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I guess we're dads?

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Steve was not expecting this outcome. No one was. But here they were.

It was supposed to be a routine mission, just wiping out the last of HYDRA post information dump. Steve and Bucky were clearing the last floor when they came to what looked like a lab. It looked like it had been recently vacated, with a steaming cup of coffee still sitting by one of the screens. The florescent lights were flickering due to damage in the upper levels. Everything looked normal. Empty. That's when they heard the noise.

"Did you hear that? It almost sounded like...." Bucky began but was interrupted by the same noise. Like a child crying. Both Steve and Bucky turned to where it came from, behind a door on the other side of the lab. Steve went to look in the window.

"Oh my god, Buck look." Steve practically breathed. On the other side of the doors sat a small girl, about 3 or 4 years old.

"Steve....." they turned to each other with stunned expressions. A million thoughts floating through Steve head. Why would HYDRA have a toddler in one of its facilities? Who just abandoned her? Where did she come from? Why does she look like....? No that's absurd. He shook his head.

"Come on Buck, we gotta get her out of here."

"Hey what's up? What did you find?" Nat came in on comms.

"Come down here and see for yourself." came Bucky's swift reply. They both pushed opened the doors and walked in. The little girl, with dark brown, almost black hair and the bluest eyes anyone could find squinted up at them.

"Hi hon." Steve said while smiling, trying not to send her into a panic. "What's your name?"

At first, she stood there, seemingly examining them, trying to decide of they were trust worthy.

"Three." came an answer so soft they almost missed it. Steve and Bucky looked at each other. What kind of a name was three? Who names a kid that? She's not an- oh. OH.

"She's an experiment" Bucky said, coming to the same conclusion as Steve. That's when they heard foot steps on the stairs. Both men turned their attention to the door, weapons raised. Nat came down the staricase.

"Whoa boys. Calm down. I just came to check it out like you said." She walked past them, through the doors to stop abruptly. "Is that a?"

"Yes. Yes it is."

"Well we better grab her. Get her to a doctor so she can get checked out. She have a name?" Nat asked, hardly phased.

"She said it was three. We think she's an... experiment." Steve answered. Nat just nodded and turned to the girl.

"Hey honey. Can you come with me so we can get you checked out?" the spy asked. Three -god it felt wrong calling her that- just squinted at her, as if she couldn't make out what was going on. Eventually, once Natasha reached out her hand, the small one grabbed it and started walking. Yeah this was definitely not a normal mission.

Once they got to the jet, Steve called Tony to ask him to call a doctor to check the girl out.

"Wait wait wait what? You and Barnes found a kid?" Tony questioned.

Exasperated, Steve just said "Yes a kid Tony can you please just call a doctor or something? That would be great thanks."

"Yeah yeah Capsicle. I got you covered. Just get her back to the compound." Tony then hung up.

Steve looked at Bucky to find his husband giving him a questioning glance.

"Tony's calling a doctor for once we get back to the compound. Their gonna run some tests. The basics, DNA, physical, eye, all that jazz." Bucky just nodded and turned a concerned gaze to the little girl. This was gonna be a weird one.