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One Thousands Kisses to Heaven

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Harry entered the great hall the room silent and gapping at the boy who lived. No one had seen on the platform, the train, or in the carriages on their way to Hogwarts. There was heavy suffocating atmosphere from his very presence within the hall. The student body found themselves unable to look away from his generous figure, swinging hips, broad shoulders, and lean muscles highlighted by the tight under clothes with a light robe overtop with the lion symbol on it. His green eyes seemed different now brighter almost glowing with power that he seemed to radiate around him. Girls swooned as he smiled, boys got an eye full before turning away with dusted pink cheeks. Many were panting, shifting uncomfortably, and some were straight drooling at his new hot transformation.

The slytherins looked like a cross between constipated and sweating from resisting. The gryffindors seemed to be more openly displacing their new attractions the young hero. The ravenclaws and hufflepuffs seemed to be a mix of reactions. Even the teachers were confused at their new attraction to their student that they had been teaching for years. He especially enjoyed Professor Snape pained scowl with intervals of twitching almost sending him to laughs.

Harry strodded down between the gryffindor table and slytherin table the eyes following him as he took his seat across from Ron and Hermione, who seemed to snap out of their trances long enough to mumble a greeting to him this seemed to break the spell for now. Dumbledore clapped his hand bring everyone’s attention back to him so he could do the yearly announcements.

“Where were you Harry?” Hermione asked with a concerned frown.

“On my way here, Hermione. Why did you miss me that much?” Harry replied with tilted his head with thoughtful tug at his lips, hearing swoons around him.

“Nnno. I-”Hermione sputtered before coughing into her hand and turning back to him with a slight flush expression and stern look in her eyes. “No we were just worried about you. We thought something happened to you or something.”

“I am just fine see.” Harry said with a wide smile sitting back spreading his arms out showing off.

“Oh so fine.” Lavender brown purred next time him, Ginny immediately taking up his other side wrapping her arms around his arm as Lavenadar returned the glare leaning up against his other side.

“No need to fight. Everyone will get a piece.” Harry said vaguely soothing the girls as he let out a hearty laugh at their antics for his attention making them swoon and sigh.

“Harry, You seem different. What happened to ya mate this summer?” Ron asked unable taking his eyes off his best mate or the dirty thoughts out of his head making him growl internally.

“Oh I just came into my inheritance over the summer.” Harry said nonchalant about the topic as if it was simplest thing ever with wide smile distracting the eavesdroppers. Before his friends could ask any more questions the feast began and the room became loud with conservations.

Harry smirked to himself remembering his summer July 31 st his birthday he had came into his inheritance; it was quite painfully, it had felt like his arms were being ripped out of their sockets and his skin was being peeled back and his head had been on fire. Gringotts had sent him a letter the day before explaining his inheritance and the curse on him along with everything his parents had left him.

The next day, he apparated to the Potter manor without second thought of Dursleys or Dumbledore or order for that matter. He had taken his apparating test and gotten his license before leaving Hogwarts for the summer, but it was only official after his birthday, this was both for his safety and so he could leave after his birthday. He had planned this day for a very long time.

The dursleys had abused him and neglected him his whole life always trying to take advantage of him and make him feel like dirt and with Sirius dead Vernon had been gleeful in his vengeance for their threatens the past two years. Dumbledore had only wanted him their for the blood protection never believing his word about his conditions or his home life just about preserving his weapon.

His parents had left him a couple of properties, couple of family vaults, and a lump sum of gold. He had taken most of the summer to go thought the vaults. He even had time to visit Godric’s hollow place some flowers on their graves feel for the first time in his life close to them instead of a distant memory long forgotten making the tiny forget me nots all the more special he had notice a few lilies on their grave before he arrived filing the information away for a time.

The curse was a spell his parents had cast on him when he was young to help him find his mate, but he only had a year. James told him of his struggles of finding his own mate having to sleep with almost half the school until he was sure it was Lily, who had fought him off until that day she and her best friend got into a fight. He had been there for her in that time he had apologized for being the one to cause the fight between them. Severus Snape had been his mother’s best friend, which he found out after read her letter to him. Now he knew what moment that had been the one had seen in the pievese.

He least understood his father a bit better why his behavior was so out of control due to his inheritance unable to obtain his mate having to compete with snape for her attention, while trying not to hurt her. It almost seemed like that it had been unavoidable for his father to hurt someone, and snape had been the someone.

The inheritance was something he could never tell anyone not until he found his mate. The curse would back leash on him if he even spoke the name of the species or hinted at it. He sighed remembering the rules to find his mate he had to kiss someone to know, it would feel like a spark. No telling anyone about the curse or the spell. No telling anyone his inheritance species name. He one year to find his mate or the spell would end and he would struggle to find his mate and if he never found his mate he would most likely die young. If he did break any of the rule the curse would end early and back leash him with something he rather not think about.

The curse makes him irresistible to everyone, that didn’t mean he wasn’t handsome it just boosted what they saw to be attractive. He was just as handsome as his father had been but with softer features from his mother plus his green eyes that radiate his boosted magical core from his seventeenth birthday. There was one more benefit to this curse would stop affecting that person once he had kissed them and knew that they weren’t his mate. They would return to normal so to speak.

Over the summer he had made a list all the students and teachers at Hogwarts so he could keep track of his progress. The paper was magical so only he could look at it and the names disappeared once he kissed them. He was proud of his spell work. The best thing about this summer he could study and do magic all he wanted without getting hit by the dursleys or having the ministry of magic after him. He had even got a scan to clear him all the trackers and cleanse his core at the gringotts bank by the goblins as one of their curse breaker services.

He knew that his friends and Gryffindors would be the easiest search first because they trust him and he had easy access to them. Next the Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws could be mix of resistance and ease with him depending. Thankfully members from the DA would be most helpful part of his search. The slytherins may be the next the hardest to get close too. Besides the teachers, which would be most reluctant due to the rules, thankfully he was of age so it wouldn’t be that part just the student teacher relationship rule.

He sighed as he watched the first years leave the tables, he knew he would feel the worse about that part, too which he had plan to make it as painless as possible for the first and second years. Third year up shouldn't be too hard to approach not with his celebrity status helping there. He knew he had to use it to his advantage if he wanted to find his mate quickly.



Harry walked back to the dorm with ginny and lavender hanging off of him the whole way. He knew they would be his first targets being the most willing.

Harry took Ginny into his lap as she silly looked up at him with slight blush. He smirked smugly seizing her lips for a deep kiss leaving her breathless and him feeling nothing, empty. She panted, “Wow that was great.”

Harry politely nodded letting snuggle into him as he sighed in disappointed know this would not be first or last time. However, Ginny’s obsession became unbearable after the kiss chasing him though the halls and spying on him.

Progress was slow he managed to snag a few kisses from a couple of puffs a while on the ran from ginny with no reaction and leaving the stuttering in the face fire red ginger. In between classes he pinned lavender who had been panting after him trying to ask him for a date. He ravished her against the wall leaving her dizzy on the floor he almost laughed at her reaction, but he once again was left empty.

Rumors were flying about his charade within two weeks of kiss and rans and snuging girl left and right. He smirked knowing who to target next after catching Seamus eyeing him, who had slept with almost the whole school already while being in a off and on relationship with Dean. Finding Dean fighting with him every few weeks.

He invited seamus down to the lake where he found himself pinned to a tree by seamus plunging his mouth  Harry also invited Dean a little bit after.

“Seamus!” Dean screamed, Seamus jumping back from Harry, who looked dishieveled from the rough snogging. “It isn’t what it looks like Dean baby. We were just-”

“Seamus, this the last time.” Dean shouted turning to leave.

“Dean, I think I have a solution to your relationship problems.” Harry said moving forward seizing Dean’s face kissing him soundly stunning him but he look pleased after a minute.

“Hey, That’s enough.” Seamus broke in pushing Harry back seeing Dean blush looking away and Seamus green with jealousy.

“I think so too.” Harry laughed walk away from the confused couple, so empty.




Harry started to have strange dreams of slithering around the dark forest howling in the distance the trees looming over hard the long scaley body weaved around the brush and sticks along the forest floor, dirt dusting the scales. An anger hiss eoched in his ears. The snake reared up, striking tiny field mouse that hopped right into its field of vision. The growl of it’s stomach clawing and groaning to be filled. The mouse tried to get away but the poison made quick work of it falling onto its side before the snake scooping it into its mouth swallowing it whole. Hissing happily it slithered deeper into the forest, before the dream faded away.