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Take A Leap Of Faith

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Wally was making his way home for the day when he suddenly decided to take a detour. He walked across the school and went out the back, checking out the various trophies and pictures as he went. He passed the gym and was almost at the exit when he saw a figure moving from the corner of his eye, accompanied by the sounds of a trampoline.

Curious, he backtracked, stopping in the doorway to the gym to look inside.

The sun was setting, and the rays were being cast in from the large windows pointing towards the garden of the academy. But it wasn't the garden that caught Wally's interest. It was the single person seemingly flying in the air, looking as graceful as a bird as they performed flips and tricks easily.

Wally got the feeling the person was enjoying the quiet sounds of the trampoline being projected all over the empty room.

The person looked short, with thin, muscular arms, raven black hair and light skin. It was clearly a guy, Wally observed, seeing as he had no shirt on.

The raven-head stopped to wipe his sweat, breathing faintly as he cast his eyes around the empty room. Wally tensed as the guy looked towards the door and hurriedly moved to the side, hiding. A few seconds later Wally heard the sound of springs taking the weight of a person, and decided to take his leave.

Wally began his walk home and pondered who the gymnast had been. He was clearly a student, seeing as only students of Gotham Academy was allowed in the gym. He was on the shorter side, but he couldn't be more than a few years younger than Wally since he was allowed alone on the apparatus.

But, as Wally turned the last corner and started seeing his house, it didn't matter. Because Wally would never forget the beautiful guy he had seen that day. Not the graceful movements, not the peaceful feeling in the atmosphere, and certainly not the deep blue color of his eyes, which seemed to sparkle in the late afternoon sun. Wally would be back, and he would be damned if he never saw the guy again.