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Pokémon trainers in a pretty cure world

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“Hey are you ok mister,” said Nagisa, the boy in front of them woke up, “who are you mister,” said Honoka, “I’m Ash Ketchum,” said Ash, “who are you three,” “I’m Nagisa Misumi,” said Nagisa, “I’m Honoka Yukishiro,” said Honoka, “and I’m Hikari Kujou,” said Hikari. Ash then looked around, he didn’t see his friends anywhere, “Iris, Cilan, Pikachu,” said Ash, “where did you go,” “who who and who,” said Nagisa, “Iris and Cilan are my friends,” said Ash, “Pikachu is my partner Pokémon,” “oh makes sense,” said Honoka, “we just never heard those names before,” said Hikari.

The four walked around, Ash kept an eye out for his friends and partner. After awhile of looking around, Nagisa, Honoka, and Hikari saw their friend Inori run to them with 5 creatures in her arms, Ash knew what they were, Pikachu then ran to his trainer, “there you are Pikachu,” said Ash, “who are the other 4,” said Inori, “Axew, Pansage, Pansear, and Panpour,” said Ash, “wait if Pansear and Panpour are here, then Chili and Cress are here,” “who are Chili and Cress,” said Hikari, “they’re my friend Cilan’s brothers,” said Ash.

While they were talking, Ash heard 3 familiar voices, “Cilan, Chili, Cress,” said Ash, Pansage, Pansear, and Panpour ran to their trainers, “we were wondering where you three went,” said Cilan,  “at least they got back to you three,” said Inori, “who are they, Ash,” said Chili, “they are Nagisa Misumi, Honoka Yukishiro, Hikari Kujou, and uh,” said Ash, “Inori Yamabuki,” said Inori. The 8 continued to talk when Iris ran to them, “Iris, there you are,” said Ash, then they noticed 5 others with her, “Saki, Mai, Love, Miki, Setsuna,” said Inori, “hey Ash, Cilan, Chili, Cress,” said Iris, “hey Nagisa, Honoka, Hikari, Inori,” said Saki.

Then Ash, Iris, and Cilan noticed a familiar hot air balloon, “team rocket,” said Ash, “what are you doing here,” said Iris, “you know them,” said Love, “yep, they are up to no good,” said Cilan, “that won’t stop us,” said Nagisa, “right,” said Honoka, Hikari, Saki, Mai, Love, Miki, Inori, and Setsuna. 

“DUAL AURORA WAVE,” said Nagisa and Honoka, “LUMINOUS SHINY STREAM,” said Hikari, “DUAL SPIRITUAL POWER,” said Saki and Mai, “CHANGE PRETTY CURE, BEAT UP,” said Love, Miki, Inori, and Setsuna. The 9 girls transformed into their cure forms, “emissary of light, Cure Black,” said Nagisa as Cure Black, “emissary of light, Cure White,” said Honoka as Cure White, “we are pretty cure,” said Cure Black and Cure White, “servants of the dark powers,” said Cure White, “return to the darkness from which you came,” said Cure Black, “sparkling life, Shiny Luminous,” said Hikari as Shiny Luminous, “hearts of light and wills of light for them all to become one.” “The gleaming golden flower, Cure Bloom,” said Saki as Cure Bloom, “the sparkling silver wing, Cure Egret,” said Mai as Cure Egret, “we are pretty cure,” said Cure Bloom and Cure Egret, “those who desecrate the holy fountains,” said Cure Egret, “we’re here to stop your cruel behavior,” said Cure Bloom. “The pink heart is the symbol of love, freshly picked, Cure Peach,” said Love as Cure Peach, “the blue heart is the symbol of hope, freshly gathered, Cure Berry,” said Miki as Cure Berry, “the yellow heart is the sign of prayers, freshly harvested, Cure Pine,” said Inori as Cure Pine, “the crimson heart is the proof of happiness, freshly ripened, Cure Passion,” said Setsuna as Cure Passion, “let’s,” said Cure Peach, “Pretty cure,” said the fresh team.

Ash, Iris, Cilan, Chili, and Cress stood in confusion from what just happened, “pretty cure,” said Iris, “the female heroes of legend,” said Cress, “right in front of us,” said Chili. The pretty cure started to fight off team rocket, it wasn’t long until a few more cures showed up and transformed.

”LETS PLAY PRETTY CURE MODULATION,” said Hibiki, Kanade, Ellen, and Ako, “PRETTY CURE LOVELY LINK,” said Mana, Rikka, Alice, and Makoto, “PRETTY CURE DRESS UP,” said Aguri, “CURE LA MODE DECORATION,” said Ichika, Himari, Aoi, Yukari, Akira, and Ciel, “MIRAI CRYSTAL HEARTTO KIRATO,” said Hana, Saaya, Homare, Emiru and Ruru. The recently appeared cures transformed into their cure forms, “strumming the wild tune, Cure Melody,” said Hibiki as Cure Melody, “strumming the tranquil tune, Cure Rhythm,” said Kanade as Cure Rhythm, “strumming the soul’s tune, Cure Beat,” said Ellen as Cure Beat, “strumming the tune of the goddess, Cure Muse,” said Ako as Cure Muse, “resonate, our musical suite, suite pretty cure,” said the suite team. “The power of love, Cure Heart,” said Mana as Cure Heart, “the light of wisdom, Cure Diamond,” said Rikka as Cure Diamond, “as warm and bright as the sun, Cure Rosetta,” said Alice as Cure Rosetta, “the blade of courage, Cure Sword,” said Makoto as Cure Sword, “the trump card of love, Cure Ace,” said Aguri as Cure Ace,  “resonate, the beat of love, dokidoki pretty cure,” said the dokidoki team. “Cure Whip, is ready to serve,” said Ichika as Cure Whip, “Cure Custard, is ready to serve,” said Himari as Cure Custard, “Cure Gelato, is ready to serve,” said Aoi as Cure Gelato, “Cure Macaron, is ready to serve,” said Yukari as Cure Macaron, “Cure Chocolat, is ready to serve,” said Akira as Cure Chocolat, “Cure Parfait, is ready to serve,” said Ciel as Cure Parfait, “KiraKira pretty cure a la mode,” said the KiraKira team. “Cheering everyone, the pretty cure of high spirits, Cure Yell,” said Hana as Cure Yell, “healing everyone, the pretty cure of wisdom, Cure Ange,” said Saaya as Cure Ange, “making everyone shine, the pretty cure of strength, Cure Etoile,” said Homare as Cure Etoile, “love everyone, the pretty cure of love,” said Emiru as Cure MaCherie and Ruru as Cure Amour, “Cure MaCherie,” said Cure MaCherie, “Cure Amour,” said Cure Amour, “Hugtto pretty cure,” said the hugtto team.

“There’s more pretty cure,” said Ash, “yep, there’s actually 60 of us,” said Cure Black, “that’s a lot of pretty cure,” said Cilan. The pretty cure luckily made team rocket blast off, the cures went back to normal and they all introduced themselves.