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Felix woke up and couldn’t stop the smile that he soon had after he took in his surroundings and remembered what day of the week it was.

It was sunday, the best day of the week in his opinion and Jisung’s and to him those were the only two that mattered.

The only day of the week where neither of them had anything to do, with the exception of a few weekends when Jisung got offered something he couldn’t pass up. That was only a few though and they didn’t affect his opinion at all when the rest were perfect days that he got to spend with Jisung and occasionally their friends.

His smile faded a little when he remembered what they were doing today but still stayed because he didn’t want to let it ruin his day. He wasn’t sure how he was going to do that but it was the plan.

Instead of continuing to think about it he turned his eyes back to Jisung on the other side of the bed and his smile grew wider again. Felix moved closer but not too close since he didn’t want to wake him up just yet knowing there was a ninety nine percent chance that he had went to sleep later than he said he was. No matter how many times Felix had tried to change that there was almost never a night where Jisung was asleep before one in the morning.

Waking up Jisung would also mean disturbing how peaceful he looked in his sleep and Felix was also not ready to stop looking at him yet. The sun coming in from his sheer curtains hit his face a little making him look even prettier. The lighting making that tiny difference and mornings like this would be the only time Felix could understand a little about why Jisung loved certain kinds of lighting so much.

There had been one morning where Jisung wouldn’t let Felix do anything until he had gotten pictures of him in the lighting in this room. Felix would’ve preferred being able to at least brush his hair before someone took a picture of him, but it was Jisung and he was too weak for his big brown eyes and tiny little pout.

Those pictures had turned out surprisingly good even if Felix had just woken up and was complaining to a giggling Jisung half of the time. One was still the lock screen on Jisung’s phone and another was a picture he always used when promoting his photography.

Jisung rolled over and was now closer and facing Felix. Felix took it as his opportunity to move very close and press a kiss to Jisung’s nose as his first attempt at waking the other up.

It did nothing but cause Jisung to scrunch his nose in a way that was heart meltingly adorable. So it left him with no option besides the second choice, which of course were more kisses.

One for his forehead, one for each cheek, one on his chin, one right on the lips, and lastly back to his nose. This was always Felix’s favorite way to wake up Jisung even if it wasn’t always the most successful.

“Lix,” Jisung groaned pulling the blanket tighter around himself still not fully awake.

Once again an attack of kisses wasn’t the most successful but he sat up and went for a second attempt. By the final kiss on his nose Jisung was much more awake and giggling so this time it could be considered a success.

Jisung opened his arms for Felix to go into. Felix shook his head, “You took too long to wake up there is no time now.”

Jisung knew his biggest weapon was his pout so there it was on his face as he stared directly into Felix’s eyes.

“Sung it’s not working today.”

At that he just pouted more and Felix was getting weaker with each passing second. He shook his head again deciding to stand his ground and he will be out of this bed very soon, with or without Jisung.

“Fine,” Jisung said still with a small pout but that was quickly turning into a smirk and Felix should’ve realized sooner and ran.

Jisung reached up pulling Felix down next to him and wrapped both arms and legs around his body completely trapping him. After a minute he fully accepted his fate it and let himself sink back into the bed and his boyfriends almost too tight grip on him.

“What time is it?” Jisung asked still barely sounding awake with his face now buried in Felix’s back.

“Not sure but I am sure it’s too late for us to still be in bed,” Felix replied turning his head attempting to see his boyfriend whose face was still hidden behind his back.

Jisung only let out a disappointed sigh in response while snuggling closer into Felix. This told him two things Jisung was still tired and the second being this meant he went to bed nowhere near the time he said he would.

Felix managed to turn himself in Jisung’s arms to face him since he liked actually talking to his boyfriends face much more than talking to the wall. “What time did you go to sleep?”

“It was after two, I couldn’t sleep and suddenly felt productive so I edited some pictures. It wasn’t too late though I promise and I took a nap yesterday,” the end was only to reassure Felix even though Felix knows sometime after two could’ve meant he literally fell asleep an hour ago.

It was a more than normal thing with Jisung and Felix learned that the first few weeks he knew Jisung. He’s a lot better about it now, meaning he doesn’t stay up all night take and take a nap in the middle of the day like he would do between classes when they were still in college. Even then most of the time it was just staying up a little too late because he finally felt productive after not all day.

Felix tries to not worry about it too much knowing Jisung would tell him or someone else if something was actually wrong and he trusts him to do that. Jisung was almost always open with his problems it was mostly to reassure Hyunjin a few years ago but also to make sure he was talking to someone instead of talking to no one since that wasn’t good for him to do.

It took him awhile to be completely open with Felix and he had always known something happened but didn’t know what until they had been dating for around six months. By then Felix had an idea in his mind of what it was after the little pieces he got one night when Hyunjin was out with Seungmin and Jisung had no choice but to walk down the hall to Felix’s dorm not wanting to let himself be alone.

Since then Felix has always tried his best to be there for him whenever he needed it and made it clear that it didn’t change anything and would never change anything.

“I think it was around three I’m not sure but the last time I looked at the clock it was two forty and I was going to sleep,” Jisung spoke again like he read Felix’s mind. Felix lifted his head to look over him at the alarm clock on the nightstand to see it was past nine, so it was an almost normal amount of sleep.

“Bad news for you Sung we need to get up,” Felix looked back to Jisung who was still wrapped around him with no plans on moving.

Jisung groaned and mumbled a “no,” from his new place of his face being pressed up against Felix’s neck.

“Yes,” he poked at his side a few times causing him to giggle a little before finally pulling away and stretching. Felix did miss the warmth of Jisung being pressed up against him a little but they had things to do today even if Felix has been dreading it and putting it off for as long as possible.


“Why couldn’t you have just had food here already,” Seungmin whined for what seemed like the hundredth time to Felix since they started packing

“Why would I have food if I’m moving,” Felix replied continuing to put his books in a box sadly clearing all of his shelves that he loved so much. “You’re also supposed to be helping.”

“You expect me to help you while I’m starving because you decided to send Jisung and Hyunjin to the store and not us,” he was still whining and being less help than before because you just aren’t very much help when you’re laying on the floor complaining.

“I couldn’t go because I had to be here and I thought you would be more help than them,” this time he didn’t look up trying to make sure everything was packed not terrible after reminding himself that he was here and didn’t go for a reason.

“You could’ve left Jisung here you two are basically the same person.”

Seungmin had sat up and moved closer deciding he would do something now but now he was close enough for Felix to lightly kick his knee. Which he would soon regret once Seungmin laid back down on the floor holding his knee like Felix had actually hurt him.

“You know I’m not wrong and haven’t been every time I’ve said that. I actually can’t believe you don’t live together already,” Felix did know him and Jisung were very similar and was used to this from Seungmin so the sigh he let out was not about that.

It was more about the second thing and what had been his problem for weeks but he felt like it was better to say nothing. They did basically live together and Felix did want them to, but actually doing that was suddenly scary and he had absolutely no idea how to bring that up to Jisung without it sounding like he didn’t want this to happen so in the end he always decided on not talking about it.

It was mostly his hating change but also not wanting to leave his little apartment that was really the only place recently that was just his even if Jisung was there all the time it was still technically just his. He spent the last year making it his favorite space ever and leaving it almost seems wrong even though he knows he can do exactly that in the apartment that was previously Jisung and Hyunjin’s that was now going to be his and Jisung’s.

It was going to be completely fine and he knew that but it didn’t stop the small worry of any problem that could happen. He also knew there wouldn’t be any and it was just fear of change and not wanting to leave his apartment even though he wanted to so badly because there were loud neighbors and Jisung’s was so much closer to work and he would much rather walk there.

“Lix,” Seungmin said snapping Felix out of his thoughts and causing him to look back to him quickly. “You were zoned out, actually you have been a little all day.”

“It’s nothing,” he quickly tried to reassure his friend and went back over to the boxes that now held all of his books to label them, which was a little pointless because he was almost positive nothing would be as heavy as them.

Seungmin moved closer so he was in Felix’s sight and it was impossible for him to avoid looking at him, “I don’t think it’s nothing.”

“Well yeah it’s not nothing, but I don’t think it’s as much of a problem as I’m making it in my head, actually it’s not really a problem at all.”

He tried to keep moving to not let Seungmin make a conversation about this but was soon pulled down onto the floor next to him, “sit down, we’re going to talk I think it’s time for a break anyway.”

“You’ve been taking a break this whole time and I’m already sitting thanks to you,” Felix knew there was no getting out of this especially when Seungmin was the only one that could get him to talks.

“No changing the subject, what is bothering you because I refuse to listen to you sigh like that again today.”

“I already said it’s nothing, change is scary and I’m going to really miss my apartment,” he gave in and talked because he could be stubborn but Seungmin could be much worse.

“Doesn’t sound like nothing to me, definitely sounds like something,” he had to hold in a laugh because it didn’t seem like an appropriate time to laugh when someone was this concerned even if he felt like they shouldn’t be.

“It’s not like I don’t want to because I definitely do. Walking to work everyday sounds great and pretty much everything there is better and it has Jisung and I don’t even know why I feel like this,” Felix spoke quickly with what seemed like no pauses between words and it was amazing that Seungmin understood any of what he was saying.

“The reason is probably never talking about. There is also the part of it being a change do you not remember that you were fully prepared to not like Jisung until he tripped in the door and you thought he was cute then wouldn't stop staring at him.” he laughed a little making Seungmin also smile

They both laughed at that remembering how worried Felix had been about whoever he was going to have to work with. “I was just concerned about who I would have to work with and I didn’t stare at him that much.”

“That’s what you and you only think.”

“Jisung does too!” Felix yelled probably a little too loud back.

“Jisung doesn’t count he was doing exactly the same thing!” they both broke out in laughter again until the door opened making Felix jump from it being unexpected which had caused Seungmin to laugh harder.

“What’s so funny?” Hyunjin asked bringing the bags of food over to where they were sitting assuming that’s where they were going to eat.

“Felix,” Seungmin said before Felix could say anything which earned him another kick from him. This time he completely ignored it and continued to laugh.


Not too long after they ate Seungmin and Hyunjin left since they had work in the morning and there wasn’t much of a reason to keep them there any longer. Felix and Jisung knew they would take way too long with this so they both planned and found ways to not have to work tomorrow, they would pack today and move everything tomorrow.

Before they left Seungmin told Felix he should talk to Jisung even if it isn’t a big problem to him it still is one and something the other should know. Seungmin also knew Jisung would be a lot better at comforting him, but he didn’t say that to Felix.

Now that it was just the two of them Felix couldn’t stop thinking about it. Jisung was quiet and somewhat focused on packing clothes. Felix sat down next to Jisung and pushed through his arms so he could lay his head on his lap making himself a complete distraction.

“What are you a cat?” Jisung questioned laughing a little at the way Felix had pushed his way to where he was when there were much easier ways to do this. Felix’s only response to that was to pull one of Jisung’s hands down to his head.

“How do you expect me to get anything done now, I have one free hand to pack the two drawers I have left since the other one is apparently for my cat and his hair now.” Felix laughed a little at Jisung’s fake complaining when it was obvious he didn’t mind since his hand continued to go through his hair. It was made even more obvious when he leaned down to press a kiss on his nose.

“That’s the point you don’t get anything done you sit here and kiss my nose while you play with my hair.”

“I would love that but we have things to do,” Jisung said through a pout but again still wasn’t stopping or making an effort to get back to the packing he was doing.

“I think it’s time for a break,” Felix smiled at him and pushing the corners of Jisung’s mouth into a smile with his fingers. He then went back to being a little more serious knowing Seungmin was right even if he didn’t want to accept that he was right, “I also need to talk to you.”

Jisung only responded with a confused face and he quickly started to talk again, “It’s not anything bad I promise.”

“Seungmin thinks that I should tell you and I don’t like when he’s right but I maybe agree a little,” he knew better than to wait for a response from Jisung again so he continued on. “Like I said it’s nothing bad but i’m possibly kinda a little sad to leave my apartment and change is also very scary and I don’t know how to explain my thoughts,” he laughed a little at himself mostly out of being uncomfortable.

“I was wondering what had been bothering you, you should’ve just told me Lix,” Jisungs face alone did show he cared a lot but the hand moving through his hair was still very comforting and didn’t seem like it planned on leaving anytime soon now.

“I didn’t think it was that much of problem since I always knew that it wasn’t that I didn’t want to do this. It was more just I guess maybe it is scary.”

“That seems like a reason to talk about it, it’s a big thing that does change a lot even if it doesn’t seem like that to us when we don’t think about it for long. This place before we took everything down was also the most Felix place I’ve ever seen so not wanting to leave is understandable,” that caused Felix to laugh a little once again and Jisung to look less concerned after.

“But you can do that to our apartment too and I think there are way more good than bad that can come out of this. You get to be stuck with me everyday,” Jisung gave him his widest and brightest smile while pointing at himself, while Felix rolled his eyes.

“Seriously though Lix I don’t think it will change much and I think we’re really good at working out any problems that could come up caused by this,” Felix nodded glad he decided to talk to Jisung because the reassurance and just Jisung being Jisung made him feel better.

“I also think we really needed to get back to packing,” he only responded with a whine not wanting to put anything into another cardboard box today.

“You can pack I’m staying right here.”

“Fine you can help is this shirt yours or mine?” Jisung held up a striped yellow and black shirt, that Felix didn’t have his answer for just simple shoulder shrug.

Jisung put down the shirt over Felix’s face, “You’re no help you’re not allowed to be a distraction.” Felix laughed from under the shirt and knew Jisung was holding back a laugh.

“Why do we need to know we’re both going to wear it,” he said from under the shirt that was still on his face.

“You might have a point, but I don’t understand how we got here why do we not know what clothes we own,” Jisung finally took the shirt back but still folded it on top of him.

“Leaving things at the others house, wearing the others clothes, buying things for the other to justify buying it when really we want to wear it,” he lifted up his fingers to count as he listed the things before being interrupted by a shirt being thrown back down on him. “That last point went too far you’re staying under a shirt.”

“It’s the truth and you must accept it one day Jisungie,”

“I don’t have to, I can live the rest of my life without even thinking about it.”

This time Felix took the shirt off his face himself and sat up to fold it and help Jisung since this did need to be done even if he would much rather lay with his head in his boyfriends lap.

The rest of the night was spent packing until Felix was too tired to keep packing the few things that were left. Instead Jisung suggested they watch a movie and go to bed then get up early tomorrow so they could finish what they had left. To Felix that was a great idea and he proved how tired he was when he fell asleep only twenty minutes into the movie in his favorite place which will always be next to Jisung.