He looked at the couple kissing in the window in the building across from them. Usually in this moment, he would feel bitter at them for not closing their blinds and being private. But this time...he felt longingness.

Izuku didn’t say anything back and feeling exposed in his emotions Katsuki looked back over into green eyes in a hesitant manner. “What? Wasn’t expecting me to answer?” He smirked when there was a dumbfounded look struck across the freckled face.

“Truthfully, no. I was expecting you to call me a nerd or something close then curse at me,” Izuku laughed and scratched behind his head with a genuine smile that made Katsuki return a soft one back. “But...that makes sense. You work yourself really hard.”

The blonde just shrugged at this. “I have to. I don’t want to let anyone down again.”

There was another stretch of silence and Katsuki watched those uniquely colored eyes bore into his own. He could see the gears starting to turn in the younger male’s head.


“Long story,” the lieutenant said with an exhausted sigh thinking about everything that occurred four years ago. Katsuki turned away from Izuku and pursed his lips.

The air around them felt honest and there was a lot of questions he wanted to ask the greenette and he felt now was the time. Like how did he know Toshinori so well?

He drummed his hands lightly against the railing before attempting to speak up again, but the words died off in his throat when a single raindrop fell on his nose. Then another came, and another until they were pouring down on them in mere seconds.

“Fuck, it’s raining,” he hissed. He put his arm up to protect his face from the light showers and made an automatic move to go back inside. He fully expected the curly haired male to follow him but was, yet again, baffled when Izuku didn’t do what he thought.

“Um, earth to Midoriya? Do you not feel the raindrops?” He called. Katsuki kept his arm up and squinted when Izuku just closed his eyes and smiled. He watched flabbergasted as the other officer just leaned his face up to feel the rain pour down on his face.

“Ah, wait, I love the rain!” The bubbly voice exclaimed suddenly full of life. Red eyes widened in confusion at the declaration and smile that graced across Izuku’s face. “C’mon stay outside for just a little bit. The paperwork isn’t going to grow legs and run away, Bakugou.” Green eyes looked at him and locked him into that gravity.

Yet again.

Katsuki groaned under his breath as he looked over his shoulder to the stack of papers on the bed and then back to Izuku, whose hair was now getting curlier and shinier with the wetness. His face was glistening, and he seemed truly happy with a grin across his face. So completely opposite of that awful fake smile he was giving before.

“...whatever,” Katsuki rasped out, deciding on his own that the paper work could wait. It wasn’t because Izuku told him to chill out, but really because he knew the cases he brought to look over weren’t exactly urgent. He stepped in front of Izuku who was leaning his back against the metallic railing with his head slightly thrown back, fully lost to the moment.

Katsuki tried to enjoy the feeling of the droplets beating against his skin, but he found it incredibly hard to do so. This was something completely out of his field of comfort, yet Izuku looked right at home.

“This is weird.”

At that beautiful laughter filled the air and Izuku pulled his head up to look Katsuki in the face with a fully wet figure now.

“It’s only weird if you let it be, just relax for a moment. Enjoy the feeling.” Red eyes studied how the long dark eyelashes carried water droplets and they almost looked like tiny stars this closely. A smile spread across the lips Katsuki was focused on and he felt himself relax.

“Have you ever danced in the rain before?” ...and now he was unrelaxed.

“The fuck? No, that’s absolutely ridiculous.” He frowned but Izuku just smiled and carded a hand through his soaked curls.

“Well, try it with me! Right now.” Izuku chuckled again and closed his eyes once more.

“E-Eh? The hell are you talking about Midoriya? Was there something in your rice—”

“No,” the youngest cut him off sharply and then looked at Katsuki through eyes gleaming with amusement. “There was nothing in my rice. Just try unclenching for like ten minutes and sway a little. Enjoy the feeling of the sky against your skin.”

The poetic analogy threw him for a loop and he was reminded of who Izuku exactly was: an enigma.

And it was so...different than anything in his life.

The blonde pushed his now wet bangs out of his face and saw Izuku follow the motion, looking captivated. The feeling of those shimmering jade eyes on him sparked a mild wave of reassurance inside of his chest.

Katsuki tried to move his broad shoulders but instantly in that moment felt downright silly. He stopped and shook his head at Izuku who in turn just continued to encourage him to let loose.

“C’mon! You almost had it,” the bright contagious smile was back and Katsuki suppressed a half smile.

“How can I dance with no music? This feels...ridiculous.”

“Just imagine a melody in your head. That’s what I do, it’s always easy when it’s raining. The sound makes a tempo when it hits against something.”

And with that Izuku close his eyes again and put his hands-on top of his head. Fingers entangled in the thick head of curls as Izuku stayed to move his body ever so gently. Katsuki watched, feeling himself sink deeper and deeper in that strange gravity surrounding them.

The shorter male seemed to be lost in the music in his head and Katsuki looked upon him in a new light.

He really is the artsy type.

Seeing someone in front of him so loose and relaxed made Katsuki feel his shoulders untense for the first time in four years.

The older man didn’t move his own body, but he smiled as he studied the younger one. Katsuki leaned against the railing as Izuku took the tiny balcony as a makeshift stage.

The blonde took the advice he was given and made up a melody slowly in his head. The tune went along with the light laughter in the rain.

Slowly, while watching Izuku he heard it. He heard the strings as the greenette bowed his neck and he heard the tempo when he twirled around in a silly fashion, sprinkling droplets into the pouring rain. He felt the change in beat speed up as Izuku smiled and then he felt it slow down when the greenette so beautifully pushed curls out of his face with his eyes closed.

When the bright grin slipped into a soft smile and the moves of the other began to stop, Katsuki realized it wasn’t music he was feeling, but rather his own heart twist and squeeze. The greenette made one last small sway and stopped his foot in front of Katsuki’s body.

Then like slow motion, green eyes slowly opened to look up at him and Katsuki felt both the music and his heart stop.


Katsuki said nothing as the thought resonated throughout his head. And for the first time since he met the greenette, he didn’t try to fight it away. He was lost in the moment and now confirmed artist had made him set aside his emotional baggage long enough to be truthful with himself.

“’re staring,” Izuku whispered drawing him out of his trance. Katsuki then fell back into reality but it didn’t change much.

He tilted his head looking at the man in front of him who made him feel different. He studied the dark eyelashes, and the wet face trying to understand what about him that was so...Izuku.

“...yeah...I guess I am,” Katsuki whispered right back. Those green eyes looked at him with a new emotion and in the light rain they seemed to sparkle.

Red eyes raked over the smaller body in front of him and he saw Izuku shiver slightly from the breeze. The one action was enough to ground him from whatever cloud he had just been floating on. He remembered exactly what they had to do tomorrow, catching a cold wouldn’t be ideal.

He sighed out loud, reluctantly pulling himself out the spell. He then gave a half smile to the tiny improvisation dancer in front of him.

“It’s starting to get chilly. Let’s get to bed,” he said and gestured towards the door. Izuku sighed but nodded right back and the two walked back in and Katsuki closed the door with a little sadness that the moment was over.

They showered, got in their separate beds and Katsuki was lulled asleep to the melody in his head that reminded him of Izuku.


Katsuki was stuck in a vortex of hot and cold.

His senses were tossed back and forth as searing heat touched his skin and then moments later he was left alone by himself to deal with the cutting chill in the air. His dream was surreal and like he was somehow floating and grounded at the same time. He tried to run but found with every step he took he sank further into a wrathful ice-cold ocean that was in flames on the surface. He didn’t know which fate was worse.

The flames from beneath his feet slowly started to reach up and grab his legs, sinking into his skin. The fire hands pulled him down trying to drown him. He screamed at the fierce burning contact they grappled him in and struggled against the imprisonment. But his effort were useless. The more he struggled the more he found that he was sinking further and further into the deathly cold water.

Wide, afraid blood red eyes looked down to the water to try to free himself, but he was met only with the watery image of himself that slowly shifted to the man in the mask.

The reflection tilted its head at him and flipped a coin.


Katsuki woke up in a violent start. His breathing was heavy, and he was trying his best to come off of it.

Fuck. What was that? He thought to himself as he rubbed his eyes vigorously. His heart was pounding in his ribcage as he tried to get a handle of his bearings. He realized it was just a dream. A terrible fucking dream but a dream. He wasn't drowning and he wasn't being dragged down by hands made of fire.

He squinted at the clock and noticed it was 3:34 am and he decided immediately that he needed to go splash his face with some cold water to rinse whatever bad mojo that was away.

Too tired and in his sleep haze, Katsuki didn’t notice the empty bed next to him. He rubbed his eyes tiredly as he made his way for the bathroom door. He didn’t take notice that the light was on as he pushed it open without much thought.

The wooden door immediately hit something solid and Katsuki readjusted his squinting gaze to whatever obstacle standing between him and sink.

But his eyes blew wide with what he saw.

Standing over the sink was Izuku. Bare chested and his arm was completely un-bandaged, like he was in the midst of changing the material.

Ugly burn scars of all degree crawled up his left arm starting at his palm and stretched across pale skin to finish at his shoulder. The scars were old, raised and keloids were littered across in some places. The tissue was pink and in some places purple but the massive amount of surface the burns covered was shocking.

Katsuki opened his mouth to say something but stunned green eyes quickly panicked. The next thing he knew, the door was slammed in his face.

He stood there unsure of what to say as he fully took in what he saw. The image replayed in his head as he finally got another missing puzzling piece of Izuku.

But this time he didn’t know if he was exactly happy to know it.

Chapter Text

Chapter 4 - Flare




When the bathroom door creaked back open, Izuku quietly walked out. He was fully bandaged again wearing a long sleeve dark green shirt with awkwardness rolling off him in waves.

Katsuki sat on the edge of his bed not knowing what to do other than just study him. Those green eyes were glanced downwards, his shoulders were tense and the shorts he was wearing allowed for Katsuki to see very tiny scars climbing up around his calves. 

Izuku walked back over to his bed without saying a word, but that’s when Katsuki finally spoke up. 

“You lied,” he whispered, slowly. “It’s more than just a phobia.” The oldest gripped his hands together, tensing them. He was trying to make himself less angry about Izuku lying to him, right after he had been so honest. He told Izuku with little hesitation about his biggest fear, and for fucking what? For Izuku to give him more fakeness? 

The detective's shoulders stiffened and there was a long pause in the room. The lieutenant waited for the other to say something back but Izuku just started to get back in bed. 

The green haired man shifted himself, making sure to keep his eyes down and turned his back towards Katsuki wordlessly. 

The action felt cold and distant. 

As more time passed, Katsuki realized he wasn’t going to get an answer. And the whole situation fucking frustrated him. He didn’t want his growing curiosity for Izuku to get out of control but now it was just a matter of what the fuck happened to him?

The oldest got back in his own bed with his back turned to the other in the same fashion. In the darkness of the room he tried his best to sleep but the image of that grotesque burn appeared whenever he closed his eyes. He couldn’t help but wonder how in the hell did someone acquire a scar that fucking devastating? It wasn’t a normal occurrence. 

Katsuki unwilling thought of Izuku screaming and burning...and it was unsettling.

He thought back to how frightened the shorter male was and how he held onto him so tightly. It made a lot of sense now. A whole lot of fucking sense. However, he got that scar Toshinori knew what happened and he knew of Izuku’s PTSD attached to it as well. 

Katsuki tried his best to stop thinking and closed his eyes, but his ruby irises cracked back open when he heard Izuku’s voice, small as ever.

“I’m sorry...I just don’t like reliving some things,” Izuku whispered into the dark room. 

The hushed words struck a chord inside of Katsuki and the feeling of Izuku shaking against him was back. But this time he didn’t find himself irritated by it, he found himself disquieted and mildly guilty. 


When the morning came, Izuku acted as if nothing had happened but Katsuki didn’t. 

The two of them met back up with Mina and the trio went out and about for a while to try to pass the time until the designated drop time. Katsuki put on a casual white shirt t-shirt while Izuku, once again, put on a long-sleeved shirt. This time it was light blue and loose fitting around his torso, but his bandaged hand was still clear. 

They were all currently walking down the street during the bustling Friday morning just appreciating the sight and talking strategy. Well, they were supposed to be talking strategy. But somehow Izuku and Mina got side tracked on to the topic of Mina’s wedding which somehow led into preparations which gave way to the following:

“Wait—Let me get this straight. Kirishima isn’t a natural redhead?”

“Of course not! Look at the color, it’s way too bright,” Mina laughed pulling out her floral-patterned phone. “Look, Bakugou and I help him dye it sometimes when he’s acting like an old man and too lazy to bleach his roots himself.” 

Her polished finger opened up the camera roll on her phone to show Izuku a silly photo of them all squatting in a bathroom. Everyone was sloppily covered in red hair dye with Katsuki looking the most pissed off, Mina was laughing and Kirishima was giving a double peace sign 

“Oh, what!? Bakugou, you’re in on this too?” Izuku turned to him amazed at the information and glanced back down to the photo that was on Mina’s phone. The greenette was all smiles and giggles while gazing upon the photos of them all covered in red dye. 

“As is Denki,” Katsuki muttered while shrugging his shoulders. “Kirishima’s hair is as black as fucking Sero’s. Don’t let him fool you.” Red eyes looked down to the shorter male next to him to see green eyes looking up at him in amusement and assessing his own hair. Katsuki tilted his head to the side the longer the other stared at him.

“What? What’s with that look, nerd?”

“Do you bleach your hair? It is kinda of light,” Izuku grinned up at him in pure amusement and Mina choked on her laughter. Katsuki face dropped, fully offended and he made a loud ‘tsk’ sound into the air. 

“Not all of us have to fucking purchase our good looks, I’m a natural ash blonde.” Both Mina and Izuku laughed and a bright smile spread across Izuku’s face. The red eyed officer studied the expression trying to understand how someone with a scar that bad just...go about his life. 

At this point Katsuki looked up to see a running, busy man not paying attention to where he was going. The man was holding three hot coffees in a tray and he was coming straight for Izuku. Specifically, he was coming in on Izuku’s left, burned side. 

Something inside of Katsuki mildly flared with panic, and before his brain could really process what he was doing, he reached an arm out to pull Izuku in front of him by his waist. The busy man in a rush stumbled by quickly and Izuku looked caught off but the sudden handling on his body.

All undercover officers seemed surprised by quick reaction, silence enveloping them. Mina’s golden eyes instantly zeroed in on Katsuki’s arm encircling Izuku’s waist. Katsuki noticed this quickly along with the pink slowly creeping up on his own face.

...and the irritated expression spreading across Izuku’s. 

He let go of the other faster than he had grabbed him and scratched behind his head. 

“Sorry, it was a reflex. That fucker wasn’t, er, paying attention and he almost bumped into you,” he grumbled out not looking at either of them as they continued walking. 

“It’s okay, thank you,” Izuku mumbled back softly. There was a shift in the air and Katsuki couldn’t help but feel like the thank you was empty. But...he didn’t know why. The coldness from Izuku almost made him frown but he resisted the urge and continued walking. 

Mina’s eyes shifted between them as they continued walking. Izuku shifted the topic to something else, sparing everyone from the awkward moment. They went back to talking about random things like the hair dying process and Izuku insisting Katsuki bleaches his hair slightly—which was not fucking true but the greenette seemed to enjoy teasing him. 

They continued about their day and the interactions continued as such. Wherever they would go Katsuki found himself keeping an unintentional (or was it intentional?) eye out for Izuku’s left arm. 

It’s not that he meant to, because he didn’t like Izuku that way. No, he didn’t. He really fucking didn’t. He could admit he was physically attracted to him, yes. But just because he was still processing the burns he saw last night didn’t mean he actually cared for Izuku in a way more than that...right? He wasn’t actually concerned or worried in a completely different way he had been on Tuesday. 

But despite telling himself this, whenever Katsuki saw the greenette reach for a door with his left hand, he swiftly opened it himself without seeming too obvious. The pinkette female in the group made a comment about the ‘gentleman like gesture’ after about the fifth door opened.  

They eventually wandered to the shopping district in the area momentarily because Mina wanted to check out some clothes and Izuku purchased some things himself. Katsuki then found himself grabbing bags for the greenette once his right hand was full. 

Now, it wasn’t because he was worried about Izuku putting too much stress on an arm that clearly had been through some real fucking trauma that he did that. No, he was doing it because...because…

Katsuki couldn’t even find the conclusion himself. 

However, it didn’t go unnoticed how as he did these things Izuku grew more and more relatively distant for his bubbly personality. 

The greenette would slightly grimace every time a door was held open or, if Katsuki would ask him if he needed anything. The blonde didn’t really understand why Izuku seemed annoyed, but he also didn’t even comprehend his own behavior. All he knew was that every time he looked to Izuku’s left arm he saw those...burns.

Which brings them now, they were sitting in a park with the sun beaming down on them. They were all positioned under a tree lazily with Izuku propped up again a tree sketching, Mina laid out at Katsuki’s feet looking up at the clouds go by and Katsuki himself laying against the tree as well. The blonde was observing Izuku sketch random people that went by as they waited for time to pass by until later that evening.

“You’re a really good artist, Izuku,” Mina commented with a smile. “Think you could do a portrait of me and Kiri for the wedding? We’ll pay!”

“Hah, sure, that wouldn’t be a problem!” Izuku said back and Katsuki continued to watch him draw. He was currently working on drawing this man sitting on a bench slightly adjacent from them and it was coming along very well. The small pencil portrait captured the man’s likeness in his dark hair and eyes easily. It was genuinely impressive, and it made Katsuki wonder a lot about Izuku. 

Red eyes glanced up once more to compare, but this time he saw the man looking their way. Particularly looking at Izuku.

“I think you’ve been spotted,” Katsuki whispered for Izuku to hear and instantly Izuku’s gaze peered up in surprise. Just like the older man had said, the stranger was staring at Izuku curiously. The dark eyes glanced down at the notebook and then back to Izuku’s awkward face.

“Oh, no...I hate when this happens. I need to be more discreet.” The greenette tried to play it off but the man stood up to approach the trio, and Katsuki took note of how the sharp dark eyes studied all three of them carefully before approaching. 

When the man finally got up close Katsuki studied him right back. He was large, fairly buff and he had a scar over his left eye. He was wearing dark colored jeans and t-shirt with a thin silver chain. Once he got closer he gave a pointed look down to the curly haired male of the ground. Katsuki reluctantly felt a vague emotion in his chest flare up.

“Why do you keep looking at me? Didn’t your mom tell you it’s rude to stare at someone?” The gruff voice accused harshly but there was a hint of mirth in his tone. 

Clearly this mother fucker did not like people staring too long at him and it made Katsuki feel mildly suspicious of him. The flare in the blonde’s chest got a little stronger and he was about to say something rude right back when Izuku quickly stuttered out a response.

“I-I’m sorry, sir. I just thought you’d be interesting to draw that’s all!” Izuku gave a charming smile and turned around his sketchbook to reveal the small piece of art in the black notebook. Instantly, the stranger’s face completely shifted in surprise. 

Both Katsuki and Mina stayed silently on edge despite the change in behavior. The man looked mildly taken back as his dark eyes darted between Izuku’s awkwardly smiling face and back at the notebook. 

“...that’s actually pretty good.” 

“Uh, thanks. Sorry for staring so hard. I didn’t mean to.” Izuku rubbed behind the back of his neck with a half-smile and the stranger then gazed Izuku’s figure a full once over. 

Irritation gnawed at the back of Katsuki’s head at the sight.

“No, it’s okay,” the deep voice reassured. The man then squatted in front of Izuku, who leaned back a little bit at the sudden closeness in his space. “Could I possibly buy it off of you for 2700 yen?” 

It really shouldn’t irritate him. It shouldn’t. The dark-haired man was just wanting to ask about a damn picture of himself, but for some reason it did. The blonde found himself trying to fight down the clear annoyance scratching at the back of his head as those dark eyes looked Izuku up and down—fucking shamelessly

“Sure, that’s no problem,” Izuku answered back in an innocent manner. He kept his eyes down and neatly tore the white page out of the sketchbook to hand over to the man. The greenette then looked up at the man with the tight, fake smile Katsuki began to recognize. “Here you go.”

“Thank you,” the deep voice laughed as he took the paper from the freckled hand. He pulled out his wallet in exchange and handed over exactly the amount of cash he said he would trade it for. “Pretty eyes and talented, you’re gonna be a hard one to forget. See you around.” The man stood up and turned around with a wink. 

Katsuki watched unaware that his face was now blown completely in a sneer. 

Izuku visibly untensed next to him and threw his head back against the brown bark he was leaning against. 

“Well, there goes that,” the detective sighed, carding a hand through his hair. He turned to Katsuki, who was still wearing a frown, and offered an apologetic smile. “Sorry...I should stop drawing people in public. It brings attention to us.” 

“Don’t apologize. You didn’t know he was gonna waltz his ass over here,” Katsuki grumbled and looked down at the now empty page in the sketchbook. “He could’ve let you keep the damn drawing. He clearly was trying to be discreet about somethin’ himself.”

“Yeah, Bakugou is right,” Mina spoke up and sighed. Her gold eyes glanced up at the clouds above their heads. “He seemed ready to fight when he came over here then suddenly he switched to flirty when he thought you were harmless.” 

“Fuckin’ sceeve,” Katsuki hissed quietly under his breath. His fist tightened in his lap and he couldn’t stop the urge to roll his eyes. Izuku turned to him with a confused hum. 

“What was that?”

“Nothing,” The older man quickly rushed out. He cleared his throat and ignored the suspicious look that was being thrown his way by both Mina and Izuku. The blonde stood up quickly and dusted off his pants. “It’s getting close to time, let's head back to the hotel.” 

Izuku looked down at his brown colored watch and nodded in agreeance. 

“Okay, let’s do this.”


Izuku chuckled all the way to the hotel with Mina. His laughter only faltered whenever a certain lieutenant would open a door for him or when he tried to help him stand up at the park. They split up into their separate rooms and once again Katsuki opened the door and held it out for Izuku to enter before him.

They both walked in the room again, Katsuki keeping his mind completely focused on the operative as he closed the door shut. 

He carefully locked the golden bolt on the door and turned around without much thought but was fully caught off guard when Izuku was in his face—and he looked extremely displeased. He actually looked close to pissed off by Katsuki’s standards.

“Stop doing that,” the tenor voice said steadily. There was a slip of anger that leaked into the demand that made the taller man instantly straighten out his back. 

“What?” He tilted his head at the other as his red eyes narrowed.

“Stop with the soft treatment already,” Izuku hissed at him and leaned in closer. Katsuki’s eyebrows raised slightly at the challenging tone before they creased deeply on his forehead. He opened his mouth to retort but Izuku just continued. 

“You didn’t treat me like I was fragile for the last week. So, don’t start now just because you saw that burn. It’s the whole reason why I keep it covered. I respect you because you don’t treat me like I was this fragile thing, okay? Don’t start now.”

But Katsuki just shook his head confused. That wasn’t the fucking reason he suddenly felt the urge to hold open doors…was it? He thought about it for a moment and found that he couldn’t be fully honest with himself as to why he had spent the entire day going out of his way. 

But it wasn’t because he thought Izuku was weak. No. The greenette proved he was strong by being the only person he’s ever known to pin him in a sparring match. He was just making sure Izuku was...okay.

“That’s not why I did it.”

“Yes, it is.” Green eyes blazed into red. Izuku inched forward slightly and Katsuki only frowned deeper but held his ground. “You saw those scars and now you suddenly went from body slamming me on a training mat to grabbing me, so some guy doesn’t bump my shoulder.” 

Then that’s when Katsuki saw it. 

He saw something close to hurt flash across the freckled face in front of him. When Izuku spoke his next words, an undertone of the greenette’s elusive past trickled in.

“Please...just...stop treating me like I’m broken. It doesn’t help anything.” 

The words were hushed and Katsuki relaxed his body language at the sentence. He saw Izuku relax as well and take a step back. The curly haired male looked him up and down for a moment before turning away with a hurt expression. 

Damn it. The blonde felt his heart unwillingly twist again.


Izuku thought he was treating him like he was fucking broken. Red eyes then shifted to the wrapped hand and then to the back that was now facing him. 

Izuku kneeled down to their shared suitcase to pull out his gear and gun silently without saying another word. That’s when Katsuki stepped forward and bent down beside him quietly. He looked to the other person beside him and that’s when green eyes looked back at him.

“Okay. I’ll stop,” the low voice said in a hushed manner. There was something raw inside of the emerald irises and it made the older man really understand how Izuku felt about himself. How he felt about his burns.

“Also...I don’t think of you as broken, just ‘cause you have a couple of scars. We all got ‘em in different ways.”

There was a pause in the room as Izuku seemed to study him in a new light. Green eyes scanned his face as if searching for any hint of him telling a lie. But there was none—because it was nothing short of the truth.

Katsuki thought of Izuku as strong because of his scar. The smaller male had obviously been through something traumatic, yet he possessed the will to be someone who saves lives and wanted to become a fearless officer. That was the definition of strength and, as a twenty-seven-year-old, Katsuki could understand that. 

He had just been taking caution because he cared. Deep down, he did. 

The memory of Izuku dancing so beautifully in the rain had stuck with him more than Katsuki knew. When the greenette moved his body, the workaholic saw someone with more depth than he’s ever known, and he just wanted to protect something so rare. But the way his feelings manifested themselves were just confusing—for both of them. 

But the bottom line was Katsuki cared. 

Even if it would be months later before the stubborn blonde could ever admit it out loud to himself. 

So, instead he accepted the tiny smile Izuku gave him and they suited up for the road ahead. 


The sky shifted from bright blue to a dusk evening swirling with pastel colors of orange and purple. The three officers finally suited up in silence with Katsuki giving a brief over the exact actions they were to make. Each of their faces held a serious expression as Izuku and Katsuki padded themselves with bulletproof gear and adjusted their holsters around their waists. 

Mina tossed on her casual clothes with her hair pulled back in a short ponytail while Izuku gave Toshinori the coordinates of the warehouse. Both men dressed in full black attire to stealth. Izuku pulled a black hoodie over his head to match his black joggers and sneakers. In contrast, Katsuki wore a normal light weight long sleeved black shirt and athletic black sweats.

They drove to the location and dropped Mina off at a distance, so she could go walk up without suspicion. Katsuki then parked the car at a safe distance in an alley that they could easily get back to once they extracted Aizawa. 

“Remember, don’t shoot anyone unless absolutely necessary,” Katsuki said while cocking his gun and loading several bullets.

“Got it.” Izuku nodded and did the same with his own pistol before tucking it away in his holster. When they got the confirmation from Mina about being inside and seeing Aizawa, Katsuki took a deep breath in.

“Let’s fuckin’ get this over with.”

They got out of the car and slowly crept up on the shady dark alleyway in the midst of a small downtown area. The ground was mildly damp from the brief rainstorm and once again the sky was full of clouds. They were thick and grey, overshadowing the bright light of the moon and giving an eerie setting to the scene. 

Katsuki took the lead and kept his back to the stone wall of the building before they both crouched down low to stay out of sight. Red eyes peered around the corner to assess the scene in front of him. He held up one finger for Izuku to count for the singular man guarding door. He then curled that finger to point to the large black dumpster across the way that would obscure them from view. 

They both kept low to the ground as they couched their way across the narrow alley and behind the tall dumpster. Katsuki inched up carefully to look over the dumpster and signaled silently for Izuku to rise up as well. Both pair of eyes looked at the metallic door that was being protected by the fairly large man.

In that moment, someone came out and the two men exchanged words. However, when the man turned around to them, a distinct scar on his face made both of the officers’ hearts stop.

“Shit,” Katsuki whispered for Izuku to hear. The man walking their way was the same goddamn jackass that had been flirting with Izuku earlier and bought his picture. The same, very observant man that told Izuku specifically he would be hard to forget. 

And he was walking straight this way. 

Katsuki felt like kicking himself because while they were in all black, if the man turned his head, there would be a couple of things he was bound to notice. Specifically, extremely rare green eyes and hair. 

Katsuki crouched back down and pulled Izuku with him and he could see the gears in Izuku’s head turning as well. 

“What should we do?” Izuku whispered harshly, his eyes wide. “He’s going to recognize us and that’s bound to make Mina’s current position seem suspicious if all three of us are here.”

“Fuck. Give me a moment,” The older man said back, and his eyes locked onto the wall behind Izuku’s head. 

The footsteps got closer and closer while Katsuki tried to rattle his brain. What would two people be doing in a dark alleyway at nearly 7:00 pm at night—privately

Instantly only one thing popped in his head, but apparently it popped in Izuku’s head too. Suddenly both of Izuku’s hands were entangled in his hair bringing him down to the greenette’s level. 

“I’m really sorry for this and I hope this doesn’t make anything awkward—again so so so sorry,” Izuku muttered quicker than Katsuki could catch the words. Red eyes widened confused and the poor blonde could only manage a ‘wait, what?’ before soft lips were locked with his own and he was pulled forwards.

The shell-shocked lieutenant was thrown off balance and he quickly caught himself one arm on the brick wall behind Izuku’s figure. They stumbled slightly as Izuku tilted his head to seem more realistic, and immediately out of reflex Katsuki used his other arm to catch Izuku’s waist. 

The smaller male quickly leaned back fully into the shadows, completely blocking himself out of view into the nook between the dumpster and the wall. Katsuki’s larger body was hovering over him frozen, brain completely at a halt. Ruby eyes were as wide as the moon while Izuku’s were squeezed shut.

Both men found themselves blushing when the footsteps finally walked past the dumpster and stopped. 

Instantly, just like both anticipated, the man looked down at their entangled bodies against the wall. There was a short sound of disgust. Even though Katsuki couldn’t see the man’s face, it didn’t take an expert to know the dark-haired male had rolled his eyes. 

“Get a fuckin’ room,” the raspy voice spat out in disgust. “I swear to god, people these days just do it anywhere.” Izuku just gave the man a thumbs up as he leaned in closer to Katsuki to fake kiss him. 

The footsteps turned away and they slowly faded down the dark alley. The sound should have knocked Katsuki back to reality, but he was trying to process the fact Izuku’s lips were as soft as he imagined them to be.

And it was fucking terrible.

Izuku continued to fake kiss him with a closed mouth, trying his best to put on a show so the man didn’t recognize their faces. But completely unknown to him, every nerve ending in Katsuki’s body flared up with heat. 

The tiny movement against his lips lit something so heavy and forgotten in the workaholic’s chest that it nearly left him stunned. 

Izuku was soft. He was so fucking soft it was astonishing. Gentle curly hair brushed lightly against his face, nimble hands were clasped onto his cheeks and the waist in his hold felt so...right. 

The lips moved away from his and Katsuki was left nearly dumb stuck. Izuku’s face pulled back completely flushed and green eyes glanced up at him hesitantly. Izuku then finally let go of his face and the ghost touch haunted the blonde on the spot. 

Subconsciously, Katsuki tightened his grip on Izuku’s waist trying to pull him back in but his motion was stopped at the sound of a door opening and closing. 

He was snapped back to reality and both of their heads turned at the sound. Katsuki quickly let go of Izuku and Izuku did the same. Both men tried to ignore the blush on their faces and focus back on the job. But Katsuki kept feeling those soft lips against his and it was really fucking distracting. 

The lieutenant tried his best to shake his head and remember that it wasn’t a real kiss. Izuku had done it for the sake of not blowing their covering and keeping Mina and Aizawa alive. It didn’t really mean anything. Just like the pounding in his chest didn’t mean a goddamn thing. 

Red eyes peered around the corner of the garbage to see the bodyguard leaned back, looking down casually at his phone with one leg kicked up. Katsuki then turned back to Izuku with a serious expression before speaking.

“He’s distracted. We need to take him down silently and quickly,” The eldest whispered and Izuku nodded.

Katsuki then took a deep breath and gave an ‘okay’ hand signal before standing up and both of them casually tried their best to walk as if they were just two people who were ravishing each other in the alley privately. 

The large body guard glanced at them not saying anything when they passed by and turned his head away to look down at his phone again. Katsuki turned to Izuku and gave him a single head nod who gave a single one back. 

Quicker than lightning, Izuku turned around, reached up and choked the man in a sleeper hold with a stone look on his face. 

“Fuck!” The deep voice rattled in the alleyway. The large body thrashed and easily swung Izuku around but the greenette tousled him right back. Izuku used all of his body weight to bow the man’s back to his height and a choked sound echoed into the alley. The ringed hand of the gangster crawled at Izuku’s forearm and steadily the man fell to his knees. 

Katsuki watched slightly shocked at the advanced move that he knew damn well isn’t taught to first year cops. But he took the skill for what it was and in an instant the man knocked out. Izuku let out of a shaky sigh, with his chest heaving before dragging the large body off to the side behind the dumpster.

The blonde-haired officer smirked slightly when the younger one gave a nod of confirmation that the thug was officially handled.

“Nice move, Midoriya,” Katsuki said and Izuku just shrugged before reaching down in his hoodie pocket.

Katsuki looked down to see the greenette pull out two black bandanas and he handed one over to Katsuki. The blonde officer was silently confused by the action but Izuku gestured for him to put it on without so much as looking at him. 

“If this guy is as big as his reputation leads him us to believe, it’s best to keep our identities concealed. In case things go left or if he wants some sort of revenge,” Izuku said quietly. The blonde male had never thought about that before. He usually did his undercover operatives without the use of masks, but now that the smaller male mentioned it made sense.  

Then something shifted in the air when Izuku undid the black fabric. A new, colder expression rolled over his freckled features that was completely different. Katsuki watched slightly taken back, fully not expecting the energy rolling off of Izuku. 

The shorter male placed the blank bandana over his mouth and nose carefully, and it seemed almost like he's done it before many times before. Green eyes closed for one moment as Izuku took a deep breath in, and when he opened them it was like a flip was switched. All the innocence and niceness that lingered within the irises of Izuku left, replaced only by determination.

Sharp green eyes looked at him expectantly and the older man slowly did the same. He tied the rag around his face tightly and then gave a nod to the detective.

Katsuki opened the door with one hand and the two snuck in slowly to the warehouse. 

Immediately, the first room they entered was empty. The ground was grey and concrete and the sound of people talking could be heard around the corner. There were wooden crates littered all over and they both ducked behind the nearest ones at the sound of footsteps entering.

“Take that pretty boy cop back to his room,” one gruff voice said.

“I have a name you know,” a lazy, drawn out voice answered. “If you’re trying to flirt with me you’re doing a terrible job. Usually handcuffs come after you take me out to dinner.” 

Katsuki gritted his teeth when he recognized the voice as Aizawa. All of their suspicions of him being held captive were right. The captain’s voice sounded tired, and slightly strained.

“Shut the fuck up you pig,” another angry voice answered. The sound of loud hit and Aizawa’s grunting echoed into the empty space making Katsuki sneer. Fucking scum. Always fucking scum. “You get no name here. You cops always think you’re better than us but you’re just the same.”

The voices slowly trailed off as they could be heard going around the distant corner. Katsuki turned to Izuku on his right and the greenette’s face looked just as displeased as his own. Which was exactly what he wanted to see. Izuku cut his eyes at him and gave a head gesture to move and the two silently trailed behind the three bodies.

Katsuki was impressed with Izuku’s ability to follow silent commands to duck, move and shuffle whenever they heard footsteps coming in close. They two moved stealthily through the labyrinth of the dark warehouse and it felt as if they had been doing this together for a long time.

Soon, the three bodies rounded around another corner one last time before one of the goons spoke up again.

“Get back in your room, filth,” the voice echoed, and both officers could hear a slam of the door. A metallic click followed indicating to both men in black that there was a lock on whatever door they shoved Aizawa in. 

“Man, I can’t believe we always get stuck with babysitting duty,” an annoyed voice rang out. “Why doesn’t Yotsubashi just off him already? I would’ve slit his throat the second he slipped up and we all knew he was a cop.”

“Yotsubashi istrying to keep him long enough to make a deal with that crazy ass dude that just came into town. Apparently, the guy is trying to make a statement to the police, so he wants one to burn alive.”

“, that guy is seriously off his rocker. He makes my skin crawl every time I look at him. Great criminal, but bat shit insane. What’s his real name anyways?”

“Dunno, he refuses to tell anyone. He insists on that fake ass first name and the alias of ‘the cremator’. But he has strong underground connections so Yotsubashi wants to make good with him.”

Instantly the talk of burning people alive and cremation made both detective's eyes widen. Katsuki looked over to Izuku, who was wearing the same ghost expression as if they connected the dots. His mind flashed the man in the gas mask flicking a lighter in his hand. He fit the description: cop hating, crazy, pyromaniac. 

Fuck. What kind of psychopath calls himself the fucking cremator

Katsuki’s mind was brought back to the vision of large flames burning alive the teenage girl. Immediately, his hate for criminals got stronger and he took a deep breath in. Suddenly, music started playing from one of the thug’s phones and both officer’s faces twisted in confusion.

Izuku gave him a silent expression that read as ‘are they actually playing music on the job?’ and Katsuki gave an eyeroll back of ‘they’re dumbassess what do you expect?’. 

When the music was the loudest and the two men’s chattering had evened out to a solid conversation Katsuki gave a signal to move in quickly. A sound of surprise from both men bounced off the walls as the two police officers bum rushed them fearlessly.

Katsuki kept his eyes focused on the taller man who quickly grew a gun on him. The expert lieutenant high kicked his leg to disarm the man and the weapon fell to the ground with a loud clack. Loud grunts could be heard as Katsuki wrapped his strong arm around the man’s neck and shoved him to the ground face down to put him in sleeper position. The man underneath him struggled to get up but Katsuki kept him down with his large body. The fearless blonde counted in his head of the seconds to release at exactly the right time.

Red eyes briefly peered up at Izuku who was currently tossing the other man off of him. The greenette slammed the large body into the wall with a hard thrust of his legs and a grunt. The thug’s head hit the wall with a loud bang, but the man quickly rebounded. He immediately tried to land a punch of Izuku who just caught the fist with his hand, side stepping without an issue. 

The detective used his smaller body to redirect the massive body weight of the goon so that he was positioned behind him. Then, without an ounce of empathy on his face, twisted the man’s arm back. A loud curse could be heard as Izuku snapped the man’s neck back with his forearm and squeezed it tightly in his arm junction.

Soon both men were laid out on the ground unconscious. Katsuki held a finger up to the man’s nose to check he was still breathing, and they gave each other a quick affirmative before dragging the large bodies off to the side, hidden.

Katsuki found the key in the jeans of the man he took down and he walked over to the door to unlock it. He cracked open the door to find Aizawa sitting with his head down in between his knees. The blonde-haired lieutenant pulled down the bandana off his face when dark eyes glanced up at him curiously.

Slowly a smirk took over the police captain’s face and Katsuki smirked right back. 

“We finally came to get you, bastard.” 

A short-amused laugh carried around the room and slowly Aizawa stood up. 

“Took you long enough, I was beginning to worry.”



Another Win for Victory!

Our very own symbol of victory, Bakugou Katsuki, lead an undercover operative that took down one branch of the largest drug operations in the city. This comes as no surprise due to the ranking officer’s undeniable streak of always catching the criminal when he puts his mind to it. Criminals stand no chance when put toe to toe with Bakugou and his fiery determination for justice. 

Two lower ranking officers accompanied the young lieutenant on the job and now one of the biggest drug rings officially has a gap in it after many years. After the officers extracted missing police captain, Aizawa Shota, select policeman from the U.A precinct came to bust the scene after being put on standby.

This is a huge win for the city overall. Many people were starting to worry with the mysterious arsenal crime still hanging over everyone’s head ...

Read more >


Katsuki sighed as he clicked out of the news application on his phone, turning the red device facedown. It was now Monday morning after the operation and he was sitting on the edge of his bed, slowly waking up. 

Usually he was always happy after completing an operative, but this time it felt empty. Not to say he wasn’t happy about rescuing Aizawa in time, but a large part of him was still buzzing with what him and Izuku over heard. 

The cremator. 

Well, at least now he had a name to match the lunatic in the gas mask. But the question still stands: what did he want from him? The man was a cop hater. It was clear. He wanted to burn a cop alive just to prove a damn point. If they hadn’t begun their operation in time, then Aizawa would’ve been fucking torched at the hands of some pyro trying to make some weird ass statement to the cops. 

When they were riding back in the car to the coast area with Aizawa, the black-haired man had said something very disturbing...and it was still settling in the young blonde’s stomach.

“The man, the one they were going to sell me to,” he remembers the captain saying with a long sigh. “He’s trouble. I didn’t see his face, but I overheard them talking outside of the closet they had me locked in. He’s plotting something elaborate, but it’s unclear what.”

“He said he wanted something, do you know what?” Katsuki had asked. He remembers his hands tightly gripping the steering wheel as he kept his eyes focused forward on the dark highway. 

Izuku was in the passenger seat, silent, while Aizawa was sprawled out across the backseat. Thick silence over took the car and the next words spoken made the circumstances of what they were dealing with very clear.

And very frightening.

“He said he wants to see the city burn to ashes.”

After that, Katsuki was left feeling unsettled. It was only a matter of time before he either saw the man in the mask again and another building or two went up in flames. Or worse, more people would be hurt in the process while he still figured out what the fuck did he want

Which meant he needed to figure out what to do to stop him—quickly

Katsuki remembers glancing off to the side at Izuku who was looking out the window quietly, deep in thought. 

Part of the blonde-haired man felt sorry for the greenette. The other man had just recently moved and the one intense phobia he had was going to be in his face all the time now because some crazy arsonist rolled into town as well. Talk about bad fucking luck.

But not only that was on Katsuki’s mind when it came to Izuku, which is what frustrates him the most above all. It was large burn marks, the fake-but-yet-still-not-fake kiss they shared along with Izuku drawing him in the coffee shop. The soft smile the curly haired man threw his way coupled with the way he danced so carefree in the rain. 

All of these things had imprinted in Katsuki’s brain in the one way he didn’t want. 

There was something mystifying and downright fucking distracting about Izuku that hypnotized him and the feeling of those soft lips against his own lingered for several days. Fucking days.

Before Katsuki left to work that Monday morning, he looked at his spare helmet for ground zero in a contemplative manner.


When the lieutenant walked into the brightly lit office, he saw Izuku perched on Ochaco’s desk laughing. In his arms was a pile of paperwork and on his lips, he was a beautiful smile. The detective was wearing a dark blue hoodie over a light pink plaid shirt with his badge dangling from his neck. 

The second Katsuki got close, doe green eyes looked at him. A signature soft smile and wave was sent his way and Katsuki gave a small one back. 

He was trying his best to act casual and not as though he had been thinking about Izuku all weekend. Nope. He didn’t weirdly miss being in the same room with him and he most definitely did not feel strangely cold when he went home alone after everything with the drug bust was said and done. 

He didn’t need to date or think about anyone in a romantic sense. Nor did he want to—being alone was optimal for him. 

Especially with some murderous, cop hating pyro on the loose. Izuku should be the very last thing on his mind. 

“Hey! Baku-bro!” Kirishima’s voice boomed. Katsuki winced when a strong arm was suddenly around his neck and his best friend ruffled his hair playfully. “How’s our very own U.A champion doing today?”

“Are you serious Kiri? I just combed my hair—get the fuck off of me!” Katsuki cursed and broke out of the hold. 

This only elicited a loud laugh from the red-haired man and Kirishima patted his back hard. Katsuki stumbled forward slightly from the steer force he was hit with and he gritted his teeth.

It’s too damn early for this. Annoyed red eyes glared over his shoulder, but he faltered for a split second. He could see Izuku in the corner looking at him, trying to cover his laughter with his bandaged hand. 

They made brief eye contact, but as soon as they did, Izuku looked away with what Katsuki could’ve sworn was a blush across his face. 

“Wedding is in a month, baby!” Kirishima said. “Sorry, I just can’t contain my excitement. I gotta get all this energy out of my body somehow.”

“Just fucking save it for the honey moon,” Katsuki shot back and tried his best to re-fluff his hair properly while heading to his office. 

“Aw, Kat. Don’t act like that!” The sergeant grinned and followed him into his office. “I got a pretty little invitation for you. As the best man you gotta be just as excited as me.” Katsuki sat down in his leather chair and immediately pulled out the large stack of papers from his brown satchel.

“I am happy for you and Mina, truly I am. But don’t fuck up my hair in the name of you two falling in line with social norms,” Katsuki spoke, turning his attention to the stack of papers in his hand. He ignored his best friend when the other leaned against the wooden desk, still grinning like he knew some secret.

“Ah, that’s not what I’m talking about. I mean you should be excited for the wedding, but more importantly the after dark activities of the wedding.” Kirishima wiggled his eyebrows suggestively and Katsuki ‘tch’d.

“What? Everyone getting sloppy drunk and dancing to whatever pop songs are in the top forty?”

“No, I’m talking about the all famous wedding hookup. People always hook up at weddings!” Immediately the blonde whipped his head up, frowning at the comment. More so frowning at the fact Kirishima was suggesting he would hook up with someone who was invited to the wedding.

“...I forbid you from finishing that thought. Please, use those last two fucking brain cells to do something useful. Get out of my office and start on your cases for the day.” The blonde shooed the other away with his hand but Kirishima just laughed and leaned in more. 

“Aw, c’mon Katsuki! I know a certain green-eyed detective has been checking you out. He’s so obviously throwing looks your way—”

“—He hasn’t been throwing a damn thing my way.” Katsuki cut him off quicker than his brain could think. The other set of red eyes squinted at him with playful mischief, suspicious of how quickly Katsuki tried to reject the idea.

“Oh, he definitely has, you just won’t catch anything!”

The lieutenant tossed his head back and blew air out of his nose in annoyance. The worst part was that Izuku had very much thrown himself at him before. Pretty damn hard too. There was something heated about knowing that Izuku thought he was attractive enough to try to sleep with.

Thinking about that bar night and how vividly he imagined and dreamt of fucking Izuku against a wall made Katsuki feel heated under his collar as well. 

Now, his friend was suggesting hooking up with the greenette as if it wasn’t completely inappropriate workplace behavior—especially with Izuku being his goddamn trainee and being younger. Sure, no one on their team would care but to the outside perspective it would look hella fucking shady on Katsuki’s behalf. He wasn’t stupid, he knew how news outlets were thirsty for gossip.

“Get back to work, Kirishima, before you catch my fucking hands,” he threatened in an empty manner which made the other man just laugh. 

“Fine, fine. No need to throw around hands now. Here’s the wedding invite. You get a plus one by the way...I haven’t invited Midoriya yet just in case you wanted to try to do it yourself.”

Kirishima held out a tiny pink slip of paper for the other, while wiggling his eyebrows. Katsuki sighed and took it from his hand reluctantly. 

He knew this was Kirishima’s slick method of trying to him to bring a damn date. What would really be the difference if he asked Izuku to go or not? Fucking none. The greenette would still go, dance with Mina and Ochaco most likely and then absolutely nothing would happen. 

But part of his brain still toyed with the idea of asking Izuku himself. 

Because it wouldn’t be a date. It would just be U.A plus Kiri and Mina’s family. Kirishima wouldn’t harass him about it if he did it and he could spare himself a month-long headache. So, really asking Izuku would be technically harmless. 


“Oh, also Mirio is joining us tonight for dinner! He just texted me. He is gonna be in town for the next week for the police picnic next week and helping Toshinori out with a couple of things.” 

“Sweet, sounds good.” 

Katsuki didn’t think much of it. He just shrugged and gave a hand signal for the other to leave him be. 

Mirio coming to the precinct wasn’t anything new. Toshinori always allowed his son to come in and out of the office space without an issue whenever he got time, it’s been that way for the last six years.

The blonde-haired male had recently graduated law school in Yaizu and the open space without studies gave him time to come up and visit. He respected Mirio because he was like him, someone who was solely focused on his career at the moment. 

Even though there was a point starting three years ago when he started showing up with hickies and randomly started asking Kirishima for dating advice on how to woo a possibly traumatized person.

Whatever Mirio had going on Yaizu, Katsuki deciphered it evened out to nothing more than a possible friends with benefits situation. Mainly because the hickies continued but the blonde made it clear his love interest wasn’t ready to date. 

Which made sense, if the person Mirio had a thing for really was going through something rough, then it would make it hard to be a relationship. Just sucked because Mirio seemed as though he liked whoever the fuck it was a lot.

So, seeing Mirio would be nice. Plus, then maybe he could ask him slyly about Izuku and how Toshinori knew him. The two young blondes always got along, from one workaholic to another. He was one of the few people besides his team at U.A that Katsuki could tolerate talking too.

He thought these things idly to himself as he shifted through his papers and went about his day. He reminded completely unaware of the several glances Izuku stole through the window while at his desk.


The end of the day came, and everyone met outside just like they had done last week. But now, there was a slight difference. 

The officers were laughing and talking, dividing up into the two cars while Katsuki was awkwardly fiddling with a spare helmet in his hands. He adjusted the collar on his motorcycle jacket in a mild nervous manner and tapped his foot rapidly.

His heart lightly pounded as he watched Izuku walk out with Mina. He wondered if this was a good idea or not. Or if he took the extra precaution for no real damn reason and was about to look real fucking stupid.

Katsuki had noticed that Izuku kept his distance from Todoroki and he still found the behavior strange. 

But, as he was learning, that seemed to just be Izuku’s fucking M.O. The twenty-three-year-old was the definition of strange. He was an artist, a detective, and apparently on top of that he liked to keep his distance away from Shouto. 

The ash blonde figured it might be something up with the eldest Todoroki, who, while a great police officer, had a lot of controversy surrounding him. Katsuki liked the chief of police but only to a certain extent as well. So, he reasoned with himself that was the reason he brought the spare helmet. Just in case a repeat of last week happened. Absolutely not because he wanted Izuku to ride with him.

Everyone piled into the cars and, like he suspected, Izuku hesitated to see which one Shouto got into. 

Katsuki cleared his throat, drawing the attention of large green eyes. 

The youngest turned around to him and not knowing exactly how to say, ‘want to ride with me?’, Katsuki just stuck his arm out to hand Izuku the orange helmet with a green X on the back.

Izuku quirked an eyebrow curiously at him before smiling. “You brought a spare helmet?”

“Yeah, I guess a did. Do you want to ride or not?” But as soon as the words left his mouth he could’ve slapped himself. Ride with me. Say fucking ride with me next time, dumbass. 

He watched as Izuku sucked in his lips trying to contain a laugh and his cheeks turned pink ever so slightly. And it was cute. Really fucking cute. 

Now Katsuki was considering that this was a very bad idea. 

“Yeah, I’ll ride with you. Thank you for thinking of me and bringing the extra helmet,” Izuku laughed. He scratched behind his head and Katsuki found himself turning away quickly to hide his own small smile.

“Just get on, nerd” he mumbled out and put on his own helmet.

When they got situated to ride he felt Izuku’s arms encircle his waist and squeeze tight. Katsuki tried to tell himself that the touch didn’t make him feel secure. 


They all ate dinner like normal, and Izuku quickly fell into pace with all the madness that is the U.A precinct. The greenette laughed and joked with Ochaco and Iida easily, telling jokes and describing his first undercover experience with glee. 

Katsuki idly chatted with Todoroki and Momo, the three of them were trying to think of an appropriate wedding gift to possibly bring and considered pooling their money. Light music played over their heads as the bubbly waitress took their orders like always. 

The restaurant itself wasn’t too crowded for a Monday night and it made it easy for everyone to hear each other. The door cracked open and, out of habit, Katsuki looked in the direction of the entrance. 

Coming through was Mirio, wearing a large bright smile as usual. He was wearing a royal blue shirt, slacks and looked nicer than he usually does when he came to visit. His bright blue eyes were sparkling extra bright and he seemed extremely happy to see everyone.

“Mirio, over here,” Katsuki called and motioned the other over with his hand. Blue eyes set on the table of familiar people and the large man walked up the table, taking the open seat next to Izuku.

“Hey, everyone! How are you all doing?” The upbeat voice asked with elation. The lawyer gave everyone a wave and then he shifted his gaze to the small male next to him with a wide grin. It made Katsuki pause for a moment because the look seemed—

Ochaco piped up from the other side of Izuku and made a move to introduce the two. “Mirio, this is—”

“—Izuku!” He spoke with a laugh. Blue eyes stayed steady on the detective and Katsuki watched how Izuku rubbed the back of his neck with an awkward smile. “We know each other already. No need for introduction for a long-term buddy.”

“Buddy?” “How do you two know each other?” Ochaco and Iida spoke at the same time and everyone at the table drew their attention to the pair. 

But Katsuki’s red eyes were focused on how Mirio threw his arm around Izuku’s shoulders who in turn seemed to...lean away politely.

“We used to live together for the past couple years until Izuku decided to pack up and come here after getting persuaded by my old man.” The other blonde grinned happily and poked Izuku’s cheek in a playful manner, making the greenette laugh.

“Holy shit, what?” Mina exclaimed, looking between the two amazed. “Oh my god, Izuku! Is that how you know Toshinori? I’ve been wanting to ask for the past week, but I didn’t want to come across as rude.”

Katsuki bit the inside of his cheek and stayed silent, unsure why there was a rustling happening in his chest. Izuku looked so visibly uncomfortable with Mirio’s large arm around him, but the smile on his freckled face was hiding it well. 

“Heh, kind of?” The greenette shrugged, his eyes darting anywhere but ahead of him at a certain blonde. This didn’t go unnoticed to Katsuki. Not a single fucking bit and it made his skin flare. What was he hiding now

“I’ve known Toshinori for a long time. He was a really good friend to my parents when I was growing up. Mirio and I saw each other anytime they would have dinners or if Toshinori came back into town.”

“Ah, that makes sense! Aw, that’s neat. So, you’ve known each other for a while?” Ochaco smiled and both men in question laughed. Red watched as a blush slowly crept up on Mirio’s face. 

“Yeah, long enough that when Izuku needed a place to stay I just invited him in without question. He was the perfect roomie,” he informed everyone. All officers smiled and then Mirio’s gaze turned to Izuku. “Still sad about you moving.” 

“Sorry, but your dad was really persuasive! And it’s really great here so far like he said it would be,” the youngest laughed.

“I know. Everyone here in the department is great.” Mirio then looked across the table to Katsuki, and the ash blonde gave a tight smile. “Especially, Katsuki here. A little rough around the edges and a bit of a workaholic—even more than me—but a really good guy.”

Green eyes shifted to look at the lieutenant across from him with a soft smile. “Yeah, he is. I can tell.” The gaze was gentle and welcoming. There was even a small spark of something flickering in the emerald colored eyes. “Bakugou is training me and he’s a really good instructor so far.”

The red eyed man tilted his head without knowing, assessing the curly haired person across from him curiously. Hearing Izuku agree that he was somehow a good guy was strange. Especially after everything and all the awkwardness they were trying their best to navigate. 

But despite feeling like this, it didn’t stop him from looking right back at the other with a look that was just as curiously soft.  

“Thanks, nerd,” Katsuki spoke under his breath. A small blush could be seen on Izuku face as he turned eyes away and quickly took a sip of his water. 

Mirio instantly noticed this, and Katsuki could’ve kicked himself for slipping slightly. The lawyer looked between them in an odd way, before his eyes settled on Katsuki. The blue-eyed male was assessing the other blonde in a certain manner that made the lieutenant raise one of his eyebrows at the sudden mood shift. 

There was a hint of caution in the look sent his way and it almost came across as...protective. 

Then just as quickly as the gaze came it left. No one else at the table seemed to pick up on the quick exchange and Izuku was now engaged in conversation with Ochaco about him and Mirio’s life in Yaizu. 

“So, did you guys order already? I’m starving!” The canary blonde beamed at everyone. His arm around Izuku’s shoulders loosened enough to fall down and rest against the back of the other’s chair in a friendly manner. 

“Oh yeah, we got the usual, but we put in the same order for you as well,” Momo informed and Mirio nodded happily at her. 

The night went on as usual and Katsuki tried his best not to think about how much Mirio was leaning in to Izuku and how friendly he was being. 

He also tried his best not to think too much about how Izuku didn’t seem to mind, as if it wasn’t new behavior. 


When dinner was done, Katsuki summed up Mirio and Izuku’s relationship up as two people who obviously knew each other well. Even possibly best friends. It was another puzzle piece that fit into the image of Izuku, explaining how he knew Toshinori. 

But something else that didn’t go unnoticed by the sharp minded police officer was how when their food came, Mirio made an effort to make sure Izuku didn’t grab his bowl of ramen himself. The blonde proclaimed quietly that it would be ‘too hot’ for him to pick up himself. 

He also took the extra step to break Izuku’s disposable wooden chopsticks for him as if the badass detective couldn’t do it himself. Then he again acted like Izuku standing up to go to the bathroom was possibly for the other to hurt himself or some shit. 

Seeing the soft treatment irritated the fuck out of Katsuki, and Izuku’s face was blank the entire time during the gestures. He tried to tell himself it was because he’s seen Izuku knock out two grown ass men and pin him down that it was very obvious the greenette could break his own fucking chopsticks. 

He remembers thinking to himself no fucking wonder Izuku had been down right pissed off with him during the undercover operative. Seeing it from an outside perspective was absolutely irritating. Izuku didn’t want some glass-like treatment. He didn’t want to be treated like he was...broken. And he shouldn’t be.

So, that’s why when they all said goodbye to the owners of the restaurant Katsuki tried his best to ignore what he just saw. 

Whatever was between Izuku and Mirio was between them. Maybe Izuku had informed the other blonde how he didn’t like the behavior or maybe he had and Mirio just chose to ignore it. Whichever may be the case, it made Katsuki flare with jealousy that he couldn’t even deny. 

Which was dangerous. 

Katsuki hasn’t felt jealousy in nearly six years and for some reason whenever it came to Izuku something inside of him flared up uncontrollably with it. And he shouldn’t be, there was no real reason for it. He didn’t want to date Izuku. He couldn’t. He couldn’t fucking date anyone because he...because—

“Hey! Wait for me—” Izuku voice cut through his spiraling thoughts. 

The ash blonde was currently walking ahead of the group and heading straight towards his motorcycle. He turned around curiously to see Izuku stepping at a fast pace to catch up with him. 

But right behind him was Mirio. The younger blonde put his hand on Izuku’s shoulder to stop him and Izuku’s eyes looked up at the taller man curiously.

“Ah, sorry, Izuku. Katsuki doesn’t let anyone ride ground zero,” Mirio laughed out, putting on a friendly smile. “I brought my car though, you can ride with me and I can drop you off at your place. I really want to see your new pad!”

Katsuki watched how in the background Kirishima elbowed Denki and the two shot him a twin set of grins. Katsuki rolled his eyes. Fucking brainless idiots.

Izuku suddenly looked nervous at the suggestion as he awkwardly shifted his eyes between Mirio and Katsuki. 

“O-Oh, well I was going to go back to the office and get some paperwork before going home.” The greenette awkwardly, rubbing his neck—a habit that now Katsuki noticed to be a nervous mannerism.  “I was just gonna hitch a ride with Bakugou—”

“Ah, well I can drop you off there and then we can go back to your place! I don’t mind. I’m sure you need help unpacking anyways.” Mirio insisted with a small push in his voice.

It almost made Katsuki frown, but this was his friend. He considered Mirio a friend and he knew the other blonde had no malicious intent in anything he did. Katsuki has just never seen him...act this over gentlemanly. 

“Thank you for the offer, but that sounds really far out the way for you, Mirio. I don’t want to cause you all that trouble.” But the lawyer didn’t really seem to hear it, trying his best to fulfill the kind gesture. 

“Really, I don’t mind, Izuku.”

“B-But—” Finally Katsuki sighed, over the interaction. Izuku was almost a pink color and it bothered him to see the canary blonde trying so fucking hard. 

“It’s okay, Mirio. I’m headin’ back to the office anyways. I’ll let Izuku ride me—er, I mean ride with me.” The second the fumbled words left his mouth, his eyes simultaneously with the other two sets. 

Shit, what did I just say—fuck fuck fuck—

“Ride with me. Izuku can ride” The lieutenant corrected again. He cleared his throat and tried his damn best not to look either of them in their face as he kicked himself mentally over and over again.

What the fuck was that?

There was an uncomfortable pause in the air as Katsuki’s face flushed an uncharacteristic pink with a characteristic scowl, Izuku’s green eyes were blown wide at the stumble of words and finally Mirio’s face was looking at him without a single shred of amusement. 

The shortest male awkwardly laughed into the tense atmosphere, but Mirio’s eyes were studying the other tall blonde. Blue eyes bore into Katsuki’s face as the greenette tried his best to diffuse whatever had just overtook the trio. 

“Y-Yeah that’ll be the better opinion! I don’t want to inconvenience you.” Izuku placed a gentle hand on Mirio’s shoulder, drawing the lawyer’s attention back down to him. Instantly the blue-eyed male’s mood shifted when looking at Izuku. “I’ll see you tomorrow, okay?” 

There was a sympathetic look on Izuku’s face that seemed to soften Mirio. This finally allowed the other to let the subject go as he looked at his long-term friend with a bright expression. 

“Okay...sounds like a plan,” Mirio said slowly but then put a bubbly pep in his words, his mood switching quickly. “See you guys.” 

He gave Izuku a tight hug and Izuku gave him one back. Seeing the exchange made it clear Mirio cared for Izuku. In what manner? That was still up in the air. The group said goodbye and Katsuki perched himself on ground zero and Izuku followed suit.

The lean muscular arms were around him again and the new simmer underneath his skin was back. 


They arrived back at the precinct and Katsuki admittedly flipped a switch back into work mode. He checked his black digital watch and notice the time was nearly 7:00 pm, which left plenty of time for him to work into the evening like he usually does. 

Izuku released his waist and shook his bouncy curls as he removed the orange helmet. The young detective gave him another one of those captivating smiles and Katsuki nearly found himself stuck again.

“Thanks for the ride,” the greenette said. “I really appreciate it.” Katsuki nodded back at him as he locked down his bike and took off his own helmet, raking his hand through his blonde spikes. 

“Don’t mention it. What files were you going to look over?” He asked. They walked back inside together, Katsuki slowly removing his jacket to toss in his arms.

“Ah, Yaoyorozu has been giving me the easier cases to file and look into between the cases you give me. I just wanted to grab them from my desk before going home.”

“Well, that sounds like a good plan,” Katsuki said as he flipped back on his office light. “I guess I’ll see you tomorrow then, Midoriya. Have a good night.” He tried his best to keep his tone short as he walked into the small room decorated with all his achievements. 

The large building was quiet and empty. Completely opposite of what it was like this morning but that’s what Katsuki liked and sometimes looked forward to. The quietness of just working without distraction allowed him to blank all his thoughts and not think too much.

He heard Izuku shift around at his desk and grab a handful of papers that he put into his bag. Katsuki expected Izuku to leave out immediately as soon as he got what he needed. So, the lieutenant started to log on to his own desktop computer. However, instead of going, Izuku timidly walked up to his office opening. 

Red eyes glanced up curiously at the younger male who was leaning against the door frame with his eyes shifted downwards.

“...what are you about to do?” Izuku said quietly in a tone that almost seemed...shy? Katsuki decided not to read into it and readjusted his eyes to the computer screen in front of him.

“I have a couple of small court cases to look over and then I wanted to research more into that arsonist that popped up,” he said back. Izuku hummed and nodded his head. The greenette lightly kicked his foot against the tiled floor before looking up to the older man. 

“Are you going to do work here? It’s getting late.”

Katsuki finally looked back at him with a singular eyebrow quirked as if the question was dumb. “Yes. Where else would I do it?” Izuku shrugged his shoulders and shifted his weight slightly.

“Home? Possibly. Y’know, somewhere comfortable. This building is kinda creepy without anyone in it.” Both men took a look around the empty office in that moment. 

Admittedly, the U.A precinct this late at night wasn’t the most welcoming, but Katsuki didn’t like being at his apartment unless it was to sleep. So, he ‘tch’d and blew off the observation like it was nothing.

“Yeah, to you maybe. There’s no difference to me staying late here versus stayin’ up late at home.” Izuku hummed again before sighing. Katsuki watched as the younger one rubbed behind his neck per his nervous habit and it made Katsuki squint his eyes at him slightly. 

“...why don’t you come over to my place?” Katsuki cut his eyes at the younger one at the inappropriate suggestion and turned up his nose quickly.

Excuse me? What the fuck, Midoriya—”

“—W-We could just do work together!” Izuku quickly elaborated shaking his hands in front of him to calm down the explosive blonde. “I’m making some dessert and meal prepping for the rest of the week.” Despite the full explanation it didn’t make Katsuki’s frown disappear and Izuku started to nervously laugh. 

“Dessert? Ain’t it a little late to be making dessert?” The greenette shrugged and place a small smile on his face. Katsuki watched how the freckles on his cheek bent around the new creases and something inside of him flared again. 

“Some would say the same about doing work. So, why not combine both?” At the suggestion Katsuki tapped his finger against the wood surface of his desk. He was still trying to comprehend why the fuck did Izuku think this would be a good idea between them?

“I promise I won’t bother I’m making namagashi.”

At the mention of the small sugary treat Katsuki paused. 

“ know how to make namagashi?” His mind flashed him the image of the last time he ate one, and it was at his parents’ house when they were having tea. He secretly loved sugary foods even though he liked to limit himself on the uptake. He needed to be mindful of his body’s health. 

“Mhm! I do. I’m really good at it too.” Izuku nodded eagerly, pushing himself off the door frame. “Plus, I’m making tantanmen for lunch tomorrow.”

Then, slowly Katsuki’s thoughts dissolved solely into thinking about possible warm food. He usually only packed sandwiches for himself during the week, not being much of a cook except on the weekends. It’s not that he didn’t like cooking, he did. He just hadn’t done it too much since the whole Hero Killer issue. After that, the young blonde gave majority of his free time outside of work

He tilted his head at Izuku as if seeing him differently. Undeniable flare guns went off in his head that this was a bad idea. Extremely. He shouldn’t go over someone’s place that he felt such a strong draw to...but fucking tantanmen was his goddamn favorite. 

“You don’t seem like the spicy food type,” he said in a cautious raspy tone.

“Yeah, you’re right. I’m not but I like trying out new things every now and then,” Izuku smiled at him and the lieutenant nearly felt his heart flipped. From what? He wasn’t sure if it was because of the innocent looking freckled face or the idea of getting his favorite dessert plus his favorite fucking meal. 

What the fuck was Izuku doing to him?

“You come across like the type of person who only eats spicy food. I noticed it when we were undercover.” Katsuki turned away from the bright smile and the jade colored eyes looking at him in a weirdly adoring way. 

“Heh, you got that right, dork. I am. Spicy food is my favorite.”

“Well, can I bribe you then? I can give you some tantanmen for lunch tomorrow if you come over to my place, finish your work while at least having some dessert? Be the better option over just staying here in this dusty old office. My good Samaritan side won’t let me leave you here alone.”

That is a terrible idea. An absolutely terrible idea. He thought to himself over and over but...that didn’t stop him from thinking about the possible difference. 

He could be somewhere with food, his two favorite fucking foods, while looking over the cases in a much cozier environment or he could stay here. Ruby red eyes scanned the barren dark, grey office that he’s come to know as a second home (really a first home). Something inside of him panged emptily. 

Katsuki then finally looked up at Izuku’s face that was the complete opposite of the space they were in: his expression was extremely warm and welcoming.

Katsuki sighed and turned back to his computer and started shutting it down. 

“...fine, but only for the tantanmen. No fucking funny business from you either,” he grumbled. Izuku’s face lit up excitedly. The greenette gave a grin that stretched across his rosy cheeks. 

“Of course not.”


When they arrived at Izuku’s apartment complex, the blonde was surprised to find that he lived fairly far out. He thought about how Izuku would walk home and realized the greenette traveled a generously large distance to and from work. 

The neighborhood they arrived at was small and quiet. It was middle class and the tall white apartment building was majority windows. Against the late summer sky, it reflected all the colors of orange and blue that swirled around the clouds, making it look like it was a part of the atmosphere above them.

They chatted idly as they made their way up to Izuku’s place on the eleventh floor after parking ground zero outside. The oldest male noticed how weirdly happy and content the greenette looked to have company over and something inside of Katsuki felt...okay with it as well. 

The pair walked up to the wooden door with the numbers ‘1106’ in neat gold letters and Izuku pushed in his silver key in the lock. Immediately the fluorescent lights were turned on and Katsuki was surprised by what he saw the first moment he stepped in.

“Go ahead and make yourself at home! Ignore the mess, I’m still unpacking everything. I figured we can do work on the couch area since I have a small table there. Perfect place for paperwork and desserts.” Izuku called out as he walked into and past the living room. 

The apartment itself was small. It had wooden flooring, white walls that were completely bare but there was an intense amount of white light flooding the small space from the black ceiling fan and lamps placed throughout. The living room was directly next to a giant window that gave way to an entire beautiful nighttime view of Shizuoka City.

But what caught the blonde’s attention the most wasn’t the stunning view. Not at all. It wasn’t even the high number of boxes and clutter that signaled someone just moved in. It was the corner right next to the window that was littered in paintings, drawings and had a tall wooden easelperched to the side with an incompletely piece on top of it. 

The blonde walked forward slowly after locking the door behind him. His feet moved like magnetism as he fully took in the art in front of him. He knew Izuku was talented, but this—this was a whole new level. An impressive level. 

Each painting looked as though it captured a different emotion, or just surrealism with vibrant colors. But one painting in particular caught Katsuki attention. It was tossed slightly against the window carelessly, but it was a portrait of Izuku himself. 

His eyes were glanced downwards, and the background was dark with colors of black and purple. The blackness seeped onto Izuku’s skin like vines, making it seem like he was captured in endless black foliage. But the most interesting part of the painting was how Izuku painted his heart. It was simple, deep red and three bright orange flames were encircling it. 

The longer the young adult stared at the expression on the painted Izuku’s face the more he felt a particular emotion evoked out of him. A familiar, consuming one like the painting depicted. 

It felt like...loss. 

“Did you...paint all of these?” He whispered into the apartment. Red eyes scanned over all the other paintings in deep thought. He couldn’t even really process what he was looking at, or what he was feeling. 

Izuku was really something.  

“Huh? Oh, yeah. I paint a lot whenever I get the urge,” the light tenor voice replied from the kitchen. “It helps keep my mind clear and detours me from other not so savory habits.” 

If Katsuki wasn’t as amazed with what he saw, he would’ve found that comment a little bit suspicious. But right now, he was stuck on how downright fucking talented Izuku’s hands were. 

“These are amazing,” The raspy voice called out back. There was light rustling in the kitchen indicating that the youngest was doing something to start up cooking. “Have you ever considered havin’ a gallery opening? Or a possible art show in Shizuoka?”

“I have thought about it! I did a couple in college in Yaizu and was gonna do more but things just...didn’t work out that way.”

Ruby eyes then landed on a small black notebook that was positioned on the floor by the easel looking like it had been tossed down without much thought. The blonde looked over his shoulder to Izuku, who was already completely engrossed into making the tiny desserts. The greenette was moving his hips slightly to the beat of the song he was playing. 

With the detective’s back turned, the older man followed the flare of curiosity inside of him and bent down to grab the black book. When he stood up again, he opened it and flipped slowly through the pages. 

The notebook was the opposite of all the colorful large paintings, being only composed of black and white graphite images. Majority of them were portrait pictures of people and a couple were landscapes or cityscapes. 

As he continued to flip he stopped on a well rendered portrait of a male. It was soft and looked as it was done with great care. The young male in the picture had smooth skin and was smiling brightly. His head was tilted with a flirty smile and he had what looked to be light colored eyes and medium toned hair. 

Katsuki tilted his head to the side in the same way when he noticed that it strangely resembled him. The mystery man’s hair was slightly spiked like his own, or like that asshole, Shindo Yo, just not as dark as the criminal’s. 

But when red eyes moved downwards on the page his heart skipped a beat.

The indicated date on the portrait was old. Four years old to be exact, but it was a date Katsuki would never let himself forget. It was the same day he had broken up with Takeyama and the mess of the Hero Killer spiraled. 

In this moment Izuku looked over his shoulder to see why the lieutenant had grown so quiet. Green eyes instantly widened when he saw the blonde staring down at the notebook. Izuku quickly cleared his throat, breaking the spell the drawings had over Katsuki. 

“Please don’t go through that. I’m sorry, but a lot of that sketchbook is personal.” Izuku said in an apologetic manner. Red eyes finally tore away from the drawing of the young adult to close it respectfully. 

“Ah, my bad,” the rough voice replied. Katsuki then finally put the booklet back down to where he found it and stepped away from the artsy corner. He walked over to the kitchen area and leaned against the counter watching Izuku move his hands to prepare the small dessert. “You’re honestly really talented.”

“Aw, thank you, Bakugou. That’s really sweet coming from you,” Izuku turned his head and smiled at him and that flare in the taller man’s chest was back. Katsuki smiled back before leaning in with a small smirk.

“ only critique is your signature sucks.”

“Eh?” Izuku blinked rapidly and his hands instantly stopped mixing the batter in the bowl. “What is that supposed to mean?”

“Your fuckin’ chicken scratch looks like you wrote ‘Deku’ instead of ‘Izuku’.” The oldest laughed more. The smirk on his face only grew wider and wider when Izuku’s face grew shocked and playfully offended. “I’ve been meaning to tell you that when I looked over your paperwork. You needa fuckin’ fix that.”

“Wah?!” The green-eyed male laughed. The artist furrowed his dark brows and shook his finger jokingly at the other. “Oi, no teasing when it comes to my art!”

“But I’m not teasing your art. I’m telling you to practice your goddamn penmanship.” Katsuki took a large step forward following the playful mischievous pull that was suddenly growing inside his chest. “You don’t wanna get branded as fucking Deku do you, Izuku?” 

The name rolled off the tip of his tongue like sweet water and suddenly the ash blonde realized what he’d done. Izuku’s name in his mouth sounded good to his ears—too good. But apparently, judging by the heavy blush on Izuku’s face it sounded good to him too. 

“...N-No I don’t!” The curly haired artist all but squeaked out. His voice was abnormally high pitched, and he quickly turned away from the man that had just spoken his first name. “B-But, um, you can set up either at the dining table or the couch, I’m gonna start cooking before I sit down.”

“Alrighty, I’ll be waiting. Your namagashi better be good, otherwise I drove all the way out here for nothin’,” Katsuki drawled out while walking away. He could feel something inside of him grow hot and decided it was a good idea to just do what he came here to do and not get distracted. 

“Heh, I’m sure it’s better than anything you could do. Now, get to work. I’ll be in the kitchen.”

“Alright, alright, nerd. Have fun slaving over a hot stove for me.”

Izuku’s breathy laugh echoed in the small apartment at the comment, and Katsuki shifted himself to get comfortable on the couch. He took out his paperwork and glasses while curiously eyeing the self portrait of Izuku that was off to the side. The greenette played relaxing piano music as the night went on. 

Katsuki fell into an easy work mode spiral that was only mildly interrupted whenever Izuku came over to sit next to him on the couch and look over his own work in the waiting periods for the food he was preparing. 

As more time passed on, slowly but surely the spicy smell of his favorite ramen dish filled the air and the board shoulder lieutenant found himself relaxing more into the plain beige couch. 

This felt...nice. That much he could admit out loud to himself. The sound of music along with the smell of food in the air while he was working enveloped Katsuki in a solid secure feeling that allowed him to feel even more inclined to do work. More so than when he was at the office.

He felt comfortable. 

He looked off to the side at the greenette who entered the living room once more from the kitchen, but this time he held a plate full of colorful sweets with two sets of chopsticks. They came in different shapes and sizes such as sakura flowers, koi fish, and roses. 

Red eyes immediately perked up as the plate of treats was set in front of him. He shifted all the papers and laptop off his lap and off to the side and quickly moved to grab the eating utensils. 

Slowly, he picked up the small sakura one with the given black chopsticks and placed it in his mouth. The sugary taste melted against his tongue and Katsuki almost damn near moaned at how good it tasted. He hadn’t had food this good in so long.

“This is really fucking good,” he exclaimed out giving Izuku a nod of approval. He looked to the side at the greenette who was practically glowing from the praise. “Damn, who would’ve thought. Talented in art and in sugary treats. How is that fuckin’ fair?”

“The universe made me overpowered, obviously. I am a man of many talents,” Izuku laughed, picking up the fish shaped treat and eating it. Katsuki quirked an eyebrow at the younger one before going in for the kill on another treat.

“Oh? What other talents would that be?” His mind briefly considered other things. Wondering if Izuku’s mouth was as talented as it was soft. But the male in question with soft lips just chuckled and shrugged.

“One would be looking like I’m still sixteen, apparently. I get carded wherever I go. I went to my local grocery store and the woman was not convinced I was old enough to purchase alcohol when I was checking out.”

Katsuki then leaned back while chewing to look Izuku up and down. 

Truthfully, he wouldn’t think Izuku was a day over twenty-one. Hence why he thought the greenette was way too young for him initially when they met. But he looked closer and he could see age in his eyes. As if they’ve seen things and have matured because of it. Katsuki tilted his head to the side to consider a couple of things about the smaller male.

“You probably wouldn’t have that problem if you fixed your hair and wore better clothes,” he finally decided on.  

“Hah? What’s wrong with my hair? First my signature and now my hair? You’re just being mean tonight.”

“A lot is fuckin’ wrong with your hair,” Katsuki mumbled, shoving another sugar delight in his mouth. Green eyes flickered down to this mouth in an unmistakable motion but the eldest tried his best to ignore it. “Your bangs look like you just rolled out of bed, something a teenager would very much do. Doesn’t exactly scream ‘I’m nearing my mid-twenties and I’m a professional police officer.’”

Izuku groaned and then basically pouted. Fucking pouted. And it nearly killed Katsuki on the spot. He’s never seen the other do that before. A grown man, who helped take down a drug heist was here with him...pouting over his hair. 

Why the fuck was it so damn adorable?

“What should I do to my hair then?” Izuku asked finally running his hand through the thick green locks. “Give me your stylish advice, lieutenant.”

“Fuckin’ part your bang or something, nerd,” Katsuki motioned with his chopsticks to his own unparted hair lining as if to show Izuku where to part his. “Like just comb it to the left or whatever.”

The artist hummed and tried to card his hand through his curls, brushing them sloppily all the way to the left side. When he was done he gave a goofy grin and Katsuki frowned deeply. 

“Like this?”

“No, not like that. I mean like majority of it to the left not all of it to the left,” he pointed with his chopsticks again more aggressively, hoping Izuku would get the hint. However, it didn’t seem like he was going to. Izuku just kept styling his hair wrong, over and over, making the already unruly head of hair unrulier. “Fucking Kami you’re dense. What the fuck? Maybe you should be called Deku.”

Another goofy grin was tossed his way and Izuku tried one more time to mess with his hair. “How about now?” Katsuki groaned and slammed his chopsticks down on the wooden table in front of him before turning back around.

“No, you dumbass. I said majority—” Izuku messed up his hair some more and Katsuki grabbed his hands to stop him. “Fuck it, sit still. I’ll do it for you, idiot.” 

Izuku laughed at the aggressive exclamation and let himself be grabbed by Katsuki’s larger hands. Emerald eyes watched carefully the scowl on the other man’s face as his superior got closer to him to entangle his fingers in his hair. The large hands worked against the thick hair parting it ever so slightly and brushing majority of Izuku’s bangs off to the side. The youngest closed his eyes enjoying the feeling and then slowly he felt the motions slow down.

When green eyes reopened, Katsuki felt his heart thump in a deadly manner. He slowly brushed the last piece of soft hair behind the other’s ear and out of his freckled face. Ruby eyes were completely lost in the constellation of freckled dots facing him as he was sucked into that familiar gravity. 

“ this,” his raspy voice whispered. 

He pulled his hand back and admired the new style on the greenette. It looked...incredibly nice on him. The new shift in hair framed his baby face in a way that made it appear less circular and more heart shaped. It made Katsuki’s own heart skip an alarming beat. 


There was a long pause as Katsuki studied the other in front of him, trying to assess the twist in his chest.

“You’re staring again,” the youngest pointed out quietly. “How do I look?” Red eyes studied him and deep down he knew there was only one word that would really capture Izuku as a whole. 

...breathtaking, is what his mind said, and what he meant to say. But Katsuki knew he couldn’t afford to say that because...he just couldn’t. His heart twisted thinking about the implications.

“ a Deku. You look like a Deku,” he spoke solidly, letting his defense mechanisms take hold. He shoved down his real opinions of the beautiful greenette in front of him. 

The other detective reeled his head back at the comment, fully not expecting that to be the answer but slowly a bright smile overtook the round face. 

“Hey, that’s mean,” Izuku protested with a small laugh and brushed a piece of hair behind his ear shyly. “I just made you food and this is the thanks I get?”

“Just because you can cook doesn’t make you any less of a Deku if you don’t fix that signature of yours.” Katsuki smirked and leaned back, resting against the arm of the couch. He grabbed his laptop and papers again, fully prepared to run away from his racing heart.

“Heh, wow. Thank you so much for the feedback.” Izuku chuckled and grabbed his own laptop, leaning back to the other side of the couch. 

“You’re completely welcome, nerd.” Katsuki scoffed and cut his eyes off to the side at the greenette, who was now wearing a gentle part in his hair. “Now, seriously. Get back to work and let me focus for a while.”

“Okay! No issue, lieutenant,” the younger one smiled and Katsuki resisted all urges to smile back. 

The dusk turned to night fully and the two found themselves silently working next to each other. Both quietly devoured the colorful tea treats Izuku had made until eventually time was lost. 

The youngest had eventually run out of steam and put on a movie from NeckFlex that he watched while Katsuki was still well into his work zone.

By the time the ash blonde looked up it was nearly 10:00 pm and Izuku had fallen asleep. 

The greenette’s head was tilted to the side and he was awkwardly holding a brown file in his hand, completely knocked out. 

I should go home. Katsuki thought to himself emptily. He stared down at the freckled face next to him and studied the long dark eyelashes. 

He made a move to shift his laptop off to the side and then reached over to carefully grab Izuku’s folder out of his hands.

The sleeping policeman is mumbled slightly when the files were taken out of his grasp and Katsuki leaned over to place them on the table. 

He jumped immediately when suddenly there was a heavy weight slumped against him. Red eyes looked back to see Izuku leaning all the way on his shoulder and Katsuki froze.

The other was so close again and this time the blonde didn’t know what to do with the sleeping figure. 

Izuku looked...peaceful. 

He groaned to himself as he tried his best not to move and disturb the sleeping one. He leaned back all the way, holding out his hand to be careful not to let Izuku fall in his lap by accident. 

Just fucking great. He sighed internally. 

He looked back down to the round face and could’ve kicked himself. There was no way he could bring himself to wake Izuku up now. Especially when he seemed so sound asleep. 

So Katsuki didn’t. 

He reached slowly for the papers to the side of him, deciding that a little bit more work time couldn’t hurt...Right? 

He pushed his glasses up on his face and tried his best to focus on the small case in front of him, and not the fact there was a warm body pressed against him. 

Katsuki drowned in his work for another night, trying his best to distract himself from thinking about beautiful green hair.

He glanced down at the man next to him and then back to the self-portrait that was across the room. He finally concluded something about the younger male that made him feel different about everything he had learned thus far.

Izuku really was a puzzle. 

He was complicated, distracting but...maybe he was in a good way. 

Chapter Text

Chapter 5 - Burnout




Katsuki was first woken up by sunlight.

The warm rays hit his face as he slowly fluttered open his eyes. 

Once awake, Katsuki immediately noticed a couple of very important things.

The first being that he was not in his apartment. The second was the soft comforter pulled over him and how he was neatly tucked in with a plush pillow underneath his head. Lastly, the hands on the black clock on the wall read close to 7:00 am.

Katsuki did a double take. 

Seven fucking

Seeing the time instantly cured the blonde of all the grogginess in his body, making him shoot up from the couch. He sat up quickly in his clothes from the previous day when it dawned on him that he fell asleep while working.

Fuck. How did I do that? 

He cursed himself again and again while starting to slowly panic. His hair was wild, blonde spikes flew in every direction and the bags under his eyes felt heavy. The sleepy man frantically searched for his belongings, but he kept cursing himself when he couldn’t find them above or below the covers. He last remembered them being in his fucking lap? What in the hell happened—

Then all of his racing thoughts paused when he finally looked ahead of him. 

There, sitting neatly on the small wooden table, was all his stuff. Files were neatly tucked away in their respective folders, his laptop was placed off to the side with the charger wrapped carefully, and his favorite red pen was capped and set down next to everything. 

He stared confused for a moment, not understanding why all of his belongings were handled with 

Katsuki felt his ear slightly twitch when a melodic soft hum and gentle music floated to his ears. Then slowly, a mixture of delicious savory smells filled his senses, drawing his attention towards the kitchen area. 

The man with wild bed-hair could hear Izuku’s voice carry through the apartment and curiosity pulled him to walk up and out of the living room.

Is The blonde tilted his head to the side as he wandered into the small kitchenette. When he carefully rounded the corner, Katsuki felt his breath almost hitch at the sight. 

Izuku was standing over the stove with his back turned, sporting an obviously tight pair of green joggers, a comfy white crew neck sweater and he was swaying somewhat to the music. The curly greenette seemed lost in his own world as he cooked, keeping his hands busy. 

The sudden domestic feeling of everything made Katsuki feel like cursing out loud. 

He fell asleep on his trainee’s couch and now the damn dork was cooking breakfast for him? He sniffed the air again lightly. A good smelling breaking on top of it. 

His gaze then shifted to the garnet counter to see two light blue bento lunch boxes wrapped up in a bag. Then red eyes glanced to the wooden kitchen table off to the side and noticed two cups and two plates neatly set up across from each other. 

“Ah! You’re finally awake,” Izuku called. Katsuki turned back around to see a bright smile looking at him happily. “Sorry, I hope you don’t mind that you slept over. I woke up around three in the morning, but I didn’t want to just kick you out.”

“Naw, you’re fine.” Katsuki waved his hands and he walked up next to Izuku to fully inspect the lunch boxes and the food that was being made. “Thanks for cooking and packing lunch, nerd. Didn’t know you cared so much.”

“It’s no problem at all,” Izuku laughed lightheartedly. “I promised you tantanmen if you came over and I like to keep my promises.”

“You didn’t have to make breakfast though,” Katsuki hummed. “I feel like I’m robbing you of your food supply.”

“Hah! Really, it’s not an issue. I like cooking, so this is fine. Don’t worry about it, okay?” Izuku poked the taller man’s cheek and the action felt extremely friendly and playful. Before he could catch himself, Katsuki laughed and smiled back, adjusting himself against the garnet counter. 

“Okay, okay, fine. Thanks again.”

Truthfully, he was thankful as fuck with how great the food looked and smelled. Izuku was cooking a mixture of colorful vegetables with a sunny side up egg and toast. Looking at the mixture sizzle made his stomach undeniably audibly growl. 

However, there was a part of him that panged lowly thinking about the last time someone cooked for him. Takeyama used to cook for him a lot up until they moved from Tokyo and then from there they became increasingly distant. 

It had even been a while since Katsuki really made breakfast for himself or didn’t substitute coffee for it. He usually just grabbed something small from the cafe at the bottom of his building on the go, but this was...nice. 

He looked at Izuku’s freckles under the morning light in a thoughtful sense.

“Did you need a spare shirt to wear? We can try to leave soon so you can go run by your place,” Izuku asked without looking up at him.

“I have spare clothes at the station, so no worries. I’ll just change there.” At this Izuku paused ever so slightly and looked at him out the corner of his eye.

“You keep spare clothes at work?”

“Yeah.” Katsuki shrugged like it wasn’t a big deal. “Sometimes. Just whenever there’s an increase in crime that calls for me to sleep over at the station. Nothin’ new. I started just leaving clothes there to make it easier for myself.”

Izuku clicked his tongue and cut his eye back away from the blonde-haired man. The sudden shift in mood made the lieutenant frown. What did he say wrong? 

“ work yourself really hard,” Izuku whispered in a small voice. At this, Katsuki realized that the other sounded kind of concerned. But Katsuki didn’t need people concerned over him. It was pointless, he’s handled himself well for years on his own.

“You’ve said that before.”

“I know but,” Izuku sighed. A long pause occurred as the greenette finished cooking and slid the mix of vegetables and egg off the fryer. “I guess never mind. To each their own, right?” 

A tight, fake smile was given to him and it made Katsuki look at Izuku strangely. 


The greenette was acting displeased to hear Katsuki worked as hard as he did, and it was abnormal to the lieutenant. 

Sure, all his friends always poked fun at how much of a workaholic he was, but none of them seemed flat out overly concerned about it. Katsuki got his work done, he took care of his body and allowed himself some fun time every now and then.

Just...not a lot of it. 

“Alright! Food is done. Let’s eat so you can hurry up and get showered,” Izuku beamed as he brought the food over to the small table. Katsuki followed behind him, his eyes occasionally glancing down to Izuku’s lower half. 

He bit the inside of his cheek watching the other’s hips sway in the hip-hugging joggers.


The breakfast was quick, fairly quiet and enjoyable, even though Katsuki wouldn’t admit it out loud. 

Talking to Izuku came with ease as they discussed the plan for today. Izuku confessed to wanting to learn more advanced combat techniques and go on more patrols. 

So Katsuki said he’d think about it and would talk to Toshinori about having Izuku out in the field more. It seemed the greenette enjoyed being in the midst of action versus doing deskwork. 

When they walked outside, Katsuki found himself strangely happy. His stomach was full, he was freshly showered and now his favorite spicy ramen was packed for lunch. 

It all felt weirdly well put together for a Tuesday. 

Something inside of him felt like it might actually be a decent day when Izuku’s bright smile was tossed his way.


They walked into the station with a light air around them and Izuku cheerfully complimenting ground zero. 

“I mean it! It’s so cool how you know how to ride. I always wanted to learn how since college.” 

“Sign up for classes or somethin’. Not that hard.” Katsuki mumbled, trying to ignore the damn near cute expression on Izuku’s excited face.

“Or you could teach me? Maybe? I always did well with private lessons.” A mirthful smile landed on pink lips and Katsuki quickly looked away.

“That’s pushing it, short stuff.” 

Izuku laughed at the response and kept his pace next to him as they headed into the elevator together. 

As they were riding up together, Izuku kept smiling. Smiling a lot. There was something different in the vibe about the detective and Katsuki couldn’t figure out what it was. The greenette was acting way friendlier with him than before. He was conversing like he would with Ochaco or Mina, or even Mirio from what he saw at dinner yesterday. 

He was treating Katsuki like a friend. 

The elevator dinged, and the pair stepped off still talking about motorcycles. They didn't pay too much attention to the atmosphere in the room until Katsuki looked up and saw people gathered around the flat screens. 

Everyone’s expressions were tense, and all eyes with glued forward. 

“What’s going on?” Izuku said, hushed. Katsuki looked at him confused as well, unsure. 

They got closer and pushed through the thick crowd of the U.A. officers. The lieutenant could see Toshinori leaned again Ochaco’s desk with his hands in his lap and eyes up on the screen. It was then that Katsuki finally lifted up his red eyes to the screen.

His stomach turned sick. 

On the bright screen were several homes in full blaze. The orange fire flickered and swallowed three houses whole. Fire trunks were gathered around trying to put out the large flame with water, but it felt useless. Thick, grey smoke clouded the sky above the burning homes, completely blocking out the sun. 

Katsuki glanced downwards to the bottom of the screen to read the headline. 

“Attack on residential homes in Atsui district: 

Three killed, and four injured. The start of a serial arsonist?”

His fingers subconsciously tightened around his motorcycle helmet and he turned away from the TV screen.

Toshinori stood up fully with a very serious expression etched into his face. It was then that the young lieutenant noticed an envelope clutched between his calloused fingers.

Slowly, the white note was handed over to him and Toshinori started to walk away. 

“Call Monoma now. The investigation to get to the bottom of this begins as soon as possible,” his superior called. The large man shuffled through the sea of officers with tense shoulders. 

Katsuki frowned deeply before looked back down at the already-opened envelope in his hands. He pulled out the slip inside to reveal a postcard with a picture of an old looking town. The photograph was washed out and looked oddly colored and it only confused Katsuki more. At the bottom it read ‘Welcome to Chicago’. 

Quickly, he flipped the other side and his stomach twisted in knots while reading the cursive handwriting. 

“I told you I don’t have the best of patience, Katsuki. Don’t start getting distracted on me.”

“Why send a picture of this town?” Katsuki said, looking intensely at the slip in his hand. He could feel all eyes turn towards him as if waiting for the answer as well.

“It’s an old picture of Chicago, in America,” Izuku stated, sounding distant. Katsuki then turned his attention to the shorter male to see all the color drained from his freckled face. “The great Chicago fire was a big thing in America history...a lot of people died.”

The words burned into his skin deeply. 

Katsuki resisted the urge to crumple the paper in his hand. 


The rest of the week went by without incident. Or at least by Katsuki’s standards. 

He called Monoma, much to his fucking displeasure. The uncooperative blondes agreed to meet briefly today, Saturday morning right before the Shizuoka City police picnic. 

Todoroki put the mysterious postcard through forensics, but it came back with nothing but trace amounts of gasoline stained on the card. 

There wasn’t a single fucking fingerprint or sign of DNA.

The lack of leads only added to Katsuki’s stress. Tremendously . There was now a total of four dead people at the hands of this man…or was it multiple suspects? He had no idea about anything other than this pyro had it out for him and he was a mad man. A severely pissed off, impatient, mad man that somehow knew how to create large fires within a matter of minutes. 

Worst possible combination in the fucking world. 

It was a frightening fact to everyone at the UA precinct. But an even more frightening fact to Katsuki was how he couldn’t figure out for the life of him what the fuck did this man want—

“Bakugou?” Izuku interjected in his thoughts. The young adult in question glanced up from his desk to see the shorter male standing at his door frame looking nervous. “Monoma is here.” 

Ah, right. Red eyes looked up at the clock and sighed. It was exactly 10:00 am, the time they agreed to.

“Tell him to bring his ass in,” Katsuki drawled out, unamused. Izuku fidgeted for a moment, looking as if he was going to say something, but then he just left out to go retrieve the other blonde lieutenant. 

Katsuki made sure he didn’t look directly into Izuku’s green eyes. 

After the residential homes burned down on Tuesday morning, Katsuki had started to try to distance himself from the smaller male. Being around Izuku made him forget easily about work and ultimately all the stress he had. 

It was fucking distracting. Izuku really was a damn distraction and with the issue of this pyromaniac—he couldn’t afford such a thing. The asshole torching the city basically said so himself. 

So, he tried his best to ignore all the smiles and small touches. They made him feel comfortable and it was confusing all of his already jumbled thoughts. 

But above all, it was tampering with his well-constructed emotional walls. 

On Wednesday Katsuki had forgotten to pack his lunch, being so scattered brained about all the cases he was working. He didn’t mean to, he just had forgotten it when he left out. However, when it came time for lunch hours, Izuku ended up insisting that he eat some of his left-over spicy ramen from Tuesday.

The action was friendly, caring, and Katsuki really did appreciate it. He ate it in silence then went directly back to his office. The following rest of the week the small greenette brought in sugary namagashi for the entire precinct but Katsuki couldn’t help but squint his eyes at the gesture. 

He did this because Izuku had set a small plate on his desk when he wasn’t looking—just for him.

There was another knock on his door that made the lieutenant to look up and fully exit his thoughts. 

This time in the place of Izuku was Monoma, in all his pretentious glory. Katsuki sighed and finally took off his glasses and put away the files on his desk. 

“Good evening, thanks for getting back to my call,” Katsuki said in an empty tone. He motioned for the other to take a seat and slowly observed the other man that was clearly studying him. 

Monoma was wearing his white lieutenant shirt, a rank he managed to make not too long ago because he had the same fiery motivation as Katsuki. His dark blonde hair was swept to the side in a neat fashion and the man crossed his legs neatly once he took a seat. 

Dark blue eyes glazed around the office space with a slight sneer. Katsuki had to resist groaning out loud. He could already feel where this was going. 

“I didn’t answer the call for you. I did it for the city.” 

And there it was fucking was.

“...I’m well aware, but I can still say thank you,” Katsuki tried his best to say with a polite tone out of his grinding teeth. “Please, take the damn thank you.”

“Still as charming as ever,” the dark blonde shrugged and leaned back into the chair. The gesture only irritated Katsuki further.

“Did you want to discuss the case or not? We have to get to the event soon.”

“I did,” Monoma replied steadily, without looking at him. “I heard that you and Aizawa understand a little bit more about the arsonist that you let get away last week. What were those details? If we start making a map now, hopefully we can start to see a pattern.” 

Monoma took out his black booklet to start taking down notes and Katsuki felt himself slightly relax as they got past the obvious tension between them. 

“Well, first thing’s first, the guy calls himself the cremator. The man doesn’t like cops. In fact, I’m sure he hates them which makes me believe that there’s something...he’s pissed off about. Probably something to do with me since he specifically asked to speak with me right before he blew the Sakai bank up.” 

At this, sharp blue eyes looked up at him suspiciously but Katsuki continued without wavering, ignoring the rising feeling of heat coming from Monoma. 

“He engulfed the old Sokai bank on Kaze avenue in flames in less than five minutes flat which makes me think he either had help or it was premeditated. And as you know, three houses in the Atsui district on Ichirizuka street were set on fire on Tuesday,” Katsuki sighed and rubbed his temple. 

Saying all of this out loud was re-grounding him in how serious everything was.

“Then lastly, Aizawa overheard him saying that he wants to see the city burn, and that he wanted him to burn a cop alive to make a statement or some shit. So...there’s possibly more to come.” 

Katsuki finished and the air in the office was thick. Monoma looked at him with several mixed emotions before speaking.

“That’s...alarming,” the other lieutenant said slowly. Katsuki nodded in agreeance.


It was then that the other stood up and put away his notepad. Katsuki looked up at the man to see the expression fully shifted from mixed emotions to pure disdain. 

“But of course, this mess would be connected back to you in some way though," Monoma sneered, looking down at Katsuki. The ash blonde straightened his back out when a clash of electricity clearly struck between them. This fucker was always pushing his buttons.

“...and just what the hell is that supposed to mean?” He challenged back, fully glaring at the other. But his usual glare was ineffective to the other angry lieutenant. 

“You and I both know what it means," Monoma took a step forward, turning up his nose. "It seems like anytime there’s a large incident of deaths or injuries you’re right in the middle of it.” The suggestion caused Katsuki to transport directly back to four years ago. He tried his best to stop the guilt from seeping in but was unsuccessful.

“That’s not true—”

“—It is and you know it, Bakugou.” Sharp eyes cut harder than the guilt slowly sinking in his skin. “This is probably going to end up being another mess that was caused by an oversight you had because your nose is too far up your own ass.”

Katsuki frowned deeply, several wrinkles showing his age finding their way onto his face. This asshole didn’t have to do this everything single fucking time they were together. He really didn’t.

“Do you want to work together on this or not?”

“We have no choice. If I have to work with someone like you then fine,” Monoma said reluctantly. “In the name of saving lives that you might possibly fail to, I will do so.” 

“Can you stop taking jabs at me? I’m trying to be professional.”

“That still doesn’t bring them back,” Monoma bit out unkindly, and Katsuki stiffened, knowing where this was going. He really wished it wasn’t going to go that route, but it always did. 

“You being professional doesn’t bring my teammates back, Bakugou. You can pretend to repent all you want, but if you really did care about keeping people safe you wouldn’t have made the slip up you did so long along that left me squadless.”

Hearing it out loud again and looking at the person in front of him that was affected the most made Katsuki nearly drown alive in his own remorse. He never was able to make peace with the man in front of him, but when he heard the only amplified their issues. And it hurt. 

It actually...hurt.

“...I’m sorry, Monoma. Really, I am. It wasn’ wasn’t like that. There’s not a day that I don’t wish I could go back and be more attentive. How many times can I say fucking sorry?” Red eyes held contact with blue, silently begging for some inkling of forgiveness. Even though he knew such a thing would never be a possibility between them.

“There’s not enough ‘sorrys’ in the world to make me care about your remorse.”

“Well then, what the fuck do you want from me?”

“I want to see you fail, Bakugou,” Monoma spat venomously. “I want the world to see the failure of a man that I know so well. For you to be stripped of the title ‘Symbol of Victory’ because you and I both know you don’t deserve it.”

The words dropped like a bomb, stunning Katsuki completely by their impact. 

In the last four years, yes, Monoma had been a dick to him, but never had he crossed the line this far. To hear that the other lieutenant wanted to see Katsuki fail sent a strange chill into his bones. 

They stared at each other in silence because Katsuki didn’t know what the fuck to say to that. He didn’t even know what to do.

His thoughts started to spiral without knowing as the ash blonde internally reprimanded himself over and over again. 

Katsuki found himself stuck in the past, unwillingly thinking about his past failures. He recounted the people he failed, the feeling of the rain ghosted over his skin as he reimagined himself at the funerals—Monoma’s teammates’ funerals. His heart clutched, and the memories blended together with his failed relationship that he thought was going to be his last.

The room felt tight and it felt like his one biggest fear was catching back up to him. It nearly made Katsuki sick to think about.

A quick knock broke through the workaholic’s wall of thoughts, drawing both pairs of eyes turned to look at the door. 

There, as bright as the sun, was Izuku smiling warmly in the entrance. Katsuki quirked an eyebrow confused as to why the dork was suddenly back at his office. 

“Hi, excuse me?” Izuku asked politely. “May I have a moment with my superior alone, please? I have some paperwork I need him to look over.”

“Who are you again?” Monoma asked in a scrutinizing manner.

“Midoriya Izuku. I’m a new detective, just started three weeks ago,” Izuku beamed in a happy manner, lips taut. It made Katsuki squint his eyes slightly because he could recognize the expression as that fake ass tight smile he’s learned to distinguish on the spot. 

“You’re fairly young to be a detective,” Monoma said, still looking at Izuku strangely. He stayed studying Izuku like he didn’t belong, and the youngest was clearly nervous but trying to mask it.

However, the longer the blue eyes stayed criticizing Izuku the longer it irritated Katsuki. 

Truthfully, he didn’t give a fuck about getting shit from Monoma. It was routine for their dynamic but for some reason, he wasn’t too keen on the idea of the asshole crossing the line to Izuku. 

It wasn’t the greenette’s battle to fight—it was Katsuki's alone that he had earned from his own mistakes

The dark blonde turned to Katsuki with an antagonizing smirk. 

“Is U.A. hiring just anyone now? Standards getting so low you’re taking them fresh out of college?” And there it fucking was.

“No. He was hired ‘cause he’s smart,” Katsuki quipped, shooting a pissed off look for Monoma to back off. “I was the same age when I became a detective. It’s a rare occurrence but it ain’t impossible. Not all of us had to retake the exam and wait several years.”

Instantly, Monoma’s face fell at the callout and he cut his eyes to Izuku, who just looked down, trying to stifle a smile.

“And he’s my trainee so it makes fuckin’ sense. Next time I fully prefer if you keep your insults directed at me and not him. Otherwise we’re gonna have a rough next couple of months getting along even slightly.” 

The dirty blonde looked between Izuku and Katsuki with an analyzing gaze before settling on the other blonde.

“Fine.” The tone was short and sharp. Blue eyes grew darker as Monoma turned around for the exit. “I’ll see you around, Bakugou. I’ll talk to the fire department and see if there’s any pattern or a lead.”

“Sounds good. Enjoy the rest of your fuckin’ day at the picnic.” Katsuki waved his hand dismissively. 

Monoma exited, but not before looking Izuku up and down with a cautious gaze. An undeniable protective surge rolled over Katsuki, waiting for the man his age to do something out of line so he could pounce. But luckily for everyone in the room, nothing happened. 

Izuku kept his head down out of respect and when the door closed behind him the greenette visibly relaxed, as did Katsuki. Red eyes watched how the smaller male walked up to his desk shaking his head, clearly irritated. 

“That guy was an ass,” Izuku said in a huff. The youngest crossed his arms and pursed his lips. “He took things too far.”

“Were you eavesdropping?” Katsuki tilted his head and raised an eyebrow at the other male.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to,” the greenette whispered. “When I first saw him he he didn’t want to be here and I just got concerned.” At the mention of concern, Katsuki felt himself grow with familiar irritation. 

Why was Izuku suddenly so damn concerned about him?

“There’s nothing to be concerned about. Monoma and I are both adults who can handle working with someone we don’t like. The tension between us will probably never go away, it’s been like that for ages.”

“Yeah, I know, but still. He shouldn’t be so hateful. It helps nothing.”

Green eyes looked into his face and instantly Katsuki felt that gravity start to pull like it always did. The eyes of the detective in front of him held worry and something close to caring. 

It made Katsuki feel...something he didn’t like to feel. 

He looked away and cleared his throat.

“Not wrong there,” the ash blonde grumbled under his breath. He sighed before changing the subject, wanting nothing more than to move back into normality. “What was the paperwork you wanted me to look over?”

“Oh,” Izuku awkwardly laughed, making the lieutenant look back up. Katsuki frowned at him when there was an unmistakable pink tinge across Izuku’s cheeks and he was rubbing his neck shyly. 

“There actually...was none? I just felt the need to step in and stop the exchange.”

Katsuki exhaled audibly and pressed his lips in a thin line, looking at Izuku very displeased. But the younger officer just shrugged his shoulders with an apologetic grin. It took everything the blonde-haired man had not to smile because Izuku looked damn adorable, but he was honestly pissed about the so-called rescue. 

Or at least he wanted to be. 

Being around Monoma was hard for him and he usually just took the digs the best he could because he truthfully thought he deserved them after everything. He doesn’t fully blame the other man for hating him. 

If the roles were reversed and Katsuki found out Monoma’s careless mistake was responsible for the death of his teammates...well...he probably would be forever resentful as well. 

Katsuki did want to mend the bridge and move forward but the other blonde had zero intentions of letting that happen. It was a painful reminder over Katsuki’s head every time they interacted. A pain Izuku had just lessened by intervening and stopping Katsuki from spiraling too far into it.

After thinking about this, he reluctantly gave a small, grateful smile and nodded his head.

“Thanks,” he decided on, making emerald eyes light up slightly. “Well. If that’s it, let’s get changed and go to the picnic.” 



When they were outside, the pair casually talked into the summer air. Other U.A. officers and Mirio shuffled outside as well and Katsuki couldn’t help but look at the profile of Izuku’s smiling face. He felt himself untense and slowly come off the edge Monoma had been inching him towards. 

It was strange to him that Izuku had been the one to pull him back.

But, truthfully, it did irritate him how the other felt the need to step in between him and Monoma but...there was something else it made him feel. To know Izuku cared about him like that made his heart twist and knot. 

Even now, while chatting with him casually, Katsuki found that he did actually enjoy conversations with him. It was...nice. He could finally admit it was nice to have another person he could talk to other than Mina and Kirishima. 

Maybe he was wrong to try to distance himself from Izuku?

He toyed briefly with the idea the more the soft laughter hit his ears.

Everyone piled into the usual cars of Kirishima and Momo while he and Izuku headed towards his black and orange motorcycle. The lieutenant hopped on and didn’t really think twice when handing over the spare helmet. 

But as he did so, he saw Mirio look at Izuku with a face close to disappointment. 

It threw Katsuki off for a split second. Then as quickly as it came, it left. The lawyer went into the car with Kirishima laughing with Denki and Ochaco, while Izuku joined him on the back of ground zero. He stared after the car as it drove off and tried to tell himself it was nothing. 

Instead he tried to focus on the fact he could feel himself slowly heat up when lean arms wrapped around his waist. Katsuki pushed down the feeling when Izuku pushed his chest against his back and told himself he was just doing this out of courtesy for Izuku’s weird habit of avoiding Shouto.

Right before putting on his helmet something small fluttered into his vision making the blonde reel his head back surprised. He blinked rapidly and focused his eyesight to find a blue and black butterfly that twirled around right before landing on his nose. 

Katsuki crossed his eyes confused, the sensation mildly tickling. But he nearly flinched when Izuku squeezed him tighter and laughed, leaning all the way into him.

“Aw, it likes you,” Izuku spoke very close to his ear. “That means you have a kind spirit.” 

“Keep your nerdy spiritual stuff to yourself,” Katsuki said without much real bite. The butterfly flew away, and both sets of eyes couldn’t help but look up as it gracefully lifted itself into the blue sky. 

While his eyes were up, Katsuki didn’t see how green eyes looked at him, but he felt the other’s arms squeeze his waist slightly. 


They arrived at the giant park about thirty minutes north, close to the shore line. It was large with green trees and turf everywhere for activities. The wind was blowing, slightly rustling the trees and set a calming atmosphere into the air. As they parked their vehicles loud music from the outdoor speakers could be heard along with the loud chatter of people. 

The police of the city did this every year midsummer to provide all the officers a break and a chance to get to know everyone. There was always a fair amount of new hires, or people who retired so they did field activities to break the ice and relax. It was one of the few times per year that Katsuki actually relaxed and enjoyed some time off.

But this year he found it kind of difficult.

Why? Well, he had a lot to think about: a pyro, other police work, and now fucking working with Monoma. 

Not to mention a certain greenette was clouding up his thoughts. He had to somehow push Izuku out of his mind because he couldn’t afford to think about the man this much. 

While, yes, he had decided that Izuku was a decent person and he may or may not like being around him, he couldn’t cross that line.

...No matter how frequently he thought about the softness of his lips or how unique his personality was. Especially his personality. Out of everything, that was what drew him in the most and it made Katsuki want to bang his head. 

The blonde admittedly thought way too frequently about the emotionally charged self-portrait and what the three flames could mean. He wondered if it was connected to the scar that engulfed Izuku’s left arm. So much so, that there had been a couple nights this past week Katsuki googled fire symbolism in art. 

A lot of the results were either death or passion, sometimes a combination of both. Immediately his mind filled in the blanks with Izuku on fire and Katsuki would quickly click out from his phone’s browser. 

Pondering this much about Izuku was dangerous territory for someone like him, who always felt attracted to someone’s personality. 

So that’s why when they were all mingling in the park for several moments, Katsuki tried his best to ignore how Mirio whisked Izuku away to the other side of the field with a polite smile.

“Bakubro! Which activity are you most excited about?” Kirishima asked while they were seated by the picnic tables. Katsuki shrugged, taking off his leather jacket to reveal a black muscle tank with the word ‘beast’ written across it in white kanji on his chest.

“Probably the race,” he said back. “I always win that one. Nobody can catch my ass.”

“Eh, I dunno about that this year Kat,” Mina said with a wide grin. “Izuku might outrun you. He has those legs. They look like they could outrun a cheetah.”

“Honestly, true that. Short stuff got the legs of a damn demigod,” Kirishima agreed giving Katsuki a goofy grin and eyebrow wiggle. “You just know he doubles up on leg day. I wonder why he needs all that leg muscle, don’t you?” Katsuki glared at his friend for the suggestive remark.

“I’m taking bets on who’ll win each thing!” Denki spoke up in a high tone, unaware of the exchange. “I say Mirio’s got the strong man, Izuku has the sprint, Katsuki has the obstacle course, and I will take the hot dog eating competition!” Everyone at the table erupted in laughter, including Katsuki who motioned for his electric blonde friend to calm down.

“Chill, Denki. It’s not a competition, no need for that,” Katsuki said with a smirk. But he knew his friend was probably right. Usually someone like Toshinori or Mirio won the strong man by lifting one of the heavier or more unique things they could find and Katsuki always took the sprint. But this year he had to admit, Izuku’s legs...might give him some trouble.

“Oh, Katsuki, don’t act like you’re not competitive,” The redhead teased from across the wooden table. “You try every year to outdo and show off to everyone—why else is your ass wearing a damn muscle tank this year?”

“Because it’s fuckin’ hot. And you’re wearing one too! What do you mean!?”

“Yeah, but it’s different when I do it. This is the first year you’ve ever worn a tank,” the smug redhead pointed out and all pairs of eyes looked at him. 

“Okay sure, it’s the first year I’ve worn one but it’s also an unnaturally hot fucking summer,” the ash blonde growled out, trying to defend his fashion choice. He looked down at himself in white sneakers and black joggers. Okay...he did notice that it kind of come across like he was trying to look like that sporty douche. 

“I think you’re trying to show off your arm day efforts. Advertising how great of a hugger you’d be to—”

“—don’t finish that fuckin’ sentence.” Red eyes were as sharp as daggers as they cut into his chuckling best friend.

“What? Does Bakugou have his eye on someone?” Shouto interjected, astonished. At this, Katsuki nearly groaned when his half and half rival had a small smirk across his lips. “Has hell finally froze over?”

“No. I don’t and hell is still burning hot. I only have my eyes on the prize.”

Kirishima snickered and lightly elbowed his giggling fiancé next to him. “Yeah, if that prize was you know who’s ass—”

“Hey guys!” Izuku piped up from behind and Katsuki winced. Of course—speak of the devil and they shall appear. He wondered briefly if that was a sign from whatever universal being was up there. 

“They’re about to start the strong man competition! Are you gonna join?” Izuku smiled at everyone, but particularly he was looking down at a certain ash blonde. Katsuki didn’t really think much about this and waved his hand at the question posed.

“Naw, not this one. I never stand a chance against Mirio and Toshinori. Gonna save myself some embarrassment year.”

“But he still gets pretty close every time he tries,” Kirishima suggested with a knowing smirk. “I mean just look at those biceps.” He pointed to Katsuki’s crossed arms and the blonde could have just strangled him. 

Red eyes nervously glanced to Izuku and found the greenette tilting his head, assessing him. Izuku gave a small, innocent smile and then turned back to Kirishima.

“Heh, yeah I can see that—”

“—There you are!” A loud booming new voice entered, jolting the whole table. Mirio gave a happy smile to everyone and Katsuki couldn’t help but notice how blue eyes looked the freckled man up and down as well. The gnawing in Katsuki’s head started again. 

“Izuku, I need you for the strong man,” the canary blonde said with a charming smile and Izuku immediately looked just as confused as everyone at the table.

“O-Oh, what? I’m not participating—Ah!” Before the greenette could finish his sentence, Mirio squatted quicker than anything Katsuki’s ever seen and tossed Izuku over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes, stunning everyone. 

The greenette blushed heavily, looking like this was a normal occurrence between them and Katsuki was straight up shell shocked. 

All eyes watched as Mirio gave a polite ‘catch you guys later!’ and patted Izuku on the small of his back earning a surprised sound from the detective. 

The large blonde turned around to head off to the opening where everyone was gathering and Izuku gave an apologetic smile as he was carried off. 

“A-Alright. This is fine...I guess. See you guys later!” He called out and waved goodbye. Katsuki could see a visibly irritated expression overcome the youngest’s face as he puffed out his cheeks in annoyance.

Izuku looked away and something inside of Katsuki wanted to speak up and say something. He wanted to tell Mirio Izuku didn’t like being fucking handled and treated delicately like that but...that wasn’t his place. Right? They clearly know each other well so why was Mirio still doing this?

“Wow,” Mina said looking at the two now on the other side of the field. She blinked a couple of times in disbelief. “They must be really close.”

“Yeah, I guess,” Katsuki grumbled. He turned back to face forward, not caring to keep looking at the scene that was unfolding behind him. 

Katsuki noticed how Shouto keep his head turned, still staring after the pair. The sergeant turned around with a thoughtful expression before leaning in slightly to the table.

“Hey, I know this is an odd question, but does Midoriya seem familiar to anyone else?” He whispered with curious eyes, searching everyone’s face. “Or is it just me?”

Immediately all their faces scrunched up with confusion at the comment. All but Katsuki’s. The lieutenant’s jealousy slowly disappeared as he turned towards Shouto. 

Kirishima shrugged and scratched behind his head. He looked around to all the other faces at the table who all seemed to just shake their head ‘no’ and shrug as well. 

“Uh, just you, I guess. I think I would’ve recognized that much green if it ever rolled into my life.”

“What do you mean familiar?” The ash blonde asked, staring curiously at the other male. Shouto put his finger on his chin and opened his mouth hesitantly. Slowly, Katsuki started to think about Izuku’s subtly skittish behavior around the half redhead. 

“I feel like...I’ve seen him somewhere before. Like Kirishima said, green eyes are really rare and I can’t help but feel a little déjà vu. I got it when I first met him and he introduced himself. I think I heard his name before? If that makes sense.”

“Ah, have you tried googling him? Maybe you saw an article or something,” Denki tried to offer but Shouto just shook his head.

“I did.” The tall man leaned back and sighed. “Not much outside of private social media accounts come up. But maybe I’m just overthinking it.”

“Yeah, maybe! I mean his hair is basically almost black. You could be possibly mistaking him?” Mina suggested, and the other sergeant finally let the topic go.

“You’re right. I’m probably just mistaking him.”

Their conversation went on like usual and the cheering crowd from behind them could be heard. Everyone at the table laughed and talked about random things like specific cases or funny operatives they had been sent on once upon a time. Kirishima and Mina were smiling brightly while Todoroki was scrolling nonchalantly on his phone.

Katsuki couldn’t help but think about how much of a weird occurrence it was though. 

Izuku made a fairly discreet but clear effort to put distance between him and Shouto after finding out his surname. Now, Shouto himself was saying that he found Izuku familiar. 

All the chatter around him suddenly felt like white noise as he tried his best to write it off. Izuku was caring, and seemingly kind of sweet. It couldn’t be anything that bad...right? Maybe they met in passing. 

A large part of him hoped it didn’t connect with the obvious after work activities he knew Izuku participated in.

“Hey, Bakugou?” Shouto spoke in a whisper from beside him. The sergeant held up his phone for the lieutenant to view. “...I think you should see this.” 

Red eyes readjusted to look down to the screen full of black and white text.



‘Hero Killer’ case reopened under new investigation  

According to private sources, the ‘Hero Killer’ investigation was reopened this past week in the midst of other investigations. There’s apparently new evidence pertaining to possible involvement of another person helping in the killing of police officers that devastated the city so long ago.

As of now no other information has been given and it is not said who reopened the case…

... Read More >


For nearly the fourth time this month, Katsuki was left speechless. 

He tried to register the words over and over again not liking the sentence that was put together in the title. He reread it again and again and Shouto’s mixed matched eyes wearily looked at the growing frown on his face.

“...What the fuck? There was no other person involved,” Katsuki said quietly, finally finding his words. “We took care of that down to the last strain of evidence. He was working alone. He was definitely working alone.”

“I know. It’s weird right? I can’t tell if everything is related or if its separate but just...keep a mindful watch on everything.”

“For sure. Thanks, Todoroki.” Katsuki gave a long, exhausted sigh. 

Just fucking great. Another shady fuckin’ thing. He couldn’t help but wonder why were things suddenly becoming a mess now? He so desperately wanted to stop thinking about all of this and enjoy the picnic the best he could. So, he decided to change the subject, something he was good at.

“How have you been doing?” The ash blonde asked in a low raspy tone. 

“I’ve been fine. My dad is coming into the downtown area at some point, but I don’t know when. Apparently, a lot of people are upstreaming the arsenal issue to him after the four casualties.”

Ah. Enji. Katsuki nodded thoughtfully thinking about the last time he really saw the eldest Todoroki and how bad of a spat he and Shouto got into. Things between them never have been the best. But...after a couple years ago they were downright impossible. 

“That makes sense. Have things between you two gotten any better?” He asked out pure concern for a comrade. Shouto just shrugged in response, rightfully so. If there was anyone who overpowered Katsuki’s fiery personality it was Todoroki fucking Enji. 

Idol, hero, and...problematic. He saw this first hand at his internship several years back.

Shouto stretched and looked behind him casually when there was a loud eruption of applause. “Eh, things are as good as they can be. He’s still kind of an asshole and he avoids talking about what...happened?…oh—wow.” 

Katsuki looked up confused at the sudden pause to see this friend making a face of astonishment. 

“Well then.” Shouto blinked a couple more times and Katsuki scrunched his face. “Wow.”

“What?” The blonde tilted his head. 

“Mirio is...bench pressing Izuku.”

“He’s doing fucking what?”

Fast enough to give him whiplash for a week, the blonde male twisted around with his eyes searching for the ridiculous image that was described to him. 

And like his comrade said, there was Mirio on the ground bench-pressing a giggling Izuku. The greenette had his arms crossed, a smile was clearly painted across his face along with a blush and Mirio’s hands positioned very intimately on his body. 

People were gathered around cheering him on and Toshinori looked like he was witnessing a damn dream come true. 

Suddenly Katsuki felt very on edge because of an emotion he couldn’t place. Or didn’t want to place.

In all the years Mirio has come to the picnic, he’s never taken the liberty to bench another person. What was the need to show off now? There was none...not unless—

“Winner is Mirio!” 

Everyone cheered and all of the officers sitting at his table clapped at the announcement. The strong blonde put Izuku down gently and stood up. The canary blonde waved and politely thanked everyone then whispered something into Izuku’s ear. 

The subtle blush on Izuku’s face got deeper as did Katsuki’s frown. The short greenette walked away awkwardly laughing in the direction of the bathrooms and ruby eyes followed him. He noted how Izuku’s shoulders were tense but not enough that he looked completely uncomfortable. 

When Katsuki turned back to look at Mirio, he was surprised to see blue eyes looking directly back at him.

It made Katsuki pause, fully not expecting the eye contact. But what made Katsuki even more confused was the tight-lipped smile and the challenging eyebrow quirk Mirio gave him. 

The other blonde made sure to hold his eye contact for several more seconds then he followed loyally behind Izuku like nothing happened.

Did he just fucking—the ash blonde quickly looked around to see if anyone else noticed the exchange, but it seemed like no one else did. 

Katsuki starred after the two completely confused.


Throughout the next couple of hours, the comment Shouto made was in the back of his mind. However, what was in the forefront of his mind was how goddamn thirsty Mirio was acting. 

The canary blonde had been all over Izuku and kept glancing in Katsuki’s direction as if to make sure he saw. 

And he fucking saw all of it. 

He saw how Mirio chose the greenette for the three-legged race, and how he kept his hand positioned on the small of Izuku’s back the entire time. 

He saw how when Izuku accidentally fell on his left side during flag football Mirio instantly ran over and helped him up. Even though Izuku didn’t seem fully appreciative.

He saw how during lunch Mirio walked up extremely close behind Izuku to say something. His size nearly making Izuku look dwarfed. 

Then finally, during lunch, he saw how Mirio pulled Izuku closer by the waist in the middle of everyone laughing, thinking no one would notice. But Katsuki did—he fucking noticed. 

But he also noticed how Izuku scooted away politely.

There was not a single doubt in his mind that Mirio had a thing for Izuku by the time the all police race came around. Sometimes the overbearing actions came across protective and brotherly. But whatever Mirio felt towards Izuku, it was clear he wasn’t keen on letting Izuku talk to him. 

This was made painfully clear when the greenette tried to compliment him on winning the obstacle course and began to start a conversation with Katsuki.

But before they could even really start talking, Mirio came over. 

This happened again and again, then soon the other blonde somehow always found a way to interject or insert himself between him and Izuku. 

Without. Fucking. Fail. 

It made something inside of Katsuki undeniably irritated. 

Yes, he didn’t want to get too close to Izuku, but he still had the right to fucking talk to the detective if he wanted to. He liked talking to Izuku, and someone who he considered his (sort of) friend was acting as if it was a game of fucking hot potato to keep the sunshiny ball of green away from the hot-headed blonde. 

He liked Mirio, really, he did. But there was something down right annoying about getting his conversations with Izuku cut off before they could even really start. Repeatedly.

So, that’s why when it came time for the race, Katsuki silently did his stretches. His mind was fully focused on winning and leaving everyone in the dust behind him—something he was good at. The ash blonde would never admit it out loud, but he now wanted to win for more than just good ol’ friendly competition reasons. 

Kirishima was right, he was a competitive ass person when it boiled down to it.

Katsuki tried his best to ignore Mirio’s overly joyful voice echoing in the same field and the breathy laughter of Izuku. He glanced off to the side when everyone lined up in a row at the end of the green grass. Officers from all different precincts were gathering, excited about possibly winning. 

As he was assessing everyone, Izuku stuck his head out from the row to look at him from two people down. The lieutenant’s heart nearly skipped a beat at the sudden bright smile that was sent his way. 

“Good luck, Bakugou!” Izuku called and the greenette gave a gentle wave. “You’re gonna do great!”

“Thanks, nerd. But I already know I am. Keep sharp and don’t trip up.” Katsuki replied and a small smirk slowly twitched its way onto his face. He looked Izuku up and down and noted the grey colored joggers, red sneakers, and navy-blue long sleeve shirt outlining his arm muscles. The dork was kind of cute—

“Izuku, focus! No fraternizing with the competition,” Mirio laughed, poking his head out from line as well. Those blue eyes shot him a look that didn’t match his friendly face and Katsuki could feel the vein on top of his head start to convulse in annoyance.

“Just kidding!” Yeah fucking right. “Good luck, Kat!”

“Thanks, good luck to you too, Mirio. You’ll need it.”

A mildly stunned expression washed over the taller blonde’s face before it was tucked away neatly behind a happy expression. Blue eyes locked with red and Katsuki gave a sarcastic smile in the direction of his acquaintance. He turned back forward fully focused on the finish line on the other side of the giant field. 

“Alright!” Toshinori’s voice boomed loudly. He held up a white flag to the sky and ruby eyes were dead set on the goal ahead of him as he got down into spiriting position. 

“On your marks,” Katsuki glanced over to Izuku, “get set,” who glanced right back while a smile. “...Go!”

The flag was sent flying along with the dozens of police officers who pushed their bodies as hard as they could. Blurs of men raced to the goal on the other side of the field, and cheers from encouraging onlookers rang into the summer air. The blonde-haired lieutenant felt his vision hazy as he pushed his feet off the soft grass. It felt rejuvenating to run in the moment with just adrenaline and fully blank his mind.

However, it came as no surprise when Izuku pulled ahead of everyone. The greenette came through with a large burst of power causing everyone he passed to snap their necks at him. 

Before Katsuki even got a chance to see Izuku pass him, the rush of green blurred his vision and just like that Izuku came in first place. Katsuki flew in as second and Mirio was hot on his heels as third. Other officers stumbled across the makeshift finish line happily laughing and out of breath. 

Heavy panting, laughter and smiles echoed all around as people from the sidelines piled in. Small ‘congratulations’ or ‘good job out there!’ could be heard as Katsuki doubled over, placing his hands on his knees to catch his breath. He smiled at everyone patting him on the back as he tried his best to get a grip.

He hadn’t run like that in a long time. Part of him knew it was to impress Izuku and shut down Mirio’s unneeded taunting, but damn. It felt fucking good. 

Slowly, the tall man lifted up from his bent position and he could feel the small trickles of sweat running down his face. As he tried to catch his breath, he lifted the hem of his black shirt to wipe his forehead and exposed a clean cut six pack. He breathed in deeply, enjoying the feeling of the wind on his torso and welcoming the cool down.

In the distance, Kirishima’s loud voice could be heard and he closed his own eyes to make sure that none of the salty liquid got into his tear ducts.

“Wow, you’re really fast!” A preppy voice called from in front of him. Katsuki peeked one eye open and instantly when he caught sight of Izuku, alone, he couldn’t help but slightly hum in approval. 

“Yeah, but apparently I ain’t got shit on you. Ya fuckin’ road runner,” he laughed back with a signature smirk. Izuku just chuckled and placed his hands on his hips, the winner’s own chest heaving ever so slightly. Katsuki was impressed that the smaller male didn’t seem to be sweating, even in those fucking long sleeves. How did he do that? 

“Heh, yeah. I go pretty intense on leg day. But, really, you have great running form. I-It was hard to keep my eyes off you.” Green eyes then flickered down to his exposed chest and Katsuki followed him down, completely forgetting his stomach was on display. 

Izuku quickly looked back up and if it wasn’t for the fact that it was damn near ninety degrees outside, Katsuki would’ve said Izuku looked like he was blushing.

“W-We should totally work out together some time!” The greenette swallowed thickly before awkwardly laughing, making Katsuki swell with something close to pride as he put down the edge of his muscle tank. 

“Yeah, sure whatever. Kirishima and I usually do but you can join. Only if you can keep up though.” 

Izuku instantly looked ecstatic and something in Katsuki felt like it too despite coming in second place. Maybe it was because at least jade eyes were finally looking at him without any interference. 

Crimson eyes finally set sights on Izuku’s unruly head of curls and noticed something slightly different. When he fully took it in he realized that the other had actually parted his hair the way he suggested on Monday night. 

“Well damn, your hair,” he spoke out loud, surprised. His eyes traced the soft curvature and how much of a difference the simple part did for someone like Izuku with such a round face.

“Ah, yeah! I took your advice. D-Does it look okay?” The freckled face had a self-conscious expression written across it and it was cute. 

Really, really fucking cute. He couldn’t even fucking deny it and damn, Katsuki knew he shouldn’t be musing this. 

He rubbed behind his neck unsure of what to say because they were dancing a very thin line with shit like this. But watching the dork turn pink over seeing his chest and then asking if his hair looked okay was— 

“Hey, Kat! I gotta steal Izuku for a bit!”

—fucking annoying

Immediately out of reflex, a sneer enveloped Katsuki’s face. The young lieutenant tried his best to cover it up with a none-too-convincing-smile but was failing miserably.

He turned around and, keen on his fucking nerd-related sixth sense, Mirio was there walking straight up to Izuku. The two blondes gave each other nods and smiles as people walked past Izuku giving him pats on the shoulder with ‘good job rookie!’ and ‘damn, that was crazy’. 

“Izu, my dad wants to talk to you, he’s super impressed!” Mirio gave a friendly, hearty laugh before slinging an arm over Izuku’s lean shoulder. The greenette just smiled at his blonde childhood friend and then turned to his blonde superior. 

“I’ll catch you later, Bakugou. Okay?”

Katsuki bit the inside of his lip. “Okay.” He said in a forced tone with a forced smile. 

The pair walked away, and green eyes were no longer on him. 

Katsuki couldn’t help but feel like his small victory was robbed a bit.


The rest of the picnic went by without missing another beat. Kirishima and Denki teamed up and won the hot dog eating contest, then Mina promptly handed out antacids because they were in their late twenties—they couldn’t keep fucking pigging out like that.

Nightfall came, and it was then that Katsuki realized that Mirio successfully kept Izuku away from him the entirety of the rest of the picnic. He tried to tell himself he didn’t care but it felt odd, sitting with everyone without the new rookie there tossing around smiles at everything. 

During the end of the day fireworks, he briefly glanced over to Izuku who was sitting on the grass between Toshinori and Mirio. 

The flashing colors of red, blue, purple and orange lit up everyone’s face like paintings while the music synced with the show. 

While all eyes were up, Katsuki’s were down—locked onto thick green curls. He watched how the wind swayed them gently and then, like some type of lucid dream, Izuku tilted his head back to look at him.

Vibrant sparks from the lightshow above reflected bursts of color against the perfectly green irises, and it felt like Izuku’s eyes were almost glowing. 

Something deep inside of Katsuki’s chest burned at the hypnotizing sight. The searing feeling only got stronger when Izuku lifted a hand to wave at him and pink lips turned upward into a gentle closed mouth smile. The ash blonde waved back with a half-smile of his own and Izuku turned right back around.

Katsuki then finally lifted his eyes back up to the fireworks and ease ever so slightly.


After the picnic everyone was in a relaxed mood, Katsuki most of all. He watched silently as Izuku chatted with Mirio and something inside of him was assessing the two of them from a distance. A large part of him wanted to talk to Izuku because he could finally admit to himself that he liked Izuku’s conversation. 

It had been nearly a week since he talked to him one on one and...he wanted to. 

Denki and Todoroki said goodbye to him and slowly the crowd started to thin out. Katsuki fiddled with his bike and helmet trying to stall time to get Izuku alone as he walked into the parking lot. 

“Are you going to ride back with us, Izuku?” Mirio asked into the night air. His blue eyes were focused looking down at Izuku as the greenette put on his navy bomber jacket with the rose. Katsuki remembered it from the bar that felt so long ago. 

“No, I think I’m just gonna go home,” Izuku gave a polite smile and put his hands in his blue bomber jacket. “I’m really tired and I want to enjoy the night time a little bit.” Officers from all over the city were getting back into the cars one by one, headlights leaving the dim parking lot. Katsuki stayed stationed by ground zero with black and orange helmet in his hands. 

“Ah...well, okay,” the friendly voice of the lawyer replied with a sigh. Katsuki watched out of the corner of his eye as the large man repositioned himself in front of Izuku. He bent down ever so slightly to that it could be considered flirtatious. “I’ll see you sometime tomorrow, maybe?”

“Yeah, for sure, Miri.” The detective gave another taut smile and part of Katsuki was happy that the other blonde was finally fucking leaving Izuku alone. “We can finally finish unpacking the rest of my apartment.”

“Okay, sounds great!” Mirio perked. “I’ll talk to you later. Text me when you get home, okay?”

“I will!” Izuku replied easily, as if it was normal routine between them. 

Katsuki heard the clicking of a car door and footsteps walk off. It was then that the lieutenant readjusted himself to look over his shoulder at the pair, and immediately he caught the ocean blue irises of his acquaintance. Mirio gave him a small smile and Katsuki gave a tight one right back with a small two finger salute. 

Both red and green eyes watched as Momo’s white sports car drove off into the navy-blue atmosphere, and both men seemed to relax ever so slightly. 

Katsuki adjusted his gaze over to Izuku who was now looking at him. A large part of Katsuki wanted to know what the younger male was thinking, but a larger part wanted to just get him alone after such a hectic picnic, especially after the fireworks. 

There was something pulling him in after the way Izuku had looked at him. 

The rustling of trees into the dark tranquil night relaxed Katsuki when the cool summer breeze brushed against his face. Green eyes moved downwards to stare at the ground and Izuku smiled softly and kicked the ground. 

“Well, I guess I should start to head home. This was a nice event.” Izuku said but Katsuki wasn’t really ready to let the night go so easily. Izuku waited for him to say something but instead the blonde just leaned against ground zero and tilted his head to the side.

“I can drop you off,” the raspy voice said. The gesture mildly surprised them both but Katsuki kept reasoning with himself it wasn’t because he liked Izuku. 

It was just because he liked...talking with him. 

Something he hadn’t gotten to do much of the entire day because of fucking Mirio. 

“O-Oh! No, that’s really far out of the way for you,” The greenette said with wide eyes. He scratched behind his head and shrugged his shoulders. “Also, I meant what I said about wanting to enjoy a little bit of a stroll. So, it’s okay, really.”

The older man pursed his lips and looked the other up and down in thought. Izuku was the artsy type and he probably did enjoy doing random shit like that. So, he went along with it. He didn’t have anything else really to do today...what really was the harm?

“...well, if that's the case, I can drive us to the shore line. That way you can still enjoy the night.”

Izuku paused, looking at Katsuki fully surprised.

“Really? You’d do that?”

“Yeah sure. I just wouldn’t feel...good about leaving you to walk over an hour home,” The ash blonde looked away to the ground and ignored the small heat creeping on his face. “No matter how much of a nice night it is.”

“,” Red eyes looked up from beneath dark blonde eyelashes to see Izuku’s smiling face and Katsuki had to resist the urge to smile— 

“But we gotta leave the helmets this time.”

—then his face dropped immediately.

What? Those are for fucking safety—”

“Have you ever ridden without one? It feels amazing.” The smaller man stepped to him in a single hop and Katsuki nearly had a damn heart attack at how fucking gleeful the bright white smile looked.

“Yeah, back when I was a teenager and fucking stupid—What the fuck! Give those back!” The greenette snatched the two helmets out of his grasp, slyly dodging Katsuki’s grabbling after him. The larger man stumbled in his footing and stared wide eyed and confused at the playful man in front of him.

“C’mon. You said you’d let me enjoy the night,” Izuku laughed as he side-stepped Katsuki’s attempt to grab him again with ease. The blonde could feel his anxiety start to slowly rise at the idea of riding without a helmet. 

Very quickly, he was regretting his offer to take Izuku home. The man was fucking crazy

An absolute damn headache. 

They went about like this for several moments with Katsuki calling out ‘Midoriya, you piece of shit!’ and Izuku promptly ignoring him without an issue. The greenette giggled all the way to the other side of the parking lot, walking straight up to the pinkette and redhead getting into the car.

Both sets of eyes looked up at them curiously and Izuku, with lightning speed, tossed both the orange helmet and the black one into Mina and Kirishima’s arms. 

“Catch!” He yelled out and both caught the objects fully surprised.

“You fuckin’ brat—” Katsuki yelled as he tried his best to catch up with Izuku. He set sight on his two friends and found himself sighing in a moment of relief. He knew these two would be on his side with this. There’s no way they were going to let him ride without it. “Kiri, Mina. Hand those back over immediately.” 

Gold eyes glanced at red and suddenly mischievous smirks over took his two closet friend’s smiles. Katsuki slowly started to feel his heart sink.

“You can get them back on Monday!” Mina yelled out and rushed quickly to the passenger side of the red car. “We love you but loosen up some!” 

“You mean fucking die!?” Katsuki yelled out as the couple got into the car quickly. They laughed at Katsuki’s obviously pained expression as the vehicle started and waved through the open window. 

Idiots. I’m surrounded by fucking idiots. Katsuki thought to himself in disbelief as he watched his two closest friends flat out betray him. They drove out of the parking lot, giggling and blasting music very loudly. When the red brake lights of the car were out of sight, along with his fucking helmets, Katsuki felt his nostrils flare. 

Slowly, dangerously dark red eyes turned around to zero in on the man who triggered the whole string of events. Izuku gave a shit eating grin and only laughed at the pissed off expression being thrown his way. 

“...if I die I’m haunting you and all of your fucking descendants for centuries.”

“A grumpy ghost that follows me and call me a dork? Sounds like perfect material for the next Paranormal Activity movie. Better call up the Americans.”

“You’re so fucking lame sometimes,” Katsuki groaned and shook his head. While fuming, he walked right past the grinning green haired man. 

“C’mon, you’ll enjoy the wind in your hair. Trust me.” 

Katsuki sighed when he realized he didn’t have much of a real choice. 


As they were riding, he hated to admit it...really, he did, but it did feel nice. It was something he was never going to say out loud because it was driving him up a wall. But...Izuku was right. 

They drove down the lakefront road that was lined up along the mountainside and positioned in an eagle eye’s view to the ocean below them. The setting was lit with the pale, white moon and the light hit the water’s ruthless waves in a soothing manner. 

As they pushed against the black concrete the wind carded through Katsuki’s blonde hair and it felt like a cool caress across his scalp. He was almost tempted to close his eyes half way through the quiet ride but didn’t, because he could feel Izuku’s hand lightly knead into him whenever they cut a sharp turn. The pressure kept him awake and aware that there was another person with him. 

A person who seemed to be greatly enjoying himself.  

Izuku had leaned back at a point, fully allowing himself to stare up at the stars and close his green eyes. The detective lost himself to the moment as the wind blew through his hair and ruffled his bomber jacket. 

When Katsuki looked back and saw this, his heart nearly skipped a beat at how beautifully carefree Izuku looked.

The lieutenant pulled off at the nearest exit and drove down steadily into the warm summer night to the coast line and found a private area. It was neatly sectioned off with a small wooden boardwalk that lined the shore and held large grey rocks that acted as a small border between the path and the raging ocean.

They walked in silence, listening closely to the mingling sounds of the wind mixed with the push and pull of waves. It had been a long time since Katsuki really took the time out to just walk and observe the scenery. It felt different. 

Red eyes glanced off to his right to see Izuku staring straight out into the endless dark blue abyss in deep thought.

“Isn’t it nice?” The even toned voice of the detective carried into the crisp night. 

Katsuki knew the other was talking about the ocean his eyes were currently glued on, but his own eyes couldn’t help but shift to something else in his vision. Or more specifically, someone else. He stared at the pale skin that seemed to glow a bright under the moonlight, slowly counting the freckles on the round face turned away from him.

“ is.” 

Green eyes then turned towards him, appearing luminescent in the dark. 

“What does it make you feel?” 

“Huh?” Katsuki replied with only half of his attention, caught off guard by the question. His thoughts of freckles were halted as he tried his best to process Izuku’s question.

“The ocean. What does it make you feel when you look at it like this?” Izuku elaborated with a small glisten in his eyes from the night sky above them.

The shorter male turned back towards the swirling waves in front of them and while Katsuki tried to...he couldn’t. His eyes reminded stuck on Izuku’s dark hair that was slowly moving back and forth with the ocean breeze. 

“...relaxed, I suppose,” the ash blonde answered in a hushed tone. “It’s hard to explain.” 

Deep down, Katsuki knew he wasn’t talking about the ocean.

“Yeah, I love it though, y’know?” Izuku hummed, grabbing his hands and placing them behind his back as he walked. “The moonlight against the dark waves. Makes it look like the ocean is full of a thousand fallen stars, just floating and drifting away from us. The moon is their protector in a sense it feels like.” 

As Izuku skipped ever so slightly, Katsuki watched how youthful the curly haired man looked while doing this. Part of his old soul wondered when did he stop acting as young as the person next to him? When the thought fully settled in, Izuku took the liberty to pause his walking and climb up on the rocks next to them. 

Green eyes took in the entire scene and Katsuki finally peeled his eyes away from the smaller figure to assess the large ocean in front of them.

It really was just how Izuku described, littered with what looked like a thousand fallen stars. The moon hovered above the scene like it was watching over all the tiny sparkles of light, making sure they were safe. 

It made him think deeply, taking in the night scene through a different lens. Izuku’s lens.

“You got a lot going on up there, don’t ya?” Katsuki said in a whispered tone. He looked up at Izuku who was smiling down at him. There was something new in the endless green eyes that felt familiar. They exchanged stares for a split moment before Izuku replied back quietly.

“I could say the same.” 

At this, Katsuki furrowed his brows confused. 

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It means...I think you work yourself really hard,” the greenette said as if he was walking on glass. Katsuki blinked a couple of times confused and then finally he felt the tale-tell irritation fully settle once the words were fully processed. “I worry that you’re gonna burn yourself out.” 

At the mention of burn out, coupled by the concerned gaze, Katsuki felt himself start to get easily aggravated. 

He didn’t need people concerned for him. Really, he fucking didn’t. He was a twenty-seven-year-old grown ass man who could take care of himself. Before he could reel it back, Katsuki’s defensive mechanism showed its ugly head.

“I don’t get burnt out,” he hissed out, looking away from the brightness of Izuku. “You can keep your concerns for someone else, preferably someone you haven’t known for a total of three weeks and tried to fuck the second you saw him. You have no idea how I operate.”

A small silence took them over and the words spoken repeated in both of their heads. Red eyes focused intensely on the passing ground beneath his feet as Katsuki tried his best to convince himself that what he said was true. It was true. He didn’t need people concerned about him because he didn’t get burn out. He was a power house, and he’s been that way since college. 

However, something tiny inside of him twisted with doubt when he thought about the recent string of fires and the man in the gasmask.

Izuku cleared his throat into the awkward silence, drawing the attention of the older man to him again.

“I-I get that. Sorry, I shouldn’t have...overstepped. But, truthfully,” Izuku sighed and looked up as if he was searching for the right words in the sky above him. “This is going to sound extremely silly. Like, exceedingly silly...but what you said at the bar that night really stuck with me.”

The bar? 

Katsuki paused because it didn’t sound silly to him at all. Not in the slightest. He had been thinking about what Izuku said about love burning someone alive for weeks now. 

“What did I say?” The eldest pushed. 

The blonde’s shoulders untensed and he felt himself climb back down from his defensive wall. Curiosity scratched again at the back of his head because part of him wanted to know. He wanted to find out what did he say that could’ve possibly stuck with Izuku in the same way.

“Uh, you said you were beating yourself up over some irreversible damage your broken heart caused. I get that. Really. I do…which is why, I guess, I can’t help but be concerned...that’s all.”

That’s what stuck with him? Katsuki didn’t say anything back and Izuku progressively got nervous at the lack of response. 

“I just wanna see you relax a bit, y’know?” The greenette elaborated, his eyes still up at the sky and Katsuki huffed a bit at the suggestion. “I-It was nice to see you smile the way you did when I got you to stay out in the rain. Even now, you looked like you had a good time with just feeling the wind in your hair.”

“...what makes you think I would be remotely open to the idea of you helping me ‘relax’?” Katsuki grumbled, putting his hands in his motorcycle jacket with a small scowl. 

“Well, you’re here with me now...aren’t you?” 

Katsuki felt his heart skip and he stopped walking immediately. 

The greenette beside him paused as well and they looked at each other with a knowing silence. Izuku’s face put on a tiny smile that could’ve charmed the most cold-hearted person with how sweet it looked. 

Really, Katsuki never considered just how dangerous sweetness could be. 

“Just once a week. Let’s do something outside of your routine that doesn’t involve work.”

“Okay, let’s say I say ‘yes’. What do you get out of this? I just...don’t understand why you seem to care so damn much.” The workaholic turned away trying to convince himself that this meant nothing. It was just a conversation between two people. The twist in his heart meant nothing. 

“Well, I get lonely easily,” the shorter of the two said under his breath. Izuku started walking again and Katsuki took in the words carefully. 

Lonely. He thought about the man Izuku left with at the bar, then to Yo and finally Mirio. 

“I’m new to this city and I don’t have—I-I don’t know anyone.” But the sharp officer didn’t miss the fumble. “I just want to make friends, and right now U.A. is my only source of people I see every day. Plus, your personality is funny. You’re fairly easy to hang out with too outside of the whole ‘don’t touch me with a ten-foot pole’ vibe you got going on.”

Katsuki started walking again slowly, but he watched Izuku’s back with a careful calculating gaze. His mind was still trying to understand why someone like Izuku, who barely knew him, seemed to care and want to hang out like friends. 

“So, that’s it? You want to help me relax and in return you just get friendship or whatever?”

“Yup! That’s it,” Izuku perked, turning around to him with a smile. He started walking backwards with a goofy grin on his face and the pull in the workaholic’s chest struck again.

He reasoned that this was a terrible idea. He had just been concluded that he should stay away from Izuku because he so obviously found him attractive, but he was with an open invitation to hang out with him after work hours. 

There had to be more of a reason than just fucking friendship. 

But the longer he looked at Izuku’s face and took in the sweet, seemingly harmless expression, the harder his walls crumbled. It could just be friendship. They could just be friends. He liked talking with Izuku and clearly Izuku liked talking with him...just like Mina, Sero, Denki, and Kirishima. It could easily just be another friendship.


“...Okay, deal,” Katsuki agreed, unknowingly sealing both of their fates. He watched as Izuku’s grin got wider like he won a prize. 

“But I’m not gonna do just any fucking thing. We have to decide on it together. Don’t spring some random shit on me.”

“Wouldn’t dream of it,” Izuku smiled at him and Katsuki resisted the urge to smile back. The wind blew through his hair again and the moment felt strangely serene. 

In that second, Izuku’s phone dinged and it caused both of the men to stop walking again. Katsuki looked curiously at the red device in the other’s hand as Izuku’s mood shifted ever so slightly. The greenette pursed his lips before sighing and looking back at the blonde below him with a sad expression.

“It’s getting late. I guess...we should head back.” Katsuki felt something close to disappointment ping in his chest but he hummed in agreement. He looked at the black watch on his wrist and saw the time close to ten. It was past getting late. They should both be in bed, yet...he didn’t want too. 

Red eyes searched the shore line and saw a couple of other people, looking at the water too just going about their Saturday night. 

“Yeah…” the blonde started but the more he looked at Izuku’s expression the more he didn’t want the night to really end. They had just really started talking more and something inside of him wanted it to...continue. “Or...we could...just take our time.”

“Oh?” Izuku’s eyebrows raised in surprise and Katsuki looked away quickly instantly regretting the out of character words. What the fuck was he doing?

“Actually, never mind—”

“—Wait! I like the sound of that.” Izuku quickly cut him off with a loud laugh and Katsuki fought down a blush. Why the fuck did his laugh have to sound so nice? “Help me get down, will you?”

“Psh, you can jump down. You climbed up there.”

“Aw, c’mon. Don’t be mean!” The greenette’s infectious chuckle filled the night air and a small bubbly feeling echoed inside of Katsuki’s chest. “Help me down. What if I twisted my ankle? I can’t run after people and I’ll be forever doomed to desk work!” 

The younger male gave a fake distressed look as he threw one hand on his forehead and the other over his heart with a playful manner. Katsuki snickered at the sight, finding it silly. The blonde shook his head and gave a pointed look to the man walking on top of the tall rocks.

“You’re not helpless, get down on your own.”

“But, please, lieutenant Bakugou!” Izuku wailed out in a fake high-pitched voice, drawing the attention of people nearby. The blonde immediately spluttered glancing around embarrassed. “Only you and your strong arms can save me—”

“Oh my fucking God, you’re ridiculous—fine. Just, quiet down and stop saying shit like that so loud.” Katsuki harshly whispered with his face fully blown in a blush. “Bring your tiny ass here. Actin’ like a goddamn princess.”

He walked up to Izuku and held his arm open in a reluctant manner, feeling flat out ridiculous for doing this. Izuku was a grown man, a heavy ass grown man on top of it. 

“If I’m princess, you’d be a terrible prince charming,” the youngest teased with a small smile on his face. He dropped down to sit on the rocks and hung his feet over the edge facing the unamused and mildly offended looking Katsuki.

“Hey now, I could be a perfect prince charming. Don’t even give me that shit again—”

“—I dunno,” Izuku cut him off and leaned forward into his space and Katsuki reeled back automatically. “From what I’ve seen I don’t think you have a prince charming-esque anything.” Izuku tilted his head and squinted his eyes at him with mischief. The close distance felt warm and the workaholic could feel himself start to swell with various emotions when looking directly into green eyes. 

He swallowed thickly when one of the emotions that tilted over was heat but above all he felt the challenge in Izuku’s words. And like he said earlier, he was competitive when it boiled down to it. 

He scowled and gestured for Izuku to hurry up and get in his arms in a ‘come here motion’ with his hands but Izuku just leaned back and laughed, swinging his legs slightly. 

“If you don’t get down now I fucking swear—”

“Ah, there it is.” Izuku giggled some more and Katsuki nearly felt his veins pop on his head. This fucking man. “Yeah, not prince like at all. Much more similar to a beast like your shirt says—ah!” 

A loud yelp echoed onto the near empty boardwalk as Katsuki leaned forward completely to impatiently yank Izuku off the rocks. He quickly encircled his arms around the slim waist and underneath the loose dangling legs in a single swoop and pulled the greenette off the platform with ease without any warning. 

“O-Oh,” Izuku breathed out surprised. 

They paused as Katsuki glared down at the man in his arms who was now fiddling his fingers with wide, surprised eyes. One of Izuku’s hands had grabbed Katsuki’s shirt out of surprise for support and now his fingers were touching directly over the racing heart of his superior, fisting the black material. 

Dark crimson eyes looked into emerald and both searched the other’s face for a split second before the moment really settled in. Katsuki felt his heart twist looking at the man in his arms and something inside his chest sped up. 

His hand moved to squeeze Izuku’s waist ever so slightly and, like clockwork, Izuku’s face turned completely red and he bit his bottom lip.

Fuck fuck— 

The warning sirens went off in the workaholic's head causing him to straight out panic. 

Katsuki quickly set Izuku down on his feet as if he would be burned if he held onto the man any longer. 

What the fuck was that? He cursed himself, trying to fight the obvious subconscious war going on in his head. Don’t fucking do shit like that. Don’t fucking do it

“W-Well, okay. Point proven I guess. That was, prince like,” Izuku said softly turned forward. A small hand rubbed the flushed freckle neck wearily and Katsuki felt like smacking himself. As they started to walk again the blonde-haired male found himself trying to search for a change of the subject to save himself from embarrassment.

He thought over all the things he wanted to talk to Izuku about but mainly one large one stuck out. One large blonde one...beside himself. 

“You already seem to have a prince charming after you though.” He decided on. “So maybe I can just be a beast or whatever.”

“What do you mean?” Izuku turned to him and frowned. But when Katsuki began to say something, he could see green eyes were cautious. Izuku knew what he was talking about. The detective wasn’t stupid.

“Mirio. He was acting as if I was contagious and you were made of glass the entire damn day,” he grumbled out while kicking a small rock that came into his path. Izuku clicked his tongue and shrugged his shoulders in a nonchalant way.

“Careful. It almost sounds as if you care.”

“I don’t,” the tallest bit out before he could think, acting on defense. He immediately regretted saying the words in the tone he did when Izuku give him a confused stare out of the corner of his eye. “ was irritating. That’s all. No one could talk to you like a normal fuckin’ human being all day. What’s up with that?” 

“...He’s just...protective,” Izuku mumbled out faintly.

“That’s it?” 

For some reason Katsuki didn’t really buy it...or not fully as least. He thought back to how the large blonde literally and figuratively dragged Izuku away every time they exchanged two words. Then he envisioned all the tiny advances and made something inside of him sneer.

Mirio was acting way more than protective. 

“Yeah. Mirio is a nice guy and he always has the best intentions in mind,” the smaller male said definitively. “Not much else to elaborate on.”

The last piece of the sentence was hard and for some reason it irked the blonde lieutenant. He couldn’t understand why but he just felt like he needed to know more about Izuku. He really did. Everything about him was confusing and right now he just wanted to unscramble everything, so he could about his life in peace. 

But if Izuku didn’t want to...then who was he to push? He didn’t want to overstep with anything. 

So, he changed the subject yet again. He eyed the green curls that were perfectly parted and decided to say something that had been on his mind all day. 

“Well, I meant to tell you this earlier before he interrupted but...your hair does look nice today.” A small blush climbed onto his face and Izuku looked at him amused, seemingly thankful for the quick subject change as well.


“Yeah. The way you did the part,” he grumbled while gestured to his own hair in the spot where Izuku had his parted down the left side. “You actually fuckin’ listened and parted it correctly. Looks good on you.” 

Katsuki tried his best to hide the blush that was creeping slowly from underneath his collar. 

“O-Oh, thank you!” The small laugh was back and Katsuki found himself half smiling again. “I guess I’ll try my best to wear it like this more often. Thank you.”

“No problem, dork.” 

They exchange quiet looks and Katsuki would never admit that he finally felt some sort of extended relaxation for the first time since Izuku walked into town. 


They walked until they reached the end of the pathway, passing by a couple of chatting people along the way. 

When their watches told them the time was nearing 11:00 pm, Katsuki decided to suggest they head back. Izuku had silently agreed and thanked the older man for letting him indulge in the night sky and Katsuki brushed it off like it was nothing.

Even though he did this, Katsuki really wanted to thank Izuku for the metaphor of the fallen stars. Because now, every time he looked at the ocean and the moon he’d probably think about it. 

They got back on his motorcycle without the helmets and the usual rule follower didn’t let it bother him. The wind while they were driving back felt nice. It felt close to great, especially with Izuku pressed against him and squeezing onto his waist. It was a comforting feeling that he secretly could indulge in. 

He whisked through the crowded nighttime traffic with ease, admittedly showing off a bit every now and then when turning corners to earn a sharp laugh or compliment out of Izuku. He forgot how much fun riding a bike could actually be when he let loose.

Once the pair reached the crowded downtown area of Shizuoka City, they started to hit all the colorful stop lights, and traffic signs. The night was now bustling full of people, laughter, and neon colors that shone brightly against the dark setting of the city. 

When they hit traffic light after traffic light, red eyes couldn’t help but glance around sometimes out of natural paranoia. It came with being an officer.

Normally when he did this he found nothing.

However, tonight when he did it, he noticed another motorcyclist.

Again...again...and then again. 

This happened whenever they were stopped at a red light and worry prickled against Katsuki’s skin slowly. He noticed they weren’t too far from Izuku’s home and something inside of him prayed that it was just his paranoia being on edge due to recent events.

But each time they came to a halt side by side, the officer noticed the man do a double take. It was as if to make sure he was seeing him and Izuku correctly. 

It felt like he was identifying them. 

They came to one more red light and this time the man didn’t do a double take...but Katsuki did. He tried to keep his eyes focused forward and the loud group of people in the car on his other side blasted loud music, chatting and laughing.

It felt normal as he looked around at all the people walking, but when he heard the rev of an engine something felt eerie and off.

The lieutenant looked wearily to his side to finally take in the full appearance of the person loosely following them. He noted that it was a broad-shouldered man that was wearing similar black gloves to him, ripped black jeans, combat boots, and a biker jacket with silver spikes lining the shoulders. 

The man’s head was covered completely by an all-black helmet with a visor that gave no leeway to see his eyes. It was then while looking, the man turned his head directly to him again. Now, even though he couldn’t see the man’s eyes, he knew they locked onto his. 

All he could see was his own red eyes look back at him, and an uncomfortably familiar ominous feeling sunk back into his bones.

“Izuku,” Katsuki harshly whispered, not taking his eyes off the person next to them. The small greenette shifted around to look over his shoulder, completely unaware. 

“Yeah?” The youngest answered a hum, pressing himself closer in order to hear better. 

The biker revved his bike and red eyes slowly dropped down to notice a black holster around the man’s waist. His heart started to pick up speed when he could see the other motorcyclist slowly take his hand off the bike handle and meticulously reach around to the side of the belt that was out of his view. 

His heart dropped.

“Hold on tighter to me,” he hissed and without warning kicked ground zero out of standing position. 

Izuku gave a confused sound and was about to object when Katsuki suddenly sped through the red light into the oncoming traffic with furious acceleration. 

A loud yelp could be heard and Izuku quickly did as he was told when he stumbled on the back of the motorcycle. He was about to open his mouth to say something when the sharp sound of metal whizzing past his ear cut through the air and he watched in horror as a bullet grazed Katsuki’s cheek.

Fuck—” The ash blonde flinched and Izuku gasped out of terror when droplets of Katsuki’s blood flew back and hit his face. The entire bike jerked out of control from the hit, but the skillful officer easily got a handle on it as he pushed the engine on his bike further. 

The blonde tried his best to ignore the searing pain that was burned into his skin as his mind started to cloud with thoughts of panic. 

What the fuck is happening? He looked over his shoulder and his eyes widened when he saw the mystery man hot on his tail without mercy. The black bike was flying through the bright city lights as well, not seeming to care if he might hit a pedestrian. 

Then Katsuki got a glimpse of the horrified face of Izuku as the smaller one clung onto him with pure fear. 

No, no, no, this can’t be fucking happening. 

He was in danger—no—they were in danger. 

He put Izuku in fucking danger

The sharp minded police officer cut expertly through cars driving through the crowded streets, earning angry honks, yells, but he felt weary as he picked up speed when he could hear the close speed of wheels directly behind them. 

Another deadly bullet grazed uncomfortably close to his scalp and all he could think about was how much of a sitting target the trembling Izuku was on his back. Katsuki’s eyes hectically searched around for a way to lose the man behind them, trying his damn best to ignore all the passing faces that were looking on with shock at the high-speed chase that was occurring. 

He cut the next corner on to the next street dangerously as he dipped the bike low to the ground to make an unsuspecting turn and he felt Izuku bury his face into his jacket and give a cry of surprise. 

He looked behind him quickly and his heart over dropped further into his gut when the shadow like rider did the same thing, not missing a beat. 

The loud sound of engines revved into the night and Katsuki weaved through traffic driving the opposite direction as another bullet shot past him. He made sure to zig zag and offset the shots that were being fired his way and ignore the racing thoughts that were happening in his head as the same speed. 

He heard the bike behind him speed up impossibly fast and in that moment Katsuki braked to turn away from a car that was heading full speed in his direction. He forcefully cut into the sidewalk to avoid hitting the vehicle and lost distance between him and the shadow biker. 

The blonde could feel the arms of Izuku tighten around his torso as ground zero shook out of shock from pushing on the elevated concrete but Katsuki regained control. He clenched his teeth and maneuvered through the frightened people trying to enjoy a Saturday night out and he could even see several cell phones recording as they lost some speed.

“Baku—ah!” Izuku’s voice cracked at the same time a loud pop echoed through his ears and suddenly Katsuki’s world was flipped upside down yet again.

Ground zero spun out of control with a loud crash against the rough pavement and the sound of screams could be heard. The blonde closed his eyes and held his arms up in a defensive manner as he was thrown off the bike with Izuku. Both bodied rolled onto the gravel, feeling the small rocks dig and scrape their skin as they were mercilessly flung onto the cold ground.

Katsuki hit the back of his head hard against the grey cement with a sickening crack and a cry from Izuku fell into the air. When he tried to open his eyes again, his vision doubled and he fully panicked. He watched as ground zero scraped off to the side with one wheel shot out and a loud, ugly sound. 

In the midst of all the chaos, the dark rider jerked his bike to a violent stop in front of both of their bodies and got off his bike with an unnerving quickness. Gasps from all around ignited when the faceless man aimed the handgun directly at Katsuki’s head without an inkling of hesitation. The blonde felt his thoughts go blank. 

Red eyes widened, fully afraid and out of instinct he reached for his own holster. His heart slammed against his chest when he realized he didn’t actually bring his gun today. 

The blonde's stomach turned sick and all he could hear was his heart thumping loudly in his ears. His blood burned in his veins and everything went into slow motion. 

He clenched his teeth together, waiting for the bullet, but felt the moment dragged out when the gun didn’t actually shoot. 

Red eyes stared confused and on edge at the man in front of them that had a clear shot to kill him but...didn’t take it.  

A soft groan from beside him drew both of their attentions.

Izuku shifted and tried to lift himself up by his forearms from the pavement. Bright red blood trickled down his forehead and a pained expression enveloped the newbie's face. Katsuki whirled his head back around to the mystery gunman and the man tilted his head as if curious about something. 

Without taking his line of vision off Katsuki, the murderous rider shifted the steel weapon to point directly at Izuku’s disheveled head of curls.

With his body acting before he could think, Katsuki stumbled up to block Izuku’s body with his own, kneeling down. He tried his best to cover the smaller body out gun point, glaring wildly at the man. 

His chest heaved up and down, trying his best to hold it together from the impact of being thrown from a speeding motorcycle because he had to protect Izuku. Fuck—he had to. Izuku was his goddamn responsibility and he couldn’t let another fucking person die—

The mystery man didn’t make another move neither did anyone onlooking. Everyone was afraid of what was going to happen in the standoff and what the man with a gun was going to do. 

Izuku’s soft breathing could be heard from behind him and he felt the youngest try to get up. Katsuki quickly reached behind him and forced Izuku to lay back down, low on the ground and out of sight. 

Piercing red eyes stayed forward, staring down the dark barrel being pointed right in his face. 

The man let out a sharp laugh and cocked his weapon.

“Well, isn’t this sweet,” the deep voice spoke, disgusted. Katsuki instantly recognized it as the man from the bank. “Not the turn I expected but not entirely surprised. This makes things more interesting, I suppose.” The sound of an empty laugh could be heard, and it made Katsuki nauseous. What the fuck did that mean?

The sound of blaring police sirens could be heard, and the biker slowly put his gun away. Red eyes watched carefully as the man watched him carefully right back. 

Then, as quickly as he had uprooted Katsuki’s peaceful night, the shadow rider walked away from the pair of injured officers. But not before looking at the bleeding Katsuki and Izuku on the ground several moments too long for comfort. 

The man drove off quickly out of sight and Katsuki’s collapsed into himself. 

His chest started to heave uncontrollably as he took in how close he was to dying—how close Izuku was to nearly dying. On top of that, he wasn’t even prepared enough to defend them and then that would’ve been another person’s blood on his hands if the fucking psycho had decided to fire off a bullet into Izuku’s skull. Damn it all

Izuku wearily looked at the man in front of him when he could sense the panicked energy start to boil over. 

“What the fuck was that?”


“What the actual fuck was that?” Katsuki hissed standing up fully. He looked at ground zero, and how the tire was shot out along with the black skid marks and blood on the pavement from them being fucking thrown off the motorcycle. 

“Shit. Shit. Shit. Why is everything suddenly fucking falling apart!?” He all but screamed grabbing his hair. He slowly drowned in the pressure that had been building up all week. From the burning buildings, Monoma, the reopening of the ‘Hero Killer’ case and now this. Fucking this

“I can’t—” He tried but his chest started to feel too tight and he squeezed his eyes shut, wanting to be anywhere but fucking here. “I fuckin’ can’t do this—”

Izuku wearily stood up, ignoring the pain in his knees as he slowly approached the spiraling blonde. He reached a hesitant hand out to touch the other’s shoulder when he saw the angry man clench his teeth uncontrollably. 


“—Don’t fucking touch me—”

Katsuki out of reflex slapped Izuku’s hand away and buried his face in his palm trying too hard to calm himself down, but he wasn’t succeeding. He just kept sinking further and further into all his insecurities with the image of his now attempted murderer taunting him—

 “Katsuki, please.” 

The syllables reached his ears and the blonde paused. The tornado of thoughts slowed down just a little when he heard his first name on Izuku’s tongue. The sound was foreign enough that it yanked him back to reality to assess it for just a split second. 

A gentle hand was placed on his shoulder again, but this time he didn’t shove it away. 

“Take a deep breath in,” Izuku’s breathless voice spoke as steady as he could. How did he do that? Stay so calm right after they were run off the damn road? “Are you good? There’s someone coming, okay? We’re safe. It’s okay. We need to pick your bike off the ground though.”

Katsuki listened to the soft-spoken words given to him and fully took in all of his surroundings. The loud police sirens were getting closer, people were staring, and Izuku was beside him face bloodied but looking concerned...yet again. 

He took a deep breath in. 

Izuku was right. 

“…yeah, you’re right. You’re right,” he repeated to himself to attempt to calm himself down. 

Katsuki let his shoulders slump forward and before he knew it everything felt like it crashed against him like a tidal wave. His feelings gave way like a weak dam and he couldn’t control the small tear that escaped from his eye.

The salty droplets trailed down into the gash on his cheek from the bullet, stinging in an ironic manner. He closed his eyes shut trying to stop the flow of more, not wanting to fucking cry in front of all these strangers and Izuku. 

But a soft hand reached up and wiped away the blood and tears with coarse padded fingertips.

Red eyes reopened, and he saw Izuku looking at his face with pure worry. Fear was there as well, right alongside the same concern as before. Green eyes tentatively looked up into his and in that moment Katsuki realized Izuku was right. Not about keeping it together, but about him possibly getting burn out. 

But the longer he thought about the masked man and what just happened, he considered a different possibility: 

Maybe there was someone trying to burn him out?

Chapter Text

Chapter 6 - Flicker




If Bakugou Katsuki was anything, he was a problem solver. A good one at that.

Everyone knew it. His mom knew it, his dad knew it, and most importantly, he knew it.

It was his core: seek out puzzles to solve them. He always gained a sense of gratification when he did this.

Why? He had no idea, really.

But if Katsuki was being fully honest, it was because he would always ask for games, and puzzles growing up. 

They helped distract him from the yelling. 

“You brat, I heard you were fighting at school again!” His mom would yell at him after picking him up from school. She would proceed to slap him upside the head extremely hard and then the pain would give him a migraine. 

Katsuki remembers grinding his teeth at this.

It isn’t my fault. He remembers thinking. He got into frequent scuffles at school because some other kid was being targeted by another, and Katsuki had a savior complex at an early age.

He just wanted to help people—even if sometimes that meant shoving his fist in another kid’s face to get them to back off from bullying. 

He thought his actions were heroic because as a child he didn’t really understand. 

However, his mom didn’t find them heroic at all. Not a single fucking bit. She would try to discipline him the only way she knew how: through physical punishment by switch, belt, or sometimes whatever she could find or just by her hand. Majority by her hand.

Katsuki remembers gritting his teeth at this. It hurt. It always hurt.

His father didn’t agree with the approach—at first. He remembers them yelling very loudly on how to properly discipline children. Katsuki locked himself in his room, trying to put together another puzzle in silence while their voice cut through all the peace inside the home.

But, true to their dynamic, his father eventually fizzled out. His father was weak

His mother was fierce, she always was. That’s just how it went. She overpowered anyone that disagreed with her and soon his father just went along with whatever she thought was best. Including using a belt.

Katsuki knew he wasn’t the only kid who got hit every time he did some dumb shit. It was common practice. 

But that didn’t make him any less resentful. It didn’t make him any less hurt about it. It didn’t stop him from grinding his teeth and soon the anger stewed into a hot-headed attitude once he got to high school and he greatly disliked being touched.

The blonde boy started to build up a number of frustrations. So many of them that he was certain that he might implode if he didn’t let them out. So, he started yelling and being blunt because of his frustrations. He was always irritable. 

Katsuki didn’t realize it but he started yelling and mimicking his mother—and he became popular extremely quickly somehow. 

Part of him figured it was his looks, the other half thought people admired him for his bluntness. He could hear girls talk about how soft his hair looked, and how he grew into his body quickly. It always made him sneer because people never actually took the time to get to know him. 

They just saw what was on the surface and like magic: instant popularity. 

Whenever he looked back on his teen years, he couldn’t help but fucking cringe. He was so stupid back then for reasons he wasn’t even aware of until college. 

The blonde quickly learned that he was what his high school labeled as ‘gifted’. He excelled in every single one of his classes and it went straight to his head. 

His parents were proud, and he was happy. He wanted to make them proud like any other kid did. Them being proud meant no fucking yelling or hitting, so it was a good trade off. 

But soon, every time he did something small that his mom didn’t like or didn’t agree with, she would yell and slap him. But like a good son when he was an early teen, he never yelled back. 

He would just shut the fuck up and take it. He reasoned it could be worse. 

That was until one day he yelled back while she was lashing out at his father. 

Katsuki remembers how the yelling started to turn towards small, insignificant things and it pissed him off. There was no need to fucking yelling and hit someone over goddamn trash and dirty dishes.

This quickly earned him a loud slap across the face at the age of sixteen. He stumbled backwards not expecting the blunt force at such an age and he toppled into the counter hard enough that he didn’t need to look later to know there was a bruise. 

Shortly after, his father held no sympathy for him and told him he stepped out of line. 

He told him he deserved it. 

Katsuki remembers staring at him in disbelief. He had just been trying to fucking help his father—and he got hurt in the process. Now both of his parents were pissed off with him, even though his mom was the one yelling and slapping his dad. How did that fucking work? He was just making a valid point and trying to stand up.

Katsuki remembers grinding his teeth vigorously that night as he packaged all of the hurt to the bottom of his heart until only a frigid coldness for his parents remained. 

If they wanted their relationship to be a mess, then fucking fine. He was done with it. 

So, he started helping other people. People who needed to be helped. People who actually wanted to be helped. 

He didn’t know it then, but it was the small inkling of gratification he never received at home. It was the missing puzzle piece that made him tick like a well-oiled machine. 

He started lashing back towards the end of high school at his mom. The blonde stopped just taking everything laying down and soon he endured the hits without an issue, and the aggressive tension at home became normality. 

But it wasn’t always a war zone, most moments were good. That’s what made it complicated.

It’s just when the bad moments were bad, they were catastrophic. The only peace of mind he would be able to get was to go out and buy a small puzzle or play a stupid game on his phone that required some level of problem-solving skills while he slept elsewhere for the night.

It kept him emotionally distant and leveled out his mood. The puzzles helped keep him distracted from all the times his parents would call him weak and tell him he deserved every hit.

Katsuki honestly didn’t realize he started to internalize it until later. 

He was arrogant yet kind and wanted to help others but feared failure because deep down he feared he was weak. 

So, if any failures occurred, he blamed himself for being too weak. If he couldn’t correctly solve a problem—it was because he was too weak. 

He hated any sign of weakness. But most of all he hated being weak.

Soon, he was accepted to the top university in Tokyo after pushing himself hard. Not too long after that, he became friends with Takeyama. He didn’t like her at first—not one fucking bit. She was loud and blonde, something he already had enough of in his life. But after two years, they slowly became unlikely friends. 

She pointed out how his need to help people and want to solve problems would make him a great detective and policeman.

Then she pointed out how he was resentful yet respecting of his mother and should try to distance himself from his home. She made a valid point about how it was giving him anxiety and how it made him punish himself in unhealthy ways.

It clicked into place like a missing memory and Katsuki remembers nodding quietly at this. No one had ever actually sat down and analyzed him that deeply. 

No one thus far seemed to care that much. 

Usually they just followed suit behind whatever he said because they thought he was cute or popular. His parents didn’t care enough to actually understand why he acted the way he did. Neither did all the stupid people who followed behind him in college or high school.

The blonde young adult felt something for her after that he never felt for anyone else. It was strange and made his heart twist.

Shortly after he left Tokyo for the summer and interned in Shizuoka City underneath Todoroki Enji, the top police chief for several years in that area to get a feel for if this was what he wanted to do.

The large, fiery man had recently got promoted and soared above everything. Almost all of his interns would quit immediately due to how assertive and demanding the internship was.

All but Katsuki. Enji reminded him of his mother, and if Katsuki could withstand the wrath of Bakugou Mitsuki, he could do the same for Todoroki Enji. 

The chief of police was extremely impressed with him after that. 

That summer while in Shizuoka, Enji praised Katsuki to no end and the blonde felt good. He got all the hard cases, worked alongside him carefully and he admired the man a lot.

Well, he admired him until he saw him outright hit his oldest son, Touya, in front of the entire precinct. 

He hit him so hard that the red-haired boy stumbled back, fell into his desk and hit his head.

Then Katsuki remembers thinking that the man reminded him of his mother a little too much. It made him turn his nose up at the chief of police. What’s worse, the man would always ask his opinions on Touya or what he, a nineteen-year-old, would do with a son stepping out of line. 

Katsuki always answered with what he knew the man wanted to hear for the sake of saving his internship, but he answered the questions completely uncomfortable and it showed. 

Now, Touya wasn’t the straightest arrow—in fact Katsuki was disgusted by some of the things he heard about the eldest Todoroki son—but Katsuki didn’t believe that anyone deserved to get humiliated like that. 

Even if the redhead was starting to get involved in drugs. Enji should’ve approached the issue vastly different than he had; maybe then maybe Touya would’ve listened to him. 

Now they would never get the chance to repair it. 

Time didn’t work in reverse like that.

As summer passed, Katsuki soon found that he didn’t like interning under Enji. 

The man was extremely problematic and reminded him of home in Tokyo—a place he was trying very hard to get away from. He wasn’t putting in all this damn work to get out of that hell hole only to get reminded of his fucking mother all the time.

But one thing he did love while in Shizuoka City for the summer was solving cases and helping people. It made him feel good and smile when they would feel safe and thank him.

Then he met the man made of gold: Yagi Toshinori. 

He smiled, shined, breezed through cases and kept low to the ground as a captain so he could still work amongst the people unlike Enji. He met the man several times and soon the captain was insisting that he call him by his first name, Toshinori.  

Takeyama was right—this was perfect for him. Slowly, he started to think maybe she was too. 

He got back to Tokyo at the end of the summer to start junior year, and she asked him how it went, and he asked her on a date. 

They dated for four years after that. Katsuki was certain she was the person for him. She understood his complex relationship with his parents and understood how much he liked solving problems. She introduced a new happiness in his life that he never considered, and he thanked her for it.

During these four years he got sharper and quicker, and fully addicted to working. 

Then soon Takeyama was certain he wasn’t the person for her—and it took Katsuki a long time to adjust to this: his first failure that was connected to who he was as a person and his heart.

He found out you can be weak in other aspects of life he wasn’t expecting. He found that his heart was painfully weak a lot after that and heartbreak came in waves at the most inconvenient times. 

But he focused all his energy on solving cases and getting that flicker of gratification that he needed to keep trudging forward. That was the one part of Katsuki’s life that he was certain he wasn’t weak it was the one that he focused on the most.

There wasn’t a problem or puzzle in the world that he couldn’t solve.

That is, until Izuku walked into his life four years after his heart first heartbreak. 

And then again when some mystery pyro tried to lodge a bullet inside his skull while they were going over 128 kilometers per hour. 

Which brings Katsuki to the predicament that he’s in currently: sitting in a hospital bed, his bleeding head bandaged up along with various cuts, bruises, and an extremely sore arm. 

But it wasn’t his injuries that made him feel disquieted, it was the very silent greenette who looked as if he just wanted the ground to swallow him whole and a very, very upset Mirio. 

He sighed out loud.

“Well, you two must have a guardian angel,” the doctor said as his eyes were downcast. “You both only sustained a couple of minor cuts, scrapes and bruises.”

Katsuki looked over to Izuku who was still unnaturally quiet in the hospital bed next to him. The short-sleeved gown exposed his bare arms to the entire room, burn tissue on display for the entire world. The detective’s jaw was clenched in discomfort as Mirio hovered over. 

“Are the gashes on his scar tissue going to cause any trouble in the future?” The lawyer asked. His dark blonde eyebrows were knitted together in anger, but above all genuine concern.

“Well, it might keloid more but otherwise nothing too serious.” The dark-haired doctor shifted his gaze to Izuku, who was promptly not looking at anyone. Just clutching his left arm tightly against himself. 

The sight made Katsuki’s heart twist.

“Also, you know you don’t have to keep bandaging the scars, Mr. Midoriya. They are quite old and healed. You won’t run the risk of an infection anymore,” the doctor said quietly. The man tilted his head at Izuku with pity but the greenette just huffed a bit and turned his head away. 

“It’s a personal preference,” Izuku said quietly, curling into himself more. “Can you please just wrap my arm back up?”

“I’m afraid we don’t do things on personal preference, Mr. Midoriya.”

“Izuku, it’s fine,” Mirio said while leaning in to wrap a protective arm around Izuku. “I’ll wrap it for you once I take you back to your place. Safely.” 

Katsuki snapped his head forward and clicked his tongue. He didn't need to look at Mirio for him to know that comment was directed at him.

The injured lieutenant pressed his lips in a thin line, trying to ignore the irritated energy that was rolling off Mirio in waves...but it was understandable he fucking supposed. 

Mirio offered to drop Izuku off at his place, got rejected and then he gets a damn call about him nearly being killed at midnight because he—apparently—is Izuku’s emergency contact? 

The rest of the moments blurred together for Katsuki as they gave their statement to other officers and the doctors left the room. When all the other bodies were out of the room, the only thing left was the awkward trio, sitting silently in the room. 

...kind of. 

It would have been an awkward silence if not for Mirio reprimanding Izuku like he wasn’t twenty-three years old.

“Why weren’t you two wearing your helmets? And where were you coming from that late at night?” The bright blonde frowned deeply, and his blue eyes blazed into the side of Izuku’s head. The burn victim curled into himself more and shook his head. 

“Bakugou had offered to drive me to the shore and to home. It wasn’t a big deal—”

“—But why no helmets, Izuku? Why do you always do dangerous things like this?” Mirio nearly hissed. Katsuki raised his eyebrows, fully surprised because he never thought he’d see the day where Mirio, bright sunny side up Mirio, would be this pissed off. 

As the conversation went on, with Izuku trying to defend himself and Mirio acting more and more agitated, Katsuki felt guilt seep in. He sighed loud enough for everyone in the room to stop and hear and turned his face apologetically towards the other blonde.

“Mirio. Lay off him, it’s partially my fault too,” Katsuki started, but he could see blue eyes weren’t amused with him in the slightest and it made him nervous for unknown reasons. “I didn’t put my foot down about riding without one. We were just…” Red eyes looked at Izuku nervously for some reason and green eyes darted downwards in a guilty manner. Katsuki swallowed thickly and turned his attention back to Mirio.

“...We were just enjoying the night, that’s all. Neither of us expected someone to attempt to gun me down. I tried my best to get us out of harm’s way.” 

Katsuki watched as Izuku looked at him with a sad yet soft expression with his head slightly down. The emerald colored irises carried more weight than Katsuki thought was possible and it made something pang lowly in his chest.

He then saw Mirio pinch the bridge of his nose, stare at him with a look mixed with both sympathy and annoyance. It looked like the next best thing to disappointment. Something Katsuki did not like people look at him with because it made him feel weak.

He decided in that moment he needed to excuse himself to the bathroom to catch some air. The room was thick with silence and it felt like it was going to take them forever plus one to even get discharged.

“I’m gonna go run to pee or whatever,” he mumbled out and excused himself quickly. He internally sighed when he could feel both pairs of eyes on his back as he left the room. 

The heavy minded lieutenant tried to get the vision of Izuku’s saddened face clutching his arm out of his mind. He felt so fucking guilty. He put Izuku in danger all because he got lost in the moment. 

Slowly, while walking into the bright hospital bathroom, Katsuki started to drown in his unkind thoughts. They spiraled around like a tornado picking up speed, thinking about the worst-case scenarios of what would have happened if the man had shot Izuku, who was sitting so exposed on the back of his bike.

His mind was unintentionally cruel, and he imagined the masked man sinking a bullet directly through the center of the rose on the back of Izuku’s bomber jacket like an unconventional bullseye. But the longer he thought about it the more it seemed like the man in all black only had one target: him.

Izuku was a clear alternative target. Yet, the bullets only seemed to have the name Bakugou Katsuki on them. It made him frown yet silently thankful. But it also made him feel more guilty. 

This was a blatant attempt to shake him and make him paranoid—and it was working. 

The blonde groaned to himself as he leaned against the wooden door of the bathroom, slowly sinking down to the ground. 

This is the worst day of my fucking life. 

After about a well needed ten minutes of alone time to subdue the raging storm inside of his head, Katsuki picked himself back up, like he always does. His body felt a thousand times heavier, and a thousand times more drained. It was late. It was extremely late at night and all he wanted was his bed right now. 

He walked back slowly to the room with his and Izuku’s name on it but as he got closer, he could hear harsh whispering coming from inside. He put his hand on the silver handle to push the slightly opened door open, but the next sentence made him pause dead in his tracks.

“—Did you have sex with Bakugou, Izuku? Be honest.” 

...What the fuck?

“No? I didn’t. Where is this coming from?” Izuku’s voice answered back, hardened with caution. Katsuki paused for a moment before loosening his grip on the door. He shouldn’t be eavesdropping—he knew he shouldn’t because it was a rude thing to do, but…

Katsuki worked his jaw and leaned his ear in closer to the door so he could hear properly.

“Because you two went alone together to the boardwalk? And he’s letting you ride on his motorcycle, which I have never seen him let anyone do before. C’mon now, Izuku. I know you.” There was a long sigh from what sounded like Mirio and the shift of the hospital bed.

“I told you just to come to me if you whenever you started feeling...lonely like that.” The lawyer said in a low, fatigued voice and Katsuki thought about Izuku’s own ‘lonely’ comment by the beach.

“It wasn’t anything sexual, really. He was just offered to take me to the shore area, and I took him up on the offer.” Now it was Izuku’s turn to sigh. “Also...just reiterating...I don’t want to keep treating you unfairly. It doesn’t feel right to keep on using you.”

And there it was, like the final puzzle piece as to why Mirio was acting like such a dick. There was the real nature of their relationship, said plainly. Izuku had lied. Mirio wasn’t just being over protective—he was fucking mate guarding

“’s not using if I want it and ask for it. I’m always happy to try and satisfy you so you don’t have to go out looking for it at bars and sleeping with strangers like you used to.” Katsuki frowned deeper at this. Izuku had gone to a fucking bar and on top of that he definitely went home with someone— 

“But, you and could very much be something more if you let it be, y’know? I can take care of you now. I have a high paying job and you won’t have to keep putting yourself in danger like this.”

“We’ve been over this; I’m not putting myself in danger. I’ll be fine, really. I want to be a detective.”

“Or you could just be a stay at home artist, Izuku. It’s safer. I know plenty of people at my firm would love to buy more pieces from you. You already have a client base that way—just come back to Yaizu. I want to take care of you after everything and you know that.”

Katsuki frowned deeply at this. He’s only known Izuku for less than a month, but he knew damn well that wasn’t what the greenette wanted out of life.

“Mirio, no. I don’t like that idea and I’ve told you that. You know I think of you and Toshinori like family.”

“Don’t give me that, Izuku. Please. It’s weird to hear you call me family after everything we’ve done—”

“Ah, Mr. Bakugou, there you are.” A steady voice said from behind him. “I need to ask you a question.” 

Immediately, the voices on the other side of the door stopped talking and got quiet and there was shifting that could be heard.

Katsuki turned around to the kind faced doctor, who was standing there patiently with a sympathetic smile on his face. He was holding a clipboard and flexed his fingers in an awkward manner. 

“Uh, sure. What is it?” He replied. The blonde only really paid half attention to the dark-haired male in front of him. The other half of his attention was torn between the time on the clock that read 2:00 am and what he just heard—the dots that just finished being connected about Izuku.

“We tried to contact your emergency contact, but they didn’t answer.”

“My emergency contact?” Katsuki whispered, sleep clouding his brain. He squinted for a moment, unsure of who they were actually referring to and then it clicked into place. 

The split second the realization struck him, his eyes widened simultaneously. Oh fuck—

“Bakugou Mitsuki.” The doctor nodded ignorantly and Katsuki grimaced. “But...we can’t seem to reach her. Do you happen to have another contact listed?”

With each passing second, his mood soured even further than it already was. 

“No,” he said flatly, his red eyes dull with thinking back to his mother. “She lives in Tokyo. I can call someone else to come pick me up so it’s not an issue.” 

“Ah, okay that’s perfect! Let’s go in the room, shall we? I came to tell you and Mr. Midoriya that you’re free to go. Everything has checked out fine.”

When him and the doctor walked into the door, he saw Izuku and Mirio positioned exactly like they were before, but neither was looking at the other.

It made him admittedly feel a type of way. He just wanted to go to fucking bed now. 


They rode the elevator down out of the hospital in awkward silence with Mirio standing in between him and Izuku both physically and metaphorically. The sound of the rain and the dark sky only made Katsuki feel more dejected. 

As they walked out to the lobby of the hospital, Katsuki pulled out his phone and stared at the shattered glass screen. He slowly opened up his contacts, trying his best not to cut his finger on the jagged surface. 

Out the corner of his eye he could see Mirio tell Izuku to wait in the lobby while he pulled the car around and Izuku nodded his head absently.

He called Kirishima at exactly 3:00 am and the best friend picked up the phone, voice thick with sleep. He told him what happened briefly which elicited a loud cry of confusion and the redhead yelling ‘I’ll be right there!’.

Katsuki sighed and put away his phone. All he could think about was his bed. His empty bed, his near killer and the fact that it was now confirmed Izuku and Mirio were fucking

“I’m so sorry,” the greenette spoke up in a soft voice from beside him. “I didn’t mean to put us in danger with the helmets.” Katsuki turned his crimson eyes to Izuku who was looking downward, still clutching his left arm with his hand in an insecure manner. His rose jacket was back on his body along with several bandages. “I didn’t mean to endanger your life.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Katsuki murmured, looking at the saddened face of the other. He noted how deep the bags under Izuku’s eyes looked this closely. Part of him wanted to speak up and say something or ask about Mirio but there was so much that was on his mind. 

The weight of his own thoughts kept the words jammed in his throat.

Mirio came around to the door in no time with a blue umbrella and quietly ushered Izuku into the passenger seat, closing the door. 

The tall blonde seemed to pause and look over his shoulder at him through the glass sliding doors. The look was distant but one full of deep thoughts and it made Katsuki glance his red eyes downwards, fully feeling very out of place.

The sliding doors opened again and when Katsuki looked up, there was Mirio standing there with him with a sympathetic look written plainly across his face. 

 “Are you okay? Do you need a ride back to your place?” The deep voice asked him and Katsuki just shook his head in response. 

“I’ll be fine. Kirishima is on the way. Thank you for the offer, though.”

“Okay, that’s good to hear,” There was a tight smile and then the other blonde slightly creased his eyebrows, shifting his mood mildly. “You know, I’m really sorry about everything that’s happening right now. It’s genuinely really terrible and I hope this all gets solved soon. I don’t want anything to happen to you, I’ve known you for a long time and I do care. But...Katsuki. The helmets? Really?” 

Katsuki felt his guilt sink further into his bones as Mirio continued, stepping into his space challenging.

“I expected better from you. Izuku has always been reckless, but you’re not.” The sentence shifted into a deep tone that started to put Katsuki on edge. “So...don’t be reckless.”

Sky blue eyes hardened with caution, studying his face extremely carefully. 

Katsuki studied his right back silently. 

The double meaning echoed in his head, and the ice trickled on his skin with how low Mirio had spoken the words. The hotheaded blonde worked his jaw to resist the urge of grinding his teeth because he got the message Mirio just sent loud and fucking clear:

Stay the hell away from Izuku. 

Mirio kept their gazes locked and Katsuki’s face transformed uncontrollably into a sneer at the disrespectful gesture. The taller blonde backed away, finally breaking the intense stare down to turn and leave out of the glass doors. 

He got into the driver’s seat next to Izuku, who had his head down, looking as if he had the weight of the world on his shoulders.

The car started up again and the rain droplets poured from the night sky. 

Izuku finally looked up from the window to gaze at him with those glowing green eyes as they drove off from the parking lot. He watched as the white car slowly faded into the distance, leaving nothing but the empty sound of rain hitting the grey pavement. 

In that moment, Katsuki suddenly felt conflicted about the very thing he had been warning himself to do this entire time when it came to Izuku: stay away.


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Katsuki sat at his desk in his office at the U.A precinct with his forehead in his palm, scrolling through countless news articles in mild disbelief. 

It was only mild because it had officially been two weeks since the attempt on his life and these articles were still fucking everywhere. He completely underestimated the media’s urge to blemish and sniff round on people like him who had a perfectly clean track record.

On top of that he got a voicemail this morning that promised to give him a future heart attack. 

“Katsuki, answer the fucking phone—you’re all over the news and not in a good goddamn way. What the fuck was that? Why didn’t you call and say there was something serious going down in Shizuoka!?” Beep

Katsuki groaned as he let his head down on the table. He had been receiving calls from people ever since video of him getting fucking run off the road with Izuku was suddenly plastered all over the news and YouTube but shit—that was the very last person he expected to call. 

But she did. Multiple times. Each time he let it ring until it stopped because his heart was threatening to run away from his goddamn body.

Takeyama’s voice was loud and fucking clear cut on the other end of the line when he replayed the message. The poor blonde tried his best to make sense of why she would even want to call and what the fuck was going on in his life any more. 

Ever since leaving the hospital things have been surprisingly calm, a little too calm. He put ground zero in the shop and got her back within a week’s time. 

Then once his head was screwed on properly, he noticed that the two buildings were both burnt down on Tuesdays and the entire city held their breath for the past two Tuesday only to get—nothing

It made Katsuki analyze deeper into what the man had said to him about things being ‘more interesting’ after pointing the gun to Izuku’s head. 

He didn’t know if that meant The Cremator was going to change route of action or if there was something else going on. But whatever it was, it was keeping him on edge yet somehow putting him in a false sense of security. 

On top of that, things with Izuku had been no better. 

Mirio left back to Yaizu the next day, Sunday, and Monday Izuku showed up, very quiet, looking like a child who had been thoroughly reprimanded. The pair of policemen continued their routine and did their best to take patrols with some normality. 

But one day during practice sparring with Kirishima, the sweat on Izuku’s neck rolled off what he guessed to be cheap concealer revealing a playfully placed hickey. It screamed possessive. Izuku covered it with his hand immediately and excused himself when he saw how hard Katsuki was glaring at the offensive mark. 

Something flickered inside the lieutenant’s chest with irritation. But he did what he was instructed to do: not to be fucking reckless. 

So, he promptly ignored it because really, it wasn’t any of his business. 

No, not all. 

It wasn’t any of his business if Mirio wanted Izuku to stay home like some goddamn housewife and be a good lil’ partner for him. 

It wasn’t any of his business if he wanted Izuku to quit being a police officer, something he clearly loved doing. Did the other even know the nerd had thirteen fucking volumes of hand written police notes at his desk? He obviously was dedicated to being a good officer. 

Did Toshinori know about what they were doing? Or about Mirio’s pursuit—if so, why did he encourage Izuku to move out of Yaizu? But it wasn’t any of his business. And it sure as hell wasn’t his fucking business that they were more than likely long-term fuck buddies—

“Katsuki, are you okay?”

The blonde in question stopped all his thought to look up at the new voice that just pressed pause on his angry train of thought. 

Standing there was a concerned looking Kirishima, eyes darting back and forth between his face and the new phone in his hand.

“Yeah. I’m perfectly fine, shitty hair,” he grumbled automatically. “Why do you ask?”

“’re holding your phone in a death grip and glaring at the screen really hard.” The firetruck redhead tilted his head slightly. “You sure you’re good?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just going through all these dumbass comments. Who knew the general public could be so goddamn stupid?” 

“Ah...Kat, you should know better than to read the comments,” the best friend sighed and quick like lightning, snatched the offending device out of the blonde’s hand. He clicked the device shut before the other could object. “That’s like the number one rule on the internet: never, ever, read the comments.” 

“What do you want, Kiri? I’m not in the mood.” Katsuki groaned. The voice of Takeyama still loud in his ears. His brain was trying to rack a reason for why she cared after she tossed him away like trash and didn’t speak to him for over four goddamn years. 

You don’t just walk back in someone’s life like that. So, Katsuki promptly ignored her calls until further notice.

“Yeah, yeah. You’re never in the mood,” the sergeant laughed lightheartedly. “I just wanted to let you know that Mina and I are postponing the wedding in light of...recent events.”

Katsuki snapped his head towards his friend, fully not expecting that.

“What? Why? You guys had everything planned out to happen in the next two weeks?”

“Er, you’re not wrong. We did. But...with someone in Shizuoka basically hunting policemen, we think it would be best to postpone until we can find a venue somewhere off the skirts of the city and not downtown. That way we’re not exactly a bunch of sitting ducks in blue for a police-hater.”

Katsuki filled the blank in his mind: a bunch of U.A officers sitting around eating wedding cake and someone torching the building because well...yeah.  

“I guess that makes sense,” The ash blond said and gave an understanding look towards his friend. “Smart move honestly.” Kirishima hummed in approval and took a seat in the blue chair across from his desk. 

Katsuki’s red eyes followed this line of movement as he leaned back in his own plush leather chair.  As he did this, he could see a small blur of green from between his blinds in his office. His gaze shifted to stare at the man dressed in a dark blue button down and black slacks from outside of his window in a longing manner. 

It had been almost two weeks since they had directly spoken to each other outside of patrol but every time he tried to think about asking the younger one a small harmless question, he felt Mirio’s words hold him back, like a tether around his neck.

Kirishima turned around to look, curious as to what the lieutenant was staring so hard at. He was only less than 2% surprised to find a certain messy mop of curls to be the answer to his question. He shifted himself back in the chair, clearing his throat.

“ is he by the way?” Kirishima asked hesitantly. 

Katsuki’s attention was brought back to the man in front of him and he shook his head a little, coming out of his zoned-out state.


Midoriya. The curly haired freckled man you were staring at just now.” The redhead huffed, noting how out of it the ash blonde was. 

At the mention of the greenette’s name Katsuki tightened his lips and flicked his eyes off to the side. “I wouldn’t know,” he answered in a grumble. “He hasn’t exactly spoken to me since the incident.” 

“Yeah, everyone has noticed it. Even Denki’s dense ass noticed,” the other responded with a light laughter that made Katsuki frown. 

Other people have noticed…? The hell is that supposed to mean? But he quickly shook the thought and reminded himself that he shouldn’t care.

“It’s fine. This is what I wanted anyways. Midoriya is a...complicated headache,” he spoke but the words felt empty against his tongue. Something in his chest flickered with conflict as he thought about the talk by the shore. “It’s best that he stays away from me.”

“I don’t think you really believe what you’re saying.” Kirishima snapped back in an instant and the blonde half rolled his eyes. Part of him paused however, because the sergeant wasn’t...wrong. 

“I think you should go over there and ask him how he’s doing. He seems kinda out of it.”

Red eyes shifted to the profile of the distant greenette and true to what his comrade had said, Izuku was sitting there with a slight hunch in his back and a distant look on his face going through paperwork. It was clear that his hand was working on autopilot and his mind was somewhere else, far, far away from the U.A precinct. 

Then Izuku perked up slightly and picked up his phone. A small smile graced his dejected features and Katsuki’s mind automatically wondered back to the lawyer and his words. 

“Don’t be reckless.” 

“That’s a terrible idea. I’m sure fuckin’ Mirio has his emotions in check or whatever,” he replied, tearing his eyes away from the green mass out of his window. “He doesn’t need me to give him a prep talk.” He spoke the words with a weak resolve and now it was Kirishima’s turn to roll his eyes.

“Well, clearly, whatever Mirio has been saying to him hasn’t been working because green bean is teetering on a clear depression. He just seems kinda…lonely.”

The word ‘lonely’ struck a chord in Katsuki and made him pause, but he snapped himself out of it. 

“That’s not my problem,” he murmured only half convincingly. He internally groaned at his own words because he knew if anyone heard them, they could tell he was lying. 

Shit, even he knew he wasn’t being completely truthful with himself.

“That’s not the point, Katsuki.” Kirishima said in an annoyed voice. The tall redhead stood up and huffed, giving a hard, disappointed look to his friend. “Just...think about it. That’s all.” 

The man in all blue turned around and Katsuki pursed his lips when the redhead left. 

His eyes shifted back to Izuku’s blank face when another call from Takeyama came through. 


True to Kirishima’s observations, for the rest of Tuesday and all-day Wednesday, Izuku did seem like he was isolating himself. Along with that Katsuki’s irritation was also elevated when he kept getting more calls from Takeyama and a couple from his parents. Calls that he kept promptly ignoring. He didn’t feel like dealing with any of them at the moment. 

His thoughts were too focused on green to think much else. 

Said greenette was quiet and keeping to himself more than usual. He did his work, went home directly at 5:00 pm and would spare people small waves if they were in his line of vision while he was leaving out.

It made Katsuki’s savior complex unknowingly flicker like a dim flame and his irritation grew steadily. 

This fucking man. He thought to himself when he noticed how Izuku drank his morning coffee at his desk and not in the break room with everyone else. 

How was it possible that Izuku was somehow even more distracting and taking up his thoughts when he wasn’t in his damn face? How was that honestly fucking possible? 

The lieutenant could admit that he was watching Izuku carefully. With each passing day when the detective didn’t spare him a second glance, the workaholic’s wall of emotion crumbled ever so slightly. 

By the end of Wednesday, Katsuki’s resolve was paper thin. 

Watching the damn dork act like a robotic employee was so fucking disheartening. It made him groan several times when Izuku would dry laugh at some lame ass joke Kirishima and Sero would make. 

The greenette was new to the city so there clearly weren’t that many people who he knew but he obviously had something on his mind. On top of that there wasn’t a single soul at U.A Izuku was close enough with, Katsuki supposed, that he could really talk to and open up with. 

So, that’s why when walking past Izuku’s desk late that day, Katsuki felt like there was only one thing to do that would possibly end this terrible autopilot they both seemed to be stuck in. 

Mirio’s words be damned. 

The other blonde wasn’t here—but he was. 

Katsuki stopped short of his office in front of Izuku’s desk. He momentarily studied the mop of green curls as the detective had his headphones in, working quickly on his laptop.

The lieutenant almost didn’t want to interrupt him because it was admittedly slightly cute the way Izuku’s tongue slightly stuck out as he was completely unaware of his surroundings.

Awkwardly, the tall blonde cleared his throat and Izuku glanced upwards, then did a double take. 

“Er...hi,” Katsuki said fairly lamely. He waved his hand in a stiff manner and he could’ve just slapped himself. 

The greenette ripped his headphones out of his ears, looking completely taken aback. Doe eyes briefly glanced around to look at Kirishima, Momo, and Denki who were also stationed at their respective desks doing work.

“H-Hi?” He nervously looked back at Katsuki and lowered his head ever so slightly. “Did I miss something in the paperwork I gave to Momo about the robbery case?”

Katsuki shook his head and put his hands in his beige work pants to avoid fidgeting in front of the last person he wanted to know that he had nervous behaviors.

“No, nerd. You did a perfect job, as always.” He gave a small smile, and Izuku’s dark eyebrows shot up high on his face. “I just wanted to...see how you were doing.” Katsuki said slowly, looking into Izuku’s eyes and immediately the other’s mood shifted again. He watched how Izuku’s hands started to twiddle around with the white headphones. 

“I’ve been okay, just trying to get a handle on my work and getting settled into things. Officially over a month since I started, hah. Time really flies.” Izuku opened his mouth again but paused to close it. He looked at Katsuki with something the blonde didn’t understand before glancing his eyes down. “How are you doing?”

“I’m doing perfectly fine,” the workaholic said a little too quickly for either of them. 

Izuku looked at him with that damn concerned gaze again and Katsuki tried his best to remember the whole reason he came over here: Izuku seemed lonely. Make the nerd less lonely and get him to stop acting so weird like a loner because it was distracting. 

“So. What happened to doing stuff after work together? It’s been nearly fourteen days, dork. We haven’t done a single thing.” Katsuki forced out through his teeth trying to sound friendly and not embarrassed. A blush slowly rose on his face because this suddenly felt a lot like asking Izuku out on a damn date—

“Oh, I didn’t know if you’d still be interested in hanging out with me after...what happened.” Izuku stopped fiddling with his headphones and gave a look of extreme guilt that flat out confused the other.

“Why wouldn’t I be?”

Izuku looked down and bowed his head as fast as a bullet, giving Katsuki whiplash. 

“I thought you’d be upset with me after the whole helmet thing. You said that safety was important, I didn’t listen and now there are all these articles about you not practicing safety and smearing your perfect reputation. I shouldn’t have taken your helmets and ran off like some kid. It was extremely irresponsible and terrible. You’re my superior and I should’ve respected what you said initially and now I can’t undo what occurred—”

“—Holy shit, slow down, Midoriya,” the blonde said loudly enough to pull full brakes on Izuku’s spiraling train of thought. The words were spoken faster than he’s ever gone on ground zero and he blinked hard one time as his mind ran over what was just spewed at him. 

Fuck. Is that what’s been bothering him? He thought to himself, looking at Izuku wildly, not expecting all of that word vomit to come out of man’s mouth. This whole time he’s been trying to...avoid me? Because he thought I would be mad? This goddamn idiot. 

“God. I fuckin’ forgot you ramble like that when you get nervous. Trust me, it’s fine.” He emphasized, trying to lull the crazy irrational thoughts Izuku was clearly drowning in. “It’s not your fault some lunatic tried to off me. I’m sorrier for putting you in danger like that.”

Izuku shook his head like he expected and Katsuki groaned.


“—No goddamn ‘buts’, Deku.” The nickname slipped out and, like a charm, it shut the greenette up. Red eyes watched as a small flush crept up Izuku neck and he started to grin at the sight. There we go. “Now back on subject, when are we gonna go do something? I’m getting really fucking stressed out and I could use some down time.”

“Really?” The smaller male eased his shoulders and Katsuki could see the tension start to melt away in Izuku’s body as he looked at him with a face full of relief. 

Katsuki hummed and decided to go the full route of teasing the other male as the blush crept higher and higher onto the freckled skin. 

“Look, Deku. if you don’t want to hang out then I guess I’ll just go by myself somewhere—”

“NO!” Izuku said loudly. Every officer in the surround area stopped and looked at them with suspicious eyes. Izuku gave an apologetic smile. Katsuki watched amused as the greenette cleared his throat and rubbed behind his neck. “Er, I mean...we can do something. I’ll think of what to do and I’ll let you know right away. What day works for you?”

“How about tomorrow, nerd?” The ash blonde smirked, leaning in. Izuku’s face brightened up immediately and the characteristic smile was back full force.

“That works perfectly!” The curly haired man beamed, and Katsuki had to resist smiling back. “What’s your number so I can text ideas to you tonight?”

The lieutenant pulled out his phone and he could have sworn he heard Kirishima gasp in the background. But he ignored it. Goddamn hair for brains was probably getting the wrong idea, this was not a date. 

It was just him...following through on the agreement they had. Right? Right.

“Here put your number in, just don’t send me anything crazy or whatever past nine. That’s my focus time or I'm in bed,” he said softly, only for Izuku’s ears. The other took his phone full of glee and Katsuki pressed his lips together to fight against the extremely hard urge to smile at how much Izuku’s mood had shifted. 

The greenette happily opened his contact and pressed a few numbers and letters on screen and handed the red cell phone back to the other man.

“There! I’ll text you stuff tonight.” The freckled man smiled overjoyed and Katsuki subconsciously returned a small, soft one back. 

Red eyes looked down at the updated contact list on his phone and noticed how the detective had saved himself. He immediately frowned when he read Izuku M. and not I. Midoriya like it was systematically listed for every other person in his phone. 

Katsuki grinded his teeth at the disruption in his methods. 

“Dumbass, you clearly see I have everyone saved with their surnames—”

“—yeah, but I’m different,” Izuku mirthfully grinned, stopping the older man in his tracks. “I like to keep things interesting.” 

Katsuki stared at Izuku, slightly dumbstruck and he could feel his heart skipped a beat. 

The now bright green eyes were looking at him with the same playfulness as before the incident. This time, however, Katsuki could feel something stir inside his chest as the subtle dimple on Izuku’s right cheek showed itself for the first time in nearly two weeks. 

“Hey!” Denki’s voice boomed in the space, shaking both of them out of their extended eye contact. “Get back to work you two! Enough goofing off! Can’t have two slackers just chatting it up while everyone is trying to work.” Small snickers erupted across the room and both men instantly blushed.

A deep groan that neared a growl ripped from Katsuki’s throat as he felt himself nearly have an aneurysm. He rounded on the electric blonde quickly and threw a glare sharp as a blade directly into his friend, striking fear into everyone’s core.

“What the fuck did you just say to me, Kaminari?” He hissed loudly and he could hear Izuku’s snicker from beside him. 

Gold eyes widened and the detective put his hands up in surrender and shook his head. “N-Nothing, lieutenant! I-It must’ve been the wind!” 

“That’s what I fucking thought. Now, stop eavesdropping!” He barked out, rounding his red eyes over everyone as he blushed furiously. Immediately everyone put their heads back down, but Kirishima didn’t do so without sending him a wink first. Katsuki blushed deeper and sneered. 

He turned back around to Izuku who had his hands in his lap respectfully and a delicate pink flush across his freckles. The older man cleared his throat shifted awkwardly in place. 

“Well...his one brain cell is right. We should get back to work. I’ll talk to you later?” 

Izuku nodded and Katsuki watched as something close to happiness flickered around in his green eyes. 

“Yes, for sure.” 


Later that day, Katsuki sat in his office doing work and took a small break. He pulled out his phone beneath this desk to look at his contact list and read the name Izuku M. over once more. 



Katsuki decided he liked the sound of his name. 


As he got into bed that night Katsuki checked his phone screen and he saw 2 missed calls from his parents, 5 more from Takeyama. It made his heart twist in a confused manner, but the ash blonde was trying his best not to take on too much else on his plate. 

Dealing with a concerned-for-fucking-what-ex-girlfriend screamed headache and right now he was trying is best to avoid burn out. 

So, he didn’t call anyone back. 

He cleared the notification bubble off his screen and instead opened up his messages to slowly type in the letters I-Z-U-K-U and pressed send on a text message with a nervous thump in his chest. 

[You]: Did you think of something yet, nerd? I’m about to go to bed.

[Izuku M.]: I have a couple of ideas but I’m kinda nervous to run them by you tbh ^^;

[You]: Just hit me.

[Izuku M]: I found a bar that does salsa dancing on Thursdays, a paint n sip place, and then there’s this new movie out called ‘Superheros in Disguise’ that I think you might like!

[You]: Hard hell no to the salsa dancing.  

[Izuku M.]: lmao! I figured that would be the last thing on your list. But how do the other two sound? :)

[You]: You like painting, right? Let’s do that paint and sip or whatever. 

[Izuku M.]: Are you sure? Do you even like painting?

[You]: I’ll like anything at this point that makes me forget about the media issues right now.

[Izuku M.]: Well, painting it is! :D 

When Katsuki plugged his phone in, he reread the messages over again before rolling over and closing his eyes.

This is just what friends do. 

Izuku wanted friendship, he clearly stated it. It didn’t matter that the greenette was attracted to him and he was to the greenette. He had Mirio to help satisfy him anyways. He thought about this with underlying distaste, but it was enough to keep him grounded on how they were just friends and there was nothing wrong with hanging out together after work. 

They were just trying to be friends and friends hangout outside of work, just like he did with Sero, Denki, Mina and Kiri. 

He tried his best to say that it did not feel like a date. 


Bakugou Katsuki was rarely in an ecstatic mood about anything. Sure, he had happy moments and like anyone else would cheer and scream over the small things he loved in life. 

For him, things that brought him sparks of joy were baseball, puzzles, rated M video games and going to bed at a good time. Things that did not bring him joy were tardiness and people touching him without permission. But gradually, Katsuki found himself silently wondering if Izuku was related to Marie Kondo. The greenette’s suggestion about doing something not related to work past 5:00 pm once a week made a small spark of joy flicker in Katsuki’s chest when he woke up on Thursday morning.

He woke up admittedly happy and then when he walked into work, he flashed an unapologetic good morning and smile Izuku’s way, who looked caught off guard but returned it. Everyone else in the precinct paused at the clear upbeat shift in the usually stiffly-serious blonde and Kirishima looked as if he was blinded by the bright smile that was flashed in the youngest detective’s direction.

Katsuki ignored any and all subtle comments that were thrown his way by the prying redhead. It wasn’t anyone’s business who—er...what he may or may not be doing after work. 

While on lunch break, the workaholic casually looked up painting techniques and googled some background on the paint and sip establishment they were going to. It was a small venue called ‘Karafuruna Seikatsu’ that featured a professional artist walking everyone through the steps of how to paint whatever choice picture the crowd voted on that day while the participants had the choice of drinks.

He could do something simple like this without an issue. 

For the first time in four years, Bakugou Katsuki was ready to leave at exactly 5:00 pm without an issue. 


When they finished walking over to the small business, Katsuki took in the appearance with awe, his ruby eyes slightly wide. 

In the blonde’s mind, without a single doubt, it screamed ‘Izuku’ to him because it was as quaint and pretty as his name. The interior was a bright white color with vibrant abstract paintings lining the walls, creating a picturesque contrast. 

Small pieces of varied colored transparent glass hung by strings off the ceiling. The sun gently passed through them, creating spots of red, blue, orange and pink dancing around the small space to the soft melody that was carrying in the background.

It almost felt like he wasn’t anywhere near the same Shizuoka City where he was run off the road. 

He felt somewhere much further, and relaxation slowly eased the tension out of his shoulders. 

Izuku walked up to the red-haired woman at the counter who was wearing her hair in a high ponytail with a purple scrunchy, paint droplets splattered all over her and the purple apron she was wearing. 

“Hi, there! Are you going to join us today?” She happily perked at the pair and Izuku nodded like he was on both cloud nine and in his element. 

“Yes! Two please,” the greenette responded gesturing to Katsuki behind him who was studying the various paintings on the wall. The woman handed over two purple paint splattered aprons to him and he took the items from her with a small ‘thank you’.

The pair of policemen took their seats in front of two white canvases while idly chatting. They talked about painting and Izuku admitted to being very happy that the lieutenant chose this option in the end. The blonde just nodded and gave a smile in spite of himself because he was happy that Izuku seemed happy. 

As they got settled in, the eldest awkwardly wrestled with the apron as he put it around his body to find that it was slightly smaller than he expected. He glanced over to Izuku only to find the piece of cloth fit him perfectly. 

The greenette gave him a tiny smile and that damned dimple showed itself again. Katsuki wondered why he hadn’t noticed it before—

“Hello, good evening to you all!” A red-haired woman stationed in front of the room started speaking, drawing the attention of everyone sitting down. “Today we have a choice of painting a horse, a beach setting, or a beautiful romantic rose!” Everyone started murmuring amongst themselves. 

“How many for horse?” Only a couple of people raised their hand and Katsuki looked off to the side at Izuku who had started pushing his bangs out of his face with a small red headband. The blonde looked confused at the other. Did he always do that when he painted?

“Okay, not that many for horse,” The woman chuckled. “How about a beach scene?” Katsuki then raised his hand along with another handful of people in the room. He looked off to the side only to find Izuku looking back at him. 

“No beach scene for you?” Katsuki asked in a casual manner. 

“I like roses,” Izuku replied softly, like it was a secret for some unknown reason. “They’re one of my favorite things.” Katsuki then paused and slowly lowered his hand down. 

“Well...okay, if you wanna paint a rose, I’ll vote for the rose too,” The usual hot head said in a soft tone that surprised even himself. 

The youngest shook his head and was about to object right before the woman started up again.

“Okay, how about a rose?” Katsuki shot his hand higher than before, and his time flashed a smirk down at Izuku, who laughed and raised his hand slowly as well. 

The ginger woman counted the hands in the room slowly and when she finished a warm smile stretched across her face. 

“Rose it is!” She giggled. The hostess headed towards an elevated stage that showcased a canvas of equal size with the same colorful paints as the ones at their tables. “Okay, let’s get started. My personal favorite is red roses. They symbolize love, passion and so much more! The possibilities are endless.” 

The perky woman continued on and Katsuki tuned her out ever so slightly. He kept his eyes flickering back and forth between his canvas, her instruction, but most importantly the greenette next to him.

“So, you like roses a lot, huh?” He said through a wide smirk. “What do you like about them?” 

“I like how there’s so many different colors of them.” The freckled man just laughed and shrugged his shoulders. Green eyes stayed focused on starting the painting in front of him. “There's endless symbolism with them, like she said. Red is acquainted love while blue is unrequited. White is purity, orange and yellow represent happiness while black roses, while rare in society, represent death.” 

Katsuki hesitated mid stroke at the list but picked back up painting, lightly brushing his bangs out of his face. 

“You know that off the top of your head?” 

“Yeah, it’s really silly, I know,” Izuku sighed with an awkward chuckle. But the blonde didn’t really find it silly. “I obviously spend way too much time reading poetry.” 

“That’s a good thing, just means you’re well read. More people should be like you,” he grumbled under his breath, brushing his bangs out of his face again with a frown. 

“Oh, here!” Izuku piped up, reaching into his black pants pocket. “I brought this for you just in case you wanted to pin your bangs back.” 

The tall blonde turned to see a small lavender colored barrette being handed to him. He turned up his nose.

“No, I’m good,” he instantly rejected looking at Izuku like he was crazy—which he was starting to think the man was at this point. 

“Aw, c’mon. It’s just a barrette, I have a whole headband on!” Izuku pressed, pushing the pin further into the grumpy man’s face. The tallest of the two swatted the offensive object away, rolling his eyes. 

“Yeah, but it’s different,” you look cute in it. His brain finished the sentence automatically.

“You’re just gonna keep brushing your bangs outta your face and eventually get annoyed,” Izuku hummed in a taunting tone. “C’mon—sit still for like five seconds.”

“What? No, get off me—” Katsuki hissed but before he could push the other man off, Izuku had skillfully worked slash forced the tiny clip into his hair on top of his head. 

“There!” The curly haired man beamed, leaning back. “All good!” He admired his handy work and clasped his hands together happily. Katsuki huffed and frowned so deeply that any onlooker would’ve sworn they saw a new wrinkle form on his forehead. 

“I feel fucking ridiculous.”

“No, you look comfy and relaxed. You almost look cute.” 

“The fuck did you just call me?!” Katsuki spluttered, completely unprepared for the compliment. He leaned back from Izuku and tried his best to focus his attention on the canvas in front of him, but he couldn’t.

“I called you cute, Bakugou. Or should I say, Kacchan?” The end of his sentence raised upwards with the edge of his lips. Green eyes were lit with mischief and the youngest leaned in all the way causing the blushing blonde to lean away in surprise. 

If Katsuki was unprepared before, he was now completely ambushed. His red eyes stared at Izuku in disbelief as he replayed the all too cutesy nickname in his head. 

Fucking Kacchan? Where did the nerd get off thinking like that? And leaning into his space on top of it? 

After about five seconds the blonde rebounded, turning away from the green curls crowding his vision.

“...don’t you ever call me that shit again a day in your goddamn life, Midoriya,” he mumbled out, but the words felt very halfhearted. 

“Sure, whatever you say, Kacchan,” Izuku leaned back and focused back on his own painting, the smile he had never left his face. “Maybe I should save you in my phone as ‘Lieutenant Kacchan’?”

“As opposed to what?” Katsuki whipped his head around and was met with a dark green eyebrow quirked in his direction. His heart automatically twisted at the flirtatious nature and he felt himself backtrack as sirens went off in his head. 

“Actually—don’t answer that. You’re pushing it. You’re really fucking pushing it, Deku.”

The eldest refocused his vision on the poorly painted blob of a rose that he was trying his best to create when laughter as light as air echoed into the room. 

Laughter that he now found could only really be made by Izuku.

His heart constricted unwillingly.


After another two hours the session wrapped up and Katsuki distastefully frowned at his poorly painted rose. The different shades of red were all over the place making it feel like more of an abstract painting in comparison to Izuku’s. 

Izuku’s painting looked like it should be auctioned off immediately and hung up in the nearest museum. Mid-point in the session, the painter had started to take liberties with the rose on his canvas. Katsuki admired how stylized Izuku’s painting style was. He moved his paint brush with purpose and chose his colors quickly yet carefully. 

The greenette ended up painting a perfect rose with the background colors of black, orange, and purple swirling in the back. He lightly painted the tip of the petals with a sparkling gold and it made Izuku’s rose stand out from everyone else’s.

Much like how Izuku himself stood out from everyone.

When everyone was done, Katsuki lightly whistled as he took off his apron. “Wow, that’s really good. Mine looks like shit,” he said while glancing between their paintings. Izuku scratched behind his head and just shrugged his shoulders.

“It looks really well done, honestly! I’m impressed.” The greenette tried to lighten the other’s spirits but Katsuki could tell he was just being nice, like he always was. 

“You don’t have to say that just to make me feel better.” 

“I swear I’m not! It really is!” Izuku praised. “You took to painting like a fish to water. It was impressive!” The greenette moved to look closer at the painting Katsuki did and the blonde did the same. He watched how green eyes looked at his piece closely, and he actually did look impressed. 

Green eyes flickered nervously back and forth between the tall blonde and the two paintings while fiddling with his fingers. The workaholic raised an eyebrow when it seemed like Izuku was teetering on saying something. 

“So…” Izuku started. He looked nervous and cleared his throat. “I was thinking of having a housewarming party thingy tomorrow since my apartment isn’t just a storage unit anymore.”

At this Katsuki perked up. “Ah? Who would you invite?” He mainly wondered if a certain half red half white haired policeman was on the list. 

“W-Well, I was hoping you and everyone at the U.A day shift would come,” The greenette said nervously, rubbing his neck and looking away. “It would be really fun and nice to finally try to be friends with everyone outside of a work setting like what we’re doing.”

The mention of the word ‘friends’ made Katsuki nod. Right, this was...what friends did. They went alone together to painting places and talked casually. 

“Yeah. Like we’re doing,” he reaffirmed, trying to get it in his head that this interaction was okay as he thought about Mirio’s warning. “Well, sounds like a good plan to me, nerd. Just tell Kirishima tomorrow and his big ass mouth will for sure make sure everyone shows up at your party.”

Green eyes lit up like he had somehow won a prize and the young detective stepped forward excitedly.

“So, you’ll come? For sure?” A large smile spread across freckled cheeks and the small dimple in Izuku’s face showed, making Katsuki’s heart skip a beat—again

“Yeah of course, dork.” the lieutenant smirked. “Especially if you’re going to make more namagashi.”

“Oh! Yeah, for sure! I will make sure to do that.” Izuku laughed heartily.  

“Perfect,” Katsuki whispered more to himself than Izuku. 

As they were packing up to leave, they gathered their paintings and Katsuki looked down at the acrylic painting of the poorly painted rose in his hands and the gorgeous one in Izuku’s. 

He felt himself smile softly listening to Izuku talk about his favorite painters on the way out.


When it finally came time to part paths, Katsuki said goodbye casually but Izuku’s hand on his arm stopped him. He glanced back at the shorter male confused, wondering if he had forgotten something but Izuku just smiled at him in the sweetest way, like he always did.

“Here, you take my painting and I take yours!” The greenette insisted. 

“W-What, why?” The blonde asked confused, but the other already started swapping the canvases in their hands. 

“Because I want a Bakugou Katsuki original,” Izuku chuckled. “Okay, now you can head home. Have a good night, lieutenant. I’ll see you tomorrow!” and with that he was off quicker than Katsuki could blink. 

He stared after the other wondering why in the hell Izuku, an obviously skilled painter, would want one of his shitty paintings? 

But as he looked down at the picture of the rose in his hand, his heart twisted in a happy manner. He had a Midoriya Izuku original and his mind already envisioned where he could hang it up in his apartment. 

When he got home and put the rose in his dining room, he couldn’t help but feel like the usually cold apartment felt a lot less lonely.


After the painting session, Katsuki was a lot more relaxed going into work Friday. He had woken up and looked at the new addition to his beige walls with a lightness he hadn’t felt in a long time. 

It made him smile.

He got to work, and he was immediately greeted by an overly happy Izuku. He was taken back ever so slightly from the drastic shift, not really understanding it. But he was glad that the dark cloud hovering over Izuku had finally been lifted.

He headed into the break room to get his morning coffee and a grinning Kirishima walked up behind him. 

“So, what did you say to him to get him so happy?” The best friend laughed, patting his shoulder hard and Katsuki just shook his head but smiled nonetheless.

“Good morning to you too, shitty hair,” the blonde mumbled and took a sip of his coffee with his eyebrow quirked. “And I didn’t say shit to him.” 

“Oh, don’t give me that. He literally kept glancing at the door all morning until you walked in.” The tall redhead smirked, lightly punching his shoulder. “You can be honest with me, man.” 

Kirishima lightly nudged his shoulder with his over and over again in a teasing manner and Katsuki’s grin spread out wider, and Kirishima felt happiness explode in his chest for the usually stoic blonde.

“I think we’re friends now. Or something fuckin’ like that,” Katsuki muttered into his coffee mug, thinking about watching Izuku paint, the Kacchan nickname and then finally the new addition in his home. 

He could feel himself start to blush for reasons he hated in spite of himself and turned away quickly to head into his office. 

Kirishima’s wide red eyes looked at him surprised and the sergeant quickly paced behind him. 

“Friends? Please, I need details! I thought you said on your 25th birthday party that all your ‘friend slots’ were filled?” He snickered out, and the ash blonde shrugged his shoulders as he opened his office door up. 

“Well, we went painting” The lieutenant trailed off when he set sights on the figure of one of the very last people he wanted to see standing in his office. 

His heart went from fluttering in his chest to dropping down into his stomach like he was on a rollercoaster. He instantly felt sick. 



Tediously, like a bad nightmare, the woman with long, blonde hair turned around. 

Furious red eyes met irritated red ones for the first time in four years. Both looked immediately annoyed by the other’s presence and Katsuki’s first thought was, who the fuck let her in and when?

“Takeyama, what the hell are you doing here?!” Katsuki hissed, and Kirishima felt his stomach turn at the tension that clashed in the room. 

The awkward redhead looked between the two ex-lovers wearily and glanced over his shoulder to Izuku, who had his headphones in his desk, happily in work mode. 

“Why haven’t you been answering your phone, Katsuki!? Hah!?” The tall blonde woman stepped towards him furiously and the tall lieutenant grinded his teeth, visibly for all bodies in his office to see. Her purple skirt swayed ever so slightly with her silky hair and something unfortunate twisted inside of Katsuki’s chest.

“We’ve been worried sick about you! All these damn articles and that goddamn video?” She continued on and one word stood out in the worst possible way to the ambushed blonde. 

“We? What the hell do you mean we?”

“...your mother,” Takeyama sighed and Kirishima decided this conversation was one he should not be listening in on. The redhead took a large step backwards and mumbled something about leaving it to Katsuki and the ash blonde waved him goodbye dismissively. 

“She contacted me worried when she couldn’t get a hold of you,” she continued on and Katsuki felt the final punch in his gut. “Seriously? Are you that nose deep in your work that you can’t even come up for air when people are concerned for you?”

His heart started to race faster and suddenly all the work Izuku had done to unwind him built back up unknowingly. Yes, he had been willfully ignoring certain people’s calls but after the near-break down he had two weeks ago he needed the mental space. 

He gave her an apologetic look that wasn’t returned. 

“There’s just been a lot on my plate—” he tried but was cut off with a loud ‘tsk’.

“Oh, that’s such bullshit, Katsuki, and you know it—”

“Excuse me?” A meek voice piped up from behind Katsuki. Both blondes whirled around, too caught up in their emotions to notice all the noise they were making. Jade eyes shifted between them worried. “Am I interrupting something?”

Katsuki laid eyes on Izuku and an itch of wrongness clawed at his throat. 

Large, innocent eyes were looking at him and for once he wished they looked away. Izuku slowly took out his white earbuds, holding them in his hand completely confused. When the lieutenant's eyes followed the motion, he saw a saran wrapped pink plate of sugary treats in Izuku’s other hand.

Katsuki’s heart sank further when this whole situation felt off. 

He opened his mouth to speak, feeling strangely like he got caught red-handed with something, but his ex-girlfriend beat him to the punch. 

“No, it’s fine. I’m just doing a health and wellness check on this idiot.” Takeyama sneered in a forced friendly voice and the tall man glared down at her. She ignored him and stepped forward, extending her hand. “You’re that nice cop that let me inside this morning. What’s your name again?”

There was nothing but friendliness written across her face and confusion across Izuku’s. 

“Uh, Midoriya Izuku,” the greenette spoke cautiously, taking the hand. He smiled when he got a welcoming expression from Takeyama.

“So lovely to meet you. I’m Takeyama Yu.” 

And just like that, Izuku’s smile dropped. 

“Takeyama…?” The normally tenor preppy voice was now hushed, and green eyes cut their way at Katsuki, who didn’t know what the fuck to do next. 

This didn’t feel right. Not a single fucking bit.

Oblivious to the growing tension, the blonde woman continued happily. “Yes. It’s my surname, most people just call me by it. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to finish talking some sense into this dense blonde because it seems like no one else can. Speaking of which, here,” she said in a scolding tone. 

Takeyama turned in her red heels and headed to Katsuki’s desk to grab a small plastic container he hadn’t noticed before.

“I brought you your favorite because I just know you’re not taking care of yourself,” she spoke in a matter-of-fact tone. She thrusted the container in Katsuki’s hands and when ruby eyes glanced down, he could see pastel colored namagashi neatly stacked inside. 

He wearily looked at the small plate in Izuku’s hand and saw the freckled man slowly shift it uneasily. 

“Right. Sorry for interrupting,” Izuku said in a clipped tone. Bright green eyes locked with his and instantly dropped to something distant. That fake smile was right back on his face and the blonde-haired male reached out to the other in a hesitant manner.

“Izuku—” he started but the other bowed and left quicker than he could speak. 


Katsuki’s hands tightened around the plastic container in his hands, his anxious state slowly transitioning into anger and irritation. 

This wasn’t supposed to be happening. He has just gotten Izuku back to fucking normal and now he can clearly see the tension in his shoulders again—

“Izuku?” Takeyama cut through his thoughts, bringing his attention back to her. “Do you call your coworkers by their first names now? But...I guess they’re basically your family at this point,” she bitterly laughed ever so slightly, and the workaholic’s jaw worked back and forth. 

He took a deep breath in and closed his eyes, trying to push down the rising anger bubbling inside of him. 

“...Takeyama. Can you please see yourself out?” He spoke in an even tone. “I really don’t have time or energy for this right now.” He reopened his eyes just to get an eye roll from the other. 

“...I know you don’t. You never have time for anyone besides this,” she said in a disheartened manner while gesturing at all the awards pinned to his white walls. Katsuki glanced around at everything in his office and then back to her, and suddenly he didn’t feel twenty-seven anymore. He felt four years younger, but not in a good way. 

It felt weird to see a victim of his thick headedness and the source of the pain that he’s been trying to ignore for years standing in front of him—just as disappointed as the day she stormed out of his life. 

“I came because your mom is worried, Katsuki. I know personally that you’re fine. You don’t need anyone worried about you. I dated you for four years, I know you don’t get stressed out easily. Bet you probably just walked it off after that man tried to shoot you.”

His shoulders stiffened with each statement she spoke because all he could think was:false.Everything she said was what he wanted to be true yet hearing it out loud from another made him sink further into himself. 

His emotional walls started to slowly build back up.  

“Yup...I’m fine,” he lied through his teeth. A vision of Izuku wiping his tears and blood off his cheek flashed in his mind. “Completely fucking perfect.”

“Yeah, I know,” she whispered under her breath and took a careful step towards him. Something close to caring reflected in her red eyes and it confused Katsuki’s already baffled heart. 

“It just worried everyone in Tokyo when the video went viral. That’s all. You should come back home for the holidays or something in the future. Your parents miss you.”

Katsuki shook his head. His parents were a goddamn mess and he knew damn well they didn’t miss him. They gladly encouraged him to leave Tokyo, and not in a good way, when they found out he wanted to move after college. 

“You of all people should understand one of the main reasons I moved here was because of them,” he said, bitterness thick on his tongue.

“Yes, I get that your relationship with them is complex. Which is why I’m telling you one holiday visit wouldn’t hurt anyone.”

He looked down at the plate of sugary treats in his hand and then back at her. He wanted to glance over his shoulder through the window behind him to see if Izuku was there but stopped himself, feeling strangely too guilty to do so. 

“Fine, whatever. I’ll consider it,” he reluctantly said, wanting nothing more than for this to be over. “Can you please leave?”

“Sure, no worries, Katsuki. It’s nice to see you by the way,” she mumbled the last part and started for the door. Katsuki automatically followed behind her out of installed politeness. “Glad to see you’re still the same.” 

They passed by Izuku’s desk and the detective glanced at him with a blank look. He gave back an apologetic expression not entirely knowing what the fuck he had to be sorry for but still gave one because he felt like he should. 

“...actually,” Takeyama started while stopping short near Izuku’s desk. Katsuki felt the flare guns once again light up in his head. “I’m in Shizuoka for another week or so. Visiting some friends while I’m in town. Would you...would you want to do dinner next week?” 

“Um…” The blonde male gazed at her in confusion, but instead he just got a look of concern, want, and softness from her. 

His heart twisted. 

That was the same look she used to give him all the time. The silent lieutenant glanced around to everyone working on the floor, and the only person looking on the scene was Mina. She shot him a deep look of sympathy.

He quickly glanced his eyes over to Izuku who now had his head down typing and his lips pressed in a hard, thin line. When he stared back at the woman ahead of him, he saw a flash of their past play like a slow movie in his head. 

His savior complex twitched and the soft word “sure” escaped past his lips in an unsure manner. 

“Perfect. I’ll call you, okay? Please, answer this time!” She called out as she continued to walk out the door. Katsuki started to follow her but a look from Mina that was thrown in Izuku’s direction made him pause. 

He turned around to look at the smaller man who had an unreadable expression written across his face and it made Katsuki frown. He stood there for a moment unsure of what in the hell to say. 

Surely Izuku didn’t remember the Takeyama he gave to him that night, right? But his stomach knotted thinking that the likelihood was high. 

Izuku was a detective, meaning he had a sharp memory and he had already confessed to the conversation sticking with him. A flicker of something inside of Katsuki’s chest told him to attempt to remedy the obvious awkward moment. 

“So, is everything still good to go for your housewarming tonight?” He asked slowly and the greenette just nodded his head without looking at him.

“Yep,” Izuku said in a tight tone and it made Katsuki internally frown. 

He looked at the plate of sugar treats sitting off to the side of Izuku’s desk and shifted on his heels. When he didn’t move the freckled man glanced up at him expectantly.

“Were you going to give me those?” He asked with a half-smile on his face and Izuku gave him that fucking fake ass smile again. 

“It’s okay, you already have some,” the greenette said in a hushed voice that sounded too familiar to disappointment and Katsuki felt his heart twist in the worst way. 

“...Well okay. I’ll see you tonight,” he said emptily. He turned and walked back into his office. The male closed the door and the blinds to try and isolate himself from the people outside when his heart didn’t stop hammering against his chest.

What the fuck just happened? He thought to himself, trying hopelessly to analyze the storm Takeyama had—yet again—caused at an inappropriate time in his life.

Later that day, Katsuki couldn’t help but feel like he was walking out of U.A with the wrong batch of namagashi. 


The rest of the shift after the fucked-up morning went by quickly. 

Izuku seemed to rebound from whatever happy pedestal he had been knocked off of, but he didn’t seem to climb all the way back up onto it. He told Kirishima about the house warming party happening in the evening at 8:00 pm, and immediately everyone seemed to perk up.

They all asked Izuku about bringing some board games and drinks. The greenette glowed brightly with the prospect with new friendship. It made Katsuki feel happy that Izuku was finally settling down in Shizuoka City properly, but he couldn’t help but feel off about the morning interaction when he placed Takeyama’s namagashi in the fridge. 

He went home and changed into his go to casual clothes which consisted of his favorite black t-shirt that fit his body well with a grey outline of skull and bones on it along with hip hugging dark jeans and black sneakers. 

The ash blonde hesitantly stopped by a convenience store and bought a bottle of wine with a small green ribbon tied around the top as a housewarming gift, looking at it unsure. 

The workaholic wondered if this a good way to say, “I’m sorry my fucking chaotic ex-girlfriend ambushed me and I didn’t know what to do so I ended up taking her dish but I really wanted yours and I’m sorry you went out of your way to make it for nothing?”

He sure fucking hoped it was.

The nervous workaholic took a deep breath as he stood outside of Izuku’s apartment at 9:37 pm, deciding to come late to avoid any more awkwardness. The tall blonde could hear the laughter of everyone and pop music vibrating from inside. He rang the doorbell and a light chime echoed. 

“Coming!” He could hear Izuku’s voice call out from on the other side of the wooden door. Red eyes nervously stared at the number ‘1106’ in gold letters and wringed his hands around the wine bottle in his grasp.

Why the fuck was he so nervous? Katsuki frowned thinking about it, not fully understanding where all these confusing emotions were stemming from. 

The door opened and there stood Izuku, face slightly flushed with a glass of wine in his hand. His hair was combed to the left, thick curls parted perfectly. The greenette was wearing a long-sleeved maroon button up, tight ass black skinny jeans and the motherfucker had a small gold hoop in his left ear.

Katsuki didn’t know if it was possible to feel your eyes dilate but he would swear his did in that moment. 

Izuku greeted him with a smile and stepped aside so he could come inside. “Thank you so much for coming,” he said in a softer tone than usual. Katsuki tried his best to ignore how obviously attractive Izuku looked as he slipped off his shoes.

“No need to thank me for coming to drink your alcohol,” Katsuki tried to joke but Izuku only half cracked a laugh. The greenette locked the door and a loud roar of booing and clapping could be heard from the dining room area.

“In your faces fuckers!” Denki’s loud voice called out. “Another round to me! Oh yeah! Kiri, you officially gotta call me uno-daddy.”

“Gotta object really hard on that one, Pikachu.” Kirishima’s deep voice called and another wave of laughter echoed out. “Not a single person here is gonna call you daddy.” 

“We’re just, uh, playing uno with shots. It was Mina’s idea,” Izuku gave him a tight smile. Green eyes flickered down to the bottle being gripped way too tightly in his hands. “Is that for me?”

“Uh, yeah. Happy moving in officially,” Katsuki mumbled, still feeling the slight awkwardness. Izuku took the bottle from his hands and his warm fingers grazed against his skin in the tiniest fashion, but it lingered softly.

The pair walked into the dining room area and were instantly greeted by everyone. Kirishima waved and smiled at him, grinning wide like a shark.

“There’s grumpy pants! I was beginning to think you weren’t going to show up!” The best friend teased, and Mina craned her neck to look at him.

“We took bets on what was going to win out: coming to this or staying at the station,” she smirked at him knowingly. “Denki now owes me somuch money.” She then cut her eyes at the electric blonde with a greedy grin. 

Denki groaned and threw his hands up in the air, learning a laugh from Todoroki sitting next to him. 

“Aw, Bakugou! Dude, the one time I was counting on you to be a workaholic like always,” the detective groaned and Katsuki just chuckled with a smug look on his face. 

“Shouldn’t place bets on me, Denki. You should know better by now.”

“Yeah, plus, Mina always knows best. If she says that Bakugou was gonna show—he’s gonna show.” Ochaco spoke up. Momo and Iida agreed with her. “She has like, mind magic or something.” 

Everyone at the table playing uno started up laughter again going on about Mina and her ‘mind magic’.

“Everyone is about three shots in, you gotta catch up!” The redhead called out as Katsuki followed Izuku in the kitchen. The ash blonde waved his hand dismissively not really caring to take a triple shot right away. 

When they were far away from the noise, Izuku placed the green wine glass on the counter next to the other bottles of juice and hard liquor, making the lieutenant nod. 

Yup. This reeked of U.A precinct after hour activities that he usually avoided with all his might. But this was for Izuku and making him feel welcomed. So, he supposed he would go along with it, for one night.

The greenette inspected the bottle, seeming both impressed and surprised before turning to him.

“You got my favorite; how did you know?” Izuku asked him and Katsuki leaned against the counter.

“You seem like a pinot noir type of person,” he answered in a nonchalant way. Truthfully, he had made a small mental note in his head of the wine Izuku was casually sipping on when they went to the paint and sip. 

“Hm. Observant as always, lieutenant.”

“Only sometimes,” Katsuki replied back keeping his eyes locked onto Izuku’s figure as he shuffled around the wine bottles. 

He hadn’t let his eyes drop below Izuku’s waist line in so long because of obvious reasons, but fuck. Looking at him in those jeans made it hard to look away and his thoughts unwillingly wandered into dangerous territory. 

When his mind started to think about what it would be like to squeeze Izuku’s firm thighs, the blonde realized how long it had actually been since he had sex. He also realized it had been an extremely long time since he was this fucking stressed out too. 

Which helped absolutely nothing

He slept with people every blue moon when he was on the edge of screaming out loud and currently, he was getting really fucking close to doing just that. Now, with the whole Takeyama and potential parental ordeal, the strain in his chest was begging for an outlet.

His mind wandered even more as Izuku shuffled around the kitchen for something. All he could see was his teeth sinking into those thighs that could crush him—

“I was right, y’know,” Izuku’s even toned voice pulled his mind out of the gutter by his neck. “About Takeyama being pretty based off her name.” 

Katsuki clicked his tongue. So, he did remember. 

“Careful, it almost sounds like you care,” he replied back sarcastically, mimicking what Izuku had said to him about Mirio. The Izuku whipped his head at him and the blonde shrugged his shoulders. Checkmate.

The greenette opened and closed his mouth, then popped off the cork for the pinot noir. The workaholic waited for a response back but got none, just a mildly fuming Izuku...which confused him even more. 

Why did it seem like Izuku cared?

The freckled man poured out a new glass of wine and refilled the one in his hand. He turned to Katsuki, making sure not to meet his gaze as he offered him the glass of red white in his hand. The lieutenant took it without hesitation and took a long sip of it.

Green eyes glanced up at him, and Katsuki could have sworn he caught the flicker of jealousy in his eyes. With just that ounce of hesitant emotion, everything started to make sense to Katsuki.

“...I think I hear Mina calling my name.” And with that, Izuku left. As crimson eyes watched the man walk out of the kitchen, he cursed to himself as he replayed the interactions from today and yesterday over again in his head. 


Izuku did care. 

Katsuki downed the whole glass of wine and poured himself another. 


As the night went Izuku’s behavior was now bluntly obvious to the blonde. The damn man wasn’t just annoyed over his plate of food not being taken; he was annoyed that Takeyama had asked him out for dinner. 

Or maybe Katsuki was getting ahead of himself. 

It would be weird to assume your coworker had a crush on you and was jealous of the fact you we were talking to your ex-girlfriend. Did he even like Izuku like that? Like actually like him? Katsuki reasoned that Izuku was likable as a person. He was sweet and all that shit, it would be hard not to like him.

But he was his coworker and trainee. The very same trainee who’s breathing turned shallow every time they spared, and who did try to actively get into his pants once upon a time. The same sex on legs freckled man who wanted to get roughly fucked against a wall until he was screaming in pleasure—

No. Bakugou, no. Katsuki reprimanded his thoughts, yet again, when they dived too deep into dangerous depths. Depths he couldn’t afford to think about, especially about Izuku. 

However, he was finding it harder to keep his thoughts afloat in the safe ‘we’re just friends’ zone he had created the more alcohol he drank. 

And as the night progressed, he needed more alcohol. 

He had been more wound up than he thought from the near-death experience and right now the only thing stopping him from just blatantly staring at Izuku’s perfect ass in those goddamn too tight pants was the wine glass in his hand that kept magically getting refilled. 

In reality, it wasn’t magic, it was Mina and Denki. 

When his face felt too warm, he put his hand over his cup and glared at the grinning pinkette. He glanced at the clock and saw that it read close to 10:30 pm at night. 

I should be in bed. His eyes wandered back over to Izuku, whose face was nearly pink in color from drinking and laughing with everyone. 

He heard Mirio’s deep voice in the back of his head when he stared too long and too hard. 

“Don’t be reckless.”

He groaned loudly. 

“Everything okay man?” Sero asked from beside him and Katsuki waved his hand around like he was swatting a fly, clearly inebriated.

“Peachy fuckin’ keen,” he slurred slightly, and everyone laughed. 

Ochaco made a couple of comments about never seeing Katsuki smile and laugh this frequently as they continued to play board games. 

Soon enough, the gang made plans to go out to a local club and half the people mumbled not too sure about the idea. This was the clear split between introverts and extroverts in the group. Ochaco, Iida, Momo and Todoroki all seemed to pass on wanting to go out and politely thanked Izuku for inviting them over. 

They left out saying goodbye but not before Todoroki stared at Izuku’s profile with investigative eyes.

This made a twinge of worry sink into Katsuki’s skin when he realized that was still a thing. A weird thing. It made his head hurt too much and he was way too fucking tipsy for weird Todoroki things, so he turned around to take a look around the newly decorated apartment.

He walked around loosely, mainly paying attention to the wall that featured paintings he recognized from the first time he came over. All except the self-portrait with the three flames and it made him frown slightly. He liked that one, and he wished he could analyze it more. 

The tall blonde shuffled around until he landed in the kitchen and leaned against the cold surface of the counter top. The door closed, indicating their party had been cut in two. He looked up at that moment to the blank wall next to the fridge and noticed a small painting hanging up that he hadn’t seen before. 

It was a small red and blue rose intertwined with each other. 

“I think I’m gonna go get some water first! I’ll meet you guys at the door in a few!” Izuku called out and the patter of steps could be heard. Izuku came rushing into the kitchenette area and paused ever so slightly when red eyes locked onto him. 

“This one’s new,” Katsuki said, the words slipping past his lips before he could stop then. “I like it.” He gave a soft smirk to the other male as he looked closer at the painting in more thought. What did Izuku say blue roses represented again?

“Thanks, I did it last week,” the freckled man smiled as he poured himself water from the sink. 

Katsuki hummed as he shot Izuku a look out of the corner of his eye. “Your signature is still shit. Gonna just start referring to you as Deku from now on.” The flushed face greenette glared at him with a heated look that shot straight down into Katsuki’s stomach. 

“It’s not my fault you’re choosing to read it wrong,” Izuku said while still sinking his gaze into him. Katsuki decided the greenette’s glaring shouldn’t be as attractive as it was, but he could feel his face start to grin wider. 

“Or maybe it is, dork,” he teased right back. “Sloppy ass penmanship.” 

The detective huffed and turned away from him and like clockwork, Katsuki eyes automatically dipped dangerously low to stare at the curved section of Izuku. He felt himself blink, but it was lagged from the amount of shots Kirishima had insisted he take. 

“You’re such an ass sometimes,” the shorter male quipped and started drinking the water in his hand. 

Katsuki stared harder at the muscular backside and tilted his head to get a better look. 

“I guess you are what you eat, huh?”

The words slipped out and Izuku choked, spitting out his water.

“Is everything okay in here?” Mina called out when the loud sound of Izuku coughing could be heard. The greenette whipped his head around the blonde in disbelief and pounded a fist against his chest. 

“Y-Y-Yeah!” Izuku tried with a strained voice several octaves higher than his normal one, his face completely red. “It’s totally fine!” 

Katsuki smirked more. Part of the workaholic thinks he decided he liked teasing the greenette, but the other half of him feels like the tequila did. 

“Are you sure? You’re coughing and really red. Do you need some help?” The golden eyed woman asked, rounding the corner in the kitchen area. She glanced between the wolfishly grinning Katsuki and the spluttering greenette who was avidly waving his hand dismissively.

“N-No. I’m good! Uh, drink was just a lot hotter than I expected it to be.”

“...Izuku. You’re drinking tap water.” Mina said flatly. This time she looked at Katsuki suspiciously. 

“R-Really?” Izuku stuttered, clearing his throat. Green eyes looked down at his hand before plastering a goofy grin on his face. “W-Well—Would you look at that. Mina is right yet again.”

“Okay…weird,” Mina said in a cautious tone, her eyes studied them both. “Well, we’re about to put on our shoes and head out if you two can stop whatever it is you got going on in here and hurry up.”

Izuku nodded furiously and Katsuki finally leaned off the garnet countertop to his full height and towering over the blushing faced Izuku.

“Coming!” The freckled man called, and immediately green eyes met red. Katsuki’s grin spread wider. “L-Like to the door—I’m coming to meet people at the door in my own apartment—”

Mina’s eyes widened and she threw her hands up and turned around. 

Loud laughter erupted from Katsuki, stunning everyone in the house as they walked to the front door. 

The usually stressed out man admitted to him that it had been a long time since he felt this carefree. Thoughts of his parents, Takeyama and his almost-killer were in the far back of his mind and it felt good.

He looked at the bouncing green curls and started to recognize the pattern in his moments of relaxation. 


“A round for Izuku! Welcome to the force!” Kirishima yelled out, over the loud crowd in the club. “We should have done this a long time ago.” The loud music of the local club they dipped into was playing loudly in the background, making everyone raise their voices. Bodies of all shapes and sizes were pressed together, making it warm while the dim lights shifted between red, purple, and blue. 

“Yeah! To Izuku!” Denki called out, passing out the clear shots with slices of lime to everyone. A small toast was done and Katsuki admired how easily Izuku blended in with his friend group. It almost felt odd, but strangely perfect. 

They all threw their heads back, swallowing down the drinks. The liquid burned lightly on the way down and Katsuki scrunched his face up automatically.

“Aw, grumpy still isn’t used to the taste of alcohol,” Mina giggled, playfully punching him in the shoulder. She was the clear heavy weight of the group. The pinkette turned to Izuku and poked his cheek playfully while pointing at the tall blonde. “I have a theory that he’s an extreme lightweight because he never comes out with us.”

“Oh?” Izuku laughed and looked his direction. “Thanks for coming out then! You didn’t have to.” 

“Just for you, nerd,” The eldest replied. “It’s a special occasion only type of thing.” Red eyes drooped ever so slightly while smiling at the person in front of him, unknowingly. Izuku smiled back through a flushed face.

Kirishima and Mina exchanged glances while smirking into colorful drinks. 

The night continued on and the group found themselves on the packed dance floor. The music started to blend together for the workaholic. It was a string of songs he’s never heard but assumed were popular because everyone sang along loudly, including Izuku. 

The greenette was dancing, facing Mina while Kirishima and Katsuki danced behind them. The redhead tried his best to get his friend up to date on new dances but they both just started laughing every time Katsuki would look confused and a new, warm body would press against him. 

They slowly started to form a circle as more bodies piled in and eventually Katsuki found himself face to face with a smiling Izuku who was holding a colorful drink. The greenette’s eyes were closed, with one hand in his own hair swaying his body sensually to the music. His luscious green curls bounced underneath the purple and blue lights and the small gold hoop earring caught the lighting just right.  

Katsuki felt mesmerized. 

His heart pulled and twisted inside his chest just like it had been doing around Izuku for weeks now. The feeling was new, but not completely foreign. It felt old and like he had felt it before.

The song switched to the one he heard when he first laid eyes on Izuku and, like puzzle pieces shifting into place, Katsuki finally pinned down the feeling when sparkling green eyes opened to look up happily at him. 


“Are you enjoying yourself?” Izuku leaned up on his toes to say into his ear. The warm breath fell against his ear and neck, tickling gently against his skin. 

His heart skipped a beat and the blonde found himself lost in the large doe like eyes of the man in front of him. The music got ever so slightly louder as Katsuki studied the pink flush that was spread so beautifully across Izuku’s skin.

“Yeah,” he replied back with a sincere smile, trying his best to keep up with the beat. When Izuku grinned at him, the lieutenant felt his heart hooked, lined, and sunken. Izuku was so beautiful and the filter on his thoughts steadily dissolved underneath the copious amount of liquor in his system. 

“It...It’s been a long time since I felt like this,” he said truthfully, feeling a flicker in his chest.

“I can tell!” the greenette said, his voice louder than the music. “You’re finally loosening up and it's so great to see. Glad to see you’re relaxing!” The workaholic was given a small pat on the shoulder and something inside of him panged with mild disappointed.

“Right. Relaxing. That’s definitely what I was talking about,” he said more to himself than to Izuku. The longer he looked at the dancing man in front of him he felt Mirio’s warning more and more.

But the more time passed, the more he found that he didn’t give a damn.

He didn’t know if it was the alcohol or the fact that he really didn’t give a fuck anymore but staring at Izuku blending perfectly in with his friends, made Katsuki want to be close to him. 

Mid-point during the night, they got separated from the rest of the group (but he could’ve sworn he heard Mina say something about ‘give them some alone time’) so they kept dancing and talking between themselves.

Katsuki felt like he was on cloud nine as he listened to Izuku’s slurred ramblings. Then unexpectedly, a body from behind Izuku toppled him over and Katsuki grappled him quickly within his arms. 

Fucking rude ass people everywhere. The blonde sneered. He was reminded exactly why he didn’t like coming out, reasons like this. He watched as the broad-shouldered male walked away without saying anything as he shifted Izuku in an upright position, with his warms hooked around Izuku’s torso.  

“I got you, don’t worry,” he reassured into Izuku’s curls when the greenette swayed a bit. The smell of the flowery cologne filled his senses and Katsuki held on slightly tighter, pulling Izuku’s back against his chest. 

Izuku rolled his head back with his eyes closed, revealing a content looking smile. Katsuki watched as he reached up and behind him to softly caress his cheek, pushing back ever so slightly into him. 

A spark of warmth rolled over Katsuki’s body.

“I like this,” The detective whispered, reaching his other hand to land on Katsuki’s that was wrapped around his waist. “Hold me tighter,” the soft voice whispered and the man with very weak resolve nearly crumbled. 

“What?” He asked, just to be sure he heard correctly. 

“I like being held. Please?” The green haired man begged again. Warning flags went up all around the blonde’s head. This was a bad idea. He shouldn’t be holding any damn body but—he heard Izuku hum to the music again. 

Katsuki could feel his better judgement lag behind his brain function and alcohol. But something deep inside of him just wanted to make Izuku feel good. 

Fully leaning into the smaller body, all the foresight Katsuki had couldn’t catch up with his actions. “ this?” The lieutenant whispered into green curls as he squeezed the waist his arms were wrapped around, creating thick tension. 

“Y-Yeah just like that,” Izuku’s breath hitched and the sound immediately went straight to Katsuki’s groin. 

He knew he should let go, get Izuku off of him, but the next song was apparently one even tipsy Izuku knew and the smaller man rolled his hips against his own growing hardness. 

Katsuki bit his lip to stifle a moan. Fuck, what was he doing—he should stop...but he felt so fucking good

Gradually as the music played on, he didn’t know how or when, but his hands gripped onto Izuku’s angular hips. His calloused fingers twirling into the younger male’s belt loops, following the circular movements of the firm backside against his newly formed hard-on.

Izuku pushed back against him, rolling his hips like a goddamn sex god to the song. The tension of the full ass pressed so perfectly against him sent waves of familiar ecstasy up and down his body. The touch starved blonde let out a low curse when Izuku flat out started grinding back against him to the beat of the music. 

The smaller male made a groan deep in the back of his throat when the larger body pressed behind him started to sway his hips in sync with him. Katsuki lifted one hand on to Izuku’s stomach, relishing in the movement of the defined abs underneath Izuku’s shirt. He could feel the shift in breathing pattern as their grinding started to get harder and Izuku reached up and behind him to start lightly playing with soft blonde hair.

“You move your hips really fucking well,” Katsuki complimented, unknowingly smirking. 

“You have no idea,” was the soft-spoken reply, heavy with loaded implications. Katsuki’s mind started to fill in the blanks for him as their bodies moved slower in synchronization to the low part of the rhythm.

“I have a pretty good imagination. Got a couple of ideas right now.” 

Izuku laughed, leaning back more and brushing soft fingertips through the other’s hair. “Yeah, but I think I have a better imagination than you. Our ideas might be very different.” A shaky sigh escaped past his lips as he said this, and something coiled tightly within the blonde.

“You’re breathing really shallow,” Katsuki whispered, lightly tracing the defined v-cut underneath the white shirt. “Are you turned on?” 

Izuku hesitantly nodded against him, and Katsuki leaned into Izuku’s hand entangled in his hair.

“I can tell,” the ash blonde said in a hushed voice. “You breathe the same way when we train together, and I get in between your legs.” With this he gave a hard grind against Izuku as he held the smaller body in place with his hands. 

A soft breathy moan that he could barely hear escaped past those pink lips and Katsuki just wanted to devour the sound with his own mouth. He gave another harsh grind, rolling his hips and pressing the strain of his hardness directly in the curve of the perfect ass of the perfect man in front of him. 

“...Would you let me fuck you during sparing, Izuku?” His raspy voice whispered into the soft curls as he closed his eyes, letting the warm feeling in his lower belly take over completely along with the remains of the alcohol in his veins. 

“Y-Yeah, I would,” Izuku replied back short of breath, pressing back against him and tightened his hand in blond hair.

Katsuki bit his lip when the visual of him and Izuku fucking desperately on the training mat flashed in his mind. He imagined Izuku’s fingernails sinking into his shoulders and those strong legs wrapped around him as he drove into the tight body relentlessly. He could practically hear the greenette challenging him to go faster, moaning and crying out his name in a high voice.

“Of course you would. That was a stupid ass question...I have a better one.” The older man’s hand dipped slowly from Izuku’s stomach to lightly tease the hem of his perfectly too tight black pants. “Have you ever taken a nine-inch cock before?”

His grip on Izuku tightened dangerously when the other began to quiver against him and Katsuki loved it. God, he wanted to completely destroy this man.

Fuck.” Izuku strained voice cursed out. “Katsuki, I-I need—”

Suddenly a loud yelp could be heard from beside them, and like a bad wet dream, two cold drinks splashed directly onto his and Izuku’s face from the drunk couple next to them. 

“What the fuck!?” Katsuki hissed, immediately letting go of Izuku. Both men yelled out as the alcohol stung in their eyes as they tried to wipe their faces of it.

“Oh my gosh, I am so sorry!” The drunk girl slurred at him, reaching out to touch him. The unsolicited touch grounded Katsuki as he slapped her hand away from him. 

“Watch where the hell you’re going next time,” He spat. Red eyes blinked rapidly taking in everything, and lust unclouded his vision. He looked at the shorter male in front of him who was trying to pat his face dry with his maroon shirt. 

Laughter from different people near him made him look around. The reality of what just occurred sunk into his skin and Katsuki started to sober up instantly. 

His stomach started sinking. 

That wasn’t supposed to happen. He was trying so hard to establish friend barriers and he just had a goddamn grinding session with the one person who wanted to fuck him. On top of that he was the main one this time to say vulgar shit. 

This was another one of the many reasons he hated drinking: impaired judgement. 

Izuku groaned and turned around towards him with a goofy grin and cheeks tinted pink, clearly drunk. 

The blonde looked at the clock and saw that it was nearly 1:00 am. He sighed and decided to grab Izuku’s hand to go find the rest of the group.

Izuku, in his inebriated state, took the hand happily and squeezed it in an affectionate manner that tested Katsuki. The freckled man then pulled on their interlaced fingers and with strength he forgot Izuku had, the greenette reached up with his free hand and grabbed the collar of his black t-shirt.

Katsuki hissed as he was dragged down to Izuku’s level and the soft breath whispered into his ear in a sultry voice.

“Nine inches, huh, Kacchan?” Izuku smirked against his ear. “I knew there was a reason you acted so cocky.” 

The blonde blushed beat red and leaned back quickly. Izuku bit his lip and gazed at him with green eyes darkened by lust. 

The heat swirled in his stomach and Katsuki swallowed thickly. 

He had to leave now. 

Mirio was right, they were being reckless. 


“Wow, who knew green bean can throw down that much with alcohol,” Kirishima laughed as they all exited the club. 

“I did!” Izuku happily giggled, holding up his and Katsuki’s joined hands. “I even got a prize to go with it!” 

The blonde could just fucking die right now as drunk Denki took picture of drunk Izuku holding his hand and clutching onto him. Katsuki knew he could let go but then he ran the risk of the greenette stumbling over and face planting onto the concrete, so this was a much better option. 

“Yeah, such a great prize for all of us!” Denki snickered, snapping several more photos. Katsuki gave him the finger.

“Why were you two wet again?” Mina said in a voice that turned upward at the end, eyes looking at them in a knowing manner. 

“Dumb fuckers spilled their drink on us,” the workaholic grumbled. 

He tried his best to focus on the task at him that they were completing which was getting Izuku upstairs to his room. Then they would use their normal buddy system to systematically walk home together. 

When they finally arrived to Izuku’s building, Katsuki felt fairly sober. He quietly thanked being a blessed lightweight and having a fast metabolism as he hoisted a clearly not-so-blessed Izuku up the stairs while everyone else waited outside. 

He wrestled the keys away from the giggling greenette with a groan, trying his best not to get irritated. 

The nerd was just drunk. He’s a grown man that just needed help getting safely in bed because that’s what friends do. Friends get each other in bed after a night out not fucking whispered filthy shit in the other’s ear. 

“Alright here, you go.” Katsuki opened the door and was instantly greeted by a soft song and all the blinding white lights turned on. “Shit. We forgot to turn off everything before we left.”

“Ah, wait...I love this song,” Izuku stumbled upward and tried to take a small step forward. When he wobbled some more, Katsuki caught him again and held him upright. 

The blonde sighed, slightly irritated as he buried a hand in Izuku’s curls and hooked the other around his waist to pull the other’s chest against his own to hold him upright again. 

The other male lifted his arms and encircled them around his neck, slightly pulling him down. 

“My mom used to play this all the time…” Izuku mumbled into his chest and Katsuki felt hands grip his shirt tightly.

“Used to?” He echoed casually. “Does she not like the song anymore?” 

“Mhm,” The greenette sighed and tried standing upright again, this time more successful. “My parents...died a while back. So, no...she can’t it anymore.” 

Katsuki paused and felt his heart stop. 

Izuku’s parents are...dead? The ash blonde looked down at the man in his arms with sharp, disbelieving eyes.

He studied the freckled features hoping this was just the rambling of a drunk man, but it wasn’t. It clearly wasn’t. 

Sadness slowly etched its way into Izuku’s face like he caught in a bad memory and Katsuki held onto him tighter. 

“...I’m so sorry,” he said barely above a whisper, not knowing what else to say. His heart panged lowly when suddenly everything about Izuku made sensetoo much sense. From Mirio, his lonely comments, Toshinori and…

A question burned on the tip of the tongue and his mind went back and forth on if he should even ask it. 

“How did it happen?” He whispered and the hand in Izuku hair carded through the soft curls with care.

Katsuki felt his stomach turn when he felt like he already knew the answer when he thought about Izuku’s scars. 

“Fire,” Izuku’s voice cracked. The head on Katsuki’s shoulder leaned in further and he held on tighter to Izuku. “It’s always fire…”

The youngest sighed as he leaned back, to look at him. Red eyes glanced down as he searched Izuku’s eyes, as if seeing him for the first time all day. 

Izuku’s words of being alone echoed in his head and the fear he saw in green eyes when the first building went up in flames. 

His heart twisted for the man in front of him. 

A bandaged hand suddenly came around to touch his face but Katsuki didn’t waiver at staring into the emerald eyes that were looking at him carefully. 

The wrapped hand brushed a stray hair out of his face and the taller man just leaned into the touch as he kept looking down at the person in his arms. Katsuki’s heart raced rapidly, and without the fog of lust and alcohol he could finally see Izuku and recognized what was flickering inside his chest.

“Your eyes are the same color as my favorite roses…so pretty. Did you know that?” Izuku smiled lazily at him. “I wanna paint you.”

The artist looked at him, completely enamored and that’s when Katsuki felt it. He felt the one thing he didn’t want to feel the last four years.

“...let’s get you to bed, Izuku,” he sighed and gently led the other into the bedroom.

He opened the door and immediately noticed his own shitty painting and the self-portrait containing three flames sitting along the corner of the room. His sharp mind connected the dots and put together more details he wasn’t too sure he wanted to know.

He stared at the three flames and felt sick. 

Did Izuku’s parents represent two of those flames? If so...who was the third?

He shuffled Izuku over to his bed and immediately the first thing that caught his eye was a delicate red rose with a white ribbon laying on the green sheets. There was a small fancy note card attached and in it a typed message. 

Curiosity took the wheel as the greenette leaned more into his shoulder, threatening to fall asleep at any moment.

Katsuki picked up the rose but his heart twisted in jealousy as he read the message. 

“I loved you the same way I learned to ride a bike.

Scared, but reckless.

With no training wheels or elbow pads

so my scars can tell the story of how I fell for you.” 

Rudy Fransico. Helium.

Mirio. Katsuki thought to himself in a bitter manner. This has to be fucking Mirio somehow. He reasoned that it reeked of pining much like the other blonde and he ‘tch’ed to himself. 

Seeing the rose grounded Katsuki in knowing that Izuku had someone. 

Someone who wanted to take care of him, someone who was currently taking care of his ‘needs’. Someone he knew for basically his whole life.

And it wasn’t Katsuki. 

They were just friends, coworkers at best maybe. He imagined Mirio in Yaizu signing up for one of those flower delivery services to have the romantic flower sent to Izuku’s home and it made his heart churn unhappily.

The envious lieutenant tossed the rose off to the side on the nightstand and then carefully maneuvered Izuku into his bed. As he tried to lower the other man into his sheets, he got a soft groan of disapproval and the strong arms around his neck tightened. 

“Izuku,” he tried to state firmly but the other didn’t let go, and fingers started to play in his hair again.

Katsuki closed his eyes and mustered up all the patience he had left but when he reopened them, he was met with perfect viridian eyes staring up at him. They were full of that terribly sweet look as if Izuku wanted him to lean in. He felt his lips start to itch with want as his eyes flickered down to Izuku’s dangerously close mouth. 

“Don’t be reckless.” Mirio’s voice echoed in his head and immediately all the thoughts he pushed to the back of his head flooded back to the forefront of his mind. Problems Izuku had momentarily distracted him from: His parents, Takeyama, The Cremator. 

Ruby eyes looked at Izuku longingly.

He let out a long sigh before reaching up and peeling Izuku’s arms from around his neck. He intertwined the soft hands within his own and pressed his lips in a thin line when an objective groan rolled past the lips of the man beneath him. 

Green eyes slowly blinked at him and Katsuki’s red ones stared half lidded into the man below him, lost and unsure. 

He studied all the colors, the emotions and thought long and hard about the day and all the things he’s been ignoring. 

“You gotta let go of me, Izuku. I need to go home,” he said softly when the hands intertwined in his didn’t release.

“But I like you,” the greenette’s voice was nearly heartbreaking and Katsuki’s face twisted with raw emotion. “Please stay...I like you a lot, Kacchan.”

“...that’s exactly the reason I can’t stay.” 

A small spark of want flickered in his chest.

Because I think like you too.