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Jon & Dany - One Shots

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It was 4am and Ghost had cuddled into Dany's side, sleeping soundly. Dany was wide awake, thankful for Ghosts company as she ran her fingers through his fur. 

She tried not to imagine Jon sleeping beside her, tried not to cry as she remembered how he ran his fingers through her hair soothingly to get her to fall asleep. 

Something got stuck in her throat, and her eyes brimmed with tears. "I miss him so much". She whispered.

Ghost let out a sigh, almost like an I miss him too. 

He'd left for work just over six months ago, promising to be back by the end of the month. But one month turned to two, two to three and before Dany knew it, she'd spent half the year in their apartment; alone.

So much so, it didn't feel like it was their apartment anymore. His smell had disappeared, his clothes not there. His toothbrush gone, and those god-awful socks Robb had bought him last Christmas, he'd taken them too.

The only reminder that Jon lived there was Ghost, but even he was different, he missed Jon. They'd never been apart since the day Jon rescued him as a pup, and he was struggling to.

Dany knew that the neighbours assumed they'd broken up, although the apartment was on the highest floor and partly private, she still heard the gossiping of a morning as she made her way downstairs to leave for work.

"I haven't seen him around for months" The snotty girl on the third floor whispered indiscreetly, "Mmmm, he left his mut though" Her roommate added.

Dany would laugh it off in the end, before sticking her headphones on to drown out the playground gossip. Because if she didn't laugh it off, she would cry. She knew how it looked, like Jon had took off and left her behind.

Maybe he had?

Maybe he'd forgotten about her and found someone better. Maybe he realised he didn't need her anymore, nor their imperfectly perfect apartment.

They spoke on the phone every Sunday, and Dany would admit it was her favourite part of the week. 

To hear his voice, to see his face.

"You look more beautiful with each week that passes" Jon said, pupils dilated as he looked at Dany's face on his screen.

He remembered how bright her eyes looked and if only he knew the reason, they looked that way lately. 

She'd been crying again, missing him so much. But she'd never show Jon that, how much it bothered her. 

Because she loved him. Greatly, truly, deeply. And she would never want to hold him back. That’s the kind of person Dany was, selfishly unselfish.

They’d talk about Ghost, and stupid things like the weather. Jon never bought up work, he had that for the other six days of the week. Sunday was their day, Dany’s day.

But when the next Sunday approached, and Dany awoke with a spring in her step because it was their day, she leapt over the other side of the bed and grabbed her phone.

But there was text, Jon’s name above it, reading it over she sat down; defeat evident in her eyes.

Morning my love, works carried over today so I wont be able to video chat. Still on for next week. I love you

She tossed her phone onto the bed, bringing the covers high to cover her face. She felt so childish for being upset. Imagine that, a grown women who can’t go a week without speaking to her boyfriend.

But Dany knew it was deeper than that, she hadn’t seen him in the flesh for months, hadn’t smelt him or felt his fingers caress her cheek.

Her insecurities would play tricks on her at night, filling her dreams of Jon with another, and leaving her and their life behind.

Sometimes she would wonder if he was ever coming home at all.

And it hurt, it hurt all over.

But she had to be strong, she still had a job to keep, and Ghost to look after. But it was all so hard to be away from the man she loves. The man she wants to spend the rest of her life with.

She didn’t reply to his message; she couldn’t lie anymore and say ‘hey it’s okay’.

Because it wasn’t okay, it was to much.

Ghost sensed his mothers pain, leaping onto the bed beside her and attacking her with slop wet kisses and licks.

Dany managed a small smile, fussing his head in thanks. “You are my best boy aren’t you” She cooed; cheeks still stained with tears.

A couple of hours later, and Dany hadn’t moved from the bedroom, Ghost still beside her like the loyal companion he was.

She must of drifted off, because the last thing she remembered was Ghost beside her but when she stirred she saw bags on the edge of the bed and the smell of coffee engulfing the apartment.

She shot up then, senses on high alert; her eyes froze on the pair of worn shoes near the bedroom door.

They were Jon’s shoes, his favourite shoes.

Her breath got caught in her throat once again, shaking hands peeling back the covers. She noticed Ghost had left her, and when she heard Jon’s playful voice teasing Ghost she almost fell to the floor.

“C’mon boy, I missed you so much” Jon emphasised, cuddling Ghost like he was a baby.

He heard a thud come from the bedroom and rushed in quickly to find Daenerys sitting on the floor, back against the wall. Her eyes looked dull and sore, not bright and happy like on the videos.

And that’s when it dawned on Jon.

“Dany” He whispered, touching her shoulder.

She looked at him, a hint of mistrust in her eyes, but it vanished when his palm rested on her flushed cheeks.

“It’s really you” She muttered; voice strained.

Jon smiled sadly, before wrapping his arms around her back and burying his face in her neck.

“I’m so sorry I left you for so long” His voice racked with guilt.

“You’re sorry but you did it anyway” Dany’s voice was surprising sharp, causing Jon to release her from his grip.

“Dany I-“.

“You left me” Her voice broke, and then the tears came crashing down once again.

Jon shuddered, overcome with a sharp sense of dread.

What have I done.

She looked away from him, the tears still spilling down from her long lashes and he reached out for her again but she pulled away, pushing his hand back.

"Don't" She whispered, all the fight leaving her voice.

Jon was wounded, and he sat himself on the edge of the bed eyes burning holes into the wall as he collected his thoughts from the last few months.

"You never said- I thought you were okay- Dany, if I had known I would of come back" He cried, emotion constricting his throat.

She shook her head slowly, "You seemed happy and- and I didn't want to hold you back" She admitted, tears easing out.

Jon sighed, running his hand through his hair "Daenerys I'm sorry, truly I am. But work-".

"There shouldn't be any buts Jon" She said, her words seeming final. "You shouldn't say sorry for leaving me behind. I shouldn't be mad at you for leaving and providing more for us in the last six months than I have working my shitty job in the last 4 years. But yet, here we are" She shrugged.

The sadness in her eyes made his heart tear in two, all he wanted to do was reach out and tell her he's sorry.

But she didn't want him to.

He slipped off the bed, rummaging through his bags with haste. Dany observed him, still trying to collect her breath enough to speak again.

Jon sighed in relief, as he pulled a small green box out from his bag. He took a second to compose himself, before turning around to meet Dany's wide eyes.

"This wasn't exactly how I pictured this going... but hey when were we ever ones to do things perfectly" He smiled nervously.

Dany froze, the realisation of what was about to happen dawning on her when he came over and got down on one knee.

"Daenerys, I worked away for six whole months to get enough to buy you this ring, and to get enough to buy the house on Lemon Tree Lane that you love so much. I know I've missed the past six months with you, but I hope you know I only did it, because I had every intention of spending the next six months, and the ones after that and- the rest of my life with you".

Dany gulped, fresh tears blooming in her eyes as she looked down hesitantly at Jon's hand, in which lay the most beautiful ring she'd ever seen.

"You really mean it?" She asked.

"I do... Daenerys will you marry this big idiot?" He asked confidently, lips twitching into a small smile.

She lunged for him, wrapping her arms tightly around his back, taking residence in the safety of his lap.

"Jon Snow I love you" She murmured into the nape of his neck.

She felt his warm breath on her neck chuckling "I'll take that as a yes then".

He slipped the ring up her finger, it sat perfectly on it and at last he realised it was all worth it, and Dany thought so to.

"I won't ever leave you like that again. I swear it" He proclaimed.

And Daenerys had never been more sure of anything in her life, "I know" She replied leaning in to kiss the man she loved.

He was real, he was home.

And he'd never leave her again. 

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“Ugh” Dany sighed for what felt like the hundredth time that day, throwing another dress onto her growing pile of dresses that didn’t fit.

Her patience was wearing thin, her dresses did nothing for her. Each one as unflattering as the next.

She rubbed her temple, trying her hardest to think of something that might fit her well and boost her dwindling self confidence.

She heard the front door open and close, the sound of Jon’s keys being flung in the bowl.

”Dany?” He called out.

“In here” she sighed, turning back to face the mirror.

He opened the bedroom door, taken aback by her half naked body as she stared back at herself in the mirror.

His eyes drank the sight of her in, he smiled to himself realising once again just how lucky he is.

Her eyes seemed sad, her shoulders heavy.

Are you alright love?” He asked, standing behind her. His hands massaging her shoulders hoping to relax them. 

She let out a deep sigh “I’m not beautiful anymore”.

She stared longingly at her reflection, magnifying her imperfections more than she needed to. 

“I mean look at this” she frowned in disgust, pinching the smallest amount of skin from her stomach.

“And look at my boobs Jon. Look at them” she demanded, pushing them further out for him to see.

He chuckled, raising an eyebrow “Are you asking me to sexually objectify you?”. 

She swatted him away, but Jon placed a small peck to her bare shoulder “Don’t be silly. Your the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. And I’m sure our daughter would agree” he smiled softly. 

He knew Dany was finding it hard to cope with her bigger motherly breasts and what she called her already prominent ‘mummy tummy’.

“I know you think you’ve changed, and maybe you have” He shrugged, causing Dany to roll her eyes.

”But” his voice suddenly turning serious “You are gorgeous, truly, utterly gorgeous” He told her.

“Besides, nobody ever said no to packing some more cleavage” he chuckled, trying to lighten the mood. 

Dany cracked then, her lips curling into a wide smile. 

She placed her hands gently over the middle of her stomach where their baby was growing. Jon’s snaking around her hips to rest over hers.

They stood silent for a moment, both thinking about the small life growing inside her that they’d created. 

Before he got to caught up in his emotions, he jumped to the side “Your practically glowing darling” Jon shouted, impersonating their extravagant elderly neighbour. 

He reminded Dany of Edna Mode from the incredibles and now she’s couldn’t wipe the picture of Jon as her from her mind. 

They are alike she thought, both short.

His attempt at making her laugh made Dany soften again, making her feel better than he probably realised. 

“I’m going to take a shower” he told her, kissing her forehead softly. 

She nuzzled into his touch, closing her eyes for just a second before he untangled himself from her body. 

He walked towards the bathroom, stopping just short of the door. 

“Oh Dany” he called.

She looked up at him, “The red dress is my favourite. It shows all the right... what’s the word. Assets?” He grinned childishly.

She threw her slipper at him, smiling proudly when it hit his face.

”Thanks for your input Jon” She rolled her eyes playfully before reaching into her closet for the red dress. 

Whilst he was busy showering, she slipped the red dress on. Smiling in satisfaction at finally having something fit. She finally felt comfortable in her own skin again.

She cupped her stomach again, thankful for the little bundle of joy inside of her; even if it was changing her body much quickly than she ever had anticipated.

Her eyes casting to the bathroom door, she was thankful for her loving husband to. 

She tearfully smiled at her reflection, finally feeling beautiful. 

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"What?" Daenerys snorted, hand clasping her mouth to prevent another laugh from escaping. 

She looked at Jon, clearly amused at his revelation. He looked away, a little uncomfortable because he knew how stupid it sounded.

"So- just to be clear" She giggled again, before composing herself with a deep cough "You've never been to the beach, or felt the sand between your toes?".

Jon glared at her, no malice behind his eyes; he was just nervous, bothered by having to admit in his twenty four years on the earth that he hadn't. "No... I've never been to the beach, or felt the sand between my toes".

Dany faltered then, her lips straightening, realising it went much deeper for Jon than she first realised. Her outstretched hand giving his a soft squeeze. "I didn't mean to upset you" She said sincerely.

Jon frowned, "No... no it's not you Dany. It's just little things like this that remind me how shitty my childhood was" He gulped, nervous eyes staring at the floor again. 

Dany melted, eyebrows quirking upwards as she tried to figure out a way to fix it. 

"I know" She mumbled quickly, body jumping towards Jon "I'll take you. We can- we can go together?".

Jon seemed hesitant though, his face not looking as overjoyed as Dany had anticipated. "Or not..." She added, trying to ease off the pressure of her suggestion.

Jon nodded slowly, but surely "No. Your right, I should go- it will be fun right?" He asked her, as if seeking assurance.

She went onto her tip toes, placing a gentle kiss to his forehead "It will be fine, I promise" She assured him.

Jon went into the bedroom, figuring out what to wear. A wave of embarrassment washed over him, sheepishly popping his head around the door to call for her. 

"Dany... what should I wear? Can you help me?" He asked, annoyed at how weak he must sound.

Dany appeared within seconds, her face demure, looking at him so delicately Jon knew she didn't mind.

She reached into his bottom draw, grabbing a pair of shorts and a light coloured T-shirt "These will do" She nodded approvingly before placing them neatly on the edge of the bed.

"Thanks" Jon smiled appreciatively.  

"We don't have to go- if you don't want to" She reasoned softly, hand coming to caress his flushed cheek.

He shook his head, "It's fine. I'm- excited" He managed to say with a smile.

Dany left him to get changed, feeling uneasy at her initial teasing. She scolded herself, she should and does know better. 

Jon was broken when she'd first met him, eyes downcast, his anxiety through the roof. But there was something about him that made her keep trying, until eventually he trusted her enough to let her in.

He told her, very vaguely about his childhood and the horrific things he lived through with his foster family in the middle of no where.

The mother was wicked, subjecting him to verbal abuse daily. Keeping him alone and secluded away from her real children. The father however was lovely, warm and Jon trusted him. But he worked away alot, and so he was always left in the capable hands of his foster mother.

It had damaged him, a small child growing into a even more damaged man. It took him years to learn the grasp of socialising and making friends; it took even longer to trust people.

The sound of the bedroom door closing snapped Dany out of her thoughts, she smiled at him in an attempt to ease his nerves.

"It's okay to be nervous" She reasoned "But I promise, you will love it".

And Jon believed her, his anxiety levels decreasing the longer she smiled at him.

"I trust you" He nodded firmly, he meant it.

Daenerys smiled softly, knowing how much it had taken him to trust her; when so many others had let him down before.

She took his hand in hers, leaving the house with a towel, sun cream and sunglasses.

"I'll drive" She said, when she noticed him dawdling by the car; of course he doesn't know where to go. 

She took the keys willingly from his grasp, waiting until he was buckled in before setting off. It didn't take long to get there and Jon was thankful for the short journey; knowing he wasn't to far away from home.

Dany pulled over into a parking bay, turning the ignition off and turning to face him. "Are you ready?" She asked him.

He nodded back firmly, eyes never leaving hers. 

Dany acknowledged his gesture, getting out of the car before placing her sun glasses on the top of her head.

They walked down a small flight of stairs, and Jon could see the miles and miles of sand infront of him; he sucked in a breath.

"It's okay" Dany whispered, feeling his hesitance.

She intertwined her fingers with his, taking the lead as she stepped onto the hot sand. Jon followed closely behind her, placing his feet in the holes her feet had freshly made.

She stopped about halfway down, nodding her head in approval "This is a good spot". She lay the blanket out, slipping out of her sandals.

Jon copied her, like a newborn copying his mother; he slipped his one flip flop off, placing his foot onto the bare sand.

"Ow- Fuck" He spluttered "The sands hot" He grimaced, placing his foot onto the blanket, sighing in relief that is was still cool.

Dany smiled tenderly "You'll get used to it".

He believed her, and so when he slipped his remaining flip flop off, he slowly lowered his foot to the ground, letting his foot bit by bit get swallowed by the sand. It didn't burn the way he thought it would. 

He wriggled his toes, letting the sand swarm over his skin. It felt good, weird but good. "Hey- I can feel the sand between my toes" He looked over at Dany proudly.

A heartfelt smile appeared on her face, as he sat down next to her on the blanket. He noticed how the suns reflection on the water made her eyes sparkle, and for a second he couldn't bring himself to speak.

He took in her wide smile, and the very light freckles around her nose. Her hair glistened in the sunlight, her skin glowed.

I like the beach, Jon concluded.

He could taste the salt in the air, his tongue poking out to wet his lip. He began to relax, lowering his upper body onto the blanket. Dany joined him, her fingers running absentmindedly across his torso.

"Are you alright?" She asked, voice laced with concern at his silence. 

"I am... I'm more than alright" He replied, head turning to the side to face hers.

He lent over to kiss her forehead, her skin was warm and tasted like the sea.

"Thank you Dany" He whispered gratefully. 

She smiled, relieved he was happy and comfortable here with her. 

"Tell me what else you've never done and I'll do it with you" She promised.

Jon blushed as he started to list off places he'd never been to, films he'd never watched, and food he'd never tasted.

He told her everything, from the most serious to the most minor wishes he had, because he knew adamantly in his heart that she would show him.

She'd show him the world, and he'd love her forever for it. 

He picked her up, spinning her around aimlessly, gravity kicking in as they spun around and her already light frame became weightless.

Everything around him was blurred, except for her, her beauty was as clear as ever and it reminded him again just how lucky he was.

When his momentum started to spiral, he stopped; placing her feet firmly back onto the golden sand.

"God, I love you" He declared breathless, eyes drinking her in heavily.

"And I" She stepped closer, closing the distance between them "Love you" She quipped before holding his face in her tiny hands and planting a needy kiss on his wet lips.

He wrapped his arm around her shoulder, looking out towards the sea. "Can I- can we head towards the sea?" He asked.

Dany hummed softly, snaking her arm around his lower back as they walked arm in arm towards the water.

And Jon never looked back.

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It all started because of Sansa. Jon had demoted her from being one of his advisers because she wasn't really giving anything to the team, or to his company.

 So in retaliation, she'd spread a rumour through the offices of the huge PR company that they worked at, that Jon had cheated on Dany with Ygritte from the third floor.

 Slowly, but surely the vicious rumour spread like wildfire and it wasn't long before Dany's best friend Missandei pulled her to one side discreetly.

"Dany... I've heard something, everyone has and I need to tell you" Missandei's expression was bleak, pained even.

And for some reason, Dany felt like she knew... she knew what was coming; it was something bad, something heartbreaking.

"There's a- a rumour-"

"A rumour?" Dany frowned, her friend was never one for playground gossip, it must be about me.

"Yes...a rumour that Jon- your Jon has been- cheating on you with Ygritte from the-".

"Third floor...." Dany trailed off, finishing Missandei's sentence as her eyes lost their shine.

She felt a gut punch to her stomach, she couldn't speak. All those long hours on a Friday; it all made sense. He'd been with her, with Ygritte. Jon was the CEO of the company, and Ygritte was in some terms his right hand women. 

Dany became wrapped up in her own emotions, tears were brimming dangerously close to her lash line, but she couldn't cry... not for him. 

Not ever.

Missandei reached out for her best friend, rubbing her shoulders soothingly, "It's true isn't it?" She asked.

Dany nodded, because she knew god she knew deep down that it was.

"I'm going to make Jon Snow regret the day he broke your heart" Her friend promised, and Daenerys knew she meant it. But this was a battle she must face alone. She wasn't willing to let her friend put the job she loved so much on the line for her.

"You've done enough Miss... I need to do this alone" Dany nodded slowly.

Missandei reluctantly accepted it, watching on silently as Dany left the bathroom.

Now that Missandei had told her the truth, it was like she could finally see everyone whispering and talking about her, about Jon... about what he'd done.

The majority of her office floor thought nothing of her anyway, they all believed Dany had met Jon before she started working there and the only reason she was there was as they put it a good fuck for their boss.

But it wasn't true, none of it. They lived together, they were happy and Dany enjoyed mixing with people from different levels of the company, she enjoyed not being given a free pass for every job.

She earned her opportunities and that's one of the reasons that her and Jon fell in love.

Because she wasn't like the rest.

She felt sick, she ran towards the escalator, the walk from her desk felt alarmingly longer than normal, even at the pace she was running. Her arm was outstretched leaning onto the wall to keep her body upright. She sorrowfully checked her reflection in the elevator mirror, trying to fathom what was so wrong about her that she was constantly betrayed by the men she loved.

First there was Drogo, who hit her whenever she did anything out of line, which most of the time was just simply breathing. Then there was Daario, who used her for sex, along with two other girls the entire time. She had loved Daario, but he wasn't faithful to her; ever.

And when she confronted him, he stripped away her job, her car, her so called friends. You see, anything could be bought for a price but not Dany.

She moved to New York and met Missandei and the rest was history. Missandei got her a job at her work, introduced her to her circle of friends.

And then along came Jon.

When Dany got back to their apartment she began packing her bags, throwing t shirts and odd socks into her duffel bag the best she could.

She wanted to cry, she wanted nothing more than to sit there and cry until her eyes would dry out. But she couldn't, she'd done it twice before and she'd be damned to think that Jon would be her third downfall.

Her phone was vibrating on the side, but she ignored it she didn't care. She knew it was probably Jon trying to worm his way out of it and she threw his favourite mug against the door in retaliation.

She had trusted him, more than anyone in her entire life and this is how he repaid her.

Hurting her so cowardly.

She heard their front door open, footsteps pacing frantically around the living room.

"Dany?! Dany are you here?" Jon shouted, and her stomach dropped.

She froze, controlling her erratic breathing in the hope he'd think she wasn't there and he'd go back out the door.

But he was clever, dialling her number again; she closed her eyes in defeat when her phone vibrated on the side and she wished she'd thrown that instead of his mug. 

"Dany?" He called out again but with much more urgency.

He stopped at the door, eyes taking it her array of clothes and shoes discarded all over the bed, his eyes slowly working their way around until they came face to face with Dany's.

"What- what are you doing?" He asked calmly.

"Please- please don't pretend your care now. After what you've done to me" Dany shouted, she tried so hard to be strong but the first tear fell and after that she couldn't stop herself.

"I'm leaving" She cried, zipping her duffel bag up roughly before slinging it over her shoulder.

"What? Why?! Talk to me" His voice croaking desperately.

"Fuck you Jon" She shrieked, throwing a pillow at him.

"Dany-" Jon shook his head in confusion, stepping towards her without so much as a reaction as the pillow hit his chest.

He had her cornered against the wall and the bed, and Dany got this horrible sense of dread; finding herself in the same predicament with Jon that she had with Drogo and Darrio.

All she saw was the slight movement of his hand and she flinched momentarily, closing her eyes to accept what was to come. Her eyes were squeezed tightly together and she was prepared, she was ready for his hand to connect with her face.

But it never did.

She peered slowly through one eye, apprehensive at what she may see, but it was nothing that she took pleasure in seeing.

Jon was slumped on the floor, eyes looking at her with such horror and disbelief.

Dany sucked in a breath, realising all to soon what she had done.

"You- you thought I was going to hur- hurt you?" He asked, eyes alarmingly wide.

He felt feverish; like someone had ripped his soul from his body. She truly thought I was going to hurt her.

Dany's lips parted, but she didn't know what to say, instead she looked down at the floor.

"Dany- god Dany I love you more than anything in this world. I'd never hurt you- I- I thought you knew that. I really did. I'm not like them" He cried, and Dany felt like a bullet had ripped through her chest.

She felt horrible, because she knew she fucking knew he wasn't like that; he'd never hurt her; not physically anyway. 

"I'm sorry Jon" She wiped her cheek, lowering herself onto her knees infront of him

"But you- you've broken my heart" She whispered.

He looked up at, shock and surprise evident in his parted mouth. "Dany I- I would never" He frowned painfully, feeling sick at realising she thought he was capable of such a thing.

She looked away, gathering her strength the best she could "You cheated on me- with her" She slurred through her tears, bottom lip trembling at saying those words out loud.

"With her- and all I did was love you Jon" She frowned, turning away in agony, she hadn't got the strength to look at him anymore.

"Dany- for godsakes I love you. I haven't and will never cheat on you. Don't you see?" He nudged her with his foot until she looked at him.

"I demoted Sansa, because she was fucking useless at her job and she made advances on me that I never and would never accept. Don't you think it's convenient the same day I do that, this rumour comes about? Tell me Dany, have I ever given you reason to distrust me before?" He asked, eyes wide in hope that maybe, just maybe she would believe him.

"But all those Friday nights Jon" She rolled her eyes, trying to not fall into the trap.

He shook his head, "Daenerys. It was just work, I'm the CEO I have to work late sometimes, check the CCTV if you really want to" Jon snapped, before his face softened.

"I'm sorry- look it wasn't just me and Ygritte it was me, her, Robb, Grey... there was plenty of us".

But there's only one you" He said, voice firm.

He reached out for her hand, thankful when she didn't pull away. "I love you and I need you to trust me Dany, please" Jon whispered tenderly. 

And little by little her walls began to crumble, and she eased into his touch, her face was still flustered, hair sticking to her wet cheeks. 

"Can I hug you?" He asked, and she nodded slowly welcoming his safety net arms willingly.

"I'm sorry" She breathed softly, hoping she hadn't screwed this up.

"Don't be. I should of sacked Sansa on the spot, but I didn't I gave her the benefit of the doubt. But I promise you Dany, I won't do that again" He assured her.

"I'll call a meeting tomorrow, and address this stupid fucking rumour-  anyone who continues to bad mouth me or you for that matter can leave".

Dany sighed into his chest "I love you Jon".

"And I love you Dany" He whispered, planting a kiss on her forehead. 

"Please- next time you want clarity on something, come to me. Talk to me" He pleaded.

And she nodded, rubbing her cheek into the crook in his neck. He rubbed her sides, continuing to plant tiny kisses on top of her head and she truly knew, he wasn't like the rest.

He wasn't a Drogo or a Daario; he was Jon and he loved her; and she needed to remind herself that for as long as it takes for it to stick.

"There is one thing though- that I need you to do" Jon said, cocking his one brow higher than the other.

Dany played with the hem of his shirt; waiting anxiously for his request.

"I would very much like a new mug" He chuckled, eyes travelling to what was left of his previous mug on the floor.

Dany bit her lip "I'm so sorry". 

Jon shrugged, laughing it off "It's not a big deal Dany".

Her lips perked up into a smile, "I guess it's not".